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Homer C. Bishop (professor of social work at the George Warren Brown
School of Social Work of Washington University) representing the St.
Louis Chapter of the Americarl Association of Social Workers 958

Paul B. Rava, representing the Italian Club, the Columbian Society, and

Italian War Veterans of St. Louis 963

Arthur H. Compton, chancellor, Washington University 966

Hubert M. Ramel, vice president, Ramsey Corp. ; member, executive board
of the National Metal Trades, the National Association of Manufac-
turers, St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, Associated Industries of Mis-
souri ; and industry member of the Regional Labor Management Commit-
tee of Kansas City, Mo 967

John W. Hamilton, representing the Citizens' Protective Association of

St. Louis 969

William Sentner, representing the Antonia Sentner Defense Committee of
District 8, United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America 973

Roy A. Dillon, representing the State Personnel Board of Oklahoma, the
Council of Churches for the State of Oklahoma, and former chairman of
the Oklahoma Displaced Persons Commission 976


Sandor D. Papp, M. D., Joplin, Mo 985

Joseph Say, Joplin, Mo 985

S. G. Widiger, executive secretary, Lutheran Children's Friend Society

of Kansas 985

C. T. Pihlblad (professor of sociology. University of Missouri, Columbia,

Mo.) through C. E. Lively 986

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9 : 30 A. M., TUESDAY, OCT()BEa{ 14, 11)52, AT SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.


Lloyd E. McMnrray. Chris Monsalvas, George Valdos, and Vincent Pilien,
reitre.sentinii the Internal ional Lon.^'.shoremen'.s and Warehousemen's
Union and tlio National I'nion (if Marint^ Codks and Stewards 9S9

Charles A. Tiniihani, representini; Kev. Abbott r>o()k. executive director of

the Northern California, Nevada Council of Churches lOOS

Mrs. Druzilla Keibler, regional secretary, Lutheran Welfare Council of

Northern California 1010

Kev. Kenneth K. Nelson, executive secretary, Department of Christian

Social Relations, Protestant Episcopal Diocese of California 1014

Suren JM. Saroyan, vice president, American National Committee To Aid

Homelss Armenians 1015

Kev. Ileruard C. Cronin, director. Catholic Resettlement Committee. Arch-
diocese of San Francisco 1020

Samuel A. Ladar, representing the Jewish Community Relations Council
of San Francisco ; Jewish Welfare Federation of Oakland, including the
( )akland Community Relations Council and the Oakland Welfare Fund ;
Hebrew Inuui.urant Aid Society, San Francisco Branch; San Francisco
Committee for Service to Emigres; Jewish Welfare Fund of San Fran-
cisco ; Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. regional oflice : San Fran-
cisco Chapter, American Jewish Committee ; Federation of Jewish Chari-
ties of San Francisco 1022

Rabbi Alvin I. Fine, representing the Board of Rabbis of Northern Cali-
fornia 1027

Edward II. Heims (former chairman. Committee on Immigration Section,

Commonwealth Club of California) s 1030

Walter Zuger, representing E. V. Ellington, director of the Agricultural Ex-
tension Service, State (^oUege of Washington, and also A. A. Smick,
chairman, Washington State Displaced Persons Commission 10.33

Jack Wong Sing, accompanied by Samuel Yee, representing the Chinese
Consolidated Benevolent Association and the Chinese Chamber of Com-
merce of San Francisco 1039

Lim P. Lee, judge advocate, Cathay Post, No. 384, American Legion of Cali-
fornia 1 1045

Louis Ferrari, representing the American Committee on Italian Migration,
California Chapter 1046

Twentieth Session
1 : 30 p. m., tuesday, octoijer 14, 1952, at san francisco, calif.

