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ihrouffh a vertical slot A in the dog, for the purpose of admitting of a vertical adjustment of
said aog, as described.

No. 40,503. — Joseph Schmedinghoff, of Cincinnati, Ohio. — Improvement in Fireplace
Stoves. — Patent dated November 3, 1863. — The stove is placed in the fireplace, in connexion
with a basket grate, so as to admit of air passing arouna in chambers in connexion with the
heated back and flue, and passing the air from the room into the back of the fire, and air
from the outside, after bemg heat(3, into the roonL

Claim. — ^The arrangement of the fireplace C, draught passages E, ventilating chamber F,
chest I, pipes E, chimney J, and dampers H L, the whole being combined and operating as

No. 40,504.— John Sheffield, of Williamson, Wayne county, N. Y.— Improvement in
Fluid Meters. — Patent dated November 3, 1863. — This consists of a movable weight, guided
by an oscillating slide, which connects with one of two valves that are balanced on a working
beam, and change the current of the fluid as they are acted on by the force of the fluid on
the diaphragm. The motion of the working beam from which the valves are suspended is
communicated to a registering apparatus.

Claim. — First, the weight K and tilting guide L, in combination with the diaphragm F,
valves H H', rock shaft I, and registering apparatus M, constructed and oporatmg in the
manner and for the purpose substantially as shown and described.

Second, the tappet 0, hinged to the side of the tilting guide L. and operating in combina-
tion with the weight K, double-hooked catch p^, and dogs p* /»*, substantially as and for the
purpose set forth.

No. 40,505.— NOBMAN A. Sherburne, of Elgin, Kane county, Bl.—Improvement in Grain
Separators. — Patent issued Novembers, 1863; antedated October 24, J 863. — The shaking
shoe is supported by springs which are attached to it, and pass through slots to be fastened
outside the casing of the machine. The riddles are supported by lugs on a bridge-shaped
bar, whose ratchftt teeth, engaged by pawls, maintain it at a suitable elevation. The cheat
riddle below has a shaking motion denved £rom a rock shaft, and has several points of dis-
charge for ofifal and grain.

Claim. — First, suspending the shoe or riddle frame on bent springs, for the purpose and
substantially in the manner set forth.

Second, in combination with a shoe vibrated within the sides of the frame, the connecting-
of the upper ends of the springs to the outside of the frame, and uniting their lower ends to*
the shoe tnrough slots in the sides of the main frame, substantially aj described.

Third, the bar o, with its supports and holding mechanism, for the purpose of raising the
nest or series of riddles, or lowering them in a body for the purpose and in the manner
substantiallv as set forth.

Fourth, tne long riddle G, arranged aud operating with regard to the delivery points r s f,.
and having a shake motion communicated to it, substantially in the manner and for the
purpose described.

.No. 40,506.— WttUAM Smith, of Pittsburg, Fsl. - Apparatus for Making Plumbag&
Cmd^/ef.— Patent dated November 3, 1863.— The crucible is shaped between a former and^

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a revolying divisible mould.' The composition of gRq[>liite and elaj is placed in tlie modi
which is secured on iho wheel ; the former is then lowered into the wheel, preBsiDg- the cnid'
ble material up in the mould, and by a lateral motion shaping its interior surface.

Claim. — ^M^dng plumbago crucibles in the manner substantially as hereinb^oie deeeribei
b J means of a moula attached to a revolving wheel or disk, and a former revolving fntAj on
a non-revolving spindk attached to a slide rest, susceptible of two motioiia, one parallei ;»
the ax 8 of the mould, and the other at right angles thereto.

No. 40,507.— John Sperry, of New York, N. Y.-^Impravement in Mant^metmri^
Boxes. — Patent dated November 3, 1863. — The box is so constructed of thin layers of wood
as that the grain of one lajer shall run in a different direction finom that of the adjacent layer
to brace the box and prevent splitting. The bottom maj be made of a series of gores'at-
tached to the sides and bent over so as, by the meeting oi their edfi;e6, to form a bottom.

Claim. — First, a i^'ain-bound box made of bottom pieces aa' hP and bands e, which aie
so arranged in relation to each other that the grain of one layer crosses the grain of tbe
adjacent layer, substantially as specified.

Second, making the bottom and the sides of a wooden box either partialljr or wholly rat
of one and the same piece of material by turning .the edges up or in, as set forth.

