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AW)ejr, and of the nrincipal churches Oxford. — R. Morson, esq. This gen -
which were anciently annexed to, or tleman was angling on tlie rFver Ken-
oAerwise connectea with it, in the net, near Fobney- brii;^e> when hw
cooaty of Berks> together with some foot slip[Mn^, he fell into the water,
monuments of antiquity ii^ those and was clowned before any assist-
churches. £tther of the three parts, ance could be given him. He was a
of which this publication consists, man of a trulv worthy character, and
may be had at 14s. sewed, separatelv, was always seeking instances where
orthe whole at two guineas in boaros. he might do good.— At Windsor,
The plates, which are finely engraved, Mr. Legee, chemist and drumst. —
are 33 in number. At Little Coxwell, Mrs. Povey,
The King has lately given directions daughter of W. Mathews, esq. lord
forthetowiieaolsitvutedinSt.Albairs of tlie manor. — At Woodside-nouse,
«treet, Windsor, to be piilled down. Old Windsor, Mrs. Ogilvie, lady of
and for another to be built in George the Rev. Dr. O.— At Ascot- heath,
street, the foundation of which was Mrs. Fielde, relict of the late P. F.
laid on Saturday, July 13th. The old esq. of Hanstead Bury, in Herts, and
gaol lay directly before the mansion formerly M. P. for the borough of
n«)w fitting up for the young princess Hertford.— At Wansford, in North-
Ch2rlotte of Wales. amptonshire, Mr. Norton, late of
Married.] Mr. Parrott, sumon, Aldermaston^ in this countv, and up-
of Maidenhead, to Miss M. WooTcott, wards of 40 years one of tne yeomea
«f Westminster. — ^J. Cummin, esq. of the guard,
ot Great Russell-street, London, to Cambridgeshire.
Miss Hunter, of Reach-hill, in this Married.] Mr. Bransby, B. A. of St.
county.— The Rev, M. Robinson, John's Coll. Cambridge, to Miss Rey-
rtctor of Burghtield, in this county, nolds,daiighteroftheRev.R. R.ofDe-
i ) Miis Pardons, eldest daughter of bach, in Suffolk. — Mr. Clapham, sur-
— -P. esq. of Ashford, in Kent. — geon, of Thomey,near Peterborough,
Mr. Reynard, of Reading, to Miss to Miss Priestley, of Buckden, in
Simons, daughter of Captain S. late of Huntingdonshire.
^ Loy^l Essex Fencible Infantry. — Di^l^ Mr. J W. Wye, eldest son
la London, at St. George's, Hanover- of J. w. esq. of Hartford, near Hun-

?i3re, W.Russell, esq. to Miss So- tingdon.— At Bedford, aged 67, the

ia Russell. of Binfield-nouse, in this Rev. J. Palmer, rector of Borough-

touQty.— At Abergavenny, the Rev. green, in this county. — At Heiiry-

J. George, rector of Aston Clinton, Pai'sonage, in this county, Mrs. Nc's-

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Provincial Occurrences.

£dd, wife of the Rev. W. N. of Wick-
hambrook, in Scittblk. — At Hunting-
don, in her 74th year, Mrs. Fann,
leHctofthe late Mr. Owen F. attor-
ney.— At Linton, in the jirime of life,
cvf a decline, where she was on a visit
for the cliange of air, Mrs. Owen,
wife of Edward O. esq. of Clare, in
Sulfolk, and late of St. John's CoU.
Cambridge.— Aged 54, Mr. J.Mason,
an opulent farmer, of Waterbeach.—
Aged 80, Mrs. Dawson, wife of the
Rev. Dr. D. rector of Burgh.


