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prepared for it and binding all firmly together.

Claim, — ^The combination of the iron shell or case A, the brass rib formed of a longitudinal
central portion B, and lateral arms B^ and the soft metal filling C, filling cavities in the said
rib and locking the whole firmly together, all as hereinbefore explained and for the objects

No. 38,809.— L£VI BURNBLL, of Milwaukie, W\a.^hmprovement in /{a^Mtort.— Patent
dated June 9, 1863. — ^This invention consists of an enlargement of the stove pipe, with a
oentral cylinder having an annular space for the passage of products of combustion ; a reg-
ister c at the top of the central deflecting cylinder regmates the communication betweeu the
interior of the aeflector and the chimney.

Claim, — ^The arrau^ment of the deflector and register £ with each other and with the
pipe A and space D, m the manner herein shown and aescribed.

No. 381,810.— John K. Chase, of New Toric,N. Y. ^Improvement in Caps for Jars, Cans,
frc.— Patent dated June 9, 1863.— These can covers are made of sheet metal, in which the
tinreMi is given by dies aiAl the piece afterwards rolled up and soldered ; at the point of junc-

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tion the metallic edges are turned up so as to make a little boss or projection bj whicb to
manipulate the lid ; a disk is then soldered on for a crown to the cap, and when desired, a
spout can be set in so as to make a nozzle or spout for molasses, &;c.

Claim. — First, the mode, substantially as described, of constructing caps for the purposes

Second, the combination with a cap for the purposes enumerated, whether constructed sub-
stantially as described or not, of a knob or projection for facilitating the tightening or loosen-
in^of the cap, as set forth.

Third, the combination of a cap and nozzle, whether constructed su1i>stantially as deecribed
or not, with the spouts of oil cans or molasses cups, or the hps of bottles and other similar
articles, substantially as set forth.

No. 38,811.— Nathaniel Colfeb, of Chicago, IXL-^ImprovejHentiu Apparatus far Rati-
ing Water. — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The claim explains the invention.

Claim. — ^The arrangement of the screw h h within a conduit c2 ^2, whose inlet is placed in
a plane lower than that of its exit passa^, when applied for the pmpose of displacing and
drawing off stagnant and sluggish waters and causmg an artificial inflow of pure water, sub-
stantially in the manner and for the piloses herein set forth and described.

No. 38,812. —Wellsly W. Crane, of Auburn, Cayuga county, N. Y.—hnwroved 8e$cm
Boiler. — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The imnrovement consists in placing within the ordi-
nary cylindrical boiler a second or inner cylinaer, with a flue intervening so as to extend the
fire surface.

Claim. — ^The cylinder D, or its equivalent, in combination Vith the cylinder C and fire-box
B, fd^ the purposes herein set forth.

No. 38,813. — ^Abbot B. Davis, of Cambridge, Mass. — Improvement in the Manufacture of
Balls, Springs, 8fc. — ^Patent dated June 9, 1863. — Sponge is pressed into a mould of any de-
sired shape, dried therein, and, after removal, covered with water-proof material.

Claim. — Compressing the sponge into any desired form and drying or baking it, in the *
manner substantially as set forth.

Also, covering the sponge, when so treated, with India-rubber or other waterproof material,
in the manner and for the purpose substantially as described.

No. 38,814. — F. A. De Mey, Brooklyn, N. Y. - Improvement in Submarine Revolving
Battery for War Vessels. — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The invention consists in making a
downwardly projecting submerged turret, to fire under water, and in arrangements for low-
ering and raising the same.

Claim. — First, extending the turret of a vessel, or floating battery, through the deck and
bottom of said vessel, in the manner and for the purpose substantially as herein shown and

Second, combining with the said turret so extending through the bottom of the vessel a
mechanism for raising and lowering in addition to ana independent of the ordinary mechan-
ism for revolving said turret, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

No. 38,815.— F. A. De Mey, New York, N. Y»^Improvement in Printing Apparatus. —
Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^This machine is designed tO print directly ifrom and without
setting up the type ; and the invention consists in the method of operating a wheel in which
the type are placed, and also of operatinG^ the type and feed-table on which the paper is
placed. The required type is brought to the point and the pressure applied to the paper,
which is adjusted beneath by two motions, one answering to the lines, and the other to
position in the lines. ^

Claim. — First, the revolving type-wheel R, when operated or turned through the medium
of the toothed rim V, wheel «, and hand-wheel X, and used in combination with the notched
annular plate T and the stop U, and with or without the stop Y and notches u in the peri-
phery of the wheel X.

