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L161— O-I096


United States

Monthly Catalog


Superintendent of Documents
Nos. 588-599



United States

Monthly Catalog


Superintendent of Documents

NO. 588








r^ .-V-



Abbreviations, Explanation iv

Alphabetical List of Government

Authors V

General Information 1

Notes of General Interest 3

Corrections for Previous Monthly

Catalogs 4

New Classification Numbers, etc 5

Congressional Set 6

Monthly Catalog 7


Amendment, amendments amdt., amdts.

Appendix app.

Article, articles art.

Chapter, chapters chap.

Conpress ConR.

Department Dept.

Document doc.

Facsimile, facsimiles facsim.

FoUo f«

House H,

House bill H. R.

House concurrent ri'solution .H. Con. Res,

House document. U. doc.

House executive document H. ex. doc.

House joint resolution H. J. Res.

House report H. rp.

House resolution (simple) _. H. Res.

Illustration, illustrations il .

Inch, inches in.

Latitude lat.

Longitude long.

Mile, miles .m.

Month.. mo.

Nautical mile naut. m.

No date „ n. d.

No place.. - n. p.

Number, numbers. no., nos.

Octavo 80

Page, pages. p.

Part, parts. pt., pts-

Plate, plates pi.

Portrait, portraits per.

Quarto 4o

Report rp.

Saint St.

Section, sections sec.

Senate, Senate bill S.

Senate concurrent resolution S. Con. Res.

Senate document S. doc.

Senate executive document S. ex. doc.

Senate Joint resolution S. J. Res.

Senate report S. rp.

Senate resolution (simple) S. Res.

Session, sessions. .sess.

Sixteenmo 16

Statutes at large Stat . L.

Supplement, supplements supp., supps.

Table, tables tab.

Tax Court - T. C.

Thirty-twomo -..32o

Treasury Treas.

Twelvemo.. 12«

Twenty-foiu-mo 24»

Versus w.,p.

Volume, volumes ..v.

Yard, yards yd., yds.

Year yr.


Words and figures enclosed in brackets [ ] are ^ven for information, but do
not appear on the title pages of the publications cataloged. When place and
printer are not given, it is to be understood that the publication is printed at
the United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C; if processed,
publisher is issuing office. When size is not given, octavo is to be understood.
Size of maps is approximate, measurement being made from outer edge of border,
excluding margin. The dates, including day, month, and year, given with Senate
and House documents and reports are the dates on which they were ordered to be
printed. Usually the printing promptly follows the ordering, but various causM
sometimes make delays.

The word "processed" as used in this catalog Indicates publications which are
reproduced by duplicating processes other than ordinary printing, e. g., mimeo-
graph, multigraph, planograph, rotaprint, multilith. Processed publications are
not obtainable from the Superintendent of Documents and requests for them, If
they are available, should be addressed to the issuing office.

"Under provisions of the Printing Act of January 12, 1895, all Government publi-
cations are entered in the Monthly Catalog. However, press releases and admin-
litrative, regional, and confidential publications are omitted.

The L. C. card number appended to some of the entries is for those libraries
ordering printed cards from the Library of Congress. The number at the ex-
treme right of an entry indicates the classification of the publication in the
Offlce of the Superintendent of Doouments.

Alphabetical List of Government Authors


Accounts Committee, House 28

Acquisitions Department 69

Adjutant General's Department 104

Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry Bureau 9

Agricultural Economics Bureau . 8

Agricultural Research Administration 9

Agriculture and Forestry Committee, Senate 37

Agriculture Committee, House 29

Agriculture Department 7

American Ethnology Bui'eau 90

American Historical Association 90

American Small Business, Special Committee to Stud}' Problems of,

Senate 37

Arimal Industry Bureau 9

Appropriations Committee, House 29

Appropriations Committee, Senate 38

Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, Commission on Erection of Memo-
rials and Entombment of Bodies in 15

