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44 ^ I

fjazy , thick upward at ewe , fine


not doudy . thick upward . brighter


45*5 W a

not cloudy . fine CYC . JitjJc rain : fihQ


45-5 N I

foggy . fine

46.5 N I

^^y ,. , .


44-5 . . F.I

hazy . ht^le rain « .
ha^y . joggy eve , thick upward


45.5 w J


46.5 .wo

» . • 4 ':. 'ft.


47 wo

^^tSY " *^*<* "pward ,

4» .

46.5 w



48.5 wo

foggy . Httlc rain . fine eve . thick ttpw9(4


48.5 w

more foggy . brighter


49-5 sw I

hazy . thick upward at night

475 'SE I

foggy . thi|;:k upward .* :
. clear below ai night


„48.j . 8E X


50 8W I

. cteudy and little rain at tnnc$ ^
w drs2Z7 Jf times • » ;
.drizsilyattim^ '* -


j^a ;wsw 4

53 ■

54 sw a

. • I


; aswvj

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By tlie WUvliestar Quarter •£ 4 Boshdt, aaio£ OATM£AL pecBA aT X«!ku

Avoivdiipoiae, from the RftOiiniaicettndiatlM WcekcmW Dec.^1, 1805.












Salop • .

perefor.f 84

Wor'idr. *









Wheat. Rye. [Barky.
I. d: s. d.

35 10) 31 3
34 o' 3» a
4« o 34' 8
39 7


8a zi

84 4

44 o


53 to
51 »

57 7

3X l<3
a8 8

ft8 4

36 9

37 10
39 4





a. d.

33 I



»5 7

33 o(

a3 zo Norfolk:

C«ei .
_ Kent •*
o^iSttsseoc .


Durham <

a7 zz

30 4



9 a7





Average of England and Wales,
}f/be»t jU- a4. ; Rye 4»«» 7^. ; Barley J
37$,;xd.; Oats a 7s. 4^




3Z SiNorthumherland

a9 zz k:iimber!and
T] Westmorland
Anglesea . >



H£AT> generaHy a thin plant and backward* and premu<;ly to the late ^0% m
many puees atfeciiBd by the alug. Some little left unsown, to , be got in wkh,
the beans in t^ ipriiy. Tares, tufpi|>i, cabbage, rape, and all winter crops, generally'
good, with plenty of fog, or autumaal grMS. 'Int $tock of sheep ^nd cattk greater than
ever, thrwughoat the whole covntry ; but the breed of pigs dctectiTe ; these, anJ large
hogs partiaikrly, being scarce and dear. Straw and hay, very good^and in great abundance.

The lands on all retenti'vc soBs, very wet and poadiy ; and the chief buiiiness gomr
{bmasdxonsuts in thfes|ung,h«dgiiigaMdhching, timber cutting, feedi^ live stock wltfi
irinter provisun, and atteodiag thcBie ewes which begin to drop their lambs. The Ute
wheatcropdoes not appear t»ttirli out «> great 10 toeaswe* as iht& at first rather too sa»*
graely expected, but the ^oaUey aqd weight excellent.

Very large inarhets at SailthaeU, iat beef 4 to'^ per stpoe, (sinking the ofial. ) M^t-
^aa nearly the same. Veal j to 6s. 6^. House Umb ai to 35s. per qoartcr. Pork 5 to
fi. per scene. Towabaoont ^ Plenty of Irish baoNi at 5%. btaof inferior quality.

Jtff^ibssx, i>W. ajf,

SlU^cf M^^TAUIY, from NOV^ 19^ 1805, to DEC 24, 1805.

I 9URIED. v /-Sand 5 ^ 369|50 9na 60 -234

10- 15A60and7X)-2O'^



92 ;o and 80 -14*
- 252^aQdiOO. 21

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57$ AJphaUtkid List of Bankmpicies and Di^aub.

Total, Christenings and Burials, Jrom December \ I, 1804,
to December ij, J 805.

Under % years of a;:c 5104
Between 1 and 5 2199
Five and ten 8a6

Ten uid 'I'wcnty • 534

Whereof hate died.