Second, the lever M, connected with the bar J, as shown in combination with the toothed
arm I attached to the feed-table H, and the lever N, arranged in relation with the lever M,
to operate as and for the purpose herein set forth.

Tnird, the treadle O, connected with the lever P, as shown in connexion with the plate B'
and lever C, when said parts are used in combination with the type-wheel R, for the pur-
pose specified.

Fourth, the combination of the levers M N P, treadle O, bar J, toothed arm I, plate B',
lover C\ and type-wheel B, all arranged for joint operation as and for the purpose herein
set forth.

No. 38,816.— Wm. H. Dole and R. D. Frazbr, Chicago, ni-^Improvement in Reels for
Drying F/aur.— Patent dated June 9, 1863.— The reels, through which the flour is passed,
are made of wood and cloth, (avoiding the use of metallio fornoes,^ set in an indinad poii-

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tion, one aboye Another, in a chamber with a rising blast of hot air, and so Aat the flonr
falls from one to another ; the exit orifice in each reel being reduced to an annular opening
by the interposition of a cone at that point.

Claim. — First, drying flour and other similar ground substances by meuis of reels of the
character substantially as described ; and hot air circulated through such anti-metallic reels,
for the purpose set forth.

Second, the employment of cones, or their equivalents, in connexion with flqur-drying
reels in the manner substantially as and for the purpose described.

No. 38,817.— Timothy Earle, of Valley Palls, Providence Co., E. L— Improvement in
PincusAums.— Patent dated June 9, 1863.— This pincushion is made of two disks of metal,
with a perforated band, and a filling of wool. ,

Claim. — ^As an improved article of manu£Eu:ture, a pincushion, composed of two disks A A
of metal, or other suitable hard substance, connected together by a perforated band B of the
same material, to form a case which is filled with wool or other suitable substance c, to keep
the pins which pass through the perforations in the bond B in proper position as herein set

No. 38,618.— Morrison Foster, of Cleveland, Ohlo.—Impraved Maekiau far making Rail-
road, Boaty and other S>iAEes.— Patent dated June 9, 1863.— The invention consists in so
combining a heading and pointing mechanism, with a series of continuously rotating grip-
ping jaws, that the head and point of the spike, d:^, may be formed while the blank is in
niotk>n and without st<^ing the motion of the grippers for that purpose. The devices are
explained in the claim.

Claim, — ^The heading and pointing of the spike or other article, one or both, during the
revolution of the Jaws, substantially as described.

Also, the use of the bar or roller, or its equivalent, for bending the protruding portion of
the blank, to form the head upon one side of the spike, substontiiSly as described.

Also, so arranging the heaaer that it shall travel in the some ramal plane with and upon
the jaws, in order to perform its functions without disturbance of any of the other ports of
the machine, substantially as described.

Also, the curved guides P, in combination with the header, as and for the poipote subston*
.tiallY as described.

Also, in combination with the curbed guides P and the header, the guide » for the header
to play throuj^h and to prevent lateral motion thereof, substantially as described.

Also, combuung the pointing rolls with the revolving jaws and header, in such manner
that the points of the spikes shall be formed during the rotation or movement of the jaws
and header, substantiauy in the manner and for the purpose described.

Also, the inner revolving shaft F, with its outer stationary shaft, each carrying its respect-
ive parts as described and represented, so that the outer shaft may take the strain or tho
faeaaing and pointing operation withoot springing or straining the inner shaft, substantially
as described.

No. 38,819.— Henry C. Glasgow, of Chicago, HI.— /mjrrmMmenf in Car Coupling. —V^t-
ent issued June 9, 1863 ; antedated December 25, 1862.— The improvement consists in de-
vices for coupling cars, whose bunter bars are at different heights, leaving as little play as
possible by means of a spring connexion which draws upon tne link, and which makes a
yielding resistance when the cars are started.

Claim. — First, the combination and arrangement of the abutment A, the arm B, the pin
C, the bar D, and the ribs e, constructed and operating substantially as and for the purpose
set forth.

Second, the combination and arrangement of the abutment A, the rods c, the plate I, the
rods a O, the plate J, the cups H, and the block M, all constructed and operating substan-
tially as and for the purposes delineated and set forth.

