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200-D L!B?


1408 WES I




llilNOlS 61801


L161— O-1096



Entries 18604-20375


In ordering publications listed in this catalog, it should be noted that
only those marked with an asterisk (*) are obtainable from the Super-
intendent of Documents.

Publications marked with a farad (*) are told by the Office of Tech-
nical Services, Commerce Dept.

Where a single dagger (f) is the distribution symbol, application should
be made directly to the department or bureau issuing the document.

The mailing address for all agencies listed in this catalog is Wash-
ington 25, D.C., unless otherwise indicated.

* For sale by Superintendent of Documents

* For sale by Office of Technical Services,

Commerce Dept.

t Distribution made by Issuing Office. Not
definitely available if unaccompanied by
a price

t Printed for Official Use

(not available for distribution)

* Sent to Depository Libraries




Number 813

Entries 18604-20375



L.C. Card 4-18088







The following publications are in the process of being printed. Advance sales
orders may be placed for these publications. Orders will be scheduled and
copies mailed as soon as stocks are received. It is not possible to estimate the
lapse of time before the publications will actually appear. All information in
regard to title, series, classification, distribution, and price given in these listings
is preliminary and subject to change when the publications actually come from
the press. Those so marked will be sent to depository libraries, providing, that
at the time of going to press, the libraries were on list to receive the items under
which these publications will be distributed.

Analytical standards for trace elements in petroleum products. (National Bu-
reau of Standards, Monograph 54.) 25c. • C 13.44 : 54

Cancer, cause and prevention. (Public Health Service, Publication 959.)
15c. • FS 2.2:016/6

Comparison of State unemployment insurance laws as of Jan. 1, 1962. (Em-
ployment Security Bureau, BES U-141.) 60c. • L 7.61 : U-141/962

Depreciation guidelines and rules. [Revised Sept. 1962.] (Internal Revenue
Service, Publication 456.) 25c. • T 22.19/2 : D 44/962-2

Dictating is an easier way. (Veterans Administration, VA handbook 03-9.)
20c. • VA 1.10/5 : 03-9

Directory of poison control centers. (Public Health Service.) 20c. •

FS 2.2 : P 75/2/962

Disarmament, the new United States initiative. (Arms Control and Disarma-
ment Agency, General series 5, Publication 8.) 30c. • AC 1.9: 5

Evaluation of unexpectedly large radiation exposures by means of photographic
film. (National Bureau of Standards, Technical note 161.) 15c. ®

C 13.46 : 161

FAA air traffic activity, fiscal year 1962. (Federal Aviation Agency.) $1.00. •

FAA 1.27 : 962

Federal Communications Commission reports, vol. 30, Jan. 1-July 7, 1961.

$3.75. • CC 1.12: 30

Gold regulations, as amended to Aug. 1962. (Treasury Department.) 10c. •

T 1.10 : G 56/3/962

Guide to undergraduate programs in mathematics. (Education Office, OB-
56008.) 25c. • FS 5.256 : 56008

History of verification of weather records in U.S. Weather Bureau. ( Weather
Bureau, Key to meteorological records documentation 2.01.) 15e. •

C 30.66/2 : 2.01

Home sanitation. [Revised edition.] (Public Health Service, Publication 231,
Health information series 39.) 5c. • FS 2.50: 39/3

Hurricane warnings. [Revised 1962.] (Weather Bureau.) 5c. •

C 30.2 : H 94/3/962

Industrial engineering practice at selected metal mines in western States.
(Mines Bureau, Information circular 8097.) 50c. © I 28.27 : 8097

Japanese scientific and technical serial publications in collection of Library of
Congress. (Library of Congress.) $1.50. • LC 33.2 : J 27

Little strokes, hope through research. [Revised edition.] (National Institutes
of Health, Public Health Service publication 689.) 10c. • FS 2.22 : St 8/962

Major natural gas pipelines in the U.S. as of June 30, 1962 [map]. (Federal
Power Commission.) 15c. FP 1.13 : G 21/2/962

Maps showing explorers' routes, trails and early roads in United States. (Li-
brary of Congress.) $1.25. • LC 5.2: Ex 7

Mulch tillage in the Southwest, planting and cultivating in crop residue. (Agri-
culture Department, Leaflet 512.) 10c. • A 1.35: 512

IV Government Publications

New teaching aids for the American classroom. (Education OflBce, OP^-34020.)
$1.2.-). • FS r).234 : 34020

One million children. (Public Housing Administration.) 20c. •

Iiri 3.2 : C 43

Physical fitness elements in recreation, suggestions for community programs.