Harry D. Durkee, representing the Lutheran Resettlement Service in San
Francisco ; L. W. Meinzen, president of the board, Lutheran Resettlement
Service in San Francisco; and George C. Guins (professor of political
science, University of California) , 1049

Annie Clo Watson, executive director. International Institute of San

Francisco 1054

Mrs. Margaret Cruz, representing the Advisory Committee on Employment

Problems of Latin Americans 1057

Varden I'uller (associate professor of agricultural economics. University
of California, and former executive secretary to the President's Com-
mission on Migratory Labor) 1058

Donald Vial, representing the California State Federation of Labor, Cali-
fornia branch of the American Federation of Labor 1066

R. E. Mayer, president. Pacific American Steamship Association 1074

Laszio Valko. in behalf of the American Hungarian Fedeiation for the

State of Washington 1074

Kathleen R. Doss, representing the Pan-Amerasian Co., Seattle, Wash 1076

Franklin II. Williams, director for the west coast region of the National
Association for the Advancement of Colored People 1089

Ernest Besig, director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern

California 1090

Joe C. Lewis, in behalf of the California Farm Research and Legislative

Committee, Santa Clara, Calif 1091

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Joseph P. Fallon, Jr., in behalf of Fallon & Fallon, attorneys at law, San

Francisco 1092

Leon Nicoli, president, Federation of Russian Organizations of the United
States on behalf of Federation of Russian Charitable Organizations of
the United States 1096

P. C. Quock, president, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco,

Calif 1099

Stephen Thiermann, executive secretary, San Francisco regional ofl3ce of

the American Friends Service Committee 1099

Irving Morrissett, chairman of the Friends Committee on Legislation of

Northern California 1102

Mrs. Iva R. Henning, State defense chairman of the Daughters of the
American Revolution, San Francisco, representing the legislative com-
mittee nm

Z. B. Jackson and Joseph S. Hertogs, Jackson & Hertogs, attorneys at law_ 1106

J. D. Zellerbach, president of the Crown-Zellerbach Corp. of San Fran-
cisco 1112

Fred W. Ross, executive director of the California Federation for Civic

Unity lli:^

Haruo Ishimaru. representing the Japanese-American Citizens League,

northern California regional office 1114

Myroslawa Tomorug, representing the Ukranian Congress Committee of

America 1116

Alfred de Grazia (associate professor of political science and executive
officer of the Committee for Research in Social Science at Stanford Uni-
versity) 1119

Wesley Van Sciver, representing the Stanford chapter of the Federation

of American Scientists 1128

Frank D. Tripp, representing the Order of American Hellenic Educational

Progressive Association, west coast recrion 1125

Hugh De Lacy, national vice president. Progressive Party 1126

Kamini K. Gupta, attorney 1128

Mi-s. Grace Partridge, representing the northern California committee

of the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born 1130


Carl Williams, San Francisco, Calif 1133

Earl N. Ohmer, president, Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, Petersburg,

Alaska 1133

J. E. Martz, president, and Hazel L. Smith, secretary, Kodiak Chamber of

Commerce, Kodiak, Alaska 1134

Earl Simonet. Manhattan Beach, Calif 1134

Herbert Blumer, Orinda. Calif 1134

G. B. Tollett, A. B. C. Roofing & Siding, Inc., Seattle, Wash 1135

Chester R. Snow, Ketchikan, Alaska 1135

Twenty-first Session
9 : 30 a. m., wednesday, october 15, 1952, at los anoeles, calif.

Rev. Frederick A. Smith, executive secretary, Lvitheran Welfare Council

of Southern California 1137

Forest C. Weir, executive director. Church Federation of Los Angeles, and

general secretary. Southern Council of Protestant Churches 1140

Rev. V. J. Waldron. minister of the Evangelical Brethren Church 1143

C. Y. Hong, president. Grand Lodge, Chinese American Citizens Alliance 1145

Edward H. Gibbons, representing the Los Angeles Conference of Civic

Organizations - 1148

Rev. Steven Fritchman, representing the First Unitarian Church of Los

Angeles 1150

Robert Ziegler, representing the American Legion 1151

Rev. Thomas O'Dwyer and Rev. Mathias Lani, representing the Catholic

Resettlement Committee of the Archdiocese of T^os Angeles — 1152

Tata Kushida, regional director of the Japanese-American Citizens League- 1155

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John F. Slieffiold. accompanied by Manuel V. Avila, repi'eseutiug the Con-
federation of Mexican Chambers Commerce of the United States of

