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enclosed in a case, and is there subjected to a reciprocating rotary and vertical motion,
silling its contents into a chamber below.

Claim, — In combination with the sieve its case, and the machinery for imparting to the
sieve vertical and reciprocatmg rotary movements as described, the supporting bar D and
the guide cross £, the whole being applied together and to the case substantially in manner
and so as to operate as hereinbefore specified.

No. 38,954.— Daniel P. Fales, of Poultney, Yt,— Improvement in Sleighs.'-P&tent
issued June 23, 1863 ; antedated January 11, 1862.— The improvement consists of a con-
tinuous metallic brace which extends from the runner to the post under the bench, thence
to the mnuer again, and so on, according to the number of benches.

Claim, — The combination of the continuous brace e with the runner A, with the knee or
post B and beam D, as herein described and set forth.

No. 38,955. — Charles W. Felt, of Salem, Mass. — Improvement in Tifpe-Setting Ma-
chines, — Patent dated June 23, 1363. — ^This machine is to oe used in conjunction with a
type-setting machine to ** space" and "justify" the type in the line; that is to say, to secure
an equal distance between the words, and to make the lines the same length. When the
type is being set up, ** spaces" of peculiar construction are inserted in the place of those
ordinarily employed to indicate by the mechanism where "spaces" of the common kind
should be inserted, and the line of type is then placed in a channel having its top open for
insertion and for the extraction of the temporary "spaces." The series ot devices by which
tht5 box containing " spaces," and located above the line of type, is moved along and checked
at the required point; the temporary "spaces" extracted; and the line exactly "justified,"
cannot, however, be minutely aetailed within the limits of an abstract.

C/ai/rt.— Justifying lines of type by means of mechanism which operates wholly or
partially in the manner substantially as described.

No. 38,956.— Henry France and Charles L. Knowles, of Sacramento, Cal. — Im-
provement in Setting Steam Boilers, — Patent dated June 23, 1863.— The space under fhe
.boilers is divided by oridge walls with arched openings to keep the direct cuiTent of air
from the steam boilers, and underneath the flues is a plate deflectinfi^ the draught to a side
flue, from whence it passes by a backward and forward motion through the series of flues in
the boilers, being received at each end by connecting flues.

Claim. — ^First, the arrangement of two or more pits H H', formed bel#w a boiler A by
means of one or more bridge wails F, with an arched opemng G at a certain distance below
tiie surface, as and for the purpose described.

Second, the horizontal plate d^ under the flue or flues B of a steam boiler A, in oombina-
fcion with the side flue I, constmcted and operating substantially as and for the purpose

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Third, the nrraDgemenf and combiDation of the pits H H', side flue I, fine or flues B', in
the boiler A', rear connectiDg flue L, and flue or flues B, in the boiler A, all constructed and
operating substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

No. 38,957.— Henrt France and Charles L. Enowles, of Sacramento, CaL — /m-
provement in Setting Tubular SUam Boi/er<.— Patent dated June 23, 1863.— The heat, aflcr
passing through the flues to the rear end of the boUer, is deflected bj a horizontal plate above
the level of the flues into pits under the boiler and to the extreme front, passing up the front
and along side flues to the stack. ,

Claim. — First, the pits C C and arched bridge wall B, in combination with a tubular or
flue boiler and with the side flues F, constructed and applied substantially as and for the
purpose shown and described.

Second, the deflecting plate a over the ends of the tubes T, in combination with the pits
C C', bridge wall B, vertical flues £, and side flues F, all constructed and operating sub-
stantial! j as and for the purpose shown and described.

Third, the application of the side flues F, in combination with a steam boiler A, con-
structed and operating substantially as and for the purpose specified.

No. 38,958. — Joel C. Garretson, of Pilot Grove, Leo coonty, Iowa. — Improvement in
the Manufacture of Sugar from Sorghum, — ^Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^The pan has a
number of transverse partitions communicating with each other by holes, to each of w^ch
a gravitating door is attached. A skimmer extends the length of the pan, having slots cor-
responding to the salient partitions over which it extends.

