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prqjediiig evelet, through wmch the string may be passed without being clamped between
the boot and foot.

^ Cfcisi.— As an improved article of manufacture, a lacing eyelet made with a tubular pro-
JKtioa or i^rongs « a', disk (, and eye e, as herein shown and described.

Ko. 37,329. — FoRDYCE Beals, of New Ebven, Conn. — Improvement in Rammer Connexion
JmBetolting Firearms, — ^Patent dated January 6, 1863. — The invention consists in an ar-
na^ement of a bar which is pivoted immediately below the barrel, and which retains the axis
ptnm position with the rammer lever, which, secured by its catch, fastens the pivoted bar to

CZsM.— The combination of the pivoted bar G, constructed as f
7 aod the rammer lever D, substantially in the manner herein she

_, J set forth, with the axis pin

C aod the rammer lever D, substantially in the manner herein shown and described.

Ko. 37,330.— >ToHiJ T. Beyer, of Springfield, Sangamon county, Dl. — Improvement in
Oi^erstiMg Ckums and Washing Btachines,^VvX^ui dated January 6, 1863.— The object of
Uui invention is to apply power derived froin the dancing or plunging motion of the body
to flich operations as churning, washing, 6lc, The operator sits on a seat, and by a sui^e of his
V)d7 depresses the lever, and the return motion is given by a spring. To the under side of the
fererabaris attached which may actuate a chum-dasher or a disk washing rubber, the latter
\ma% rotated by cords in the hands of the party or by the feet.

Cbm.— The stand A, postc, lever B, post C, bar l), and spring E, arranged substantially
M ihown for the purposes herein set forth.

*Alw, in combination with the parts above named the seat F on the lever B, and the foot
foags L L on the platform a, as and for the purpose specified.

Alw, the foot-piece / on bar D, in combination with the hand-rod g, when said parts
n mod in connexion with the lever B, post c, and stand A, for the purposes specified.

Ko. 37,331.— ChEYALIERGa£t AN Bonelu, of Milan, ItsXy, -^Improvement in Delineating
Utfmjk— Patent dated January 6, 1863. — ^In this improvement the message is set up in
Mue type or written with metallic ink upon non-conducting paper, or with an insulating
y y >n conducting paper, and placed in the circuit, and is copied by electricity upon
*<BiKaUy pfepared paper at the station to which it is sent.

CbM.— The employment, for producing the image of types or handwriting, of a number
«f coidDctiiig wirea, when combuied with two series of flexible, oomb-like, metallic teeth or

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elastic oondncton, grraneed nearly elose togetho't but insolated from eadi oihor, aii4 in& a
movable platform or plaoorms carrjing the conducting {7008 or handwriting, and the cheani-
oallj prepared paper on which the miage is to be produced, the whole operating substantial^
as herein specinea.

No. 37,332.— John G. Chapbian, of Charlestown, Middlesex county, 'MbSB.— Tmpro vtm m t
in Machine for Drawinf Bolts and 5;»i^w.— Patent dated Januaiye, 1863. - A frame con8isti]i|
of side pieces and a bndp or cap is set over the article to be drawn, having a screw-shaft
extending down, and at its lower extremity a foot-piece with its upward edge mclined towards
the shaft ; this foot-piece sets between a pair of jaws, and as the screw-shaft is rotated, and
the foot-piece raised, the lower edges of the jaws are clamped against the spike, and it b
raised out of its bed.

Claim, — ^The within described machine for drawing bolts, consisting of the combination
of the frame A, the screw-shaft B, with its foot-piece D, and the jaws E, arranged aad
operating as set forth.

No. 37,333;— J. S. Clough and J. N. Bunnell, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and UnionviUe, Hart-
ford county, Conn. — Improvement in Tool Handles. — Patent dated January G, ld63w — Thk
invention consists in applyine an India-rubber cushion or pad to the head of a tool haadls,
or the but, as it is oflen cidle^ which comes in contact with the heel of the hand, to pieveat
bruising and blistering.

Claim, — In combination with the tool handle, the India-rubber cushion, applied as ahewn
for the purpose specified.

No. 37,334. — ^A. Cushino, of St John, Province of New Brunswick. — Improvement in 5mo-
tiij^ Machines, for EdMing^ Slitting , and Be-sawing Lumber. — Patent dated January 6, 1863.—
The feed table and the platform upon which the attendant stands are moved simultaneoaily,
so that he has but to attend to the presentation of his work to the saw, and the trouble oif
walking in following up his work is dispensed with.

Claim, — The comoination of the feed table £, and stand or platform G, connected together,
or so arranged as to be operated simultaneously as and for tne purpose herein set forth.

