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terior ^nerally, it escapes by the ventilator on the top of the refrigerator.

Claim. — The air-tubes I J and air-chamber H, in combination with the ice-chamber D and
ventilator K, all bein^ arranged in relation with the inner case B to operate in the manner
substantially as and tor the purpose herein set forth.

No. 40,977.— Felix Brunon, of Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Himself and Joseph M.
Nagle, of same place. — Improvement in Cooling and Discharging Fermented Liquors. —
Patent dated December 15, 1863. — ^The invention consists of an outer chamber for containing
ice and water, and an inner chamber containing the liquor to be operated on, in which is
sunk a submerged weighted vessel, open doMrnwards, communicating by a syphon tube with
any vessel prepared to receive the contents.

Claim, — ^A vessel A, of any suitable form, for containing ice and water, and the weighted
inverted vessel D, in combination with the cocks and tubes herein described, or any equiva-
lent to the same, the whole operating substantially as described, for the purpose speciiied.

No. 40,978.— Silas Crispin, of New York, N. Y., assignor to Thomas Poultney, of
Baltimore, Md. — Improvement in Primed Metallic Cartridges, — ^Pateot dated December 15,
1863. — ^The object is to make a cartridge case which shall act as a i>ertbct gas check, and at
the same time be sufficiently expansible not to rupture in the explosion and become jammed
in the breech of the gun ; and this is accomplisned by making the covering of thin sheet
metal, or of metal and paper comoined, which are wrapped around the '* former" and lapped
over the primer, or fulminate in any suitable way, being also crimped into the annular recess
of the baU by ligature or otherwise.

Claim. — ^Firs^ the combination of a thin-wrapped metal and paper cartridge case, v^th a
primer, so securely fastened together as to form a primed expanding-wrapped metal and paper
cartridge, substantially as above explained.

Second, the combination of a thin-wrapped metal cartridge case and a primer so securely
fastened too^ther as to constitute a primea ezpanding-wr^ped metal cartndge, substantially
86 described.

No. 40,979.— Edward J. Eno, of Jacksonville, Morgan county, HI., assignor to Stgphen
H.Eno, of same i^\9jc».— Improvement in Harvesters. — Patent dated December 15, 1^3:5. —
The machine is attached to the side of a wagon and collects tlie stalks by the projectiug
arms and strips the ears from the stalks, depositing them in the wagon-box. The stalks are
eandof ted against plates which slide up and down and detach the ears.

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CUim.— First, the rising and falling plates 1 1', operated by the part pinion J J', in com-
bination with the guide arms e and the endless apron Q, all being placed within or attached
to a box C, applied to the body of a cart or wagon, to operate substantially as and for the
purpose herein set forth*

Second, the particular manner of attaching the box C to the wagon-body, to wit, by means
of the posts D and keys £, as herein set forth.

No. 40,980.—- Richard Fbthhbt, of Manchester, Lancashire, kingdom of Great Britm,
assignor to Lewis Leigh, of Seymour, Conn. — Improvement in SvindU Bolsters of Sfinniug
Madtines.^Fatent dated December 15, 1863 ; 4>atented in England November 5, 1861.—
This is a swivel bolster, part of it being globular, fitting in a recess of similar form in the
copping or spindle rail, a pin or projection preventing it from revolving with the spindle:
this enables the bolster to accommodate itseli to any deviation of the rail so that it shall not
bind the spindle.

C/aim.— First, thtf tubular bolster for spindles, herein des<!ribed, provided with a s^heriesl
bearing fitting a recess in the spindle rail, for the purposes and substantially as specified.

Second, the means, substantially as described, for preventing the rotation of said bditer
and retaining it in its recess in the spindle rail, as set forth.

No. 40,981.— Thomas M.Kane, of Qoshen, Oran^ county, N.Y., assignor to Himself
and Ogden Howell, of same place. — Improvement t« Lerer Jacks, — ^Patent dated Decem-
ber 15, 1863.— To the base are attached two standards, one of them has steps which permit
the clevis and block to be a^usted as to height to form a fulcrum for the lever, while the end
of the lever, working in a slot in the other standard, is retained at the required depression by
a pin.

Claim. — ^The construction of the upright, in combination with &e lever block and deris,
when constructed, arranged, and combined, as herein described, and for the purposes set

No. 40,932.- Milton Y. Nobles, of St Anthony, Ramsey county, Minn., assignor to
Himself, John C. Nodles, and Eliza C. Suydam, of same place. — improvement im Fea
Blou)ers. — Patent dated December 15, 1863. — Two fans, in a divided case, acting, the one
to draw foul air from an apartment and drive it outside, and the other to collect pure airfitom
the outside and drive it into the apartment.

