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atin^ in conjunction with the endless tapes, substantially as set forth for the paipon

Fourth, the combination of the bar «, shaft H, with its pulleys, the endless tapes z z,aiid
adjustable led^e 7, the whole being arranged and operating substantially as set forth kt ths

ng rolls F and G, and tabll'
iosefai»:eiD setforth.

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Fifth, the reciprocating blade J, adjustable ledge 7, folding rolls F and G, and
4, the whole being arranged and operating as and for the purpose fai»:eiD set forth«


No. 37793.— AmosH. Sbarfoss, of Newark, N. J., assignor to Anna Maria Hyde, of
same place. — Improvement in Grinding Mills, — Patent dated February 24, 1863. — ^The stones
in this mill are set with their surfaces in a vertical plane, the bed stone being fixed to the
frame and surrounding a central shaft which has a projecting pintle entering a socket in the
axis of the revolring stone. The shaft passing through the bed stone has a spiral groove
which connects at one end with the ^in in the hopper and at the other diseharges it be-
tween the stones, the supply from me hopper being regulated by a gate ; the revolving
stone is adjusted to the bed stone by a screw actino^ endwise upon the end of its axis.

CUiim, — Constructing a vertical mill with its bed stone secured and held to the frame- work
in the manner described, combined with a feeding screw and feeding apparatus, arranged,
constructed, and operated as described.

No. 37,794.-— Thomas Shaw, of Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Himself and Philip F.
Justice, of same place. - /m/»rooe4 SUam Gauge. — Patent dated February 24, 1863. — ^The
pressure of steam is indicated by the rise of mercury in a tube from a chamber beneath,
where it rests upon a diaphragm of rubber ; underneath this is a piston whose lower end, wiUi
a disk of rubber intervening, is exposed to the pressure of steam from the boiler, which,
raising the piston, drives the mercury up into the tube.

Clatm. — ^An apparatus when arrangea substantially as set forth and for the purpose spe-

No. 37,795.— Samuel Steinmbtz, of Chicago, 111., assignor to Andrew Ri^rson, of
same place. — Improvement in Steam Boiler, — ^Patent dated February 24, 1863. — ^The improve-
ment consists in making one part of the shell of the boiler weaker than the rest, and arrang-
ing it so that when it gives way it shall be held and controlled to admit of the passage of
the steam and retain the portion raised, which, in the illustration, is shown as a valve held
down with a determinate pressure by four levers and spring hooks.

Claim, — First, a steam ooiler, constructed with a known portion D of its exterior surface
or shell, more yielding than the remainder, for the purpose of carrying off any excessive
pressure which can possibly occur, the said yielding portion being held and controlled sub-
stantially as herein explained so as to be automatically released when raised from its seat,
and thus prevent disastrous coQsequences from an explosion.

Sdcona, the combination of the yielding head D, levers II 12 13 14, spring hooks Jl J2 J3
J4, and returning sp/ing H, all constructed, arranged, and operating substantially as herein
shown and described.

No. 37,796.— Awsbent H. Wagner, of Chicago, HI,, assignor to Himself and Charles
Kabstner, of same place. — Improvement in (Grinding Mills. — Patent dated February 24,
1863. — ^The invention consists in the method of hanging and adjusting the bed stone, wluch
Is set with its iace i)i a vertical plane, and is required to be adjustable to the revolving stone,
the latter being firmlv attached to its axis or shaft, which passes through the bed stone and
rests jon bearings in the frame beyond. In the rear of the bed stone is a vibrating frame with
foiir arms resting on bearings, and the bed stone resting asaiast it adapts itseuT vertically
*and honzontally to the runner. The bed stone is supportea at two points by pivots which
rest in bearings from the inside of the case. The shoe is shaken by a pin on the shaft com-
ing in contact with a vibrating arm to which it is attached, and* agitators on the runner pro-
jecting into the eye of the bed stone agitate the grain.

Claim. — ^The peculiar construction of the vibrating frame M, having ibttr bearings, by
which means the stationary stone I can acy'tist itself vertically and horizontally to the ran
ningr stone.

iJso, the pivots J J, grooves K K, for holding the stone I, when combined with my devices
for holding and shaking the shoe R, and the floats or agitators Y V, arranged and operating
as described.

No. 37,797. — JoQL Hood, of Milwaukie, Wis. — Improvement in Snow Scrapers. — Patent
dated February 24, 1863. — TJiis scraper, which is made to tit the rail with a straight edg^
and a flange, is placed at the end of a pivoted standard which has a backward and for-
ward motion, governed by springs which tend to restore it to the perpendicular. It has also
a spring above it, so that obstructions may deflect or raise it without injury. A stirrap
passing down from the frame of the car protects it from any considerable lateral displacement.