20 and 30 1283 60 and 70

30 and 40 Z765 70 aod 80

46 and 50 1^39 80 and 90

50 and 60 tsoA 90 ^d 100

Increased in the Buiials this Year, s^7-

TbcTC have been executed in I^oudon 9 ; of nvbich number (6 only) hxft been rc^

ported to be bmied (as ^uch) within the Bills of Mortality.

. ■


October 22, 1805, to November 23, 1SQ5, inclosiv?.
[Extracted from the I^ondon Gazette.}

Co. Holborn-court.^ Qrcen, I. Bprton»
ill Lonsdale, Yorkshire, cotton«spin&er
(Woodburn, Manchester.)
I lagan, G. Q. 3uckLagha(xi, wine-merchant
(Sm'nh vid Co. Great St. Helen's.)


[The SolicitoTb* Names are betwren parcn*
thesis.] . . .

Austin, I. London^pon>Tecn, SaU)p,. mil-
ler, (Punting:, Shrewhbury.) . .

BaTli-, W. Lcdbwry, Hcrcfond, .Baker
(Rccee, Ledbury.) Barrowcv J. * Mir^
field, York, c<»m-dealcr (Sykes, De%-
buf)'.) Bate, T. M.Kcle8iicld, . Ches-
ter, draper (Barrett, Manchcjjtcr.) Bal-
4iock, T. Chatham-hill, Kait, miller

iiickinbotham, 3. Brixton-hlll) Simj^
miller ( Murphey, Bouverie -street.) Ilale,
F. Lecd>, merchant (Coupland, Leeds.)
IJemiley, II. Great .Coram -street, Ra^
rell-square, bakor (Vmcent and Co. Bedr

(Cooper and Co. SouihamptonBvildings.) Izod, W. "Queen-street, 'warehonseman

Baylis, S. I^adbury, Heceford'^hire, (Nlcholls, Tavistock-place.) Jones, J. B.

baker (Ilolbrook, Ledbury.) Brooke, New Bond-street,' fruiterer (Siarel, Berk*

K. N. Harcot, Worcester, paper*nianu* lcy-;quarc.) Irving, W. , LiTcrpoo], K-

facturcr (Wsrtis, Worcester.) quor-merchant (Phtillps, Liverpool.)

Cockeriik W. i>udgat^-hill, linen-draper Kendal,* S.. Liverpool, tunber-nierdunt

(Hpn^on, Dor«tf -street./ Chalnier;, F. (Bardswell and Co. Liverpool.) ..

LLycrpooi,. broker r Phillips, Liverpool.) Ley y, M. Rosemary-lane, victualler (Isaacs,

C«oke, T. New -road, Mar)'-le-Doue,
s:atuary (Greenwood, Mancheste; - st.)
Coats, E. Horuinglow, Stafford, com-
mon-brewer (Fowler, Burtgn-upoii-
Treijt.) Coltmatf, W. Long-acre, baker
(ColHns and Co. Spital-souure.) Coates,

Great George-Ntrcet, Minories.) Leech,
W, Salford, Lanca.^ter, brewer (Dm k-
worth and Co. Manche^er.) Loutner,R,
Sheffield, Yorkshire, and Throgmorton-
street, London, merchant (ThompMo.
Sheflield.) '

R T. Mas ey and T. Hall, Hominglow, Mockitt, T. Deal, Kent, nuller (Brpwn aod

^^:afford'^^hire, brewers (Fowler, Burton-
upon-Trcnt.) Cummings, T. Kirkby,
Lonsdale, We-tmorcland, £pi.*it-meri.hant
(Pickard and Co. Kirkby, Lonsdale.)

