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alternate inclinations of the bottom of each divisi(m; taus making the sirup pursue a zigzag
course in its descent.

Claim, — Giving to the bottoms of the several diviaionfl of a sugar pan a lateral inclination
alternately in opposite directions, substantially as and for the purpose shown and described.

No. 38,840,— Edward F. Rate, of Woodbridge, Cedar county, lowtL-^Imrovcment in
Seed Ort/^.—Patent issued June 9, 1863 ; antedated January 11, 1862.— The object of
the toothed wheels is to hold the stalks over which the machine passes while the drills break
throuffb, afid the arrangement of the lever and its connexions is such as to lift the drills
firom the ground by straps attached thereto, and also by the rotation of a cam to push in the
flide and **cut off'' the seed.

Claim,-^Firstj constructing a saed driU with the tooUied wheels m, operating in the man*
ner described and for the purpose specified.

Second, combining the toothed wheels », drills /, cam C, and guides s, substantially ia
the manner described, by which the wheels and the drilli may be raised from the ground,
and the seed cut off by a single shilling of the handle.

No. 38,841.— Joshua Regbster, of Baltimore, Md. — Improvement in flyiffaatf.— Patent
dated June 9, 1863. — ^The two cocks, for the supply outside of the house and that for house
use, are combined in one stem or single way cock in such a manner that while the lateral
capacity of the outer casine which encloses the apparatus is reduced, an uninterrupted sup-
ply may be obtained at either or both places.

Claim, — ^First, combining in one and the same tube or tail stock C C C* the two cocka
E £', arranged and operating substantially as herein described.

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SeeoB^, makfn^ tlie axes of tbe two eocks, when combined In one tail, stock or tube, in
tiie same plane, and eondacting the water throngh C, and aroond the '* street-supply" cock,
substantially as herein described.

Third, oombininsr with and supporting the street uid house-supply cocks within a metallic
casing, constructed substantially as herein described.

Fourth, the combination of the key rod G, tubular key rod F, bearings a a', and supply
cocks £ £, substantially as and for the purposes set fortL

No. 38,842. - Egbert 8. Richards, of Attleboro, Mass.— fm;>roremefie in Omamentaf
Chains^ 8fc, — Patent dated -June 9, 1853. — ^The inyention consists in including an orna-
mental stone or ^lass with the open work or tracery of the metallic link.

Claim.— The improved method of making links for guard chains, ear-drops, breast-pins or
other similar articles of ornament described, consisting of the use of a skeleton frame of
metal, witbin which the glass or other material composing the body of the ornament is con-
tained, and by which it is hold in place, substantially as specified.

No. 38,843.— William W. Robinson, of Rinon, Fond du Lac county, Whi.— /mprore-
ment in GaU Hinges. — Patent dated June 9, 18o3. — ^This eate has an ordmary pintle bioged
at the top, and the lower hinge is so constructed as to throw the gate out of the perpen-
dicular in opening, and to seek its equilibrium by closing when freed hom obstruction.

Cluim, — ^The lever hiuge A, constructed and operated in the manner herein set forth.

No. 38,844. — Joachim and Detlef Schildhaiter, of New Holstein, Calumet county,
Wis. — Improvement in Grain Separators. — Patent dated June 9, 18G3. — Beneath the hopper
are a series of screens made of perforated metal to retain oats and larger refuse, while the
wheat passes down to a cheat screen and afterwards to the larger screen, where it is exposed
to the fan-blast. A box is under the cheat screen to catch the cockle, cheat, and grass seeds
which may be present in the uncleaned wheat

Claim.— The screens F and screens G, placed in the box D, and. the sliding box H, ar-
xan^^ in relation with the screen box D, substantially as shown in combination with the
inchned screen Q, placed in the box P, the latter communicating with the fan case £[, and
all arranged for joint operation as and for the purpose herein spooned.

No. 38,845. — ^Milton Saviers, of Shawneetown Johnson county, Kansas. — Improvement
in Portable Shield for Ii^antry or Artillery. — Patent issued June 9, 1863; antedated January
25, 1863. — This consists of a metallic plate attached to the hind axles of a truck or carriage
to be mounted with its lower edge on the parapet of an earthwork to form a shelter for the
defenders of the same, or to be used as a cover for artillery or infantry, having loop-holea
for sharpshooters.

Claim. — The adjustable head guard M, constructed as described, and applied to the port*
able shield K, in manner and for the purposes shown and explained.

