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Monthly Catalogue


United States '«^


Public Documents

Nos. 151-162

July, 1907-June, 1908





Monthly Catalogue

United States

Public Documents

No. 151

July, 1907





Appendix app.

Congress Cong.

Consular cons.

Cover title only c. t. o.

Department . .". Dept.

Diagram, diagrams diagr.

Document doe.

Executive ex.

Facsimile, facsimiles facsim.

Figure, figures fig.

Folio fo

House H.

House concurrent resolution H. C. K.

House document H. doc.

House executive document H. ex. doc.

House joint resolution H. J. R.

House report H. rp.

House resolution (simple) H. R.

Illustration, illustrations il.

Inch, inches in.

Including incl.

Latitude lat.

Leaf, leaves 1.

Longitude long.

Mile, miles m.

Miscellaneous misc.

Nautical naut.

No date n. d.

No place n. p.

No title-page n. t. p.

Number, numbers no., nos.

Octavo 8»

Page, pages p.

Part, parts pt., pts.

Plate, plates pi.

Portrait, portraits por.

Quarto 4°

Report rp.

Saint St.

Section, sections see.

Senate S.

Senate concurrent resolution S. C. R.

Senate document S. doc.

Senate executive document S. ex. doc.

Senate joint resolution S. J. R.

Senate report S. rp.

Senate resolution (simple) S. R.

Session sess.

Sixteenmo 160

Statutes at large Stat. L.

Table, tables tab.

Thirtytwo-mo 32»

Treasury Treas.

Twelvemo 12°

Twentyfour-mo 24°

Versus^ vs. , !'.

Volume, volumes v.

Year y r.

Common abbreviations for names of States and months are also used.


When size is not given, octavo is to be understood,
nred from outer edge of border, excluding margin.

Size of maps is meas-

M, 13

Notes of

General Interest

The General Printing Act, approved January 12, 1895, created the
Office of Superintendent of Documents, and defined the duties of the
Superintendent. One of these duties was the preparation of a
monthly catalogue, provided for as follows :

" Section 69. A catalogue of Government publications shall be pre-
pared by the superintendent of documents on the first day of each
month, which shall show the documents printed during the preceding
month, where obtainable, and the price thereof."

The first issue under this provision was made for the month of
January, 1895, being numbered one (1) of the series, and the issue
was continued in practically the same form (that of Governmental
author by department) up to January 1, 1906 (no. 133), when the
form was changed to Governmental author by issuing office.

In December, 1897 (no. 36), a new and very useful feature, an
index, was introduced, and beginning in February, 1900 (no. 62),
the catalogue was further improved by making the index cumulative
from January to June and July to November, with a yearly index in
the December number.

With these additions, and as a result of the careful work which
was put upon it by the catalogue force, the Monthly catalogue
assumed an important place on the reference shelves of the libra-
ries and became a handy manual for all persons interested in
United States Government publications. In fact, from the returns
received from the libraries in answer to questions relative to the
usefulness of the publications of this Office, it is evident that the
Monthly catalogue has been more widely used and more highly
prized than either the Document catalogue or the Document index.

It was not the intention pf Congress, however, to have the work
of cataloguing done in duplicate. Its purpose in legislating was to
provide foi^a " Comprehensive index,'' or catalogue, which should be
the permanent official record of all Government publications both
Congressional and Departmental ; a " Consolidated index " to the
numbered Congressional documents and reports, instead of numerous
indexes distributed through the volumes composing the four series —
that is. Senate documents. Senate reports. House documents, and
House reports, and a Monthly catalogue to be issued "on the first


•^ 137815

4 July, 1907

day of each month," and which should show " the documents printed
during the preceding month, where obtainable, and the price

This legislation for a Monthly catalogue really contemplated a list
of available publications, to be issued promptly, and to tell where
they could be obtained and whether free or at what cost.

Obviously the Catalogue as Issued up to the present time has not
strictly complied with this law, as it has been composed mainly of
entries for documents and reports which were not " available " at
any price.

