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tors or dials.

Claim, — First, a chang^ble ring ft, notched for the passage of the bolt or shackle in com-
bination with a notched circular tumbler, whereby the permutations or combinations may
be changed as specified.

Second, the ring gy carrying the shackle in combination with the divided and flanged
cose, secured togetl^ as specified, whereby the hinge of the shackle is secured between the
flanges, as set forth.

Third, the divided lock case secured together as specified, in combination with the ring
carrying the shackle, when s«d case is provided witn two or more opening^ whereby the
position of the shackle relative to the mdicators can be changed when the shackle is
withdrawn, without opening said case, as specified.

No. 40,883.— WiLUAM JoHES, of St. Louis, Mo., assignor to Himself and Thomas L. Sal-
isbury. — Improvement in Harvesters, — ^Patent dated December 8, 1863.— Attached to the
frame of the machine is a supplementary wheel connected with a lever by means of which the
cutter-bar is elevated ; the reel is retained at the required elevation by means of the engage-
ment of gripping-hooks with racks on the posts of the reel.

Claim. — first, the arrangement of the elevating lever S on the front part of the nudn frame
of a draft machine behind the cutting apparatus, m the manner and tot the purpose shown
and described.

Second, the arrangement of the cogged segments B B, grippers P P, and reel posts O,
in respect to each ottor and to the frame of the machine, as ^own uid described.

No. 40,884.— Jambs H. Merrill, df Baltimore, Md., assignor to Merrill Patent
Fire-arm Manufacturing Cobapant, of same place.-— /m;m»9efR«iit in Breeeh-loading
Fire-arms, — ^Patent dated December 8, 1863. — ^This device is intended for the use of tl^
ordinary charge of loose powder, or of fixed ammunition. A pivoted auxiliary hammer *
being so placM in relation to the ordinary hammer that the former is caused to impinge '
upon the flange of thd cartridge by the fall of the ordinary hammer.

Claim, — ^In combination with the ordinary hammer of a gun for exploding a cap, an
auxiliary hammer C for exploding a metallic cartridge, said au^iary hammer being pivoted
to some stationary part of the arm, and actuated by said ordinary hammer, substantially in
the manner and ^r the purpose set kitiL,

No. 40,885.— WiLUAM P. Patterson, of Somerset, Pulaski Co., Ky., assignor to Himself
and Wm. S. Forbes, of Philadelphia, Penn. — Improvement in Percnssion Fuze for Shells, —
Patent dated December 8, 1863. — ^Tho inner cylinder or plunger is held to the outer one by
a wooden plu^ whose head abuts against the end of the outer cvlinder; it is retained in its
place by friction and is dislodged, allowing the hammer to strike on the concussion of the

Claim.— The holding of the inner tube C, which is the hammer or plunder in its place,
and to the outer tube B by means of a wooden pin D, applied and acting as Eerein described
and represented.

No. 40,886.— Hbnrt E. Pond, of Franklin, Norfolk Co., Mads., assignor to Wiluam £.
George, of Wrentham, Mass. — Improved Sizing for Hats, ^c— Patent dated December 8,
1863. — ^To four quarts of cold water odd one and a half pounds of gum-arabic, dissolve and
filter ; add a quart of proof alcohol, stir it, and then, after letting it rest two hours, add on
other ^uart of water.

Claim. — The above-described improvement in making the hydro-alcoholic solution of gum
for the purpose specified. *

No. 40,887.— Joseph Bider, of Newark, Licking counter, Ohio, assignor to Himself and
£. Beminoton Sc Sons, of Ilion, N. Y.-^Improvememt in Breech-leading Fire-arms,-^
Patent dated Deoember 8, 1863.— The hammer and breech-plate mutually lock each other
under certain conditions, so that the breech-plate cannot be removed from the bore of the
^un without first retracting the hammer, nor can the hammer be thrown from its open posi-
tion without first closing the breech-plate, changpng their active and passive character in
their two positions of open and shut.

Claim, — ^The so combining of the hammer and the independent breech>plate, as that they
may lock and interlock with each other, substantially as heroin described and represented.

Digitized by CjOOQ IC

824 AsnsraxL bbpobt of the

No. 40,888.— J. NOTTDfOHAM Smtth, of Jereey City, N» J.^ assignor to Himadf aid
W. B. Hbadley, of same place. — ImprovemmU in Explonve Pretties, — Patent iasaei
December 8, 1863; antedated December 1, 1863.~This elongated projectile has an enlarged
kead provided with a frame cap and spiral wings to produce rotation; there is shell at eack
end provided with exploding devices connected by wiies to insure simaltaneoas aetioo.
The exploding device consists of bent arms wHh nipi^ for caps, which are moved by ood-
enssion of the projectile. The rewr hammer is enclosed s^arately in the many cluunbeted
rsar portion of tl» projectile.