No. 37,335. — A. Gushing, of St John, Province of New Brunswick. — Improvtment in fioie-
Mills, — Patent dated January 6, 1863. — In this machine the logs in the "round** or squared
are passed between pressure rollers above aud below to the gang-saws, and the devices bare
reference to Uie means of feeding them and of brixiging an equality of pressure under all the
varying sizes and shapes of the same. The lower reed rollers run in permanent bearings and
the upper ones hang vertically over the lower ones bv arms from a shaft over the centre.
Besides their own weight, upon the journal bearings of these upper rollers there are pitmen
and racks working in pinions on the frame overhead.

Claim, — First, feeding or operating the upper or pressure rollers of gang-saws by a combi-
nation of r^eans which will make them always work effectively and automaticallv upon all
sizes and varieties of round logs with variable surfaces as well as flat timber, substantially
as shown or by an equivalent arrangement.

Second, the lower feed rollers D D having their shafls E fitted in stationary bearincs !n
combination with the upper yielding and adjustable rollers M M, when the same have
their shafts N fitted in arms O connected to sliding frames Q Q, arranged with the racks a
and piuions 6, and both pairs of rollers operated through the medium of the gearing I' H 6
6 L U U, as and for the purpose herein snown and described.

No. 37,336. — C. H. De Forest, of Birmingham, New Haven county. Conn. — hnprowe-
ment in Hooped Skirts, — ^Patent dated January 6, 186:1 — ^This improvement is adapted to that
class of hooped skirts in which loops are woven on the supporting ti4>es to sustain the hoops,
and consists of a clasp which is placed upon the intersections 01 the hoops and the tapes oj
which they are causea to maintain their relative positions.

Claim, — ^The employment of the clasp C or its equivalent, in combination with the hoops
and pockets a of the hoop-supporting tapes, for preventing the disolacement or derangement
of the hoops in the pockets, substantially as hereinbefore describea.

No. 37,337.— EUAS Dohner, of Lancaster, Pa., and A. M. Brucslha&t, of Brunners-
Tille, Lancaster county, Ta,— Improve nent in Water Wheels. — Patent dated JanuaiT fi,
1863. — ^Within the space between the rim and the hub and between the usual buckets of the
turbine are shorter buckets, following the same shape, intended for the more perfect utilizing
of the percussive force of the water.

CZatm.— The combination of the short intermediate buckets D with the backets C, hub A«
and rim B, aU constructed and arranged in the manner and for the ol^ects set forth.

No. 37,338.— Thomas Dowlino, of Salem, Essex county, "hlisas,— -Improvement ts Hot-w
IZ^/tstsrf.— Patent dated January 6, 1863.— The improvement consists in the ftrzangemeat

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d the pipes, dx., wherebj a itieam of cold air from the room is mingled with the heated air
eactpiug fiom the hot-air pipe before its delivery into the room; the tubes which project into
tbe room slip telescopicaUj within each other so as by elevation to induce a current of heated
sir. and to be depressed out of the way when not in use.

C28MI.— The combination and arrangement, substantially as described, of the case A, the
tabs F, and the perforated collar D, with the floor C, and its register J, and the hot-air inlet
|Mpe Bt whereby one or more air passages are so formed between the floor and hot*air pipe B
IS to cause, while hot air may be blowing out of the pipe B and from thence through the
rogister. a current of cool air to flow downward through the collar D, and the passage be*
tween the case A and the tube F, and thence upward through the said tube F and the register,
and commingle with the heated air discharged from the pipe B.

Aiso, the combinaticm of one or more telescopic tubes H I with the register <l, the case A,
Ifai tabe F, and tfao inlet pipe B, the whole beiiijg^ so as to operate aubatantially as described.

No. 37,339.— F. D. Drak£, of Four Comers, Huron countv, Ohio»-^Improved Evaporator
for Sutharine Liquids, — Patent dated January 6, 11:^. — ^The improvement consists in the
arrangfment of the furnace and flue under the evaporating pan in which it extends under
the front side, then returns under the centre, and back agam under the rear portions of the .
MB to the chimney, so that the heat is mduated from the front to the rear, and the scum is
ibrown to the coolest part of the pan to be removed.

CZatm. — ^The arrangement ot tne flue c extending on one side of the furnace A, from fit)nt
to rear end, then back through the middle to the m>nt end, and back again to the chimney
at the rear end of the furnace, in combination with the pan B, constructed and operating
rabstantially as and for the purpose shown and described.

