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quillity, the security of my States, and ^
promotion of a General Peace, bis view*
were fully disclosed, and no choice was le^
between war And un9rmie4 and abject aabr

Under these drcomtcances, 1 took hold
pf that hand which the Emneror of Russia,
animated by the noblest feeungs ip behalf of
the cause of juscioe and iodependenoe,
stretched forth to support me. Far from
attacking the throne of nie' Smperar oi
Dniice^ aa4 keying m^ ia ticw the

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State Paparu Cft

ptwtf m ian of peace ,' wiiicli we to puli^f «■ ia cw tfam g u fe tlat ikdl leoriened:
and sincerely stated to be our only wish, wc fto'karp tbe ra|Md stnks of tbe cnmy tM
declared in the presence of all l^urope, from mu Aontfcr, ar^ tftsacnnmerew and
*< that we wonldy in no event, interfere ja pofwcffnl aaxUfiries caa act* whkh t«y cst-
tfae internal concernt of France, nor make ailed ally, the Junpcrnrcif Rntvia. aododKr
9MJ akeratioo in the new Constitation Fowcfs» who have hxibs'j and tecerdf ^
'which Germany received after the peace of expcrtcnoed th? 'uratdss of & Empei^ of '
I«ttnevill«.*' Peace and independence were Fiance., ha-vc desuncsd to com hai §ar tlie
the only objects which we wished tq at- liberties of Enrape, aad the aecarkr oC
Cain; no ambitious views, no intention, snch thrco^s and ntam^. Svcoe s will mat for-
ms that since ascribed to me, of 8nbjugatij)|^ fakea jost canseSor ever; and d h c i u M aim 't/
fiavaria, had any skare in oar councils. of the So mu^u -s die psood attBiy conr^w*
, But the Sovereign of France, totally re- and the ooMiion? stveagth of tiior people*
gardlcss of the gexKral tranquillity, listened will saaa obliterate the fine Ssamten, Peace

, sad at, fly lofvc^ ntf

r own pitMpentyf hh^

AC coUef:ted all his fordD— pCompeUed Hoi- Ibr every sacnliee w^ch I am
land and the £lcctor of Baden to join him fe^nire ur their <iwn prrmiradoB.

In the name, aiwl at tbecxpRtsooBW
maod of theEiBpavr and King.


Oti. sS« i8oj.

AVXimALTT ornct, «ov. ii, iSof.
qfc^JmMimii^^/rmm^. {m^ Rtmr JU-

}ral) Sir t^ebard Jwim Str^
Cmmmamier «/" Hs M^tj^ Sb^ the CcsJr»
mUrntUf WTMUn Mmrtde ■, t*^.

The accompanying Copy of a LetuTyad*

—whilst his secret ally,the Elector Palatine,

false to his sacred promise, voluntarily de-
livered himself up to him;' violated in the

snost insnking manner the neutrality of the

King of Prussia, at the very moment that

he had given the niost solonn promises to

respect it; and by these violent proceedings

be succeeded in ^rronnding and cutting

fjffa oart of the troops which \ had ordered

to take a position on the Danube and Uler»

and finally, iii compelling them to surrender,

after a bnve resistance.

A Proclamation no less furiotis than anr

CO which the dreadfiil period of the French

ftevsoltttion gave birth, was issued, in order dressed to the HooT Adaiiral ConrwaHis

to airimate the French ^miy to the highest, I request yon vrill be piea-«d id lay Hrfort

piteh of courage, the Lords Commisr ioeer« of the A<fantralcy,

Let the intozisation of success, or the with my apology for. the ha>ty manner i^

unhailowad and iniquitous spirit of revenge, w^uch it \s written.

actuate the foe; caun and firm I stand ui I have tiie honour to be, Ac.