Claim. — ^The arrangement of the bent levers H .H in pivot sockets in the vrall d tha
missile, as also in rehuion to the front and rear shells, so as to simaltaneonsly fiUfill the two
fimctions of direct hammers, and, through connecting wires, of operating other hammpfs in
a distant part of the missile, substantially as herein specified.

Also, the protecting cap G, with its hollow cap arms g g, constructed, arranged, aad
operating substantially as neiein set forth.

Also, tne arrangement of the spiral wings M M in combination with the arms g £ oi tha
cap G, as herein set forth.

Also, locating separate sheUs in the extreme end of the projectile, and explodii^ thMB
sfmultaneousiy by the connecting wires Y Y or their equivalents, snbsta&tially as neieta

Also, the separate inclosed hammer chambers N N, as set forth.

Also, the peculiar construction and combiBation of the rear multi-chambered dieU G and
plug D, as set forth.

No. 40,889.— CHiUi. D. Tibdale, <^ East Boston, Suffolk county, Mass., assignor lo
Himself, B. W. Tisdale, and M. B. Boynton.— /mjMioMmeiif ia Railway Car Trmck*.—
Patent dated December 8, 1863. — ^The truck is composed of two movable fnumes conneetod
by a king-bolt bar, the object being to enable the truck to be adjusted laterally, so as la
enable the wheels to run on tracks of varying widths or gauges. The axle of each whed
runs in two bearinn, and the respective frames are latched together, cmd the king-bolt firame
has shoulders on the ends and holes corresponding with ormces in the casing, whmbj it
is bolted to maintain its extension.

Claim. — ^The combination of the two separate wlieel frames C D, and the king-bolt bar
Of or its mechanical equivalent, the whole bein^ wplied together and to the wheels, sub-
, stanilally in manner and so as to operate as and for the purpose hereinafter specified.

Also, the combination of ^e said separate wheel frames D and their kmg-bolt bar G^
with means substantially as described, vis : the latch bsrs L, and iheir pins / g^ for ooo-
necting^ and disconnecting each two adjacent ends of said wheel frames, the purpose of oob*
necting them being as hereinbefore stated.

Also, the combination of the wheel frames D and their bar G, with the bolts I I aad
their holes K K, or their mechanical equivalent, applied to the frames and bar, the sams
bemg for the purpose of fixing the frame to the bar in order to preserve the wheela in thsir
true position with respect to the railway track.

Also, the bar G, as provided with one or more shoulders e at each end, when the said bar
is combined with two wheel frames C D applied to it and supporting the wheel axlas, sab-
stantially as set forth.

No. 40,890.— Albert Aabertson, of New York dtj.—Imfrevemoai in Lamp Ckjmm^.—
Patent dated December 8, 1863. — ^A metal chimney rests at its lower end on three or mors
rods of metal, which are fiastened to an annular base fitting over the bum^, to which it may
be attached by any suitable means. The glass chimney rests with its lower end on the
iange of the annular base, and at its upper end fits around the lower portion of tbe metal
chimney without being attached to it. This allows the heated glass chimney to expand
without danger of bresSdng, and by sliding it up enables the wick to be trimmed witaont
removal of the whole chimney.

Claim. — ^A lamp chimney composed of a metal frame formed of a tube D, rods «, and a
ring or base £, and a glass portion F, fitted on the exterior of the metal frame in such a
manner as to be capable of being raised and lowered thereon substantially as set &ath.

No. 40,891.— J. S. Brown, of Washington, *D. C, assignor to Hiraself and C. P.
Btimets, of New York, N. Y.^Toy italomo/oa.— Patent dated December 8, 1863.— This
walking figure is caused to progress with an imitation of nature, moving tlM feet alternate^
in arcs of circles, the stationary foot forming the centre of the arc described by the othei^
and this motion is produced by a system of gearing reaching down each leg to Uie s<^ of
the foot, and rendered intermittent by the peculiar shape of the lower wheel, which has a
part of its circumference cut away, so that only one-half of it shall protrude through the
sole, and lifting the foot from contact with the floor carry it forward ; tne feet are adjustable
vertically to vary the length of step ; the bust suspended imd pivoted upon a rod projectlBg
upwards from the movements, and the movanmt jHTotected by hoops or wire from the dothss
surrounding it.

Digitized byCjOOQlC


CZAtm.— Pfo^dng Ae waUdng motion bj propelliiis^ each foot fbnnyrd tttematelx in the
arc of a circle, around the other foot as a stationi^ centre or pivot.

