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and national legislative chairman, Ladies of the Grand Army of the
Republic 1652

Mrs. W. D. Leetch, chairman of legislation, National Society of New Eng-
land Women, also on behalf of the National Society, Women Descend-
ants of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, and the Women's
Patriotic Conference on National Defense 1654

Charles H. Slayman, Jr., executive director, American Veterans Com-
mittee (AMVETS) 1655

Mrs. Ruth Z. Murphy, executive vice president, National Council on

Naturalization and Citizenship - — 1658

Emily Parker Simon, chairman, policy committee. Women's International

League for Peace and Freedom, United States Section 1662

Sallv Butler, director, legislative research. General Federation of Women's

Clubs-.,' 1663

War Resisters' League 1664

Alexander T. Wells, past international president. International Lions 1664

Twenty-ninth Session
9:30 a. m., wednesday, october 29, 1952, at washington, d. c.

Vannevar Bush, president of the Carnegie Institution of Washington (for-
mer Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development) 1667

Hon. John W. Gibson (former Chairman, United States Displaced Persons

Commission, former Assistant Secretary of Labor) 1673

Gerald D. Finney, assistant general solicitor. Association of American

Railroads 1681

Alfred U. Krebs, counsel for the National Federation of American Shipping,

Inc., and also representing the American Merchant Marine Institute 1685

Frank L. Noakes, director of research and representing the Brotherhood of
Maintenance of Way Employees and the Railway Labor Executives
Association 1693

Helen M. Harris, executive director, United Neighborhood Houses of
New York, and member of the board of directors, National Federation
of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers 1698

Alexander M. Burgess, M. D., national chairman. National Committee
for Resettlement of Foreign Physicians (former chairman of the Dis-
placed Persons Commission of Rhode Island) 1704

Stuart G. Tipton, general counsel. Air Transport Association of America 1710

William S. Swingle, president, National Foreign Trade Council, Inc 1717

Thirtieth Session
1:30 p. m., wednesday, october 29, 1952, at washington, d. c.

Leonard H. Pasqualicchio, national deputy, supreme lodge, representing

the Order of Sons of Italy in America 1719

Albert J. Persichetti, Samuel B. Regalbuto, and Andrew N. Farnese, on
behalf of the Italian-American Committee for Better Government of
Philadelphia 1727

Robert F. Holoch, chairman. National Committee on Public Affairs,

Steuben Society of America 1 729

Richard Akagi, associate legislative director, Anti-Discrimination Com-
mittee, Japanese-American Citizens League 1729

Bruce ^I. Mohler, director of the Bureau of Immigration, National Catholic

Welfare Conference 1737

James Finucane, associate secretary of the National Council for the Pre-
vention of War 1 742

Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, president of the International Peasant's Union — 1750

G. M. Dimitrov, secretary-general, International Peasant's Union 1757

William J. Cahill, counsel for United Friends of Needy and Displaced

People of Yugoslovia, Inc 1758

Gardner Osborn, president, American Coalition 1762

Bogumil Vosnjak 1 763

Adolph Klimek, chairman of the Social Aid Committee of the Council of

Free Czechoslovakia 1764

Jury Sobolewski, delegate. Central Council of the Byelorussian Democratic

Republic 1767

INDEX 2027


Mrs. J. Frederick Roe, corresponding secretary, New York Colony, Na-
tional Society of New f'ngland Women 176S

James C Mylonas, oti Ix-half of the Supreme Lodge of Order American

Hellenic Educational Progressive Association 1769

Meyer L. Brown, president, and Louis Segal, general-secretary, Farband

Labor Zionist Order 1771

William Van Royen (professor of geography, University of Maryland) __ 1772


Floyd Ming, national commander. Disabled American Veterans 1775

Victor F. Weisskopf, vice chairman, Federation of American Scientists 1775

Mrs. Louise S. CJlockle, Anchorage, Alaska ■ 1777

Norman Acton, assistant secretar)' general. International Society for the

Welfare of Cripples " 1779

Austin Williamson, vice president and general manager, the Peninsular

Occidental Steamship Co 1779

Mrs. William H. Dalton, president, National Council of Catholic Women__ 1780

Elmer E. Rogers, Washington, D. C 1780

Ben Touster, president, Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society 1783