Claim.— The arrangement and combii^tion of the ^n»«].ng pans B with shutters I>, at
the end of each partition A, with skimmer F, extending ovei'ali the apartments B, arranged
and combined for the purpose of grading and granulatmg sugar in the mode and manner

No. 38,959.-0. G. Grabo, of Greenfield, Wayne county, Mich.-^Improvement in Straw
Cutters,— T&ieut dated June 23, 1863. — ^The straw is fed in a horizontal trough to the
rotaiy disk knives, which are adjustable obliauely in their sockets, and cut against the
acute angular edge of a bar, between which ana tbe frame is interposed a stratum of elastic
.materifd. The cutter wheel is likewise adjustable toward the stationary edge by means of
a screw and jam nuts attached to the journal box.

Claim. — Interposing an elastic material z between the stationary cutter bar u and the
frame of the straw cutter, substantially in the manner herein described.

Also, the combination of the rotary cutter wheel G with the stationary tapering cutter
bar u and interposed elastic material z, substantially in the manner and for the purpose
herein described.

Also, in combination with the rotary cutting wheel the adjustable journal box K, for the
purpose of adjusting the cutter wheel towards the stationaiy cutting edge m, substantially
m the manner herein described.

Also, in combination with the yielding and tapering stationaiy bar u, the adjustable cut-
ting blades d^ substantially in the manner and for the purpose set forth.

No. 38,960.— James B. Gray, of Hudson, St. Oroix county, WiB.-^Improvement in Lamp
Burners.— F&ient dated June 23, 1863. — ^The lamp cap is horizontally divided and hinged
so as to be swung round to trim the wick without removal of the chimney ; and the wick
tube is acyustable vertically by means of a pinion and rack so as to enable it to bedc;pressed
out of range of the swinging cap.

Claim. — First, the comoination of the divided lamp cap with a vertically ai^ustable wick
tube, substantially as and for the purposes herein described.

Second, the hooked friction spring d, or its equivalent, in combination with the adjustable
wick tube and the divided lamp cap, substantially as described.

No. 38,961.— Solomon G. Gray, of Boston, Umb,— Improvement in Shirt CoUart.—
Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^The object of this improvement is to turn over the collar in
such a way as to allow the outer portion a larger curve to avoid the puckering of the

Claim, — ^A shirt collar in which the part B is turned over on to the part A, in the curved
or angular line z, instead of a straight line, in order to prevent the part A from wrinkling,
substantially as described.

No. 38,962.— E. O^Habclin, of Pavilion, Genesee county, N. Y. — Improved Lubricator
for Locomotive Un^tfies.- Patent issued June 23, 1863 ; antedated December 27, 1862.—
The invention consists in the application to locomotives of pipes leading from an oil-chamber
to the important working parts of the machinery, the oil pipe being enclosed by a branch
pipe from the boiler to keep the oU in a flowing condition. Also in the arrangement of rods
and cocks to enable the engineer to lubricate we parts without leaving his usual position on
the engine.

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Claim, — ^The arran^ment of the oil pipe C (on locomotives) with th» branches E and F,
the cocks/ g and A, and their connecting rods a 6, <&c., in the manner and for the purposes

Also, combining the branch oil pipes E and F and the branch steam-pipe Q, the cocks
/ g and h, and their connecting rods a, b, and c, with the main <nl pipe C and the steam-pipe
B, in the manner and for the purpose specified.

No. 38,963. — .John K. Harris, of AUenrille, Switzerland county, Ind. — hnpr&vement in
Pre9$ttfor Baling, — Patent dated Jnne 23, 1863. — The improvement consists in 'the manner
of raising and releasing the weighted plunger, whose succesHive blows pack the material
preparatory to the final pressing. A bevel wheel under the bed of the press operates a whe6l
which has a projection on its upper end that engages a rope li tiding the plunger ; at a certain
part of the revolution the rope is cast ofi^ and the plunger falls, the wheel bemg continuously

Claim. — ^The wheel F, provided with the ledge H, the rope or chain E, and follower or
plunger C, all arranged and combined to operate as and for the purpose herein set forth.

No. 38,964. —JoNATHAir F. Horn, of Boston, }iBa9.— Improved Washing Machine,^
Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^The vibratory dasher operates against a concave bottom,
rack, and side racks, which have an a(^ustability toward and from the -dasher ; the dasher
shaft being weighted to increase the force of the stroke of the dasher.

C/atm.— The improved machine, made substantialiv as described, that is to say, with a
vibratory dasher, a bottom rack, and two movable side racks, constructed, arranged, and ap-
plied together in manner and so as to operate substantially as described.