No. 37,340.— "William H. Field, of Taunton, Bristol comity, Mass. — fmprovemtnt in
Ihdthes for making Shoe iVist/s.— Patent dated January 6, ]8o3.— The nail-plate nasses
flffoogfa a frimace, which retains it at a suitable heat for the operation as it is feo con-
thmoosly to the cutter. #

Ciatai.— The employment or use of a ftiraace E in combination with the cutter A of a sh6e-
0^ machine, and with the feeding tubes D, constructed and operating substantially in the
maimer and for the purpose specihed.

Kft. 37,341. — Carlton Foster, of Oshkosh, Winnebago county, Wis. — Improvsd Dei/ice
fn C^Mting or Turning Log» during the Process of Sawing them into Lumber, — Patent dated
vaimaiy 6, 1863. — ^In this device a crane is elevated above the log, and from it depends a
dMin and block with hook attached, the hitter to be hooked under the log to cant it over ;
the chain returning passes over pulleys and to a shaft under the floor worked by the engine
or other power, being connected or detached bv levers workinfl^ friction pulleys.

Ciaim, — ^The hook Q attached to a tackle, tne chain L of wnlch ia connected in an adjust-
able shaft F, operated through the medium of friction pulleys or wheels D £ thrown in and
oat of gear, or connected and disconnected b^ means of levers G H,so arranged that the
tbnner one G will have its fulcrum a in line or in the same plane with the tension or strain
af chain L on abaft F, snbstantially as and for the purpose set forth.

Kd. 37,342.— W. R. Greemleaf, of Silver Creek, Chautauqua county, N. T.— im/rtfba-
«tal M Valve Gear of Steam Engines, — Patent dated January 6, 1863. — ^This invention
Mositts in operating the two induction and eduction valves of a double engine by a single
sooeniric, and of shiiUAg the eccentric for the purpose of varying the stroke and reversing me
•orement. The abaft is provided with a single eccentric, and upon this is a ring to which
iht rahre rods are attachea ; when they are at half-stroke they are at the same relative an^le
as the cylinders. Behind the eccentric is a disk concentric with the axle, with slots in its
&oe in which tongues on the eccentric work to reverse the action of the valves. This motion
of the eccentric is accomplished by an inner eccentric, fast upon a sleeve which is loose upon
the crank shaft and operated by suitable means.

CUiffi.— The combmation and arrangement of the valves, valve stems or valve rock-shafts,
ai of the two eccentric rods e e, attached to the same eccentric, substantially as herein de-
iexibed, whereby the one eccentric is made to operate the valves of both cylinders of a double
tMine, as herein set forth.

A)k>, the employment for operating the inner eccentric D of two sleeves H I, the one
■vrittg around, the other sliding longitudinally upon the crank-shaft, the two combhied by a
•|W groove i aad pin j, and the whole operating substantially as herein specified.

Ka. 37,343. — Tu M. Hills, of New Haven, Conn. — Improvement in Steam Radiators.'^
fthoA dated January 6, 1863. -^Thls steam radiator consists of an upper and lower chamber,
Jibid by tabes -pronetlj luted with an unyielding cement to the plates into which they pass.

(Ma.— The combinatioB of the tube plates H and I, the tunes C, and plates £ and F,
^■iiite same are constructed and joined with unyielding joints, fai the manner and for the
V^f^ •nbatontii^y as hei^ set forth and described.

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216 ' ANHUiX BCP(Hrr OF TH£

No. 37,344.— Abraham Huffer, of Hageretown, Hd.-^ImprvvemMt in tlU CewUritmtimm
of Steam and fVaUr Pmmt.— Patent dated January 6, ] 863.— Tliis machine is intended t»
utilize exhaust steam from an euj^^e necessarily employed in other work, by employing it to
produce a vacuum by condensation, to raise a body of water to turn a wheel. For this pur-
pose two or more chambers are employed to receive the exhaust steam, and two les e ivou a
are provided, onebetowthe wheel and the other above it, and the steam is employed toraUo
the water from tho lower to the upper one, which in its descent turns the wheel

C/aim.— The combination of a steam generator or steam generators with a water wheel or
water wheels, and chambers or a chamber for elevating water by atmospheric pressure, and
driving a water wheel or wheels, substantially in the manner and for the purpose set forth.

No. 37,345.— Joseph Inoels, of Hilton, Wayne county, Ind. — Tmprovement in (hmim
Driils. — ^Patent dated January 6, 1863. — ^These improvements relate to the method of vairiAg
the rate of deliverv of the seed by changing the intermediate fear wheels on the movable sna^
the raising of said shaft by the lifting of the hoes stopping the feed. The delivery hoppcovof
the seed trough are each of them constructed with its concave and sides cast in one piece,
and with, an inclined plate over the feed wheel. The bottom of the grass-seed box has bcackftU
connecting the acyacent edges, and underneath these slides a gauge plate with apertures movQ
or less covered by the brackets, as may be desired.