D. Aitchison, M. D., D. D., D. C. L. (minister and medical missionary),

Takonia Park, Md '._ 1791

Welburn Maycock, representing the American President Lines, Ltd 1792

Rufus H. Wilson, national legislative director, AMVETS__ 1798

Rt. Rev. T'elix (Feliks) F. Burant, president, Polish Immigration Com-
mittee, American Commission for Relief of Polish Immigrants, Inc 1798

Anthony V. Polito, HoUis, N. Y 1799

Konrad Sieniewicz, secretary general. Christian Democratic Union of

Central Europe 1 800

Hans Zeisel, (Columbia University), New York, N. Y 1803

Conrad M. Arensberg (professor of anthropology, Columbia University),

New York, N. Y . 1804

John T. Edsall, chairman, Committee on International Relations, Ameri-
can Academy of Arts and Sciences ^ 1807

Kathleen Hulchig, secretary. League of Americans of Ukranian Descent,
Inc.; Chicago branch of United Ukrainian American Relief Committee,

Inc.; and of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America 1809

O. Nicholas Werner, New- York 1810

Fred J. Moscone, Boston, Mass 1811

Frances E. Skinner, executive director. International Institute of Duluth,

Minn 1812

Edward Hong, general counsel, and Gilbert B. Moy, executive secretary,

the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New York 1813

S. I. Hayakawa, editor of ETC, A Review of General Semantics 1816

Mrs. C. A. Lee, regent, Wadsworth Tiail Chapter, Daughters of the Ameri-
can Revolution, Morris, Minn ^ 1S17

Rabbi Edward T. Sandrow, president, South Shore Jewish Community

Council, Cedarhurst, N. Y 1817

Anna Marie Curtin, information secretary, the Ameiicanization League ot

Syracuse and (Jnonflaga County, Inc 1818

John H. P>rguson, Cleveland, Ohio 1819

Mrs. Inez E. Moore, Valdez, Alaska 1820

Stanley L. Johnson, secretary-treasurer and Daniel D. Carmell, general
counsel, Illinois State Federation of Labor of the American Federation

of Labor 1 820

Rev. Danila Pascu, pastor of the Romanian Baptist Church, Cleveland,

Ohio 1822

H. William Ihrig, Milwaukee, Wis 1824

Mrs. W. II. Andrews, Garden City, N. Y 1826

Mrs. Fred A. lirown, Wrightsville, Pa 1826

Fred A. Brown, Wrightsville, Pa 1826

Mrs. John King, Fairfax, Va 1826

Mrs. M. Theresa Guardenier, East Springfield, N. Y 1826

Mrs. Sherman F. Worster, Brooklyn, N. Y 1826

Blanche O. Guardenier, Brooklyn, N. Y 1826

Mrs. George A. Wilson, La Canada, Calif 1827

25356^-52^ 128

2028 INDEX


Ruth H. Newbold, Clinton, Conn 1827

Mrs. Walter S. Newton, Brooklyn, N. Y 1827

Iva Lake Brennan, Brooklyn, N. Y 1828

Bessie Bloom Wessel (professor of social anthropology, Connecticut Col-
lege) T 1828

Mrs. Rudy Schmeickel, secretary. Dr. Samuel Presco II Chapter, National

Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution 1829

Palmer Di Giulio, member, Immigration and Naturalization Committee.

