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DC, is authorized by hiw to sell copies of Government publications and to allow
a discount of 25 percent to book dealers and also to quantity purchasers of 100
or more copies of a single publication on condition that they will adhere to the
public sales price set by the Superintendent of Documents and that publications
shall not be overprinted with any advertising matter.

Publications cannot be supplied free to individuals nor forwarded in advance
of payment.


There is no general price list of public documents, but numerous lists have
been prepared on special subjects and any of these will be furnished free, on
application, by subject or subjects concerning which information is desired. It
will also be noted that current publications which are for sale are listed in this


In addition to the price lists, the Documents OflSce issues a biweekly list of
Selected United States Government publications for sale by the Superintendent
of Documents. Each list is arranged alphabetically by subjects, with annota-
tions and prices, and may be obtained free upon application to the Superintendent
of Documents.


More than 12,000 different bills are usually introduced during a Congress, and
there are additional prints on many during the progress of the legislation. With
the exception of a very few — such as revenue bills — the demand is an unknown
quantity and on most of them we receive no orders, which makes it impossible to
print a sales supply. It may be that a copy could be obtained from your

A difficult problem is also presented in providing a supply of congressional
documents, hearings, and reports because there are approximately 6,000 of this
class of publications issued during a Congress and only a few of them are called
for. We will attempt to print for sale a few of the more important ones, but if
not priced the only possible source would be from your Congressman.



I'ulilications entered in this catalog tliat are for sale by the Superintendent of
Documents are indicated by an asterisk (*) preceding the price. Those for sale
by the Clearingliouse for Federal Scientific and Technical Information are
indicated by a farad (*) preceding the price. A black dot (•) indicates that
the publication has been or will be sent to depository libraries. A dagger (t)
indicates that application should be made to the department, bureau, or agency
issuing the document. A double dagger (t) indicates tliat the document is
printed for official use and is not obtainalde. Whenever additional information
concerning the method of procuring a document seems necessary, it will be found
under the name of the bureau by which it was published.

In ordering a publication from the Superintendent of Documents, give (if
known) the name of the publishing department, bureau, or agency, and the title,
together with the classification number which is added to the entry at the ex-
treme right ; order the congressional documents and reports by the title, together
with the document or report number and the Congress, e.g., H. Doc. 103, 88th

Do not use the L.C. card number in ordering a publication from the Superin-
tendent of Documents.


Remittances for documents marked with an asteri.sk (*) should be made to the
Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington,
DO 20402, by coupon, postal money order, express order, or check. Publications
cannot be mailed in advance of receipt of remittance. Currency may be sent at
sender's risk. Foreign remittances should be made either by international money
order or draft on an American bank.

Foreign money, defaced or smooth coins, tvill not &e accepted. Do not send
postage stamps.

For the convenience of the general ])ublic, coupons in the denomination of f^'
that are good until used in exchange for Government publications sold by the
Superintendent of Documents, may be purchased from this office. Address order
to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC

Persons who make frequent purchases from the Superintendent of Documents
may find a deposit account convenient. Deposits of $25,00 or more are accepted
against which orders may be placed without making individual remittances or
first obtaining quotations. Order blanks are furnished for this purpose. After
the handling of the order has been completed, it will be returned showing the
publications supplied, explanations regarding those not sent, the amount of
charge, and the balance on deposit.

No charge is made for postage on documents forwarded to points in United
States and possessions, or to Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and certain Central and
South American countries. To other countries the regular rate of postage is
charged, and remittances must cover such postage. In computing foreign po.st-
age, add one-fourth of the price of the publication.


The classification given at the right of entries for departmental publications is
that used in the Library of the Division of Public Documents. It is also used
as a catalog number for sales stock of this office. The shilling mark (/) sep-
arates what would ordinarily be superior or inferior numbers or letters, as it is
not practicable to print these numbers or letters as superiors or inferiors in the
Monthly Catalog.


New Classification Numbers

Forest SiTvico.

A 1383 : date Aiumul grazing statistical report.

