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lULiisiOIS 61801



L161 — O-1096

United States

Monthly Catalog


Superintendent of Documents
Nos. 648—659

Including Annual Cumulative Index





15. 73

United States


Monthly Catalog


Superintendent of Documents

NO. 648

Entry 1-2272









The following publications have been received in the Library in page-proof
form and preliminary catalog entries have been made. Advance orders may be
placed for these publications. Orders will be scheduled and copies mailed as
soon as stocks are received. It is not possible to estimate the lapse of time before
the publications will actually appear. All entries are tentative, as changes are
sometimes made after a publication has reached page proof. For this same
reason prices are subject to change.

Analysis of cooling limitations and effect of engine-cooling improvements on
level-flight cruising performance of 4-engine heavy bomber [with list of ref-
erences] ; by Frank E. Marble [and others]. [1948.] cover title, i+13 p. il. 4°
(National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Report (1946) 860.) 15c.

Y 3.N 21/5 : 5/860

Annual report of board of regents of Smithsonian Institution shovping opera-
tions, expenditures, and condition of Institution for year ended June 30, 1947.
1948. ix+471 p. il. 7 pi. 54 p. of pi. (Smithsonian Institution, Publication
3921.) [Also issued as H. doc. 448, pt. 1, 80th Cong. 2d sess.] Cloth, $2.00.

SI 1.1 : 947

Child's self-help overall; [by Clarice L. Scott]. [Sept. 1948.] [4] p. 11. (Agri-
culture Dept, Leaflet 251 [Human Nutrition and Home Economics Bureau].)
5c. A 1.35 : 251

Decisions of comptroller general of United States, v. 27, July 1, 1947 to June 30,
1948 ; Lindsay C. Warren, comptroller general, Frank L. Yates, assistant comp-
troller general. 1948. xxvii-f899 p. (General Accounting Office.) Cloth,
$1.75. GA 1.5 : 27

Diarrheal disease control studies: 1, Effect of fly control in high morbidity area ;
by James Watt and Dale R. Lindsay. [1948.] [2]-fl5 p. il. (Public Health
Service, Reprint 2890.) [Also in Public health reports, Oct, 8, 1948, v. 63,
no. 41.] 10c. FS 2.7/a : 2890

1st report of Secretary of Defense, 1948. 1948. iii-|-172 p. il. (National Mili-
tary Establishment. ) 55c. M 1.1 : 948

Gallstones. [1948.] [4] p. narrow 8° (Public Health Service, Health infor-
mation series 58. ) $1.00 for 100. FS 2.50 : 58

Gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc in Arizona, California, Colorado [mine re-
ports ; by C. E. Needham and others]. [1948.] [2] +1297-1376 pfl il. (Mine
Bureau.) [Preprint from Minerals yearbook, 1947.] 20c.

I 28.37/a : G 563/2/947

Hookworm disease. [1948.] [4] p. il. narrow 8° (Public Health Service, Health
information series 52. ) $1.00 for 100. FS 2.50 : 52

Manual of cloud forms and codes for states of the sky. 2d edition. Jan. 1949.
[l]-fv-|-43 p. il. 4° (Weather Bureau, Circular S; W. B. 1249.) 25c.

C 30.4 : S/949

Men's circular flat and rib rayon underwear. [1948.] ii+13 p. il. (National
Bureau of Standards, Commercial standard CS148-48. ) [Effective date for new
production from July 27, 1948.] 10c. 013.20:148

Mineral industry of Alaska; by Alfred L. Ransome. [1948.] [2] -f 1281-96 p.
(Mines Bureau.) [Preprint from Minerals yearbook, 1947.] 5c.

I 28.37/a : M 662/4/947

IV Government Publications

100 things you should know about communism and labor, 4th of series on Com-
munist conspiracy and its influence in tliis country as a whole on religion, on
education, on labor, and on our government. [1948.] ii+22 p. (Un-American
Activities Committee, House of Representatives.) lOe.

Y 4.Un 1/2 : C 73/5/no.4

Operation of trade agreements program, June 1934 to Apr. 1948, pt. 1, summary,
prepared in conformity with Executive order 9832 issued Feb. 25, 1947. 1948.
vi+65 p. (Tariff Commission, Report 160, 2d series.) 20c.

TC 1.9 : 160/pt.l/sum.

Receipts and classes of post oflBces with salaries of postmasters, July 1, 1948.