Davis,. I. Oxford, dealer (Tomes, Oxford.)
Djvics, T. Wiieclock, Chester, victualler
((.Jroonis Audlen, Chester)

En;;Iand, W. Ijttlc Walsingham, Norfolk,
!>hopkcC;'><*r (Decker, Little Wabirtg-
har.i.) tllis, |. Worcester, flax-drc?t>er
(Haden, ^orc-xtrr)

Fo*r^, R. jmd T. Cantrell, Manche tcr,
cotton-manufacturers (Key and Kcn-
shaw, Manchester.) Farrar. \V, Salford,
Lancaster, plumber and glazier (Mor-
jran, Manche* ter.) Fountain, B. Houn-
slow, buich^r (Wild, NVarwick- qi?urc )

Co. Norfolk-street.) Moie>, j. Newmar-
ket-street, Wapping, slopseller (A. Isaacs,
Great George-street, Minories.)* Mercer,
J. Uxbridgc, and N. Mercer, Chatham*
place, merchants (Lng^an and Co. Lon-
don, or Hodder, Uxbridge.) Ma^r^den,
W. Manchester, merchant (Halstead and
Co. Manchester. ) Milner, G. Thnnton,
York, and D. Whitaker, Manc|)ciiter»,
cottoa-mannfacturcr:: (Edge, Manchester.)'
Ma<^iheDon, VV. Maiden-l«qe, %\nw bat
manuiacturei; (Wild, Warwick-square.^
Alariih, A. Aldgate, jeweller (Lodduigton
and Co. Secondaries Office, King's Bcnch^
Nicholson,. H. BiNliopsgate-street, s3k ajoT'^

^ _ ^ , ccf (Collin^ and Co. .-^iul-square.)

V\ . Ncwi ort, 1*lc of V,, luck- Ormond, G. Alanchfstcr, dyer ^Fqulkcs and

Mcy-m;uK ^C»iio».; t, Newport.) Gaudon, Co. Manchester,)

i*. VVtnt\vonI'.-^trvit, Uhitc-hq:cl,coop- Pater>on, J. Red l-,iibn-strrct, Holboni, up-

er (Grove, VillxT >-s: cj:). C-ill, S. boJsterer (England^ OH Br«ad-strect.)

i lo bury, YorI:f.f.rrt, tiiUv^-diandler Pcttirt, J. Yarmouth, upholsterer {Nc\**-

/S.holtticld, lorbury.) Giffi, rd, 1. .-l-p- co^b. Vine-street, Piocadiliy.) PIoM4J*

h>.rd-6ti\ci».co^-»ucrJK'.iit 'iiroiiJcy unj Kodb^ipugh, ^^-^HCr, clj>lhw (Wu-i

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Alphabetiatl Lkt ofBanMptcieiaAtLbivideAdf.


' Jf^an, Stroud. ) Poddingt'on, 6L Leonard*

• s^are, Shoreditch, baker (Crawford,
, Craven-buildings, Cityfroad.) ParMidgrc,

W. and W. Ro&e, late of Bowbrid^e,
Gkmccster, dyers (Newman, Stroud.)
llobiion, J. prury-lanc, grocer (Wild, Wir-
wicko^uare.) Robin8on,'W. jun. New-
castle-upon-Tyne, Sadler (Harvey, New-
castle-upon-Tyne.) Robinson, P. G. C.
Liverpool, merchant (Cheek, Manches-
ter ) Rawsthom, W. Sharpies, Lan-
cashire, dealer in catfle (Hulton, Bolton.)
Randell, W. sen. Manningtree, Essex,
innkeeper (Jackaman, Ipswich.) Raihe,

• 1\ and G. Mickey, Greenwich, Aip-

• owners (Jones and Co, Salisbury - square. )
Ravenscroft, W. H. M. E. Fell, aiid
J. Entwisle, Manchester, dealer.'; in cotton
yarn (Duckworth and Co. Chippendale,

■ Manchester.)

Smith, W. Globe 'place, Lambeth, com-

chandler (Ware, Bl^ckman-strcct. ) Sims,
. W. ' Newgate -market, carcase -butrhcr

(Wild, Warwick.squate.) Smith, J. Man-

• che&ter, cotton merchant (Johnson and

• Co. Manchester.) Simp^n, T. and N,

• Simpson, Northarierton, Yorkshire, mer-
chants (I^e, Crown-court, South wark.)

