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No. 38,869.— David Reeves, of PhoenixviUe, Chester county. Pa., assignor to Phcenix
Iron Company, of Philadelphia, Pa. — Improvement in the Construction of Rolls for Rolling
Metal. — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The roller Is made with a wrougbt-iron centre, so as
to resist breaking by any transverse strain. It is made of bars welded and turned off, and
grooved and channelled, and afterwards placed in a flask, where a coating of iron is cast
around it.

Claim. — A compound roller made of wrought and cast iron, in the manner and for the
purpose substantially as herein described.

No. 38,870.— W. W. Martin, of Allegheny, Vtk,~-Imprfivement in Feed-water Heaters fvt
Steam Boilers. — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The feed-water is conducted through a vertical
pipe located within an exterior vertical pipe, which is in direct contact with the furnace
neat, and thence to the boiler or stand pipe, as may be desired.

Claim, — Locating a feed-water pipe within an external vertical pipe arranged in the
furnace space, for the purpose of heating the water that is to supply the steapi boilers, sub-
stantially in the manner herein described and represented.

No. 38,871. — ^E. W. Dennison, of Boston^ Mass. — Improvement in Labels or Tags, —
Patent dated June 9, 1863. — ^The eye is strengmened by additional material secured to that

Claim. — As a new article of manufacture, a label or ta^ composed of paper with an addi-
tional thickness of fabric in the form of a washer appbed and secured by glue, or other
adhesive material, on each side of the label or tag around the eye, as and for the purpose
specified. *

No. 38,878.— Elias W. Seymour, of Centre Lisle, Broome county, N. Y., and George
W: Gregory, of Binghamton, Broome county, N. Y., assignors to George W. Gregory
aforesaid. — Improvement- in Hay Elevating Forks. — Patent dated June 9, 1863. — This im-
provement consists of a rotating head, whose teeth, when in elevating position, are at an
angle with the handle, and retained by a latch upon a plate which lies against the handle,
the load being discharged by tripping the catch through means of a check-line.

Claim. — ^Tne peculiar construction and combination of the head A, handle C, latch E,
lever spring eaten G, and staple H, as and for the purpose herein described.

No. 38,873. — Barney Mee, of Troy, Rensselaer county, N. Y. — Improvement in Machines
for making Horseshoes, — ^Patent dated June 9, 1863. — The blank is drawn in between the
rollers by a bender, and is pressed by a die in a former, where it receives its shape between
side plates which, as well as the die, are exchangeable for different sizes, <&c., of shoes. After
it is shaped, it is discharged on to an inclined plate, where it is arrested by a stopper and
straightened by a plate which is pressed by a cam.

Claim. — Firat, the adjustable bender #, in combination with the slotted bar n and the die
/, substantially as and for the purposes herein described and set forth.

Second, the exchangeable siae formers £ E, in combination with the exchangeable die/,
substantially as and for the purposes herein described and set forth.

Third, the employment ot an inclined bed or plate N, which shall receive the shoe firom the
die rollers by means of the scraper M, and which shall hold the same by means of the stopper

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S" during the operation of flattening or straightening said shoe, substantially as herein de-
scribed and set forth.

Fourth, the a^jnstable die plate or flattener P, in combination with the cams R'' and the
inclined l>ed or plate N, substantiallj as and for the purposes herein described and get forth.

Fifth, the emplojment of the movable stopper S'', m combination with the inclined bed or
plate N, substantially as and for the purpose nerein described and set forth.

No. 38,874.— John North, of Middletown, Conn., assignor to Daniel S., George 8.,
Samuel F., John A., and Wm. H. Appleton, all of New York, N. Y.-^ Machine for Fold-
ing Paper, — Patent dated June 9, 1663; antedated August 10, 1858. — ^This machine is
adaptea to fold the printed sheets for pamphlets or b^ks, and consists of a vibrating
framo operated so as to run the tapes in the contrary direction by the change of its re-
dprocatmg motion from an upward to a downward motion, and vice versa^ it being also
suitably provided with carrying-tapes, folding-knives, and adiustable stops. The sheet
is clasped by tapes upon the frame, presented to the first folding-knife by the downward
motion of the mtme, and as the folder pushes the fold of the paper oetween the tape-carrying
rollers, the latter leads it away. The rollers then change their motions as the frame is raised,
which carries the folded sheet under an upper knife to a stop, and the raisins of the frame
against the knife folds the sheet a second time, after which it Is carried off by toe tape rollers
between wluch it is pressed and again presented to the knife which gives it a third fold, being
cut in two in the act of folding, the inset being inserted by hand.

