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FEB 14 13G7

JANUARY 1 9i^3^iTY of iuinois

Entries 1-1670


In ordering publications listed in this catalog, it should be noted that only
those marked with an asterisk (*) are obtainable from the Superintendent of

Publications marked with a farad (*) are sold by the Clearinghouse for Fed-
eral Scientific and Technical Information, Springfield, Va. 22151.

Where a single dagger (t) is the distribution symbol, application should be
made directly to the department or bureau issuing the document.

"'^ For sale by Superintendent of Documents

'I' For sale by Clearinghouse for Federal Scientific and Technical
Information, Springfield, Va. 22151

t Distribution made by Issuing Office. Not definitely available if
unaccompanied by a price

X Printed for Official Use

(not available for distribution)

• Sent to Depository Libraries


Symbols used to designate sizes of publications listed in this catalog
are as follows :

4° 6-12 inches high and width more than % of height

large 4° over 12 inches high and -width more than % of height

small 4° under G inches high and width more than % of height

8° 8-10 inches in height (size not given in entry except

where publication is narrow or oblong)

large 8° 10-12 inches in height

12° 7-8 inches in height

16° 6-7 inches in height

24° 5-6 inches in height

32° 4-5 inches in height

48° up to 4 inches high

f° above 12 inches in height

narrow width less than % of height

oblong width more than height




Number 864

Entries 1-1670



L.C. Card 4-18088







The following publications are in the process of being printed. Advance sales
orders may be placed for these publications. Orders will be scheduled and
copies mailed as soon as stocks are received. It is not possible to estimate the
lapse of time before the publications will actually appear. AH information in
regard to title, series, classification, distribution, and price given in these list-
ings is preliminary and subject to change when the publications actually come
from the press. Those so marked will be sent to depository libraries, providing,
that at the time of going to press, the libraries were on list to receive the
items under which these publications will be distributed.

American science manpower, 1%4. (National Science Foundation.) $1.25. ©

NS 1.14/2 : 964
Annual report. Department of Defense, fiscal year 1964. (Defense Department.)

$1.50. • D 1.1 : 964

Annual report of Government patent policy, June 1966. (Federal Council for

Science and Technology.) 25c. • Y 3.F 31/16 : 11/966

Cancer cause and prevention. [Revised 196G.] (Public Health Service, Publica-
tion 959.) 20c. • FS 2.2 : C 16/6/966
Cancer questions and answers about rates and risks. (Public Health Service,

Publication 1514.) 20o. • FS 2.22 : C 16/28

Cerebrovascular disorders (strokes). [Revised 1966.] (Public Health Service,

Publication 1110, Research profile 2.) 15c. • FS 2.22/43 : 2/3

Dialogue on adolescents. (Children's Bureau, Publication 442.) 30c. ©

FS 14.111 : 442
Digest of educational statistics. [1966 edition.] (Education Office, OE-10024-

66.) $1.00 • FS 5.210 : 10024-66

Directory of Federal statistics for local areas, 1966. (Census Bureau.) $1.00. •

C 3.6/2 : St 2/2
Documents on disarmament, 1965. (Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.)

$2.00 • AC 1.11/2 : 965

Effect of the earthquake of March 27, 1964, on the Eklutna Hydroelectric Project,

Anchorage, Alaska. (Geological Survey, Professional paper 545-A.) 35c. •

119.16: 545-A
Effect of the earthquake of March 27, 1964, in Copper River Basin Area, Alaska.

(Geological Survey, Professional paper .543-E.) 35c. • 119.16 :543-E

Eye research. (Public Health Service. Publication 1502.) 35c. • FS 2.22: Ey 3
Fair labor standards act of 1938, as amended. [Revised 1966.] (Wage & Hour

& Public Contracts Divisions.) 20c. • L 22.5 : F 15/966

Geology of the Arabian Peninsula, Aden Protectorate. (Geological Survey, Pro-
fessional paper 560-0. ) $1.25. • 119.16:560-0
Grass, the rancher's crop. (Agricxilture Department, Leaflet 346. revised.)

10c. • A 1.35 : 346/2

Growing raspberries. (Agriculture Department, Farmers' bulletin 2165. revised. )

10c. • A 1.9 : 2165/3

Guide for preliminary design of arch dams. (Reclamation Bureau, Engineering

monograph 36. ) 25c. • I 27.34 : sis

How to determine nursing expenditures in small health agencies. [Revised

1966.] (Public Health Service, Publication 902.) 40c. •

FS 2.6/2 : N 93/2/966
Labor law and practice in Lebanon. (Labor Statistics Bureau, Report 304.)

