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v. 12

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L161— O-1096


Superintendent of Documents



United States Public Documents

Nos. 133-150

January, 1906— June, 1907

1907 '




V. 13-



Superintendent of Documents

No. 133




of -

United States Public Documents






Academy acad .

Agricultural agric.

Amendments amdts.

American Amer.

Appendix app.

Association assoc.

Board bd.

College coll.

Commission comn.

Committee com.

Congress Cong.

Consular cons.

Department dept.

Document doc.

Executive ex.

Exposition expos.

Facsimile, facsimiles facsim.

Folio f°

General gen.

Geologic geol.

Government Govt.

Historical hist.

House bill H.

House concurrent resolution H. C. ft.

House document H. doc.

House joint resolution H. J. R.

House report H. rp.

House resolution (simple) H. R.

Illustrated, illustration, illustrations . . .il.

Inch, inches in.

Institute, institution inst.

Latitude lat.

Leaf, leaves 1.

Library L.

Longitude long.

Mile, miles n

Miscellaneous mis<

Nautical nau

Number, numbers no., noi

Octavo i

Page, pages i

Part, parts pt., pt:

Plate, plates p

Portrait, portraits poi

Public put

Quarto <

Railway rj

Report ri

Resolution rei

Secretary secj

Section, sections se<

Senate bill £

Senate concu rrent resolution S. C. B

Senate document S. doc

Senate joint resolution S.J.I

Senate report S. rj

Senate resolution (simple) S. B

Session sess

Sixteenmo If

Society so(

Superintendent supl

Table, tables tat

Thirtytwo-mo 35

Treasury Treat

Twelvemo 15

Twentyfour-mo 24

University uni-v

Versus vs. , x

Volume, volumes v

Year y i


Words and figures inclosed in brackets [ ] are given for information, on
do not appear on the title-pages of the publications catalogued. When sizi
is not given, octavo is to be understood. Size of maps is measured fron
outer edge of border, excluding margin. When Congress and session an
not given with the numbers of Senate and House documents and reports
59th Congress, 1st session, is to be understood.


The monthly catalogue is sent to each Senator, Representative, Dele-
gate, and officer in Congress, to designated depositories and State and
Territorial libraries, to substantially all Government authors, and to as
many school, college, and public libraries as the limited edition will
supply. Subscription price to individuals $1.10 a year. Back numbers
can not be supplied. Please notify the Superintendent of Documents
of any change in address.


The Superintendent of Documents is authorized to sell at cost any
public document in his charge the distribution of which is not otherwise
provided for. Only one copy can be sold to the same person, excepting
Members of Congress, or to libraries or schools.

Documents can not be supplied free to individuals, nor can they be
forwarded in advance of payment.


Price-lists of publications for sale by the Superintendent of Docu-
ments will be supplied free on application.

The Hydrographic Office sells for 50c its "Catalogue of charts, plans,
sailing directions, and other publications." Other Government offices
which have books, pamphlets, maps, or charts for sale issue price-lists,
which will be sent free upon application to the issuing office.


Documents entered in this catalogue that are for sale by the Superin-
tendent of Documents are indicated by a (*) preceding the price named.
The absence of a (*) indicates that application should be made to the
Department, bureau, or division issuing the document; except in cases
of publications bearing Senate or House document or report numbers,
which can be obtained only from Members of Congress.


Remittances should be made to the Superintendent of Documents,
Washington, D. C, by postal money order, express order, or New York
draft. Currency may be sent at owner's risk. Canadian postal notes
will be accepted only when the name of the issuing office is plainly
stamped on the face of the note. If postage stamps are 'pasted on, the
note will be returned

Postage stamps, foreign money, uncertified checks, defaced or
slick coin will positively not be accepted.

No charge is made for postage on documents forwarded to points in
the United States, Guam, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, Porto Rico, or to
Canada, Cuba, or Mexico. To other countries the regular rate of post-
age is charged, and remittances must cover such postage.


Numbers to be used in ordering the L. C. catalogue cards will be found
at the end of the titles of the more important monographic documents.
The figure following the card number (separated from it by a slanting
line) indicates the number of cards required for entries suggested (title
entry not included) on the cards. The price of the cards is 2c for the
first card and he for each additional card for the same title ordered at the
same time. Remittances should be made to the Librarian of Congress.
Cards can not be furnished by the Superintendent of Documents.