Claim, — First, placing the sheet direct in register upon the knife to receive its first fold, in
the manner and for the purpose hereinabove describea.

Second, folding paper by means of a straight edge or knife and reciprocating rollers.

Third, hui^^ing the frame m m with reciprocating rollers and folding-knife £, attached to
move and reciprocate in the arc of a circle.

Fourth, causing the rollers to rotate and change their motion alternately, for the purpose

Fifth, cutting off the inset for the '* twelve-mo.*' folding at the same time it is being folded.

No. 38,875. — John R. Agnew, of Mercersburgh, Pa. Imfrmement in School Globes. —

Patent dated Juno 16, 1863. — ^A transparent case is applied to a celestial globe having the
same lines and constellations depicted on the surface of both. An equator, also having the
same lines and constellations, bisects at two points the elliptic of the celestial globe.

Claim, — ^The arrangement of the case B, in combination with a celestial or with a tcrree-
trial globe, construct^ and arranged substantially as and for the purpose herein shown and

Also, the arrangement of the folds or ribs d in the flexible case B, in combination with the
horizon C and. globe A, constructed and operating substantially as and for the purpose

No. 38^6.— Wm. L. Barnes, of Kingston, Ulster county, N. Y,— Improved Hinges for
Blinds, — Patent dated June 16, 1863. — The invention consists in the application of an ad->
ditional member or locking piece to the hinge which acts as a detent against that member of
the hing^ which is screwed to the shutter or blind.

Claim. — ^The swinging blocking pieces^ hinged to the leaf a of the hinge, in combinatnn
with the projection/ on the leaf o^ for the purposes and as specified.

No. 38,877.— -Ira L. Beckwith, of Providence, R. I,— Improvement in Machines for
Round Tenonsi, — Patent dated June 16, 1863 — This improvement consists in an arrangement
df the appliances in a tenon machine, consisting of a guide tube with a recess on the end for
the reception of the cutter and its carrier, and the cutter rest and set screws for adjustment.

Claim. — ^The improved spoke-tenoning tool or machine, as provided, not only with the
separate guide tube B and its socket gj but as having one or more adjustable cutter carriers
k Kf made and applied to its stock A, substantially as hereinbefore specified.

Also, the guide tube B as made with a recess i for the reception of the cutter and its ear-
ner, such recess being arranged in the said guide tube, as and for the purpose specified.

Also, the arrangement of the cutter rest/, the adjustable cutter carrier k^ and the damping
and adjustable screws or devices nn of the latter.

No. 38,878.— Samwel A. Bell, of Epping Villas, Stratford, England, and Thomas Hio-
GINS, of Carrico Terrace, Middlesex, England. — Improved Apparatus for Dipping Luctfor
JlfatcA««.— Patent dated June 16, 186:{; patented in Enffland August 16, 1862.— The object
of this invention is to present the matches or splints, while contained in a traversing damp ,
or frame, endwise to a continuous supply of phosphorus or other like ignitable compotmJ,
evenly laid upon or covering the surface of a cylinder, to enable the splints as they are passed
through the machine to take up upon their ends a suitable supply of the compound.

Claim. — Submittiuff splints or matches to the dipping operation by presenting their ends
to a continuous supply of the phosphorus or other like ignitable compound, in the manner
above described.

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No. 38,879.— -William B. Billings, of New York, N. Y.— Improvement in Coal Oil
J4amps. — ^Patent issued June IG, 1863 ; antedated December 16, 1862. — ^The InyentioD con-
sists in impelling a current of air into the burner, where it is mixed with the generated vapor
near the point of combustion.

Claim. — First, the impelled current of air when carried into the self-generating burner for
the purpose and in the manner substantially as set forth.

Second, the mixing or mingling of the self-generated vapor with the impelled current of
air in the burner, near the point of combustion.

No. 38,880.— R. Bochlen, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and L. Planer, of New York, N. Y.—
hnprotement in Bellows. — Patent issued June 16, 1863 ; antedated September 1, 1862. — This
improvement is designed to orevent the drawing or sucking in of dust and fire at the nozzle
of the bellows while expanaiug for inflation, and consists of ball valves working against
seats in the chambered throat of the 1>elIows,

Claim. — The employment or use of the ball valves//, placed in a box C, provided with a
central partition g, and applied to the double acting bellows, as and for the purpose herein
set forth.

