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R29 2 Same, with title, Documents accompanying report. 1879. v. 2.

R29 3 Reports of Silver Commission of 1876; reprint of Senate report 703,

44th Congress, 2d session [without accompanying documents].

1887. [2429-396, pt. 1]
R29 4 Same. [Reprint] 1896.
Y3.N21 1 : Naturalization Commission

R29 Report; submitted Nov. 8, 1905. 1905. (59th Cong. 1st sess. II .
doc. 46; serial no. 4984.)

Y3.N21 2 : National Monetary Commission, 1908-

[The commission has issued many other publications which are not listed below
because they appeared only as Congressional documents.]

B22 1 Banking laws. Hearings on changes in administrative features of
national banking laws, Dec. 2, 3, 1908. 1908. [Also in 61st
Congress, 2d session, S. doc. 404, p. 191-374, serial no. 5612.]

B22 2 Banking laws. Replies to circular letter of inquiry [sent to all
national banks] Sept. 26, 1908, on suggested changes in ad-
ministrative features of national banking laws. 1909. [This
same material, rearranged, appears also in 61st Congress, 2d
session, Senate document 404, p. 5-180, serial no. 5612.]

C76 1 Conferences. List of conferences in London, Paris, and Berlin,
held by National Monetary Commission, and papers and
statistics [on banking, etc.] to be prepared for commission;
corrected to Jan. 30, 1909. 1909.

C76 2 Same; corrected to Mar. 18, 1909. 1909.

F52 Fiscal systems. Report to National Monetary Commission on fiscal
systems of United States, England, France, and Germany.
1909. [5611-403]

P96 1 Publications in course of prepaiation for National Monetary Com-
mission. Nov. 1, 1909.

P96 2 Same. Dec. 1, 1909.
Y3.N21 3 : | National Waterways Commission t

[Created by act approved Mar. 3, 1909 (Stat. L. v. 35, pt. 1, p. 818), which pro-
vided that the term of the commission should expire on Mar. 4, 1911. f]

B45 Berlin, Germany. Report [July 22, 1903] on canals and navigable
rivers in district of Berlin; [by Frank H. Mason]. 1909.
(National Waterways Commission. Document 1.)

t Since the period covered by this Checklist the National Waterways Commission,
in addition to the publications listed on p. 1519 and 1520, has issued Documents
12-15 and a preliminary report which appeared as 61st Congress, 2d session, Senate
document 301, in serial no. 5657.

The rivers and harbors appropriation act approved Feb. 27, 1911 (Stat. L. v. 36,
pt. 1, p. 956) provides that the commission "snail be continued until Nov. 4, 1911
* * * and shall make a final report to Congress * * * not later than Nov. 4, 1911."
In Dec. 1911, the report is in preparation; to be ready for press in Jan. 1912.



Y3.N21 3 :


C76 1
C76 2





UnS 1
Un3 2

Y3.N21 4 :

Y3.N51 :

R29 1

R29 2


National Waterways Commission f Continued

China. Memorandum on navigation of rivers of China, Korea, and
Russian far East; [by Willard D. Straight]. 1909. (National
Waterways Commission. Document 3.)

Consular officers. Questions [concerning European waterways] for
consular officers in Europe, to follow letter from State Depart-
ment. 1909. (National Waterways Commission. Docu-
ment 2.) Hi

Consular officers. Questions showing scope of work of National
Waterways Commission, including inquiries [concerning
waterways in Europe and United States] transmitted to con-
sular and engineer officers of United States. 1909. (National
Waterways Commission. Document 6.)

Delaware and Raritan Canal. Statement of expenses, net earnings,
excess of expenses, tons, and tons 1 mile of Delaware and
Raritan Canal, 1872-1908. 1909. (National Waterways Com-
mission. Document 4.)

Europe. Reports of consular officers of United States located in
Germany, Austria-Hungary, France, Belgium, and Nether-
lands, on river and harbor improvements in their respective
districts. July 20, 1909. (National Waterways Commission.
Document 7.)