Claim, — In combination with a fan-case having closed eyes, and a divided fan, the double
sets of inlet and exit air-ducts or passages C C and D D, constructed, arranged, and operstiiic
together for the purpose of drawing in and forcing through it counter currents of pure sin
impure air, substantially as and for the purpose described.

No. 40,983.— Thomas W. Reillt, of New Orleans, La., assignor to Hector H. McLkak,
of same place. — Improved Mode of Fastening Bales of Merchandise, — Patent dated December
15, 1863.— The buckle has a ccnti-al bar and projecting tongue, and the strap has hoki
which catch over the tongues as the strap is passed over the Imut of the frame and under the
central bar.

C/aim.— The buckle A with tongues d d and centre piece O, as folly represented in ti»

No. 40,984.— Frederick M. Kusehhaupt, of New York, N. T., assignor to John G.
Kershaw, of Philadelphia, Pa.— /mprovetiiejif in the Mant^aaure of Artificial Stone.— Patent
dated December 15, ]8o3. — ^The artihcial stone is composed of unslacked lime, three and a
half parts; burnt day, seven and a half parts ; and gelatinous silicic add, one part; mixed
and moulded.

Claim. — ^The manufacture of artificial stone from lime, clay, and ffelatin<Nis sllideadd,
mixed and pressed substantially as set forth, for the purpose specifie£

No. 40,985.— Samuel S. Sherwood, of Acquackamack, Passaic county, N. J.—btpme-
ment in Hoop Skirts. — Patent dated December 15, 1863. — ^The hoops pass through loops in
the tapes, and the cords or braids are secured to the hoops alongside of the loop in tape.

Claim. — ^The combination with the tapes A A, woven with loops, or their equivalents, and
the hoops £ £ of the cords or braids F F when the latter are secured outside of the tapei,
and not through them, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

No. 40,986.— Seth Whalen, of Balston Spa, Saratoga county, N. T., assignor to Self
and Hannah Whalen, of Burnt Hills, N. Y. ^Improvement in TurHne Water H^heeU.—
Patent dated December 15, 1863. — ^The water is supplied to Uie central discharge wheel
through opening^ in a wheel surrounding it; these openings cause the water to impinrenpon
the turbine in the direction of its motion and near the periphery of the whed; above the Utter
is a conical chamber formed by a cap secured around the shaft by blocks and wedges.

Claim. — The guide wheel g with the chutes 1 1 and central discharge wheel X: with the
buckets 2 2, substantially as specified, in combination with the stop-water or cap 1 extending
£iom I ho guide-wheel g to the shaft A, as and for the purposes specified.

Also, tlio follower blocks n and keys or wedges 5, in combination with the stop-water or
caj) I . for the purposes and as specified.

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No. 40,1)87. - Wm. N. Whiteley, Jerome Fabler, and Oliver 8. Ebllt, of ftfring-
fiold, Clark county, Ohio. — Improvement in MiU$ far Orinding Fruity GrmiUf 8fc. — ratent
dated December 15, 1863. — ^The {^rindin^ ^rollers are covered in by segmental plates which
form a cap corresponding to their shape, toe spiral crashing and feeding roller being arranged
over the two ribbed grinding rollers and operating against a ribbed segment or throat The
gearing is arranged on the outside of the frame, and the fruit, after pa^sinff the throat of the
machine, where it receives its first crushing, is passed to the gprinders, whicn move at different
velocities, so as to shave it fine before dropping into the hopper beneath.

Claim, — First, the three grinding rollers in combination with the metal segments k Ac, con-
structed substantially as described, for the purposes set forth.

Second, in combination with the frame and grinding rollers arranged substantially as
described, arranging the gearing which communicates motion to or between the rollers on
the ends of the shans outside of the journal boxes and frame, substantially as described.

Third, in combination with the ribbed segment N, the spiral crushing and feeding roller,
aniinged over the gnnding rollers H and H^ substantially as described and shown, to crush
and feed the apples uniformly to the grinding rollers.

Fourth, two spiral nbbed grinding rollers running together at different velocities, witli the
ribs of one roller crossing the ribs on the other at an angle where the gnnding is effected, in
combination with the crushing and feeding roller aiTan^d above them.

Fifth, the combination of the hopper Q, ribbed segment N, segments R R', and sides L L,
with the roller M, forming the crushing box, constructed so as to be readily removed, as
described, for washing and cleaning the mill.