No. 38,881. — ^HenryBooth, jr.jof NewYork, N. Y. — Improvement in Lamp Chimneys. —
Patent dated June 16, 1863. — The improvement consists in constructing a chimney, the lower
portion of glass and the upper of metal, from the metallic portion of which depend rods,
which slide telescopically into tubes affixed at their lower end to a band on the burner.

Claim. — ^The combination of the lower glass portion D of the chimney with the metal tube
portion £, when the latter has pendant rods c c attached to it, which are fitted in tubes C C.
connected to a ring or band A, placed on the burner B, and aU arranged substantially as and
for the purpose herein set forth.

No. 38,882.— John Butter, of Buffalo, N. Y. - Improvement in HarvesUrs.^VAteni
issued June 16, 1863 ; antedated May 5, 1863. — The invention consists in the construction
and combination of the parts, so that the machine can be adjusted to operate with a front or
rear cut. To change it tne finger beam and braces are detached, and the tubular shaft rotated
one quarter, which brings a supplementary shoe in contact with the ground, and presents
another lug for the attachment of the brace. The same connecting rod and finger bar avo
attached. The tubular shaft is supported at one end by the shoe on the ground, and at thu
other by stays or plates, suspended from the frame, and is stayed from lateral displace-
ment, and the suspended plates from side strain by a V-shaped brace or hounds from the
main axle to the top of -the tubular shaft. When the cut of the machine is reversed the
tongue is changed, so as to draw the machine in the opposite direction.

Claim. — First, changing the gearing in a combined reaping and mowing Inachine, in the
manner and for the purposes set forth.

Second, the combination of the shoe which supports the heel of the finger beam when the
machine is used for a mower with the yielding supports of the finger beam with the main
frame, in such a manner as that, by simply turning said shoe one quarter over, the finger
beam can be attached to the same shoe piece for reaping, and the same connecting rod umxI,
while the finger beam is left free to rise and fall, substantially as described.

Third, the tubular part H, in combination with the finger beam supports J and E, arranged
in relation to each other for the purposes stated.

Fourth, the combination of the nng^er beam I and brace L with the tubular part H, and
its lugs o and p, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

Fifth, the frame G as a support for shafts /and e, substantially as set forth.

Sixth, the frame G, in combination with the supporting plate F F, substantially as set forth.

Seventh, the combination of the yielding slotted brace N with the frame G, substantially
as set forth.'

No. 38,883.— Charles Chinnock, of Brooklyn, N. Y. - Improvement in Tobacco Pipes.—
Patent dated June 16, 1863. — It consists of a mouth-piece and central tube attached thereto.
Near the end of this pointed tube is an orifice, which is inserted into the pipe ; for a ci^ar-
holder the punctured tube is thrust into the cigar, and withdrawn as it is smoked. A saliva
chamber intervenes between the bowl and the mouth-piece.

Claim. — ^The pointed and punctured tube d, the movable cap, cigar and pipe-holder b, for
the purposes set forth.

No. 38,884.— Philip Ccmjnrod, of Keithsburg, Mercer county, l\\.— Improvement in
Cultivators. — ^Patent issued .June 16, 1863 ; antedated June 2, 186^. — ^This cultivator con-
sists of a frame on wheels ; to this rigid frame a swinging frame is attached at its forward
en<l, carrying inclined plough standards braced by rods ; two additional ploughs are attached
by standards to the back part of the swinging frame, and may be raised oy means of a crank
shaft, which has its bearings in uprights attached to the draught pole, and operated through
stirrups by the feet of the driver. Tne frame is raised or depressed by the motion of a lever

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or treadle. The two middle ploiis;h8 are intended to operate on eacb side of a row of com,
gnided by the lever J, and the other two to clear ont the space between the rows. Circular
guards protect the plants from clods, &c

Claim. — The combination of the stationary frame D, and the rising and falling frame E,
when the latter is provided with the laterally-adjustable plonehs F and guards M, arranged
with the bars or levers jj, operated through the medium of the foot lever J or hand lever I,
as herein set forth.

Also, the lever tc, connected with the frame E through the medium of the shaft L, crank
$\ and link 5, but this only when used in connexion with the laterally-adjustable ploughs F,
and the means employed for operating as herein described.