Supreme Lodge, Order Sons of Italv in America 1829

Mrs. Charles Jocelyn, East Si>ringfield, N. Y 1830

Florence Murphy, Cooperstown, N. Y 1831

Frances and Cleo J. Kennedy, Minneapolis, Minn 1831

Mrs. C. W. Spaulding, in behalf of the Owatonna Chapter, Minnesota

Daushters of the American Revolution 1831

Grace Brush, Brooklvn, N. Y 1831

Mrs. Arthur C. Erickson, Eveleth, Minn 1832

Mrs. W. B. Newhall, Minneapolis, Minn 1832

Ruth Michels, Virginia, Minn 1832

Mildred E. VonderWeyer, president, and Martha A. Steinwitz, executive
secretary of the board of directors, International Institute, St. Paul,

Minn. A 1832

Pauline Gardescu, executive director, International Institute of Boston. _ 1833
Henry Heineman, in behalf of the Chicago Division of the American Civil

Liberties Union and the American Jewish Committee 1834

Arthur H. Compton, chancelor, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo__ 1837


Memorandum by Oscar Handlin, associate professor of history, Harvard
University, concerning the background of the national-origin quota
system 1 839

Information provided by the United States Department of State concern-
ing the —

Organization and number of Foreign Service posts 1863

Visa officers of the American Foreign Service 1864

Grounds for refusal of immigration visas 1874

Past proposals to organize the passport and visa functions 1881

World-wide quota-control administration 1884

Review and appeal procedures used in the Passport Division 1886

Review procedures with regard to the issuance or refusal of visas 1889

Reasons for the underissuance of immigration visas for a number of
immigration quotas after the passage of the Immigration Act of

1924 1890

Number of nonquota visas issued, and portions of immigration quotas

unused for the fiscal years 1925-52 1891

Quota visa and general quota statistics 1899

(1) Quota visa statistics

(2) Oversubscribed quotas, total registration thereunder, year

through which quotas were mortgaged vmder the Displaced
Persons Act, theoretical period of waiting for an applicant's
quota number to be reached

(3) Reduction of quotas by section 19 (c) of the Immigration

Act of 1917

(4) Reduction of quotas by special acts

(5) Reduction of quotas by section 4 of the Displaced Persons

Act as amended

Immigration laws and policies of Australia, Canada, New Zealand,
South Africa, the United Kingdom, Kenya and Tanganyika, North-
ern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Peru, and Chile 1903

Present emigration policies of U. S. S. R., Poland, Czechoslovakia,

Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia 1934

Resolution VII adopted at the Chapultepec Conference at Mexico in
1945 dealing with the elimination of centers of subversive influence
and means of preventing the admission of dangerous deportees and
propaganda agents 1938

Policies and practices of the Western European democracies and
British Commonwealth nations in granting asylum to political
refugees 1 939

INDEX 2029

Iiiforination provided l)y the United States Department of Justice, Ininii-
gration and Naturalization Service, concerning the —

Edncation, background, and other (jualifications of hearing oflRcers of

the Immigration and NaturaHzation Service 1944

Salary rates of officers conducting formal hearings in exclusion and

expulsion i)roceedings 1953

Detention of aliens and the execution of orders of deportation of the

Justice Department 1953

Exclusion of aliens without a hearing on the basis of confidential infor-
mation 1964

Private inmiigration and nationality bills introduced in the Eighty-
first and Eighty-second Congresses 1969

Information provided by the United States Department of Labor con-
cerning the—

Certifications as to unavailability of domestic labor during 1946-52. . 1972
Manpower aspects of immigration policy, immigration quotas in rela-
tion to siz(> of the United States population, and population growth

and capital investment in the United States, 1919-60 1974

Method used by tlie Bureau of Labor Statistics for estimating additions
to the labor force in 1955 and 1960 resulting from assumed levels of

net immigrat ion 1976

List of critical occupations in the United States, effective May 7, 1952,

and revised to August 26, 1952 1977

Information provided by the United States Atomic Energy Commission
concerning references on contributions of foreign-born scientists to the

United States atomic energy program 1978

Information provided by the United States Department of Agriculture con-
cerning Agriculture: Yesterdaj', Toda}', and Tomorrow 1993




A. B. C. Roofing and Siding, Inc 1135

Advisory Committee on Employment Problems of Latin Arnericans 1057

Aid Refugee Chinese Intellectuals, Inc 208

AFL. {See American Federation of Labor.)