No. 38,843.— John H. Seaman, of Brooklyn, N. Y.— Improvement in Fountain Lampt.^
Patent dated June 9, 1863. — The improvements in this fountain lamp consist of a central
rod by which the connexion of the wick chamber with the fountain is cut oflf when the reser-
voir is being charged, and vice versa, and the addition of a pipe to admit air to replace the
expended oil in the reservoir, and also acting to admit of the exit of the air from tne upper
part of the reservoir when that is being refilled.

Claim. — ^The combination of the air tubes M N, and chamber L, with the chamber E and
fountain A, substantially in the manner herein shown and described.

Also, the combination with tho above-named parts of the tube F, valve H, and socket G,
80 shown and described.

No. 38,847.— Wm. F. Spieler, of Philadelphia, Fa.^ Improved Composition for Coloring
and Waterproofing Photographs^ 8^c. — ^Patent dated June 9, 1863. — The photograph print^
on albumenized paper is painted with colors mixed with the following compound : one ounce
clarified honey boiled in sixteen ounces of water, cooled, filtered, and treated with two ounces
acetic acid. No. 8. The surface is waterproofed by the use of the following : To twelve onnoes
of concentrated sulphuric acid add twenty-two ounces of absolute alcohol, one qnarusr of an
ounco of gum camphor, and three-quarters of an ounce of gun cotton, with which compound
float the picture.

Claim, — ^The use and application for the purposes of painting and permanently securing
and protecting photo^aphs printed on albumenized paper or its equivalent, by the use ol
the aforesaid aescribed two compound floid materials.

No. 38,848.— Samuel N. Thomas, of Auburn, Cayuga county, N. Y.—Imvroved FmU
Collecting and Drying Apparatus. — Patent issued Juno 9, 1863; antedated April 11, 1863.—
This apparatus consists of a frame with legs which are capable of being foldea up compactly,
and the former provided with a canvas doth to receive the billing fruit and a central can-
vas spout or conductor to lead away the fmit on to the ground without bruising. It may also
form a table on which to expose firuit to be dried.

Digitized by CjOOQ IC


CUm. — ^The emplojixMmt or xue of tho folding frame A, with a^nstable legs B, in oooiln-
nation with the canvass C and conductor D, constructed and operating as and for tlie purpose
shown and described.

No. 38,849.— Jas. E. Treat, of Boston, Muss,— Photograph Holder,— TAtent dated Jtme
9, 1863. — The card containing the photograph is retained in place by means of two flanges,
one being stationary, under which an edge of the card is slipped, and the other folded down
upon it.

' Claim. — Confining the ferrotype, photograph, or other picture, in a. holder, or album leaC
by means of a stationary flange/, and a movable flange or flap d, or their equivi^ents, sub-
stantially as set forth and for the purpose described.

No. 38,850.— Wm. B. Wadsworth, of Cleveland, Ohio,— Improvement in Water Eleva-
tors, — ^Patent dated June 9, 1863. — As the bucket is raised the upper end strikes against a
cross-bar which deflects the bottom of the bucket so that it hangs over the discharge spouU
A rod projecting upwards from the valve at the bottom of the bucket is now arrested by a
block, the valve opened and the water discharged.

Claim. — ^The combination of the diair and wheel, substantially as described, with the
bucket F, rod I, valve gi and spout A, substantially as described.

No. 38,851.— Wm. B. Wadswoeth, of Cleveland, Ohio.— Improvement in Wind WheeU,—
Patent dated June 9, 1863.— This is a compensating or governor arrangement for wind-miU
Bails, whereby they are presented at a proper angle to the wind proportionately to the power
of the Wind for the time oeing. The devices are recited at lenrai in the claim.

Claim. — First, the governor composed of the hub H', arms N N, and rods M' M', wdghts
M M, springs X X, chuck X', and set screws Z2, and arms F, and hooks S, coimecting with
standards on the sails or their equivalents, substantially as described.

Second, the lever D, and counterbalance D^ in combination with the rodB2, when applud
to relieve the mill-head T, substantially as and for the purpose described.

Third, the hooks S and arms F, connecting the sans with the governing airangemeotv
when made substantially as and for the purpose described.

Fourth, the hub H, arms I, hooks L, and pitots ^, in combination with the wind saib
and movable brackets m, substantiallv as and for the purpose described.

Fifth, the posts B, wings b, tube A, guide screws a, in combination with shank o, mill-
head T, and wheel shaft a, substantially as and for the purpose described.

No. 38,852.— Wm. B. Wadsworth, of Cleveland, Ohio.— Improvement in Cupboard
Latches.— Fskient dated June 9, 1863.— This consists of a gravitating catch with an inclined
face on the end of the knob shank and a catch with a similar face fastened on the inner side
ol the cupboard. The vertical motion of the knob unhooks the catch.