No. 38,885.— Napoleon Felix Borecko de Chodzko, of Paris, France.— /mprwewi«i«
in Furnaces,— Fatent dated June 16, 1863; patented in England March 13, 1863.— The fur-
nace is divided into an upper and a lower compartment ; m the upper the coid is coked,
and the coke raked down into the lower one ; the resulting gases from the upper compart-
ment are deflected downward on to the incandescent coke, securing the consumption of all
ihe volatile results capable of ignition.

Claim, — First, the miprovement in dividing the furnace into upper and low^ fire-grates or

S^nd, the^lugs, projections or hooks at one end of the fire-bars to keep them in their
proper Dosition.

Third, the deflector over the lower fire grate to deflect the gases or smoke on to the surface
of the heated coke. The combination of a furnace, divided mto upper and lower fire-grates,
with the deflector over the lower fire-grate, substantially as set forth.

No. 38,886. — Silas DoDSON, of Bloomsburg, Columbia county, Pa. — Imffrovememt in HtUl'
ifig and Dressing Riee. — Patent dated June 16, 1863. — ^By this machine the hull and pellicle
surrounding the grain are removed, and the improvement consists in a horisontal cybndrical
rotary screen internally provided with annular stones or rubbers, and used in connexion with
rotarv stones placed wittun the screen on a shaft, the pintle of one stone being centred on
the shaft of the other, so as to enable it to be rotated at a difiierent speed or d&ection with-
out changing the velocity or direction of the other.

Claim, — ^The combination of the bevel-faced stones C C", and the straight-faced stone C,
with the central shafl D, screen B, stone E, Btraight-fa<^ on one side and Develled upon the
other, and the double-bevelled stone E' as herein shown and described.

Also, having the stone E made adjustable upon the shaft D, independently of the stone £^
in the manner and for the purpose herein shown and described.

Also, the arrangement of the screw H with the shaft D, in the manner herein shown and -
described, whereby the speed and direction of motion of said screw may be changed and
governed without altering the velocity of the shaft D, or that of the stones, all as set forth.

No. 38,887. — ^Daniel Doncaster, of Punxutawney, Jefferson county. Pa. — Improvement
in fyaUr'fVheels, — Patent dated June 16, 1863. — This wheel revolves on a vertical shaft in a
penstock, and the water is directed to it by a stationary ^ide wheel, which is supported br
an encircling suspension frame, the latter being adjustable by means of the suspension rods
and nuts from the upper framing of the penstock. A horizontal annular disk or gate below
the wheel limits the size<of the discharge opening, and is regulated by means of the sus-
pension rods.

Claim, — First, the combination of a turbine A with a guide wheel C, and an adjustable
suspension frame E, when arranged and operating substantially in the manner described,
for the purposes set forth. *

Second, the combination of the turbine A and adjustable gate G, when constructed, ar-
ram^d, and operated, substantially in the manner and for the purposes set forth.

Third, thr combination of an adjustable guide frame, a guide wheel, and a turbine, with
a gate arranged below the same ; the whole operating substantially in the manner described
and for the purposes specified.

No. 38,888.- Chas. F. Dortembach, of. Cleveland, Ohio.^lmvrovement in Machine for
Cleaning Animals^ Intestines. — Patent dated June 16, 1863.^The mtestines are drawn along
on an inclined spring table, and are exposed thereon to a revolving wheel armed with rHdiai
scrapers; an attached rod furnishing the means for their introversion.

Claim, — In combination with the rotary scrapers K, the inclined adjustable table C, for
cleaning the intestines of animals, substantially in the manner herein described.

Also, in combination with the adjustable table C, the springs E, for the purpose of ctfusin|
the table to yield to the pressure of the scrapers to protect the intestines m>m being injured
by the scrapers, substantially in the manner herein described.

Also, in combination with the rotary scraping cylinder and adjustable table, the rod P>
and the convex scrapers p, for the purpose of turning the intestines inside out, substantially
in 'the manner herein set forth.

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No. 38,889.— CPBITT Durrant, of Lyndonville, Orleans county, N. Y.^Improved Borse
Collar, — ^Patent dated June 16, 1863. — ^The collar is made of rushes in a manner fullj de-
scribed in the claim and illustration.

Claim, — A new article of manufacture, the improved horse collar herein described, the
skeleton or foundation being composed of braids of flags or rushes, and the stuffing composed
of rushes or other stalks, retained in place by the transverse fringe or covering g^ to give
additional strength and covered by the cloth linings ^, the whole constructed and arranged
substantially as lierein set forth.