. the midst of 25 millions of people, who are a. j. sraACVAV.

dear to my heart and to my family. I have G^mt, West •f Rgchfirt 964 Wtiest iV>v. 4,
a dahn upon their love, for I desu-e theif x8oi, ffUd 8. £.

happmess. | have a claim upon their ^ tia,

distance; for whatever they venture for the BeingoiFFerrol,vrorkingtothevrest«ard«
Throoe, they venture for themselves, their with the wind westerly, on the evening of

«own famiHeS) their posterity, their own the 2d, we ob/erved a frigate in the N. W.
happiness and tranquOIity, and for the pre- making signal < ; made all sail to join her b^
acrvadoo of all that is sacred and dear to fore night* and followed by the ships named
then. in the margin*, we caine up with her at ele-

Widi fortitude the Austrian Monarchy vcnat night; and at the moment she joined
^ aroM from every storm which menaced it us, we ?zw six large ' hip?) near as. Cant.
*dnring the preceding century. Its intrin- Baker informed me he had been chaced ny
tic vigour -IS still undecayed. There still the Rochefort^quadrDn,thenclose to leeward
«nns in the breasU of those good and of us. We were delighted. I desired him
loyal men, for whose prosperity and tran- to tell the Captains of the ships of the line
•qailUty I combat, that antient patriotic astern to follow me, as I meant to engage
•apiric, which is r«uiy to make every sacri- them directly ; and immediately bore away
-ficejatid to dare ev«7 thing, to save what in the Caesar for the purpose, making ail
mnst^e saved — their throne and their in- the signals I could, to indicate our move-
dependence, the national honour and the OMnts to our ships ; the moon enabled us to
•aational prosperity. seethe enem y bear away in a |ine abreast.

From tnis spirit of patriotism on the part
of my -subjects, I expect,' with a proud and *

tn^quil confidence, every thing that is great • r«nr, H<!ro, Cooragoeu, and Mamur .
and spod ; but, above all thmgs, unannmty, »_Bcllona, JEolns, Sanu Margaritm far t^
. #nda^uic^Srm,?uMJcpura^co»wco.oj)cri-,j^,^,jinthcwrfi-€a<t,

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Sktte Papers:

closely formed ; but we lost sight of them
wheu it set, and I was obliged to reduce our
Fails, the Hero, Couragueuz, and ,^£olus be-
ing the only ships we could see. We con-
tinued steering to the £.N.£. all night, and
in the morning observed the Sanu Marga«
rita near uh ; at nine wc discovered the eue-
mjM four !*ail of the line, in the N.E. under
■11 sail. We had also erery thing set, and
came up with them last ; in the evening we
observed three sail astern ; and the Phoenix
spoke me at night 1 found that active Of-
ficer, Capt. Baker, had delivered my orders,
and I sent him on to assist the Santa Marga-
rita in leading ut up to the enemy. At day-
light we were near them, and the Santa
Margarita had began in a very gaUant man-
n !r to fire upon their rear, and wai soon
joined bv the Phoenix.

A little before noon, the French finding
an action unavoidable, began to take in their
small saiU, and form in a line, bearing on
the starboard tack; we did the same, and I
communicated my intentions by hailing to
the Captains, « that X should attack the
centre and rear,** and at noon began the
battle; in a short time the van ship of the
enemy tacked, which almost directly made
the action close and general; the Namur
joined soon after we tacked, which we did
a^ sooii as we could get the ships round, and
I directed her, by signal, to engage the van;
at half-past three the action cea*;^, the ene-
my having fought to admiration^ and not
surrendering till their ships were unmanage-
able. I have returned tnanks to the Cap-
tains of the shi]^s of the line and the.frigates,
and they speak m high terms of approbation
of their reactive Oncers and ships* com-
panies. If any thing could add to the good
opinion 1 had alreac^ formed of the 0|fic^5
and crew of the Cxsar, it is their gallant
conduct in this day's battle. The enemy
have sufiercd much, but our ships not more
than is to be expected on these occasions.
"You may judge of my tiurpri.-e. Sir, when I
found the hhips we had taken> were not the
Rochefon s<piadron, but from Cadiz.
1 have die hqnour to be, &c.

R. ;. sTUACii^y.
' Honourable William Comwallis,

Admiral of the White, and

Comnunder in Chief, '&c. &c.



Ur'dish Z.i/.f.— Caesar, 8o guns 5 Hero, 74 ;
Couragueux, 74.