No. 38,820.— Ralph Orat and Robt. Hemingrat, of Covington, Ky. ^Improvement in
Caps for Fruit Jcrs.— Patent dated June 9, 1863.— The top is made of sheet metal with the
edge turned around a helical-wire, so as to form a thread to follow a corresponding depres-
sion in the glass neck of the jar. Two studs fastened to the side of the cap give points of
support to a cross-bar in screwing the lid on or off.

Claim. — In the construction of sheet metal screw-tops for jars, the combmation of the
helical wire d, the annular space s, and the lugs /, substantially as herein shown and de-

No. 38,821.— James P. J. Gunning, of New York, N. Y, ^Improvement in Frames for
Forming Hoop ^iSnrts.— Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The wire reel, or reels, are placed on a
central shaft within the firame, over which the hoop skirt is formed, so as to be conveniently

S laced and save space. The reel is removable by unshipping the adjustable cross-bar at

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Claim. — First, the arrsn^ment of one or more reels D in the mterlor of the frame A,
' constructed and operating m the manner and for the purpose substantially as shown and

Second, the arrangement of the adjustable or movable cross-bar £, or its equivalent, in
the- bottom of the fbim A, as and for the purpose specified.

No. 38,822.— Alezakder Hamill, Baltimore, Md.— /mpr^oei ComposUion for Ltitri-
eating, — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^Explained hj the claim.

Claim. — ^The mixture in suitable proportions of^ pulverized soapstone with crude petro-
leum, cmX oil, or any of its products, to form a lubncator for macmneiy.

No. 38,823.— Hiram W. Haydek, of.Waterbury, Qoiax,—Moi€ of Ornamenting Lamp^
Stands, i^c, — Patent dated June 9, 1863.— In this tool there are two lathe heads, one carry-
inff the stand to be ennaved, and the other carrying the pattern ; the rest is duplicated, one
end carrying a tracer m connexion with the pattern, and toe other a graver ta.operate on the
lamp-stand as the tracer sinks into the depressions of the pattern ; the rest is fea along grad-
ually so as to make a spiral intermittent line upon the stand, and thus produce a figured
ornamentation corresponding to the depressed portions of the pattern.

Claim. — The method herem specified of ornamenting a lamp-stand, or similar article, bv
interrupted parallel lines engraved upon the snrfiM» of such ar^e by a tool in contact with
sudi smrface while the said article is oeing rotated as specified.

No. 38,824.— Charles W. S. Beaton, of Belleville, St. Clair county, TH.—hmnrovement
in the Batteriee of War Ships and other Floating Struetures.^Ta,teni dated June 9, 1863.—
The sides of the battery consist of a series of advancing and receding angles, so as to ffive a
greater sweeping range to the g^uns, and to enable a greater number to to concentrated on a
given point

Claim, — Constructing batteries of war vessels and other like structures in zigiag bastions,
in the manner and for the purpose substantially as set forth.

No. 38,825.— Wm. G. Hermance, of West Sandlake, Reiwselaer county, N. Y.— M-
proved Compmmd OH for Burning and Luftriea/ti^.— Patent dated June 9, 1863.— The in-
vention consists in mixing, in proportions varying with the purpose to which the oil is to be
applied, of vegetable or animal oil with mineral oil, such as refined petroleum.

Claim. — ^The compound produced by the aditaixture of fish or other animal or vegetable
oil with mineral oil, substantially in the proportions herein described.

No. 38,826.— Frederick Hewitt, of Newark, Essex county, N. J. ^Improvement in
Lamp Tops. — ^Patent dated June 9, 1863. — The sides of the burner are provided with pro
jecting lugs which, when it is inserted in the cap or collar top of the reservoir, are made by
rotation to interlock with recesses or clamps on the collar, and connect the burner and lamp

Claim. — First, the fastening together of the two specific parts of a lamp, viz : the top or
fluid receptacle by means of corresponding wedge-shaped pieces, substantially as described.

Second, as new the combination of the parts AC C B and D D', substantially in the
manner and for the purposes described, all being parts of a lamp as hwein set forth.

No. 38,827.— John Housiaux, of Washington, D. C.—Improved Folding Bedstead.—
Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^Each section is composed of an end and side rail lunged in the
middle so as to pack up in a parallelogram. The two sections fasten together at diagonal

Claim. — A bedstead composed of two sections, each section being made up of three pieces
hlnfi^d together as described, and the two sections united at diagon^ comers, substantially
in tne manner set forth, so that the two sections may, when taken apart, be folded up as
shown and described.