Thoma«, J. Manchester, cotton spinner
f Kay and Co. Manch>E .ter . ) Tankard, J.
Birmingham, factor fM;i\idsley, Birming-
ham.) Tallock, J. jun. Savage -gardens.

ber 21. , Cunis M. and J. H. A. Scott,
Watling-street, wine-merchants, Jan. 4.
Mc.Coroiack D. Marshall-street, Gol-

• den-square, coach-maker, January 18 *-
Cruckf hanks J. Geriard-strcet, fao-light

. manufacturer, January 11. Cobham W.
Thomas-itreet, Southwark, coro^dealery

.. January a8. Cariess T. F. Counts-
street, Southwark, corn-chandler, Ja«
nuary a^,
Deighton T. Manchester, Galico-prmter,
Dec. ao. Dyson S. Soy land, Yorkshire,
merchant, Dec. 26. Dobson J. I^eds,
merdiant, Dec 2$. Davis G. Boston,
Lincoln, glas^ and china ware seller, Dec.

.19. Dann W. T. Benthani, B. Bent -
ham, and J. Baikie, Chatham, bankers,
December 10. Dcmiarais P. St. Mir-
tinWourt, watch-makci:, Feb. 15,
Edward; R. G. and J. Jackson, St, Mary
Axe, merchants, t)ec iS and 24, Eart- •

. crby 1'. St. Thoma>-street, Soutlu^-ark,

, victualler, Dc:. 28. Kdgar J. Black-

. burp, Lancaslure, dealer, December 30.
Emerson J. Bitton, Gloucestcr:>hi re, brass
and spelter-maker, janudry 2. Evan*
J. Whitechapd Road, oilman, January

Forbes F. Blackman-strcct, chemist, Dec.
i7» Fox B . Gough-square, merchant,

. Jan. 7. Franklin T. Leighton Buzzard,
Bedford>hire, mone)%scrivener, Jan. 7,

broker (Rivinetoo, Fcnt'.iurch buildings.) Eraser T. and T. Baylston, Nichola -lane.

Wright, S. White Morse- lane, Whitcchaipei;
merchant (Sard, Surry-strect.) Worlcy,
C. Wood-street, warehouseman (Kibble-
white and Co. Gray's Inn. place. j

Young, S. North Aud!ey. street, surgeon
(Cunningham, Red Lion street.)


^entley R. Wellclose- quare, haberdasher,

merchants January 30. Fentham H. H,
Ore ville-stieet , Hatton-gardcnj merchant,
January 30- Fromings J. Horsmandcr,
■Kent, victualler, Jan. ir. Froggatt T-
late of Matlock, Dcrbysliire, iaukeepcr,
Jan. 15. Finder J. the younger, CKp-
stonc-strcct, Mary-le-bone, carpenter,
]an. 7.r.

Dec. 17 and Jan. 25. Baker J. Holborn, Gifford R T. Bri^^tol, skinner, Dec. 23 .r-

linen-draper, December 17. Boyce S. W.
Great Yarmouth, merchant, Dec, 28. —
Bennett O. Bcll-vartl, Carey-street, tai-
lor, Dec. 24. Blunt W. Swansea, deal-
er, Decern. 21. Barton S. Whitchurch,
Jlants, linen-draper, Jan. 7. Burwood

Goody T. Sheffield, York«ihire, grocer,
Dec. 17 and January 4. Gill>ert T. Bir-
mingham, lac tor, Jan. 6.. Gurden Wm.
junior, Stoney, lace-mcrchjint,
Dec. 31. Gooitry P. Rushtan, Stafford,
cottori-spinncr, |an. 7.

W. Sun Whai-T, Wappiug, whai finger', Harris T. and J. Price, Bristol, merchants.

J)ecemher3i. Bur.itt J. Mere, Wilts
cheese-f.ictor, Jabu:iry 21. Braddon W.