Hamburg, Germany. Report [Nov. 27, 1903, on port of Hamburg
and lower Elbe; by F. A. Mahan]. 1909. (National Water-
ways Commission. Document 5.)

Mississippi River. Traffic history of Mississippi River system; by
Frank Haigh Dixon. Dec. 1909. (National Waterways Com-
mission. Document 11.)

Rhine River. Act for construction of navigable canal from Rhine
to Elbe, and report on project, description and tables of cost,
etc., of canals and canalized rivers in Germany; translated
by Annie M. Brainard. July 21, 1909. (National Waterways
Commission. Document 8.)

Royal Commission on Canals and Waterways. Summary of report
[July 31, 1906] of Royal Commission on Canals and Waterways
of Great Britain; by Woodbury Pulsifer. July 24, 1909.
(National Waterways Commission. Document 9,)

United States. Tabulated statement relating to internal waterways
improved by United States Government. [Dec. 1909.] 4
([National Waterways Commission. Document 10.])

Same; revised and corrected to Jan. 1, 1910. Dec. 1909, [pub-
lished] 1910. 4 (National Waterways Commission. Docu-
ment 10.)

National Coast-Defense Board

Report. 1906. ([59th Cong. 1st sess. S. doc. 248]; serial no. 4913.)
Nicaragua Canal Commission

Report. Lord Baltimore Press, Friedenwald Company, Baltimore,

1899. 4

Same [atlas of maps and profiles]. [Lord Baltimore Press, Frieden-
wald Company, Baltimore, 1899.] 4

[The Nicaragua Canal Commission was constituted by the act of June 4, 1897.
This, its complete report, is dated May 9, 1899. The report was not published
by the commission that made it, but, in a limited edition only, by the Isthmian
Canal Commission, constituted by the act of Mar. 3, 1899.]

f See footnote on p. 1519.


Y3.1M1 :

T28 1

T28 2
T28 4

T28 5
T28 6

T28 7
T28 8

T28 9






R29 1
R29 2
R29 3
R29 4


R29 1


Pacific Railway Commission

Reports. Pacific railway reporl.s, message of President, ami majority
and minority reports of commission appointed to invest
Pacific railways. [Jan. 17, 1888, reprint | Mar. 20, isijfj. (This
reprint is the report of the commission which apnears as pt. 1
of 50th i 1st session, Senate executive document 51,

the bureau edition of which is bound with the indexes for the
testimony taken by the commission. See, for the original
print of the report, Y3.P11:T28 9 .]

Testimony [Apr. 27-May 19, 1887]; reported by Charles P. Young.
1887. [v. 1.] [2505-51, pt. 2] [See, for pt. 1 of document 51,
serial no. 2505 v Y3.Pll:T2S 9 .]

Same [May 24-June 7, 1887]. 1887. v. 2. [2505-51, pt. 3]
Same [June 20-July 8, 1887]. 1887. v. 3. [2506-51, pt. 4]
Same [July 11-21, 1887, with additional testimony, Sept. 13-15,

1887]. 1887. v. 4. [2506-51, pt. 5]

Same [July 25-Aug. 8, 1887]. 1887. v. 5. [2507-51, pt. 6]
Same [Aug. 9-18, 1887, with additional testimony, Aug. 22-31,

1887]. 1887. v. 6. [2507-51, pt. 7]
Same [Aug. 22-Oct. 25, 1887, miscellaneous papers, etc.]. 1887.

v. 7. [2508-51, pt. 8]

Same [reports of inspecting engineer and accountants]. 1887.
v. 8. (50th Cong. 1st sess. S. ex. doc. 51, pt. 9; serial no.
2509.) [No edition without Congressional document number.]
Same [alphabetical, analytical, and topical indexes, by Edward C.
Manners; with] Report of commission and of minority commis-
sioner, reported by Charles P. Young. [1887.] [2509-51,
pt. 10 and 2505-51 [pt, 1] ] [This volume has no general title-
page. A title-page is given, however, for the Report of the
commission, and bears the imprint date 1887. The back-title
of the volume reads: Report of commission and of minority
commissioner; alphabetical and analytical index. See, for
1896 reprint of report, Y3.Pll:R29.]