(rresideut's Council on Physical Fitnes.s.) 250. • I'r 3.'j.8 : Y 8/R 24

Predicting suitability of variable-composition liquefied petroleum gases for use

in appliances. (Aliues Bureau, lufuruiatiou circular 8105.) 20i'. •

I 28.27 : 8105
Rules of flight. (Federal Aviation Agency.) 55c. • FAA l.G/9 : 962

Scientific manpower from abroad. United States scientists and enginers of
foreign birth and training. (Natioual Science Foundation.) 2.-)C. •

NS 1.2 : M 31/3

Scientific research and other programs of private foundations, 1960. (Nafional

Science Foundation, Reviews of data on research & development 35.) 10c. •

NS 1.11: 35

Smallpox. [Revised edition.] (Public Health Service, Publication 230, Health

infiMUiation series 27.) 5c. • FS 2.50 : 27/5

Space scientists and engineers, selected biographical and bibliographical listing,

1957-61. (XatioLial Aeronautics and Space Admiuistratiou, NASA SP-5. )

$2.00. • NAS 1.21 : 5

Suggested management guides. (Small Business Administration.) $1.75. •

SBA 1.10 : M 31
Telephone station installation handbook. (Rural Electrification Administra-
tion, Telephone engineering and construction manual, section 701.) 55c. •

A 68.6/4 : 701/3
3-bedroom farmhouse, slab on grade, frame construction. (Agriculture Depart-
ment, Miscellaneous publication 912, Farm building plan 7150.) 5c. •

A 1.38 : 912

Typical electric bills, 1962. (Federal Power Commission, FPC R 61.) GOc. •

FP 1.10: 61

United States earthquakes, 1960. (Coast and Geodetic Survey.) 50c. •

C 4.25/2 : 960

Your baby's first year. (Children's Bureau, Publication 400.) 15c. •

FS 3.209 : 400



Previews iii

Abbreviations, Explanation vi

General Information vn

How To Order Publications vin

New Classification Numbers ix

Corrections for Previous Monthly

Catalogs X

Classified List of Government Au-
thors XI

Monthly Catalog 1

Index 97


&mdt., amdts amendment, amend-


app appendix, appendixes.

chap cliiipter, chapters.

Cong Congress.

Dept Depart men t.

doc document.

DPPO Prnc District Printing and

Publications Office,
Potomac liiver Naval

8° octavo.

t" folio.

facsim facsimile, facsimiles.

4° quarto.

G. H. A Greenwich hour angle.

H House.

H. Con. Res House concurrent reso-

H. doc House document.

H. ex. doc House executive docu-
J. Res House joint resolution.

.-House bill.

H. R.

H. Res House resolution

H. rp House report.

11 illustration, illustra-

in inch, inches.

lat latitude.

long longitude.

m mile.

MRC Mississippi River Com-

n. d no date.

n. p no place.

no., nos number, numbers.

p page, pages.

p. of pi pages of plates.

par., pars paragraph, paragraphs.

pi plate, plates.

por portrait, portraits.

pt., pts part, parts.

rp report.

UPC Recruiting Publicity


S Senate, Senate bill.

S. Con. Res Senate concurrent reso-

S. doc Senate document.

S. ex. doc Senate executive docu-

S. J. Res Senate joint resolution.

S. Res Senate resolution.

S. rp Senate report.

sec section, sections.

sess session, sessions.

16° sixteenmo.

Stat. L Statutes at large.

supp supplement.

tab table, tables.

.S2° thirty-twomo.

Treas Treasury.

12° twelvemo.

24° twenty-fourmo.

v volume, volumes.

i'.f., V versus.

WPAFB Wright-Patterson A i r

Force Base.

WRPC Weather Record Proc-
essing Center.

Common abbreviations for the names of States, months, etc., are also used.


The individual issuing department, bureau, office, or agency is considered the
publisher of Government publications.

Words and figures enclosed in brackets [ ] are given for information, but do
not appear on the title pages of the publications cataloged. Place and printer are
not given for publications printed at the United States Government Printing
Office, Washington, D.C. Size is not given for octavo publications. Size of maps
is approximate, measurement being made from outer edge of border, excluding
margin. The dates given with Senate and House documents and reports are the
dates on which they were ordered to be printed. Usually the printing promptly
follows the ordering, but various causes sometimes make delays.

