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.im 13 1919 -



THE civilized world lias shown its abhorrence of the wanton
ravage of innocents. Against the iron and steel militarism

which could decree the starving and sinking and burning and
rape of unoffending noncombatant villagers, patient peasant mol liers,

harmless children, and helpless old men, the civilized human family
has risen in wrath.

But the ravage of innocents is not ended. In the villages and
cities of our own country there remain destroyers of women and
children whoso toll of victims in the long years of peace is greater
and more terrible than the victims of German madness. These
enemies of civilization are the venereal diseases — gonorrhea and


The germs of syphilis are small — so small that they can be seen
only through the microscope — but they are none the less dangerous
and treacherous in their attack. They a! tuck not only those men
and women guilty of immoral sexual relations. Such people are
largely responsible for the spread of syphilis, but its victims are
often blameless wives and helpless children. It invades the homo
and is carried from the husband to the wife and other members of
the family. An innocent woman or child may be betrayed to the
enemy by a kiss. Syphilis is often \rry hard to detect even when
it is transmissible, and a husband may expose his wife entirely
against his wishes and without the knowledge of either one of them.
If uncured, it enters the blood stream of man, woman, or child and
there intrenches itself for an attack on the vital organs years later.
Then it may cause repulsive ulcers and eat away the bone and
flesh. It may attack nerve centers and the brain, causing loco-
motor ataxia, paralysis, paresis (softening of the brain), and
insanity. Sometimes in the earlier stages when most readily cured
it is least visible and apparent. A germ enemy intrenched' in the
Nation's blood is worse than a human enemy intrenched on the
Nation's borders.

But terrible as are the effects of uncured syphilis transferred to
an innocent wife, the most devastating ravage of this arch disease
enemy is its transmission from the mother to the child before birth.
In this way it takes a tremendous, secret toll of human life in the
form of miscarriages and stillbirths. Worse still, children with
syphilis in their blood come into the world to^md a brief, miserable
existence. Those that survive go througn life with permanent
handicaps. Others till our homes for thfe- dependent and insane.
Are the ravages of Belgian women and euilddbAM$r§ tqrwkle than
this? Wounds on the battlefield do not^arry physicaf^wison to
the wife and children at home. N^

llS-'oT'— 19


Gonorrhea, the other venereal disease enemy, nearly always
attacks the human body by invading the walls and tube passages
of the male and female reproductive organs. Direct blows at the
vitality of the race are thus delivered. In both man and woman
it may cause, in a variety of ways, sterility, or inability to have
children. Transmissible mainly by sexual relations, it is often
unknowingly to wives. It is as if an enemy should place
secret agents especially to attack pregnant women. It causes
miscarriages, operations, chronic invalidism among women whose
strength is of such vital importance for the proper care of children.
In man, if uncured, it may lead to stricture, rheumatism, and
serious organic trouble. As treacherous as syphilis, it may lie
dormant for months and years to spring up again and he passed
unknowingly to another person, as for instance, from the mother's
body to tne baby's eyes at birth. 1

Gonorrhea, innocently acquired through contact with infected
persons or articles, often occurs among little girls. With these
victims the disease is cruelly persistent and hard to cure.

As secret and treacherous and heartless are these enemies as is the


We do not see the wounded victims nor do the newspapers display
the casualty lists of the dead from these ravagers. But the casual-
ties are there, hidden among the death notices, and many more
unrecorded victims, destroyed before birth or dead at birth. The
wounded victims fill to the doors our institutions for the insane, the
blind, and helpless. ' : le are real casualties, people dead, bodies
wounded, minds destroyed not heroic victims adorned with gold
chevrons, but victims as innocent as the refugees of France and
Belgium. In our homes, hospitals, and public institutions this year
ending December $1, 1910, there unll be more injured and killed via
of these diseases than the United States lost during the entire war in


There are, among us, human allies of this enemy of America's
civilization. The quack doctors and the venders of patent medi-
cines who prey upon their victims with "quick" cures that do not
really cure, the person with one of the diseases who exposes another,
the mar. or woman who directly or indirectly promotes the busii
of commercialized prostitution— such persons are giving aid and
oomforl to the foes of American civilization.

So, too, he who whispers to the youth that gonorrhea is no worse
than a bad cold, or spreads bhe He that there is a sex necessity for
unmarried youth that must be gratified by sex intercourse, is an
agent of insidious enemy propaganda. And the people who sup-
press nil publication of facts and warnings regarding the enemy
diseases are unwitting dupes, betraying the cause of healthy man-
hood and womanhood.