Pacific Railway Commission (separates)

[The original print of the report of the commission and the indexes to the testimony
were also issued separately.]

Patent and Trade- Mark Laws Commission

Report of commissioners to revise statutes relating to patents, trade,
and other marks, and trade and commercial names, under act
approved June 4, 1898. 1902. [4031-20]

Philippine Commission, 1899-190O for Schurman Com-

See, for Philippine Commission, 1900-, or Taft Commission, W49.
Report. 1900. v. 1. [3885, v. 1-138]
Same. 1900. v. 2. [3885, v. 1-138]
Same. 1901. v. 3. [3885, v. 2-138]
Same. 1901. v. 4. [3885, v. 3-138]

See, for atlas accompanying report, Coast and Geodetic Survey,
Special publication 3 (Til. 16:3).

Porto Rico Laws Commission

Report of commission to revise and compile laws of Porto Rico, v. 1,
pts. 1-3: Commentaries on proposed revision. 1901. large 8
[4327-52] [English and Spanish . ]

R29 2 Same, v. 2, pts. 4, 5: Text of proposed revision. 1901. large 8

[4327-52] [English and Spanish.]

82452 11 96



Y3.P81 1 :

T28 1
T28 2

T28 3
T28 4

Y3.P84 2 :

R29 1

R29 2

Y3.P84 2 :

Y3.P91 :




R29 1

R29 2
Y3.P96 l :


Postal Service,

Commission to Investigate,

)ved June 13, 1898 (Stat. L. v. 30, p. 445), and

continued by acts approved Mar. 1, 1899 (Stat. L. v. 30, p. 966) and June 2, 1900
(Stat. L. v. 31, p. 261), the last of which directed the commission to report to
Congress on or before Jan. 1, 1901.]

Testimony, pt. 1: Railway-mail pay. 1900.

Same [with Report of commission]. 1901. [This volume is the

same as the previous print of pt. 1 (Y3.P84 J :T28 J ), except that

bound in front of the testimony is the report of the commission,

47 p., which appeared as 56th Congress, 2d session, House

report 2284, serial no. 4212.]
Same, pt. 2: Railway-mail pay. 1900.
Same, pt. 3: 2d-class mail matter, pneumatic-tube service, etc

See, for 2d edition of report and testimony, with additions, 56th

Congress, 2d session, Senate document 89, 3 pts., serial nos.


Postal Commission, 1906-07

Report of Postal Commission authorized by Congress to make inquiry
regarding 2d-class mail matter. 1907. [5060-5630]

Report of Postal Commission authorized by Congress to make inquiry
regarding 2d-class mail matter, with Hearings, Oct. 1-Nov. 28,
1906, [List of works relating to 2d-class mail matter], and Index-
digest of testimony. 1907. Ixv + 934 p. [5201-608] [An
incomplete print of the document edition having only 63 p. was
printed but omitted from the Congressional set.]

Postal Commission, 1906-07 (separates)

[The hearings before the commission were also issued separately.]

Precious Metals, Royal [British] Commission
Appointed to Inquire into Recent Changes
in Relative Values of (or Gold and Silver Commission
of Great Britain)

Report. Final report. 1889. [2615-34] [British document re-
printed for United States by order of Congress.]

President's Homes Commission. See Homes Commis-
sion (Y3.H75:).

Printing Investigation Commission

Appropriations and expenditures for public printing and binding
during fiscal years 1905-07; by Victor L. Ricketts. 1908.

Report of Congressional Printing Investigation Commission, created
by act approved Mar. 3, 1905, making appropriations to supply
deficiencies, etc., v. 1: Hearings. 1906.
Same, v. 2: Appendix and preliminary report. 1906.