The word "processed" as used in this catalog indicates publications which are
reproduced by duplicating processes other than ordinary printing, e.g., mimeo-
graph, multigraph, planograph, rotaprint, multilith. Processed publications are
not obtainable from the Superintendent of Documents. Requests for them, if they
are available, should be addressed to the issuing oflice or to the Office of Technical
Services, as indicated by the distribution symbol.

Under provisions of the Printing Act of January 12, 1895, all Government publi-
cations are entered in the Monthly Catalog. However, administrative and confi-
dential (or restricted) publications are omitted.

The L.C. card number appended to some of the entries is for those libraries
ordering printed cards from the Library of Congress. The number at the extreme
right of an entry indicates the classification of the publication in the Office of the
Superintendent of Documents.

General Information

The Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
D.C., is authorized by law to sell copies of Government publications and to allow
a discount of 25 percent to book dealers and also to quantity purchasers of 100
or more copies of a single publication on condition that they will adhere to the
public sales price set by the Superintendent of Documents and that publications
shaU not be overprinted with any advertising matter.

Publications cannot be supplied free to individuals nor forwarded in advance
of payment.


There is no general price list of public documents, but numerous lists have
been prepared on special subjects and any of these will be furnished free, on
application, by subject or subjects concerning which information is desired. It
will also be noted that current publications which are for sale are listed in this


In addition to the price lists, the Documents Office issues a biweekly list of
Selected United States Government publications for sale by the Superintendent
of Documents. Each list is arranged alphabetically by subjects, with annota-
tions and prices, and may be obtained free upon application to the Superintendent
of Documents.


More than 12,000 different bills are usually introduced during a Congress, and
there are additional prints on many during the progress of the legislation. With
the exception of a very few — such as revenue bills — the demand is an unknown
quantity and on most of them we receive no orders, which makes it impossible to
print a sales supply. It may be that a copy could be obtained from your

A difficult problem is also presented in providing a supply of congressional
documents, hearings, and reports because there are approximately 6,000 of this
class of publications issued during a Congress and only a few of them are called
for. We will attempt to print for sale a few of the more important ones, but if
not priced the only possible source would be from your Congressman.


Publications entered in this catalog that are for sale by the Superintendent of
Documents are indicated by an asterisk (*) preceding the price. Those for sale
by the Office of Technical Services, Commerce Department, are indicated by a farad
(i>) preceding the price. A black dot (•) indicates that the publication has been
or will be sent to depository libraries. A dagger (t) indicates that application
should be made to the department, bureau, or agency issuing the document. A
double dagger (t) indicates that the document is printed for official use and is
not obtainable. Whenever additional information concerning the method of
procuring a document seems necessary, it will be found under the name of the
bureau by which it was published.

In ordering a publication from the Superintendent of Documents, give (if
known) the name of the publishing department, bureau, or agency, and the title,
together with the classification number which is added to the entry at the extreme
right ; order the congressional documents and reports by the title, together with
the document or report number and the Congress, e.g., H. doc. 108, S2d Congress.

Do not use the L.C. card number in ordering a publication from the Superin-
tendent of Documents.


Remittances for documents marked with an asterisk (*) should be made to the
Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25,
D.C., by coupon, postal money order, express order, or check. Publications can-
not be mailed in advance of receipt of remittance. Currency may be sent at
sender's risk. Foreign remittances should be made either by international money
order or draft on an American bank.

Foreign money, defaced or smooth coins, will not he accepted. Do not send
postage stamps.

For the convenience of the general public, coupons in the denomination of 5c
that are good until used in exchange for Government publications sold by the
Superintendent of Documents, may be purchased from this office. Address order
to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D.C.

Persons who make frequent purchases from the Superintendent of Documents
may find a deposit account convenient. Deposits of $25.00 or more are accepted
against which orders may be placed without making individual remittances or
first obtaining quotations. Order blanks are furnished for this purpose. After
the handling of the order has been completed, it will be returned showing the
publications supplied, explanations regarding those not sent, the amount of
charge, and the balance on deposit.

No charge is made for postage on documents forwarded to points in United
States and possessions, or to Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and certain Central and
South American countries. To other countries the regular rate of postage is
charged, and remittances must cover such postage. In computing foreign post-
age, add one-fourth of the price of the publication.