50c. • L 2.71: 304

Laws relating to forestry, game conservation, flood control and related subjects.

[Revised 1966.] (House of Representatives.) $2.00. • Y 1.2 : F 76/4/966

IV Government Publications

Literary recordings, a checklist of the archive of recorded poetry and literature

in the Library of Congress. (Library of Congress.) 70c. •

LC 2.2 : P 75/5/966
Mental health benefits of the Social security amendment of 1965. (Public Health

Service, Publication 1505.) 15c. • FS 2.22: So 1/5

Partial hospitalization. (Public Health Service, Publication 1449.) 15c. •

FS 2.22 : H 79/2
Prevention and control of narcotic addiction. [Revised 1966.] (Narcotics

Bureau.) 20c. • T 56.2 : N 16/4/966

Reemployment rights of Federal employees who perform duty in Armed Forces.

[Revised Nov. 1966.] (Civil Service Commission, Pamphlet 51.) 5c. •

CS 1.48 : 51/6
Russell Cave National Monument, Alabama. [Revised 1966.] (National Park

Service.) 10c. • 1 29.21 : R 91/966

Selected electronic circuitry. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration,

NASA SP-5046.) 70c. • NAS 1.21 : 5046

Structure and metamorphism in the Mono Craters quadrangle. Sierra Nevada,

California. (Geological Survey, Bulletin 1221-E.) 50c. • 119.3 : 1221-E
Symposium on the nucleolus. (Public Health Service, National Cancer Institute

monograph 23.) $5.00. • FS 2.22/18 : 23

The occurrence, chemical quality, and use of ground water in the Tabulbah area,

Tunisia. (Geological Survey, Water-supply paper 1757-E.) $1.2.5. •

1 19.13 : 1757-E
This new ocean, a history of Project Mercury, (National Aeronautics and Space

Administration, NASA SP^201.) $5.50. • NAS 1.21 : 4201

United States Department of Commerce publications, catalog and index, 1965

supplement. (Commerce Department.) 25c. • C 1.2 : P 96/supp. 965

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. [Revised 1966.] (National

Park Service.) 10c. • I 29.21 : W 58/3/966

Your drinking water is safe, let's keep it that way. (Public Health Service,

Publication 1511.) $2.50 per 100, single copy 5c. • FS 2.2 :W 29/55


Previews Hi

Abbreviations, Explanation vi

General Information Vii

How To Order Publications viii

New Classification Numbers IX

Con*ections for Previous Monthly

Catalogs TX

Classified List of Government Authors, XI

Monthly Catalog 1

Index 91


add aii'tltlon, addendum,


amdt.. amdtf9 amendment, amend-

app appendix, appendixes.

bk., bks book, books.

chap chapter, chapters.

Cong Congress.

Dept Department.

doc document.

facslm facsimile, facsimiles.

ry fiscal year.

G.H.A Greenwich hour angle.

H House.

H. Con. Res House concurrent reso-

H. doc House document.

n. ex. doc House executive docu-

H. J. Res House joint resolution.

H.R House of Representa-
tives, House bill.

H. Res House resolution.

H. rp House report.

11 Illustration, Illustra-

in Inch, Inches.

lat latitude.

long longitude.

m mile.

Common abbreviations for the names of States, months, etc., are also uspd.

An explanation of the symbols used to designate sizes of publications Is given on the
Inside of the front cover.

n. d no data.

n. p no place.

no., nos number, numbera.

p page, pagea.

p. of pi pages of plate*.

par., pars paragraph, para-

pi plate, plates.

por portrait, portrait*.

pt., pts part, parts.

rp report.

S Senate, Senate bill.

S. Con. Res Senate concurrent reso-

S. doc Senate document.

S. ex. doc Senate executive docu-

S. ex. rp Seriate executive re-

S. J. Res Senate joint resolution.

S. Res Senate resolution.

S. rp Senate report.

sec section, sections.

sess session, sessions.

Stat. L Statutes at large.

supp supplement.

tab table, tables.

Treas Treasury.

V volume, volumes.

vs., V versus.


The individual issuing department, bureau, office, or agency is considered the
publisher of Government publications.

Words and figTires enclosed in brackets [ ] in titles are given for information,
but do not appear on the title pages of the publications cataloged. Place and
printer are not given for publications printed at the United States Government
Printing Office, Washington, D.C., or at Government departmental and field print-
ing plants. The dates given with Senate and House documents and reports are
the dates on which they were ordered to be printed. Usually the printing promptly
follows the ordering, but various causes sometimes make delays.