' Some material improvements are
now making upon tne line of road
that passes between the city of Chester
and Conway Ferry. ** It is much to
be wished," says a correspondent of
the Chester Chronicle, " that they
will nltimately tend to shew the ne-
cessity of erecting a bridge over Con-
way t'erry, which would give a deei-
dea advantage to the road that passes
ifarough this city, from London to Ho-
lyhead ; '* improvements of consi-
derable extent, and which will aftbrd
much convenience to the public, in
breaking tlie steepness of several
rough hills, and by opening a more
safe and comfortable communication
between several parts of the country.

The trustees of tlie county of Flint,
haxc Ijitely come to a determination
to build a' new bridge over tlie river
Clwyd, at a place called Pont David,
near the cit}" of St. Asaph, and well
known to be very dangerous.

Married.} Mr. Eglwys in the
county of Denbigh. — ^W. Williams
esq. of Fymoony Milgi> to Miss
Phillips ol Pentre.

Died.'] At Chester, Mr. J. Young,
^k)ver.— Mr. Paul of the White Lion
inn; he was generally respected in
private life, and in his public concerns
ne had exerted himself indefaligably
ill the improvement of carriages, and
for renderfng travellinff more expedi-
iious and comfortable. — ^Mr. J.
(roodyer, lieutenant in the Stafford
Volunteers. — ^The Rev. Howell
Wynne, vicar of Llangwyn, in the
county of Denbigh. — At Weston, Mr.
S. Briscoe, of the Golden Lion inn. —
•Miss Traiford, eldest daughter of
Trafford Traftbrd, esq. of Kinderton
Jodge.— At Croxton , near Middlewich,
the Rev. J. Kent of Nantwich, agent,
-v ho, with some eccenti-icity of cha-
ractor, po.-scssed the Cbteemof many^

and, where he was really known, tbc
good opinion of all. As a man, he
was the friend of man ; as a clirislian,
sincere -, and as a minister, unceasingly
attentive to the best interests of his
charge. His temperance was great,
his lipnesty uncorrupted, and his
habits' and modes of living strictfy
economical, for no other end and

Eurpose than that his charities might
e me more extensively distributeo!


The Cornwall Gazette, of June 22,
states it as an article of intelligence,
that the party of Cornish miners who
" went to London abotit 12 months
ago, to endeavour to remove a rock in
tne Thames, near Black wall, are about
to return without having effected their

it has been lately resolved by the
superintendant of tne works now car-
n'lng on at Portsmouth, to substitute
Cornish granite, for its durability, in
lieu of Portland stone.

Married.] Mr. Borlace, surgeon,
to Miss A. Plomer, daughter of the
late Mr. J. P. attorney, both of Hel-
stone.— Mr. T. P. Morgan, surgeon^
of Eloskerry, near Launcesion,taMiss
G. Hurdon, of .Trdudeck.—At St.
Gluvias, the Rev. Mr. Tippctt> to
Miss Collins, of Penryn.

Died. ] At FaUuouth, Mr. R. MoN
ton.' While walking to his faim in
the neighbourhood, he was suddenly
.seized with a distressing faintness, and
on being carried home, expired before
any medical assistance could be pro-
cured.— At St. Kev^ne, Mr. W. Law-
Fence, a wealtliy farmer.


'It is intended to build a new bridge
shortly in the city of Carlisle, over
the river Eden.

JVIiitehaven Dispemary.^-Thetmm'
ber of patients in the course of the last
year were as follows :^- Recommend-
ed and registered, of whom 599 were
attended m tht\r own houses, 1493 :
midwifery cases, 87 : trivial incidents>
2960 : children inoculated for the
cow-pock, 276: total 4816.— Patients
remamingupon the books, 71 • g'^^
total 4887. The whole nunober of
patients that have been admitted to
the benefits of this valuable chanty,
since its original institution iu June,
1783, is as toUows :— Registered pa-
tients, 38,324 : midwifery cases, lQ2i ;
trivial incidents, 4i,514. Ofthffse,

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Provincial Occurrences.


5,354 have been pired, 11 89 re-
lieired,6t8 deemed incurable, 35 dis-
dained as irre^ular^ 059 dead> and
Ift remain on the books.