[1948.] cover title, 350 p. (Post Office Dept.) 60c. P 2.2 : P 84/4/947

Safety practices in dredging and hydraulic mining; by R. W. Fatzinger. 1948.
v4.76p.il. (Mines Bureau, Bulletin 470.) 25c. 128.3:470

Studies of diapause in pink bollworm in Puerto Rico [with list of literature
cited: bv] L. Courtnev Fife. [1948.] 26 p. il. (Agriculture Dept., Technical
bulletin 977. ) 15c. A 1.36 : 977

United States Navy regulations, 1948. 1948. vi+30S+95 p. 4° (Navy Dept.)
[Issued in loose-leaf form with cloth binder.] $1.50. M 201.11 : 948

United States reports: v. 333. Cases adjudged in Supreme Court at Oct. term,
1947 from Feb. 2 to and including Apr. 26, 1948 : Walter Wyatt, reporter. 1948.
Ixxvii-f 905 p. (Supreme Court.) Cloth, $3.00. Ju 6.8/1: 333

Using 2, 4-D safely; [by L. S. Evans, J. W. Mitchell, and R. W. Heinen]. [Nov,
1948.] [2]-|-10 p. il. (Agriculture Dept., Farmers' bulletin 2005.) oc.

A 1.9 : 2005

Your child from 6 to 12; [by Mrs. Marion L. Faegre]. [1948.] iii-fl33 p. 11. 4°
(Children's Bureau, Publication 324. ) 20c. FS 3.209 : 324


Appendix app.

Congress Cong.

Department Dept.

Document doc.

Facsimile, facsimiles facsim.

Polio f"

House H.

House bill H. R.

House concurrent resolution H. Con. Res.

House document H. doc.

House executive document H. ex. doc.

House joint resolution H. J. Res.

House report H. rp.

House resolution (simple) H. Res.

Illustration, illustrations il.

Latitude lat.

Longitude long.

Nautical mile naut. m.

No date n. d.

No place n. p.

Octavo 8"

Plate, plates pi.

Portrait, portraits por.

Quarto 4°

Report rp.

Saint St.

Senate, Senate bill S.

Senate concurrent resolution S. Con. Res.

Senate document S. doc.

Senate executive document S. ex. doc.

Senate joint resolution S. J. Res.

Senate report S. rp.

Senate resolution (simple) S. Res.

Session, sessions sess.

Sixteenmo 16°

Statutes at large Stat. L.

Table, tables tab.

Tbirty-twomo 32°

Treasury Treas.

Twelvemo 12°

Twenty-fourmo 24°

Versus vs., v.


Words and figures enclosed in brackets [ ] are given for information, but do
not appear on the title pages of the publications cataloged. Place and printer are
not given for publications printed at the United States Government Printing
OiRce, Washington, D. C; if processed, publisher is issuing office. Size is not
given for octavo publications. Size of maps is approximate, measurement being
made from outer edge of border, excluding margin. The dates given with Senate
and House documents and reports are the dates on which they were ordered to be
printed. Usually the printing promptly follows the ordering, but various causes
sometimes make delays.

The word "processed" as used in this catalog indicates publications which are
reproduced by duplicating processes other than ordinary printing, e. g., mimeo-
graph, multigraph, planograph, rotaprint, multilith. Processed publications are
not obtainable from the Superintendent of Documents and requests for them, if
they are available, should be addressed to the issuing office.

Under provisions of the Printing Act of January 12, 1895, all Government publi-
cations are entered in the Monthly Catalog. However, press releases, administra-
tive, confidential (or restricted) publications are omitted.

The L. C. card number appended to some of the entries is for those libraries
ordering printed cards from the Library of Congress. The number at the extreme
right of an entry indicates the classification of the publication in the Office of the
Superintendent of Documents.


General Information

The Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
D. C, is authorized by law to sell copies of Government publications and to allow
a discount of 25 percent to book dealers and quantity purchasers on condition that
the purchasers will adhere to the public sales price set by the Superintendent of
Documents and that publications shall not be overprinted with any advertising

Publications cannot be supplied free to individuals nor forwarded in advance of

The sales stock includes approximately 65,000 different titles. Many rare books
are included, but under the law all must be sold regardless of their age or scarcity.
Many of the books have been in stock some time, and are apt to be shopworn. In
filling orders the best copy available is sent.


