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Charles Perlet, of New York city,— Improved Method of Fitting the Heaving Socket
and Head of mndlasses.—F&tQUt dated November 12, 1849.

Claim, — As new and useful in effect, the application of the boss e with the wrought-metal
band 2 and square 1, acting with the bush e, to connect the windlass head B with the shaft
b, and at the same time support the heaving socket and flanch in such a manner that either
the head or the heaving socket and flanch, or both, can be immediately replaced when in-
jured, the whole constructed and operating substantially as described and shown.

E. B. Forbush, of Buffalo, N. Y. —Improved Form of Teeth in Harvesting Machines.—
Patent dated November 27, 1849.

Claim, — An open triangular hollow tooth for cutting grass and grain, with its results, as
herein described.

J. F. Rogers, of South Bend, hid.— Improved Railroad Tncdk.—Patent dated November
27, 1847.

Claim, — ^The arrangement and combination of the journal boxes c, with the spring casing
or pockets b 2>, through which bolts are affixed to the frame and acting as guides to the boxes,
the whole being constructed and arranged in the manner and for the purpose substantially
the same as herein specified.

W.E. Nichols, of East Haddam, Conn. — improvement in Machinery for Making Cord. —
Patent dated December 11, 1849; reissued January 20, 1857.

Claim. — First, twisting or controlling the twist of the strands while the main frame is re-
volving to lay them into the cord hy causing an even-faced wheel attached concentrically
to and revolving with the bobbin frame, to travel over a fixed and smooth surface, friction
causing the frame to revolve.

Second, revolving the bobbin frames on their own axes to twist the strands at the same
time that they are carried round a common centre to twist the cord by rolling them on the
surface of a stationary annular inclined track toward the inner or outer periphery of which
they can be adjusted to run, so as to vary the relative twist of the stranas and cords, sub-
stantially as herein sot forth.

Third, 'the constmction and arrangement of the central stem or spindle of the bobbin frame,
operating substantially as herein set forth, whereby the yams are collectively subjected to
progressively increasing tension and twist from the commencement to the end of the process
of laying into the strand, whereby the latter is rendered smooth and regular in its figure and
of uniform density and strength, and subjected to uniform tension while being laid into the

Moses Marshall, of Lowell, Mass. — Improved Loom for Weaving Figured Fabrics. —
Patent dated December 11, 1849; reissued April 24, I860.

Claim, — Combining with the jacks that operate the series of leaves of heddles and with
the lifter and depressor and pattern chain, or any equivalent apparatus for determining the
pattern, a mechanism for holdinflr the jacks either in their elevated or depressed position,
when not required to be operated, substantially as and for the purpose specified.



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