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Second, the valves £ E, applied and o^lNrated between the blast pipes B B and the heater
A, subsiantially as and for the purpose described.

Third, the valve D, applied and operated substantially in the manner and for the purpose


No. 38,731.— Daniel Decker, of New York, N. Y, —Improvement in Piano- Fortes.—
Patent doted Jane 2, 1863. — This invenciuu is an fbproved construction of what h known

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as the full metallic plate. In this improvement the string bearings are not upon the plate,
but pass under it and are upon the wrest plank, while the stiings pass over the bridge near
the wrest plank and avoid the strain on the pins incident to passing over the plate.

Claim, — ^Elevat)^ the portion C of the plate in such manner that it passes entirely over a
number of the longer or bass strings e e oi the instrument and enables the said strings to p^ias
between it and the wrest plank, and so enables a wooden bridge/ to be used upon the wrest '
plank for the support of tuose strings and the said strings to be brought close to the wrest
plank, substantiailj as and for the purpose herein specif^.

No. 38,732. — ^Daniel Dick, of Meadville, Crawford county. Pa. — Improved Process of
Burning Petroleum or other Liquid fuel for Generation vf Steam^ and other Purposes, — Patent
issued June 2, 1863 ; antedated April 25, 1863.— rThe oil is ignited on the suri'ace of a porous
and uninflammable mass, such as pumice-stone, contained in a chamber enclosed in a box, so as
to have a casmg of water between. Air is supplied by central tubes passing upwards through
the mass, and the fire is extinguished, when necessary, by a close fitting-flat plate.

Claim. — ^The method of employing coal oil, petroleum, or other mineral oils, as fuel for the
generation of steam or for other purposes, by saturating abed or stratum of incombustible or re-
tiactory materials with the oil ana burning it upon the surface thereof, substantially in the
manner described. ^

No. 38,733. — Martin A. Dilley, of Mendon, St. Joseph county, liXch.'^Jmprovement in
Grain Drills, — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — The improvement consists in the manner of rais-
ing the shai'es from the ground, which is by means of a lever pivoted to^a semicircular plate,
the vibrating lever being attached by chains, working over puUeys, to the bar, from which the
shared are suspended.

Claim. — ^Tho manner of adjusting, that is to say, raising and lowering the teeth K, to wit,
by means of the bar M having the teeth connected at its ends by chains N N, to a bar P,
pivoted to a semicircular plate Q, provided with holes u; the bar P having a catch K attached
to it, and all arranged as and for the purpose herein set forth.

No. 38,734.— Richard K. Ewino, of Elizabethtown, Hamilton county, 0\^o.— Improved
Mop, — Patent issued June 2, 1863; antedated March 11, 1862. — ^The fold of the mop-clotb
is retained within the groove on the lower edge of the block by means of the stirrup and pins.

Claim, — ^As a new and improved article of manufacture, the mop substantially as herein

No. 38,735.— Jonathan Faw, of Lockland, Hamilton county, Ohio,— -Improvement in
Rag Engine of Paper-making Machines, — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — The invention' cmi-
sists in providing deflectors, which are placed inside of the cap of a rag engine, and which,
in combmation with the capj deflect the stock in the engine, in the process of giinding, from
the inside or short circumference to the outside or long circumference, and the object is to
secure uniformity in the length of the staple which forms the pulp.

Claim, — ^The combination with the cap of a rag engine of tne deflector E, constructed and
arranged as and for the purposes set fortn.

No. 38,736.— Andrew Fttzpatrick, of New York, N. Y,— Improvement in Pumps.—
Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^The improvement consists in the arrangement of a rotary screw
spindle, connected with and actuating the piston of the pump, in connexion with a tappet
rod actuating a sliding clutch, and reversible bevel gear, so that the sj^indle is rotated alter-
nately in either direction by the ens^ageraent of the clutch alternately with each of the con-
tinuously revolving bevel wheels, wnicn are rotated in difi'erent directions by the master wheel.

Claim, — The rotary screw spindle D, and crosshead C, connecting by rods a with a piston
moving in a pump cylinder B, in combination with the lon^tudinally sliding clutch G, wheels
E E' F, aud tappet rods H, all constructed and operating substantially as and for the pur-
pose shown and described.

No. 38,737. — Jambs P. Gay, of Cincinnati, Ohio, — Improved Composition for Black Var^
nish. — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^Take one hundred pounds hard candle pitch and heat it
to 375^ Fahrenheit ; while hot add ten pounds litharge, two pounds powdered quick-lime, and
mix thoroughly; when partially cooled add twenty gallons benzine, and incorporate.