Army Air Forces 104

Army-Navy-Civil Committee on Aircraft Design Criteria 15

Army Service Forces 104

Banking and Currency Committee, Senate 38

Bibliography Division 69

Bonneville Power Administration 52

Books for the Adult Blind 70

Censorship Office 15

Census Bureau .. 16

Children's Bureau 66

Civil Aeronautics Administration 18

Civil Aeronautics Authority 18

Civil Aeronautics Board 18

Civil Service Commission 15

Civilian Defense Office 82

Claims Committee, House 29

Claims Committee, Senate 38

Coast and Geodetic Survey 19

Coast Guard 73

Coinage, Weights, and Measures Committee, House 32

Commerce Committee, Senate 39

Commerce Department 16

Community War Services Office 47

Conciliation Service . 66

Conference Committees 27

Congress 24

Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs Office 82

Copyright Office •_ 70

Court of Claims 45

VI Government Publications


Customs Bureau ._ _. 95

Dairv Industry Bureau 10

Defense Transportation Office 82

District of Columbia 46

District of Columbia Committee, House 32

District of Columbia Committee, Senate 40

Documents Office 51

Education Office 48

Emergency Management Office . 82

Employees' Compensation Commission .. 46

Employment Security Bureau 50

Engineer Department 105, 115

Entomology and Plant Quarantine Bureau 10

Executive Agencies, Special Committee to Investigate, House 32

Executive Papers, Joint Committee on Disposition of 28

Experiment Stations Office 10

Extension Service 13

Farm Credit Administration 11

Federal Bureau of Investigation 65

Federal Communications Commission 47

Federal Home Loan Bank Administration 72

Federal Housing Administration 72

Federal Power Commission 47

Federal Register Division 71

Federal Reserve System Board of Governors 47

Federal Security Agency 47

Federal Standard Stock Catalog Division 96

Federal Trade Commission 50

Federal Works Agency 51

Finance Committee, Senate 41

Fiscal Director's Office 105

Fiscal Service 95

Fish and Wildlife Service 52

Food Distribution Administration 13

Food Production Administration 14

Foreign Agricultural Relations Office 11

Foreign and Domestic Commerce Bureau 19

Foreign Economic Administration 82

Foreign Relations Committee, Senate 41

Forest Service 12

Fuel Situation in the Middle West, Special Committee to Investigate,

Senate 41

General Accounting Office 51

Geological Survey 52

Government Printing Office 51

House of Representatives 28

Human Nutrition and Home Economics Bureau 10

Hydrographic Office 73

Immigration Committee, Senate 41

Indian Affairs Committee, Senate 42

Indian Affairs Office 53

Information Office 12

Insular Affairs Committee, House 32

January 1944 vm


Interdepartmental War Savings Bond Committee 96

Interior Department 52

Internal Revenue Bureau 96

Interstate CommerceJCommission 54

Interstate Commerce Committee, Senate 42

Irrigation and Reclamation Committee, House 32

Judge Advocate General's Department 105

Judiciary Committee, House 32

Judiciarv Committee, Senate 42

Justice Department 60

Labor Department 66

Labor Standards Division 66

Labor Statistics Bureau 67

Legislative Reference Service 70

Library of Congress 69

(/Library of Department of Agriculture 13

Maritime Commission 70

Medical Department 105

Medicine and Surgery Bureau 73

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, House 33

Military Affairs Committee, House 34

Military Affairs Committee, Senate 42

Mines Bureau 53

National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics 70

National Archives 71

National Bureau of Standards 21

National Defense Program, Special Committee Investigating, Senate 43

National Guard Bureau 105

National Housing Agency 71

National Labor Relations Board 72

National Park Service 54

National Railroad Adjustment Board 73

National War Labor Board 83

Naval Affairs Committee, House 34

Naval Affairs Committee, Senate 43

Naval Operations Office 73

Naval Personnel Bureau 74

Navy Department 73

Old- Age and Survivors Insurance Bureau 50

Ordnance Bureau 74

Ordnance Department 105

Pan American Sanitary Bureau 77

Pan American Union 77

Patent Office 21

Personnel Office 13

Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering Bureau 11

Post Office and Post Roads Committee, House 35

Post Office Department 78

Post Offices and Post Roads Committee, Senate 44

President of United States 80

Price Administration Office 83

Printing Committee, House 35

Procurement Division 96

VIII Government Publications

Public Assistance Bureau __ 50

Public Debt Bureau 95

Public Health Service 48

Public Lands and Surveys Committee, Senate 44

Public Lands Committee, House 36

Public Relations Bureau 115

Public Roads Administration 51

Quartermaster General of Army 114

Railroad Retirement Board 88

Rail wa}' Mail Service 78

Reclamation Bureau 54

Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures Joint Committee 37

Rivers and Harbors Committee, House 36

Rules Committee, House 36

Rural Electrification Administration 13