No. 40,508. — James Stephenson, of Canandaigna, Ontario county, N. T. — Tmprovtmemta
Time Keepers. — Patent dated November 3, 1863. — A laterally yielding or elastic detent lever
is attached to the shaft of the pallet and extends across the face ot the escapement wt»d
in such a position that a pin projecting from the hub of a balance wheel will impart Qie neces-
sary motion to the detent lever in the forward motion of the balance wheel, bat slip past tbe
pin in the backward motion.

Claim. — First, operatiujg the pallet or escapement by an elastic or yielding lever, so eoo-
structed and applied that it will be actuated by the forward motion of the balance wheel and
permit its free return, substantially as explained.

Second, the employment or use of a bevelled pinfr', in combination with the yielding lever
H A, for the purpose specified.

No. 40,509.— Francis B. Stevens, of New York, N. Y.— Improvement in Vmlves fiir
Steam Engines. — ^Patent dated November 3, 1863. — ^This is a shde valve with two seats
working in a chamber and alternately closing and opening a passage-way leading from the
mid-leugth of the cylinder of a double eduction steam engine, so that when a plecinm is in
the cylinder the vidve shall work against one seat, and when there is a vacuum it shall woik
against the other seat. By the division or branching of its passage-way in the opeuing
through the valve the throw of the valve may be redu^.

Claiih. — ^A side valve connected with a passage made midway in the length of a pylinder.
and made to bear alternately with its opposite faces against two seats, as herein set forth and

Also, in connexion with the first claim, niacins^ a greater number of openings in om
seat than in the other as a means of diminisning the throw of the valve witnout Secs&aaang
the size of the passage-way, as heroin efet forth. and described.

No. 40,510.— Francis B. Stevens, of New York, N. Y. - Improved Condenser for Steam
Engines. — ^Patent dated November 3, 1863. — ^The hot well is closed against the atmospbeie
and the steam of the first eduction is discharged into it, so that it is condensed by the
water delivered by the air pump into the hot well, so that the latter acts as an additional con-
denser, or the apparatus can be used in connexion with a cooler.

Claim. — First, condensing the steam discharged from the cylinder of a steam engine by the
first eduction by delivering this steam into the hot well of the engine, in the miyiner herein

Second, the application and use to, and in the supplying of, a cooler with water heated In
the hot well by the steam discharged from the cylinder by the first eduction, in the manner
herein described.

Third, in connexion with delivering the steam discharged by the first eduction into the
hot well, the arrangement of tbe pipe for drawing off tlie water from the hot well into a co<der,
and also the arrangement of the pipe for drawing off the water from the hot well into the
atmosphere, and also the arrangement of the shifting valve, or its equivalent, in the manner
herein d^escribed.

No. 40,511.— John Stock, of New York, N. Y. -—Improvement in Wood Moulding Jfacitjce.
— ^Patent dated November 3, 1863. — The bed on which the material is placed rests upon a
pattern which rises and ialls according to its own contour as it passes over projections at-
tached to the moving bed-plate below. The up and down motion of the pattern is permiued
by the elastic bar upon which the supporting arms of the pattern are imposed.

Claim. — ^The arrangement of attaching the pattern or template H to elastic bars or thek
equivalent, in such a manner that the same will allow the reqmred motion to the pattern platei
"^r the purpose substantially as described and set fprth.

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No» 40,512.— Joseph Sutter, of New York, N. Y, —Improved Folding Chair or Lounge.
—Patent dated November 3, 1863. — ^Two sections of the bed bottoAi are folded against
each other, and then by another fold are lud awaj under the seat of the coach ; the bacK and
the ends are supported by arc-rods and set-screws and are capable of being placed in a re-
clined position.

CUim, — The folding bottom ede^ formed as specified, in combination with the swinging
back/ and braces g^ as and for the purposes specified.

Also, the swinging arms A, in combination with the brace Ac, fitted as and for the purposes

No. 40,513.— Joseph Sutter, of New York, N. Y.—Tmprovcd Folding ToiZe.— Patent
dated November 3, 1863. — ^The table is supported upon hinged le^ ; one pair have feet to
them; one pair of leg;8 folds underneath the table top, which mtter is then folded down until
it comes in contact with the feet upon which the table is then supported. When the table is
expanded the le^ are locked in position by spring latches.

Claim. — The folding pairs of legs b b and e e, hinged to the table and folding as specified,
in combination with the feet pieces h A, for the purposes specified.

Also, retaining the legs, fitted to fold as specified, when the table is open, by means of
spring latches applied and acting as set forth.

No. 40,514. — WiUAAM A. Sweet, of Syracuse, Onondaga county, N. Y,— Improvement
in Machines for Cutting Nails, — Patent dated November 3, 1863.— The descending punch
removes a nail from the plate, leaving a portion outside of the shape of that remove^ so that
by working against two cutting ed^os two nails are made at a stroke.