The classification given at the right of entries for departmental publications is
that used in the Library of the Division of Public Documents. It is also used as
a catalog number for sales stock of this office. The shilling mark (/) separates
what would ordinarily be superior or inferior numbers or letters, as it is not
practicable to print these numbers or letters as superiors or inferiors in the
Monthly Catalog.

New Classification Numbers

National Agricultural Library.

A 17.18/2 : CT Bibliographies and lists of publications.

Statistical Reporting Service.

A 92.21/3 : date Capacity of refrigerated warehouses in United


NOTii.— Designated CoSt 2. See, for earlier
class, A 88.2U/3 : (date).
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.

AC 1.11/2 : date Documents on disarmament.

Note. — See, for earlier class, S 1.117 : (date).
Census Bureau.

C 3.138/5 : date Weekly sales of retail stores.

Joint Chiefs of Staff.

D5.14:nos Defense Atomic Support Agency: Technical

analysis report DASA (series).
Defense Department.

D7.16: CT Bibliographies and lists of publications issued

by Defense Supply Agency.
Engineers Corps (Army).

D 103.39 : CT Bibliographies and lists of publications.

Quartermaster Corps (Army).

D 106.16 : nos QMFCIAF reports.

Note. — Issued by Quartermaster Food and Con-
tainer Institute for Armed Forces.
Naval Academy, Annapolis.
D 208.110 : date United States Naval Academy, superintend-
ent's statement to Board of Visitors (an-
Federal Aviation Agency.

FAA 1.8/2 : letters & nos FAA handbooks (numbered).

National Institutes of Healtli.
FS 2.22/32 : -22/33 : Reserved

FS 2.22/34 : nos Heart research news.

Public Health Service.

FS 2.74/3 : letters-nos Hospital and medical facilities series under

Hill-Burton pi-ngram.
Note. — Designated PHS pub. 930-letter-nos.
Community Facilities Administration.

HH 5.9 : CT Handbooks, manuals, guides.

Mines Bureau.

I 28.17/2 : date Petroleum refineries in TTnited States (annual).

Note. — Information formerly Included in la-
formution circular series.

128.30/2: date Coke producers (nnnunl).

Note. — Information formerly included In In-
formation circular series.

I 28.45/2 : date Crude-oil and refined-products pipeline mileage

in T'nifed Stntes (trienninl).

Note. — Information formerly Included in In-
formation circular series.

I 28.66/2 : date Iron ore ( annual ) .

1 2S.70/2 : date Fluorspar ( annual ) .

Fish and Wildlife Service.

X Government Publications

I 49.52 : nos Market news leaflets.

Justice Department.

J 1.31 : date Identical bidding in public procurement, report

of Attorney General under Executive order

Labor Statistics Bureau.

L2.87:date Major BLS programs (annual).

Note. — See, for earlier class, L 2.2 : P 94/20.

Women's Bureau.
L 13.18/2 : CT Bibliographies and lists of publications.

Labor-Management Reports Bureau.
L 31.12 : CT Handbooks, manuals, guides.

Library of Congress.
LC 1.29 : nos Library of Congress PL 480 newsletter.

State Department.
S 1.119 : nos Geographic reports.

Peace Corps.
S 19.8 : CT Handbooks, manuals, guides.

National Cultural Center.

SI 10.1 : date Annual reports.

SI 10.2 : CT General publications.

SI 10.3: -8: Reserved

SI 10.9 : v.nos.& nos Footlight (monthly).

Tariff Commission.

TC 1.35 : date United States import duties.

Note. — See, for earlier class, TC 1.10 : Im 7/4/

Atomic Energy Commission.

Y 3.At 7 : 49/v.nos Atomic Energy Commission reports : Opinions

and decisions.

Y 3.At 7 : 50 Reserved

Y 3.At 7 : 51/nos Research and development abstracts of USAEC,

RDA (series) (irregular).