Anieiica 1156

Armando G. Tomez, vice president and chairman of the Legislative Com-
mittee, Confederation of Mexican Chambers of Commerce of the United

States of America 1157

John Despol, secretary-treasurer of the California Council, CIO; execu-
tive secretary of the CIO California Industrial Union Council 1159

William F. Rogers, Jr.. and S. C. Mathews, representing the San Diego

County Farm Bureau 1163

Susan D. Adams, accompanied by Mr. W. J. Basset, secretary of the Los

Angeles Central Labor Council of the American Federation of Labor 1165

Ralph L. Beals (professor of anthropology. University of California) 1170

Mrs. Benjamin Miller, president, Women for Legislative Action 1173

Mrs. Edward Suchman 1175

Mrs. Clara McDonald, president of the United Patriotic People of the

United States of America 1177

Twenty-second Session

1 : 30 p. m., wednesday, october 15, 1952, at los angeees, calif.

Mrs. Otto W^artenweiler, vice president of the board. International Insti-
tute of Los Angeles, and chairman of the Displaced Persons Committee

of the Welfare Council of Metropolitan Los Angeles 1179

Elsie D. Newton, executive secretary. International Institute of Los

Angeles 1180

Jacob J. Lieberman, representing the Community Relations Committee

of the Los Angeles Jewish Community Council 1183

Mrs. Dan Rugeti, representing the Pacific Southwest Branch, National Wo-
men's League of the United Synagogue of America 1196

Rabbi Max Vorspan, president, Southern California Region, Rabbinical As-
sembly of America HOT

Rt. Rev. Raymond O'Flaherty, director of Catholic Charities of the Arch-
diocese of Los Angeles on behalf of the Most Reverend J. Francis A.

Mclntyre, Archbishop of Los Angeles 1197

Amerigo Bozzani, representing the American-Italian Democratic Com-
mittee and the American Committee on Italian Migration, Southern

California 1199

Albert A. Hutler, chairman. Coordinating Committee for the Resettlement

of Displaced Persons in San Diego 1202

Marguerite Weiss, representing the Southern California Division of the

American Jewish Congress 1206

Nicholas Jory, representing the American Hungarian Federation 1207

Harry F. Kane, representing the Riverside County, Calif., Council of the

Independent Progressive Party 1209

Roscoe Ij. Warren 1210

Mrs. Arthur L. Shellhorn, representing National Defense, California So-
ciety of the Daughters of the American Revolution 1211

Mrs. (Jrace Schultz 1213

Rod Flewelling 1214

Mrs. Rosiland G. Bates, chairman, Patricia J. Hofstetter, and Delia G. Mar-

gaine. Southern California Women Lawyers 1215

Mrs. Pearson Carmin, representincr Miss Eaton 1217

Rev. Sung Tack Whang, pastor, Korea Gospel Church of Los Angeles 1218

Donald S. Howard (dean, School of Social Welfare, University of Cali-
fornia) 1220

Richard M. Thomas, regional chairman, World Student Service Fund 1222

Mrs. Margaret Weller Weiss, public relations representative, Small Prop-
erty Owners League 1229

Dean E. McIIenry 1282

Eklward L. Meyer, chairman of the Americanism Committee, Native Sons

of the Golden West 1232

Masaryk Alliance of Czechoslovakian Citizens 1235

Sybil Apgar 1236

J. W. Miller 1237

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Mrs. Helen Schredder 1237

Alexander S. and Katherine MacDonald 1237

Frances M. Bacon 1237

Sylvia Saraff, on behalf of Beverly Hills Chapter of Hadassah 1238

Virginia Baskin, vice president, Pioneer Women, Brentwood Chapter 1238

Anthony Aroney, Jr., past svipreme vice president, Order of American

Hellenic Educational Progressive Association 1238

Frank P. Tripp, in behalf of the Order of American Hellenic Educational

Association of the West Coast 1241

Boyd H. Reynolds, attorney 1242

Ella Kube, on behalf of the Los Angeles County Conference on Community

Relations 1245


Frank Kubac, Los Angeles, Calif 1249

Elsa Alsberg, executive director, Palo Alto Fair Play Council 1250

Yankee P. Tsang, editor, the Chinese Weekly 1251

Yoma Club Pioneer Women 1252

Constantine Panunzio (professor emeritus of sociology, University of Cali-
fornia, Los Angeles, Calif.) 1252

Everette M. Porter, chairman, Legal Redress Committee, Los Angeles
Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored

People 1255

Mrs. Mildred J. Field 1257

Twenty-third Session

9 : 30 a. m., friday, october 17, 1952, at atlanta, ga.