AIbo, the alternately acting wheels L L for propelling the feet forward* having an inter-
mittent moving action, so as to make the feet progress in soccession, substantiallj as herein
set forth.

Also, adjusting the feet np and down on the legs or fhuoe, so as to vary or adjort tha
steps as desired, substantially as herein specified.

Also, suspending and pivoting the bust of the aotomatle upon the movement thereof, sub-
stantially as and for the purposes herein described.

Also, the wire hoops or rings a », for securing a covering around widiout interfering with
the movement, as specified.

No. 40,893.— JoHM F. Allbn and R. W; MgQowan, of New York, N. Y.^hmprovemeiU
tn Primting Presset, — Patent dated December 16, ld63.— This press is designed for printing
with a plurality of celors simultaneously. It consists of a rotary cylinder is combination
with a series of cylindrical forms or ^pe cylinders, and a reciprocating form or type bed.

Claim, — ^The cylinders B F F' F'' m combination with the reciprocating form bed EE, all
arratiged to operate in the manner substantially as and for the pmposo herein set forth.

No. 40,8d3.— S. J. Ashley, of San Frandsoo, Califomia.— /m;mweiiMiil in Operating
Oum'Cmrrimgm, — ^Patent dated December 15, 1863. — ^This invention consists in applying a
system of gearing to both the front and rear sets of traverse wheols, on which the chassis
working on a centre pintle vn rotated, so that in case of the settling of the traverse circles
or segnient rails at any point thd gearing will not fail to produce the traverse movement.

Claim, — ^The goring together of the m>nt and back traverse wheels by means of a system
of gearing in such manner that the power is applied to produce the motion of both sets of
wheels simultaneously by power applied tfarougn a crank shaft or its equivalent at or near
the rear end of the chassis, or in such position ag may be most convenient, substantially as
and for the purpose herein specified.

No. 40,894.— J. B. Atwater, of Chicago, Cook countr, Ililino\B.-'Imprwed Apparatus
for AnuUramaiing Prtdtm Mettdt, — Patent dated December 15, 1863. — ^The invention con-
sists in Uie employment of a reciprocating iVame or frames with bars or slat bottoms alter- *
natelv elevated and depressed, so as to th^ughly disturb and mix the contents of the box
in wnich thev work.

C/asm— The employment or use of one or more reciprocating f^rames H, provided with
arms or leaders/, harping bars h or their equivalents, attached to iorm elevators in connexion
with the tra^ or box A, all arranged to operate in the manner substantially as and for the
purpose herein set forth.

No. 40,885.— WnxiABf S. AdCHniCLOBa, of New York, N. Y.—Impraved Port Clooer for
KeMei«-o/-ffar.— Patent dated December 15, 1863.— This invention consists in an arrange-
ment of two rollers set vertically with a groove or cavity in the side of each, which when
their flat sides are opposed to each other shall close the port, and when their cavities are
presented to each other shall afford an open port for the protrusion of the gun. x

Clfftfii.— First, the employment or use for a port-hole closer of two rollers A A, each being
made to rotate independently of the other and provided with a cavity &, as described, so that
by turning die rollers to the proper position an opening is obtained, which allows of giving
to the gun any desired elevation or of training the same to an angle of 45*^ or more, sub-
sfantlally as set fbrth.

Second, the combination of the flanges E with the rollers A A, constructed and operating
substantifdly as and for the purpose herein shown and described.

No. 40,896.— E. H. Bailey, of Philadelphia, Pa.— /mprovcif Paddle- Wkid.—Ftdeai dated
December 15, 1863.— This improvement consists in the construction of a wheel composed of
two sets of inclined floats, with annular plates of the width of the floats on the outer edge
of each, and so arranged with respect to each other that thefe shall be a continuous zig-zag
space between the two sets.

Claim, — The two sets of inclined floats D and D' and £ and E' in combination with the
annular plates G and CK, when the two sets of floats and the whole of the parts are con-
structed and arranged as set fbrth for the purpose specified.

No. 40,897.— John G. Baker, of Washington, D. C, assignor to Samuel Seelt, of
New York, N. Y. — improvement in Corrugating Maekinei, — Patent issued December 15,
1863 ; antedated December 6, 1863.— The invention consists in a method of corrugating
sheet metal between alternating die jaws vibrated or closed by cams, the sheet metal being
fed between the jaws by its own gravity, and each bite forming one angle or bend. There
is likewise a provision for making a ringed or waved corrugation with the same set of jaws.