No. 38,890.— Henry D. Dunbar; of Hartland, Windsor county, Yt— Improvement in Pis-
tons for Sieam Engines, — ^Patent dated June 16, 1863. — At the opening in the packing ring,
where its unjoined ends come together, is a break-joint plate pivoted to one end of the pack-
ing ring and extending into a recess in the adjacent ring.

Claim. — First, covering the cuts of packing rings by flat plates fastened at one side of the
cut, and fitting said plates into recesses in the uncut ring for the purpose of preventing the
passage of steam through the joints, substantially as described.

Second, in combination with plates for covering the cuts or packing rings, the pivbtin^ of
said plates to one side of the out, and so that when in their recesses they will allow the rings
to move upon them as they expand or contract, substantially as described. .

No. 38,891.— S. P. Emerson, of Seville, Medina county, Ohio.— /mprovefnenf tn Chums,—

Patent dated June 16, 1863. — ^Near the bottom of the chum, and attached to the vertical

shaft, are a number of scroll-shaped dashers which plough through the cream. Attached to

the vertical shaft are tubes with their orifices so exposea as to conduct air down and dis-

» charge it into the cream.

Claim,— The combination of the tubes E E with the dasher D, in |he manner and for the
purpose herein shown and described.

No. 38,892.— Eberhard Paber, of New York, N. Y,— Pencil Eraser and Stamp,— Tsktent
dated June 16, 1863.— This pencil has a square, seal-faced rubber plug on the end for the
purposes specified in the claim.

Claim,— As an improved article of manufacture, a lead pencil provided with an angulated
rubber-seal head, as herein shown and described, which serves as a seal, a preventer against
rolling, and as an eraser, all as set forth.

No. 38,893. — Cyrus S. Parrar, of Romeo, McComb county, Mich. — Improvement w Ap-
paratus for the Manitfaeture of Salt, — Patent issued June 16, 1863 ; antedated February 27,
1863. — ^The apparatus consists of a supply pan, a settling pan, and a crystallising pan,
throu^ which the brine is passed serially, the two latter having a zigzag motion around the
partitions which are closed at alternate ends. The salt is raked from the last pan upon in-
ctined draining-boards, heated by a steam-pipe, until fit to be discharged into the side bins.

Claim, — First, the improved arrangement of the vats A B and C, constructed and operated
Bubstantiallv in the manner and for tae purpose set forth and described.

Second, the grates D D, in connexion witn the steam-pipes m m, as set forth and described.

No. 38,894. — ^D. H. Pitch, jr., of Litchfield, Montgomery county. 111. — Improvement in Li-
quids for Galvanic Batteries, — Patent dated June 16, 186:^ — ^The invention consists in pro-
ducing a compound easily decomposed, both elements of which have a strong affinity for
bydroffen, and which will unite with the hydrogen discharged during the action of the gal-
vanic battery. The ingredients of the compound are, chlorate of potassa, sulphuric acid,
and water.

Claim, — ^The use of chlorate of potassa in combination wHh sulphuric acid and water, for
the purpose specified.

Also, the use or the salts of chloric acid in combination with sulphuric acid and water, for
the purpose specified, their action being substantially the same as chlorate of potassa.

No. 38,895.— Francis P. Flanagan, of Newark, N. J, -^Improvement in Hats,— Patent
dated June 16, 1863. — ^The body of the hat, made of straw, palm leaf, or other material, has
a coating of India-rubber solution covered by hatter*s varnish, and this by a surface of felt
or fobric; a binding strip being fastened over the edge of the brim.

Claim. — First, the employment, in combination with a coating of hatter*s varnish to
secure a covering of felt, cloth, plush or other woven &bric, to a hat body made of palm
1^ or other material of similar character, of a coating of India-rubber solution applied to
the body preparatory to the application of the hatter's varnish, substantially as and for the
purpose herein specified.

Second, the binding strip a pasted over the edge of the brim preparatory to the appUcation
of and in combination witii the covering (, substantially as and for the purpose herein spe*

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No. 38,896.— James Btron Freeman, of LebsDon, Grafton countj, N. U.—lmprmfeMaU
in Sheep Racks. — Patent dated June 16, 1863. — ^This is a long frame with a central rack and
side troughs, the sheep patting their heads in at the opening on the side to eat their min
from the trough, or to pull hi^ from between the slats of the hay raek ; two inclined doocB

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