Rev. Herman L. Turner (pastor. Covenant Presbyterian Church, Atlanta,
Ga.) representing also Mrs. George T. Dotiglas, chairman. International

Club of the YWCA of Atlanta ; and Mrs. H. H. Chiu Liu 1262

Rev. Robert H. Ayers (chaplain and head of the Department of Religion
at the University of Georgia) repre.senting also Rabbi Joseph Rudavsky,
Rev. Omar R. Fink, Jr., Rev. Brunson Wallace, Rev. Dow Kirkpatrick,

Father Walter J. Donovan, and Rev. J. Earl Gilbreath, all of Athens 1268

Gregur Sebba (professor at the University of Georgia) 1271

Emily Calhoun, recording clerk of the Religious Society of Friends, Atlanta. 1272
Rev. John J. McDonough (assistant pastor of the Cathedral of Christ the

King) 1273

Rev. Walter J. Donovan, director of I'esettlement, Catholic Diocese of

Savannah-Atlanta 1277

Mrs. I. F. Sterne, president, Atlanta Federation for Jewish Social Service 1278

Rev. Rembert Sisson, district superintendent of the Methodist Church of

the Atlanta district 1282

Kendall Weisiger (trustee and secretary, Rotai-y Educational Founda-
tion) 1284

Robert B. McKay, associate professor of law, Emory University 1290

David Burgess, secretary of the Georgia CIO Coimcil 1293

Rt. Rev. Msgr. William J. Castel, director, Archdiocesan Resettlement
Bureau of the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans ; member of the State
Committee of Displaced Persons and the New Orleans Resettlement
Committee; on behalf also of Rev. Albert D'Orlando, minister of the
First LTnitarian Church, New Orleans : Rev. Dana Dawson. .Jr., chairman,
Depai'tment of Civil Affairs, New Orleans Council of Churches : Rev,
W. D. Langtry, president. New Orleans Ministerial Union ; Mrs. Moise
W. Dennery, president. New Orleans Section, National Council of Jewi.sh
Women ; Clarence M. East, Jr., representing Catholic Committee of the
South 1296

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Twenty-fourth Session

1 : 30 p. m., friday, october 17. 1952, at atlanta, ga.


J. C. Holton, assistant to the commissioner, Georgia State Department of

Agriculture, and secretary, Georgia Displaced Persons Committee 1299

T. K. Breedlove 1307

Hon. Tom Liiuler, commissioner of Department of Agriculture, State of

(Jc.rgia l-'«39

Alexander F. Miller, southern director, Anti-Defamation League of B'nai

irrith 1315

Mrs. Hint(»n Blackshear, Cherokee chapter regent, Daughters of the Amer-
ican Kevolution 1320

Mrs. Urausoni Hurts, honorary regent, Cherokee chapter. Daughters of the

American Kevolution 1322

Rev. H. D. Kleckley, chairman, Georgia-Alabama Committee, National

liUtheran ('ouncil 1323

Mrs. Walter Feldman 1328

Mrs. Norman H. Cain 1329

Mrs. E. E. Twiggs 1329

O. I.ee White, member of the Georgia Fraternal Congress 1329

Irwin S. Stanton 1331

Mrs. liner Spann Miller 1332

Mrs. Morris Cohen 1333


Guy J. D'Antonio (former chairman of the Louisiana State Displaced

I'ersons Commission) 1334

Samuel Williamson, attorney 1334

Rudolf Herberle, professor of sociology. Louisiana State University 1335

Norfolk (Va.) Jewish Community Council 1346

J. L. Nairn 1347

Mrs. Straiton Hard, national defense chairman, Atlanta chapter. Daugh-
ters of the American Revolution 1.348

Twenty-fifth Session
830 a. m., monday, october 27, 1952, at washington, d. c.