C/aiin.— The composition for black varnish, consisting of the material herein specified, com-
bined in the proportions and substantially in the manner herein described.

No. 38,738. — George Geer, of Douglas, Knox county. 111. — Improvement in Com Har^
, Testers, — Patent dated June 2, J 863. — ^'rhis harvester is mounted on two wheels which span
a com row, which is guided to the spiral knife cylinder by guides. The armed cylinder
strips the ears off the stalks, and the ears are carried by a transversely revolving apron and
discharged from the machine. Thei-o are other arrangements for disposing of stalks acciden-
tally broken off, and of such as are torn up by the roots, so as not to embarrass the machinei
the object being to harvest the corn in the husk and leave the fodder standing.

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Claim, — First, the rotating cylinder H, provided with a spiral rib j, in combination with
the endless chain L, provided with arms a^ arranged to operate in connexion with the plates
J I, substantially as and for the purpose herein set forth.

Second, the endless toothed chain M, in combination with the endless icbain L, provided
with arms a' and the spiral-ribbed cylinder H, as and for the purpose specified.

Third, the cutter U, placed at the back part of the space m, and arranged so as to be op-
erated through the medium of a treadle n' and spring n"j as set forth, 'but the cutter thus
arranged to operate I onlv claim when used in combmation with the ribbed cylinder H and
endless chains L M, for the purpose set forth.

Fourth, the serrated wheels f ft in combination with the endless chains L M, ribbed cyl-
inder H, plate J, and bar / of the semicircular bars k, for the purpose specified.

Fifth, the Y-shaped plates B R attached to the frame A by hinges or joints, and provided
with rollers T T and bent rods S, to operate as and for the purpose described.

Sixth, constructing the frame A of two parts a 6, one part b having an inclined position
relatively with a, when said frame thus constructed is used in combination with the cylinder
H, endless chains L M, plates J I, all arranged as herein set forth.

No. 38,739. — George W. Hall, of Lyndonville, Orleans county, N. Y. — Improvement in
Artificial Legs, — ^Patent issued June 2, 1863; antedated December 27, 1862. — The improve-
ments are clearly expi-essed in the claim, and consist in the ankle with the double attacnment
of its coupling to the leg, and the adjustment of the journal of vibration in the foot ; the vi-
brating thigh irons, pivoted at the upper edge of the socket and to the leg iron, with the
tightening adjustments of the knee joint, and the elastic straightening strap of the artificiid
legi by wnich the automatic forward motion of the leg is obtained.

Claim, — First, the ankle coupling E, having a broad or double antero-posterior bearing d
g connected with the leg, and Iransversejouri^/ connected with the foot, arranged and op-
erating substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

Second, the means of (uljusting and ti^hteniu^ the journal /, consisting of the bearing

J nieces j j attached to the foot, as described, togemer with the clamp ^ and acynsting screw
, substantially as set forth.

Third, connecting the jointed side irons H to the socket D by the pivot n, to allow free
motion or vibration thereof between the seams o p, or corresponding limits of action, substan-
tially as shown and described.

Fourth, the combination of the slot and movable bearing «, screw-follower I, and transverse
screw u with the pivot Q of the jointed side irons, substantially as and for the purposes set

Fifth, connecting the lower portion of the leg B with the upper socket D by means of the
elastic strap U and pad T, arranged and operating substantially as set forth.

No. 38,740.— Thomas J. Halligan, of New York, N. Y. — Improvement in Sewing Ma-
chines. — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^The improvement consists in the arrangement and
construction of the shuttle-driving and feed mechanism. The feed-wheel is rotated by a
gripping dog actuated by the short arm of a rock-shaft, the longer arm of the shaft being de-
pressed bv a cam on the central rock-shaft and returned by a spiral spring. The shuttle is
operated by the central rock-shaft and derives its motion from an eccentric in the main shaft.
Attached to -the central rock-shaft is an arm and a wrist which slides in a slotted guide and
actuates the shuttle.

Claim.— The combination of the rock-shafl H carrying an arm H2 and a cam L, the rock-
shafl P carrying arms P'* F' and a dog N, and the springs /and g^ the whole arranged and
applied in relation to each other and m connexion with the shuttle-carrier and feed-wheel,
substantially as and for the purpose herein specified.