Securities and Exchange Commission.., ^__ 88

Selective Service System 89

Senate 37

Ships Bureau 74

Signal Office 114

Smithsonian Institution 89

Social Security Board 49

Solicitor, Labor Department 68

Solid Fuels Administration for War 54

Special Service Division 114

State Department 91

State Law Index 70

Supplies and Accounts Bureau 74

Supreme Court 92

Tariff Commission 93

Tax Court 93

Tennessee Valley Authorit}^ 95

Topography Division 79

Transportation Investigation and Research Board 95

Treasurer of United States 95

Treasury Department 95

Veterans Administration 98

Vocational Rehabilitation Office 50

Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Divisions 68

War Department 98

War Finance Division 98

War Food Administration 13

War Information Office 85

War Manpower Commission 85

War Production Board . 86

Ways and Means Committee, House 36

Weather Bureau 23

Women 's Bureau 69

Yards and Docks Bureau — 76

General Information

The Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
D. C, is authorized by law to sell copies of Government publications and to allow
a discount of 25 percent to book dealers and quantity purchasers on condition
that the purchasers will adhere to the public sales price set by the Superintendent
of Documents and that publications shall not be overprinted with any advertising

Publications cannot be supplied free to individuals nor forwarded in advance
of payment.

The sales stock, which amounts to more than 8 million, includes approximately
65,000 different titles. Many rare books are included, but under the law all must
be sold regardless of their age or scarcity. Many of the books have been in stock
some time, and are apt to be shopworn. In filling orders the best copy available
is sent.


A general price list of public documents is not available, but numerous lists
have been prepared on special subjects and any of these will be furnished free,
on application, if the person interested will state the subject or subjects concern-
ing which information is desired. It will also be noted that current publications
which are for sale are listed in this catalog.


In addition to the price lists, the Documents Office issues a semimonthly List of
selected United States Government publications for sale by the Superintendent
of Documents. Each list is arranged alphabetically by subjects, with annotations
and prices, and may be obtained free upon application to the Superintendent of


More than 12,000 different bills are usually introduced during a session of
Congress, and there are additional prints on many during the progress of the legis-
lation. With the exception of a very few — such as revenue bills — the demand is an
unknown quantity and on most of them we receive no orders, which makes it
impossible to print a sales supply. It may be that a copy could be obtained from
yoiir Congressman.

A difficult problem is also presented in providing a supply of congressional
documents and reports because there are usually more than 6,000 of this class
of publications issued during a Congress and only a few of them are called for.
We will attempt to print for sale a few of the more important ones, but if not
priced the only possible source would be from your Congressman.


Publications entered in this catalog that are for sale by the Superintendent
of Documents are Indicated by a star (*) preceding the price. A dagger (t)
indicates that application should be made to the department, bureau, or division


iBBalng the document. A doable dagger (X) Indicates that the docnmeiit 1^
printed for official use and Is not obtainable. Whenever additional information
concerning the method of procuring a document seems necessary, it will bt
found under the name of the bureau by which it was published.

In orderlug a publicatiou from the Superintetideiit of Documents, give (11
knowu) the name of the publishing department, bureau or division, and the title
together with the classification number which is added to the entry at the extreme
right; order the congressional documents and reports by the title, together with
the document or report number and the Congress and session, e. g., H. doc. 31,

Do not use the L. C. card number In ordering a publicatiou.


Remittances for the documents marked with a star (•) should be made te the
Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Governraeut Printing OflSce, Washington 25,
D. C, by coupons, postal money order, express order, or check. Currency maj
be sent at sender's risk. Foreign remittances should be made either by inter-
national money order or draft on an American bank.

Foreign money, defaced or smooth coins, uHll tiot be accepted. Do not itend
postage stamps.

For the convenience of the general public, coupons in the denomination of 6c
that are good until used in exchange for Government publications sold by the
Superintendent of Documents may be purchased from his oflSce. Address order
to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C.