Public Land Commission, 1879-80

[This commission appointed by President Hayes, July 1, 1879, under act of Mar. 3,
1879 (Stat. L. v. 20, p. 394), and continued by act of June 16, 1880 (Stat. L. v.
21, p. 245), was directed by law to codify the land laws and submit a plan for
the classification of the public lands, the work to be finished by Jan. 1, 1881.
The commissioners were James A. Williamson, commissioner of General Land
Office, Clarence King, geologist. Alexander T. Britton, John W. Powell, and
Thomas Donaldson. Their publications are said to exhibit the entire legisla-
tion of Cxmgress, up to and through the 2d session of the 46th Congress, upon
which public land titles in the States and Territories have depended, with a
digest of all Indian treaties affecting titles, and tables of judicial and executive
decisions. After the commission ceased to exist, later editions were issued
which embraced the laws passed up to the end of the 47th Congress, 1st ses-
sion, but as the later editions are only continuations of the publications of the
commission, brought down to date by the original compiler where possible, in
other cases the work being done by the General Land Office, they are classed
here with the publications of the commission.]

( lassMratlnn



:$. !!<;': Public Lnml Com mission, 1H7!-SO C.mmni<r|

for earlier compilat i<n- <>|' lan<l la\\.-, editions of IXIO or |s| I
(I v.) and 1S17 (L> prints..! I v. ,.TI .1' :!'!M; ' ; ; for editions of
ix.'x|v. !|an.i -'. Yl.l:P!Mi'.-'; for edition of 1888 (2 T.),

VI. 1:1"."


Q28 1


L78 3
L78 3

P96 1

P96 3
P96 3

< ieneral laws. Existing laws of United States of general and perma-
nent character relating to survey and disposition of public
domain, Dec. 1, 1880, embracing'references to previous l
lation, and citations of decisions from Federal and State courts
and from executive officers of United States. [1st edition.)
1880. [Tlii.- compilation appeared also in the Congressional
. preceded by the final report of the commission, as 4<;th
Congress, 3d session, House executive document 47, pt. 1, serial
no. 1975.]

Same, with [Final report of commission], Supplement embracing
laws passed at 3d session of 46th and 1st session of 47th Con-
gresses, and Digest of late decisions under land laws in con-
tinuation of citation of [judicial and executive] decisions'
Srepared under direction of commissioner of General Land
ffice. [2d edition.] 1884. [2155-45, pt. 1] [Only the
"Supplement" and "Digest" were prepared under direction
of commissioner of General Land Office.]

Local laws. Laws of United States of local or temporary character
exhibiting entire legislation of Congress upon which public
land titles in each State and Territory have depended, Dec. 1,
1880, embracing digest of all Indian treaties affecting titles to
public lands, abstract of authority for, and boundaries of,
existing military reservations, and table of judicial and execu-
tive decisions affecting various subjects arising under public
land system. [1st edition.] 1880. v. 1. [1976-47, pt. 2]

Same. [1st edition.] 1880. v. 2. [1976-47, pt. 3]

Same, with Supplement embracing laws passed at 3d session of
46th and 1st session of 47th Congresses, and Digest of late deci-
sions under land laws in continuation of citation of [judicial
and executive] decisions; prepared under direction of commis-
sioner of General Land Office. [2d edition.] 1884. v. 1.
[2156-45, pt. 2]

[Only the "Supplement" and " Digest" were prepared under the direction of the
commissioner of the General I/and Office.

This edition of v. 1 is identical with the 1880 edition of v. 1, except for the title-
page, which mentions a " Supplement" and a " Digest". The former is found
in v. 2 of the 1884 edition entered below; the latter, at the end of the 1884
edition of Existing laws of poneral and permanent character (Y3.P96':r,282).
This "Digest" is a continuation of the citation of decisions found at the
beginning of v. 1 in both the 1880 and 1884 editions.]

Same, fid edition.] 1884. v. 2. [2157-45, pt. 3] [The hack-
titles of both v. 1 and v. 2 of this 1884 edition bear the date

Public domain, its history, with statistics, with references to national
domain, colonization, acquirement of territory, survey, admin-
istration and methods of sale and disposition of public domain
of United States, with sketch of legislative history of land
States and Territories, and references to land system of the
colonies and of several foreign governments; by Thomas Don-,
aldson. [1st edition.] 1880.

