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of the mails by pushing the railway com-
panies to new achievements in rapid trans-
portation ; he established sea post-offices,
whereby foreign mail is dlstribated ana
made up aboard ship, and Is ready for
immediate transmission to inland cities on
arrival at port ; he improved the immediatt
delivery system, and urged the establish-
ment of the postal telegraph service and
parcel post.

Warburton, Stanton; b. Snilivan Co..
Pa., April 13, 1865; graduated from the
high school at Cherokee, Iowa, in 1884. and
from Coe College, Cedar Bapida, Iowa, in

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Biographic Index


l¥ar1>tirtoii, SUnton— Con «»w«tf.

1888 ; moved to Tftcoma, Wash., wbere he

finished reading law and was admitted to

tbe bar: elected to the Washington State

Senate In 1896. and re-elected in 1900;

elected to the 62d and 64th Congresses (rom


l^ard, Fredexlck T., death of, while in

military service of China, 3353.
^Vard, JTohn Elliot; diplomat; b. Ban-
bury, Ga., Oct 2, 1814; admitted to the
bar In 1835; solicitor-general of Georgia,
1836-38 ; member of legislature, 1839, 1845,
and 1863; appointed minister to China,
1858, and resigned in 1861 because of his
secession views.

Ward, John E., minister to China:

Appointment of, 3089.

Befusal of, to submit to humiliating
ceremonies in approaching sover-
eign, 3090.
"Ward, Samuel, special agent to Mexico,

mentioned, 2770.
Warner, William; b. Lafayette Co.,
Wis., Jane 11, 1840; enlisted in 1862 In
the Civil War, and was promoted to major ;
located in Kansas City, Mo., in 1865 and
engaged in the practice of law; elected to
Congress in 1884, and re-elected in 1886;
elected commander-in-chief of the Grand
Army of the Republic in 1888: appointed
United States district attorney for the west-
ern district of Missonri in 1870, 1882. 1898,
and in 1902 : recipient of degree of LL. D.
from the University of Michigan ; elected
to the United States Senate from Missouri,
March 18, 1905.

Warner, William, member of Sioux

Commission, 5480.
Warren, Francis XSmory; b. Hinsdale,
Mass., June 20, 1844; served as private
and noncommissioned officer In Civil War ;
received the Congressional medal of honor
for gallantry on battlefield at the siege of
Port Hudson ; president of the senate of
Wyoming legislature in 1873-74, and mem-
ber of the senate In 1884-85 : mayor of
the city of Cheyenne, and served three terms
.as treasurer of Wyoming: appointed gov-
ernor of Wyoming by President Arthur in
1885. and removed by President Cleveland
In 1886; again appointed governor of Wy-
oming by President Harrison in 1889, and
served until the Territory was admitted as
a state, when he was elected the first gov-
ernor; elected to the United States Senate,
Nov. 18, 1890; reelected in 1805, 1901,
1907, and 1913 for term ending March 3,

Warren, John, arrest and trial of, in
Great Britain, 3827.

Convicted and sentenced to imprison-
ment, 3834.

Eeferred to, 3897.

Beleased, 3902.
Warrington, Lewis; naval officer; b.
Williamsburg, Va., Nov. 8, 1782; entered
navy as midshipman, 1800; attached to
Chesapeake; served in the Mediterranean,
1803-1806; earned a gold medal and the
thanks of Congress for his gallant achieve-
ments In War of 1812; died Washington,
D. C, Oct 12, 1861.

Warrington, Lewla:
British ship captured hy vessel in

command of, 534.
Energy displayed by, in suppressing
piracies, 876.
Warrior, Tlie, illegal detention of, 2051.
Washburn, Oharles A., minister to Par-
aguay, controversy with President of
Paraguay, discussed, 3883.
Washbume, Elihn Benjamin (1816-
1887); politician; b. Llvermore, Me.; ad-
mitted to the bar, 1840; settled In Galena,
111. ; member of Congress, 1853-69 ; Chair-
man of the committee of commerce. 1855-
65 ; called the "Watch Dog of the Treasury"
on account of his rigid economy in handling
public funds; secretary of state under
Grant, 1869 : resigned on account of ill-
health ; minister to France, where he re-
mained during the siege of Paris.

Washbume, Elibu B.:

Death of, announced and honors to
be paid memory of, 5165.

