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of T. C. esq. of Watcrmelock, in Cua^
bcrjand.—- C. y. humeri cs^. of UtasMt

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Provhaal Occurrence^-


lAA, tp Miis Fotheringham, fete of HoU
beach, in LinGoInshirc.— AtTottenharo, W.
PuUord, esq. of Hackney, to Miss Hob-
son.-^I>r. Hutchinson, of Hatton-strcet, to
Ikliss Anne Parker, of Ham, near Ricb-
xiiond, daughter of the late Admiral Sir W,
Parker.— Ai the houpe of the Earl of \*'cst-
morclawi, in Berkley-squarc, Lord Visct.
Duncannon, son of the Earl of Besbo-
rough, to I^dy Maria Fane, third daugh-
tcr qf the Eail of Westmoreland.

Di^.] On Tuesday, Dec. lo, at hi»
bouse in Store-^t^cet, that truly exceUcnt
-veteran comedian, Mr. King, who, for
many ycarf pa t, has been a victim to the
gout. In his professional capacity, Mr. K.
had jiistlv acquired a high degree of cele-
brity, in the characters of Lord Ogleby
and Sir Peter Teazle, his merit in the dm-
matic art, dione promipcnt. In his man-
ners he was elegant and conciliating, and
his companionable qualities were genenUly
considered to be of the first order. Both
in public and private life, Mr. King evin.
ccd himself to be a man of unshaken inte-
grity and strict and upright conduct ; and
those who had recourse to his decisions, had

every reason to be satisfied, with the resulfe
He has left an incoa-soiaWe widow, the par-
lient partner of his sufferings for a scriea
of years. Through a long me, Mr. Kinr
wa* generally known by the humble, and
yef honourable appellation of hone<;t Tom
king. [Some further account of this gen-,
tlcman will be jriwen in our next] — ^Suddctt^
ly, Mrs. Parkinson, of Ailsop'a-buiM'mgs,
New Road.— At Chi>wick, Mr.^ Trebcck,
wife of the Rev J, T.— In Ouilford-place.
MissS. M. Narcs, only daughter of joha
N. eq.— Mr. Samuel Marriott, one of the
Bridg©»Ma%tcr6 of the chy of Ixjndon^ — '
In Goodgc-strcet, aged 71, Mrs. M. Pas-
qualis, relict of the late Nkhob P. esq. *
well-known composer in mu^ic— In N<sr-
ton-street, T. Foster, c»q. of Old Bond-
street.— At Winchmorc-hill, James Jack-
son, esq. of Ludgate-street^— In Brunswick-
square, Wm. WUson, e q.— At Knights-
bridge, Rh. Barrett. e<q.— At Blackheaih,-
Mr.. Hill, wife of S. Hill, esq. late of the

I land of Jamaica. At South I.anihetli,

Mrs Hook, wile of Mr. Hook, the com-



RY.— Toul receipts of thii mo;t ci-
•ellcnt institution, including the balance m
hajid,from October 8th, 1804, to October
15th, itos, *7a/. 195.;. the fcxpcnces, during
the same period, 136/. i*. i^. From the
total amount of the receipts, the sum of
ziyL %s. has been inve:>tcd in the funds.
Kumbcr of patient! admitted, 481— ditto
cured, 313— kIo. relieved and discharged as
incurable, 41— do. dismi^^sed for non-attend-
ance, 17— do. sent to a work-house, 15-—
do. dead, a4^remaixi on the books, 46» and
not reported, 44- « . r^.

Married.] At KimboUon Castlc, Char-
le-i Palmer, esq. of Lueklcy Park, in this
eounty, to the Right Hon. Lady Madehna
Sinclair. The Duke and Duchess of Man-
chester, the Duke and Duchess of Bedford,
the Marquis of Tavi^tock, and Lady Char-
lotte, graced the solemnity with their pre-
fcnce.— Mr. T. Fisher, of Bockmcr, to Miss
Cooke, of Fowlcy -court Farm^— At Read-
ing, Mr. E. B. Baker, of Stanford, to Mrt.