A general price list of public documents is not available, but numerous lists have
been prepared on special subjects and any of these will be furnished free, on
application by subject or subjects concerning which information is desired. It
will also be noted that current publications which are for sale are listed in this


In addition to the price lists, the Documents Ofiice issues a semimonthly list of
selected United States Government publications for sale by the Superintendent of
Documents. Each list is arranged alphabetically by subjects, with annotations
and prices, and may be obtained free upon application to Superintendent of


More than 12,000 different bills are usually introduced during a Congress, and
there are additional prints on many during the progress of the legislation. With
the exception of a very few — such as revenue bills— the demand is an unknown
quantity and on most of them we receive no orders, which makes it impossible to
print a sales supply. It may be that a copy could be obtained from your

A difficult problem is also presented in providing a supply of congressional
documents, hearings, and reports because there are approximately 6,000 of this
class of publications issued during a Congress and only a few of them are called
for. We will attempt to print for sale a few of the more important ones, but if
not priced the only possible source would be from your Congressman.


Publications entered in this catalog that are for sale by the Superintendent of
Documents are indicated by a star (*) preceding the price. A dagger (f) indicates
that application should be made to the department, bureau, or division issuing

VIII Government Publications

the document. A double dagger (t) indicates that the document is printed for
official use and is not obtainable. The symbol (0) indicates the publication was
received late and no copies are available at the Division of Public Documents.
Whenever additional information concerning the method of procuring a document
seems necessary, it will be found under the name of the bureau by which it was

In ordering a publication from the Superintendent of Documents, give (if
known) the name of the publishing department, bureau or division, and the title,
together with the classilication numlier which is added to the entry at the extreme
right ; order the congressional documents and reports by the title, together with
the document or report number and the Congress, e. g., H. rp. 2, 80th Congress.

Do not use the L. C. card number in ordering a publication from the Superin-
tendent of Documents.


Remittances for the documents marked with a star (*) should be made to the
Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25,
D. C, by coupon, postal money order, express order, or check. Currency may be
sent at sender's risk. Foreign remittances should be made either by inter-
national money order or draft on an American bank.

Foreign money, defaced or smooth coins, ivill not be accepted. Do not send
postage stamps.

For the convenience of the general public, coupons in the denomination of 5c
that are good until used in exchange for Government publications sold by the
Superintendent of Documents may be purchased from his office. Address order to
Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office. Washington 25, D. C.

No charge is made for postage on documents forwarded to points in United
States and possessions, or to Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Newfoundland (including
Labrador), and certain Central and South American countries. To other coun-
tries the regular rate of postage is charged, and remittances must cover such
postage. In computing foreign postage, add one-third of the price of the


The number given at the extreme right of each entry (except for congressional
documents and reports) is the classification number by which the publication is
arranged in the Library and in the sales stock of the Office of the Superintendent
of Documents. It can be used as a classification number by such libraries as are
using for the departmental publications, the arrangement of public documents
advocated in the Check list of United States public documents, 1789-1909. In
using this number as a classification number in a library, it should be noted
that the shilling mark (/) is used to separate what would ordinarily be a superior
or inferior number (the numbers immediately following the line) from the
main classification number, it not being practicable to print these numbers as
superiors or inferiors in the Monthly catalog.

New Classification Numbers

Personnel Office, Agriculture Dept.

A49.5:CT Laws.

Civil Aeronautics Administration, Commerce

C 31.137 : CT Airport management series.

Freetlmen's Hospital, Federal Security Agency.

FS 2.54 ■ : CT General publications.

Army Department.

M 101.32 : nos Special regulations.

Note. — See, for earlier issues, I 1.12 = : (CT).
Medical Department, Army Dept.

M 102.8: V. nos Index-catalogue of library of Surgeon General's

Office, 4th series.

Note. — See, for earlier issues, W.447 ^ : (v. nos.).

M 102.8 " uos Index-catalogue of library of Surgeon General's

Office, 4th series (separates, supplements).
Note. — See, for earlier issues, W 44.7 ^'^ : (nos.).
Navy Department.

M 201.11 : nos Navy regulations.

Note. — See, for earlier issues, N 1.11 ' : (date).
Treasury Department.

T 1.37 : CT Preliminary study of certain financial laws and

institutions (by country). [Proc]
Contract Appeals Board, Treasury Dept.

T67.8": v.nos Decisions of Appeal Board (bound volumes).

T 67.8 ■" : v.nos.& print nos Decisions of Appeal Board (separates).

Note. — See, for earlier issues, T 67.8 : (nos.).