Claim, — The latch described, as a new article of manufacture.

No. 38,853.— Gilbert D. Whitmorb, of Boston, hiaas,—Improved Sash Fastemer.-^

Patent dated June 9, 1863.— This consists of a spring bolt retractea by a projecting knob.

Claim. — The improved sash-fastener, having its parts anrranged and constructea substan-
tially in the manner and so as to operate as described.

No. 38,854.— William H. Whttmore, of Boston, JAeaa.— Improved apparatus for the
Mamnfactureof Cvbe Sugar, $fc, — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The device consists of a dram
with moulds rotating against a pressure plate, and with a piston operated radially to condense
the su^ar in the moulds while passing against the pressure plate.

Clatm. — ^A combination consisting not only of the rotary moulding drum or series of moulds,
and a movable presser-plate, but mechanism for imparting motions to such presser-plate, sub-
stantially as and for the purpose hereinbefore described ; tne said rotary moulding drum, when
in use, being provided with a plunger or piston to each mould, and with suitable means of
operating such piston or plunger.

No. 38,855.- Charles Whittier, of Boxbury, Moan,— Improved Mode of Conneetinf
Sections of Steam Boilers. — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The sections are connected by a hol-
low screw thimble which passes through holes in the contiguous sides of the sections, the
thimbles having an angular interior so as to be turned by an inserted key.

Claim. — ^First, the application of the herein-mentionea metallic thimbles to the connecting
of the sections of steam boilers, generators, or radiators, for dispensing with packing, sub-
Btantially as set forth.

Second, constructing the interiors of the herein-described metallic thimbles, of squall or
other suitable form, for the reception of a key of corresponding form by which to turn them,
substantially as represented.

No. 38,856.— Elias L. Yorks, of Honeove Palls, Monroe countv, N. Y.—Improvemeui m
Water Elevators. — ^Patent dated June 9, 18613. — In this machine a brake power is applied to
the windlass bv the reversal of the crank to prevent the bucket running down too fast. The
invention consists in the constractioa and arrangement of the parts connected with the cnok
ao^ the end of the windlass. The devices are recited at length in the claim.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


dlaim. — ^First, the ratcbet box D, coiuisting ef the disk b, haying; n latently bearing fric-
tional surface, the crlindnoal flanffe d, and the ribs e e, or eqaivalent ; said ratchet box tam-
ing loosely on the snoh, and heldoy the pawl K, substantially as herein described.
^Second, in combination with the ratchet uox thus arranged, the gear plate 6, haying notchas
g £j or equivalent, sliding over the ribs e e, in such a manner as to hold on the shoulders//,
when tamed forward, but to be disengaged therefrom when tumed back, substantially as

Third, in combination with the gear plate, provided with the concentric inclined teeth h A,
tlie crank ^ear H, having similarly engaging teeth n », substantially as and for the purpose
herein set forth.

Fourth, in combination with the gear plate G, and crank gear H, the coupling gear I, ar.
f JBQged and iterating substantially as herein specified.

Fiflh, the combination and arrangement of the ratchet box D, coiled spring £, or equiva
lent gear plate G, crank gear H, coui>ling gear 1, pawl K, and frictional bearing shoulders
apt whereby the whole automatic action is produced, substantially as hertin set forth.

No. 38,857.— E. H. BORTON, of St Louis, Mo., assignor to Himself and E. A. Skeele,
of same place. — Improvement in Burial Cages, — Patent dated June 9, 18t5:i, — The invention
consists m the use, as a lining for burial cases, of a combination of paper and aspbaltum var-
nish or equivalent material or composition.

Claim, — ^The employment of [Hiper, in combination with asphaltum varnish, or its equiva*
lent in effect, for lining the interior sur&ces of burial cases, substantially as herein described
for tlw purposes set forth.

No. 38,858.— John Connell, of Bochester, N. T., assignor to Martin Brtgos, of same
place. — Improvement in PermnUUion L^ckt. — ^Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The tumbler, to
which is attached the dog, which gates in the permutation wheels, is supported upon a bear-
ing which traverses the mce of the cam, the latter being attached to the onerntiDg shaft, so
that the dog is preserved from contact with the permutation wheels. The wheel cylinder
amd the back plate of the lock are locked together by means of a catch P, and tooth X, when
the bolt of the lock is thrown back, so that the cap cannot ba removed from the permutation
wheels, when the door is unlocked, to study the combination or constraction.