No. 38,828. — G. G. Hunt, of Quincy, Adams county, HI. — Improvement in Stotes*-'
Patent dated June 9, 1863. — After the fire in the fire-pot is fairly under way, the stove is
nearly filled with coal and the air admitted at the register in the cap of the stove; passing
thence down flues in the side of the furnace it issues into the fire-pot and assists in the com-
bustion of the evolved roses as they issue from the throat of the fire-box.

Claim. — First, the cnamber I, provided with the internal air-tubes J^ in combination with
the fire-pot E, flues or vertical tubes F, communicating with the annular diamber G and
smoke-pipe H, all arranged to operate as and for the purpose herein set 'forth.

Second, the annular pendant flange a, in the central opening of the annular chamber G,
when placed relatively with the upper ends of the tubes J% to operate as and for die purpose
herein set forth.

No. 38,829.— A. W. Johnson, of Auburn, N. Y.-^Improted 5ifc«fe.— Patent dated June
9, 1863. — The supporting pieces or knees between the tread and tho runner are made with a
flaring or enlarge^ upper end, so as to admit of a large beiuring for the tread-plate and a
narrower basis Tot fm attachment of the runner.

Digitized by CjOOQ IC


C/otm^— The employment of the donble-screwed knee D, mtide small at its lower part and,
enhiiged at its npper part, in combination with the runner screw C and the foot-stand screw*
£, as herein shown and described, so that the said knee, while it presents at its upper end a
large and firm bearing surface or support for the foot-stand, will also present a large interior
nnt or screw surface for the reception of the foot-stand screw, while in its lower end the said
knee will receive the runner screw, and oU the parts will be firmly bound together, as set

No. 38,830.~WiLLiAH Kenton and Alexander Menzies, of New York, N. T.—
Bushes for Bungs, — Patent dated June 9» 1863. — ^This consists of a metallic socket secured
to the staye and enclosing the bung.

Claim. — The metallic flanged bush b secured to the stave, as set forth, and receiving the
bong, as specified.

No. 38,831.— James B. Lyons, of Litchfield, ConxL^improv^meiU in Gun Carriage.^
Patent dated June 9, 1863.— These improveipents are intended to limit and regulate the recoil
of the g^un, and consist of levers and cams operating on the axle of the carriage to let the
Dace of the latter down upon the track to add to the motion in the recoil, and in an arrange-
ment of transversely projecting wedges, which in recoil are received under adjustable clamps
to determine the distance of t& recoil by opposing resistance to the further rearward motion
of the carriage.

CUUm. — Hrst, the arrangement of the hand-levers o o, and their cams I /, with the axle
levers i t, operating substantially as described.

Second, tno arrangement of the combined friction clamp m m and wedges P P to check
«nd hold the recoil and prevent the rebound of the gun, substantially as set forth.

Third, the combination of the friction clamp with the gun carriage by means of the acyust-
able chains ( (, whereby the distance provided for the recoil may be accurately and unifcnrmly
provided for, as set forth.

No. 38,832.— Jonathan Hann, of Waltham, Mass., and Alexander McDonald, of
Cambridge, Mass.— /mjrroMiiieiit in Hasp 5ilnfts.— Patent dated June 9, 1863.— The hoops
of which the skirt is composed are providsd with one or more nippers, which when the ends
of the hoop are drawn past each other to collapse the skirt will emorace the adjacent portions
of the overlap, and mamtain the skirt at the required extension.

C^m.— Tne improved coUi^ible hoop skirt, made substantially m described, vis., with
each of its hoops lapped at its ends, and having one or more spring nippers or mechanical
equivalents applied to one or more of Uiem, so as to operate as specified, each half of the
number of the ends of the hoops being connected by a band, as specified.

Also, the combination and arrangement of rings with the hoop skirts when made with the
ends of its hoops to overlap one another, and such hoops are provided with one or more spring
nippers applied to one or more of them, in the manner and for the purpose as specified.

No. 38,833.— Isaac Marsh, of Lewisburg, Union coun^. Pa., and Griggs Marsh, of
Milton, Northumberland connl^. Pa. — Improved Compositum for Forming Cement, Tiles,
Pipes, PavemonU, Building Blocks, iirc.— Patent dated June 9, 1863.— The cement is made
of powdered clay sixty-six parts to coal tar thirty-three parts, cooked together to a consistency
adapted to the required purpose. It may be cast into shape with the addition of gravel to
form building blocks. &^,

CUim. — First, an improved cement, as specified in the manner and for the purposes herein
folly set forth.