Claim, — The formation of two nail blanks, brads, or spikes, substantial] v identical in form
and dimensions by one operation of a punch working in combination with a corresponding
double-cutting die, whereby als6 the turning of the nail plate or bar is completely avoided.

No. 40,515.— James G. Tarr and A. H. Wonson, of Gloucester, Essex county, Mass.—
Improved Paint for Ships* . Bottoms, — Patent dated November 3, 1863. — ^To forty gallons
Stockholm tar add gradually, stirring constantly, thirty gallons naphtha; close the vessel
tightly and allow it to stand twenty-four hours. Decant the supernatant liquid and add to
it thirty gallons pulverized oxide of copper ; when mixed it is ready for use, and is not sub-
ject to become coated with sea-weed and barnacles.

Claim, — ^The composition prepared substantially as herein set forth and for the purpose

No. 40,516. — ^William M. Tate, of Zanesville, Muskingum county, Ohio. — Improved
Machine for Filling JBottfc*.— Patent dated November 3, 18G3.— The cylinder is nearly filled
with oil, (the tube at the bottom being first closed by a cork ; ) the plunger, with its small hole
open, b placed on the surface of the oil and pressure applied till oil exudes above ; the hole
in the plunger is then stopped, the plunger is lided by the spring, the cork removed, the bot-
tle placed underneath and filled by pressure on the lever ; this done, the plunger rises on the
removal of the pressure, the bottle is removed and another substituted until the contents of
the cylinder are exhausted.

Claim, — The arrangement and combination of the spring, lever, plunger, and cylinder de-
scribed, and the other parts of the machine by which the effect is produced, substantially as
set forth.

No. 40,517.— Jesse G. Thompson, of Carbondalo, Luzerne countv. To,— Inkstand.—
Patent dated November 3, 1363. — A dipping cup occupies one side of the interior space,
and it is filled or emptied by tipping the inkstand so as to make the ink flow towards or away
from that side.

Claim. — ^The placing the ink-chamber B and the ink-cup D in opposite sides of the ink-
stand and connecting them with the passage-ways C and £, as herein described, for the pur-
pose set forth.

No. 40,518. — Samuel Thompson, of San Pedro, Los Angelos county, Cah^-Improvement
in Paper Files, — ^Patent dated November 3, 1863. — The papers are placed between the two
rollers, where they are retained by springs. One of the rollers is removable by being slipped
longitudinally, when its sliding spring gudgeon allows its lower end to be withdrawn from
the socket.

Ctotm. —First, the arrangement of the rod A with arms B, sockets a, and springs, in
combination with the adjustable rod A^ constructed and operating as and for the purpose
shown and described. '

Second, the longitudinally sliding spring gud^n 6, in the end of the adjustable rod A',
to operate in combination with the arms B, projecting firom the ends of the rod A, substan-
tially as and for the purpose specified.

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762 ANsruiii BEPORT OF Tras

No. 40,519.— Thsodorb R. ToffBT.of Saratoga Spripgs, N. T.^Improvemtmt in Solar Tmt
Pmcm.— Patent dated Norember 3, 1863.— The revolving dial gradoated for thetwentj-fMr
hours and subdivisions has a central map representing a polar prmection of one of the hoi*
ispheres so that the culminating time of the sun or any part of tnac hemisphere and th« dif*
ference in time between two places observed.

CUim, — First, a revolving hemispherical map A, in combination with a stationarj inda
F, substantiallj as and for the purpose specifiea.

Second, a revolving dock-fibce ot dial £, in combination wiUi the map A and stetioarr
index F, constructed and operating in the manner and for the purpose substantiaUjaiset

No. 40,520.— James P. Trwers, of New Tork, N. Y.-^tmorovememi in Preparing M
T^fie. — Patent dated November 3, 1863. — ^The invention consists of a eizing^ for juts twiae,
and is compounded of glue, ten pounds ; water, two gallons ; starch, one pound ; taOov,
four ounces ; China claj, ten pounds ; boiled and appfied warm. The twine is finished bj
passing over heated pipes, friction brushes, &c,

' Claim, — ^The application of the above sizing and finishing to jute twines for the pmpw
of a substitute for cotton wiapping twine.

No. 40,521.— P. S. Ward, of Millville, Clayton county, Iowa.— /mprovei Washtng Jfi*
chine. — ^Patent dated November 3, 1863.— This consists of a semi-cylindrical tub with i iht
bottom, and a vibrating dasher formed of slats, and acting in coijunction with two statioD-
ary racks attached to the sides of the tub ; the slats present their edges to each other and ti
the clothes which are pressed between them.