Claim, — ^Tbe arrangement and combination of the cam O, on the operating shaft, the bear-
ing m, and dog N, of the tumbler C, and the permutation wheels M M, whereby the dog is
prevented from producing noise or pressure on the edges of the wheels, substantially as here-
in set forth.

Also, locking the back K, and cylinder L, in nlace when the bolt is reversed or thrown
back, by means of the catch P, passing through tne hole », arranged and operating substan-
tially as herein set forth.

No. 38,859.— F. B. De Keravenan, of France, now residing in New York, N. Y., assignor
to Joseph H. Bailey and George A. Jones. — Improved Mechanical Movement far Lamps,
— Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The invention consists of a spring and clock-work actuating
m blower to supply air to insure more perfect combustion in lamps.

Claim, — ^The general arran^ment and combination of the mechanism herein dascribed
for the purpose of supplyiog air to the lamps, &^

No. 38,860.— Samuel H. French, of Boston, Mass., assignor to Himself and Sidney
Allen, of Newton, Mass. — Improvement in Safety Pockets, — Patent dated June 9, J 863. — The
mouth of the pocket is made ofsections hingea together, and the lock is opened by pulling on
a bolt actuator made of links which operate the cams, and the latter the lever catches.

Claim,— ThQ improved flexible arm or bolt-actuator carrier, as made of tubular sections con-
nected by ball-and-socket joints.

Also, the improved flexible pocket-month frama, as made in separate plates or sections
hinged together and with some to overlap others, and having contractile bands applied to
ihem, substantially as described, the whole being so as to enable the mouth frame to be readily
flexible and capable of being expanded more or less, as specified.

Also, the combination of the rotary pulley k, its cams m m, retractile spring o, with the
catches I /, and their spring «, arranged in the manner and so as to operate as described.

No. 38,861.— RiaiARD Healt, of Swanton Falls, Franklin county, Vt., assignor to Him-
sdf and Samuel Goldey, of same place. — Machine far Rossing Bark, — Patent dated June
9, 1863.— This machine strips the outer unprofitable surface from tanner's bark; niid the im-
prorement consists in miming the bark upon concave beds between which are cutters bearing
a concave edge, the bark being drawn along by toothed convex feeding rollers which impiugo
upon the inner side of the bark which is uppermost in the machine.

Claim. — First, the fixed concave bed B, and adjustable concave bed C, in concave rollers
L Lt', arranged to operate substantially as and for the purpose herein set ferth.

Second, the cutters K, provided with concave cuttino^ edges and arranged on the shaf\ J,
•0 shown, when said cutters thus formed and arranged are used in connexion with the con-
cavftiiedf B C, and convex feed-rollecs L L', for the pnrpofle specified.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Third, the partictdar arrangement of the feed-rollers L L', with the arms M M', and
driving mechanism, as herein set forth, whereby sfdd rollers may be raised and lowered, and
adjusted as circumstances may require, without interfering with the driving mechanism.

Fourth, the combination of the toothed feed-rollers L L', concave beds B C, revolving cut-
ters K, and roller I, all aiTanged for joint operation, as and for the purpose herein specified.

No. 38,862.— MiNARD Harder, George W. Douglass, and Hiram Becker, of Coble-
skill, Schoharie county, N. Y., and David Anthony, of Worcester, Otsego county, N. Y.,
assignors to Reuben and Minard Harder, of CobleskiU. — Improvement in Threshing
Madiines.—T&ient dated June 9, 1863.— The concave is above the threshing cylinder, and
a spout is carried above it under the cap of the case, by which the dust above the throat is
drawn into the machine. The separator is suspended by rods, and has a longitudinal
vibratory motion, and the board underneath it unships by the removal of screws and tbe
slipping of an eyelet joint.

Claim, — ^First, the * ' concave" suspended upon the arms 6, and having attached to it the
air deflector or guide d and the rods e and jamb nuts, as and for the purposes herein set

Second, the dust-flue A, constructed and arranored as described.

Thirdly, the rods or bars v, placed outside of we casing and connected by the sides of the
separator by the eyes r ana hooks s passing through the slots f, in com oi nation with the
strips Z' and side boards X^ whereby toe separator is moved and guided as herein described.

^urth, connecting the bottom to the separator bv the hooks v, eyes and screws z, so that
the bottom may be easily and readily detached, as herein set forth.