Claim, — First, corrugating shwt metals, dtc, between alternating die jaws, or their equiv-
alent, in such a manner as to form but one bend or angle in the sheet at a time.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Second, the ^e jaws 13 3 and 4, oonstnicted and operating^ anbsteatiaUy af deseribii

Third, the dogs I and J, constructed and pperating snbstantially as described.

Fourth, feeding the sheet of metal by its own cnravity in combinatien with the cornigttiBg
jaws, or ^eir equivalents, substantially as descnbed.

Fifth, the shoes O, constructed and operating substantial! j as described for thepoipoie<tf
making either waved or ridged corrugations with the same set of dies or die jaws.

No. 40,696.— Horace H. Barkbs, of Mexico, Oswego conntj, N. T. — Im ^ o w e maik
Signal SwiUkeg for i2at/nNui#.— Patent dated December 15, 1863.— The object of Uua is-

Srovement is to so connect the lamp with the switch lever, that, as the switch is adjusted sod
ifferent colored lights exposed to view, the position of the switch shall be indicated doriBf
the night ; this is accompushed b j a segment rack on the lever, gearing into a pinion oo tk
lantern shaft bj which the light in its particolored cylindrical glass casing is rotated.

Claim, — ^The arrangement of the segment rack F, pinion I, shaft Q, lanteni J, aodboiK,
with the switch lever C, and frame D, in the manner nerein shown and described.

No. 40,699.-~David Bell, of BuffiUo, Erie county, N. Y.—improvemmU im Mackiatsfir
Bending Angle Iron, — ^Patent dated December 15, 1863. — ^This miproveme&t consists of %
slotted table with a^ustable pins, and a sliding pressure bar, whose upper side is even willi
the surface of the table, and is provided with projecting jaws, which, driven by a scieir,
catch the iron between siiid jaws and the pins on tne table, and cause it to aiMinnie tlie reqvind

Claim, — Shaping angle cars for iron ship building by means of the table A, indnding tbe
adjustable pins G, and sliding pressure bar B, and jaws C, operated by a screw, substan-
tially as described.

No. 40,900.— William F. Blandin, of Macomb, Macdonough county, VH-^Imfrovmid
in Com Planters, — ^Patent dated December 15, 166i. — ^The improvements in this machhw an
an adjustable pair of shares which follow behind the planting share to cover the coin, so ar-
rangement of a lever, connecting rod, and crank, b^ which ttie driver can elevate the shan
at will ; provision for spreading the com within a hmlted space so that the stalks shall not
crowd each other, and a connecting rod and crank by whicn the motion of Uie driving sod
«upporting roller is communicated to the feed cylinder.

Ctoim.— First, the adjustable shares I I, constructed, anranged, and operating asandfiv
the purposes herein specified.

Second, the combination and arrangement of the crank shaft O, provided with the anus %
the lever i, and connecting rod m, for the purposes shown and set forth.

Third, the removable combined tube ana drill point e provided with the pin p, in eoakt
nation with the hopper of a com planter, substantially as nerein shown and described.

Fourth, the comoination and arrangement of the roller C, provided with the pins ^ tbe
crank shafts, A and e, the connecting bar a, seed cylinders, L L, and combined tube and drill
point e, constmcted and operating as and for the purposes herein described.

No. 40,901. - Frank M. Blodoett, of Boston Mass.— G«t<er Boot Protector,— Tiieni
dated December 15, 1863. — It consists of a combination of pieces, adi^ted to the form of tbe
foot and ankle, consisting of a front piece, back and leg piece, adjusted and provided with

C^aim.— The combination of the anklet or leglet A and the frontlet gaittf B, the not
being arranged and applied together substantially as specified.

Also, the combination and arrangement of the leg band or back piece C with the frontkt
gaiter B.

Also, the combination of the anklet A, the frontlet B, and the back band C, the wliole
being made, arranged, and applied together, substantially as specified.

No. 40,902.— FRANKLIN F. Blood, of Janesville, Rock county, Wis.— /nr/iweww' »
, Ootsf.— Patent dated December 15, 1863.— This invention consists in a method of bangi^
a sliding gate by a counterpoise weight and hanging shives, so that it may be protradn
more than half its length bevond its point of support.

Claim. — ^A gate balanced by a weight B or by a box cased up on the standards C, and filled
with sand or other substance, when combined with a friction roller b and hanging soiFtf A
and used for the purpose as herein described and set forth.

No. 40,903.— J. K. BOYCE, of Napoleon, Henry county, Ohio.^bnproved Washka Ms-
dkiae.- Patent dated December 15, 1863. — In this machine the clothes are exposed in * i>o^JJ
a pressure between two surfaces ; the one being the side of the box, and the other a perforated
board on the end of an arm working through slots in the lid of the box ; the force of tlie
blow being assisted by a pendulum or weighted arm swinging from the point of snspensioii
on the npright frame.