Minister to France, metric conven-
tion signed by, 4312.
Washington, Bnshrod; commissioner to

treat with Indians, nominations of,

Washington, Oeorge, biography of, 33.
Washington, John, treaty with Indians

concluded by, 2571.
Washington, Martha; the wife of the first
President of the United States was b.
Martha Dandrldge, Kent County, Va., May,
1732. Descended from a highly respected
Welsh clergyman her youth had every ad-
vantage of good birth, high social position
and intercourse with refined society, and
she was carefully trained in all the accom-
plishments common to young ladies of the
period. She had an agreeable personality, a
refined face and winning manners. In her
seventeenth year she was married to Daniel
Parke Custis. It was a love match and the
young couple went to lire at a plantation
known as the White House, on the Pamun-
key River, in Kent County. Three children
were born of this union, and in a few years
the eldest son and his father died, leaving
Mrs. Custis and the two other children well

Erovided for. Besides large landed estates
er fortune Included, £45,000 in money.
She was still young and beautiful, and had
many admirers. After three years of
widowhood she was married to George
Washington in the White House amid scenes
of old-time Virginia hospitality amid a
joyous assemblage of relatives and friends.
Soon after the weddizig the Washlngtons
went to live at Mount vemon. During the
Bevolution Mrs. Washington spent the win-
ters with her husband m his headquarters
and the summers at Mount Vernon. Martha
Custis, her daughter, died at the age of
seventeen and John Custis. her son, died at
the age of sixteen Just after the close of
the Revolutionary war, through which he
served. Of the years in which she figured
as the social head of the nation it is need-
less to speak. The elegant simplicltv and
the austere state liness of the public en-
tertainments of early official social life are
familiar to all and the Washlngtons led
for eight years. Martha Custis washing-
ton died in 1801. two years after her hus-
band, and was buried beside him in the
Camlly yault at Mount Vemon*

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Washington Messages and Papers of the Presidents

Washington, Martha, resolution of Con-
gress on death of husband, trans-
mitted to, 290.
Beply of, 291.

Washington, Samuel T., resolution of
Congress tbanking, for sword of
Washington and staff of Franklin,

Watkins, John Thomas; b. Minden. La.,
Jan. 15. 1854 ; studied law and was ad-
mitted to the bar, 1878 ; elected to the 59th,
COth, 6l8t, G2d, 63d, and 64th Congresses
from LoulsiaDa.

Wayne, Anthony, treaty with Indians
concluded by, 181.

Weakley, Robert, commissioner to treat
with Indians, nomination of, 620.

Weaver, James B.; soldier and politi-
cian : b. Dayton, Ohio. 1833 ; attained the
rank of brigadler-genoral In the CItU War ;
pat In Congress from Iowa, 1879-81 : nom-
inee of the Greenback-Labor party for presi-
dent, 1880, and of the People's party In
1892; from 1885 until 1SS9 he sat as a
Greenback-Labor and Democratic member of
Congress from Iowa.

Weaver, William A^ court-martial of,

Webb, Edwin Yates; b. Shelby, n. c,
May 23, 1872 ; graduated Wake Forest Col-
lege, 1893 : studied law at University of
North Carolina and at University of Vir-
ginia : began practice of law, 1894 ; elected
state senator In 1900 ; elected to the 58th,
&9tb. GOth. 61st, 62d, 63d, and 64th Con-
gresses from North Carolina.

Webber, Charles, arrest and imprison-
ment of, in Mexico, 4678, 4692.
Webster, Daniel (1782-1852); lawyer,
statesman, and orator; b. Salisbury or
Franklin, N. H. ; prior to his removal to
Boston In 1816, he was member of Con-
gress, 1813-17; made a national reputation
as a lawyer by winning the Dartmouth Col-
lege case, 1818 ; member of Congress, 1823-
27 : United States senator, 1827-41 ; his
famous reply to Ilay.ne was made In 1830;
opposed Calboun, 1833 ; and Jackson on the
Bank question ; In 1836 be received the 14
electoral votes of Massachusetts for presi-
dent; while Secretarv of State, 1841-43,
he negotiated the Asbburton treaty : from
1845 to 1850 he was United States senator
for Massachusetts : opposed the Mexican
War and the annexation of Texas ; sup-
ported Clay In his compromise, 1850 ; Sec-
retary of State again, 1850-52 ; and sought
without success the Whig nomination for
president In 1852: his famous orations in-
clude: the Plymouth anniversary, 1820:
laying of the cornerstone of Bunker Hill
monument. 1825: on the death of Jefferson
and of Adams. 1826 : on the dedication of
Bunker Hill. 1843. and at the laying of
the cornerstone of the addition to the
Capitol in 1851.