And, in combination therewith, the loaded momentum lever, or lever and weight arranged
and applied to the dasher so as to operate the same as described.

No. 38,965. — David G. Hussey, of Nantucket, Mass. — Improvement in Hone Rakes.— -
Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^The improvement is in the attachment of the rake teeth to the
head which is by making the loop at the end of the tooth to project into a tube in which it
is secured by the passage through it of a rod.

Claim. — The attaching of the teeth L to the shaft or rake-head J, by means of the rods
r, fitted looeely in tubes q, whldi are secured to the shaft or rake-head substantially as and
for the purpose set forth.

No. 38,966. — James Ingersoll, of Grafton, Loraine county, Ohio. — Improvemeni in
Turn Brtdges.—^stent dated June 26, 1863.— The bridge is attached to a tum-tat^le which
surrounds the base of a tower, the latter having a turning cap from which suspension rods
bupport the outer end of the bridge.

Claim. — ^The bridge D, in connexion with the tower C and turn-tables B and F, all ar-
ranged to operate substantially as set forth.

No. 38,967.— James A. Lawson, Troy, N. Y. —Improvement in Cooking Shoves.— Patent
dated June 23, 1863. — Beneath the grating are plates forming a hopper to direct the ashes
to the pan below, which is withdrawn by a handle, having first removed the end plate which
forms the door of the ash-chamber.

Claim. — The employment of the ash-pan drawer D, in combination with the hopper C C,
in the manner substantially as herein described and set forth.

Also, the acyijstable end E, arranged and combined with the ash-pan drawer D, substan-
tially as and for the purposes herein described and set forth.

No. 38,968. — S. P. LooMis and T. Hawk, Mauchchunk, Carbon county. Pa. — Improve-
Tftent in Sash Stop or Fastening. — ^Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^The invendon consists of a
ToUer fitted in an inclined recess on one side of the window frame. The weight of the sash
binds the roller in the narrowing recess, and thus retains itself at the desired height, the
roller being lifted at will by a lever, and the sash close-fastened by a slide bolt.

Claim. — The roller D, placed in the case C, which is provided with an inclined back a,
and fitted in one side of the window frame, in combination with the lever F and the slide
bolt G, all arranged substantially as and for the purpose herein set forth.

No. 38,969.— Frederick H. Manny, Rockford, Winnebago county, Vl.— Improvement
%n Harvesters. — Patent dated June 23, 1863. —The invention consists in severing the rear
f^hune timbers of the machine which sustain the rear end of the platform at^y near their
points of intersection with the side pieces of the firame, and in suspending them and the

Elatform in adjustable brackets. The object is to prevent the tilting of the fimme in short or
>dged grain.
Claim, — In that class of harvesting machines having the finger beftms forward of the
driying wheel, the combination of the hiii|^ platform with the divided firame when made
jii^jnstmble, substantially in the manner and fbr the purpose described.

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No. 38,^0.— Frederick H. Manny, Rockford, Winnebago county, BL—Improvment
in Harvesters. — Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^The improyement consists in hinging or pivot-
ing the shield-board to the panel of the divider and giving it a vertical adjustabilitj that
peimits it to be raised for reaping, and lowered when used as a mower, to bring the track-
clearer into action.

Also, in combining with the hinged shield-board a supplementary divider to enable it to
be used as a harvester.

Claim, — The shield-board, constituting both a separator and track-dearer, substantiallj
as herein deficribed, for the purposes set forth.

Also, the combination of an adjustable shield-board, which acts both as a separator and
track-clearer, with a supplementaiy divider, substantially in the manner and for the purpose

No. 38,971. — J. F. McKray, Harmonsburg, Crawford county, Ttk,— Improvement in MUU
stone Bush, — Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^Tbe object of this improvement is to protect the
spindle which passes throngh the bush of the bed-stone from foreign substances, and to keep
it lubricated. The devices are defined in the claim.

Claim, — First, the application of the cap D with oblique notches e, in combination with
the tapering collar d of the spindle, and with the main cap £ of the buah, constructed and
operating in the manner and for the purpose substantially as specified.

Second, the partition plate gj in combination with the annular lip A, projecting from the
inner surface of the cap E, as and for the purpose shown and described.

Third, the tapering oil-cups m in the mterior of the bush A, in combination with the
packing and with .the follower B, constructed and operating substantially as and for the
purpose set forth.