• Potperro, Cornwall, shopkeeper, Dec. 30.
B'jye? J. Portsniouih, mercer, Dec. 28.
Bla.klotk \y, liathbone Place, dealer in
glass, Jan. 21. Boll J. Coningsby, Lin-
colnshire, Decern. 3 1 . Barlow J. Mon-

■ mouth-street, tallow-chandler, Jan. 21.

Ball J. Taunton, Somerset, hawker,- Jan.

10, Butcher R. P. Lawrence Pountney-
' lane, wine-merchant, Jan. 21. Brown

G. B. Newport, Salop, pKimber, Jan.

17. Buna B. Hounsditch, pawnbroker,

• Jan. 18.

Clci-g C \TiInrow, Larca^hire, woollen-
ftianufacturei-, December 20. Cavcn P.

• Bri|;hthehittone, Sussex, dealer, Deccm-

Dcc. 21. Halls. Shefficli, hat-manjii-
fictm-cr, Dec. 18. Hemens T. Duns-
ford, Devonshire, miller, December 10.
Hoarc P. Brookham Green, Surrey^ shop-
keeper, Jan. 23. Henderson D. junior,
Bcrnard-.^trect, Kussel-squaie, mercham,
Jan. 25. Holloway J. P. St. Swithen'ij-
lane, winc-mcrch'ant, Jan. 25. Hardirj
W. and F. Miller, Derby, merw-cr», Ja-
nuary 15. Hcu itt J . Birmingium^drug-
pjst, Jan. 20.
Johnson C. Great Stambridge, Essex, mer-
chant, Dec 31" Jones 1. Dowlkiis. CJla-
morgan, grocer, Dec. 30. Jcwitt Win.
Snaith Lodge, Vorkrliire. biaudy-mcr-
chant, Jan. 24. Jone-, J. Ncv/pori, iiu-
loD, inr.holdcr,'Jan. i;.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Jfj^ktAiiUat UsHfBaMhuptcies tu/uf^Dkidendt*

Kemp h. Ktile End, yntlwr, I^KXinber 04.
KcTtc J. Kiddti'iuiiiMtry IVofcfittcniiifey
twiider, Jan. 3. Kctliad J. Me# City
Chambcn, tncithiiit, Jan. xi. Keeble
tt. A. Pcckham, wricyor, Janoaiy ai.—
KirkpatrickJ. Uvcrpool, merdmit, Ja-
' II.

liHe f . T. I^raicr, and T. Boylnon, Niebo-
las4uie, ncrchantt, Jan. $<k Lightpill
J. T. and A. Batod^ Stanley's End, Glou-
cestershire, clothtets, January 6. l^ea H.
RopemlJcer^streeti Moorfieids, tobacco-
Bitt,DeciS. Lewis R. Oodfield, Wik-
shire, shopkeeper, Jan. ii. Lawson W.
Manchester, (grocer, Jan. 14.

MierreJ.D. A. De, and J. Cro8bie,Broad'
street Chambers, merchants, Dec. ax. —
MaxweU R. Oeorgc-stveet, Manories,
ship-^unsker, Dec a^. Moiley M. I«.
Liverpool, Merchaoty Dec. 17. Mac-
'kenzie J. Old City Chambers, merchant,
Jan. 7. Macfarlane J. Mark-lane, mer-
chant, Jan. 7. Main J. Northampton,
ironmonger, January 15. Morris P. St.
Martin's Court, hosier, Jan, 25.

Follington C. Havant, Hampshire, shop-
keeper, January 4. Pttiic S. Drury-laae,
victualler, Dec. »i. PewiTD.jun. St.
John, Wapping, ship-chanoler, Dec. 17*
Pain A. Stow-on- the- Wold, Gkwceitcr,
Prince W. Stockport, Cheshire, cotton -
spinner, Jan. 11. Phtcr T. Jcrmyn st.
gold and silver lace man. Jan. 22. Pot-
ten A. Duke- sttreet, ^Ugate, wootlih-
dreper, Jan. 30.