Died.] At Reading, Mrs. Gibbs, a wi-
dow lady, and a very worthy woman. She
has bequeathed several valuable bencfactiona
to a numerous set of distressed pensioners,
thus extending her liberality beyond the
grave —in his 68th year, Mr. H. Finch, a
quakcr. He was a man of extensive infor-'
mation, aver c to^very species of rclif^ious
bigotry, and of arbitrary conduct in civil go-
Tfiramc&c and society. Iii» spirit wm du*

interested, and his temper for^ivin». - At
Abingdon, aged 43, Mr. John Merry, shoe-
makcr.-At Newbury, a;cd 7*; Mr. Jns,
Poor, broker.— At Windsor, suddenly, Mr,
II. Whittle, late one of the propnetbr-j of
the Londoli and Rcadins; coaches.— At Mai-
denhead, Mrs. Morjran, mother of the Rev,
Mr. M. of St. Martin's, Stamford.— Ac
Wallingford, the Rev. John Scoo'.t, ie;tor
of St. Lconard>.— At Oakingham, ^U^,
Spmdler, relict of thclate Rev Bond S. rec-
tor of Eaton Hasting^.- At Langford, ajred
15, Mis Ann Harte.— Aged 78, Mrs. fch-

zaheth Cropp, more than 50. years m the
family of "Mrs. Mitford, of Bertram Hou>.e-
At Perry Head, captain Robert Deane, of
the train of artillery.— -Mrs. St. Lcger, of


Case of compas^on, in the peculiar dw-
tressing circumstances of a certain family,
now resident in Round Church -lane, in the
town «f Cambridge. This family con«st> of
three persons ; a man, his wife, and their.
erand daughter. The man is, at present,
Spwards of 80 years of age, quite emacuted,
and feeble in body and constitution, and m-
deed little better than a walking skeleton.
The woman, according to the report of one
of her neighbours, is also 80, and is certainly
that age, or near it ; she is, likewise, very
weakind infirm, and to a. gr:vvatc her mis.
foitunes, is nearlyUnjr '\ he third in thi.
melancholy, unhappy groupe is the sr;md.
daughter, once a fine sprightly young wo-
nw, but. for the la*t tcu years, has, most

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§f2 Pttvindal Occurrencdxi -

wfortimatety bceta xn a state of mental de* Diews, attorney, t6 Mub E. PaitiAgtOD.a^
taogementy and it it hardly possible for inu- cond daughter of John P. esq. of Bencltfife
gination to depict an object more truly pi- House, county of Lancaner. — Mr. C. "KJSe,
liable. To the honour of many beoero- buttou -maker, &c. of Birmingfaam, to Mrs.
knt characters in Cambridge, be it spoken, Haawell, of the Hop-pole Inn.
these poor and helpless individuals have had D/W.] At Chester, suddenly, Mr$. Barlter,
their v^Bts occasionally supplied; neither widow of the late Mr. B. taylor. — At Nant-
lias parochial assistance been withheld; if wich,aij;cd76,OharlcsHall,M.D. — AtWrcx-
it had, the miuraUe victims must have pe- ham, in bis 39ch veac, Mr. S. Nicholas, iate
risked* A correspondent of the Cambridge head clerk in the banking-house of R. lJoyd«
Chronicle, however, as.crts, that they are, e^q. — At Chcadle, J[. Harrison, esq. justice
miiih time^ irt^eatdistras. The blessing of of peace for that division. — Mrs. Sarah Wil-
I^eaven will be on the heads of those who liams, spyister, of Fron, and eldest daughter
^^Lt the sick.and aged poor (particularly a of the late Rev. Richard W. rector of Hai-
family drcumstaoccd as the above) in tlieir warticn. — Aged -.7, Miss Alice Penkett, of
affliction, to enjoy the 'supreme pleasure and Wallcslcy.— Mr. Evan Jones, tanner, of Bala,
luxury of ^oiBg them good! He was in the EUesmere canal boat, on hi*

Married.'] At Cambridge, Mr. 8. S. Ber- way to Liverpool, and finding himself taken
fcr, merchant, of Queen- street, Cheapside, suddenly ill, he drew oota handkerchief frooi
London, to Miss Sharp.— -Mr. Sumpter, of his pocket, put it over his head, and in not
Wingfield Castle, Suffolk, son of T. S.e^. moic than bve minutes, breathed his last^—
tf Histon, in this county, to Miss Cotton, At the Hot-wells, Bristol, Miss Temple,'
of Ilarkscon.— At Newmarket, Mr. J. daughter of colonel T. formerly of Chester.
Chapman, auctioneer, to Mi s Pease. — In his 103d year, Mr. John Griffiths, of'