No. 38,741.— Edward H^ssenpflug, of Boston, 'iAasB.^hnprovement in Pocket-books.^
Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^The flap of the pocket-book is restrained from opening beyond
a certain point by a strap, and is closed automatically by an elastic spring band.

Claim. — As (> new article of manufacture a self-closing pocket-book, provided with a
spring or springs a and stops c, as shown and described.

No. 5(&, 742.— Albert N. Henderson, of Buffalo, N. Y. — Improvement in Lamp Burner.
— Patent dated June 2, 18(>3.— The tube immediately enclosing the wick is enclosed by
another tube which has communication by small orifices with the air chamber. The air is
admitted into the cap and projects at right angles against the flame.

C'/aim.— First, the isolated space D, open at the top around the flame, without air holes
around the bottom, but with small holes connecting with the oil reservoir, constructed in the
manner and for the purpose described and represented.

Second, the said isolated air space in combination with the outer descending air space E,
with the various modifications of the cap for the formation thereof, so constructed as to ad-
mit the air, as herein described, and in some of the forms at the top also, so as to throw it at
right angles against the flame, and in further combination with these devices the plate F,
now in use in other forms of lamps, all constructed in the manner and for the purpose herein
substantially described and set forth.

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No. 38,743.— Henry Holcropt and C anby S. Smith, of Chester Valley, Chester county.
Ffi.'-Itnprovetnent in Railroad Car tlatforms.-^l^aieui ^ated June 2, 1863. — ^The object ot
this improvement is to bridge the space between two adjoining cars, which is accomplished
by a slide projected by a treadle and retained in its extended position by a catch.

Claim, — ^I'he slide B, applied to the platform A, and arranged with the spring £, bent
lever D, lever D^ ^i^d roa F, and recess /, in combination with the spring catch G and re-
cess c, in the platform A^ all aiTanged as and for the purpose specified.

No. 38,744. — George P. Hopkins, of Albion, Orleans county, N. T. — Improvement in
Cooking Slows. — ^Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^Tbe fire chamber is supplied from a magazine,
which is surrounded by the chimney, and a direct passage up the chimney is permitted or
denied by a rotating damper at the entrance of the flue. The movable back aamits of the
contraction of the fireplace.

Claim, — First, the tubular perforated shaft J fitted in the lower part of the flue G and pro-
Tided with the wing c and serrated plate dj and placed in such position relatively with the fire
chamber A and magazine D to operate as and for the purpose specified.

Second, the sliding or adjustable fire chamber A, arranged as shown, when arranged and
combined with the flues G C, perforated shaft J, and the magazine D, as herein set forth.

No. 38,745. — ^Ansel Howard, Jr., of Readsboro', Bennington county, Vt. — Jmprocement
in Machines for 8hapi)ng Woodvn Trays, — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^The block is adjusted
and chuckpd to the rocking platform, whose inner end is hinged to a transverse bar, which
moves in a circular path and exposes the sides of the block to the action of the rotating cut-
ter, the object of the machine being to impart to the external surface of the tray such a shape
that the flat bottom may be tangential to the curve of either or all the sides and ends.

Claim, — ^The combination Of tkle separate carrier D and its adjustment gtfhhilmn, or
their mechanical equivalent or equivalents, with the platform C and the rotary cutter or plane
B, the whole being applied and arranged with respect to one another in the manner and so as
to operate substantially as specified.

Also, the combination of one or ^ore adjustabhs hold-backs q with the platform C and the
rotary cutter B.

Also, the combination of the hold-fast « with the platform when combined with a rotary
cutter B, the whole being substantially as and for the purpose specified.

No;^ 38,746.— John S. Howell, of Portsniouth, N. B.,—Im»rovement in Valves of SUam
Engines, — Patent dated Jime 2, 1863. — ^The steam chest, which is upon the cylinder, has ex-
haust ways on each side leading to the exhaust pipe which passes around the cylinder^ In
the sides of the steam chest are two ports opposite to each other near each end and separated
from the exhaust, which are also opposite each other, by a partition. The valves are
two in number and are fixed on one valve rod, and are made somewhat wider above than
below to obtain a pressure to keep them steady to their seats. In each face of each valve
there is an exhaust chamber to conduct the steam from the steam chest to the exhaust pipe.

Claim, — In combination with the steam cylinder H the exhaust ports C C, and passages J
J, steam chest I, provided wilh valves A A, balanced or nearly biuanced, as described, and
80 constructed, arranged, and operated as to supply steam to and exhaust it from each end of
the cylinder H, as required.