A leaning tower, at Yanwath-hall,
OQ the estates of Lord Lowther, has
been recently restored to its original
perpendicular position, by some in-
gmious workmen now in the pay and
employment of his lordship. This
afloent^ massy edifice, 'whicn is up-
wards of 35 teet in height, had been
supported by buttresses or props, dur-
ing the last 40 years and upwards,
addoTerhung its base three teet one
inch. No small apprehension of dan-
ger was excited for the successful ma- .
nagement and issue of the undertak-
ing ; yet it was very safely performed,
without occasioning any fissure or
rent in the building, or the slightest
injuiy to anyr individual.

Air. J. Gibbons, whose additional
buildings have so much contributed
to rencfer tlie appearance of the street
called Rickerffate, in Carlisle^ more
degant and fashionable than formerly ,
has, more recently, built a new street
on the west-side, and has taken down
two old houses in the fi-ont of it, for
the porpose of opening a spacious en-
trance from tlie main street, by which
ooeans passengers now enjoy a fine,
aiiy prospect of that venerable relic of
anfiquity, the castle, and the adjacent

Inteuded indosures in tiiis county,
Frizington, in the parish of Arcledoh.
The commons within the honour of
Penrith, apd forest of Inglewood.

Married.'] At Whitehaven, Mr
.J. Fisher, mercliant, to Miss Pon-
sonby, daughter of M. P. esq. of.
HaiT-hall.— ^Mr. Wilson, merchant, of
liverpool, to Miss Howard.— -Mr. W.
Brown, merchant, to Miss Collins,
second daughter of the late Mr. T. C.
-;At Caldbeck, Mr. Baty, of War-
wick, to Miss H. Suiapson, daughter,
of Mr. S. of Caldbeck, colliery-agent
to R. B. W. esq. of Warwick-haB.—
At Hayton, in this countj', Mr. Jos.
.Flemiii, of Sunderland, ^to Miss
Wills, dwghter of the late Rev. Mr.
W. rector of Hayton.

flitfrf] At Whitehaven, Mr. W.
wocdbum, formerlv well known by
me singular appellation of the hunts-^
«an ot'the three kingdoms. This
onrinatedm the rircumstance of his
pack having beca compoied of Eng-

lish, Scotch, and Irish hounds,, with
which, in one season, he killed 14/
hares, without either olianging, los^
ing, or having one of them lacerated
by the dogs. He was a native of
London, and at the time of bis deaths
w*anted only two months of complet-
ing his ltX)thyear. — Aged 36, Mr. E.
Browne,of the Globe inn.— At Cock-
ermouth, in an advanced age, Mr.
W. Beane, many years clerk to Mr.
Benson, attorney. — At Workington,
in an advanced age, Mr. A. Clarke,
formerly master of the ship Delight.
— At Bi-ampton, in his 80th year,
Mr. J. Walli§, surgeon. — At Brigham,
in his 37th yiear, Mr. Jon. Saul, mer-
chant, of Whitehaven.— The Rev.
Mr. MaiTS, curate of Mongrisdalc. —
At Caldecots, near Carlisle, Mrs. S.
Graham, religt of the late Mr. J. G.
attorney.— At Douglas, Isle of Man,
aged 3J, W. Bncon, eso. captain in
the Royal Manks Fencibies. His re-
mains were interred at Kirkonchan,
with military honours. — Suddenly,
at Westport, in Ireland, Joshua Mu-
lack, esq. captain in the royal navy,
and late of Whitehaven.— At Hall-
cliff, near Hesket-Newmarket, in his
Slst vear, Mr. C. Hudson, brother of
Dr. H. prebendary of Carlisle.