Under provisions of the Printing Act of January 12, 1895, all Government publi-
cations, except administrative and confidential (or restricted), are entered in the
Monthly Catalog.

The L.C. card number appended to some of the entries is for those libraries
ordering printed cards from the Library of Congress. The number at the extreme
right of an entry indicates the classification of the publication in the Office of the
Superintendent of Documents.


General Information

The Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing OflSce, Washington,
D.O., is authorized by law to sell copies of Government publications and to allow
a discount of 25 percent to book dealers and also to quantity purchasers of 100
or more copies of a single publication on condition that they will adhere to the
public sales price set by the Superintendent of Documents and that publications
shall not be overprinted with any advertising matter.

Publications cannot be supplied free to individuals nor forwarded in advance
of payment.


There is no general price list of public documents, but numerous lists have
been prepared on special subjects and any of these will be furnished free, on
application, by subject or subjects concerning which information is desired. It
wiU also be noted that current publications which are for sale are listed in this


In addition to the price lists, the Documents Office Issues a biweekly list of
Selected United States Government publications for sale by the Superintendent
of Documents. Each Ust is arranged alphabetically by subjects, with annota-
tions and prices, and may be obtained free upon application to the Superintendent
of Documents.


More than 12,000 different bills are usually introduced during a Congress, and
there are additional prints on many during the progress of the legislation. With
the exception of a very few — such as revenue bills — the demand is an unknown
quantity and on most of them we receive no orders, which makes it impossible to
print a sales supply. It may be that a copy could be obtained from your

A difficult problem is also presented in providing a supply of congressional
documents, hearings, and reports because there are approximately 6,000 of this
class of publications issued during a Congress and only a few of them are called
for. We will attempt to print for sale a few of the more important ones, but if
not priced the only i>ossible source would be from your Congressman.



Publications entered in this catalog that are for sale by the Superintendent of
Documents are indicated by an asterisk (*) preceding the price. Those for sale
by the Clearinghouse for Federal Scientific and Technical Information, are
indicated by a farad (*) preceding the price. A black dot (•) indicates that
the publication has been or will be sent to depository libraries. A dagger (f)
indicates that application should be made to the department, bureau, or agency
issuing the document. A double dagger (t) indicates that the document is
printed for official use and is not obtainable. Whenever additional information
concerning the method of procuring a document seems necessary, it will be found
under the name of the bureau by which it was published.

In ordering a publication from the Superintendent of Documents, give (if
known) the name of the publishing department, bureau, or agency, and the title,
together with the classification number which is added to the entry at the ex-
treme right ; order the congressional documents and reports by the title, together
with the document or report number and the Congress, e.g., H. doc. 103, 8Sth

Do not use the L.C. card number in ordering a publication from the Superin-
tendent of Documents.


Remittances for documents marked with an asterisk (*) should be made to the
Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington,
D.C. 20402, by coupon, postal money order, express order, or check. Publications
cannot be mailed in advance of receipt of remittance. Currency may be sent at
sender's risk. Foreign remittances should be made either by international money
order or draft on an American bank.

Foreign money, defaced or smooth coins, will not be accepted. Do not send
postage stamps.

For the convenience of the general public, coupons in the denomination of 5^
that are good until used in exchange for Government publications sold by the
Superintendent of Documents, may be purchased from this office. Address order
to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.

Persons who make frequent purchases from the Superintendent of Documents
may find a deposit account convenient Deposits of $25.00 or more are accepted
against which orders may be placed without making individual remittances or
first obtaining quotations. Order blanks are furnished for this purpose. After
the handling of the order has been completed, it will be returned showing the
publications supplied, explanations regarding those not sent, the amount of
charge, and the balance on deposit.

No charge is made for postage on documents forwarded to points in United
States and possessions, or to Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and certain Central and
South American countries. To other countries the regular rate of postage is
charged, and remittances must cover such postage. In computing foreign post-
age, add one-fourth of the price of the publication.


The classification given at the right of entries for departmental publications is
that used in the Library of the Division of Public Documents. It is also used
as a catalog number for sales stock of this office. The shilling mark (/) sep-
arates what would ordinarily be superior or inferior numbers or letters, as it is
not practicable to print these numbers or letters as superiors or inferiors in the
Monthly Catalog.