ClaSn. — ^First, the combination of the scraper £, having a tongue or projection F, with
the standard A, attached to a frame B by a i>in C, and springs MM and I, and connecting
rods O O, as and for the' purpose herein set forth.

Second, the stirrap L, m combination with the devices or means recited in the above first
claim, as herein described.

No. 37,798.— J. L. Albbroer, of BuffSsdo, N. Y.-^Improvement in Apparatus for Distilling
Coal Oi/f. —Patent dated March 3„i8ti3. — ^This retort is supported on rollers, so that an
OBcillaiBig or rotanr motion ma^ be imparted to it. The retort is provided with a steam coil
for heating, a peirorated pipe tor introdudng at will, either moist or superheated steam to

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the bodj of oil, and a worm to carry off and coDdense the vapozs. Anj or all these inpes
may pass through Boitable stuffing boxes. Moist steam is first introduced, which, condensing,
washes the oil, and the latter is gradually raised in temperature imtil the impurities, colorin|B^
matter, and water are driven on and pass through the condenser. Superheated steam is
then introduced to evaporate the oil. The entire operation is effected without direct contact
of the oil with fire surfaces, and when completed tne superheated steam is shut ofi^ and the
temperature of the apparatus rapidly reduced for the reception of a new charge.

claim. — The employment, simultaneously, within an oil-distilling retort, of a steam^snp-
plying and a steam-heating system of pipe«, Babstantia4y in the manner and for the purpose
n^rein shown and described.

No. 37,799.— William W. Andrews, of Warrens ville, Cuyahoga countjr, Ohio.^hnproved
B^at Detaching Hook. — Parent dated March 3, 1863. — ^This invention consists in so construct-
ing a davit h(K>k and eye bolt that the weight of the boat shall keep the hook closed, but
when the weight is removed by the flotation of the boat, the hook is cast loose by a spring.

Claim. — ^The combination in a mechanical apparatus of the hook B, shoulder a", stud I,
lever £, spring G, catch F, and dog 0, the sevenu parts being arranged substantially as and
for the purpose herein specified.

No. 37,800. — JohnBabiluon, of Detroit, Wayne county, Mich. — Improvement in Drying
Oraiu, — Patent dated March 3, 1863. — The invention consists of a series of floors one abovo
the other, constructed in sections, so that the grain can be dumped firom one floor to the other,
until discharged by the lower inclined floor.

Claim. — The employment of several floors, arranged one above the other, and so constructed
that the sections composing the floors can be dumped, and the grain fall upon the floor below,
thereby admitting the grain in process of drying to a series of relays^ and when dried, of
ready transmission from the macnine by tilting the floor B, substantially as described.

No. 37,801.— Abel H. Bartlett, of Spuyten Duyvil, West Chester county, N. T.—
Improved Refrigerator. — Patent dated March 31, 1863. — ^This invention consists in a combina-
tion which may be described in general terms as an interior inverted conical ice and water
chamber, with a number of cold-air or provision chambers on each side, with provision for
drainage bypipe and faucet.

Claim. — first, the corrugated metallic ice and water box, constructed and combined with
the trough K, the pipes Z and U, the fimcets I and J, or their equivalents, and made and
arranged substantially as and for the purpose shown and describeo.

Second, the combination and arrangement of the ice chambers F and W, the plank Y,
the reservoir G, the pipes Z and H, the faucet I, or Uieir equivalent, whereby the ice meltings
firom the chamber W can be either conducted into the reservoir G, and retained with the
water therein, oi: the whole allowed to pass off through the faucet I, xind opening X, sub-
stantially as and for the purpose shown and described.


No. 37,802.— John Baird, of New York, N. Y.—hnprovement in Valves for Steam Engines.
—Patent dated Blarch 3, 1863. —Patented in England, June 21, 1862.— This invention consists
in appliances to relieve a slide valve from inordinate pressure, and to hold it steady under
the variable pressure at its two ends, and this is accomplished by means of an adjustable face
plate between which and the seat the valve works, saia plate beiuff operated by keys againat
which it is supported by springs, the pressure being further equaOaed by apertures through
the valve, which at the proper time communicate with the recesses or pockets in the face plate.