- Died^ At Barnwell, J. Forlow, esq. al- Holt, in the county of Denbigh. He wa^a
derman, and several time^ riiayor of Cam- man of a very eccentric character, astheTol-
bridge, and lieutenant colonel of the C:im- lowing most curious circumstance, and sing:u-
bridge volunteer corps.— At Tortola, Wet Ur anecdote, will abundantly witness. About
Indies, jreneral ^parro\v, onfy son of Robert 13 years ago, as he was one morning pream-
S. esq. oif Worlingham Hall. — At Hunting- bulating his ground, he found a fleck of
doo, Mr. C, Perkins.— -Mr^;. 1« Smith, of ueciC trespasiing in the meadow — when lo
Ofd-strc/ct, London, daughter of the late and behold I he immediatelv stript himself
Mrs. Genn, of the l.amb Ixin, Ely^— Lately naked, and havine driven tne geese into tie
at Bath, in her 85ih year, Mrs." Chapman, river, he himself, like another goo<;e, swim
relict of the late Rev. Dr. C. master of after, and still driving them to Holt bridge,
Magdalen college, Cambridge, and prcben- a distance of about a quarter of a mile, where
dkry of Durham. he halted and drove them on shore before

CHE SHIRK. him, and then {mirakiU dictu im fmru natu-

A colliery, and a new i;on rail- way, not ralibus)^ followed them up to the town of
less than 3^ miles in length, we:e lately Holt, with infinite sang froid, and to the ho
©pened at, or near the tcr«'n of Conglcton. small amusement and wonderment "of n«-
Katon Hall, the nob e seat of earl Grosve- merous spectators, to the pinfold, where,
oor, is at present, a very gcneml topic of having seen the winged depredators safely ia
couvcr^^ation in this and the adjoining coun- custody, he calmly measured back his foot-
ties. The splendid mansion now erecting on steps to his own house !
the 9cite of the old mansion, under the di- cok.nwall.-

rection of Mr. Porden, ?rchitcct, of London, Mr. Webb, mine agent to his Royal Higli-
is upon so very extensive or rather vat a ness the Prince of Wales* has lately di«co*
scale, that it will probably occupy a longer vercd a most valuable copper-mine, in of
period in building, than the , magnificent near the bed of the little river Tamor, which
^utof Mr. Beckfordj at Fonthill, in Wilt- in part separates this' county from the ad-
shire. It i^ a square-built Gothic manidon, joining one of Devon. This mane has been
compoyed entirely of masonry. There will already set to work, an event whid) took
be not le. s than 40 rooins on each floor ; place on the 9th of $eptember bst, and a. *
the elevation will be two stories. Ffomthe rich vein of copper ore, four feet in breadtk
principle upon which it is proccedin?^ it is has been cut at the distance of nearly 50
unreasonable to believe that it can be finished fathoms from the river, in a steep hill. There
in the life-time of the present carl ; but with is every reason to believe that thi$ will bc«
a rental of Sopoo/. per annum, his lordship come one of the fir<:t jnines in Cornwall, a»
may, no doubt, accomphsli much in a few it is stated to resemble the faxaoos Anglesea.
yeapi. mines, from the circumstance of it» requir-

Marrlfd.'\ At Wrcxham, lieutenant CO- ing neither windlas, whim, nor any other ap-
loncl Knight, to Miss Harriot Warrington, paratus than a wheel-barrow, to take out
youngest caughtcr cf the Rev. George W. the ore. The whol&sttm' expended by Ae
— At Che ter, Mr. T. Llewellyn, of Market proprietors in opening this mine, did no%
Drayton, to Miss Jone-, daughter .6f Mrs. exceed 30/. more t>r less.
YojuiU, brvk«/-^dt StO€k|iortj Mi. John A compai^y ^M l^ bt«^ «»t^>U^ked ill '

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Prtviiidai Oeewrtmiu-


(:!«Bindl»tBi4er4M ame'of the P]i«eiiiz
Coj^pcr Compttty, tbe object of which u
itated ta be '■'to reduce the present exorbi-
tmt chatee, aod to etublish a proper rate
Wm > ce n cMe price of taw and maliiiBidiirod
coMMr, fi>r toe benefit of ^e tubscriben."