Coast aucl (Jeodetic Survey.

04.12/0: nos C&GS tec-linieal manuals.

International Commerce Bureau.

C 42.31/2 : CT International ^Marketing Information Service :

Country marlvet survey.
Federal Communications Commission.

CO 1.1/2 : date Summary of activities, in fiscal [year].

Civil Rights Commission.

CR 1.11/2: nos Cleariughousw- puolication : Urban series.

Army Department.
L) 101.07/2 : date BESRL [Behavioral Science Research Labo-
ratory] work program (annual).
Army Medical Service.
D 104.22: date Surgical Re.search Unit, Brooke Army Medi-
cal Center, Fort Sam Houston, Tex. : An-
nual research progress report.
Social Security Administration.
HE 3.51/5 : date Directory [of] medicare providers and sup-
pliers of services.
Consumer Protection and Environmental
Health Service.
HE 20.1010 : date Conference of State sanitary engineers, re-
port of proceedings.

NoTK. — See, for earlier class, FS 2.83/4 :
(date J.
Environmental Control Administration.

HE 20.1108 : CT Handbooks, manuals, guides.

Note. — See, for earlier publications FS 2.6/2 :

HE 20.1114 : nos DEP [Division of Electronic Products]

Food and Drag Administration.

HE 20.1208 : CT Handbooks, manuals, guides.

Note. — See, for earlier class, FS 13.119 :(CT).
National Air Pollution Control Administration.

HE 20.1308 : CT Handbooks, manuals, guides.

Note. — See, for earlier publications, FS 2.6/2 :
Health Services and Mental Health Adminis-

HE 20.2012 : date List of publications.

Note. — See, for earlier class, FS 2.24/2 :
National Institute of Mental Health.

HE 20.2413 : date Bulletin of Suicidology.

Note. — See, for earlier class, FS 2.22/50-6 :

HE 20.2413/2 : CT Bulletin of suicidology, supplements.

HE 20.2414 : date Schizophrenia bulletin.

HE 20.2415 : letters/nos Mental health statistics series.

NOTE.— See for earlier class, FS 2.53/2-2 : (let-
Indian Health Service.

HE 20.2G51 : date Annual report.

HE 20.2G."»2 : CT General publications.

Note. — See, for earlier publications, PS 2.2 :


X Government Publications

National Institutes of Health.

HE 20.3012 : CT Bibliographies and lists of publications.

NoxE. — See, for earlier class, FS 2.22/13 :(CT).

HE 20.3013 : date Public Health Service grants and awards

Note. — Sec, for earlier class, FS 2.22/7 :(date).
National In.stitute of Dental Research.

HE 20.3401 : date Annual report.

HE 20.3402 : CT General publications.

Note. — See, for earlier publication, FS 2.22 :
National Institute of Neurological Disease and

HE 20.3509/2 : v.nos.& nos Epilepsy abstracts (compilations).

Note. — See, for earlier class, FS 2.22/59-2 :
National Library of Medicine.

HE 20.3G0S : CT Handbooks, manuals, guides.

Note. — See, for earlier class, FS 2.217 :(CT).

HE 20.3G12/2 : v.nos.& nos Abridged index medicus (monthly).

Head Start and Child Development Bureau.

HE 21.208 : CT Handbooks, manuals, guides.

Interior Department Library.

I 22.10: V. nos. & nos Population trends and environmental policy

National Endowment for the numanitie.s.

NF 3.9: nos Occa.sional papers.

President of United States.

PR 37.8: CT Committees and Commissions of the President.

PR 37.9 : date Economic report of the President.

Note. — See, for earlier class, Pr 36.9: (date).
Smithsonian Institution.

SI 1.28 : nos Smithsonian studies in history and technology.

Transportation Department.

TD 1.15: nos Bibiliographic lists (numbered).

Federal Highway Administration.
TD 2.14 : Reserved

TD 2.15: date Summer youth opportunity campaign (annual).

National Highway Safety Bureau.

TD 2.213 : v.nos.& nos Consumer information series.