Webster, Daniel:

Correspondence regarding Dorr's Ee-

bellion, 2153.
Member of notification committee to

wait on President-elect J. Q. Ad-
ams, 858.
Mentioned, 2281.
Secretary of State, 1876, 2646.

Death of, announced and refexxed

to, 2698, 2699.
Instructions issued to, to treat ^irith
Lord Ashburton, 2081.
Webster, Joseph D., report and map at
survey of Gulf coast by, transmitted,
2601, 2610.
Webster, William, sequestration of
lands of, in New Zealand and claim
of, against Great Britain, 4327, 5661.
Weed, Thnrlow (1797-1882) ; joumalls^t
and politician ; b. Greene Co., N. Y. ; entered
politics as an active member of the Anti-

Masonic party ; opposed the Albany Re-

ffency ; became a whig and Repablican
eader. intimately associated with William

H. Seward : was largely influential in secur-
ing the nomination of Harrison. Clav, Tay-
lor, Scott, and Fremont for the presidency ;
in the latter part of his career be was not
in full sympathy with his party ; favored
the election of Johnson and his reconstruc-
tion policy, but supported Grant In 1868 :
from 1867 to 1878 he edited the Commer-
cial Advertiser in New York.

Weil, Benjamin, claim of, against Mex-
ico, 4697, 4760, 4982, 4987, 5193.
Welles, Qideon; lawyer, editor, states-
man ; b. Glastonbury, Conn., July 1, 1802 :
educated Norwich (Vt.) University and
studied law ; became editor and proprietor
of the Hartford Times, 1826-36. and con-
tinued to contribute articles up to 1854 ;
member state legislature. 1827-35 : anpolnt-
ed chief of a bureau In the navy depart-
ment, 1846 : actively supported Lincoln's
candidacy for the presidency and became
Secretary of the Navy under Lincoln and
continued under Johnson : through his en-
ergy the strength and eflBclency of the ad-
ministration were greatly Increased; died
Hartford, Conn., Feb. 11, 1878.

Welles, Oideon, Secretary of Navy:
Correspondence regarding vacation
of office of Secretary of War by
Gen. Grant, 3804.
Directed to consider applications of
loyal persons to remove witb Union
lines, 3360.
Letter of, regarding rank of Marine
Corps, 3236.
Welsh, William, member of Indian com-
mission, 3977.
Wentworth, Joshna, district snpervisor,

nomination of, 91.
West, James H., imprisonment of, in

Cuba, 2765.
West, Lionel Sackville. (See Sackville,

Lord.) .
West, Nathaniel T., ensign in Navy,
nomination of and reasons therefor,
Wetmore, Ctoorge Peabody; b. during a
visit of bis parents abroad, at London.
England, Aug. 2. 1846; graduated from
Yale College in 1867, receiving the degree