Claim. — First, the combination of a valve with parallel faces with a seat and a face plate,
all operating substantially as described, by means of keys supporting the face plate ana per-
mittmg its adjustment, substantially in the manner specified.

Second, in combination keys to support a face plate, springs to hold the latter in contact
with the former, a face plate and a sUoing valve with parallel faces, the combination being
substantially such as specified.

Third, in combination with a slide valve and equalizing recesses or pockets, substantially
such as described, apertures through the valve itself, whicn, at the proper time, make a con-
nexion, substantially as specified, between a passage for steam or exhaust and a recess or
pocket, for the purpose specified.

No. 37,803.— Frederick Bennett, of Baffillt, Flint county, EuglKtxd.— Improvement in
the Mantifaaure of Zinc^Pskieni dated Mardi 3, 1863.— The process is as follows: Calcine
the zinc ore, mix it with coal or coke, etc, add chlorine in'aome shape as common salt for
instance. Then condense and collect. The proportion of common salt may average 10 per

Claim. — ^The use or employment of a chloride or compound of chlorine in the manufacture
of zinc, by mixing it with the calcine ore and with the carbonaceous matter in the BmeltUig
retorts, substantifuly in the manner set forth. ^

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No. 37,804.^JoHN T. Beyer and Maiua L. Bkver, of Sprin^eld, Sfingamon coantr,
IlL — Improved Ironing 5to}i£/. —Patent dated March 3, 1663. — ^The invention consists in ihe
construction and adjustment of the several parts, -whereby it mav be made to serve the pur-
pose of receptacle for clothing, seat or loun£^, ironing table, and rack for drying clothes.

Claim,— The combination of leaf F with the frame D D and slides H S, poles J, and
cords K, when arranged with the receptacle for clothing or mattress, substantially as and for
the purposes set forth.

No. 37,805.— George S. Bishop, of 'Washington, D. C^Improvememt in Car Com*
j^tN^. -^Patent dated March 3, It^. — ^The invention consists in the peculiar construction of
the coupling latch, in combination with the link to connect the cars.

Claim,— Fust, the construction of the latch or coupler A, with its foot E, spur D, and wide
arm B, in the manner and for the pur|>ose he ein set forth. *

Second, the stirrup F and step K, in combination with the latch A, with its foot E and
spur D, as and for the purpose herein described.

No. 37,806.— Hobert Henry Bishop, of Bristol, Conn,— Improvement in Device for
Converting Motion, — Patent da'.ed March 3, J 853. — ^This invention consists in the arrange-
ment of H treadle with two hooked parallel arms, in combination with two pulleys provided
wiih tan^ntial driving arms, and set to turn the fly-wheel in the same direction in such a
manner Uiat by the action of the oscillating treadle on the two pulleys, a positive continuous
motion of the fly-wheel is produced.

Claim. — The combination with the fly-wheel and its hub 6, made as represented, of the two
arms e e of unequal length, the two pulleys D D' of unequal interior diameters, the cords A A,
and the hook-armed Ueadle £, the whole constructed and operating in the manner herein
shown and described.

No. 37,807.— Edward Brady, of Philadelphia, Ftu— Improved Means of Afjizing Defen-
tive Armor Plates. — Patent dated March 3, lb63.— The invention consists in attaching
metallic plates edgewise to Vessels by means of bo^ts, &.c, which enter holes in the inside S.
S£ud plates, and are enlarge inwardly or intersected by transverse apertures ii^any way.

Claim, — First, protecting the ^idss, decks, or other parts of vessels or fortification with
metallic plates secured ed^wise thereto by means substaniiaily as herein shown and described.

Second, securing the said plates by means of bolts or other fastemugs applied to or within
apertures or cavities tbrmed in the inner edges of the said plates, and enlarged within the body
thereof or intersected by transverse apertures in any way, substantially as explained.

No. 37,808.— William H. BROWN,of Erie, Pa.— /m^rMemaU in Dumping TuAs.— Patent
dated March 3, 1863. — ^The invention consists in adjusting the-point of suspension, relatively
to the centres of gravity, in such a manner that the tub will be top up when empty, and
will be reversed when filled, subject to the condition in this latter case ot being restrained.

The skip is pi¥oted to arms suspended Irom a cross-bar, and retained in position or re-
strained iiom dumping by a vibrating bar which is huii^ on pivot bolts, so that the port pass-
ing round the back ot the tub preponderates over the lorward part and rears upon brackets.
T& anterior ends of the bar carry segments, notch^ in which receive pins secured to the
arms by which the sJdp is suspended ; by raising the rear end of the bar the detent is re-
leased, and the skip discharged, returning to its position by the counterbalancing weight of
the rear portion when empty.