Claim. — The combination of the semi-cvlindrical tub A, strips E, swinging frame G. tti
stationary and vibrating racks F and I, when the said racks areformed of an^lsr bars/aad
f, presented edgewise with the bars i, opposite the spaces between the bars/, and all tbepiiti
are constructed and arranged to <^rate in the manner and for the purposes specified.

No. 40,522.— E. Warren, of Marshall, Calhoun county, Mch.— Improved Clinehitgml
Nipping Tool, — Patent dated November 3, 1863.— In addition to the nipper jaws a projee*
tion is made on each jaw, one of which is to be j)laced under the head of the nail, while tk
other is brought down upon the end which has just been nipped, so as to draw it down lad
clinch it against the hoot.

Claim, — The combination of the nippers e c and projections df on the short arms bV^
the pivoted crossed levers A A, substantially as shown and described, to form a combioed
clinching tool and nippers, for the purpose herein set forth.

No. 40,523.— William Webster, of Morrisania, Westchester county, N. Y,^Impmd
Boiler-feed Regulator.-^Faient issued November 3, 1863 ; antedated October 25, 1863.— TUi
device is so arranged that the expansion of a tube (about on the water line in the steam boikr
when the water is at the required hei^^ht) will open a valve and supply water to the boikr.
As the water sinks below the tube, the latter is surrounded by steam and rises in tempenr
ture, which, if prolonged to an unusual extent, has the further effect of sounding an mm
whistle by the opening of a valve.

Claim. — First, the combination of the traversing bar, pawl, and expansive tube, ai at*
ranged, constructed, and operated, substantially as described and for the purpose set fortk

Second, in combination with the water regulator, an alarm, when arranged, connected, and
operated as described and for the purpose set forth.

No. 40,524.— Charles Welijuan, of New York, N. Y.—ln^novemmt in Sid^^adik
7Vee«.— Patent dated November 3, 1863.— The flexible tree is made of sole leather, BtiSeuA
with metallic straps around the pommel, cautle, &c., to sustain the more salient parts.

Claim. — ^The saddle-tree or bodv for side-saddle, formed of sole leather, Mrith the metalfie
straps applied thereto, as specifiecL

No. 40,525.— H. J. Wentworth, of Norvell, Jackson covnty, Bfichigan.— /iiij».-
ttt JVind ^Ace/«.— Patent dated November 3, 1863.- The wind wheel and vane are attached
to a frame placed on a circular way so as to rotate under the action of the wind and keeptte
wheel to the wind. The radial arms of the wheel support an inner and outer wheel, to thi
former of which the inner ends of the segment sails are pivoted, the outer ring paasiif
through them ; supplementary sails are attached by rods to a sliding wheel operatea by tha
governor, and are used for stopping and starting the wheel.

Claim. — First, the frame C, with wind-wheel and vane attached and applied to theplit*
form A, to rotate thereon and keep the wheel properly presented to the wind, substaotialtras
herein set forth.

Second, the manner of constructing the wind-wheel, as herein set forth, to wit: by metf*
of the radial arms H, braced by the segment bars 1 1, with the latter passing fliroagh tm
aaiJs J, substantially as and for the purpose herein set forth.

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Third, the supplemental safls R, applied io the wind-wheel and connected with the sltdinff
head G', as shown, in combination with the sails J, also connected to the head G, and all
arranged to operate as and for the pnrpose specified.

Fourth, the sliding he&d G' placed on the shaft F, and connected with the sails J and R
and the lever frame O for the pnrpose of stopping and starting the wind-wheel, as set forth.


No. 40,526. — A. D. Whitmore, of Honsatonic, Berkshire county, Mass. — Improved Fold'
ing Chair, — Patent dated November 3, 1863. — The seat is pivoted to the legs and back, and
there is a similar frame below formed bj the four rounds ; toe seat being raised in front and
laid flat ag^nst the back brings the legs into a collapsed position against the back also.
When the parts are in their normal condition thej are retained bj a brace extending from
the hind le^ up to a guide on the side of the seat, where it is retained bj a latch.

C^tm.— ^he combination of the frame b b with the legs and rounds and the frame a a, the
braces c c, the guide d,' and latch e, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

No. 40,527. — Charles D. Whorp, of St. Louis, iio.^lmprovement in Cooking Stoves. —
Patent dated November 3, 1863. — The lower part of the apparatus consists of the central fire-
'box and the ovens ; over these are a coil of pipe communicating with a water chamber around
it, and over this coil is an elevated oven surrounded by flues.