Claim, — First, the useof double reversible intermediate gear wheels, substantially as shown
and described, to communicate motion at any desired speed from the main axle to the seed
delivery apparatus.

Second, tne manner of attaching the movable shaft M at any suitable position between the
axle b and shaft k, to adapt it to the different sizes or positions of the intermediate wheels.

Third, the combination of the lever W and flange or cam u' with the pivoted bar U 4nd
wheel If, to diiconnect the said wheel with the shaft k by the act of raising the hoes. '

Fourth, the concave j of the secondary or delivery hopper, cast in one piece with cheeks
ff, all as herein shown and described.

Fifth, the combination of the concave j, inclined plate j2, cheeks j', and feed wheel K, all
oonstructed and arranged substantially as herein shorwn and described.

Sixth, ihe movable bottom or gauge plate G, perforated with tapering apertures g in the
described combination with the supporting brackets Q', so arranged that tne said brackets
may cover any desired part of the apertures to regulate the delivery of seed, as explained.

No. 37,346.— Oeorge Jones, of Peekskill, Westchester county, N. Y,^Tmproved Demee
for Tightening Window 8a^e$, — Patentdated January 6, 1863. — ^An angle piece is fastened
to the window frame, having a face towards the sash ; through this face passes a thumb-screw
which impinges against a plate attached to the sash, and by means of tightening this screw
the sash is retained in position.

CUim.^The combination of the angle pieces C 0, thumb-screws D D, and bearing platae
d d, applied, respectively, to the window £rameand sash, substantially as and for the purpose
herein set forth.

No. 37,347 —Luke Kavanaugh, of Waterford, Saratoga county, N. Y.— Improvement im
Bladeifor Knitting Machine 8inker8.~-PB.tent dated January 6, l8i6J.— This blade is bo oon-
structed that in feeding and sinking the yam into and be ween the needles in a knitting n»-
ehine, the yam, with its knots and large spots, in bending around the needles between the
blades, can extend into the openings in the blades so as to leave more room between tfas
blades for the needles, and avoid their binding against each other and bendiuff or breaking

the needles, or breaking the yam bv nipping it between the needle and the b^a^.

Claim, — A wing or blade for sinker-ourrs of knittine machines, having through it a hole
or opening y arranged in respect to ^ yam-guide c on the blade, substantially as herein d^

No. 37,348.*-J. A. Lafler, of Albion, Orleans county, N. T. — Improvement in Brick
Maehinee. — ^Patent dated January 6, 1863. — Within the throat or press box of the tempering
vat is a piston, operated by a platform below, which vibrates on a central point; the adea of
the piston and the inside of the press box are therefore curved to correspond. The floer «r
bottom of the piston is gyrated, each slat corresponding to the divisions of the brick nnmld
below, which latter is projected up into the press box by the elevation of the platfonn on
which the mould lies pushing the piston before it The mould is formed of parallel aides
and ends, the partitions between the bricks extending down into the bottom board so as to
separate the loose pallets which lie under the bricks, and upon which they are remonred wImH
the frame is raised and the bricks are left to be carried off.

The ends of the mould box are recessed to correspond with pnneetions from the bottom
board to serve as guides for the adjustment of the parts of the mould box.

C/oim.-^First, the combination of the curved and yielding clod-cmsher F with the ]
box £ and the mould G, in the manner herein shown and described.

Second, the combination with the pallets q and bottom board r of the bevelled side i
m and the bevelled division pieces o of the mould box G, when the said side pieces am
arranged to extend below the level of the pallets, all in the manner and for the poxpoeo
herein shown and described.

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fUrd, the ootntractioii of the edges « ii of tbe mould box G with recesflos » », in coml^a-
tion with the projeetionB t upon the boards r, all as and for the porpose herein shown and

No. 37,349.— Almon Leach, of Utlca, N. Y.— /nijirwemenl in Coal-oil Lafit;>t.— Patent
dated Jannarj 6, 1863. — ^This improyement is desig^ned to render the burner detachable with-
out interferiDg with the original plan of the lamp, patented by Wordin and Leach, July 23,
18Sf, and consists of a longer and a shorter eyUnaer H and K, with an annular perforated
plate J connecting them, the whole secured to the burner, and the outer cylinder fitting iBto
ths jacket D.

It farther consists in double reflectors of concaye form, the centre of each being occupied
hj a coDTex circular projection.

Ctotn.^JSecurine the cylinder H, perforated plate J, and flange K, to the burner Q, as
ihown, when said burner is screwea into the tube B, and all i^ed in connexion with the
cylinder or jacket D, for the purposes herein set forth.