Corrections for Previous Monthly Catalogs

Oct. 1961. Entry 17239, Balance sheet of agriculture, 1961. Correct class to read

FR 1.3/a : Ag 83/3/961.
Nov. 1961. Entry 18950, Part 1, Cambodian port highway, pt. 2, Afghanistan

highway contracts, hearings, before subcommittee, 87th Congress, 1st session,

Feb. 9-June 20, 1961. Correct class to read Y 4.G 74/7 : C 14/pt.l, 2.
Mar. 1962. Entry 6406, Post oflBce challenge to industry. Correct class to read

P 1.2 : In 2/962.
May 1962. Entry 9711, Report to Congress of United States : Audit of Federal

Facilities Corporation, General Services Administration, for fiscal year 1961,

and final 3-month period ended Sept. 30, 1961. Correct class to read

GA1.13: F 31/4/961.
June 1962. Entry 11909, Recreation in Pacific Northwest. Correct class to read

I 1.2 : P 11/962.
July 1962. Entry 13848, Growth of single bitterbrush plants vs. multiple groups

established by direct seeding. The series should be corrected to read Research

Entries 13849-13850, Research papers. The class should be corrected to

read A 13.65/7 : (nos.).
Aug. 1962. Entry 15659, Depreciation guidelines and rules. Correct class to

read T 22.19/2 : D 44/962.

Classified List of Government Authors


Agriculture Department 18619

Agricultural Marketing Service 18604

Agricultural Research Service 18607

Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service 18618

Farmer Cooperative Service 19455

Forest Service 19537

Information Office 19589

National Agricultural Library 20166

Rural Electrification Administration 20265

Soil Conservation Service 20281

Statistical Reporting Service 20332

Arms Control and Disarmament Agency 18677

Atomic Energy Commission 18695

Canal Zone Government 18772

Civil Aeronautics Board 18878

Civil Rights Commission 18882

Civil Service Commission 18883

Commerce Department 18896

Area Redevelopment Administration 18671

Business and Defense Services Administration 18759

Census Bureau 18773

Coast and Geodetic Survey 18892

International Programs Bureau 19600

Maritime Administration 20063

National Bureau of Standards 20169

Patent Office 20235

Weather Bureau 20369

Congress 18919

Atomic Energy Joint Committee 19013

House of Representatives 19014

Agriculture Committee 19166

Appropriation Committee 19168

Armed Services Committee 19170

Banking and Currency Committee 19175

District of Columbia Committee 19176

Education and Labor Committee 19177

Government Operations Committee 19180

Interior and Insular Affairs Committee 19183

Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee 19186

Judiciary Committee 19190

Post Office and Civil Service Committee 19193A

Science and Astronautics Committee 19196

Un-American Activities Committee 19199

Internal Revenue Taxation Joint Committee ^_^^-^^ 19199A



Congress — Continued entry

Senate 1*.>'200

Aeronautical and Space Sciences Committee 1!)365

AginK. Siiecial Coinniittee on 193G6

Appropriations Coniniittee 193(58

Armed Services Committee 19372

Bauliiiig and Currency Committee 19379

Commerce Committee 193S3

Finance Committee 19386

Foreign Relations Committee 19387

Government Operations Committee 19388

Interior and Insular Affairs Committee 19389

Judiciary Committee 19390

Labor and Public Welfare Committee 1939.1

Post Office and Civil Service Committee 19396

Public Works Committee 19398

Small Business, Select Committee on 19400

Defense Department 19404

Air Force Department 18(544

Air F'orce Medical Service 18(560

Armed Forces Information and Education 18673

Army Department 18678

Army Medical Service 18694

Engineers Corps 19449

Ordnance Corps 20230

Quartermaster General of Army 20261

Transportation Corps 20345

Civil Defense Office 18879

Joint Chiefs of Staff 19619

National Guard Bureau 20176

Navy Department 20226

Medicine and Surgery Bureau 20004

Naval Operations Office

llydrographic Office lOHSS

Naval Personnel Bureau 20198

Naval Academy 20196

Naval Research Office 20204

Naval Weapons Bureau 20222

Ships Bureau 20269

District of Columbia 19414

Emergency Boards (under sec. 10, Railway labor act) 19447

Federal Aviation Agency 19457

Air Traffic Service 18061

Aviation Medical Service 18754

Aviation Research and Development Service 18756

Flight Standards Service 19532

Federal Communications Commission 19472

Federal Deposit Insiirnt\ce Coritoralion 19470

Federal Home Loan Bank Board 19477

Federal Power Commission 19482

Federal Reserve System Board of Governors 19487

Federal Trade ConiinlMslon 19190

Foreign Claims Beltlement Commission 19536

October 1962 xm


General Accounting OflBce 19554

General Services Administration 19561

Federal Supply Service 19495

Online LibraryUnited States. Superintendent of DocumentsMonthly catalog of United States Government publications (Volume 1962 (October - December)) → online text (page 1 of 201)