No charge is made for postage on documents forwarded to points in United
States and possessions, or to Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Newfoundland (including
Labrador), and certain Central and South American countries. To other coun-
tries the regular rate of postage is charged, and remittances must cover such post-
age. In computing foreign postage, add one-third of the price of the publication.


The number given at the extreme right of each entry (except for congres-
sional documents and reports) is the classification number by which tlie pub-
lication is arranged in the Library and in the sales stock of the Office of the
Superintendent of Documents. It can be used as a classification number by
such libraries as are using, for the departmental publications, the arrangement
of public documents advocated in the Check list of United States public docu-
ments, 178&-1909. In using this number as a classification number In a library,
it should be noted that the shilling mark (/) is used to separate what would
ordinarily be a superior or inferior number (the numbers Immediately following
the line) from the main classification number, it not being practicable to print
these numbers as superiors or inferiors in the Monthly catalog.


Numbers to be used in ordering the printed catalog cards of the Library of
Congress are appended to entries for many pulilicatious. These are given at
the left with "L. C. card" prefixed. Do not confuse with the Documents Office
classification number given at the right. Orders for these cards, remittances
in payment for them, and requests for information about them should be ad-
dressed to the Card Division, Library of Congress, not to the Superintendent
of Documents. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Librarian
of Congress.


January 1944


The Monthly catalog is sold on subscription, price $2.00 a year, including index ;
foreign subscription $2.60 a year. Back numbers cannot be supplied. Notify
the Superintendent of Documents of any change of address.

An Index to the Monthly catalog will be issued at the end of the calendar
year. This will contain index entries for all the numbers issued from January
to December, and can be bound with the numbers as an index to the volume.
Persons desiring to bind the catalog at the end of the year should be careful
to retain the numbers received monthly, as diiplicate copies cannot be supplied.

Notes of General Interest

Foreign Economic Administration

Under the provisions of Executive order 9380, dated Sept. 25, 1943, the Foreign
Economic Administration was established in the Office for Emergency Manage-
ment of the Executive Office of the President.

The following offices were transferred to and consolidated in the Administra-
tion by the same Executive order : The Office of Lend-Lease Administration, the
Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations, the Office of Economic
Warfare (together with the corporations, agencies, and functions transferred
thereto by Executive order 9361 of July 15, 1943), and the Office of Foreign Eco-
nomic Coordination (except such functions and personnel thereof as the Director
of the Budget shall determine are not concerned with foreign economic operations).

Under the provisions of Executive order 9385 of Oct. 6, 1943, the functions of
the War Food Administration and the Commodity Credit Corporation with respect
to the procurement of food, food machinery, and other food facilities, in foreign
couiitfies, were transforred to and eoiisolidated in tbe Foreign Economic Admin-

The Administrator of the Foreign Economic Administration has established the
Bureau of Supplies, the Bureau of Areas and certain staff offices within the

Interdepartmental War Savings Bond Committee

Executive order 9135, dated Apr. 16, 1942, established the Interdepartmental
Committee for the Voluntary Pay Roll Savings Plan for the Purchase of War
Savings Bonds. The Committee functions as a unit of the Treasury Department
under the short form of the name. Interdepartmental War Savings Bond Com-

National Guard Bureau

The National Guard Bureau functions under the Army Service Forces, War
Department, as a result of the Department reorganization which became effective
Mar. 9, 1942.


Selective Service System

Under the provisions of Executive order 9410, dated Dec. 23, 1943, effective
as of Dec. 5, 1943, certain functions of the Pre.sident were delegated to the Director
of Selective Service, and the Selective Service System was made a separate
agency. Prior to tlie effective date of the order the Selective Service System
functioned under the War Manpower Commission.

Vocational Rehabilitation OflBce

The Vocational Rehabilitation Office was established in the Federal Security
Agency by authority of Agency order 3 (revised July 1, 1940), supp. 1, dated
Sept. 4, 1943.

Corrections for Previous Monthly Catalogs

November 1943. On page 1310, under subhead "Petroleum", 4th entry, change

classification "I 2S.G2 : 7" to read "1 28.46 : 519-523".
December 1043. On page 1399, under center head "Weather Bureau", subhead

"Climatoioffical data", Tth entry, add classification, "C 30.18 : 30/2", on line with

L. C. card number ; on page 1404, under subhead "'Gullo, Leo", change "Leo Gulo"

at beginning of title to read "Leo Gullo".