CooMM^ore Bowen has been lacdy in-
i^eciiii; the exte&flive and truly exeelknt
harbour of Fahnoutl>« for the pu^KMe of ac-
coBBiDdating a consiilerahle part of what is
caHed the chanael fleet, during the winter
fliutttha. Buoys have been recently laid
down, in diliersnt pointt of the harboor, for
the reception of to sail of the line. It fur-
ther appears that a communication is in-
tended to be constantly maintained with the
remainder of the fleet stationed off Uahaat,
by which' means, should the enemy endea-
vour to effect their etcape, our sliips will
he enabled to pat to sea immediately. A de-
^pMit of naval atores have been lately formed
in or near the town of Falmouth ; and a
atote-lceeper, master ship-wri^ht, and a mas-
ter aFsstant, with proper officers under their
directions, have been likewise appointed to
reside there. Thus the necessity of the ships
composing the channel fleet going to Ply-
mouth to refit, ' will be wholly, or in a
gtuat measure avoided, k is further in con-
templation, to commence a line of tcleg;iaphs
fiwn Fahuonth to Plymouth. When this
shall be comnlet^, a Une of nautical intel-
ligence will be convened from London to
Fahnouthyas the erection of telegraphs from
Plymouth to die metropolis is now carry-
ing on with the greatest dispatch, and will
be finished, it is supposed, by the end of the
month of March.

DtW.] At Falmouth, Mrs Augore, wife
ef Mr. Edward A. merchant/*- At Flushing,
near Falmouth, in his 29th year, the Hpn.
R. Cocks', youngeit son of Lord Somers. —
Also of a pttkttonary consumption, in her
3»d year, Mrs. Barr, wife of Major General
B^ — At Tregony, Mf . O. JeweU, surgeon,
generally regretted &nd esteemed for his skill
and talents in his professional capacity — At
Portrcath, captain James Reynolds. — At
Camborne, aged 49, Miss Richards, a lady
of exemplary conduct, who often reHeved
the children of iifflictioa in her neighbour-
hood, soothing them by her friendly sym-
pathy, and relievhig them by her bounty.


A late Derbyshire paper (Dec. 4th) an-
nounces that Messrs. Brown and $on, of
Derbyshire, have lately fiuished a large
Bacchanalian vase, in imitation of the ce:e-
hrated Grecian vase, ^Ued the Grand War-
wick Vase, which original vase is now in
the possesflion of the harl of Warwick. The
s^id imitation has been prepared, and is in-
tended for a Prince of the Imperial family of
Russia, and ha» ' been lately submitted to
public inspection, at the marble wn'ks of
themtd Meisr^. £. and^on, in St. Hei«n*p,
in the to"wn of Derby. f


A new fair is bten^ to he he£d at Bttfc*
field, 00 the ^ day of J«imary nett ensulnb
which fiiir will, infucure, be held annualnr
on the said day, for the sate of all sorts ijjc
goods and cattle. This will be a very eon-
stderable aceommodatiott to the hhrfdert,
dealers, and others in that part of the coun-
try, as a great number of welt bred cnftii aru
kept in the neighbourhood of Duffidd.


Married,'] At Oikhampton, James Bnd-
dock, est^. of Plymoutli, to Miss Mason.


Diei.'\ At Durham, Mr. Johttfon, attor«
neT,a(red so—J. NewdJ; of the North Lib-
oomshire militia.


Mmrr'ta. ] J. Reere; of Bd(:kmg, to Mi^9
Blaheley> of Mundon — At Chelmsford, Mr.
H. Kelnam, jun. agent to the Chelmsfbhi
military depot, to Miss Elisa Thornton, se-
cond daughter of Mr. J. T. proprietor of th^
theatre roykl, Wmdsor.

2)«^tf.l At Chehnsferd, Mrs. Scratton,
relict of the late D. S. esq. formerly of Brom-
field.— At Colchester, suddenly, the Right
Hon. Lady Susan Momgomery.-*At Uem»-
worth, in Yorkshire, the Rev. W. TufbeU,
of Wormingfbrd, in this county, to Miss
Naylor, daughter of J. K. esq. of Newstead.
——At SfcrNness, near Chelmsford, Mhb
nramstone, wife of T. S. esq. late M. P. kat
this county.