No. 38,863.— LucTEN E. Hicks, of New York, N. Y., asMgnor to Self and BUPUS E.
Crane, of same place. — Improvement in Inkstands, — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The
invention consists of an elastic diaphragm, in combination with a pipe and bowl, acted upon
by a key in such a manner that tne raising of the bowl by the key draws air into the ink-
stand, while the release of tbe key causes the diaphragm to compress the air within the
inkstand, and elevate a column of ink into the bowl. By raising a valve the ink is allowed
to recede into the reservoir, when so desired.

Claim. — First, the elastic diaphragm 6, resting upon the top of the reservoir and secured
by the cover or cap c, in combination with the elastic tube<2, formed with or attached to.
said diaphragm, and receiving the tube e of the bowl f, whereby said tube and bowl ate
sustaii^, but can be raised for drawing air to the reservoir, as set forth.

Second, the flexible tube^, in combmation with the tube e and bowl /, for the purposes
set forth.
. Third, the air valve /, applied as shown, in combination with the diaphragm 6, tube e, sod
bowl /, as specified.

Fourth, the forked lever h and key k, in combination with the thimble t, tubes d and e,
and bowl f, as and for the [)urposes set forth.

Fifth, the holes 9 at the sides of the tube leading to the bowl, to prevent the ink jetting or
spirting up in the bowl, the end of said pipe being closed, as set forth.

No. 38,864.— Horace Holt, of Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to William W. Secombe,
of New York, N. Y.—Uand Stamp.— P&tent dated June 9, 1863.- The types are on the ©id
of the stamp, and in ,the cylindrical casing are two rollers, to and from which the transfer
ribbon traverses, passing over the face of the type from one to the other. The ribbon being
saturated with ink, the type pressing upon it on the paper delivers the impression.

Claim, — The hand stamp herein described and represented, consisting essentially of roUeri
or reehs 8 s\ transfer ribbon O, tvpe box z, type t, and cylindrical metallic case or tube «,
the whole combined and arranged m the manner and for the purposes specified.

No. 38,865.— E. H. Philo, of Half Moon, Saratoga county, N. Y., assignor to Self and
Samuel Peters. — Improtement in Churns. — Patent issued June 9, 18(53 ; antedated June
2, 1863. — ^The cream box is swung upon journals, and has a partial rotation or pendulous
motion, in addition to the intermittent and reversible rotation ot the dasher, by the mashing
of the teeth of the pinion wheel on the dasher shiufl with a segment wheel on tbe frame.

Claim. — ^The arrangement for imparting two distinct, e&cient motions to the cream, by
means of the reversing cream box B, when the same is pivoted as described, in combination
with the revolving paddle H, when these are operated substantially in the manner and for
the purposes set mrth.

No. 38,866. — Sylvester H. Eoper, of Boston, Mass., assignor to Elmer Townbeiid,
of same place. — Improvement in Hot-air Engines. — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — The im-
provements are in the construction of the fire-box, which is protected with a lining of soap-
stone or calcined plaster, and the air is admitted to the fire by means of two valves, one of
which admits it over the fire, and the other under the grate.

Claim. — Lining the fire-box with fiie-brick, or their equivalent, upon all sides except tlw
bottom, as set forth.

Digitized byCjOOQlC


, AIm, the parts or pieces of the fire-hox G and HS in comhination with the exterior casting
A, the space between them being filled with plaster, or its equivalent, for the purpose

Also, the induction pipes <f^ f^^ arranged and operating as described, in combination with
the pipe or passa^ which brings the air firom the air pump to the furnace, for the purpose
of regulating the mtensity of the fire, as set forth.

No. 38,867.— George L. Witsill, of Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Clement Cressov,
of same place. — Improved IVathing Machine. — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — The concave, in
which the fluted rollers are placed, forms the bed of the frame, which sets in a washing tub.
From this bed rise standards, to which pendulous arms are attached carrying a fluted roller,
between which and the rollers of the concave the clothes are pressed and rubbed.

Claim. — ^A washing machine, consisting of the frame with the revolving fluted rollers G,
posts C, and the vibrating frame carrying the fluted roller H, when the whole are arranged
as described, and adapted by means of the projection h and the shoulder formed by the box
B to a wash-tub, substantially as set forth.

No. 38,868.— William L. Woods, of Washin^n, D. C, assignor to Hehribtta •
Woods, of sime ^\&ce.— Improvement in Paper FW«s.— Patent dated June 9, 1863.— -The
invention consists of a Hie or case for papers, having a hinged end, and slipping within an
outer box, which has a hinged lid.

Claim. — The combination of the falling lid 1, the outer box A B C D E, the inner box
F G H, and the perforations J, as shown and described, for the purpose set forth.

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