ReiUey J. D. Walbrook, m>ur«kioe>bn>ker,
Dec. X7. Richold M. Brighthdmstone,
wine-AKTchant, Doc. ^i lleddeU J. H.
\Vestbrom^*ick, StaiToi^shire, iron-
founder, December, ftS. kicfaardaon P.
Wakefield, Yorkshire, wool -stiller, Jan»
4* Roberts F. St Martin Vianc, mercer,
Jan. 17. Rowe M. Truro, Co:nwal],
tjiop-keeper, Jan. 7. Robinton T. Char-
lottc-strcct, Fortlandrphce, victualler,
Jan. 14. Robins" F. Deretcnd, War-
wickshire, merchanr, Jan. 6

Sutherland T. Little Tpwc^ HiU, brandjr-
mcrchant. Dec. 21. Searth W. Rica*
tiiond, Surry, iron-founder, Dec. xS.

Smiui T. PooBid^atreet, diertbittt, Dec
X7k Smith R. TimberlaBd, LJocoln, gni»
cer^ Jan. 4. Sbenstantf L M. PoctKs,
salesnian, Dec 04. Stones A« BncweU
Priory, Ozferdshire, dealer, Jao. «i.
Schnddef L H. Bow-fame, merdiaac^
Jan. a8. Speed G. BlackmBB-ser«ee»
stable-keeper, December 14. Scddon G.
AMergate-^treet, cabinet-aaalwr, Dec
ftx. Sissmore B. BasingkaU-atreet, mer*
'Vhant, Jan. 4. Standby J. Cemkall,
wodkii-dnper, Jaikai. SuthcrlaDd J.
York-street, Mary-k-bofte, pair"
Dec xS.

Scott A. Wo^ingtoD, Ctfnbtttod,
cer Jan. X4. SeUacp O. Sliefidd, Ca*
binet-maker Jan. t^ Sarmnt J. Ri»-
sta-conrt, Milk^street, WdnvlioiiseoBaa
Jan. 7. ,

Taylor C Maidstone, paper-maonfiKtarer
Dec. ax. Taylor J. Worcester, draper*
Dec 3. Tripp H. Bristol, taykx- Dec 34.
Tabart B, Bond-atreet, boekaciler Jan. 4.
Tinkler O. & J. Risk Meard's-cowt»
Wardoar-street, leather-sellers Dec 31 •
Tyall J. Sittiogbonme, Kent, shopkeeper
Dec. 31. Towell W. Camberwell, car-
penter Tan* x8. TomUns W. Bric^e-roedt
Lambdtl^, coach-maker Jan. x^

Vinn T. Bush-laar, Catniioii-Btreet, mer-
chant Jan. xx. . Vallery 1. Aitilkry-
pbce, merdtant Feb. %$. Vidcs £• A.
G rpenatcad, £:jeic, merdumt Jaa. i|.

Wand T. Shipston upon Stow, WoHesttib
shire, h abei dssher, Dec 31. Waisw J.
Liverpool, merchant Jan. %u Wara J.
Sandy Vstreet, Bi Ao p ^ g a ta witiiOQC, wea-
ver Dec ^4. WcaooB C 5c R. Foi4cr-
lanc, warekonseman Jan. %t, Wwwood
£. & S. Theody, Poultry, Seotch-fectors
M. 14, Watson J. Liverpool, mercbaiia
Jfli« 01, Wood T. Manchesur,' cotton-
qdnner Dec. 30. Wiallis J.^PatenK^ter-
row, bookseller Jan. 4. Worledge R.
Great Sc Helen's, com-£itctor Jan. jo.
Wing W. Stamford, Lincolnshire, victo-
riler Ian-*?* Wheeler J< Haa^cad,
victnaUer Tan. 30

Veend H. tJpton upon Severn, Wof«ter-
Aire, currier, Dec. 31.
Additional r< lemoir.^ of Capt. Sir Frederick Thesiger^ came too late for inseitioo in this
Kumbcr, bi t will cejtainly i^pif^ir in ottrnext.