No. 38,747.— Franklin A. Heaton, of Washington, D. C-^Improved Embalming Fluid.
•^Patent dated June 2, 1863. — In six pounds muriatic add dissolve four pounds of zinc ; add
one gallon alcohol, two drachms of arsenic, one drachm corrosive suolimate ; warm and
inject it.

Claim. — ^The ingredients mixed in the D^anner and in the quantities as herein described, as
a fluid for the purpose of embalming the dead.

No. 38,748. — John L. Kidwell, of Georgetown, D. C. — Improved Composition for Dis-
infecting and Purifying HosvitalSf Camps^ ^c, — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — The compound
consists of sulphate of lime tuirty parts and sulphate of magnesia twenty parts, with qjr with-
out the addition of sulphate of copper two parts and charcoal or coal tar two parts.

Claim, — First, the combination of sulphate of lime with the sulphate of magnesia, as set
forth, for the pn>duction of a disinfecting, deodorizing, and antiseptic compound or composi-
tion of matter.

Second, the combination of sulphate of lime and sulphate of magnesia with sulphate (^
copper, charcoal, and coal tar, or either one or more of them, substantially as set forth.

No. 38,749. — Richard Kitson, of Lowell, 'Mm9.— •Improvement in Friction Brakes, —
Patent dated June 2, 1863. — The invention consists of a disk firmly attached to the shaft
and enclosed in a box, which is clamped against the disk with any required force. The box
has a circle of ratchet teeth around it, and a stopper bar is made to engage with the teeth on
the revolving box, so as to arrest it and gradually, by the friction of the disk in the box, to
stop the shaft

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Clfltm.— The brake composed of the disk B fast upon the shaft or axle, the toothed-box C
clamped upon the said disK, and the stop £ to act npon the teeth of the box, the whole com*
binea to operate subBtantiallj as and for the purpose herein specified.

No. 38,750.— Lafayette KNiCREftBOCKER, of~Fh\\aAe\ph\%TA,^ Apparatus for CmtHfir
Card-hoard, — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — A reciprocating rectan^lar block armed with
knives on itd lower edffe works in a box beneath, whose steel-plate ed^ corresponds to the
sise and shape of the descending block, admitting the latter, so as to cat an opening in the
interposed card-board The sides of the box aro made adjustable by the sUpping of (he
plates on each other under the pressure of the clamps.

C/otm.— Cutting openings in card-board bj means of plates E, arranged to enclose a space
of the desired form and dimensions of the opening, in coniunction with the reciprocating
block G, or its equivalent, and the blades H, arranged in a form corresponding to that of the
space, when the cutting edges of the said blades are made of a concave or angular form, as
described, for the purpose specified.

Second, the steel plates E secured to the adjustable plates B and arranged in respect to
each other, as described, so that the space enclosed bj the plates may be increased or diminr
ished at pleasure, as set forth. «

No. 38,751. — ^Et»WARD Lane, of Philadelphia, Fa.— Improvement in Hanging Carriage
Bodies, — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^The invention consists in supporting the carriage body
* upon levers, which at one end rest upon the fore or hind axle, and at their other end are sus-
pended by a rod uid aai elastic strap to the body itself. Each combination of lever, rod, and
strap acting independently of the others.

claim.— hanging the hody of a vehicle to the front and rear axles of the same by means
of the gum-elastic springs H H and H' H', the levers D D and D' D', the rods G G and G'
G', or their equivalents, arranged as set forth, when the spring of one lever is independent
of the springs of the other levers, as described, for the purpose specified.

No. 38,752. — ^MlLES K. Lewis, of Iowa City, Johnson county, Iowa. — Improvement t»
Carriage Brakes. — ^Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^The invention consists of cam-shaped rub-
ber blocks attached to a crank-shaped break bar, the rubbers being connected by chains to
the hind axle, which holds the mbbers to the wheel when the brake bar is rotated by the
brake lever.

Claim, — In combination with a cam-shaped brake block, arranged to turn on the brake
bar, the links or chains which connect it to the axles or some part of the carriage, substao-
tiallr as d6scribed,'fbr the purpose set forth.

Also, in combination with a crank-shaped brake bar, a cam-shaped brake block, for the
purpose set forth. ^

No. 38,753.— William K. Lewis, of Boston, Mass. — Improvement in Apparatus for De-
siccating Vegetables. — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^This invention consists of an annular
trough over a hot- water chamber, in which the meat or vegetables are alternately rolled and
stirred by revolving appliances which are actuated by a central rotating shafl.