Second, an improved paving or building block, in combination with our improved cement,
made in the manner and for the purposes nerein fully set forth.

Third, the maimer of preparing the said composition or cement in the proportions of the
materials used, as particularly set forth in the specifications.

No. 38,834.— Warren P. Miller, of New York, N. Y.^hnprooed Spring Bsii.— Patent
dated June 9, 1863.— The bottom of the bed consists of a number of independent pistons, tba
thanks of which work in g^des, and are actuated by spiral springs.

C^atjfi.— The combination of the upper guide bars d', and connecting standards e, with
the lower guides d, independent rods q, caps/, and springs k, the latter being confined be-
tween the upper and lower guides, and all arranged and operating in the manner and for the
. purposes specified.

No. 38,835.— Joseph Prosper OUER, of Paris, France.— Imirrovemeiii in Safety Papers —
Patent dated June 9, 1863. ^The invention consists in making a paper of triplicate layers of
which the middle one may possess a water mark or a fugitive color, so as to prevent tamper*
ing with the printed or written snr^Me without the obliteration of the color ; the object being
toliave a paper possessing two fair sides for printing or writing upon, while the character of
iho endosed layer shall be a protection against tampering with the ioscription.

Digitized byCjOOQlC


daim.^Aa an improTed article of mannfaetiire, a paper eompoeed of three lepers of ^ibr-
ing thickneeees, of which the central layer is or mar be colored with a delible or easily re-
movable color, and the external layen are or maj be charged with silicate of magnetia or
other mineral or vegetable matter, all made in the manner herein shown ana described.

No. 38,896.— F. £. Outer, of New York, N. Y.-^hm^^rovemaU in iUbtoflib.— Patent
dated Jnne 9, 1863.— The improvement consists of a flexible diaphragm, which is capable of
deflection upwards or downwards, and of retaining the position in which it is placed, so
as to inject the ink into the dipping cap or to withdraw it as required.

Claim. — First, the combination with an ink reservoir of otherwise ordinary construction,
and provided with the usual dipping cup, of a flexible diaphragm valve capable of assuming
and retaining a convex or concave form for withdrawing the ink from or forcing it into tbe
dipping cup, substantially as herein set forth.

l^econd, forming the diaphragm valve, for operation hereinbefore referred to, of a concavo-
convex vulcanizea India-rubber disk, in combination with a centre knob, substantially in the
manner and for the purposes herein set forth.

No. 38,837. — Aaron Palmer, of Brockport, Monroe county, N. T. — Imvrovememt in
Sewing Machines. — ^Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^This is a ** running stitch*' machine, in
which the cloth is corrugated and run upon a common needle by means of a pair of crimp
ing wheels, and the improvement consists of a horizontal screw with a countersink in tne
ena to hold the eye end of the needle a^inst the pressure of running the cloth upon it, and
afibrding a means of adjustment for dinerent lengths of needles. In order to adjust the feed
and crimping wheels, the lower wheels are joumalled in a movable frame which is adjusted
by a set screw.

Claim, — ^First, a horizontal screw having a countersink for the eye end of the needle, in
combination with the feeding and crimping wheels, when constructed and arranged sub-
stantially as described, so that the horizontal screw is, in itself, both an adjusting screw and
holder for the eye end of the needle.

Second, in combination with a feed wheel and crimping wheel, the movable frame in which
the mandrels of the lower feed wheels and corrugating wheel are sustained, and the set
screw, substantially as described, and for the purpose of simultaneously adjusting both the
corrugating wheels and feed wheel, substantially as described.

No. 38,838. — ^HosES Pond, of Boston, Mass. — Improvement in Cooking Stoves, — ^Patent
dated June 9, 1863. — ^The improvements in this stove consist of a shouldered flange to hold
the ash box in position to catch the ashes as they fall from the grate, and a deflecting plate
over the opening, from the oven to the back flue.

Claim, — The combination and arrangement of the shouldered ledges or rests R R with
the ash chamber C, the same being for the purpose specifled.

Also, the combination of the deflector L with the smoke flue G and the hot-air receiving
and dischaiging passages I K, arranged with respect to the oven, as hereinbefore specified.

No. 38,839. — ^N. Y. Potter, of Union town, Knox county. 111. — Improvement in EvapO"
rating Pans for Sorghum Juieej ifc, — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The circuitous course of
the s&up is from one division of the pan to another, guided bv the transverse partitions and

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