Note. — The following publications have been discontinued with the issue indi-
cated : Census Bureau, Public-merchandise warehousing, (C 3.102:), July 1948;
Weather Bureau, Hydrologic bulletin, hourly and daily precipitation, Lower
Mississippi-West Gulf district (C 30.35 :) , Aug. 1948 ; Reconstruction Finance Cor-
poration, Report of Reconstruction Finance Corporation, quarterly report
(FL5.7:), 2d quarter, 1947; Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Report of
Reconstruction Finance Corporation, monthly report (FL5.8:), June 1947; Re-
construction Finance Corporation, RFC small business activities (P"'L5.15:),
Dec. 1946 ; Civil Affairs Divi.sion, Summation of non-military activities in Japan
(M105.il:), no. 35, 1948; Civil Affairs Division, Summation of United States
Army military government activities in Ryukyu Islands (M 105.12:), no. 12,
1948; Civil Affairs Division, Monthly report prepared by Technical Staff, Fuel
Committee, Allied Control Authority (M 105.15:), Jan. 1948; National Advisory
Committee for Aeronautics, Wartime report release lists (Y 3.N21^:), no. 21,


X Government Publications

Corrections for Previous Monthly Catalogs

October 1948. Entry 22163, change series number "251" to read "241."

November 1948. Entry 23224, change series number "2154" to -ad "2152^ ; entry

23370 (immediately following entry 23368), change entry numbei 233-0 U

rid '23369," and entry to read as follows: "Miami (N-8),laL 24^-28°, long.

80-83°; [corrected to] Aug. 19, 1948. Washington. D. C [1948]. 38X27 in.

C 4.9/4 : M 58/948-2."