French tine. — Duguay Trouin, 74 gu|M,
Capt. Toufllct ; Formidable, 8p, Rear Ad-
miral Dumaooir; Mont Blanc, 74, Capt.
Villcgrey ; Scipion, 74, Capt. Barou^er.
SECOND LINE (wbefi the Namur joined) —


British Limr. — Hero, 74 guns, Hon. Capt.
Gardner; NamuTy 74, Capt. Halstedj C^t

ar , 80, Sir R. J.'Stfachan; Cbungoenx, 74,
Capt. Lee.

Freitcb Line4 — ^Duguay Trotttn ; Formida-
ble ; Mont Blanc ; Scipion.

N. B. The Duguay Trouin and Scipion
totally dismasted ; the Formidable and
Monf 31anc have their foremasts fttanding.

Our Frigates. — Santa Margarita, .£oIq$,
Phoenix, and Revolutionnaire.

The Revolutionnaire joined at the time
the Namur did, but, writh the rest of our frv*
gates, in conteqoence of the French Uckii|g»
were to leeward of the enemy.

I do not know what is become of the
BeUona, or the other two sdl wq saw os^
the night of the 'id insunt.

I'hc reports of damage, killed, sod
wounded, haye not been aU received. Th<
enemy haye sulTered much.

Copy y a LeUcrfrtm Rear-Adm. Sir Si^k"

John Sirachfmt Bart,' to JViilLm Marsdao,

£jq. dated on board bit MajtSkjt tbip tht

Ctcjar'f cffTalmwtbt tin %tl> imt.

Not having the returns when the JEol^
left us, and now having occasion to send xq
the Santa Margariu to procure pilots to
take the French ships into harbour, i trans-
rait icu the return* of killed and wqnnded
in the action of the 4tli ; and also a copy of
the thanks alluded to in my letter, which
I request you will communicate to their

I dare say their Lordships will be sorpri*
sed th«it we have lost' so few men. 1 can \
only account for it firom the coemy firing
hign, and we closing suddenly.

I have the }io|}pur to be, &c.


I have as yet no very correct account of
the loss of the enemy, or of their number
of men.— The Montrlrtanc 4iad 700; 63
^jilled, and 96 wounded, mostly dangervos.
•-The Scipion, 1 11 killed and wounded^p-^
The French Admiral, Mons. Dtmuuioirk
pelley, wounded ; the Otpt. of the Doguaj
Trouii?, killed, and ad Q^t. wounded.
J iijt cj Killed and WmuOed in iht 'At/io9t mtiA
A French SauadrofiyNov, 4, xSoj.

Q^^r, 4 kiUed, and 23 ^ounded.-r
Hero, 10 killed, and si wounded -^ooTk'
gueux,i killed,and 13 woundedr-Kaoor, 4
killed, and 8 wounded. — Santa Margarita*
I killed,ax^ i wounded. — Revolutionnaire,*
killed, and 6 wounded. — Fhopnix, a kiUedi
and 4 wounded.-7-.^lus, 3 wounded:—
Total, 14 killed, and iii wounded — 135.

Officers killed, — ^Hero, Mr. Morriaoo, ad
Lieut, of Marines. Santa MaigariUa 11^
Thomas Edwards, Boauwain.

Officen wounded.-^^ro, Lieut. SkeMt
Mr. Titterton and Mr. Stephenson, 2^
Lieuts. of Marii|es^ - Co)u:agneu^, Mn IV*

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* lord Nelson^s kisf Victory, , 563

4Ckphafic, Fir$t Lieatenaot; Mr. Daw8« liaxnClcments,Captainof Marines; Thomas
Master's Mate; Mr. Bird, Midshipman; Osborne, ad Lieu teoant ; and Fnsd. fieasley*
and Mr. Auitiii, Gunner. — Namur, Wil- Midshipman.


THE following Is a List of the Ships that
composed uie British and Combined
Fleets, in the late ever-memorable battle off
Cape Trafalgar. (Sec the engraved Plan,
at the beginning of our Magazine.)