In order to comply more strictly with the law and make it pos-
sible with a limited force of trained people to issue the Document
catalogue and Document index more promptly, and in view of the
fact that these same experts must be used in the reoi'ganization of
the Superintendent of Documents' Office, it became necessary to
eliminate from the Monthly catalogue those valuable features which
were not specifically directed by law, and which only a law and an
additional force of experts would warrant.

The sacrifice of the cumulative index was one which economy and
the avoidance of duplication demanded. No doubt it was valuable ;
but since it delayed the issue of the more important bibliographical
publications, its elimination was considered wise.

The dropping of this feature necessitated a less involved form of
entry, and, as an experiment, the issuing office was chosen. There
is a diversity of opinion as to the advisability of this experiment,
even with those who are unanimous in their condemnation of the
removal of the index.

After careful consideration of the subject, and the Office being
still in a condition of reorganization which would not warrant
action looking to the reinstatement of the old form and index, no
matter how advisable that might seem to many, the issue in its
present form is submitted for your generous criticism.

The main feature in this new form is the subject arrangement,
rather than that by Governmental author, which, without an index,
was voted to be too cumbersome, although it possessed many advan-
tages. The form of subject headings used in the Document cata-
logues of this Office has been adopted for use in the IMonthly cata-
logue so as to secure uniformity in the subject treatment of the pub-
lications. References will be made to the subject so that the publi-
cation will be fully covered. The typography has been only slightly '
changed in order to use machines in the composition. The paper is
of a much better quality, and it will be the endeavor of this Office,
as in all its publications, to have the presswork and other mechanical
operations first class, that the catalogues may be not only accurate
but easy of reference and pleasing to the eye.

No publication will be entered which is not " obtainable." In the
past, entries made for certain i>ublications which had been printed

July, 1907 5

but were not obtainable, have caused the various publishing bureaus
endless annoyance, and it is to avoid this difficulty that the titles
of such publications are omitted. These titles will, of course,
appear in the Document catalogues.

The asterisk (*) and a price indicate as formerly that the work
can be purchased at this Office at the price named. In cases of dis-
tribution or sale by the publishing office an obelisk (t) will appear,
indicating that application should be made direct to that office. Even
in this way we will doubtless present many titles of books which,
when called for. will not be sent on account of a limited edition or
because a large edition has been exhausted ; but we shall endeavor
to give information which will lead to the procuring of a book
rather than to useless correspondence.

The cover pages will be used for advertising purposes and will
not be paged into the monthly issues, and the monthly issues will
not be made up for volumes.

Some space will be devoted each month to book talks and notes of
pecial interest, and it is hoped that in this way much valuable in-
ormation relative to old and current publications may be circulated.

This issue of the catalogue contains entries of numerous valu-
able publications. The Yearbook of the Department of Agricul-
ture for 1906 is now being disti'ibuted. The price fixed by this
Office is a nominal charge for a volume containing many valuable
articles (as will be seen by an examination of the list of contents
included in the entry on the second page of the catalogue, under the
heading "Agriculture Department") and which is substantially and
neatly bound in durable blue cloth, profusely illustrated, and printed
on first-class paper. The fact that 500,000 copies are annually
printed under the law for distribution by Congress and the Agricul-
ture Department is an indication of the popularity of the volume
among farmers. It is extremely difficult for this Office to keep on
hand for sale a sufficient stock to supply the constant demands.

Games of North American Indians, by Stewart Culin, is the title
of an 846-page, large octavo volume which is stated on the title-
page to be an " extract from the Twenty-fourth Annual Report of the
Bureau of American Ethnology." It forms, in fact, the larger part
of the Report volume. As the title indicates, the work is one of
unusual interest, for the development of a nation is largely reflected
in its games. Numerous plates and text figures add greatly to the
interest of a work of this character, and the policy of the Bureau
is to spare no time or labor in perfecting its illustrations.

6 July, 1907

On the back cover of this catalogue will be found some " Important
Information," which will aid in ordering documents from this Office.
We are somewhat hampered in our business intercourse by the usual
and seemingly unavoidable red-tape, b.v restrictive legislation, and
by ignorance of the functions of this Office by the library world and
the general public. It is hoped that by continuing to publish these
bits of " Important Information " we will avoid exasperating delays
and perplexing complications.