Claim, — First, the employment for the desiccation of vegetables, or other substances, at a
temperature not above the boiling point of water, of a vessel A heated by the vapor rising
from or throngh water heated in a vessel B which is open to the atmosphere, substantially
as herein described.

Second, the combination, as herein described, of one or more rollers and one or more rakes,
scrapers, or stirrers, with each other and with a desiccating vessel A heated in the manner
herein set forth.

No. 38,754.— Charles P. Lnn>LEY, of Waterbury, Conn. — Irpvrovement in Lantern
Globes. — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — The lantern globe has a circniar orifice and flange,
which latter admits of a metallic band for the hanging of a door, with a reflector on its inner

Claim, — ^First, providing a lantern globe with an opening a, for the purpose specified.

Second, in combination with the same the lip, for the purpose described.

Third, in combination with the globe provided with the opening a the use or employment
of the reflector C, or its equivalent, for the purpose herein set forth.

No. 38,755.— William Murphy, of New York, N. Y,'-Improred Letter Envelope,^
Patent dated Jnne 2, JH63. — ^The side flaps extend over the width of the sheet, and when
laid over, cover the back and front pieces, which being then folded together aic secured by
the lid flap.

Claim. — First, overlapping the flaps h h\ with or without g^m, when the same extend
over the whole width of the sheet A, as and for the purpose shown and di^scribecl.

Second, the arrangement of marks e gy opposite the points d f where the head flap a joins
the side flaps b b\ substantially as and for the purpose specified.

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No. 38,756.— W. L. Oliver and A. J. Hancock, of Wayne Township, Marion county,
Ind. — Improttment in Machinery for Turning Logs on Sato-fnUl Carriages, — Patent dated
June 2, 1663. — ^A block is spiked to the end of the log and a centre pin cfriven in; the log is
then rolled until these temporary journals are over the head of the rack ; the latter is then
raised bv gearing and the log placed on the head blocks. It may be raised again for turning
after slabbing, dispensing with the usual lifting and turning witn cross-bars.

Claim, — The movable elevators H, constructed and operated substantially as described,
and in combin^ition with the additional head blocks A, and the centre blocks L, for the purpose
of facilitating the turning and raising of the log, in the manner described.

No. 38,757. — Harmon Osler, of Philadelphia, Pa. — Improvement in Garments having
Bodtt and Sleeves, — Patent dated June 2, J 863. — ^The garment is made of a single piece of
gooos and joined by two sutures 'on each side, as represented.

Claim. — A garment having body and sleeves draughted in one piece and formed by ths
sutures N H, O G, F P and K Q on each side, substantially as shown and described.

No. 38,758.— J. M. Patterson, of Woodbury, Gloucester county, N. J,— Improved
, Process of Utilizing the Tin from Tin Plate dippings^ 8fc. — Patent dated June 2, 1863.—
The tin clippings are placed in a bath of melted lead, which forms an alloy with the tin, and
the clippings are then heatod to drain off the alloy that adheres to them. The allo^ in the
bath and that obtained from the clippings have then added to them suitable proportions of
tin to be used as solder. ^ '

Claim. — Utilizing or recovering the tin of the ** waste clippings" of tin plates, substantiaUlj
in the mode dcscril^.

No. 38,759.— A. H. Perry, of Tipton, Cedar county, Iowa,— Improvement in Furnaces of
Sugar Evaporators, — Patent dited June 2, 1863. — The two furnaces are placed in such a
relation to each other that the heat from the first one heats and ignites the bagasse on the re-
volving ffrate in the second one; the bagasse being fed in from a hopper with a trap-door
bottom above the grate.

Claim. — First, uie arrangement of the hopper H, with a trap door I, and revolving grate
£, in combination with the flues B D, leading from the furnace A to the chimney, the whole
being constructed and operating in the manner and for the purpose substantially as described.

S^ond, so combining two furnaces A and C, and their flues B and D, that the fuel in the
second furnace is dried and set on fii'o by the heat ema^ating from the fuel in the first fur-
nace, substantially as set forth.

No. 38,760.— J. B. G. M. F. PiRfeT, of Paris, Fmnce.-^Improvement in Lubricating
Journals and Axles. — Patent dated June 2, 1863. — ^The invention consists of a peculiarly
shaped cap piece or crown on the end of Ihe axle, which latter is enclosed in and has ao

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