CUum, — ^The skip or tub balanced and restrained, substantially as described, and dumped
when required, in the manner and for the purpose specified.

No. 37,809.— J. WiNSLOW Chapman and Wm. Z. W. Chapman, of New York, N. Y.—
Improvement in Setting Artificial TsetA.— Patent dated March 3, 1863. — ^The invention con-
sists in construcUng a plate which ou its one side is formed by a cast from the gums, and
the other side fitted to the base of the teeth, which are carefully fitted, one by one, on a base
of wax so as to articulate with the corresponding teeth in the lower jaw ; the outime of base
dios obtained is made the mould for a permanent plate, the other side having been fitted to
the gums; the tee h are then attached by scraws through the plate to platina dies in the teeth.

Claim, — ^The construction and employment of a plate of metal or other suitable substance,
as herem descnbed, between the leeth and the gums, in the manner and for the purposes set
S^tthf detached irom and independent of said teeth, said plate conforming to the irregularities
of the baseof the teeth and the surface of the gums, substantially as herein specified.

Alsoi uniting the base or saddle plate wittf the teeth, as and for the purposes set forth, so
that said plate and teeth can be readily separated for repairs or otherwise, as herein described.

No. 37,810. — William A. Davis, of Salem, Columbiana county, Ohio,— Improvement in
Wool-foclung Device, — Patent daced March 3, 18d3. — The table consists of a middle and
side pieces, upon which the fieece is spread out, with the slotted strop underneath it occupy-
ing uie central portion. The cords are passed through holes and then to the roller, where
they ore secured to spikes. By a treadle the side pieces are raised and the wool lapped over
on to the centre ; the free end of the strap is then doubled back and attached to the roller
which is turned, compressing the wool into a roll to be tied.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Claim, — ^First, the hinpfed side pieces £ £ of the platform D, provided with the bars F,
and used in connexion with the bars G 6', or their equivalents, to serve as stops for the bars
F, to retain the side pieces in o vertical position, as set forth.

Second, the arrangement of the bars G Gt\ connecting rod H, spring t, rod I, crank shaft
J, and levers A J', substantially as shown, for the purpose of raising the side pieces £ £ to a
vertical position, and releasing the same so that they may be turned down to a htMrisonital
position as herein described.

Third, the cords b placed on the spools a, in connexion with the spikes or teeth t, when
said i>arts are used in connexion with the slotted packing strap P, as and for the purpose

Fourth, the packinp^ stn^ P attached at one end of the platform D, in combination with
the roller K and beanng plate O, as and for the purpose herein set forth.

No. 37,81 1.— Timothy Drake, of Windsor, Conn.— /mproMmeiil tn Vapor Lamps.'-'PaXoai
dated March 3, 1863. — ^This is an arrangement by which the heat of the dame is transmitted
to the fluid so as to generate gas to be ig^ted at the orifice of the burner, and consists of a
pair of semicircular pallets which receive the heat of the flame and transmit it by rods down
to the fluid in the generating chamber, which is separated by a diaphragm from the gasrcol-
looting chamber, the latter communicating with the orifice of the burner.

The upper part is detachable from the lower tube.

Claim, — ^The combination of the heaters m «, chamber k, diaphragm A, and vaporizing
chamber a, substantially in the manner as and for the purpose describe.

Also, the heaters m ii, with the interior perforated diaphri^g^ k, substantially in the manner
and for the purpose described.

Ko. 37,812.— Henrt J. Hale and Hemrt J. Hale, jr., of Indianapolis, Ind.^Imprmfed
Dovetailing Machine, — Patent dated March 3, 16d3. — ^The lumber to be operated upon is
£Eistened to a bench with the necessary a^ustments and motions. It is there operated upon
by two chisels whose stocks move up and down in ways or guides which are acljustable so
as to regulate the angularity of the sides of the dovetail slot. The two chisel stocks are
attached to a walking beam, and a crank from a motor rocks the beam and drives the chisels,
the depth of their cut being adiusted by attadfing the connecting rod nearer to or further,
from the centre of vibration of the walking beam.

Claim, — ^First, the arrangement of the vertical or oblique cutters / /, the walking beam C,
having the slot s and the pitman K, by which the depth of the cut is regulated, in the man*
ner described.

Second, controlling the direction of the cutters / / by means of the adjustable grooved plates
//, constructed and arranged with reference to the slides k k, substantially as described.