Motor Carriers Safety Bureau.

TD 2.312/2 : date Analysis of accident reports involving Are.

Note. — See, for earlier class, TD 2.302 : AC 2/
Federal Aviation Administration.
TD 4.8/3 : Reserved

TD 4.8/4 :CT Airport designed standards.

Note. — See, for earlier class, TD 4.8 : Ai 7/14.

TD 4.32/2 : nos Office of Noise Abatement : Report FAA-NO

CJoast Guard.

TD 5.12/2 : date Merr-hant vessels of United States.

Note. — See for earlier class, T 17.11/2 : (date).

Discontinued Series

Federal Reserve System Board of Governors.

FR 1.28: date A.ssets and liabilities of all banks in United

States (semimonthly).

Notk. — Discontinued. Statistics now published in
Statistical release H.8, Assets and liabilities of all
commercial banks in United States, beginning with
Feb. 5, 1969 issue.
Housing and Urban Development Department.

HH 1.30: date Housing and Urban development notes

Note. — Discontinued in 1968.
Tennessee Valley Authority.

Y 3.T 2.'> : 22/v.nos.& nos Teamwork (monthly).

Note. — Discontinued with v. 25, no. 12.

March 1970 XI

Corrections for Previous Monthly Catalogs

Dec. 1967. Entry 17587, Provide food and medical services on emergency basis,
liearings, DOtli Congress, 1st session . . . Add class : Y 4.Ag 8/1 : F 73/24.

Dec. 1968. Page 650, 1st column, under Veterans, delete lines reading case of
John Smith, what are you doing at the bottom of the reemployment list, 9219.

Jan. 1969. Entry 298, Do you have what it takes to take the Coast Guard? Correct
class to read TD 5.2 : C 6.3/3.

Apr. 1969. Entry 5644, Financial developments in 4th quarter of 1968. Correct
class to read FR 1.3/a : F 49/10/968-2.

Entry 5803, Atlas of physical, economic and social resources of lower Mekong

Basin. Correct class to read S 18.2 : M 47.

Sept. 1969. Entry 12635, Financial developments in 1st quarter of 1969. Correct
class to read FR 1.3/a : F 49/10/969.

Entry 12853, Agency for International Development procurement regulations

[1st edition] amdt. 7. Correct price to read * Paper, $6.00 (including basic
regulations and supplementary material for an indefinite period) ; $1.50 addi-
tional for foreign mailing.

Oct. 1969. Entry 14229, Financial developments in 2d quarter of 1969. Correct
class to read FR 1.3/a : F 49/10/969-2.

Nov. 1969. Entry 16260, National Institute of Dental Research directory of U.S.
facilities providing cleft lip and cleft palate services. Correct class to read
HE 20.3402 : C 58.

List of Government Authors


Administrative Office of Ignited States Courts 3369

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations 3370

Agriculture Department 3389

Agricultural Research Service 3371

Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service 3384

Commodity Credit Corporation 3719

Consumer and Marketing Service 3992

Economic Research Service 40i0

Farmer Cooperative Service 4100

Federal Extension Service 4133

Foreign Agricultural Service 4175

Forest Service 4178

Rural Electrification Administration 4656

Soil Conservation Service 4678

Statistical Reporting Service 4757

Atomic Energy Commission 3487

Civil Aeronautics Board 3652

Civil Rights Commission 3656

Civil Service Commission 3660

Commerce Department 3686

Business and Defense Services Administration 3523

Census Bureau 3530

Econmic Development Administration 4038

Environmental Science Services Administration 4088

Coast and Geodetic Survey 3676

"Weather Bureau 4789

International Commerce Bureau 4314

Maritime Administration 4394

National Bureau of Standards 4547

Patent Office 4635

United States Travel Service 4779

Congress 3720

Atomic Energy Joint Committee 3761

Defense Pro

Online LibraryUnited States. Superintendent of DocumentsMonthly catalog of United States Government publications (Volume 1970 (January - June)) → online text (page 70 of 196)