Our Magazine for January will be aecompomied vrith an aecuniAe LlK£K*£SS of the
EMPEROR ALEXANDER ofr RUSSIA, together wsthl^lEMOIRS of his LIFE and
Campaigns, for which wc nave to return thanks to a valuable CorrespottdenL

£r»ata.— 4n our Magazine for October, 1805, page 3IX, column a, line 16, fior
** cttponmers," read ** capotiniers.** Page 392, col. i, line 18, for " cwtan<;a," read
" curtains.*' Pa^re 3^1, coi. i", line 34, for •« turned," rokd ** ttrred." Page 397, col. a,
}ine 30, for ** with or sccvred one-third profit on the goods,** read '*^ac a higher price
ffian iheir p.r.fts woqld balance."

J T. of Warrington, is requested to nefcr to tlM wrapper of our last Magazioe, whera
hz will Snd that hi^ Ccmnaunicaticns have not been neglected, but ive deferred to another

' *^* Vv c are sorry to be obliged to apokjgize to onr readers, that, in conse^nei^e «f the
great length of very icrportint state papers, &c. ice. we aire re^nctaaciy compelied to
lc;rtveout a part of that valuable and interesting article of cur Mi celUny, viz tht Pro
icja Occurrences; tcg;ethcr \%i;h ftrreral very valaablc commnBtcaiiopt, tt> wruch ai-
-on v/ill be given ia Ctir c::suin^ ^i umbers. '


f d TBS


ABBOLLAH, an AlKcaa prince,
descended' from an ancient race
of sOTereignt, 15. Informed of the
battle of Abonkir liy a Jew i^. Re«
cdves Irom'kim an accoant of the
English 26. He retires to the momi-
tains of Jarcha iS, Returns to the
ODnrtofOulixft4. Has another iki-
tcnricw with the Tew laj. Deter*
mines to Tiatt Enmnd* and dieparts
with a guide for Tunis, U. Leania
the Eoriish lanpiage 108; Arrivea
in Bog&nd, and ik introduced into the
fiunxly of a merchant 209. His ez«
cursiot^ to various parts of the town,
the observations he made 3x4. Other
excurtions 415. The judgment he
formed of the manner* of the £n^
. gli«K 54». Invited to an entertain-
xhent 523. His riubility on hearing
the sentiment ''The kmg can do no
wrong** iL A pataage in Homtf il-
lustrated x<b
Adams, Parson, Anecdote of 18

Adams's, Han. View of ReHj^oo 46

Address to Truth, a poem SS

Adhltry, Introductory Letter to«
Thoughts on X05. Punished with
death by the Jewish law X99. Cla»-
sed with the' worst of crimes, under
the gospel aoa Its punishment a-
mong the Egyptians 20I. The seve-
rity with which it was treated by
the ancient natoins 294.
A^cukural Society, anew csublished
m Northumberland 85

Report 9a, 189, 285, 381, 476 577

Alan, his Adventures 139

Albertui Magnus, his singular Genius,

t^re 44

Alexander^ Enquiry whether the Sar-
cophagus in the British Museum, be
the Tomb of, 216. Dr. Clark]s dis-
sertation on ib. Objections to his hy«
potbe.^is 296. Description of the'Sar*
cophagns 2^9. Dr. Clark^s account
of what passed at the suttender of it
at Alexandria 300
Amurath besieges Thessaionica 329^

Andrews on the Gofidva of a British
I'riac^ hit

Anecdotes of the Duteheis tf Orleans 13$
• of Bolingbroke j^^

ol Lord Orrery
- of Dr. Cotton



Anecdotes of Literature

Animal, Aquatic of a singular Co^

ttruction ^4k

Animals, Mammalioot discoveM in

America t*^

< ■ Skeletons of j JJ

Animation, suspendied, Dr. Hawitf*s In-
structions for restoring 28. Nb m^
thod recommaaded 29. His rules oIh
jected to 117. Dr. Reeces's method
M. use of tobacco in. Improper axo
ApparitibB, The» an odeT m