Married.'] At Staveley, in this
county, C. Daintry, esq. of Leek,
in Staftbrdshire, to Miss Bulkeley. —
Mr. Fox, of Melbourn, to Miss
Dewe, .eldest daughter of the Rev.
J. D. rector of Breadsall.— At Derby,
Mr. Emeiy, tanner, to Miss Cock. —

Died.'] At Derby, after a severe
illness of twelve months duration,
aged 44, Mr. T. Stenson, bookseller.
—At Didsbury, Mr. James Wood,
clerk of the parish. It is remarkable
that this person and his forefathers
have bsen successively clerks in the
same church, ever since the begin-
ning of the reign of queen Efiza- .


His Royal Highness the Prince of
Wales lias announced his benevolent
intention to erect, at his own expence,
a chapel, at Prince Town, on the fo-
rest ot Dartmouth, under the direction
of Thomas Tyrrwhitt, esq. Loi-d-
warden of the stanneries.

AJnrritd.'] J. P. Hanjivn, esq. of
the North Devonshire miiitia, tomki
Cro s of Exeter .-^At Honitou^ J.

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pTwnneitLl Occurr^fw^^

Charter, esq. formerly collector of the
customs for the port of Exeter, to
Miss Williams.

Died.'] At Exeter, in an advanced
age, Mr. D^en, ;a respectable mer-
chant. — ^At Eoonlouth, aged 70, Mrs.
S. Tannock, relict of the late Mr. J.T.
many years tide surveyor in the cus-
toms. — At Plymouth, Captain Cud-
Jipp, of the Royal Navy. — At Tiverton
School, Master John Duntze, eldest
.son of J. D. esq. — At his house, in
.Heavitree, aged 85, — — Somerville,
esq.— At Chumleigh, Mr. H. Fyke,
niany years master of the kinr*s arms
inn — At Stonehouse, Col. Percival,
of the Plymouth division of marines.
He had served his country fetthfully
in the above corps, in various parts of
the world, since its first formation in
the year 1755.— Aged 78, the Rev. T.
Rowe, many years minister of Dean
Priory. — At St. Jordan's House, in
the prime of life, Mrs. Speke, wife of
W. Speke, esq. — AtHorsewell House,
near kingsbndge, the Rev. P. Ilbert,
p>rebendary of Exeter, rector of Far-
ringdon, &c. &c.


The works that have been planned
in addition to the pier at Weymouth,
are going on in rapid progression, and
when finished, wiU prcSuce a very
fine efifect, besides that of gaining a
large portion of land firom the sea.
Since last year, several new buildings
hav^ been "finished m different parts
of 'the town, and others are in a great
•tate of fi)rwardness.

MarrM,] R. Jones, esq. of the
North British dragoons, to Miss
Basket, only daughter of the Rev.
J. B. of Lewens, near Wimbome.
— At Broadwinson, Mr. R\ Barfoot,
woolstapler, of Yeovil, to MissEwins.
— At Sherborne, Mr. B. Ayres,
school-master, to Miss Shepherd, of
Obourne.— At Wareham, Mr. S.
Dowland, aged 67, to Miss A. Brown,
aged ig, both of Philliol.

. Die^A At Dorchester, in his 82d
year, Mr. W. Norman, hosier.— At
Blandford, Mr. J. Moore. - At Ware-
ham, in the prime of life, Mrs.
Wright.— At Lymington, Hants, in
his 53d year, Edgar WUliams, esq.
formerly of Chettle, in this county.—
At EvershdtjMrs. Patten, relict ot the
late Mr. P. surgeon.— At Bailie, in
his 7bth year, the Rev. J. Harris, 52

years vicar of Stunninster MarsHall,
&c.— At Honduras, West Indies, on
the 28th of Decembei' last, Lieutenant
Young Green, of the Royal Navy,
late of Poole, in this county.— In her
85th year, Mrs. Burchall, relict of the
late Rev. H. B. rector of Norton Sirf»-