Also, the combination of two reflectors L L, formed each of 6oncayc and convex surfaces
k i constructed together an^larly with each other and placed in relation with the flame of
the lamp, as herein specific.

No. 37,350. — Jaood H. Lighter, of Freedom township, Carroll county, III. — fmpwve-
ment in Horse Powers, — Patent dated January 6, 1863. — The centre pinion of the horse-power
which is attached to the tumbling shaft is bevelled each way, and rotated by two horizontal
crown wheels, operating upon one above and the other below, mashing with the double
hsTelled pinion.

Ciaim,'— The application of two horizontal crown wheels B B placed on each side of the
eaotie of the horse-power, in combination with a single pinion D bevelled each way from the
centre, and working between the two horizontal crown wheels B B, as and for the purpose
rabslantially as specified.

No. 37,^1. — ^David B. Lucre y, of Bloomingburgh, Sullivan county, N. Y.—Impnm^
•eitf ta Harvesters. — Patent dated January 1, i833. - This improvement is designed for
stony and rough gpround, and consists in a device for balancing the weight of the cutter bar
hy weighted levers so that it may be readily raised vertically to pass over an impediment,
with aUftin^ rake in the front of the cutters to raise ** down " grass and present it to the
cnttcTB Sot their effective action.

Cfatm.— First, balancing the cutter bar and finger bar by the weighted levers b and K,
tod connecting them to the other means or devices herein set forth, so that when they come
in contact with atones or other impediments they will be elevated in a vertical or nearly ver-
tical direction, as described.

Second, in combination with a mower, the lifting rake, arranged and operated in front of
theeattere, substantially as set ibrth.

No. 37,352.— Henry F. Mamn, of Laporte, Jnd,— Improvement in Securing Soft Mstal
^acldtig to Projectiles. — Patent dated January 6, 1863. — In grooves running circumferen-
tiaUy around the ball there are bars which cross from side to side of the groove. Filling this

Ce is a body of soft metal, which surrounds the circumference of we bars, and is by
securely held to the ball.
Cfoim.— Providing around the circmnference of shot, shell, or projectiles the bars B B,
which are separated from one another and isolated from the bottom of the packing groovot
nd which extend from shoulder to shoulder of said groove and pass entirely through the
8«ft metal packing; all in such a manner that the soft metal pacKihg is held securely in
pkce, both longitudinally and in line with the circumference of the projectiles, substantially
as described.

N<k 37,353. — ^Patrick McGlew, of Des Moines, Polk county, Iowa. — Improvement in
fttimf Maddmes* — ^Patent dated January 6, 1863. —The improvement consists in attaching
h^ind therolUers, or wide wheels on which the frame is supported, a scraper to olear tt:^
dfatfiren the wheels. It is brought into connexion with the whe^, or detached by a lever

^ na iw.—The sciapecs H H, attached to the bar G, fitted in guides g g, and ccmnected to a
NW J, the whole constructed, arranged, and operating in the manner and for the purpoae
knainadl forth.

.Mo, 37»^)54»— Chablbs £. Miller, of Amelia, Clermont connty, Ohio. — Inwrovement in
fa^erg.— Patent dated January 6, 1863.— This machine consists of a frame, which has on-
^ ww t h , m the advance, a clod-crusher, consisting of a roller with spike teeth, and at its
Jiraiow of barrow teeth. In a positioii above the frame* uid dropping its seed between
gNli>4 nuilm' and the harrow, is a 8eed4>QX with a long slit or ormoe beneath, which oii-
■Bllliltodiritb a register to regolate or close the opening.

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CZmm.— -Hut, the leediiig apparfttas, coosisfting of the hopper E, bayinf a loopr f^ao^
Terse ventage F, dosable by tiie adjustable concaTO-conTex ehiald or regUler O, and siqr>
ported bj the beyelled staptoe K, in combination with the spiked clod^smahing roller B» ar-
ranged and operating in the manner specified.

6econdf the described arrangement of the clod-cmsher B D, harroir 0, and seeding ^^ap
ratns EFGHIJKL, as and for the purpose set forth.

No. 37,355.— John M. Miller, of Hamilton, Bntlar county, Ohio. — liupi cmmt ut im
Water ^PAm^.— Patent dated January 6, 1863.— For the p«rpose of ntilijsing the y^rtical &U
of water more thoroughly and avoiding leakage from the buckets, whick eoauneaoea as
soon as the horizontal point is passed, the buckets in this improvement are attached to
endless chains, formed by g^dg^ons fitting in eyes, and the chains working upon a eential

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