AHEPA. (See American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association.)

Air Transport Association of America 1710

Alliance Printers & Publishers, Inc 824

Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America 673

American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1807

American Aid Society 585,603

American Banater Relief 482

Detroit 542

St. Louis 957

American Association for the Advancement of Science 1466

American Association of Social Workers :

Boston Chapter 356

St. Louis Chapter 058

American Association of University Women, Los Angeles 1216

American Bar Association, Administrative Law Section, Committee on

Immigration 1565, 1566

American Bulgarian League 519

American Coalition 1762

American Civil Liberties Union 9

Chicago division 675, 1834

Cleveland branch 515

Northern California 1090

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born 277, 290, 487

Massachusetts Chapter 437

Michigan 643

Minnesota 907

Northern California Committee 1130

American Committee for Resettlement of Polish DP's 819

American Committee on Italian Migration 47

California Chapter 1046

Chicago 688

Cleveland 528

Detroit 542

Hopkins, Minn 913

Los Angeles 1199

Michigan Chapter 612

American Commission for Relief of Polish Immigrants, Inc., Polish Immi-
gration Committee 264, 1798

American Council of Learned Societies 1464

American Council on Human Rights, Los Angeles 1245

American Council of Nationalities 626

ADA. (See Americans for Democratic Action.)

American Defense Society, Inc 263

American Farm Bureau Federation 1630


INDEX 2031


American Fodei-ation of Labor 1607

Boston Central Labor Union 348

California Stnte Federation of Labor 1066

Cliicajro Federation of Lai)or 66.3

Cleveland Federation of Labor 499

Detroit an(i Wayne County Federation of Labor n(iO

Illinois State Federation of Labor 663, 1820

Los AnueU's 1245

Los AnLreles Central Lal)or Council 1165

Nationnl Agricnltural Workers Union 1630

Railway ihnployees Department 1693

Teamsters and CbaulTeurs, local 688 953

American Federation of Polisli Jews, Chicaso District 772

Americans for Democratic Action, Detroit Chapter 640

American Foreign Laniruage Newspapers, Committee of Editors of 201

American Friends Service Committee, Inc 1522, 1''58

Los Angeles 1216

San Francisco regional oflSce 1099

American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, Order of 216,

431, 536, 622, 1238, 1769

Athens Chapter, Displaced Persons Committee 348

Chicago 703

Detroit 542

Michigan 620

Thirteenth District comprising the States of Illinois, Wisconsin,

and Missouri 844

West coast region 1125, 1241

American-Hungarian Catholic Newspaper 485

American Hungarian Federation 838, 1207

Washington State 1074

Associated Industries of Missouri 967

American-Italian Democratic Committee .1199

American Jewish Committee 108, 1547, 1556, 1658

Boston Chapter 334

Chicago 675, 1834

Los Angeles, Calif 1245

San Francisco Chapter 1022

American Jewish Congress 94

Commission on Law and Social Action 296

Chicago 760, 771

New England region 334

St. Louis Council 937

Southern California division 1206

American Legion 1628

Cathay Post 384 1045

Chinatown Post 328 , 416

Department of Illinois, Cook County Council 698

Los Angeles, Calif 1151

American Merchant ^larine Institute 1685

American National Committee To Aid Homeless Armenians 1015

American President Lines, Ltd 1792

American Pelief for Poland:

District No. 10 911

Philadelphia Division 293

American Service Institute of Allegheny County 519

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers 294

American Society of Industrial Law 1464

American Train Dispatchers' Association 1693

American Veterans of World War II. (See AMVETS.)