Died.'] At Durham, aged 57, Mr.
Macgennis. — In his 8 1st year, Mr.
Henry Smith, formerly an eminent
painter. — Mr. W. Cummin, mason,
-and three days after, Mrs. C. his wife.
— Aged 71, the lady of Geperal
Agnew, governor of Carlisle.— Aged
29, Mrs. Hines, wife of Mr. J.H.
attorney. — At Bishop*s Auckland,
aged 63, Mr. J. Wood, tanner.— At
Stockton, suddenly, in the prime of
life, Mr. G. Domble, plumber add
erl^zier.-^In London, in his 22d year,
K. Sherraton, esq. of Stockton-upon-


A wool fair has been lately esta-
blished at Colchester, which com-
menced on the 1 Qth di^ of July, and
is intended to be kept up annually; an
object that promises to be of much
importance, as the sale of wool in this
ana the adjoining county of Su^lk,
has been hitherto but little attended

Married.'] At Colchester, Lieut.
Col. Bailey, inspecting field officer of
volimteer cavalry and mfantry, in the
Southern district, to MissM. A. Silke,
dau^ter of the late Rev. A- Silke,
rector of Ashingdon, in this county.-^
Also, Mr. T. Stone, maltster, of Lea-
therhead, Siu-ry, to Miss Smith,
daughter of Mr. S. tanner.— Capt.
W. A. Heywood, of the 2d Laa-
cashu*e militia, to Miss A. Williantf,
of Greenstead, Colchester.

Di^d.l At Chelmsford, aged 15,
T. Child, esq. lat^ of Colchester, and
formerly .attorney general to the king,
in North America. — At Colchester,
Mr. G. Cant, common oouncil-roai.
—At Castle Hedingham, Mrs. Catil.
Hossack, eldest daughter of the late
Dr.H.— At Henny Parsonage, Mrs.
Nesiield, wife of the Rev. W. N. oi
Wickhambrook, in Suffolk.— At
Weolpit Parsonage, in bis 18th year,
Mr. C. Smith, eldest son of Capt. S.
of Peering House, a young gcfl-
tleman of extraordinary pcomi^.

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Pnvmdal Ooownrences;


It is in coutemplation to make a
Bew lioe of road^ to proceed from
Lnflwiy to the citv ot Gloucester -,
tod sutMcriptioDS nave been latelv
•pened at the former place^ for eN
Kting the said jpurpose .

An act of parliament has been lateijr
piiKd for varying the line of the
Owcester and Berkeley canal^ and
6r making a branch of tiie said canal
tooonmuuiicate with the tiver Severn,
It a oNlain place called the Hock

it is intended to erect a bridge across
the river Usk, at or near the town of
Caerleon, in the county of Monmouth.

Mr. Jefieries^ farmer^ of Sison, in
this county, has now or lately had in
itts possession, a Spanish hen, that
w last year perfectly black, and
vhichy very lately, in moUting its
fathers, turned entirely white.-

Aforriarf.T S. Marmden, esq. of
Edgbaston "Priory, Warwickshire, to
Miss C. L. Webb, third daughter of
8.W.e8cj of Hanboiy, ia this county.
—At Miserden, in this county, the
Rev. Elias Taylor, felbw of trinity
college, Oxford, to Miss MiUs.— At
LiAjCT, in tliis county, the Rev. F.
Homfray, of Arvington, to Miss H.
Homfray, eldest daughter of Jeston
H.«sq. of Broadwaters^ in Worcester-

piarf.] At Gloucester, Mr. H.
railiips, master of the mason's arms

rblic house.— At Cheltenham, Mr.
Smidi, of the fleece inn. — At Up-
ton-upon-Severn, Miss E. Brines,
<hudKer of the Rev. R. B. rector.—
At Monmouth, in the aims-house,
«ged nearly 90, Mr. J. Lucas. He
Md been a partner and actively en-
^ged in the salmon fishery, in the
nver Wye, during the principal part
of his life.-Mr. F. A. Holder, sur-
pon, of Mitcheldean — Mrs. Keck,
relict of the late Mr. K. a celebrated
nchitect, of King Stanley.— At Dy-
jKk, Miss Seabright, milliner and
WBcy dress maker, of Gloucester. —
fa bis 97ih year, T. Clutterbuck, esq.
« Aveiiig.— At Acton, in the bloom
Jf youth, Mbs F. Wickham. Her
Jatb was occasioned by a disorder in
^throat, that baffled medical skill
*w assistance, in ponsequence of
*^ she was literally famished.