Catalogue of Public Documents


NOTE. — Beginning with this number of the Catalogue, entries for reports
on private bills will be omitted.

Accounts and Disbursements Division (Agriciiture Department):

Report of chief, 1905. p. 317-326.
Accounts Committee (House):

Report submitting H. R. 182, to authorize janitors for rooms of
certain committees of House, etc., as substitute for H. R. 18 and
other resolutions. 7 p. (H. rp. 526. )

Agriculture Committee (House):

Report favoring H. 345, for increased "annual appropriation for agri-
cultural experiment stations. 5 p. (H. rp. 242.)

Agriculture Department:

Note. — For bureaus under this Department, see names of bureaus.
[Bureau of Animal Industry] order 125 [amendment 3] ; rules and

regulations for inspection of live stock and their products. 1 p.
Communication in connection with estimate of appropriation for

Bureau of Animal Industry. 2 p. (H. doc. 335.)
Estimate of appropriation for continuing construction of building

for Department. 2 p. (H. doc. 309.)
Farmers' bulletin —

237, Experiment station work 32. 32 p. il. , Agr 6-305/2

241, Butter making on farm. 31 p. Agr 6-342/2

242, Example of model farming. 16 p. il. Agr 6-322/2
Report of librarian, 1905. p. 419-422.

Statement of appointments, promotions, or changes in salaries paid
from lump sums [July 1-Dec. 31, 1905]. 115 p. (H. doc. 326.)

Alaska (Interior Department):

Report of governor, 1905. 127 p. map.
American National Red Cross (War Department):

Report [Jan. 5-Dec. 31, 1905]. 7 p. il. pi. (H. doc. 383.) [The
society was reincorporated Jan. 5, 1905, and placed under the
supervision of the War Department.]

American Republics Bureau (State Department):

Note.— This Bureau sells its own monthly bulletins, handbooks, etc., at
prices usually ranging from 5c to $1.00. Address the Director of the Bureau.


6 January, 1906

American Republics Bureau— Continued.

American constitutions, compilation of political constitutions of in-
dependent nations of the New World, with short historical notes
and appendixes, v. 1, 422 p. large 8° Paper, $1.00 6-9607/5
[15th] annual report of director, 1905. 9 p. (S. doc. 68.)
Cuba. 541 p. pi. map. *Paper, $1.00 6-7660/5

[Letter to chairman and members of joint committees on 3d Inter-
national American Conference showing programs of previous con-
ferences, resolutions passed, and results.] 15 p.
Monthly bulletin, Jan. 1906; whole no. 148, v. 22, no. 1. p. 1-288.
Paper, 25c single copy, $2.00 a yr.
Same. (H. doc. 406, pt. 1.)
Animal Industry Bureau (Agriculture Department) :
Bulletin —

75, Records of dairy cows in United States. 184 p. il. pi.

*Paper, 15c Agr 6-311/2

81, Milk supply of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. 62 p.

il. *Papy, 5c Agr 6-343/5

Circular —

74, [2d] revised [edition], United States, State, and Territorial
standards for dairy products, 1905. 2 p.

83, Danger of infection with tuberculosis by different kinds of ex-
posure, p. 44-65. m Agr 6-321/3

84, Enzymes in cornstalks and their relation to cornstalk disease.
p. 66-75. Agr 6-317/3

85, Tapeworms of American chickens and turkeys, p. 268-285, il.

Agr 6-319/3

86, Alfalfa for growing and fattening of animals in Great Plains
region, p. 242-267. Agr 6-307/2

87, Hunter-horse production in Ireland, p. 187-226, pi.

Agr 6-310/2

88, Highland cattle, p. 227-241. Agr 6-320/2

89, Preparation of emulsions of crude petroleum. 4 p.