Archways to be made wider the

Thamel ^^

ArmTes en^^aged ia the ptmot War,

Observations od ^^

Astronomy, Prize tf adjudged to Mh

Jos'. ]^ia2<i ^

AthoFs, Diikeof,BiDintheKdltteor
Lords 67, 131. Fovnded on prop6»
sitiotts untrue 68. Ita-precipitBtioa
unexampled i6,
August, Rational RecreatSbns for if

■ « T he BMitioo of thfrPhibet»ui m^
B '

Babylon, Principal Epochs bc tweeu dMF
ttaiking of and the Battle of Martin
thon204,3b6. The Reflections they
give rise to 205, 307
Bacchsnaliaii Verses, Enquiry after tjt
Baldwyn's Arch. Itinenry through the
Principality of Wales, by Giraldua
Cambrensis^ a very splendid Edition
of, in English, now m the press 5491
Ballads Original, A Collection of 276

Bahkiupts Alphabetical List of 9$,

190. a86> 38a> 47«» 57^
Baths, The Erection of Public, reoom-

mended xx^

Bean^landsj System of clearing 6^

Bellenden, (see Roxburgh)
Berdmore, Dr. Plagiarism of ttj

Blood, Globules of x j^, 246

Boys, (see Husbandry)
British Troops, little reason to ima^e;
they will be mach onjpbyed in ttt^

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


B ron tw i ck Family^ Chief Cceuirefices
between the acceaeion of, and the
American war 307. Reflections they
give rise to 308

■ , Chief Occurrences be-
tween the accession Qf,and the act fdr
lengthening the duration of Parlia^
ment 4aa Reflections they giT^
rise to 421

Buonaparte, his Defeat of the Auttri-
> ans at Ulm

Buonaparte, with his troops enter Vi-
enna 553. Address to ms Army

Buike, Mr. his wrath against French
principles rewarded with a pension

Camels Bactrian

Carbone, Different Sources of in vege-

Carthochma, its colleges^ profiasors,
andmap9 . .

Cattle Prize, Account of

Castroit, (see Scan4ct:beg)

Census, Roman^ in the reign of Augus-






Ceremony in Cathedrals Fastidious ad-
herence to .

Chart of Hungary, &c. by de Lipszky

Child, a, wonderful Talenu of

ChuTch Bells, mentioned by Gildas

Citizenship, Rights of, extended in
Russia '. .

City of Mens Selencus, Discovery of

Classics, Accurate Editions of lately
publbhed in New Yor]c

Cobwebs, A Memob* on

Collier John, author of the Lancashire
' diaiket 130. ^ome account of iL

Comic Sketches by Cha. Le Lewis,
Opinion of, from |he Liurary Jour-
nal 38

Commercial Arithmetic, by Dubos 59

Common-place. Book, Literary Extracts
from I7i.i3i'»3a6

Compass, the. An Iniitniment to disco-
ver the ca5;tern point of

. Copenhagen, Description of 43 7 . Pa-
lace of burnt i6. Gamson of 438.
University of 439/ Botanical gar-
den of 440. Literal y Societies £i.
Fund for the King's Library 536,
Mu>.eum, of Cabinet of Curiosities
ib. State of the Arts and Sciences in
537. A(|ue$4rian Statues ib. Obcli^.k
to the Memory of the Abolition nf
the Rights of Glebe i6. . Beautiful
Church of St. Fredmck f& Coai-

- tnerce of 538. Nlechanical Occupa-
tions not the'subjea matter of euio-
gium ib. Corporations and.tlieir

» government U. Privileges of the ci-
ty f^ -Education of children/^. State
of manners ii. The King's Chateaux

' at Fredcricksbourg itn beautiful ave-
nue and superb garden 539. Cha-
teaux, at Hirschohu U, Idle of Ama]f





Cora, Average Wees of 91, 190, %7Ss
$^if 476, J77- The rise of 179 •
Cornfields, Method to keep covrs from S56
Com Laws, their defect 179 Minis-
ters against improvement of i6.
Corundum Stone discovered 5S

Cftts, his Reflections on the measures
of Government 6. liis advice to
Mt. Pitt 7
Credulity r Popular instances of 40s

Crown of England, Bill for the settle-

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