"B estiixyible young lady was shortly

Mohave been psarricd.

HAM?ftRIR£. .

Died.'] M Winchester, in her 42d
year, M«. Arab St. John, wife of
Amb. St. John, esq. M. P. for the
borough of Callington, and only
daughter of Sir James Hamlyn, hart,
of Clovellv Court, in the county of
Devon— At Gosport, J, Goodeve,
esq. brewer. — ^At iiyn<£[mrst, Martin
Byaoi, esq. of the island of Antieua,
a^ent. of modest humility, and a kind
anectionate heart. — Mrs. Panton,wife
of T. P. esq. of West Green.— At
Port Ro3raly Janaaica, on the 9th of
April last, of the yellow fever, Mr.
F. Chapman, acting agent on boaid
the Diana' ship of wai*, and second son
of J. C. esq. comptroller of the cus*
tooia at Cowes.


A new church iias been lately built
by Messrs* Hill and Hopkins, at their
extensive iron works at Biaenavon,
near Abeigavenny, in Monmouthshire.
The churcn,at its consecration by that
learned and most respectable pn^ate^
the^ Lord Bishop of Llandaff*, contain^
ed upwards of 2O00 persons.

There is now, or lately was growinff.
in t|i€t garden of Mr. Hill, school-
master, of Ross, a cowslip, cif the fol«
lowing very extraordinary dimensions j
it is fourteen inches in height, nearly
two round, the stem, and it has 1 70
pips, which spread eleven inches ia

The building of a new pier hat
lately cottimenced at Aberystwith, in
Cardiganshire, which, when con>
pleted, will prove of great advantage^
as it will enable vessds to make the
port at night, and in almost any wea-

Married.] At Demdale, in thi«
<^unty, Mr. R. Woodward, merchant,
of Liverpool, to Miss Jay. — In London,
Mr. W. Wainwright, of Showl Court,
in this county, to Miss Eliz. Ye'ates^
youngest daughter of the late Mr. Y.
mercer, of Hereford. — At Titley, the
Rev. Mr. Bisset, to Miss £vans.

DiedA At Hereford, in her 86th
year, Mrs. Powell, school-mistress. - *
At Leominster, in his 84th yeat, Mr.
B. Hayline-s, currier and maltster.^-
Suddenly, Mr. J. Copes, tanner. — At
the hot-wells, Bristol, Miss Barneby,
daughter of the late B. R. B. esq. of
Brock hampton, in this county. — Mr.
Bowen, a respectable farmer, of Dil-
wyn» He was found dead in a mea«

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84' PrwlndaL Vccurrencei:

dow, in the adjoining parish of Staun- Cheadle, Mr. J; Deane^ merchapt, o
ton upon Avon, near that river.' Mr. Liverpool, to Miss Hendry, daughter
B. had left his house sometime before, of the late Captain H. — At Prescot/
for the purpose of anglings and was Mr. W. Houghton, merchant, of Li-
on his return, when so suddenly sum- verpool, to Miss Jackson,
'nn ned to that bourn, which alike ter- At Liverpool, Mr. P. Quirky ship-
rainates our pains, our pleasures, and builder, to Miss Finchett, daughter of
lays equally low the king and the Mr. J. F. harbour master. — Mr. W.

rasant — ^At Kingston, aged 70, Mrs. Lee, 'woollen draper, to Miss Eccles/
LiU'all. — In the prime of life, Mr. of Warrington. R. Pearce, gent, of
J. Berrington, veterinary surgeon, of St. George, Middlesex, to Mrs. M.
Bottas Green, .near Leominster. At Williams. Mr. P. Fletcher, cotton
the invitation of the Herefordshire merchant, to Mrs. Greenwood, boih
agricultural society, he had just esta- of Hulnie. — Mr. J. Hewitt, son of P.
biished himself in business, and had H. ebo. of Peel Hall, to Miss Bramall,
gained the esteem of a large circle of of Peel Bank.