On Hiursday December5,the new cfaurdi
at J^oddington, built at the sole expccce of
C Codrington, esq. M. P. wboMmagnifi«
cent mansion and pleasure grounds it im-
mediately adjoins, was opened, and conse-
crated by the bithop of Bath and Wells, who
acted, on this occasion, as nrox^ fox the
bishop of this diocese. The Doddiogton ca-
valry mustered and paraded on the ground,
at 9 o'clock in the morning, and faa-^ng
pa&ted in ills, on the lawn round the hoose^
th'^y were inspected by iieutetiant colccel
Probyn. The troop then dimiounted, and
linked horses, and having formed an avenue^
the bishop and his chap:ain, with a nume-
rous train of gentry, and others, proceeded
through the same to the church, where an
cxceilent and very suitatrle discourse was
delivered by the Rev. Mr. Jones, rector of
the pariih. The structure of this church is
at once neat, f imple, elegant, and beautiful,
and in the Grecian order of n.rchitecturc.
It consists of a dome, and four ab^es; fh^
walls represent rich, naffifj', verd, ami<^ue
mar'i>les, with superb mculdings, in bronze,
^c. In the four angles under tlie dome, are
four iirmcn^e fluted columns, consisting of
entire blocks. The pavement under the
4ome, is richly formed of marble, granhe,, &c- divided into sundry ccmparcmcSta.
After the pcrform<i!ioe of divine service, the
ceremony <6f a grand christenirg took place»
of fhe only sen of Mr. Qudriogtonr >^ fke

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Provincial Ocairrenteft

hot of thelnatior and f^^tate of Doddiogton.
After the celebration of this relig;ious rite,
the doors of the hospitable mamion were

' thrown open, in the true old Cpglish style,
and more than 500 person*"} consisting of
the neighbouring gentry, the Doddington
cavalry, tenantry, and others, sat down at
different ubles, where tliey partook of every
thing that the season could afford. While
the company were, at' dinner, the magnifi-

. cent silver fountain nymphs made its ap-
pearance, copiou.sly replenished with rich
nectar. " Long life to the heir of Dodding-
ton," was then gi^en in a burst of rapture,
with three times three; after which,** Peace
to the a^hes of brave Nelson, and captain
Codriiigton** (who commanded a ship of
war in the ^^ttle of Trafalgar) wai like-
wise given, wkh three hearty cheers, as be-
fore. During the dizmer, an Italian band,
assisted by two others, attended, and played

. in different apartments in the house. The
ball room was then lighted up with colonr-

. cd lamps, and numerous transparencies ; in

• a long recess, were seen groves of orange
trees, in full fruit, whi^h, with other plants
in bloom, produced a salubrious effect. From
this room, the company had 'a view through
a balcony, into a very stately picture gallery,
replete with works of the first masters, Bri-
tish and foreign ; which gallery forms a
convenient communication with the church
tribune, appropriated for the reception of
the Codrlngton family. The whole com-
pany afterwards partook of tea and supper,
and did not rcture till the next mornmg,
highly dcHghtcd and gratified with the fes-
tivities of Sxs day.


Married*'] A$ Winchester,, Mr. Gray,
surgeon, and apothecary, of Bath, to Miss
Cover, daughter of Mr. G. architect.

Dud^l At Southampton, aged a8, Mr.
T. B. Hookey, chemist and druggi^w — At
Winchester^ at liis &on*s lwuse« Mr. Todd,
many years a re&pectahle attorney.


ilfjrr/Vrf.] At Carmarthen, John Morgjan,
«.<!. to Misis M, Lloyd, ydunge.>t daughter
of die Hon. Mrs. I*.

Died."] At Hereford, at a very adx'anccd
age, Mrs. Tankard, a school-mi^tredS.


J^arrUd.'] At Dover, Mr. Smith, iron-
monger, to MLss Shadgate, daugliter of ^-— >
S. esq. collector of excise there.

DicJ*'\ At Canterbury, at her house in
Wat ling-street, in her Sad year, Mrj. Eli-
zabeth oharp.


The Newspaper, called the Liverpool
Chronicle, has lately announced thejntended
appearance of a new, useful, and splendid
work, to be entitled, ** The Hitory of Li-
verpool, or picture^ que beauties oi that tlou-
ri jhiB£ (ca-port, from curJy records to iSe^.'*

This publication, ^i^tich has been Idn^'vri
cd, will be elegantly printed with mc ad-
mired Sliake>*peare type, and <Nmaiti««t«d
with a scries of masterly views of the most
remarkable edifices in Liverpool and its en-
virons, engraved in wood, by those tmiy
excellent artists, Bewick, Nesbitt, - and Hoe,
from accurate designs, taken pnrpcBcly by-
Mr. P. Rogers. .