Monthly Catalogue

No. 151 JULY 1907

Acarina. See Mites.

Accident bulletin. See Interstate Commerce Commission.


Assembling of disbursing officers' cheeks and vouchers and verifi-
cation of their balances in offices of auditors of Treasury De-
partment. July 29, 1907. n. t. p. 24 p. 4° (Treasury Dept.,
Dept. circular 52, 1907; Compti'oller of Treasury.) f
Certification of reimbursement vouchers. June 27, 1907. I p. 4°
(Commerce and Labor Dept. Dept. circular 1.j3. ) t

Adjutant-General's Department. Army list and directory. ofBcers of
Army, July 20, 1907 ; [no.] 92. 1907. 10.5 p. large 8° [Monthly.]
* Paper, 15c. single copy, $1.50 a yr.
See also Officers, Army.

Admiralty Island. See Gold.

Africa. West coast of Africa, Cape Verga to Sierra Leone River,
from latest information: chart 2.34.3. Scale 1° lat.=15.21 in.
June, 1907. 29.7X41.3 in. (Hydrographic Office.) t 60c.

Agricultural Chemists, Official,' Association of. See Association
of Official Agricultural Chemists.

Agricultural colleges. Federal legislation, regulations, and rulings
affecting agricultural colleges and experiment stations. July 6,
1907. n. t. i». 20 p. (Experiment Stations Office. Circular 68
rev[ised].) * Paper, 5e. Agr 6-1841/3

Agricultural experiment stations. List of station publications
received by Office of Experiment Stations during June, 1907.
July 11, 1907. n. t. p. p. (Experiment Stations Office. [Pub-
lication] 1020.) [Monthly.] t
See also Agricultural colleges.


Diversified farming in cotton belt: 1, South Atlantic Coast, by
W. J. Spillman ; 2, Alabama and Mississippi, by M. A. Crosby ;
3, Louisiana, Arkansas, and northeastei-n Texas, bv D. A.
Brodie; 4, Texas, by C. W. Warburton. [1907.] iv-f 193-218 p.
[3] pi. (Agriculture Dept.) [From Yearbook, 1905.] * Paper, 5c.

Agr 6-1070/7
Experiment station record, v. 18, no. 10; June. 1907. 1907. c. t. o.
ix+901-1000 p. (Experiment Stations Office.) * Paper, .$1.00
a vol. (12 nos.)

Experiment station work, v. 3, no. 1. June 29. 1907. iv+28 p.

4 il. (Experiment Stations Office. [Publication] 1014.) [Same

as Farmers' bulletin 296.] * Paper, 5c.
See also Philippine Islands.

8 July, 1907

Agriculture Department.

Circular 24; Man who works with his hands; address of Presi-
dent Roosevelt at semi-centennial celebration of founding of
agricultural colleges in United States, Lansing, Mich.. May 31.
1907. July 1. 1907. 14 p. * Paper. 5c. Agr 7-1961/3

Farmers' bulletin —

74. Milk as food. 1904 [reprint 1907]. 40 p. 2 il. (Experi-
ment Stations Office.) * Paper, 5c.
99. Three insect enemies of shade ti-ees ; bv L. O. Howard.
1899 [reprint 1907]. ?>2 p. 11 il. (Entomology Bureau.)
* Paper, 5c.
161. Practical suggestions for fruit growers ; by H. P. Gould.
1903 [reprint 1907]. 30 p. S il. (Plant Industry Bu-
reau. ) * Paper, 5c.
287. Poultry management; by G. Arthur Bell. June 29, 1907.
48 p. 14 il. (Animal Industry Bureau.) * Paper. 5c.

Agr 7-1921/2
298. Food value of corn and corn products : by Charles D.
Woods. July 12. 1907. 40 p. 2 il. (Experiment Sta-
tions Office. ) * Paper. 5c. Agr 7-1966/2

300. Some important grasses and forage plants for Gulf Coast

region ; by S. M. Tracy. June 29. 1907. 15 p. 5 il.
(Plant Industry Bureau.) * Paper, 5c. Agr 7-1922/2

301. Home-grown tea: by George F. Mitchell. June 26, 1907.

16 p. 4 il. (Plant Industry Bureau.) * Paper, 5c.