No. 38,972.— Barney M. Menke, of Cincinnati, Ohio.^Improvement in Teakettles,^
Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^A tliimble or flange on the lid sets over the bail-ear, and is
th^re secured by the insertion of the bail, while permitting the free revolution of the lid.

Claim, — As an improved manufacture of bailed and covered hollow-ware, the provision of
the thimble F//', adapted to fit over the bail-ear, and to confine the lid while permitting its
free horizontal vibration, the whole being secured by the insertion of the bail, in the manner
set forth.

No. 38,973. — Silas Merrick, New Brighton, Beaver county, Penn. — Improvement in
Railroad Trucks, — Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^The invention cx>nsists in mounting the
friction rollers forming the side bearings of the cars in guides curved in an arc of whidi the
king-bolt is the centre, and allowing them end play to accommodate themselves to the lateral
movement of the car.

Claim. — The combination of the guides J L, curved in the arc of a circle, of which the
king-bolt forms the centre, with the conical friction wheels K, rolling upon a flat surface,
and having end play in their bearings, when constructed, arranged, and operating substan-
tially in tl^ manner described for the purposes set forth.

No. 38,974.— Herrman Miller, of New York, N. Y, ^Improvement in Sheet Metal Cans,^
Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^This joint, while it forms an effectual lap and clamp joint, does
not project laterally beyond the sides, nor vertically beyond the top or bottom of the vessel.
Its torm, however, will be better understood by reference to the illustration.

Claim. — Forming the junction or union between the sides and the top or bottom of a can
or other vessel made ot sheet-metal by means of the double recessed clamping lap joint
herein described.

No. 38,975. — ^W. K. Moody, of Hartford, Washington county. Wis. — Improvement in
Stump Extractors. — Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^The machine runs on wheels except when
it is arranged for working, when it is lowered by a lever and cam so that the frame rests upon
the ground. The extractor consists of a pivoted lover operated by a windlass with a pendent
pawl which rotates a ratchet wheel, around whose shaft is a chain hooked under a spur root
of the stump.

* Claim. — First, the combination of the lever 0, provided with pwawl A, ratchet L, with chain
M attached, and the windlass P, all arranged and placed on a suitable framing to operate i^
and for the purpose herein shown and described.

Second, the' vertically sliding and adjustable bars D D, having wheels H at their lower
ends, in combination with the cams I, said parts being applied to me framing of the machine
in the manner as and for the purpose set forth.

No. 38,976.— Robert Morrison, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Great Britain.— MvrooemMt
in Valves for Steam Hammers. — ^Patent dated June 23, 1863. — Patented in England, Decemb^
16, 1859. — The steam is admitted below or above the piston at will, so that tbe hammer may
be worked single-acting or instantly changed to double-acting, when it is desired to increase
the weight or rapidity of the blows.

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CIatffi. - The use of a valve in steam hammers, when so ananged with reference to the
parts that both ends of the steam cylinder can be placed in communication with each other
at the same time, communication with the boiler being then cut ofiP, the same valve being
also so arranged that whenever steam shall be admitted to one end of the cylinder, communi-
cation between that end and the other shall be cut off, substantially as described and for the
purpose specified.

No. 38,977.— Samuel NoWLAK, of New York, N. Y.^Impnmement in Coffee- Roasting
Apparatus.— P&teni issued June 23, 1863; antedated November 12, 1862.— The roasting
cyhnder is* connected through the trunnions by a pipe with a worm in a tank so as to con-
dense the volatile oil resulting from the dnr distillation of the coffee.

Claim, — ^First, the method nerein described of collecting the volatile products of cofiEee and
condensing the same, substantially in the manner and for the purpose nerein set forth. *

Second, combining with a revolving coffee-roaster of otherwise ordinary construction and
operation a serpentine or other suitable condenser, in the manner herein described, so that
the vapors or volatilized essential oils shall pass into said condenser, to be collected, as set
forth. ' -

No. 38,978.— F. C. Payne, of New York, N. Y.—lmproved Sofa Bedstead, —TAieni dated
June 23, 1863. — ^The sofa seat is permanent, and the mattress is attached to a hing^ frame,
and this again to the sofa frame ; being folded away in the space under the seat when out
of use.

Claim, — A so& bedstead having' a fixed or permanent seat a, and a bed or mattress C,
formed of two parts//, attached to frames B D, connected to each other by hinges d^ and
to the sofa by hinges e, and arranged to fold within a case or box d within the sofa under-
neath the seat a, substantially as herein shown and described.