At a meeting of the inhabitants mi X.iver-
pool, held in the Town Hal^ 00 Friday,
Novembec ai, it was resolved that a naval
monument should be erected to the memory
of I^rd Nelson, in the centre of the area m£
the New Exchange Buildin^n, and that tKe
memorable words of Lord Nelson, in haa
last signal orders to his conquering country «
men, ** Enjrland expects that every maa wHl
do his duty** should be inscribed on some con-
spicuous part of the said oavai momuncoK .
A sum, amounting to nearly 4500/. has Wca
already subscribed, to effect the above par-

Married. "] J . Suttlewood, e5>q. of Boltao
Castle, to Mifts Darvall, of Gamcrtoa.

Died."] At Manchester, Mr. G. Rai]ey,
son of Mr. S. Br taylor. The death of this
young man was occasioned by a 9quib being
thrown at him, in what was aaadverteatiyv
but fatally thought a joke! It cx^ksded is
his eye^, and after severely tortanng him,
produced a brain fever.


MarriedJ] At Billeadon, Mr. ViMbofe,
grazier, to Miss R. Bell, of Leicester.

Died.] At Leicester, Mrs. Bruce* wife
of Mr. B. coach proprietor.


Married.] At Owersby, near Rasen, Mr.
Porter, farmer and graxier, aged 80, to Mik
Atkinxon, aged 4s.

DieaJ] At Lincohiy Mrs. Tuke, wife «f
Mr. Samuel T. keeperof the city jail.


A correspondent of the Bury and Norwich
Post complains |n terms of much severitw,
of the bad,.and even, dangerous state of tic
present ro4d over Acie £^m, l^'iog between
Norwich and Yarmouth, particularly in a
certain part of it, near the lodge, where ke
observe;!, many accidents have recmtly haf:-
pened, after the close of day-light !

Married.] At Norwich, Mr. R. TohnsGC,
ho^icr, and manufacturer, Cheapside, Loc-
dpn, to Mi^ S. Stacey, seiood daa^Rr «f
Mr. O. S. druggist.

Vied.] In London, in hi< 32d yfar, Mr.
Wiliiani Chappel, of Yarmouth, a man tf
a benevolent cJhuiracter, chearful temper, aod
great affability.


Married,] At Sutton, in Bedfoidshirt,}.
B. Prit( hard, esq. of Caerlon, in MonmootL-
shire, to Mivs Kettleby, cldct daughter of
the Rev. M, K. rector of the parish.

Died. ] At Northampton, Mrb Smith, vifi:
gf ^hriito^bcr ^> taq.

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P, fiU O* P« Q. 04 CUCUO*


E S ^ .. ^ a S E e E S 6a fe
g,p,e.(3 •; u. a. a. P. cu S. g. a. £

« M ^ ^-^




p,p« E.O,


IT <r «n «J </

1-8 2


s §

M •


I !^[ M isJ .1 1 1 1 n i 1 1 1 1 1 1 II

SlS?J?ll fSfSf I ckI o>l I I I •vo>M5?-l«

I I |^l€ I 1^ s;is:«s.s;|s;l js^sjisj I sj

N Ul III i 1171 M'TU.^U II






!>. «^>o »>. r>« r«s. y »>. «

»«^«>•^>»rx•^^».t*»^«»^»«**•^»•*^^^ ^«»r««r

giHIs III aiiaHliiim r

n^ii Ml 111 II 1 1 Mill I II



. llJJillllltllllil II


SIS^SU l2i|siis\Miisaxs»M

M M M M ^ fTl *^

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48.5 E.O


48.5 I I

. drU(^ly at times -


47 10

• very thick upward


47.5 B

■■ • '


.4Z EO


48 ^0


47 » I


48.5 E 1


47 « Q



49 EO


49, SE 1.



50 • ^



48 NNE I

joggy . fi>?c


48.5 NB I

hazy., thick Vffwvi «t fti|^


46. N X



48 NB 2

: thick upward


4^.5 * I

^Sgf ' ln%hter i cloudy

littfe foggy . Bar. 3a87 ^t n^ght . diir

not ckSy. fine: thick upWard "


.49 5 NE I
47.5 w« I


.485 «K I

WEy p thick upward at a^


47.5 NE

act cloudy . fine


47-5 « I



45 1 1

not dowdy


46 EX

cloudless : deaf

» moie fogffy : little raid


4«.5 « €^


45 «*•!

drizzly, fiiir


45 NNE X

Qot cloudy 1 fine


46^ MNE I

44 NX

not doudy , fine

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