Agr 7-1923/2

Monthly list of publications [of Agriculture Department], June.

1907. June 29. 1907. n. t. p. 4 p. (Publications Division.

[Publication] 575.) t
Same [for foreign distribution] t
Yearbook, [calendar year] 1906. 1907. 720 p. 22 il. 1 por. 43

pi. (incl. 3 maps). * Cloth, $1.00. Agr 7-1035

CoxTENTS. — Report of Secretary. — New problems of weather ; by
Willis L. Moore. W. J. Humphreys, and O. L. Fassig. — Present status
of nitrogen problem : by A. F. Woods. — Object-lesson roads ; by Logan
Waller Page. — Introduction of elementary agriculture into schools ; by
A. C. True. — Cage-bird traffic of United States : by Henry Oldys. —
Use of soil surveys : by J. A. Bonsteel. — Birds that eat scale insects :
by W. L. McAtee. — Effect of climatic conditions on composition of
durum wheat; hy .T. A. LeClerc. — Game warden of to-day; by R. W.
Williams, jr. — Range management : by J. S. Cotton. — Preparation of
unfermented apple juice ; by H. C. Gore. — Foreign restrictions on Amer-
ican meat : by Frank R. Rutter. — IMethods of reducing cost of produc-
ing beet sugar ; by C. O. Townsend. — Corn-breeding work at experiment
stations ; by .T. I. Schulte. — Nuts and their uses as food ; by JM. E.
Jaffa. — Some recent studies of Mexican cotton boll weevil ; by W. D.
Hunter. — Cloud-bursts, so-called ; by Edward L. Wells. — New citrus and
pineapple productions of Department of Agriculture ; by Herbert .T.
Webber. — Distribution of tuberculin and mallein by Bureau of Animal
Industry ; by M. Dorset. — Promising new fruits ; by William A. Tay-
lor. — Freight costs and market values ; by Frank Andrews. — New
tobacco varieties ; by A. D. Shamel. — Opportunities for dairying : 1.
General, bv Wm. Hart Dexter ; 2, New England, by George M. Whita-
ker: 3, North Central states, by B. D. White; 4, The South, by B. H.
Rawl ; 5. Pacific Coast, by E. A. McDonald. — Lime-sulphur washes for
San Jose scale : by A. L. Quaintance. — National forests and lumber
supply ; by Thomas H. Sherrard. — Appendix. — Index.

Note. — Appendix contains statistical and other information.

Library. Bulletin 37, supplement 1; Supplement 1 (1901-05) to
catalogue of periodicals and other serial publications (exclusive
of U. S. Government publications) in library. June 29. 1907.
217 p. * Paper, 30c. 3-6389

See also Butter— Cattle — Splenetic fever.

July, 1907

Alaska. Anchorages and harbors, Alaska, southwestern ; chart
9196. July, 1907. 27.4X32.3 in. (Coast and Geodetic Sur-
vey.) t25c.

Chernofski Harbor, Unalaska Island, from reconnaissance in 1893 by
United States Navy. Scale naut. m.^2 in. 5.3X8.4 in.

Chichagof Harbor. Attu Island, from survey by United States Navy in
18.5.5. Scale naut. m.=3.8 in. 11.3X17.1 in.

Constantine Harbor, Amchitka Island, from observations by Coast Sur-
vey in 1873, shore line revised from Russian authority. Scale naut.
m.=1.7 in. 8.3x6.4 in.

English Bay, Unalaska Island. Scale 1 : 20,000. 11.7X9.6 in.

Etolin, Cape, Anchorage, Nunivak Island, from observations by Coast
Survey in 1874. Scale naut. m.^2.3 in. 8.8X9 in.

Islands, Bay of, Anchorage, Adak Island, from observations by Coast
Survey in 1873. Scale naut. m.=2.2 in. 8.3X6.3 in.

Korovin Bay. Atka Island, from Russian authority. Scale naut. m.=
0.4 in. 4.5X5.8 in.