Claim, — ^The inwardly hiclined presser-board B, attached to curved rods C which extend
through slots in the top of the box A, and are operated by pendulum arms D, iu combinttioa
with the outwardly inclined end g and curved comer A of said box, all constmoled sod op^
rating in tbe manner and for the purpose herein shown and described.

Digitized byCjOOQlC


Ho. 40t904.— Leopold Braiidbis, of Brooklyn, N. Y.— Imp row e memt i» Prattetvug Lead
Pift against the Action of Water, — Patent dated December 15, 1863. — The improyement
eonsists in treating lead pipe with a solution of canatic soda and solphor at boiling heat and
allowing it to staj ten or nfteen minutes, converting the lead into an insoluble siuphide.

Claim, — ^The production of sanitaiy pipe bj the application at 212^ Fahrenheit, of a strong
solution of a sulphide of an alkali to tne inside of lead pipe, or lead cisterns, or leaden ves-
sels, for the purpose of forming a sulphide of lead, so that water will afterward not act on
the pipo or vessel, and cannot get contaminated bj running through or bj remaining stand-
ing in such pipe or vessel.

No. 40,905.— TiSDALB Carpenter, of Providence, R. l.—Impropement in Valve Gear for
Steam Engines, — Patent dated December 15, 1863. — In this invention the upward or downward
movement of the cross-head with the variations in the hei^^ht of the regulator slide causes
the racks to turn the pinions and shafts in opposite directions, and the screw shafts cause
the bars to approach or recede and move the rollers to or from the centre of the cam ; the
cam being basin-shaped, they have thus an increased or diminished range, uid the variation
in the action of the valves is produced.

Claim. — ^The employment in a steam or other engine of one or more right and left-hand
screws//', pinions h A, and racks i i, combined with each other with the regulator and with
ihe induction valve operating mechanism, and co-operating substantially as described t^
produce the necessary variations in the operation ot the valves for the regulation of the

No. 40,906.— H. W. Catlin, of Burlin^n, Vt—ImjfrQvement in Ba/ances.— Patent dated
December 15, 1863. — This invention consists in attaching, by a rod, to one end of the scale
beiun a plunger immersed in a suitable vessel in quicksuver or other fluid, to serve as an
adjustable counterpoise; the diagonally flrraduated lever arm attached to the beam vibrates
vertically between the stationary index plates, permitting the weight to be read off.

Claim. — First, the plunger J connected to the scale bwun £, and immersed in quicksilver
or other fluid or semi-fluid contained in a proper vessel K, to operate as and for the purpose

Second, the weight indicator formed of tne diagonally-graduated plate M connected to the
beam £, as shown in connexion with one or two stationary index plates O, arranged si^b-
stantially as set forth.

No. 40,907— L. L. Chapman, of Camden, N. J. —Improvement in Corsets. —Patent dated
December 15, 1863. — The corset is constructed with the usual breast puff and shoulder straps,
and stiffened by short springs, which bruise neither breast nor abdomen ; the corset is laced
and the string carried round and tied in front.

C^m.— In ladies* corsets, constrncted to have the breast pu£^ elastic shoulder-brace
straps and stay pieces, as described and set forth, the employment of the short, stmight clasp-
ing steel springs, arranged in front so as to be entirely below and free from the puffs B B,
as nerein described and set forth, in combination with the single cord lacing D D in the back
of the corset and adjustable in £ront as described, the said springs and lacing operating
together in the said shoulder-brace corset combination, substantially in the manner described
for the purposes specified.

No. 40,908. — J. C. Chesney, of Abbigdon, Knox county, BL — Improved Evaporators for
Saccharine Liquids, — Patent dated December 15, 1863.— Three furnaces with grate bars
and fire doors are constructed one over the other, and a vertical flue behind them connecting
with flues under the same number of boilers, and with dampers in their throats or forward
openings, so that the heat of the three furnaces may be applied to all the furnaces or any of

Claim, — The employment or use of a furnace A with two or more fire-places B C. one
above the other, in combination with a vertical flue E, two or more horizontal flues B' C,
and suitable pans B* C^, and dampers V c', all constructed and operating in the manner and
for the purpose substantially as shown and described.

No. 40,909.— Marcus M. Clark, of Industry, HcDonough county, TH— Improvement in
Cmltivators,—FAieni dated December 15, 186.3.— Pivoted beneath the main frame are two
plough beams adjustable vertically by stirrups at the rear of the frame, in which the beams

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