New Classification Numbers

Euvironmental Science Services Administration.
C 52.15 : Reserved

C 52.16 : v.nos.& nos Data report, meteorological rocket network

firings (montlily).
Engineers Corps (Army).
D 103.42/5 : nos Coastal Engineering Research Center : Techni-
cal reports.
Note. — See, for earlier class, D 103.15: (nos.).
Education Office.

FS 5.77: nos Research in education (monthly).

Housing and Urban Development Department.
HH 1.27 :-HH 1.28 : Reserved

HH 1.29: nos HUD PG-( series).

Geological Survey.
I 19.55: date Activities of Water Resources Division of Cali-
fornia, fiscal year.
National Labor Relations Board.

LR 1,8/5 : date/nos Digest of decisions of National Labor Relations

Board CS-( series) (bimonthly).
Export-Import Bank of Washington.
Y 3.Ex 7/3 : 6 CT Regulations, rules, and instructions.

Corrections for Previous Monthly Catalogs

Apr. 1957. Entry 5625, Documents on use and control of waters of interstate
and international streams, compacts, treaties, and adjudications. Correct
class to read 1 1.2 : W 29.

May 1964. Entries 9743-9744, Engineering monographs. Correct class to read
I 27.34: (nos.).

Mar. 1966. Entry 4161,77, How to obtain birth certificates in each State. Cor-
rect entry to show that this is a Senate document of the S9th Congress.

Apr. 1966. Entry 5875, Guidelines for school desegregation, summary explana-
tion of Revised statement of policies. Correct class to read FS 5.6/2 : D

Entry 5882, Revised statement of policies for school desegregation plans.

Correct class to read FS 5.6/2 : D 45/966.

July 1966. Entry 10888, Public domain, its place in our history, its place today,
its place in our future. Correct class to read I 53.2 : P 96/12/966.

Aug. 1966. Entry 12521, Diplomatic reception rooms. Correct class to read
S 1.2 : D 62/11.

Sept. 1966. Entry 13869, Technical publications. Correct class to read C 13.37/
4 : T 22/966.

Xov. 1966. Entry 16815, Standard alphabets for highway signs. Correct class
to read C 37.6/2 : Al 7/966.