Claim, — The combination of the ovens c e and I, water tank E, with the furnace B, when
constructed substantially as described, and forming the substantial, parts of a cookhig appa-
ratus, as set forth.

No. 40,528.— ASa Wilmot, of New Haven, Cojm.—hnprovement in Safetf Pocket.— Patent
dated November 3, 1863. — One side of the mouth of the pocket is made of a metallic strip,
and the other f>f an elastic band combined in the shape of a bow and string.

C2aim.^-A pocket protected at its mouth in the manner described of an elastic cord or
band combined with a metallic stay, substantially as specified.

No. 40,529. — ^Burton Wilson, of Morristown, Morris county, N. J. — Imfrovemetd in
Corpse Preservers. — Patent dated November 3, 1863. — ^The device is fully explained in the
claim I the object is to effect a circulation of cold air around the body-chamber.

Claim. — The arrangement of a double air channel B B', the channel B' surrounding the
channel B and communicating with it through a series of holes a, and both channels sur-
rounding the body-chamber in combination with an air passage/ leading to the ice-box D,
and through holes in the sides of the ice-box and channel C to the air channels B B^ aU as
and for the purpose herein shown and described.

No. 40,530.— Henry Wilson, of Binghamton, Broome county, N. Y.—Skeleton SkaUs. -
Patent dated November 3, 1863. — ^The boot of the skater is confined, between the heel-post,
which is armed with a point to penetrate the back of the boot heel, and a clamp which is
slipped forward to embrace the sides of the boot, and then retracted by the springs to pull the
boot back against the heel post ; the hook which catches against the front of the heel is
tightened by the thumb-screw behind.

Claim'. — ^First, the cramp D, combined with springs and points as described above, and
for the purposes set forth herein.

Second, the hook with the screw and thumb nut, or their equivalent, for assisting the
springs in securing the whole to the foot, as above described.

No. 40,531.— H^ R. Winchbll, of Plainville, Adams county, Wls.—hnproved Washing
Machine. — ^Patent dated November 3, 1863. — ^The clothes are pressed between a rack attached*
to a rocking bar and op^nted by a lever and an inclined stationary rack.

C^m.— The arrangement of the rock shaft C, arms d^ bars/, inclined bars j, and rubber
bars g t, with the box A and inclined rack B, in the manner herein shown and described.

No. 40,532.— Andrew Winterburn, of Albany, N. Y.— Improvement in Orates for Fur-
naces. — ^Batent dated November 3, 1863.— This consists of a rotarv shaft with a series of
heads so arranged in the bottom of the grate as to sift out the ashes ; this headed shaft is com-
bined with a dumping grate for the general discharge of the contents, and both are joumalled
upon the end of the trame and operated by a handle.

Claim* — ^First, the manner of fitting; the shaft £ in the frame B, as shown, and described,
to wit, by means of the tubular projections C D, the Latter, D, being formed of two parts, e e\
connected by the screw j, all so arranged that the bearings of the shaft £ are madt) to serVe ^
as Journals for the dumping frame B.

Second, the combination of the shaft £, and heads H, with the revolving frame B and
teeth or projections a a, constructed and operating substantially as and for the purpose* da-

No. 40,533.— Frank P. Woodcock, of New York,N. Y.— Improved Pack-Saddle.— Ttktmii
dated November 3, 1863.— The load is suspended in cribs by straps from posts, which pro?

Digitized byCjOOQlC


ject from the pommel and caotle, lespectirel j, from the topi of which the posts are hiacid
Dj straps; the cribs are stayed at their ends by straps which pass to the t<^ of the postt,
and they rest against pads attached to the flaps of the saddle.

C^ti».^First, the nerein described manner of suspending burdens from a pack-saddle,
substantially as set forth.

Second, the arrangement of posts F, attached to the pommel and cantle of a pack-sttddk,
in combination with the straps <^ to support the load or burden, and the manner of bracing
said po8t% so as to bring the strain of the weight near the centre of the saddle-tree, as de-

Third, the forward and afler guide-straps H, for the purpose snecified.

Fourth, in combination with the above arrangement the pads M, for the purpose described
and set forth.

No. 40,534.~Theodore Burr, of Battle Creek, Calhoun county, Mich., assig;nor to Him-
self and Isaac C. Moss, of same place. — Improvement in Machines far Cutting Files.—
Patent dated November 3, 1863.— -In tnis machine the file blank is fed in between three rollers,

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