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Biographic Index


Wetmoxe, George Tea,hod7— continued.
of A. B. and that of -A. M. in 1871 ; studied
law at Columbia Law School, and was
graduated in 1809, receiving the degree of
LL.. B. : was admitted to the bar of Rhode
Island and of New York In 1869 ; governor
of Kbode Island, 1885-1887 ; elected to the
United States Senate from Rhode Island,
June 13, 1894 : re-elected In 1900, and again
for tlie term ending March 3, 1913.
Wetmore, Prosper M., naval agent, ac-
counts of, referred to, 2682.
Weyler, Valerlano, reconcentration pol-
icy of, in Cuba, discussed, 6256,
6283, 6284, 6308.
Referred to, 6285.
Wliarton, William P., Acting Secretary
of State, 5581.
Agreement between United States
and Great Britain for modus Vi-
vendi regarding Bering Sea fisher-
ies signed by, 5581.
Wlieaton, Henry:
Referred to, 2205.
Treaty concluded by, witb—
Denmark, 1044.
ZoUverein, 2169.
"Wheeler, Joseph; soldier; of Wheeler,
Ala, ; b. Augusta. Ga., Sept. 10, 1836 ;
graduated from West Point In 1859 ; lieu-
tenant of cavalry, and served In New Mex-
ico; resigned in 1801; lieutenant of artil-
lery In Uie Confederate army; successively
nromoted to the command of a regiment,
brigade, division, and army corps, and In
1862 assigned to the command of the army
corps of cavalry of the Western Army,
continuing in that position till the war
closed; by joint resolution of the Confed-
erate Congress received the thanks of that
body for successful military operations, and
for the defense of the city of Aiken re-
ceived the thanks of the State of South Car-
olina ; May 11. 1864. became the senior cav-
airy general of the Confederate armies ; ap-
pointed professor of pbllospphy Loulslaha
State Seminary In 1866, whicb be declined ;
lawyer and planter; appointed malor-
general of volunteers by President Mc
Kinley May 4, 1898. and assigned to com-
mand of Cavalry Division, y\ Army; on
June 24, wirh 900 men, fought and de-
feated Lleutenant-General Linares at Las
Guaslmas, the enemy having over 2,000
regular Spanish troops ; at the battle of
San Juan, July 1 and 2. senior officer in
Immediate command on the field, and senior
member of commission which negotiated
the surrender of Santiago and 23.000
Spanish soldiers: assigned to command of
United States forces at Montauk, Long
Island. Aug. 18, and on Oct. 5 assigned
to the command of the Fourth Army
Corps : Aug. 31. 1899, In command of First
BriMde, Second Division, Eighth Corps. In
the Philippines ; engaged with enemy at
Santa Rita Sept. 9 and also on Sept 16,
also in capture of Porac, Sept. 28, and In
the various engagements ^wlth the enemy
at Angeles, Oct. 10 to 17. IncJ^^J^*: *°
the advance upon and capture of Bamban.
Nov. 11, and the minor ^W^dltlons to
Camlling. Nov. 23, and expedition to Sullpa
and San Ignaclo ; elected as a J><pocrat
to the 47th.%9th, 50th. 51st. 52d 53d 54th
and 55th Congresses, and re-elected to the
56th Congress ; failed to qualify to «" bis
place : retired In 1900 as a brigadler-general
of the Regular Army.

Wheeler, Joseph, operations of cavalry
division under, around Santiago,
Cuba, discussed, 6395.
Wheeler, William Almon (1810-1887) ;
statesman and nineteenth Vice-President;
b. Malone, N. Y. ; began the practice of law,
1845; district attorney of Franklin Co.,
N. y., 1846-49; Whig representative to the
state assembly, 1848-59; slate senator,
1858-59: Republican member of Congress,
1861-63 and 1869-77 ; by the "Wheeler Com-
promise" In 1874 he adjusted the difficulty
with Louisiana ; Republican candidate for
Vice-President with Hayes, 1876, and de-
clared elected, 1877 ; served from 1877-1881.
Wheelock, John E., arrest and imprison-
ment of, in Venezuela, 4789, 4803.
Whipple, John, correspondence regard-
ing Dorr's Rebellion, 2140, 2141.
Whitacre, John J.; b. Dec. 28, 1860;
elected to the 62d Congress from
Ohio, Nov. 8, 1910.
Whitby, Henry, British officer, procla-
mation for arrest of, for murder of
American citizen, 390.
White, Alexander, commissioner of

Washington City, 302.
White, Alexander; statesman; b. Prnnk-
lln, Tenn., Oct. 16, 1816; moved to Ala-
lama : received an academic education ;
served in the Seminole War In 1836; stud-

led law and practiced ; elected a represent-

. ^. ^ \lflltA— '" ^'~' *'^'^ OO/i r*/\n<Ti«aca na

a UUI.UU v« big. <v«r I. *r«» !,.»*© ^^««.».^. ... - -"'

State Rlehts Democrat ; member of State

lea law HUU iJinvLn.ru, «r.^-^iv« « .% H»vw^..-

atlve from Alabama to the 32d Congress as
a Union Whig, defeating Samuel P. Rice,

Constitutional Convention in 180d: member
General Assembly in 1872: elected Repre-
sents tive-at-large to the 43d Congress: de-
feated for re-election ; appointed an asso-
ciate justice of the United States Court
for the territory of Utah in 1875.
White, George; b. Elmlra, N Y., Aug.
21, 1872; attended the common schools of
Tltusvllle, Pa., and graduated from the
High School In 1891, and in that year en-
tered Princeton University, graduating In
the class of 1895 with the degree of B. A.;
entered the oil business; mined in the
Klondike, 1898-1901 ; elected to the legisla-
ture and represented Washington Co-. Ohio,
from 1905 to 1908 : elected to the 62d. 63d,
and 64th Congresses from Ohio.