AMVETS 1655, 179S

D;'partment of Michigan 577

Association of Immigration and Nationality Lawyers 1587

Committee on Congressional Trends 1592

Legislative representative 1597

Los Angeles Chapter 1591

2032 INDEX


Association of American Railroads 1681

Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Committee on Adminis-
trative Law 1605


Back of the Yards Council in Chicago 730'

Baptist World Alliance 1508

B'nai B'rith :

Antidefamation League of 108, 1547

Buffalo 525

Chicago 760

Los Angeles 1245

New England Region 334

St. Louis 937

San Francisco regional oflBce 1022

Southern region 1315

Women, Southern California Conference 1245

Young Adults, Los Angeles 1245

Youth Organization, Los Angeles 1245

Board of Community Relations of the City of Buffalo 525

Board of Rabbis of Northern California 1027

Brotherhood Maintenance of Way Employees 1693

Brotherhood of Railroad Singalmen of America 1693

Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America 1693

Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express

and Station Employees 1693

Brotherhood of Sleeping-Car Porters 1693

Byelerussian Democratic Republic, Central Council of 1767


California Farm Research and Legislative Committee 1091

California Federation for Civic Unity 1113

California Cooperative League, Southern Division 1245

Carnegie Institution of Washington 1667

Catholic Archdiocese of —

Boston 313

Chicago, resettlement director 749

Cincinnati, Catholic charities 491

Detroit :

Council of Catholic Women 610

Resettlement director 542, 562

Los Angeles : 1197

Catholic charities director 1197

Resettlement director 1152

Milwaukee, resettlement director 682

Newark, New Jersey State legislative council l'^5

New Orleans, resettlement director : 1296

New York, Catholic charities director 86

St. Louis, Resettlement director 932

San Francisco, resettlement director 1020

Catholic Committee of the South 1296

Catholic Diocese of—

Brooklyn, social-action department 182

Buffalo, Catholic charities director 525

Cleveland, Catholic charities director 470

Duluth, resettlement director 924

Grand Rapids, resettlement director 600

Peoria, resettlement director 707

Providence, Diocesan Bureau of Social Service, Inc 3(>4

Savannah-Atlanta, resettlement director 1277

Toledo, Catholic charities director 1 468

Catholic Slovak Brotherhood 519

Catholic War Veterans of the United States :

Department of Michigan 577

National Americanism program director 1633

iNDLx 203a


O^ntral Citizens Coinniittco of I>tMroit, Mich 616

Central Confereuoe of Aniciican lial)l)is 94

Chamber (s) of Commerce:

Confederation of Mexican 1156

Kodiak. Alaslca 1134

Minneapolis 898

Peters! mrs, Alaska 1133

St. Louis 967

San Francisco, Chinese 1039,1099

Sit ka. Ahiska 1492

Chicaw Church World Service Committee for the Baptist Denomination.- 776

Displace!! I*ersons, Subcommittee of the . 792

Chicago Civil Liberties Committee 831

ChicajL^o Commons Association 675

Chicago Shimpo 842

Christian Advix-ate 836

Chinese American Citizens Alliance 1145

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association 270

New England 416

New York 1813

San Francisco 1039

Chinese Merchants Association, Boston 416

Chinese Order of Free Masons 416

Christian Democratic Union of Central Euroiie 1800

Church Federation :

Cleveland 501, 505, 506, 508, 511, 512

Greater St. Louis, Metropolitan 935

Church of God 41

Church of the Brethren, Department of Mutual Aid of the Brethren Service

Commission 1512

Church of the Redeemer (Universalist), Minneapolis 853

CIO. (iScp; Congress of Industrial Organizations. )