No. 40,988.— Thomas J. Rodman, of Watertown, Middlesex C4>anty, Mass., and Silas
Crispin, of New York, N. Y., assignors to Thomas Poultney, of Baltimore, Md.—Zi/t-
pravement in Metallic Cartridge,— vvLieiki dated December 15, 1863. — The cartridge case is
made of a sheet of thin flexible metal, rolled into the form of a cylinder and with the edge
overlapping but not united : this permits the case to expand under the force of the explosion.
A disk or cup occupies the rear of the chamber case.

C/oim. -^First, (he thin metal-wrapped cartridge case, made substantially in the manner
described, and for the purpose set forth.

Second, the forming of a wrapped thin metal cartridge case combined with an internal or
external strengthening disk or cup, whether this disk or cup is made of paper, metal, or ail
elastic material, substantially as above described.

No. 40,9^J. - A. C. Bacon and J. G. Jennings, of Cleveland, Cuyahopt county, Ohio.—
Improvement in Fireplaces. — Patent dated December 22, 1863. — ^The object oi this inven-
tion is so to construct a fireplace that by a combination of chambers it may have a gpretitly
augmented radiating power and furnish the hot air draught of a re^ster furnace.

Claim, — First, the combination of the several air-chambers A BE, forming an open gi'ate
of increased radiating power for chitimey or stove, that will also furnish the heated air draught
of a register, viz., the chamber A, extending around the back to the sides of the grate, and
into which air is admitted from below, the arched chamber B, projecting from the summit of
the chamber A with which it is connected over the fire with more or less inclination as the
nature of the draught may require, and the chamber E meeting the chambers A and B in
the side of the grate, and extend. ng over the arch of the smoke flue, all combined in the
manner and for the purpose substantiallv as descnbed.

Second, the apertures e in their application to the herein described grate, in combination
with the movable perforated front or blower D, when constructed as described and operating
as specified.

No. 40,990.— David S. Blair, of Albany, N. Y, -—Improvement in Apparatus for Heating
Brewer's Boilers, — Patent dated December 22, J 863. — This improvement consists in a method
of arranging two congeries of steam tubes so that they shall, like flaps or leaves of a book,
vibrate around a cential steam tube axis.

C/atm.— The ^uliar arrangement bv which separate and independent congeries of pipes
or flues for the circulation of steam or not air through a vessel containing Uquids can be so
fitted upon* central axis pipes as to permit any or the said congeries to be turned upon its axis
to, any degree without interrupting the regular flow of steam or air, or its escape excepting
by its regular exit passage ; the apparatus consisting of the pipes C 1 C2 secure to the side
of the vat A as ingress and egress passages for steam or hot air. The sleeves El £2, with
pack joints connecting pipes B', with Ci C2. The pipes Dl D2 entering into the ends of
pipes Oi C2 and connecting th?m with pipes B2 ; the pipes Cl C2 and Di D2 being axes
on which the separate congeries of pipes BJ B2 revolve, substantially as described.

No. 40,991. >-£d WARD and John Bourne, of Pittsburg, Vs^,^ Improvement in Making
Steam-tight Joints. — Patent dated December 22, 186.). - The joint is made by inclosing a
thin strip of wood in the seam formed by turnu[ig the edges of the sheets one over the other.

Claim — As a new article of manufacture, a steam radiator formed of two flat sheetN of
metal having their edges united together by a lap joint, when said joints are mnde <itoa:n*
tigb. by the in^.'po.iitionof a scnp of wood bs;ween che wheels befOiO closing down the same,
substantially m toe manner as heroin set foith.

Digitized by CjOOQ IC


No. 40,992.— John W. Cochran, of New York, N. Y.-^hmpravememt im Br>ect4 o Wiy
Fire-arms. — ^Patent dated, December 22, 1863. — ^Attached to the breech piece is a proiectkm
which lies in a chamber underneath the barrel when the breech is closed and which when re-
tracted works in a slotted bar beneath an apron and cartridge drawer, and operates them bj
means of a latch lever, drawing them both out to a certain distance and then releasing iti
hold, allowing the cartridge to be aatomaticaUj retracted by the spring, while the apron ii
further withdrawn and retained in a position to form a support for the cartridge before its
entrance mto the barrel.