Hon. James P. McGranery, Attorney General of the United States 1350

Hon. Robert L. Stern, Acting Solicitor General of the United States 1353

Hon. Knox T. Hutchinson, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, repreeent-
ing Hon. Charles F. Brannan, Secretary of Agriculture of the United
States •_ 1354

O. B. Wells, Chief of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, United States

Department of Agriculture 13G5

Louis H. Bean, economist, Office of the Secretary, United States Depart-
ment of Agriculture 1368

Hon. Maurice J. Tobin, Secretary of Labor of the United States, repre-
sented by Robert C. Goodwin, Director, Bureau of Employment Se-
curity, United States Department of Labor 1380

Ewan Ciague, Commissioner of Labor Statistics, United States Depart-
ment of Labor 1389

Hon. Charles A. Coolidge, Assistant Secretary of Defense 1304

Col. Joel D. Griffiug, chief planning officer of the Selective Service System,

re{)resenting Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey. Director of Selective Service. 1395

Henry S. Shryock, Jr., Assistant Chief, Population and Housing Division,

United States Bureau of the Census 1397

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Twenty-sixth Session
1:30 p. m., monday, october 27, 1952, at washington, d. c.

Col. Benjamin G. Habberton, Deputy Commissioner of Immigration and
Naturalization, appearing as Acting Commissioner in the absence of
the Honorable Argyle R. Mackey, U. S. Commissioner of Immigration
and Naturalization 1405

Hon. Dean Acheson, Secretary of State of the United States 1412

A. Wetmore, secretary, Smithsonian Institute 1415

Jack Masur, M. D., Assistant Surgeon General, Chief, Bureau of Medical
Services, United States Public Health Service, Federal Security'
Agency 1416

Arnold C. Harberger (professor of economics, Johns Hopkins University,

and former staff member, President's Materials Policy Commis.sion) 1420

Hon. James P. Davis, Director of the Office of Territories, United States

Department of the Interior 1426

Hon. Edward M. O'Connor (consultant to the Psychological Strategy Board,
and former Commissioner, United States Displaced Persons Commis-
sion) 1 435

Hon. Ugo Carusi, United States Representative of the Office of the United
Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (former Chairman, United
States Displaced Per«ons Commission; former United States Commis-
sioner of Immigration) 1449

Hon. Hugh Gibson, Director, Intergovernmental Committee for European

Migration 1457

Sidney Painter (professor of history, Johns Hopkins University), officer
and director of the American Council of Learned Societies; accompanied
by Edward Dumbauld, secretary of the American Society of Industrial
Law "- 1464

Howard A. Meyerhoff, administrative secretary, American Association

for the Advancement t)f Science 1 466

Alan T. Waterman, Director, National Science Foundation 1472

Hon. W. Averell Harriman, Director, Mutual Security Agency, repre-
sented by D. A. Fitzgerald, Associate Deputy Director of the MSA 1484

Hon. William H. Draper, United States special representative in Europe,

Mutual Security Agency 1488

Mary Lee Council, secretary to and representing Hon. E. L. Bartlett,

Delegate in Congress from Alaska 1490

Hon. E. L. Bartlett, Delegate from Alaska in the Congress of the United

States 1492

Warren C. Christiansen, secretary, Sitka Chamber of Commerce, Sitka,

Alaska - 1492

Twenty-seventh Session
9:30 a. m., tuesday, october 28, 1952, at washington, d. c.

Roland Elliott, director of immigration services, Department of Church

World Service, National Council of Churches of Christ 1495

Rev. Walter W. Van Kirk, executive director. Department of International
Good Will, National Council of Churches of Christ, in behalf of the gen-
eral board of the National Council of Churches of Christ 1496