No. 37,813.— George Engle, of Bunker Hill, Grant county, Wia,—Improvement in
HarvcHers. — Patent dated March 3, 1863. — These improvements mainly relate to the frame
of the machine, which consists of a truss or braced frame tightened by a ^pendinff and ad-
justing screw, and with angular suspension rods for the cutter bar, braces, bur8 and rods, to
stifien the truss and its outlying oarts and afford points of attachment for the working partfiy
and for the seats of the driver ana raker.

C^ffim.— First, the truss or suspension draught firame, for a reaper or mower, constructed
fubstontially as set forth.

Second, the arrangement X)f the driver's and the raker*s seat^ in the relation to each other
shown, and with respect to the platform and the tongue of the machine, and upon the truM
frame and standoids G O', substantially in the manner described.

Third, the combination of the angular bracket P, or its equivalent, and the hangers M H,
applied and operating substantially as described.

Fourth, the suspending and adjusting screw Q, applied and operating substantial]/ as

Fifth, the combination cable k2, and the arms i t, and bracket P, substantially as and for
the purpose set forth.

• Sixth, the hangers M M, when used as- guides for loops of the arms i i, substantially as

Seventh, the arrangement of the bar.N, with respect to the main finune and gearing, fiib-
staotiallv as set forth.

£iffhth, the adjustable skeleton triangle divider, made in one piece, in combination wilh
the deflecting board Y, as set forth.

No. 37,814.— K. J. Hamilton, of Chicago, JH.— improvement in Journal Boxes for Car
Wheels, — Patent dated March 3, 1863. — ^Tms invention is an arranffement within the axle-
box for preventing the waste of the lubricating oil, and consists ot a stationary and fixed
collar within the oil-box, and a leather collar around the shoulder of the axle in the neck of
the box.

Claim.— The combination and arrangement of the acljustable collar A and the washer C»
when cut, as described, and both are operated upon and used with the sprmgs a and c, or
their equivalents, and the openings g and /, when all are arranged and operating substan-
tially as and for the purposes deimeated and set forth.

Digitized by CjOOQ IC


■* ' •

No. 37,815. — J. C. G. Howrrz, of Copenheeen,* kingdom of Denmftrk. — Improved Cam*
position for Purif^ng Qa$. — Patent dated March 3, 1863. — ^The invention consists in the use,
for the purpose of purifying gas, of iron ore and spent-tan or saw-dust, bj which the combi-
nations of sulphur with carbonic acid and carbonic oxyd and other impurities are absorbed,
the oxyd of iron converted into sulphuret of iron, cyanide of iron, carburets of iron, &,c.

Claim. — ^The employment or use of the within described composition of iron ore and spent-
tan or saw-dust, mixed together in about the proportion herein specified, for the purpose of
purifying coal gas substantially in the manner set forth.

No. 37,816. — ^HUTSON E. Hughes, of Cincinnati, Ohxo.-^Imjtroved Machine for Sawing
Bevels. — Patent dated March 3, 1863. — This is a circular saw wnich rotates throuffh a slit in
the table. The arbor on which it runs has two points of support— one near the head of the
mandril and pivoted, and the other adjustable in a quadrant, so as to bring the circular saw
to a greater or less angle to the plane of the table, and consequently to vary the bevel of its
cut in lumber exposed to it.

Claim. — First, the arrangement of the movable arbor frame H, supported in bearings at
one end and adjustable at the other, in the manner and for the purpose set forth.
, Second, the movable table B, with the bevelled slot L, when it has a transverse motion in
relation to the saw, for the purpose- herein described.

Third, the combination of the movable arbor frame H, with the quadrant I and transverse
moving table B, vertical sliding frame D, substantiaUy as and for the purpose set forth.

No. 37,817. — John F. H. King, of Richmond, N. Y. — Improved Marine Battery Rams. —
Patent dated March 3, 1883. — A rod projects from the submerged prow of the vessel so as to
strike a vessel below the water line. This rod or ram has a reciprocating motion, being con-
nected to a crank and fly-wheel.

Claim. — ^The use of a submerged thrusting or striking bolt or ram for penetrating the bottom
or sides of a vessel of an enemy, when actuated and receiving its rociprocating motion, sub-
stantially as and for the purposes described.

No. 37,818. — C. W. Theodore Krausch, of Chicago, JR.— Improvement in Machine for
Moving Railroad Cars. — ^Patent dated March 3, 1863. — ^This machine is intended to increase
the traction of a hand car upon the rails so as to enable the operators to move cars by the

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