Citizens' Bureau of Cleveland ~ 534

CitizMiship Council of Cincinnati 491

Citizens Protective Association of St. Louis 969

Civic League of Italian Americans 688

Claremont Intercultural Council 1245

Cleveland Citizen 499

Cleveland Council of Church Women 511, 512

Cleveland Press 476

Coca-Cola Export Corp. in New York 88

Collegial Society of Hungarian Veterans in U. S. A 288

Columbian Federation of Michigan 542

Columbian Society of St. Louis 963

Common Council for American Unity 1658

Community Relations Council, Indianapolis 690

Congregational Conference Southern California and the Southwest, social

action department 1245

Congress of Industrial Organizations 1622

Boston region 378

California Council 1159

California Industrial Union Council ■. ll.'')9

Cleveland area 495

Georgia CIO Council 1293

Greater Los Angeles CIO Coxincil 1245

Hennepin County (Minn.) Industrial Union Council 866

Massachusetts State Industrial Union Council r*>44

Minnesota State Council 854

Packinghouse Workers of America 874, 876

United Automobile, Aircraft and Agricultural Implement Workers of

America 595, 580, 1620

Los Angeles 1245

Constitutional Americans 833

Coordinating Committee for Resettlement of Displaced Persons in San

Diego 1202

Cotton Producers Association 1299

2034 INDEX


Council of Churches of :
Christ in the U. S. A. :

Department of Church World Service 1495, 1500, 1658

Methodist Committee for Overseas Relief 353

Department of International Good Will 1496

Washington Office 1506

Buffalo 525

Connecticut International Relations Committee 289

Detroit 542

Social Service Department 593

Greater Cincinnati 491

Minnesota, Committee on Social Education and Action 847

New Haven 352

New Orleans. Department of Civil Affairs 1296

New York State 353

Northern California, Nevada 1008

Oklahoma, State of 976

Southern California 1140

Council of Free Czechoslovakia 1763

Council of Social Agencies, Buffalo 525

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Atlanta 1262

Croatian Fraternal Union 519

Croatian Refugee Committee 815

Crown-Zellerbach Corp 1112


Daughters of the American Revolution 1635

Atlanta Chapter 1348

California Society :

Legislative committee 1105

National defense 1211

Cherokee Chapter 1320, 1322

Dr. Samuel Fresco II Chapter 1829

Illinois State organization 712

Massachusetts State organization 353

Minnesota State organization 860

Owatonna Chapter 1831

AVadsworth Trail Chapter 1817

New York State Organization 245, 1636

Decalogue Society of Lawyers 760

Disabled American Veterans 1775

Duarte Citizens' League 1245


Eagle Rock Council for Civic Unity 1245

Emma Lazarus Clubs, Chicago Council of 734

Emory University Law School 1290

Epirotic Society 542

Episcopal League for Social Action, Los Angeles 1245

Episcopal Trinity Church of Boston, Mass 333

Estonian Aid, Inc 272

Estonian Relief Committee, Inc 276

ETC : A Review of General Semantics 843, 1816

Evangelical Brethren Church, Los Angeles 1143


Fallon & Fallon, Attorneys at Law 1092

Farband Labor Zionist Order 1771

Chicago 760

Farm Bureau, San Diego County 1163

Farmers Union, National 889

North Dakota 889

Federated Community Service Organizations, Los Angeles 1245

INDEX 2035


Federation of American Scientists 404, 1775

Committee on Visa Problems 452

Stanford Chapter 1123

Federation of Jewisli Charities, San Francisco 1022

Federation of Jewisli IMulantliropies, Pittsburgh 519

Federation of .Jewish Tiade I'nions, Ciiica,i;o 760

Federation of Russian Ciiaritable Organizations of the United States 1096

Eastern representative 286

l^rst Baptist Church of Los Angeles Social Progress Commission 1245

First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles 1150

First Unitarian Church, New Orleans 129tJ

First I^nitarian Society of Minneapolis 853

Free Hungarian Reformed Church 624

Freeland League for Jewish Territorial Colonization 287

Free/.-King Corp 827

Friends Committee on Legislation of Northern California 1102


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