Rev. Wynn C. Fairfield, executive director. Department of Church World

Service, National Council of Churches of Christ 1500

Rev. Earl F. Adams, director, Washington office, National Council

of Churches of Christ 1506

Rev. Joseph M. Dawson, representing the Baptist World Alliance. 1508

Rev. Fred E. Reissig, executive secretary, Washington Federation of

Churches - 1510

Rev. Harold H. Henderson, executive secretary. Committee on Displaced

Pensons, Presbyterian Church 1512

Rev. Benjamin Bushong, director. Department of Mutual Aid, Brethren

Service Connnission, Church of the Brethren 1512

Milan Obradovich, Displaced Persons Committee, Serbian-American

Orthodox Church 1513

The Very Reverend Francis B. Sayre, Jr., dean, Washington Cathedral. _ 1514

Rev. Robert E. Van Deusen, representing the National Lutheran Council. 1515

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Michael F. Markel, legal adviser, Resettlement Service, National Lutheran

Council 1517

Rev. Donald F. Bautz, executive director, Lutheran Inner Mission Society;

cliairnian, Washington Area Lutheran Resettlement Committee 1520

Lewis M. Hoskins, in behalf of the American Friends Service Committee,

Inc L522

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Edward K. Swanstrom, executive director, War Relief
Services, National Catholic Welfare Conference, accompanied by Rev.

Aloysius Wycislo and James. J. Norris 1527

TvOuis E. Levinthal, representing the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant
Aid Society, the I'nited Service for New Americans, and the National
Council of Jewish Women, accompanied by William Males, administra-
tive assistant, HIAS; Ann S. Petluck, assistant executive director of

L'SNA; and Abraham Rockmore, counsel for HIAS 1531

Irving M. Engel, representing the American Jewish Committee and the
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, accompanied by Sidney

Liskofsky 1547

Sidney Liskofsky, in behalf of the American Jewish Committee 1556

Mrs. Harrison S. Elliott, in behalf of Young Women's Christian Asso-

ciat ion ^ 1560

William T. Snyder, in behalf of the Mennonite Central Committee 1561

J. Winfield Fretz, in behalf of the Mennonite Central Committee 1562

Mrs. Joseph Willen, in behalf of the National Council of Jewish Women, _ 1563

Twenty-eighth Session

1:30 p. m., tuesday, october 28, 1952, at washington, d. c.

John W. Cragun, chairman, administrative law section, American Bar

Association 1 565

Louis L. JaflFee (professor of administrative law. Harvard Law School)
chairman of the committee on immigration of the administrative law
section of the American Bar Association, and also on behalf of Henry M.
Hart, Jr. (professor of law. Harvard University) 1566

Filindo B. Alasino, president of the Association of Immigration and Na-
tionality Lawyers 1587

Amerigo D'Agostino, chairman, committee on congressional trends. Asso-
ciation of Immigration and Nationality Lawyers 1592

Jack Wasserman, legislative representative. Association of Immigration and

Nat ionality Lawyers 1597

Allen ¥,. Throop, chairman of the committee on administrative law, the

Association of the Bar of the City of New York 1605

Boris Shiskin, representing the American Federation of Labor 1607

Walter Reuther, president, United Automobile Workers, Congress of In-
dustrial Organizations, represented by Donald Montgomery 1620

Philip Murray, president, Congress of Industrial Organizations, repre-
sented by Allan S. Haywood, executive vice president 1622

Lewis K. Gough, national commander, the American Legion 1628

A. B. Kline, president, American Farm Bureau Federation 1630

H. L. Mitchell, president, National Agricultural Workers Union, American

Federal ion of Labor 1 630

Lloyd C. Halvorson, representing the National Grange 1632

Francis D. Skelley, national first vice commander and director of the na-
tional Americanism program of the Catholic War Veterans of the United
States, accompanied by Thomas Walsh 1633

Mrs. Bruce D. Reynolds, chairmaTi of the national defense committee of the

National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution 1635

Mrs. J. Frederick Roe, representing the New York State oj-ganization,
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the
New ^'ork City colony. National Societ}' of New England Women 1636

A. E. Zuker (professor of foreign languages, head of the Foreign Language

Department, University of Maryland) 1640

George Washington Williams, representing the Society of the War of 1812

of \laryland and the General Society of the War of 1812 1644

Louis E. Spiegler, representing the Jewish War Veterans of the United

States 1649

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Mrs. Margaret Hopkins Worrell, national president, the Wheel of Progress,

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