Administrative Office of United States Courts 4

Agriculture Department 34

Agricultural Economics Bureau 18

Agricultural Research Administration 36

Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry Bureau 9

Animal Industry Bureau 154

Dairy Industry Bureau 815

Entomology and Plant Quarantine Bureau 859

Experiment Stations Office 866

Human Nutrition and Home Economics Bureau 1275

Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering Bureau 1789

Commodity Exchange Authority 697

Extension Service 868

Farm Credit Administration 870

Federal Crop Insurance Corporation 892

Foreign Agricultural Relations Office : 1024

Forest Service 1171

Information Office 1315

Library 92

Personnel Office 1785

Production and Marketing Administration 1819

Comodity Credit Corporation 694

Rural Electrification Administration 1935

Soil Conservation Service 1969

Solicitor 1978

Atomic Energy Commission 422

Civil Service Commission 528

Commerce Department 691

Census Bureau 435

Civil Aeronautics Authority

Civil Aeronautics Administration 494

Civil Aeronautics Board 504

Coast and Geodetic Survey 539

Foreign and Domestic Commerce Bureau 1051

National Bureau of Standards 1685

Patent Office 1770

Technical Services Office 2095

Weather Bureau 2240

Congress 701

Economic Report Joint Committee 709

House of Representatives 712

Campaign Expenditures, Special Committee to Investigate 732

Education and Labor Committee , 734

Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee , 742

Un-American Activities Committee 744

Ways and Means Committee 748


Congress — Continued

Senate ^ 750

Expenditures in Executive Departments Committee 755

Finance Committee " 758

Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee 760

Judiciary Committee 763

Post Office and Civil Service Committee 765

Court of Claims 791

Court of Customs and Patent Appeals 805

Customs Court 812

f]conomic Cooiieration Administration 825

Emergency Court of Appeals 840

Federal Communications Commission 880

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 895

Federal Interdepartmental Safety Council 902

Federal Loan Agency

Reconstruction Finance Corporation 1829

Federal Power Commission 904

Federal Reserve System Board of Governors 925

Federal Security Agency 939

Education Office 827

Public Health Service 1877

Freedman's Hospital 1197

National Institutes of Health 1709

National Office of Vital Statistics 1729

Social Security Administration 1965

Children's Bureau 488

Employment Security Bureau 844

Public Assistance Bureau 1869

Special Services Office

Employees' Compensation Bureau. 842

Food and Drug Administration 1022

Vocational Rehabilitation Office 2135

Federal Trade Commission 995

Federal Works Agency 1001

Public Buildings Administration 1873

Public Roads Administration 1897

General Accoimting Office 1199

Government Printing Office

Documents Office 818

Housing and Home Finance Agency 1260

Federal Housing Administration ; 897

Home Loan Bank Board

Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation 937

Public Housing Administration , 1895

Housing Expediter Office 1265

Interior Department 1317

Bonneville Power Administration 428

Fish and Wildlife Service 1009

Geographic Names Board 1204

Geological Survey ^^^^-_^__^__^__^__,__^__,__^_^^,,_, 1208

January 1949 Xlil

Interior Department — Continued

Indian Affairs Bureau : 1306

Mines Bureau 1580

National Park Service 1738

United States Travel Division 2122

Reclamation Bureau 1905

Interstate Commerce Commission 1325

Motor Carriers Bureau 1640

Justice Department 1385

Alien Property Office 152

Federal Bureau of Investigation 877

Immigration and Naturalization Service 1304

Labor Department 1515

Apprenticeship Bureau 162

Employment Service , 854

Labor Standards Bureau 1519

Labor Statistics Bureau 1523

Solicitor 1981

Veterans' Reemployment Rights Bureau 2133

Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Divisions 2140

Women's Bureau 2263

Library of Congress 1561

Catalog Maintenance Division 433

Copyright Office 789

General Reference and Bibliography Division 1202

Information and Publications Office 1313

Legislative Reference Service 1559

Processing Department 1814

Subject Cataloging Division 2029

Maritime Commission 1568

National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics 1642

National Archives 1679

Federal Register Division 922

National Labor Relations Board 1713

National Mediation Board

National Railway Labor Panel

Emergency Board 838

National Military Establishment 1726

Air Force Department 94

Army Department 166

Adjutant General's Department 2

Recruiting Publicity Bureau 1931

Army-Air Force Troop Information and Education Division 164

Civil Affairs Division 517

Engineer Department.

Mississippi River Commission 1637

Finance Department 1005

Judge Advocate General's Department 1384

Medical Department 1570

National Guard Bureau 1702

Special Services Division 1983

Civil Defense Planning Office 526

XIV Government Publications

National Military Establishment— Continued

Navy Department ^'^^^

Aeronautics Bureau "

Industrial Relations Office 1^09

Judge Advocate General ^^°^

Marine Corps ^^^^

Medicine and Surgery Bureau 1^74

Naval Operations Office ^'^'^^

Hydrographic Office ^'^^

1 74.7

Naval Personnel Bureau ^*y

Naval Research Office ^"^^2

Supplies and Accounts Bureau 2033

Yards and Docks Bureau 2271

National Security Council

Central Intelligence Agency ^^^

Pan American Sanitary Bureau ^^'^^

Pan American Union -"-*""

Post Office Department ^^^"^

Surface Postal Transport Division 207SA


President of United States ^SOS

Budget Bureau

Emergency Management Office

Philippine Alien Property Administration 1787

Price Administration Office 1^1^

Temporary Controls Office 2097

Railroad Retirement Board ^^^2

Securities and Exchange Commission 1950

Selective Service System ^^^^

Smithsonian Institution ^^^^

State Department -'■^^'^

Supreme Court ^^'^■'■

Tariff Commission ^^^^

Tax Court ^^^^


Tennessee Valley Authority ^^^^

Treasury Department

Coast Guard ^^

Contract Settlement Office '^^'^

Customs Bureau

Federal Supply Bureau ^'^^

Fiscal Service ^^^^

Public Debt Bureau ^^'^^

Treasurer of United States ^ 2103

Internal Revenue Bureau ^^20

Savings Bonds Division ^9'*2

Secret Service Division l^"*^

Tax Research Division 2093

Veterans Administration 2120-

War Assets Administration 2144

War Department 2147

Army Service Forces '*^^

Information and Education Division 1311

Special Services Division 19^»

Monthly Catalog

NO. 648 • JANUARY I949


3 Alphabetical listing of APO's, Jan. 1942-Nov. 1947; prepared by Army

Postal Service and Strength Accounting Branches, AGO. [1948.] cover
title, 143 p. r [Processed.] * M 108.2 : Ap 4/2/942-47


5 Federal probation, quarterly journal of correctional philosophy and prac-

tice, V. 12, no. 2 ; June 1948, [edited by United States Probation System].
[Federal Prison Industries, Inc., 1948.] cover title, 76 p. il. 4° [Pre-
pared in cooperation with Prisons Bureau, Justice Dept. Text on p. 2
and 3 of covers.] t
L. C. card 45-47691 Ju 10.8 : 12/2


7 Technical notes 21-48 to 24-48 ; Nov. 2-19, 1948. [1948.] various paging,

11. 2 p. of pi. 4° [Processed. Issued with perforations.] t

M 208.10 : 948/21-24

« Technical order 42-48 to 48^8; Nov. 2-8, 1948. [1948.] Each 1 p. 4°

[Processed. Issued with perforations.] $ M 208.7 : 948/42-48

Online LibraryUnited States. Superintendent of DocumentsMonthly catalog of United States Government publications (Volume 55 (January – June 1949)) → online text (page 1 of 111)