Same. [2d edition] revised July 16, 1881. 1881. (46th Cong. 3d
seas. H. ex. doc. 47, pt. 4; serial no. 1975.) [No edition with-
out Congressional document number.]

Same, [with] addenda to June 30 and Dec. 1, 1883, [and] all forms'
and regulations to Dec. 1, 1883; revision and addenda by!
Thomas Donaldson. [3d edition.] 1884. [2158-15, pt. 4]
[The list of maps and diagrams which is p. xi of the bureau!
edition is omitted from the Congressional edition.]



Y3.P96 1 :


Y3.P96 2 :

R29 1

R29 2

Y3.P96 2 ":



Public Land Commission, 1879-80 Continued

Report. [Preliminary] report relating to public lands in western
portion of United States and to operation of existing land laws
[with letters and testimony taken by commission]. 1880.
[1923-46] [See, for final report, Existing laws of general and
permanent character relating to survey and disposition of pub-
lic domain, note following entry under Y3.P96 1 :G28 1 and the
entry under Y3.P96 1 :G28 2 .]

Public Lands Commission, 1903-05

[Appointed by President Roosevelt, Oct. 22, 1903, to report upon the condition,
operation, and effect of existing land laws, and to recommend needed changes.
The commission was composed of W. A. Richards, commissioner of General
Land Office. F. II. Newell, chief engineer in charge of the Reclamation Serv-
ice, and Gifrord Pinchot, chief forester. Partial reports were transmitted by
the President to Congress, Mar. 7, 1904, and Feb. 13, 1905; the appendix to
the report was transmitted Mar. 2, 1905; the whole being finally issued in one
volume. See Y3.P96 :R29 2.]

Report. Preliminary report upon condition, operation, and effect of
present land laws, and to recommend changes; 2d partial report
upon condition, operation, and effect of present land laws.
[1905.] [Made up of 58th Congress, 2d session, Senate docu-
ment 188, serial no. 4591, and 58th Congress, 3d session, Senate
document 154, serial no. 4765.]

Report, with appendix. 1905. (58th Cong. 3d sess. S. doc. 189;
serial no. 4766.) [Consists of the commission's preliminary
report, Senate document 188, 58th Congress, 2d session, and 2d
partial report, Senate document 154, 58th Congress, 3d session,
and appendix.]

Public Lands Commission, 1903-05 (separates)

Revision of Statutes Commission

See, for Revised statutes, S7.10:, and for Commission to Revise
Laws of United States, appointed under act approved June 4,
1897, Y3.L44:

[As early as 1848 the bulk of the Statutes at large, then filling 9 volumes, led to a
desire for a revision, excluding private and obsolete enactments and including
the whole body of permanent general laws of the United States in one volume.
In 1848 there was a strong report from the House Judiciary Committee in favor
of such a revision, and other similar reports followed, with the result that an
act approved June 27, 1866 (Stat. L. v. 14, p. 74), was passed by Congress. The
commissioners appointed under this act were Caleb Gushing, Charles P. James,
and William Johnson. The first appropriation to carry out this law was in
an act approved Mar. 2, 1807 (Stat. L. v. 14, p. 455, 456), and it is not probable
that the commissioners began work before the appropriation became available.
Cushing was sent to Bogota in 1868 to adjust a diplomatic dispute, and it does
not appear that he acted further with thAcommission. The Official register
of 1869 contains only the names of James d Johnson as commissioners. By
act approved May 4, 1870 (Stat. L. v. 16, p. 96), the law of June 1866, was
extended three years longer, and the names of the commissioners given in
the Official register were Charles P. James, Benj. Vaughan Abbott, and Victor
C. Barringer. Several reports were made by the commissioners in which it
appeared that they had made many minor changes in the wording of the
statutes, though such changes were noted in the margins. Their work was not
acceptable for the reason that it was regarded as impossible to enact a revision
, of the statutes proposing so many changes. An act approved Mar. 3, 1873
(Stat. L. v. 17, p. 579), was passed putting the work under the control
of a joint committee of the House and Senate, composed of Members and Sen-
ators appointed from the Committees on the Revision of the Laws of the
Senate and House respectively, which was authorized to receive from the
commissioners whatever reports they should make, and discharge them when
their term of service expired, which was May 4, 1873. The joint committee
was also authorized to contract with some person or persons, learned in the law,
to complete the work of revising the statutes of the United States, and Thomas
Jefferson Durant was selected to continue and finish the work. Durant revised
the commissioners' work, and his revision was introduced in the House as a
bill of the 43d Congress, 1st session, Dec. 10, 1873, by Benjamin F. Butler,
being given the number H. 1215. The copy of this bill in the Public Docu-
ments Library is without title-page, bill number, or heading, the lines being
numbered by sections as bills usually are, bound in leather, with back title:
Proposed revision of laws, 1873 (see Y3.R32:P94). This bill was referred to the
Committee on Revision of the Laws, and copies sent to many distinguished
lawyers throughout the United States, that it might be examined and made as
perfect as possible when reported to the House. The title given to the bill on