To adapt the gun to firing loose ammunition, a gas check or a cylinder with a projeeting
flange at its base is inserted in che place of the ordinary cartridge ; the projecting nanpne ez-
teuds back into the counter bore of the breech piece so as to come in contact with the piston ;
the piece is then loaded from the muzzle, and the priming escapes through an orifice in ths
base of the gas check and fills the nipple tube to which the piston is attached, and firon
whence it may be exploded in the ordinary manner by a percussion cap.

Claim. — First, the apron G applied and operating in combination with the moyablo hroefk
piece, substantially* as and for the purpose herein specified.

Second, so combining the slide H of the cartridge drawer with the apron G br means of a
latch lever I, or its equivalent, and so applying spring j and screw or other fixed point i,
in combination with said slide and apron, that tne slide may be attached to and mored back
with the apron and automatically detached therefrom and drawn back independently thereof
substantially as and for the purpose herein described.

Third, the gas check J, provided with a projection S on its bottom, arranged to ofi^ate in
combination with the piston n and movable nipple p, substantially as and for the purpose
herein specified.

No. 40,993.— W. W. Clat, of Nottingham, "EngltLnd.— -Improvement in KniitUig Mm-
chines. — Patent dated December 22, 1863. — In this machine the thread is caught within ths
loop of a raised needle, which in descending impinges on a spring, which, being depressed
towards the needle, deflects the beard of the hooked needle towaras its stem, ana enables it
to enter and pass through the previous loop, which is permitted to escape.

Every needle, in succession, has the above movement as the cylinder revolves, and a oocn-
plete revolution shows a new row of loops added to the fabric

Claim. — The system of reciprocating hooked needles F and the system of springs G, or
their equivalents, applied to a revolving cvlinder, in combination with the presser wheel E,
or its equivalent, the whole being arranged for joint action, substantiaUy as and for the pur-
pose herein set forth.

No. 40,994.— Reuben J. Cole, Poultney, Rutland county, Yt,— 'Improvement in Tmrning
Lathes, — Patent dated December 22, 1863.— The centre of the lathe-head is a hollow spindle,
with spurs upon its ends to catch the wood; the spindle of the foot-stock is also hollow, so
as to carry an axial bit, which is protruded by a mandril, which traverses the hollow spindle;
the lower part of said spindle is slotted, so as to form, in connexion with the head, in which
it traverses, a channel lor the dbcharge of chips.

Claim, — The tubular centre i in the live or moving spindle H, the same projecting beyond
and in combination with the spurs j 7, in a lathe designed to bore through tlie article to be

Also, the slotted spindle I in the foot-stock of a lathe, (for tumin|^ currycomb handles or
other articles of wood requiring to be bored in the centre, ) through which power is introdnced
to operate a bit-stock and bit working in the centre of the spindle, in combinatioQ with the
bit-stock and bit, substantially as described.

Also, the employment of an opemng or slot n in the under side of the spindle of the foot-
stock, and in its tubular centre, if necessary for the discharge of chips, in combination with
a bit-stock and bit working within the hollow spindle, substantially as described.

No 40,995.— John F. and Henry D. Cummings, of Fremont, Steuben county, N. T.— Ai-
provements in Grain Separators. — ^Patent dated December 22, 1863. — The improvements
consist in the method of making a grain screen bv lapping the joints of the frame ; so
placing the second screen relatively to the blast that the letter impinges on its upper suiface;
the sliding bottom and attached hinged valve by which the draught is regulated; and the
aiTaugement of the thiee screens one above the other, as representee^ each of which is designed
lor a specific effective action.

Claim, — Fiist, the frame of the sieve of a framing mill constructed without mortises and
tcDODs or scarfing, but by lapping the joints, substantially as set forth and described.

Second, the return screen, (next below the upper one,) so placed that the blasi is fbreed
through It from the top, constructed and arranged substantially as described.

Third, the wind-forcer, composed of the flap 0, the cut-off G to which the flap C is hinged,
and the sbding piece C2 to which C I is rigidly attached, substantially as described and tor
ihu purpose 8ei tOi'th.

Fourth, ihe combination of the fiist, second, and third screens B B'^ B^^ when arranged
tabstandally as described, either in che shoe A or m the shoe as onguially constructed.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


nftb, the combinatieii of tho first, second, and third sereeni B B" B"' with the wind-forcer
C CI C2, when arranged substantially as described, in the ecooomj shoe A, or in the origi-
nal shoe, daring construction.

Sixth, the combination of the first, second and third screens B B" B'", the wind^forcer,
C CI C2, and the ^te D, when arranged substantially as described, either in a secondary
shoe A, or in the original shoe, daring oonstroction.