White, Joseph L., counsel of ship canal

company, 2676.
White, Joseph M., employment of, to

compile land laws in Florida, 994.
White, William, imprisonment of, in

Buenos Ayres, 632.
Whitely, Simeon, treaty with Indians

concluded by, 3393.
Whiting, Joseph B., member of Chip-
pewa Commission, 5500.
Whitney, William Collins (184M904) ;
financier and politician; b. Conway. Mass ;
in 1871, he took an active part against the
"Tweed Ring" In New York; was corpora-
tion counsel of New York City, 1875-82;
Secretary of the Navy. 1885-89; a, strong
supporter of Cleveland, whose presidential
campaign he managed in 1892 ; It was his

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Messages and Papers of the Presidents

Whltliey, WiUiAIII OoHlnS — Continued.
masterly management that secured both
nomination and election of Cleveland under
peculiarly adverse coDditions; his great
work as financier was the consolidation of
the traction lines in New York City.

Whittlesey, Ellsha, commiasioner to ad-
judicate claims of David Taylor, 2678.
Wlckersham, Qeotge Woodward; At-'
tomey-General under President Taft; b.
Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept 19, 1858; graduated
law department of the University of Penn-
sylvania, 1880; admitted to the Philadel-
phia bar and practiced there until 1882,
when he removed to New York City.
Wickersbam, James; lawyer; b. Aug. 24,
1857; appointed United States district
judge of Alaska, 1900, and resigned to take
effect Jan. 1, 1908; elected delegate to the
6l8t, 62d, and 63d Congresses from Alaska.
WickUfle, Ohaxles A.; Postmaster-General
under President Tyler; b. Bardstown, Ky.,
June 8, 1788 ; received a liberal education ;
studied law and began practice at Bards-
town ; state representative 1812-13 and
1822-23 ; elected a representative from Ken-
tucky to the 18th Congress as a Clay Dem-
ocrat ; re-elected to the 19th. 20th, 2ist and
22d Congresses; elected to the State house
of representatives In 1834, and speaker;
lieutenant-governor of Kentucky in 1836 ;
became governor at the death of Gov.
Clark in 1839; Postmaster-General 1841-
1845; sent on a secret mission bv Presi-
dent Polk to the Republic of Texas in 1845 ;
elected a Representative from Kentucky to
the 87th Congress as a Union Whig; dele-
gate to the national Democratic convention
at Chicago in 1864; died in Howard
County, Md., Oct 81, 1869.

WUcox; Orlando B., negotiations for
and correspondence regarding resto-
ration of peace, 3463.
Wilder, W. 0., member of commission
concluding treaty of annexation of
Hawaiian Islands, 5783.
Wilkes, diaries; naval officer; b. New
York, April 8, 1798; joined the navy as
midshipman Jan. 1, 1818 ; conducted an
expedition to explore the southern Pacific
Ocean, 1838-42; in 1861, while cruising in
the San Jacinto, he intercepted the British
steamer Trent and took from her two con-
federate commissioners who were on their
way to England, and placed them under
the custody of Federal authorities at Fort
Warren; between 1862 and 1866 be was
employed chiefly in blockade duty on the
South Atlantic coast; mnde renr-ndrolral,
1866, and soon after retired ; died Wash-
ington, D. C, Feb. 8, 1877.

Wilkes, Charles:

Commander of exploring expedition,
report of, on Oregon Territory re-
ferred to, 2013.

Bemoval of Mason and SI i dell from
British vessel. (See Mason and

Wilkes's Exploring Expedition, expen-
ditures of publication of, referred to,

Wilkinson, JTames; soldier; b. Maryland,
1757. and Joined the Revolutionary Army,
1778; appointed secretary of the board of
war, of which Gen. Gates was president :
settled in Kentucky after the war, and
engaged In expeditions against the lodians ;
governor of Louisiana Territory, 1805-06;
appointed major-general in 1813 and made
unsuccessful efforts to occupy Canada ; on
the reorganization of the army in 1815 he
was discharged and migrated to Mexico,
where he died Dec. 28, 1825.