Kuliliak Bay, Unalaska Island, from Russian authority. Scale naut.
m.^1.7 in. 4.5X5.9 in.

Nazan Bay, Atka Island, from United States and Russian authority.
Scale naut. m.=0.9 in. 6.4 X 6.9 in.

Southwest Anchorage, Chirikof Island, from observations by Coast Sur-
vey in June, 1874. Scale naut. m.= 1.4 in. 8.9X9 in.

Sviechnikof Harbor, Amlia Island, from Russian authority. Scale naut.
m.^1.4 in. 4.5X3.4 in.

Waterfalls, Bay of, Adak Island, from surveys by United States Navy
and United States Revenue Cutter Service. Scale naut. m.=0.8 in.
11.7X7.5 in.

See also Larch.

Albatross, Fish Commission steamer. See Buccinidre — Diatoms.

Alcohol. Denatured alcohol [opinion]. July 24, 1907. 1 p. (In-
ternal Revenue Commissioner.) [From Treasury decisions, v.
14, no. 4.] t

Alexander Archipelago national forest. Alexander Archipelago
national forest, Alaska (2d proclamation). [July 20, 1907.]
[2] p. f° (President of United States.) t

Alkali lands. Reclamation of white-ash lands affected with alkali,
Fresno, Cal. ; by W. W. Mackie. July 27, 1907. 47 p. 2 11.
(Soils Bureau. Bulletin 42.) * Paper, 10c. Agr 7-1965/4

See also Billings, Mont. — Salt Lake Valley.

American Republics Bureau.

Note. — This Bureau sells its own monthly bulletins, handbooks, etc.,
at prices usually ranging from 5c. to $1.00. Address the Director of
the Bureau.

International Bureau of American Republics. 1907. n. t. p. 6 p.

[From Monthly bulletin, June, 1907.] t
Same, French, t
Same, Portuguese, f
Same, Spanish, t
Monthly bulletin, v. 24, no. 6, June, 1907, whole no. 165. xxv+

1301-lo46-|-lxvii p. [6] por. [English, Spanish, Portuguese, and

French.] f Paper, 25c. single copy, $2.00 a yr.

American Tobacco Co. and others. In circuit court of United
States for southern district of New York, United States against
American Tobacco Company and others, original petition. 1907.
c. t. o. 135 p. large 8° (Courts of United States.) t

Americana, public documents sold by Superintendent of Docu-
ments. [1907.] 12 p. narrow 12° (Documents Office. Price
list 13.) *

7924— 07— No. 151 2

10 July, 1907

Animal Industry Bui'eau.

Bulletin 39 [pt. IS] ; Index-catalogue of medical and veterinary-
zoology, pt. 18. authors, Martius-Mitrofanow ; by Ch. Wardell
Stiles and Albert Hassall. July 29, 1907. ii+ 1305-98 p.

* Paper. 15c.
Circular —

112. Relative proportions of sexes in litters of pigs ; by George

M. Rommel. Julv 8. 1907. 1 p. * Paper, 5c.

Agr 7-1967/2

113. Classification for American carriage horses. July 11, 1907.

n. t. p. 4 p. * Paper, 5c. Agr 7-1968/3

Scientific assistant in animal pathologj^ [Animal Industry Bureau,

announcement of examination] Aug. 14, 15, 1907. .July 9, 1907.

[2] p. 4" (Civil Service Commission.) f

See also Butter — Cattle — Poultry — Splenetic fever.

Aphelinlnae. Miscellaneous papers : New genera and species of

Aphelininpe. with revised table of genera ; by L. O. Howard.

July 12. 1907. iv+69-88 p. [10] il. (Entomology Bureau.

Technical series 12, pt. 4.) [Supplement to Technical series 1.]

* Paper, 5c. Agr 7-1972/2
Appalachian Mountains. See OaliS.

Appointments Division, Treasury Dept. See Treasury Department.