I. Victory, lOO guns. Vice Admiral Vis-
count Nelson— Capt. T. M, Hardy
a. Temeraire, 98 — Eliab Harvey

3. Neptune, 98 - T. F, Fremantle

4. Conqueror, 74— Israel Pellew

5. Leviathan, 74 — H. W. Bayntun

6. Ajax, 74 — ^Licut. J. Pilfold (acting)

7. Orion, 74 — Edw. Codrington

8. Agamemnon^ 64 — Sir Edw. Beiry

9. NlinoUur, 74 — C. J. M. Man&fi^ld
10. Spaitiate, 74 — Sir r. Laforey, Bart.
iLi. Britannia, 100— Rear Admiral Earl of

Northei^k — Captain Charles Bullen
la. Africa, ^4— Heniy.I>igby


Euryalus, 36— -Hon. H. Blackwood
Sirius, 36 - -William Prowae
Ph(E))e, 36— Hon. T. B. Capel
Naiad, 38— T. Dundas
Pickle (sch.) 1<>-Licut J. R. Lape-

Entrcprcnante (cutter)— Lieut. John



23. Royal Sovereign, 100— Vice Admiral
Collingwood— Capt. £. Rotherham
14. Mars, 74 — Gcora:c Duff
X5. Belleisie, 74 — William Hargood

16. Tonnant, 80— Charles Tyler

17. Bcllerophon, 74P— John Cooke

18. Colossus, 74— J. N. Morris

19. Achille, 74— Richard King

TO' Polyphemus, 64 — Robert Redmill
«T. Revenge, 74— Richard Moorsom
a.%, Swlftsure, 74— W. G. Rutherford
23. Defence, 74 — George* Hopt
44. Thunderer, 74 — ^^. J. Stocyiam,


25 . Defiance, 74— P. C. Durham
a6. Prince, 98 - Richard Grindall
a7J>readaought, 98 — John Conn



l.e BttcenUure, 80 guns<— Flag ship, Admi-
ral Villeneuve

* Le Formidable, 80— Flag ship, Retr Ad-
miral Duxn«ooir

L'Algcsiras, 74— Flag sWp, Rear Admiral

L*IndomptabIe, 84
Le Neptune, 84
Le Pluton,74

* Le Mont Blanc, 74
Le Swifbure, 74

* Le Scipion, 74
Le Berwick, 74
L*lntrepide, 74
L'Aigle, 74

Le Hero*— Flag ship— 74
Le Fougueux, 74

* Le Duguay Trouin, 74
L*Argonaute, 74

Le Redoutable, 74
L'AchiUe, 74

L'Hermione, 40

L'Hortumne, 40

La Come lie, 40

La Themis, 40

Le Rhin, 40

L'Argus (Sp.) 16

Le Furet (Sp.) 18 '



SantiMima Trinidada, 140— Flag ship— »

Vice Admiral D'Aiiva
Principe d'Asturias, 112— Flag ship— Ad*

miral Gravina
Argonauta, 80 — Flag ship—Rear Admiral

Keptuno, 84'-^oinm. B. H. Dimeres
SanuAna, ii2t
Rayo, 100
Monarca, 74
Montanez, 74
St Juan Nepomucenos, 74
Bahama, 74
St. Ju<?to, 74
^i. Leandro, 64
St. Augustin, 74
St lldaonso, 74
St. Francisco d'Asis, 74
Flora, 44
Mercttrio, 44

The ships, to which this character * is af*
fixed, were afterwards captured by the squa-
dron under Sir Richard Strachan'.
- At the time of the action. Captain Wil-
liam Brown held the command of the
Ajax, and daptain Willhm Lechmere that
of the Thunderer ; but had been caUed
home to give evidence with respect to the
action with the same fleet 00 the ft3d of

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f9* As Has Defmrimeni wiii he of. greed Impartemce to Autroks und Bcxyt*
SEULRKS» as HvUas io LUeraixre iH general, it h retpiesttd that Noticks
ef Wofis wunf heforwardedaMewrif as passible, (freeofPosiageJ, wfdck
will it rtgHlnrfy tMserted.

AXTi^umcs. whidi is prefixed,* Systeinatic Dia^ ei mlun

TH£ I&tory of the Castle nid Fttriali of vpon the admsssiUlity of Psrole and Excrio-
Wics&k, in the East IkhSng of York- 9tc Evidence, to expiain and eo nuaot
^lire ; by J Savage, 2SL €d


Mpmoirs of the Ufe of the late Geerce
Mor.aad. with critical aad drfccriptivc ob-
seivatiaos on the whok ci h» woils ; bj J»
Ha^vl. 4to. iL IS.