No. 38,979. — ^EZRA Peck, Middleport, Iroquois county, Illinois. — Improvement in Com
Planters, — Patent dated June 23, 1863. — This planter has a seed box^precedin^ the wheels ;
the bottom of the box is arc-shaped, and a segmental seed slide traverses therein, being
operated by a lever and rod from an arm which is tripped by a tappet on the revolving wheel,
dropping seed behind the share which has farrowed the ground.

Claim. — ^The arrangement of the working beam £^ levers/, and tappets g, in combination
with rods e, bell-crank levers d, and the segmental seed slides £, all constructed and operating
substantially as and for the purpose specified.

No. 38,980.— William Pettit, of Philadelphia, F^.—lmprovement in Connexion of Car
Trucks, — ^Patent dated June 23, 1863.— The centre pin which connects a car or locomotive to
its truck is placed back of the centre of the truck, to enable the latter to accommodate itself
more readily to abrupt curves by the length of the leverage being increased between the
point where the front wheels are in contact with the rails and the centre pin, so as to guide
the truck into the curve with less abrasion between the wheels and the rails.

Claim, — ^Arranging the centre pin which connects a car or locomotive to the truck, and on
which the truck turns, in a position to the rear of the centre of the truck and between the
two axles of the same, as set forth for the purpose specified.

No. 38,981. — Charles P. Phiuppi, of Crown Pqjnt, Lake county, Ind.—Imorovement
in Drilling Machines,— FAtent dated June 23, 1863.— -This invention consists of a norizontal
drill stock working a sleeve and provided with a drill, in combination with a vertically and
laterally adjustable rest, upon which the metallic plate is presented to the drill.

Claim, — ^The arrangement and combination of the adjustable square screw Q with cylin-
der N and drill M, arranged and operating on the table A with the adjustable bed-plate B,
as herein described, for c&illing holes in puites of metal.

No. 38,982. — Samuel Pierce, of TrOy, N. Y,— Improvement in Ranges.— VeLient issued
June 23, 1863 ; antedated April 29, 1863.— At the back of the range is a reservoir for coal
which feeds itself down into the grate as the lower portion burns away. Its motion is favored
by the inclined floor at the back of the grating, constituting the spout of the coal-bunker.

Claim, — ^The supplying of the fire-chamber d at the rear end thereof by means of the
reservoir and feeder a, in combination with the triangle concave fire-brick back b and the
fire-chamber d, in the manner substantially as herein described and set forth.

No. 38,963. — Charles V. Bamsdell, of Bangor, Maine. — Improvement in Skates and
Fastenings. — Patent dated June 23, 1863. — ^The improvement consists in. a heel and a toe
socket, which are mutually approached by a screw rod working in pendants from the re-
Bpective pieces so as to clamp the boot of the wearer to the wooden sole, which is secured to
the runner.

Claim.—'The combination of the devices A B D E F and O, as arranged with the wooden
0ole of the skate, as herein described and for the purposes set forth.

H. Ex. Doc. 60 32

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No. 38,984.— Lewis Raymond, of New York, N. Y, ^Improvement in the Constructum of
Metallic Boats, — ^Patent dated June 23, 1863. — The improvement relates to facilities for
bmlding metallic boats, and consists in a remoYable skeleton boat frame constnicted so that
it can be secured to a keel and stem and stern posts, to which the sides of the metallic boat
are made fast in the process of building, and removable when completed therefrom, leaving
the keel, stem, and stem posts in the metallic shell.

Claim. — ^A removable skeleton &ame for the purpose of building metallic boats, consistine
of a combination of ribs E, clamps H, stringers F, and aprons I, or their equivalents, and
constructed substantiallv as described, in such manner that it can be secured to the keel, the
stem, and stem post of the boat by screw bolts or other fastenings, and can be removed
therefrom after the removal of these fastenings, substantially as herein set forth.

No. 38,985.— Ransom S. Reynolds, of New Haven, Conn.— Improvement in Gtmu
Dryers. — Patent dated June 23, 1863.— The grain to be operated upon is admitted from a
hopper to a shaking riddle, thence by a guiding board and a hole, &c., to the endless apron,
which carries it forward while the rotary stirrers agitate it. It then falls on to another boaid,
and through similar passages to the former, and reaches another endless apron, which carries

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