No. 40,996.— Timothy Earle, of Smithfield, Providence county, R. L— Improvement in
Covers for Fruit Cans, — Patent dated December 22, 1863.— The vent in the cover is closed
by a patch, which is held over the aperture by a spring.

Claim, — The combination of a spring b and patch a with the ur vent in the cover of a
preserve can, substantially as described for the purposes specified.

No. 40,997. — S. F. Emerson, of Seville, Medina county, Ohio. — Improvement in Chums, —
Patent dated December 22, 1863. — ^The swinging box is suspended on a frame, the upper
part of which consists of a segment which mashes into a pinion on the dasher shaft.

C^im.— Arranging the vibratin^^ dasher shaft at the top of the swinging box A, said shaft
being provided with the pinion £ m combination with the segment gear D, the whole being
constructed and operating as and for the purposes set forth.

No. 40,998.— A. C. Emmick, of Columbus, Franklin county, Olno.^ Improvement in Cast-
ing the Andrews jjr Kalbach tfater'wheel.—FatQUt dated December 22, 186).— The cores
which represent the spaces between the buckets are set up in a mould, and the rim, buckets,
and hub cast in one solid piece.

Claim. — Casting the Andrews Sc Kalback water-wheel in one homogeneous piece and at
one operation, in the manner and by means of a mould or moulds constructed and arranged
substantially as described*

No. 40,999.— John Gill, of New York, N. Y. ^Improvement in Cribhage Boards.— Patent
dated December 22, 1863. — The sliding pins have flattened ends, and are introduced from
below the board so that they can be drawn up, but not out. ^

Claim. — ^The sliding press or pins with flattened ends, in combination with the perforated
board or table, constructed as and for the purposes specified.

No. 41,000. — John Gray, of Milwaukie, Wis. — Improvement in Grain Separators, — ^Pa«
tent dated December 22, 1863. — ^This is an improvement on ** Booth's Compound Shaker,"
and consists in the application of screens which are |>laced in the wheat discharge and are
adjustable to the desir^ angle, so as to screen the tailing^ from the wheat in the back-fall,
which directs the grain to the upper part of the screen, so as to cause it to pass over a larger
.portion of the latter; the sieves of the machine are adjustable as to inclioatiou by means of
a slide leg, which is extended or shortened in its straps for that purpose, the crank power
consisting of a crank wheel and pinion and eccentric rod attached to the machine.

Claim. — The combination with ** Booth's Compound Shaker" for separating wheat from
oats, &.C, the movable screens d^ together with the back-fall s, for the purpose of more fully
separating the smaller seeds, &.c., from the wheat.

Also, the application of the slide legs D to *'Booth*s Compound Shaker,'* for the purpose
of elevating and depressing the zinc sieves C to auy desired angle.

Also, the application of the crank power £ and the eccentric rod L to ** Booth's Compound
Shaker," said crank power and eccentric rod being arranged and attached in manner sub-
stantially as above set forth, for the purpose of producmg upon the machine known as
''Booth's Compound SluJ^er" a quick vibratory motion.

No. 41,001.— Peter J. Hardt, of New York, X. t,— Improved Folding CAair.— Patent
dated December 22, 1863. — ^The seat is pivoted to the legs at their intersection, being hooked
to the front legs and suspended from the back by a flexible material.

Claim, — Attaching the flexible material forming the back of a folding chair to the rear
edge of the seat, so that the act of unfolding the chair shall stretch the flexible material of
said back, as specified.

Also, a seat attached to the legs at the joint on which said legs fold, in combination with
a movable hook or hooks that connect the seat to the folding legs and retain it in position, as

No. 41,002.— WiLUAM D. Harrah, of Davenport, Scott county, Iowa, assignor to Him-
self and Ira M. Gifford, of same place. — Improvement in Grain Binders, — ^Patent dated
December 22, 1863. — ^Theg^vel of grain Is passed endwise into a compressing tube on which
are a number of endless bands, one of which is slipped over the sheal' as it passes out of the

Claim, — First, effecting the bundling and binding of grain by ccmpressing the grain,
slipping an endless band over the sheat and allowing the latter to expand within ihe oand,
sub^tautiully as described.

Second, the combination of a grain com|^ressor and a prepared or endle&i bandi substan-
tially as described.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Third, passing Uie sbeaf of grain within the circle or comptass of prepared bands a p re pr
difitance and then slipping the band upon the sheaf, substantially as ana for the purposes de-

Fourth, a grain-carrying compressing chamber D, constructed and operating substantia]^

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