Memoirs of R. Cvxnbcrlaild, written hr

tea instniments ; bj William Bnhcits, of
iiocolns Inn, 12s.


A Sketch of the Rl«, Progress, and Ter-
mination oi the Regnhur Corps formed and
commaaded by Europeans in the scnrioe of
the Native Prmces of India, with DetaSs of

himsJf . containing an Accovtt of his Lift the hte War; by L. F. Smith, ro5. 6d. wiA

and Writings, ioterspeiscd with Anecdotes' sis coloured jdaties or ^s, wichoot.

and Charadns of scvcra- of the most £s» medical.

tittgnidied persons of ht« time, 410. ol. a& Outlines of the' origin and p r ugicsh, of

Public Cbaractcis of x8o6, los. 6d. hds. Galvanism, with its application to Medscine,
cnamsTRr. in « letter to afHcnd; 07 W. Meade^ M. Dl

ConvcmtionB on Chemistry, ID which the Us. 6d.,
Elements of that Science are finniaarhf ex«- ASv^pIOMnt to the third cditioa of tie
plained and illustxated by e^wrinxnt, % DomestK Medical Gnide, cu nipti ^in g the
vol. lama 14s- cw^ of reeent cases of the Venereal Diseases,

A Proposal for destroying the tkt and and efieotnal means of pmcotion after im*
choak Damps of Coal Mines* and their ptire connection ; by R;Reece, MJD. fSL 6£
prodnction ezj>'.9ined on the principles of misckllanics.

modem Chemistry; addressed to thcowncrs The Pnst Cdptain, or the Wooden Wall^
and ai^ents of coaj worics, Bu^i by J. Tmi» well manned, oom fne hf di ng a View of
tcr» M.D. IS. Nav^ Society and Mannen$, ira, 7s.

BDOCATioN. A Letter to his Majesty's Solicitor Gene-

Exempla Erasmiana» or English ^xanoples nl, from W.R. Wake.
to be tnmed into latin; by D. B. Free, Gleanings in Africa, exhibiting a ootnct
A. M. ^ricw of the aianners and OL^toms of the in-

OKOGRArar. habitants of the Cape of Good Hope, soil.

Geographical Delineation, or « Compen- climate, natural ||^oduction«, vith obaerff»-

diMs View of dM Nptaral and Potmcai tion»on the State of Slavery in the Soodieni

State of all narts of the Globes' by J- Aikin, part of Africa, Svo. los. 6d.

11. D. a Svq. laa. Memoirs of the Uterary aad PbOosopht-

LAw. cal Society of Manchester^ sncood icriea^

An Ahndgnent of the Mbdera Detem»<> vol. x. Svo. 7s.
nations in tJ^ Courts of Lav and Equity,


Monteith, fiMinded on Scottish KisKiiyi
by Mrs. Rice, % vols. 8s.

The Mysterious Skters, a.vo!& 7s.

Hide aad Seek, or the Old Wnaaa's
Story, 3 vols. loe. 6d.

Domestic Scenes, 3 vols. x^. 6d.

Vixtue and Vice; by W..a Rayncr, %

being a Supplement to Vinei*s Abridgmenf s
by several gentlemen in the respective
branches of we Law, 5 vols. 143. bos.

Ninth Edition of tfan Laws relative to
landlords. Tenants, and Lodgers ; or, every
Landlord and Tenant his own Lawyer.
Comprising A^eements As^ignmentt,
Double* Rent, Distress, £|ectment, JLodg- Tols. 9s.
ings, Mort|^ge3, Notices, fixtures, Rjent* Evcrsfield Ahhcy, 3 vols. X2s.
Repairs, Wast^ 3cc withselcct Precedents Ferdinand and Amelia, 3 vols. xos. 6d.
for lettii^ Houses, Lands^ ApartnKnts, and The Eventful Marriage, a, Tak, 4 vols;
«ther useful Dcedi; Tables of CJasts,StanipiW x8$.

dec. ; by John Paul, Barrister at Law, Au- Si Bot^lph^s Priory, or t)io SaUe Bfa^L
thor of the Parish-Officei^sCon^pkteOwde, by T. J. f|. Curtics, cst^ 4 vois. iL ^
^w rcppectiag Tythes, and otiMr law fortrt.