YJI.R.TJ: Revision of Statutes Coin mission - Coiuinued

1 rea-iingin the House was Bill to revise and consolidate statutes of Unit <<!
8tt' on 1st <lay of December, i *-<ed the House, was en-

grossed, and sent to the Senate, where it also passed. The copy of the act in
the Publu- !>oi iiuients Library ( Y:j.K:u:Ac8) bears the autograph sigm
of Janus (i. Waine. Speaker of the House, Matthew H. Carpenter. President
t>f i : -"I the approval of the act signed by U. 8. Grant. President of

his copy was presented ' .land to Dr. Wm.

U. .Mrh.iii'ev. at ihnl time a reading clerk of the House. The act was approved
Juih I published in 1S75, the volume containing also, as an appen-

dix, an act to correct errors and supply omissions, approved Feb. 18, 1875

A report by Durant, made to the joint committee and embodying a statement of
the changes he had made in the work of the commissioners, is referred to by
Mr. Poland in the debates on the bill before the House of Representatives, for
which see Congressional record, Jan. 21, 1*74 (X1S2, p. 819). This report is
supposed to have been published, though diligent inquiry has failed to locate
a copv.

Durant also revised the laws relating to the District of Columbia, and compiled
the Imliii, . post-road bill, and the bill regulating the punishment

for military otTenses.

In 1877, George S. Boutwell was appointed a commissioner for the purpose of
preparing and publishing a new edition of the 1st volume of the Revised stat-
utes. This edition was published in 1878, and is the legal standard; see

Act to revise and consolidate statutes of United States in force,
Dec. 1, 1873. [1874.] large 8 [Back title reads: Act revis-
ing and consolidating statutes of United States, 1st session,
43d Congress, 1873-74.]

Proposed revision of laws. [Bill, H. 1215, 43d Congress, to revise and
consolidate statutes of United States in force, Dec. 1, 1873.]
[1873.] large 8 [Back title reads: Proposed revision of laws,
1873. This volume is Thomas Jefferson Durant 's revision.]

Revision of United States statutes as drafted by commissioners
appointed for that purpose, as bound for examination by Com-
mittee of House of Representatives of 42d Congress on Revision
of Laws. 1872. v. 1.

Same. 1872. v. 2. [Both of these volumes are composed of
separately paged "titles" and consecutively numbered with
a numbering machine. All of the " titles" were also printed

Revision of Statutes Commission (separates)



R32 1

R32 2




Santo Domingo Commission

Mi-port of commission of inquiry to Santo Domingo, with introductory
message of President, special reports made to commission, state
papers furnished by Dominican Government, and statements
of over 70 witnesses. 1871. ([42d Cong. 1st sess. S. ex. doc.
9]; serial no. 1466.)

Silver Commission of 1876. See Monetary (or Silver) < 'oin-
missitm of Tinted Stales. 1*76 (Y3.M74:).

Y.'J.Sp-J: j Spanish. Treaty Claims Commission

(Organized Apr. 8, 1901, under act approved Mar. 2, 1901 (Stat. L. v. 31, p. 877).
This act provided that the commission should consist of 5 members to be

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