Agr 6-318/3

Press bulletin 2; Jan. 3, 1906. 1 p. narrow 8°
Publications of interest to dairymen. 2 p.
Report of chief, 1905. p. 29-62.
Appraisers (Treasury Department) :

Reappraisements of merchandise by general appraisers [on Dec. 22,
1905-Jan. 25, 1906]; Jan. 2-29, 1906. 4° ( Reappraisement
circulars 1332-44. ) [Weekly. ]
Same, index, July-Dec. 1905. 6 p. 4°
Appropriations Committee (House):

Deficiency appropriations. Report submitting H. 12320, making
appropriations to supplv urgent deficiencies, 1906 and prior years.
4 p. (H. rp. 293.)
Pensions. Report submitting H. 13103, making appropriations for
pensions, 1907. 7 p. (H. rp. 581.)

Architect, Supervising (Treasury Department):

Estimate of appropriation for heating, power, and light plant for new
custom-house building at San Francisco. 2 p. (H. doc. 411.)

January, 1906 7

Arizona (Ii^erior Department):

Report of governor, 1905. 91 p. map.
Assay Commission (Mint Bureau, Treasury Department) :

Proceedings of commission of 1905, and test of coinage executed and
reserved during calendar year 1904; also laws relating to annual
assay. [Reprint.] 41 p.

Auditor for Treasury Department (Treasury Department) :

Detailed statement of refunds of customs duties, 1905. 30 p. (H.
doc. 379. )

Bibliography Division (Library of Congress):

List of cartularies, principally French, recently added to Library of
Congress, with some earlier accessions. 30 p. large 8° *Paper, 10c

Biological Survey Bureau (Agriculture Department) :

Report of chief, 1905. p. 303-315.
Bookkeeping and Warrants Division (Treasury Department):

Comparative statement of receipts and expenditures of United States
[for month and 6 months ending Dec. 1904 and 1905]. 1 p.
oblong 8° [Monthly.]
Statement of balances, appropriations, and expenditures of Govern-
ment, 1905. 127 p. 4°
Statement of Treasury, Jan. 2-31, 1906. Each [3] p. 4° [Daily ex-
cept Sundays and holidays.]

Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama (Isthmian Canal Commission, War
Department ) :
Report of department of health of Isthmian Canal Commission, Nov.
1905. 50 p. 12°

Capitol Building and Grounds Superintendent (Interior Department) :
Letter relative to daily inspection of each elevator in Senate wing of
Capitol. 1 p. (S. doc. 154.)

Census Bureau (Commerce and Labor Department):
Bulletin —

27, Census of manufactures, 1905, Maryland and District of Colum-
bia. 33 p. 4° *Paper, 10c 4-19052

28, Census of manufactures, 1905, Kansas. 25 p. 4° *Paper, 10c

Chemistry Bureau (Agriculture Department):

69 revised, pt. 3, Foods and food control, revised to July 1, 1905, 3,
laws of Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, and
Massachusetts, p. 201-271. *Paper, 5c
69 revised, pt. 4, Foods and food control, revised to July 1, 1905,

4, laws of Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Mon-
tana, Nebraska, Nevada, and New Hampshire, p. 273-372, il.
*Paper, 5c

69 revised, pt. 5, Foods and food control, revised to July 1, 1905,

5, laws of New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Caro-
lina, and North Dakota, p. 373-457. *Paper, 5c

Circular —

14 revised, Organization of bureau. 18 p. Agr 6-315/2

25, Coloring matters for foodstuffs and methods for their detec-
tion. 40 p. il. Agr 6-300/3

8 January, 1906

Civil Service Commission: %

Note.— The Commission furnishes its publications gratuitously to those who
apply for them.

Information for applicants for position of cadet in Revenue-Cutter
Service. 11 p.

Information for applicants for railway mail clerk examination. 12 p.

Information for applicants for stenographer and typewriter examina-
tion. 16 p.

Manual of examinations, revised to Jan. 1, 1906. 67 p.

Claims Committee (Senate):

Note.— Beginning with this number of the Catalogue, entries for reports on
private bills will be omitted.

Coast and Geodetic Survey (Commerce and Labor Department):

Note.— The charts, coast pilots, and tide tables of the Coast and Geodetic
Survey are sold at the office of the Survey, in Washington, and also by one or
more sales agents in each of the important American seaports. The monthly
Notice to mariners may be had free at these agencies, at all United States cus-
tom-houses, at the branch hydrographic offices of the Navy Department, at
United States consulates in foreign ports, and at the office of the Coast and
Geodetic Survey.

Charts —

[Alaska] north we^t coast of America, Dixon Entrance to Cape St.