Tracts, revised, oorascted, and centhmedtv Palmyra, and other Peems| hy T. L.
the preMBt time; by John fannnr Marwell, Peacock, f. 8vo. ys.
Sditor of the Raporta of the Hural Camf Original .Sonnets and €n)^ snndl PoaK;
aissiomn, 3s. Richardson. by A. M. Smallplec^ t 9w: 5s.

A TreMisemi tb* Statute of Fnuds, asit Helson's TiQMtn.pkMm} bf W. T. Wkf^
angacds DcckaatiaDs in Ttost, Contiactfl, gerald, esq; to which is added an ftddiiij
•unandtti, tioBvcyaaces, and tha Excca^ tn Eagbod on hnr IMsen*« diaiK at* d^ '
a^aod Proof of WilU and Ce4iciis^ tp Christ's LamcPUtigii mm hwdjw, a

Digifeed by VjOOQ IC

Report of Diseases in a Wkstem District of London ^6s

^taniim Vnzt Poem ; by C. Peers, A. M. The Churchman's Confession, or an Ap-

apd P. S\ A. IS. 6^. peal to the Liturey, being a Sermon prcacL*

Victory in Tears, or ttc Shade of Nelson, ed before the tJmvtrsity of Cambridge, Dc»

a tribute to the memory of itux Immortal cember i> 1805 ; by tne Rev. C. bimeon*

Heroy 4to. is. 6d. A. M. is.

POLITICAL. An Address to Methodists, and to all

Speeches in the House of Commons, on other honest Christians who conscientiously

the war against the Mahrattas ; by ^1^. Fran- secede from the Established Church of £n-

ccs, 28. 6d. gland ; by the Rev. W. Cockbume, A. M.


Massillon's Charges and Address to his Lord Nelson, a Funeral Sennon chiefly
Clergy, with two Essays, one on the Art of preached' on the late I'hanksgiving Bay, at
"Preaching, and the other on the Composi- Thursford and Snoring, in Norfolk, near the <
tion of a Sermon, translated by Rev. T. Sl birth-place of this great man, with a parti-
John, L. L.B. 8vo. 6s. cular view to his useful and glorious lifc^

A complete History of the Hohy Bible, as by the Rev. G. Cook, A. M. as. 6d.

contained in the Old and New Testament ; On the Duty of keeping Holy the Sab-

by Rev. L.^Howcl, A. M. enlarged and im- bath-Kiay, and on the Sacraments ; by W.

proved, by' Rev. G. Burdier, 8vd. los. 6d. Singleton, is.

oi: lamo. 7s. Security in the Divine Protection, a Ser-

The Destruction of the Combined Fleets nion preached in' the Chapel of Berwick, on

of Fiance and Spain, a Sermon preached at Thursday December 5th 1805 ; by S.f utler.

Worship-street, Dec. 5th, 1805 ; by Rev. A, M. is.

J. Evans, is. Symonds. Nationaf Benefits a Call for National Re-
Sermons translated from the French of pentance, a Sermon preached in the Pari&ji
S^urin, vol. 7; by J. Sutcliffe, 8vo. 6s. Church of St. Mary, Shrewsbury, on Thurs-

Thoughts on Afiectation, addressed to day December 3th', 1805 ; by J. B. Blake-
young people, cr. 8vo. 6s. way,' A. M. is.

A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the A Sermoji preached* to the Society who

Diocese of Exeter, at the Primary Visitation support the Sundav Evening Lecture, in the

of John Lord Bishop of Exeter, 1804 and Old Jewry, on tne evening of the jth o£

iXoj, IS. 6d. December 1805 ; by the Rev. John Edwards,

A Sermon preached on the ,5th of Decern- is.