Classified List of Government Authors


Agriculture Department 22

Agricultural Research Service 2

Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service 19

Consumer and Marlveting Service 962

Economic Research Service 983

Farmers Home Administration 1036

Foreign Agricultural Service 1084

Forest Service 1086

National Agricultural Library 1517

Rural Electrification Administration 1597

Soil Conservation Service 1609

Statistical Reporting Service 1643

Atomic Energy Commission 123

Canal Zone Grovernment 148

Civil Aeronautics Board 186

Civil Service Commission 199

Commerce Department 223

Business and Defense Services Administration 142

Census Bureau 149

Environmental Science Services Administration 1032

Coast and Geodetic Survey 215

National Bureau of Standards 1519

Public Roads Bureau 1593

United States Travel Service 1658

Congress 246

House of Representatives 515

Agriculture Committee 707

Armed Services Committee 713

Banking and Currency Committee 725

District of Columbia Committee 727

Education and Labor Committee 728

Foreign Affairs Committee 730

Government Operations Committee 735

House Administration Committee 739

Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee 741

Judiciary Committee 742

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee 743

Post OflBce and Civil Service Committee 747

Public Works Committee 750

Rules Committee 752

Science and Astronautics Committee 753

Veterans' Affairs Committee 755

Ways and Means Committee__„-„,^^-,-^„-, ,_,-„, 756

xn GovERNarENT Publications

Congress — Continued Entry

Senate 758

Aging, Special Committee on 937

Agriculture and Forestry Committee 938

Appropriations Committee 939

Armed Services Committee 940

Commerce Committee 945

District of Columbia Committee 949

Finance Committee 950

Foreign Relations Committee 953

Government Operations Committee 955

Judiciary Committee 957

Labor and Public Welfare Committee 959

Public Works Committee 960

Rules and Administration Committee 961

Court of Claims 970

Customs Court 972

Defense Department 973

Air Force Department 55

Army Department 95

Adjutant General's OflBee 1

Army Medical Service 120

Civil Defense Office 190

Engineers Corps 1022

Military History, Office of Chief of 1397

Navy Department

Marine Corp? 1394

Medicine and Surgery Bureau 1395

Naval Operations Office 1541

Naval Oceanographic Office 1536

Naval Ordnance Systems Command 1542

Naval Personnel Bureau 1543

Naval Research Officei_ 1548

Export-Import Bank of Washington 1034

Federal Aviation Agency 1037

Air Traffic Service 93

Aviation Medicine Office 136

Flight Standards Service 1082

Federal Council for Science and Technology 1042

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1043

Federal Home Loan Bank Board 1045

Federal Power Commission 1049

Federal Reserve System Board of Governors 1060

General Accounting Office 1100

General Services Administration 1104

Federal Supply Service 1071

National Archives and Records Service 1518

Federal Register Office 1059

Government Printing Office

Public Documents Division 1562

Health. Education, and Welfare Department 1134

Education Office 996

Food and Drug Administration 1083

January 1967 Xin

Health, Education, and Welfare Department — Continued Entry

Public Health Service 1566

Social Security Adnainistration 1603

Vocational Rehabilitation Administration 1662

Welfare Administration

Children's Bureau 185

Housing and Urban Development Department 1137

Federal Housing Administration 1046

Interior Department 1139

Federal Water Pollution Control Administration 1073

Fish and Wildlife Service 1074

Geographic Names Board 1105

Geological Survey 1106

Mines Bureau 1398

National Park Service 1532

Reclamation Bureau 1595

Interstate Commerce Commission 1153

Joint Publications Research Service 1154-1

Justice Department 1348

Immigration and Naturalization Service 1138

Labor Department 1349

Employees' Compensation Bureau 1018

Federal Safety Council 1070

Labor Standards Bureau 1355

Labor Statistics Bureau 1359

Manpower Administration

Apprenticeship and Training Bureau 94

Employment Security Bureau 1020

Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Divisions 1663

Women's Bureau 1667

Library of Congress 1393

Copyright Office 967

National Aeronautics and Space Administration 1418

National Capital Regional Planning Council 1528

National Labor Relations Board 1529

Post Office Department 1555

President of United States 1560

Executive Office of the President

Economic Opportunity Office 982

Small Business Administration 1598

Smithsonian Institution 1601

National Museum 1530

State Department 1613

International Development Agency 1150

Supreme Court 1645

Tarife Commission 1646

Tennessee Valley Authority 1647

Treasury Department 1653

Coast Guard 217

Customs Bureau 971

Internal Revenue Service 1141

Veterans Administration 1660

Monthly Catalog

NO. 864 • JANUARY 1967

Washington, D.C. 20310

1 Educational scholarships, loans, and financial aids. [1966.] [l]+v+86

p. 4" (AGMG-D 1966.) t • Item 331 D 102.2 : Sch 6

Washington, D.C. 20250

ABS (series), f A 77.15: (Nos.)

2 42-120. Modulating valve for programmed temperature ; by A. T. Hendrix.

Sept. 1966. 8 p. 11. 4»
L.C. card Agr 66-368

3 42-122. Cotton stripper for harvesting research plots ; by A. D. Brashears

and L. L. Ray. Aug. 1966. 5 p. il. 4»
L.C. card 66-295

4 52-13. Wholesale food distribution facilities for Huntington, W. Va. ; [by

Patrick P. Boles, Richard K. Overhelm, and Roscoe Dodrill]. Aug.
1966. 38 p. 11. 40 ([Transportation and Facilities Research Divi-
sion.]) [Prepared in cooperation with Cooperative Extension Serv-
ice. West Virginia University.]
L.C. card Agr 66-294

5 52-17. Use of ozone in tomato ripening rooms ; [by Earl D. Malllson and

Donald H. Spalding]. Oct. 1966. 10 p. 4
L.C. card Agr 67-30

6 74—35. 4th National Conference on Wheat Utilization Research, held at Boise,

Idaho, Nov. 3-5, 1965 : [prepared in Western Regional Research
Laboratory, Albany, Calif.]. [Apr. 1966.] cover title, 108 p. 11. 4°
L.C. card 64-62062

7 74-36. 9th technical alfalfa conference proceedin.Grs, held at Lincoln, Nebr.,

Nov. 17, 1965 ; [prepared In Western Regional Research Laboratory,
Albany, Calif.]. [1966.] cover title, 76 p. 11. 4» [Cosponsored by
American Dehydrators Association and Nebraska Agricultural Ex-
periment Station. Errata, 1 p. 4", issued also.]
L.C. card 60-61129

8 74—37. Destruction of salmonellae, report of Western Experiment Station Col-

Online LibraryUnited States. Superintendent of DocumentsMonthly catalog of United States Government publications (Volume 1967 (January - June)) → online text (page 1 of 195)