Elias; chart 8000. Scale 1: 1,200,000. 26 X 34.4 in. 50c
Alaska, south east, Dixon Entrance to head of Lvnn Canal; chart

8050. Scale 1: 600,000. 37.9 X 29.7 in. 50c
Balabac Island, Harbors of, P. I. ; chart 4347. 23 X 27.6 in. 30c
[British Columbia] northwest coast of America, sheet 1, Cape

Flattery to Dixon Entrance; chart 7000. Scale 1:1,200,000.

26.2 X 34.1 in. 50c
Coos Bay, Oreg. ; chart 5984. Scale 1 : 20,000. 30 X 38.9 in. 25c
Doboy and Altamaha sounds, (4a.; chart 446. Scale 1:40,000.

21.5 X 28.8 in. 25c

Fort Ross Cove, Cal. ; chart 5651. Scale 1 : 5,000. 9.8 X 14.6 in.

Luzon, Northwest coast of, Laoag to Vigan, including Currimao
andSalomague, scale 1: 100,000; with mpets, Port Currimao and
Can Bav, scale 1:20.000; Salomague Harbor and Lapog Bay,
scale 1:' 20,000; chart 4207. 41.1x30.8, 12.3X10.4, and

17.6 X 15.5 in. 40c

Manila Bay and coast of Luzon to Capones islands, from latest
Spanish and V. S. surveys; chart 4255. Scale 1:150,000.
23.4X31.8 in. 40c

Manila Harbor and lower part of Pasig River, P. I.; chart 4232.
Scale 1:10,000. 31.2X41.7 in. 50c

Masinloc and Matalvi, Ports, and Palauig Bay, west coast of Lu-
zon; chart 4266. Scale 1:25,000. 32." 1 X 28.8 in. 30c

[New Jersey] Barnegat Inlet to Absecon Inlet; chart 122. Scale
1: 80,000'. 38.4 X 30.2 in. 50c

New York Bay and Harbor; chart 369. Si ale 1 : 40,000. 47.9 X 39.3
in. 75c

Safety, Port, Alaska, Entrance to, from surveys in 1899 and 1900;
chart 9381. Scale 1 : 1 5,000. 20.7 X 19 in. 25c

San Pablo Bav, Cal. ; with inset, Continuation of Petaluma Creek;
chart 5533. Scale 1:40,000. 40.9 X 32.9 and 8.7 X 7.6 in. 50c

Tawitawi Group, Sulu Archipelago, from Spanish surveys to 1878,
with additions from British surveys in J 872 [with plans of har-
bors, etc.] ; chart 4514. Scale 1 : 100,000. 31.2 X 41.6 in. 40c

January, 1906 9

Coast and Geodetic Survey — Continued.

Notice to mariners 332; Dec. 1905. 10 1. 4- 11-15 p. 4° [Monthly.]

Same, 333; index, 1905. 20 1.4°
Philippine Islands, notice to mariners 14 [1905]; Dec. 1, 1905.

Plane table manual, p. 291-342, il. pi. 4

Commerce and Labor Department:

Xote.— The Department of Commerce and Labor distributes the Consular re-
ports gratuitously. For bureaus under this Department, see names of bureaus.

Bellevue, Del. Estimate of appropriation for establishing Bellevue
range light station. 2 p. (H. doc. 317.)

Brazil. Report on trade conditions in Brazil. 116 p.

Same. (S. doc. 164.) 6-9189/4

Building. Draft of bill to permit lease of building for Department.
2 p. (H. doc. 367.)

Canada. Report on trade conditions in Canada. 33 p. (H. doc.
408. 6-9190/4

Customs Service. Catalogue of books and blanks furnished to cus-
toms officers. 45 p.

Decision 106, 107; Jan. 18, 29, 1906.

Fisheries Bureau. Statement of expenditures for bureau, 1905. 20 p.
(H. doc. 305.)

Greenville, X. J. Estimate of appropriation for Iight-h< >use off Green-
ville. 2 p. (H. doc. 316.)

Lights. Draft of bill to prevent anchoring of vessels so as to obscure
range lights. 2 p. ( H. doc. 356.)

New York Harbor. Estimate of appropriation for lighting Ambrose
Channel, in New York Bay. 2 p. (H. doc. 346.)