1)er 1805, at the drum-head, OJB the panlde A ' Sermon preached at the Church of

of the .St. Mar^aret^s and St. John's corps, Hamstead and Kensworth, in the county o£

in Westminster Hall, before that loyal corps Hertford, on Thursday 5th December 1805 5

of volunteers ; by the Rev. W. W, Dakins, by T. A. Warren, A. M. is.

LL. B. F. S. A. IS. 6d. A Sermon preached in the morning of tho

A Sermon preached on occasion of the genet al Thanksgiving, Deceniiber 5th, 1805,

l?tc Naval Victory, in the Parish Church of at Laura Chapel, Bath ; by the Rev. F.

' Wellington, Salop. November loth, 180^ ; Randolph, D. D. is. 6d.

by the Rev. J. Eyton^, is.- A Sermon preached at the Parish Church

Public TAens of Sorrow, due to brave of St. Mary, Stratford, Bow, on Thursday

rtcnwhofallin the service of their country, the 5th December 1805; by S. Henshall,

a Sermon, occasioned by the death of the late A. M. is.

I,ord Nelson, preached at Pcntonville Cha- The Last Advice of David to his Son So-

peli St. James s, ClerkenwcU, on the 5th lomon, andof St. PaultotheEldersofEphe^

December 1805 ; by R. Lendon, M. A. sus, two Sermons preached at Long Sutton,

Reflections on Victory, a Sennon preach- October 6th, 1805 ; by C . Torram, A.M. is.

ed in Ai^yle Chapel, Bath, December 5, survkyino.

1805, bein^ the day appointed for a general The Elements of Land Surveying, dc-

Thanksgivmg for the signal Victory, obtain- signed principally fur the use of schools ami

ed under the bte Lord Nelson over the Com- students ; by A! Crocker, 7s.

bined Fleets of the Enemy; by W. Jay, voyages and travels.

Svo. IS. Letter-i 6rora Paraguay, describing tha

A Sermon preached in Oxford Chapel, Settlooicnts of Monte Vidio on Buenos

Cavendish-sqTiare, on Thursday the 5th of Ayres, with the Manners, Customs, Ril'«

Deceaiber 1805 » by the Rev. D. Evans, gious Ceremonies, &c. of the inhabitants^

8vo. IS. 6d. by J. C. Davie, 5s. Robinson.

Fro7n November 21 to tkcemter 21, 1805.

ACUTK diszases. Inflammation of the Lun^s « • s

Typhiig <^,ft...»«» II Bastard Peripneumony ..... 4

Ephemera x Hooping Cough ^'3

Isfltmrnatory Sorc Tkoat • • • • ^ Acute RhvuWdUMA ,«••.•• ^

V©]. IV. - " 4 D

' Digitized by VjOOQIC

5C9 Domestic Incidents, &c. &c*

G«ut ..... . .... a Scrcifula .' T

CoDfluent Small Pox ...... z Cutaocous Eruptioiu • .* . • - . • 4

Erysipelas . ....... .1

Catarrhal Complaints .' . . : . . 41 Number of Cases . , . X64

Dyscntry .3 The number o£ catarrhal complaints has

Peritonitis Pucrpcrarum ..... i been so great, and their prevalence through -

£pist4xis I out whole families so frequent, that it ha$

been dcu&t«d by some, whether a conta^os,.

CHtovic nxSBASEf. Similar to that^ which gives rise to the Influ-

/ enza, has not existed. Several of the ca<;es

Vertigo . s a in the preceding list, were attended with

Head-Ache .... ..... 4 considerable knguor and debility; and one

Dy^pcpU ........ .5 of the instances of Peripneumonia Notha,'

Entcrodynia a or Bastard Peripncumony, proved rapidly

Jaundice . • _ I fatal. ThiN disease, which is, perhaps, merely'

Anasarca . I a a Pneumonia in a habit naturally fecb;e and

■^'orms . I relaxed, or rendered so by some peculiar*-

Diarrhxa • , ... . . . . a condition of the atmosphere, is very nnma^

I'iles . . . . • I nageable. If it does not yield to hKstcrinf ,

Costivencss i little is to be expected from medicine. Re-
Chronic Rheumatism 7 medics, which are extremely debilkatia^y

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