' Gkwonliea] WtadMM in BW-bOrn . be prevented If Hie physician will use a certain soluUoji





Against those ravage rs of the innocent and their allies America is at open and
relentless war. Begun for the protection of (he young men in the Army, this war in
now being prosecuted by the public tn-ali h auti; Nation and State for tin:

protection of the whole citizenship. Xeare of patient si ml*, have developed a m
of recognition and effective cum, The military author!' a diseases

afe not an unconquerable toe.

Then; will be no peace conference with the plenipot* ataariea oi
now organized not only a defensive campaign of cure bul a great health offensive ol
vent ion by suppress tutionand promoting education reinforced ty recreation.

.state by stale, ' • i i \- 1>\ city, village by village, from Maine to California, a united front
of citizens is being duiII up who will tight the war to a glorious finish. American public
opinion is mobilized against syphilis and gonorrhea.


The medical profession is a vital pail of the lighting force againal venereal diseases.
K verj v ictim, whether innocent or guilty, is a potential carrier of the poison to others.

All means, then-fore, must be used to extend free, prompt and scientific treats
who need it. A prompt cure, moreover, cuts off the disease in its infectious BtS
sa\ im, r others as well as the victim from the severe consequences of a relapse and the
final si

Clinics, free to venereal patients in every center of population, will extend prompt
and .n are carriersof venereal diseases, lb- should
learn the very Beriouscom il diseases to his own bodv and the dai
of passing them on to his future wife and children.

Women and mature girls should learn of the havoc wrought by gonorrhea and

All parents should know the facts of box h\ ind physiology necessary for

ins) meting- their own children and for imparting to them the ideals of a chivalrous
spirit, clean mind and body a sure protection again


The supply of prosti at also be reduced, as far as possible, by strict law

enforcement. This meai ogofanye 3 that have

survived the war, and th. m ■• and supervising of Btr

ance halls, aim- Eor-nire autos, ami road houses, in order that

Ming customers. Prostitution, made an
unprofitable business, will in volume.


Many unfortunate women after being arrested and sentenced will want to return to
the old life as soon as they are released. A percentage of these are feeble-minded,
others are beyond reclamation. They must therefore be confined permanently in
institutions. At large they are voluntary carriers of venereal disease. Other unfor-
tunates can be reclaimed to a decent life by having their health restored, and by being
taught a useful occupation. By arresting and detaining all prostitutes, by keeping
the feeble-minded and hardened prostitutes permanently isolated from society, by
turning back wayward girls prepared to live a decent life, the supply of commercial
prostitutes can be reduced to a minimum and the most prolific cause of the spread of
the diseases largely removed.


A most valuable aid to these three lines of public health attack is sound, healthful
recreation for all young people. The ages when boys and girls commit their first sex
offenses are the 'teens and early twenties. These are also the ages when girls and boys
alike are in need of exciting recreation. Vice promoters employ for their own ends this
craving for companionship, excitement, color, adventure and romance, and entice their
victims by appealing to their normal desires. It is a miserable, sordid, and tawdry
kind of recreation they give, leaving the venereal enemy in its wake — but it is recrea-
tion. Excitement, adventure, romance, and companionship, however, can now be
furnished by communities in a wholesome, healthful way. Such recreation forms an
effective attack on the venereal diseases.


In attacking our European enemy we brought to bear every possible
agency — airplanes, artillery, engineering, hospitals, gas, industry,
shipping, propaganda, full man and woman power. We did not stop
to argue about the comparative value of ammunition and hospitals.
We needed both and used both. In this health war, too, we can not
profitably stop to argue whether motion pictures or clinics or play-
grounds or detention homes are the most effective means of reducing
the venereal enemy. We must use all available means. It is an
emergency. It is war.

Every day we delay the construction of homes sufficient to care for
feeble-minded prostitutes; every day we delay the establishment of
venereal clinics or the proper education of boys and men in sex
hygiene; the syphilis and gonorrhea germs are being carried into
another home, blinding the eyes or poisoning the blood of more

All are needed in the citizen army. Civic organizations and clubs,
physicians, teachers, lawyers, ministers, nurses, mayors, police chiefs,
prosecutors, judges, councilmen, are needed in the fight to make the
American family safe for future generations.


Set A. For young men. Set T). For parents.

Set!'.. For the general public. Bel B. For girls and young women.

Set C. For boys. Set F. For educators.

Additional copies of this pamphlet and others explaining the Government's cam-
paign against venereal diw ases, and giving such facts of sex as are essential for the
welfare of young people, will be sent to any address free.



228 First Slrcel Norlhwest, Washington, D. C.

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