Public documents. Documents received and distributed, [calendar]
year 1905. 6 p. (H. doc. 376.)

Publications. Draft of bill for printing additional copies of reports
issued by Department. 2 p. (H. doc. 380 )

Salmon. Draft of bill regulating salmon [and other] fisheries of
Alaska. 3 p. ill. doc. 389. I
Commerce Committee (Senate);

Arago, Cape, Oreu. Report amending 8. 259, for light-house at cape.
2 p. (S. rp. 137. )

Arkansas River. Report favoring S. 2106, to authorize bridge across
river at or near Vanbnren, Ark. 1 p. (S. rp. 28.)

Battery Point. Wash. Report amending S. 2068. to increase limit of
cost of fog signal at point. 2 p. (S. rp. 132.)

Bonita Point, Cal. Report amending S. 2275, for [light-] keeper's
dwelling at point. 1 p. (S. rp. 248.)

Cabrillo, Point, Cal. Report amending by substitute S. 2279, to es-
tablish light and fog-signal station near point. 1 p. (S. rp. 247.)

Columbia River. Report amending S. 2558, authorizing bridge across
river near Wenatchce. Wash. 1 p. (S. rp. 31.)

Ediz Hook, "Wash. Report favoring S. 927, establishing fog signal at
light station. 1 p. (S. rp. 241.)

Eliza Island. Wash. Report amending: S. 924, to establish light-
house and fog-signal station on island. 2 p. (S. rp. 133.)

Flattery, Cape, Wash. Report favoring S. 928, for life-saving sta-
tion in vicinity of Cape Flatterv or Flattery Rocks. 2 p. (S. rp.

10 January, 1906

Commerce Committee — Continued.

Grant Pass. Report amending S. 1747, to authorize Mobile Rail-
way and Dock Company to construct bridge across [pass] between
Cedar Point and Dauphin Island. 1 p. (S. rp. 30.)
Halfmoon Bay, Cal. Report favoring S. 2282, for life-saving station

at Half Moon Bay, near Moutara Reef, Cal. 2 p. (S. rp. 120.)
Humboldt Bay, Cal. Report favoring S. 2274, to establish fog signal

at entrance to harbor at bay. 1 p. (S. rp. 413. )
Karquinez Strait, Cal. Report favoring S. 2655, to establish light

and fog signal on strait. 1 p. (S. rp. 244. )
Light-House Board. Report amending S. 1358, to amend act au-
thorizing additional light-house districts. 2 p. (S. rp. 128. )
Lighthouse tenders —

Report amending S. 2278, to construct tender for engineer service

of 12th light-house district. 2p. (S. rp. 121.)
Report amending S. 2657, to construct tender for light-house in-
spector of 12th light-house district. 2 p. (S. rp. 122. )
Report favoring S. 2658, to construct tender for Light-House Serv-
ice in Hawaiian and Pacific islands waters. 2 p. (S. rp. 246. )
Lights. Report favoring S. 3416, to prohibit any vessel from an-
choring in such manner as to obstruct range lights. 1 p. (S. rp.
New London, Conn. Report amending S. 2771, to establish light
and fog-signal station at or near Southwest Ledge, New London
Harbor. 2 p. (S. rp. 239.)
Pigeon Point, Cal. Report favoring S. 2656, to purchase land to east-
ward of light-house at point. 2 p. (S. rp. 245. )
Portsmouth, X. H. Report amending S. 37, to fix allowances and
percentages of collector at port of Portsmouth. 1 p. (S. rp. 130.)
Potomac River. Report favoring S. J. R. 23, for extension of time
for completing highway bridge across river at 'Washington, D. C.
1 p. ( S. rp. 408. )
Red Rock, Cal. Report favoring S. 2277, to establish light-house and

fog signal on Red Rock. 1 p. (S. rp. 24:;. )
Revenue Cutter Service —

Report adverse to S. 1934, increasing pay of officers of service who

served during Civil War. 1 p. (S. rp. 234.)
Report favoring S. 954, to promote efficiencv of service. 3 p.
(S.rp. 129.)
Revenue steamers —

Report amending S. 2280, for revenue cutter for service in harbor

of San Francisco, Cal. 1 p. (S. rp. 118.)
Report amending S. 281, for revenue cutter [headquarters at New-
port, R. I.]. 1 p. (S. rp. 123.)
Report favoring S. 925, for steam vessel for duty in Puget Sound.