New Classification Numbers

Agriculture Department.

A1.61 : uos Administrative series.

Foreign Agricultural Relations Office.

Ati7.17 : CT Economic plants of interest to the Americas.

Agricultural Research Administration.
Animal Industry Bureau.

A77.2U6:CT Regulations, rules, and instructions.

Note. — Includes handbooks and manuals. See, for
earlier issues, A4.8 : (CT).
War Food Administration.

A80.7:CT Addresses. [Proc]

Note. — ASO.3 : -6 : are reserved.
Food product ion Administration.

A80.207:CT Addresses. [Proc]

A80.2011:nos [Technical publications.] (Soil Conservation

Service.) [Proc]

Note. — See, for earlier issues, A76.2H : (nos.).
Federal Register Division.

AE2.10: inclusive dates Code of Federal regulations of United States,

cumulative supplements.
Foreign and Domestic Commerce Bureau.

C18.228 : CT Inquiry reference service. [Proc]

Note. — Supersedes C18.182 : (CT).
Weather Bureau.

C30.27:date Daily synoptic series, historical w^eather maps,

Northern Hemisphere sea level (monthly).
[For official use only.]

C30.28:nos Technical papers. [No. 1 is restricted.]

Vocational Rehabilitation Office.

FSlO.l : date Annual reports.

FS10.2 : CT General publications.

Note. — FS10..3 : -5 : are reserved.

FS10.6:CT Regulations, rules, and instructions.

Note. — Includes handbooks and manuals.

FS10.7:nos Vocational rehabilitation series, bulletins.

Note. — See, for earlier issues, PS5.2S : (nos.).
Labor Statistics Bureau.
L2.19 : CT Productivity and Technological Development Di-
vision publications. [Proc]
Aeronautics Bureau.

N28.16:nos Posters [Dilbert series].

Pan American Union.
PA1.58 : CT Inter-American Financial and Economic Advis-
ory Committee pnblicnrions. [Proc]
Emergency Management Oflice.
Price Adniinist rati 0.11 Office.

Pr32.4227 : nos War profits studies. [Proc]

Pr32.42S3 : nos Price policy series. [I'rinted and processed.]

Pr32.42:J4 : nos Price control reports. [Proc]

Pr32.4235 : v.nos.& nos Transportation Committee bulletins (monthly).


Pr32.4236 : nos Coal rationing industry letters. [Proc]

Pr32.4237 : nos ._ Stove rationing industry letters (monthly).




Pr32 4238- (late Area office operations; Reports of (monthly).

Coordi7iut(/r of Inter- American Affairs Office.

Pr32.4010 : CT Posters.

War Production Board.

Pr:-52.4822 : nos Training within industry abstracts, British en-

, gineering bulletins. [Proc]

' Note. — See, for later issues, Pr32. 5215 :(nos.).

Pr32.4823: nos Salvage news letters (twice monthly).

War Inforviation Office.

Pr32.5026: nos Library war guides (bimontlily).

National War Labor Board.

Pr32.5111:CT - Addresses. [Proc]

War Manpower CommisHion.
Pr32.5215 : nos Training within industry abstracts, British en-
gineering bulletins. [Proc]

Note. — See, for earlier issues, Pr32.4822 :(nos.).
Foreign Economic Administration.

Pr32.5S01 : date Annual reports.

Pr32.5802:CT General publications.

Note. — Pr32.5803 : -5806 : are reseivtd.

Pr32 5807: nos Current export bulletins. [Proc]

Note. — See, for earlier issues, Y3.Ec742 : 109 .
Treasury Department.

T1.0.J : CT Interdepartmental War Savings Bond Committee


Tl.lll: nos Schools at war, war savings news bulletins for

Note. — See, for later issues, T66.9 :(nos.).
War Finance Division.

T(j6.6:CT Regulations, rules, and instructions.

Note. — Includes handbooks and manuals. See, for
earlier issues, T1.106: (CT).

T66.9:nos Schools at war, war savings news bulletins for


Note. — See, for earlier issues, Tl.lll : (nos).

Online LibraryUnited States. Superintendent of DocumentsMonthly catalog of United States Government publications (Volume 50 (January – June 1944)) → online text (page 1 of 112)