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the eqcnposition of lime, at x8, sofled
the pencil, and astoniihed his em*
pfeyer,^98; Augustine's encoura^oe
ment of iUffiuUe

ILichardson, an aecount of, 50^ ; re*
marks on his Pamela* ib. ; , on hif
Clarissa, 50$} on his Sir Charles
Oiandison, ib.; Dr. Johnson's opinio
on of his woika, ib ; his character oa
a writer, 504 ; his bencvolencej

Rtecc*6, Domestic, Medtrine

{Ceforxher, The, Ko. x— 38. No. a—
13 J. No. 3— aa6. No. ♦—3a*.

Residence, Country, ezpectatiessfrom«
delusive, aot ; not friendly to kte^a-
turc, ib.;. exercise of mtud necesaarj
to the SBJoyment of, 393 ; iHusuaied
Ul the histor)' of Lothario,

Rctfeu; T|ic, a poem

Jlovicw of Uo6ks— Adam's view of re»

• OordonV Science of Defence






RosbniBh, Dnke of, his life, early on^

dateam the practice of war, % ; hi^
' titles, ib. ; ancestors, ib. ; birth* 3 s
at the batde of Fontenoy, CoUodeit,
and^offelt, ib; description and chsb-
racterof • • ft

Russian manoscript at Feterstmi^ 59

Ryswicic, peace of, occurrences be-
tween itand the union with dcothad %%
Salts, volatile, loundin the water of n '

pump, , SS9

Satire and Satirists^ thoughts 00, x^

Scanderberg, fcingof Albania, iMtd,
* assumes the title df Athleta Chrittt
30. His wv vrith the Turks, K.
His origii^ 1217. His mother's
dr^ont 119. His father's interpre-
tation of it, fi. Circumstances at-
' ' tending his birth, d, Gre^e lost Its
liberties at the birth of, 318 ; With
his brethren given as hostsges t»
Amurath, 33^
Science, progress in SynchrononSi with

progress in wickednc&s Mf

Scotland, Occurfenfos between, the mi-
on'with, and the neace df Ubecht«
sa^ ; Inferences U^ey give rise to nj
Septeinber, rational* recreation fpi^

positions of the planets 134

^hakcflpeare, observations on 317

Shakeyeare, partiqdars ^ IreSand^
' febna^tion of the M. 8. S. of ' 5^

Shoeraaking, impfov^ment in ' l6o^ 3^
Smithfieki Club, account of 5^

' Society, for the reformation of man-
ners established, evil tendency of t^

— ; \ for the suppression of vide,

evil, tendency of . . 14

■ a literary at Petersburg . 6q

Societies, literary at Rouen 60

Sorrows of Seduction . 5Q

Song in the Sleeping Beauty ^ 541

for the sword and bayonet, 46, t40i

A34> 33!
■ Sorrowsof Seduction, 50

■ Hints towards forming th6
character of a young priocess, f 44

f . - ' Andrews on tke sentiments

and conduct of a British prince, 147

■* Southey*s Madoc, a poem^ 149

— Jones's Greek Gmmmar »40

' ' Loudon on hot houses, %^

* Roscbcs life of Leo X. 34a, 431

*— Poemi^ by Robertus 4^6

■ - ■ -PrattV mnrcst Hoo^, 531
Rhime, Sw«ft on, . 1^4$
Rose, Rt. Hon. 0«arge, observadens

on his remarks upon the poor kwa jzi
Roses essence of, &sertatieQ on, 44

itousseaui observations on the coofes*

pioa&ei • • , ^tf

Suffolk plougi), exhibited at SrtiithfieW 568
bovereign power, reflections rn %4.

Spani^ Sheep, the itiogs sale of X7^

Spring, a paraphrase of * • 3io

St Pierre, quotation from 317

Stage entertainments, Solons disappro-
bation o4 21; tlicir tendency, Hi;
disgraceful as conducted in the
theatres of the j^etropolis %%

Standing army, resistance made to, in
' the ragn of William, 23; danger of, 23
Star, a new one discoverdl t.

Stenography, a neiv system <^ 5^

Stocks, nricesof 91, 188, 284, 330> 477
Suett, the comedian, his death, 74;

account of . • 7i

Suicidei its pfievalence - 3*3

State Papers, capitulation of iHrn,

55S. Buonapartes address to his

- army, 560 ; proclamation of the

emperor of Austria, ib; Capt.Strar

chan's letter from Fexiol to Out A4-

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Tm, prepandon of, ^ 465;

Tar, Its use in a complaint in cattk,
Tea, bohea, its use in dropsical cases,
Tertre, da, on the term savage,
Thesira-, Capt. his first entrance into
a imUtary life, 42J ; lieutenant vd-
dcr Lord Rodney, ib; eqt^ into the
aerrice of Russia, 4^8; Empress of
Russia confers die order, of St,
George on, 429; appointed to act
against the Nothem confederacy, 430
promoted in the British Navy, 431 ;
a^ent for the prisoners of war, ib ;
his death
Times, a touch upon the,
Towill, his hope life boat, a descrip-
tion of,
Tra£ilgar, th& battle of, 455; capture
of the combined fleet at, ib ; Lord
Nelson killed at, ib ; extracts froD>
the extraordinary gazetted respect-
Ing. ■- ^ ■ -

Ubn, deleat of the Austrian army at,

tJrine,' chemical czaraen of,

Utrecht, the peace of, occurrences be-
tween it and , the accession of the
Brunswick family to the throne,
V .

Vanquelin's experiments on gum ara-
bie and gum adraeanth.

Views of Reading iU>bey,

Vincent, Earl, memoirs of, 193 ; his
descent, ib; was designed tor the
law, 194; entered as a midshipman
on board die Gloucester, ib; in the
expedition against Quebec, ib; at
the retaking of St. John, ib; order-

ed to vejoin the channel fleet, 196 ;
448 his evidence on the trial of Admiral
459 Keppel, ib; created a knight, 106;
A56 attended Lord Howe in the relief of
317 Gibraltar, ib; chosen member for
North Yarmouth, ib; promotions,
, X97 ; Victory near Cape St. Vmccnt,
on account of which ne was created
Earl of St. Vincent, 198; made first
Lord of the Admiralty, ib; inspects
the dock yards, «nd proposes a plan
of reform
Volcanos, eruptions of.
Volunteers, dietr a]Mlity to defend the
country from invasion,
Warner, Mr. his criticism.
War, tht last, the events of it, com-
poaed with the glory acquired by the
English in die Duke of MarlboT'*
ough's wsirs,

- Just and necessary, terms of












late muck prostituted, moit 30-

' — progress of the present, ex-
tracts from the official journals con-
cerning, - - 457

Westminster, palace yard, improve-
ments begun in, - 27f

Wish of a guardian friend, addressed to
his ward, a poem, - 54^

West, Mr. his resignation of the pre-
sident's chair, 469; his letter to the
general assembly of academicians of
the Royal Academy, - 5^

Xenophon, hu Cyropoedsa recgm-
mended, ' , n K|

Young, Dr. his love of fineve st


Portrait of Duke of Roxburgh

r of Lord Melville

"Ot Earl St. Vincent


-of Dr. Paley
of Lord Nelson

Hand Writing of Lord Nelson
Plan of the Bata« pff Tra£ilgar





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