1 p. (S.rp. 136.)
Report favoring S. 3409, for tug for Revenue-Cutter Service for

New Bedford, Mass. 1 p. (S. rp. 410.)
Report favoring S. 2777, for vessel for Revenue-Cutter Service for

duty at Savannah, Ga. 1 p. (S. rp. 249. )
Report favoring S. 2281, for vessel of 1st class for Revenue-Cutter
Service, headquarters at Honolulu. Hawaii. 1 p. (S. rp. 119.)
Report favoring S. 926, to authorize 2 steam vessels for Revenue-
Cutter Service for duty on Putret Sound, Wash. 2 p. (S. rp.

January, 1906 11

Commerce Committee — Continued.

Robinson Point, Wash. Report favoring S. 929, to establish dwell-
ing for keeper of fog signal at point. 1 p. (S. rp. 135.)
Sabine River. Report amending S. 2159, authorizing Jasper and
Eastern Railway Company to construct bridge across river in Texas
and Louisiana. 1 p. (S. rp. 27.)
Salt Lake, Utah. Report amending S. 3263, to amend act to estab-
lish port of delivery at Salt Lake [so as to increase salary of sur-
veyor of customs]. 1 p. (S. rp. 412. )
San Luis Obispo, Cal. Report amending S. 3318, to allow entry and
clearance of vessels at San Luis Obispo, Port Harford, and Monte-
rey, Cal. 6 p. (S. rp. 416.)
Shipping —

Report amending S. 529, to promote national defense, to create
naval reserve, to establish ocean mail lines to foreign markets,
to promote commerce, and to provide revenue from tonnage;
with views of minority. 112 p. (S. rp. 10 [pt. 1].)
Report favoring S. 1007, to repeal sec. 4136, Revised statutes, re-
lating to registry of repaired foreign wrecks. 4 p. ( S. rp. 1 14. )
Views of minority adverse to S. 529, to promote national defense,
to create force of naval volunteers, to establish ocean mail lines
to foreign markets, to promote commerce, and \o provide reve-
nue from tonnage. 9 p. (S. rp. 10, pt. 2.)
Steamboats. Report amending S. 27, to amend sec. 4463, Revised
statutes, relating to complement of crews of vessels. 2 p. (S. rp.
Stonington, Conn. Report favoring S. 2770, for keeper's dwelling to
be attached to light station at Stonington Breakwater. 1 p. (S.
rp. 131.)
Tennessee River. Report favoring S. 2354, to authorize dams and
power stations on river at Muscle Shoals, Ala. 1 p. (S. rp. 125.)

Comptroller of Currency (Treasury Department):

Annual report [for year ended Oct. 31] 1905. 765 p. *Cloth, 55c

Same. (11. doc. 11.)
Bulletin 664-667; Jan. 8-29, 1906. 4° [Weekly.]
Digest of national bank decisions. 608 p. *Cloth, 50c 6—8510/3
Text of annual report [for year ended Oct. 31] 1905. 59 p.

Note. — See also Senate — names of Congressional committees.
Congressional record, 59th Congress, 1st session, v. 40, nos. 15-38;
Jan. 4-31, 1906. p. 639-1838. 4°

Note. — The Congressional record, containing the proceedings and debates
of Congress, is issued daily when Congress is in session, and indexes thereto
are published semimonthly.

The Record is sold by the Public Printer on the following terms: Single
copy, 3 cents, if not more than 24 pages, and 1 cent more for each addi-
tional 8 pages; per month, $1.50; per short session, $4.00; per long session,
58.U0. i The current session, the 1st of the 59th Congress, is a long session.)
Subscriptions are payable in advance. Send remittances for the daily
Record by money order to Chas. A. Stillings. Public Printer, Government
Printing Office.

The bound volumes of the Record are sold by the Superintendent of Docu-
ments. Prices will be furnished on application for the proceedings and de-
bates of the 58th and prior Congresses. Send remittances for the bound
volumes to the Superintendent of Documents. Stamps, personal checks, and
foreign money will not be accepted.

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