Wilkinson, James:
Aaron Burr's insurrection, troops
sent to suppress^ commanded hy,
Conduct and commercial transactions
of, investigated, 423.
No intimation f onnd. of corrapt re-
ceipt of money by, 427.
Expeditions against Wabash Indians

commanded by, 104.
Mentioned, 405.
WHUams, Ell, commissioner for Gom-

berland road, 406.
WUllams, <}6orge H.; b. New Lebanon,
N. Y., March 23, 1823; received a liberal
education; studied law; moved to Iowa,
where he began the practice of hia pro-
fession ; Judge of the first Judicial district
of Iowa 1847-1852; Presidential elector In
1852 ; chief Justice of the Territory of Ore-
gon in 1853 and again In 1857. resigning :
member of the constitutional convention of
Oregon in 1858; elected a United Stotes
Senator from Oregon as a Union Republi-
can 1865-1871 ; Attorney-General of the
United States 1872-1875; nominated by
President Grant Chief Justice of the Su-
preme Court of the United States, but the
name was withdrawn.

Williams, George H., member of com-
mission to settle questions with CFreat
Britain, 4075.

Wllliamfl, John Sharp; b. July 80, 1854,
at Memphis, Tenn. ; received a fair edn-
catlon at private schools, the Kentucky
Military Institute, near Frankfort, Ky.. the
University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn.,
the University of Virginia, and the Unl«
versity of Heidelberg, in Baden, Germany;
subsequently studied law under Profa.
Minor and Soutball at the University of
Virginia ; in December, 1878, moved to
Yazoo City, Miss., where he engaged in
the practice of his profession and the varied
pursuits of a cotton planter; delegate to
the Chicago convention which nominated
Cleveland and Stevenson ; served as tem-
porary chairman of the Democratic national
convention In 1904 ; was elected to tbe
58d, 54th, 55th. 56th, 57th, 58th, and 69tli
Congresses, and re-elected to the 60th Con-

gress, receiving all the votes cast. He
ad no opposition either for renomination
or election ; was the candidate of bis party
for tbe office of Speaker in the 58th. 59th,
and 60th Congresses. On Aug. 1, 1907, Mr.
Williams was chosen at a primary elec-
tion to be the candidate of the Democratic
Sarty for the United States Senate from
[Ississippi, and on Jan. 23. 1908, elected
by the legislature to succeed Hon. H. D.
Money. Mis term will expire March 3,

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Biographic Index


'WlUiamfl^ Jonathan; b. Boston, Mass.,
May 28, 1760; attended the common
schools; engaged in mercantile pursuits;
studied law and practiced; located at
Philadelphia; Judge of the court of com-
mon pleas ; entered the Army in Feb., 1801,
as major of engineers, and resigned June
20. 1803, as lieutenant-colonel of engineers ;
colonel of engineers 1808-12. when he re-
signed ; elected a Uepresentative from
Pennsylvania to the Fourteenth Congress
but died at Philadelphia, before taking his
seat. May 16, 1815.

Williams, Jonatlian, death of Gen.

Washington announced and honors to

be paid memory of, were signed by,

as aide-de-camp.
Williams, Bobert, bureau of military

information under supervision of,

discussed, 5879.
WUliams, S. W., decree of, prohibiting

steamers sailing under American flag

from using channel on Yangtse Biver

discussed, 3896, 3902.
Willis, Albert S.; b. Shelby County. Ky.,
Jan. 22, 1843; received his early educa-
tion in common schools and graduated
from the I^uisvIIle Male High School in
1860: taught school for four years; stud-
ied law and graduated from the Louis-
ville Law School in 1866; elected attorney
for Jefferson County in 1874 ; elected a
Represeotatlre from Kentucky to the 45th.
46th, 47th, 48tb. and 49th Congresses as
a Democrat: appointed minister to Hono-
lulu by President Cleveland, and died there
Jan. 6, 1897.

Willis, Albert 8., minister to Hawaiian
Islands. (See Hawaiian Islands, min-
ister to.)
Willis, Jesse H., collector of customs,

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