Annual report of Board of General Appraisers for fiscal year end-
ing June 30, 1907. 1907. 11 p. (Treas. Dept. doc. 2468.) f
Appeals for reappraisement filed with collectors of customs to be
promptly forwarded to Board of General Appraisers at New
York. July 24, 1907. 1 p. 4° (Treasury Dept., Dept. circular
49, 1907; Division of Customs.) t
Reappraisements of merchandise by general appraisers [on June
20- July 24. 1907] ; July 1-29, 1907. [1907.] 4° (Appraisers.
Reappraisement circulars 1629-50.) [Weekly.] t

Appropriations. Digest of appropriations for support of Govern-
ment for fiscal year ending June 30, 1908, and on account of
deficiencies for prior years, made by 2d session of 59th Congress.
1907. 579 p. 4° (Treas. Dept. doc. 2466; Bookkeeping and
Warrants Division.) t

Arc. See Electric arc.

Arcliitect, Supervising. See Computers.

Ariake Wan. Ariake Wan, Kiushu, east coast, Japan, from Japan-
e.se survey in 1903: chart 2403. Scale naut. m.=1.4 in. June,
1907. 19.2x26.3 in. ( Hydrographic Oflace.) t 20c.


Army list and directory, officers of Army. July 20, 1907; [no.] 92.
1907. 105 p. large 8° (Adjutant-General's Department.)
[Monthly.] * Paper, 15c. single copy, $1.50 a yr.
Field service regulations. United States Armv. 1905 [reprint
1907]. 217 p. [5] il. small 4° (General Staff Corps; War
Dept. doc. 241.) * Cloth, 20c. War 7-83/2

Army register. See Officers, Army.

Artillery. Journal of United States artillery, v. 27, no. 3, whole no.
85. May-June, 1907. Fort Monroe, Va., Artillerv School Press.
1907. [4] +209-312 p. [9] il. [2] pi. [2] p. of pi. 2 tab. (Artil-
lery School, Fort Monroe.) [Bimonthly.] f Paper. 50c. single
copy, $2.50 a yr.

July, 1907 11

Artillery School, Fort Monroe.

Index to current military literature, published with .Journal U. S.
artillery, v. 27. no. 3, May- June, 1907. Fort Monroe, Va., Artil-
lery School Press, 1907. c. t. o. p. 71-105. [Included in price
of Journal.]
Journal of United States artillery, v. 27, no. 3, whole no. 85, May-
June. 1907. Fort Monroe. Ya., Artillery School Press, 1907.
[4] +209-312 p. [9] il. [2] pi. [2] p. of pi. 2 tab. [Bimonthly.]
t Paper, 50c. single copy, $2.50 a yr.

Asiatic Turkey. See Turkey.

Association of Official Agi'icultural Chemists. Proceedings of 23d
annual convention of Association of Official Agricultural Chem-
ists, Washington. D. C, Nov. 14-16, 1906 ; edited by Harvey W.
Wiley. June 29, 1907. 213 p. (Chemistry Bureau. Bulletin
105. ) * Paper, 25c. Agr 6-1303

Atlantic Coast.

Fisheries of New England States, [calendar year] 1905. [1907.]
1 p. narrow f° (Fisheries Bureau. Statistical bulletin 198.) t
Statement of quantities and values of certain fishery products
landed at Boston and Gloucester, Mass., by American fishing
vessels. May, 1907. [1907.] 1 p. oblong 8° (Fisheries Bu-
reau. Statistical bulletin 200.) t

Attorney-General. See Justice Department.

Attorney-General, Assistant, for Post-Office Department. See
Post-Office Department.

Authors. See Public documents.

Automobiles. Automobiles. July 25, 1907. 1 p. 4" (Treasury
Dept, Dept. circular 50, 1907; Division of Customs.) f

Bats. Families and genera of bats; by Gerrit S. Miller, jr. 1907.
xvii+282 p. 49 il. 14 pi. (National Museum. Bulletin .57.)

* Paper, 75c. 7-35278
Belington, W. Ya. West Yirginia, Belington quadrangle, lat. 39°-

39° 15', long. 79° 45-80°. Scale 1 : 62.500, contour interval 50
ft. Edition of Apr. 1907. 17.5x13.7 in. (Geological Survey.
Topographic sheet.) tSc.

Benicia Arsenal. See Ordnance.

Bering Sea. See Buccinidje.

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