S"ieiias,whep he was suddenly snatch- Died.'] At Manchester,' Mr. J.
ed olf, to their great regret.— The Godfrey, attorney.— -In her 76th year,
Bev. Ralph Lingen, M. A. rector of Mrs. Withington, widow of the late
Castle Froome. Mr. R. W. merchant. — At Liverpool,

KENT. aged 51, Mr. A. Gordon, printer.—

DiedJ] At Canterbury, W. W. Aged 41, Mr. T. Minshull, sui^geon.
Sankey, esq. — In her 19th year. Miss —Mrs. A. Hudfdlestone, sister of T.
A. Breton — At Margate, aged 92, — Mr. R.Brelsford, hat maker.
Mrs. Siater, mother ot G. S. esq. mc- — ^At J^ncaster., aged 70, Mr. J. Vio-
dical practitioner. — Mr. T. Harris, berts, upholsterer.— Aged 21,' Miss
builder. At Ramsgate, J. Hooper, Bradley, daughter of the 4ate Capt. B.

esq. timber merchant, and town-de Mr. T. Millers, merchant.— At

puty. — At Sfvenoaks, J. Wrainch, Toxteth Park,in his 23dyear, Mr.^.'
esq. J. Lane, esq. captain of the Ewing, son of Mr. W. £. merchant.
HolmsdaJe volunteers. — At Chatham, — At Firney Green, near Windermere
Suddenly, Mrs. JeiFeries, wife of Mr. Lake., G. B. Crump, esq. — The Rev.
T. attorney.— At Rochester, aged 25, Mr. Rowe, master of the free gram-
Mrs. Baker, wife of Mr. T. B draper, mar school of Hutton, near Preston,
— At LewLsham, Captain G. Simpson, and rector of Much Hoole. — At Ca-
late commander of Fort William, in maroon's, on the 28th of. December
the service of the East India company, last. Captain John Little, of the ship
— At Leybourn, Mr. J. Price, master Eliza Ann. -At Blackburn, aged 42,
of the free-school there.— At Ashford, Mr. R. Hull. — At^Ulverstone, aged
Captain David Betson, of Seething, 73, Mrs. Tinman,* relict of the late
in Norfolk, and formerly of the Qm Mr. W. T plaisterer.
r;.jiment of foot - At Sbeldwich, in lincolnshike.

hr: 15th year. Miss M. Hilton, of Mr. Snowier, of Reevesby, in this
•Sheldwich; — Mrs. Collins, wife of countv, planted on his grounds, three
Mr. W. C. timber merchant, of years "ac;©, 25 grains of Egyptian bar-
Brenchley. ' ley. The second year's produce was

LANCASHIRE. uot Jcss than ten bushels, from which

The bill for improving the passage he, last year, reaped forty quarters,
l3et\\ cen Li\ erpool arid the Rock part of which he lately sold at Spilsbf
Forrv, on the river Mersey, and for tor five guineas per quarter !
levying certain tolls on vessel* using Norfolk.

it, 'has lately received tlie Royal as- Mr. Lindley, of Catton; in this
sent, , county, has proved, by a successive

Married!] Mr. J Asbworth, series of experiments, that the sowing
v.oolien . manufacturer, of Cltjugh of salmon raddish seeti, in mingled
Fold, to MissOrmerod, of Whitewell portions with the Swedish turnip, will
Bottom.— Dr« Cassels, of Lancaster, not fail to draw the fly from the turnip
to Miss Hodgson, daughter of the to the raddisii, and tliereby be ih^
Rev. F. H. of Bury .—In London, means of preserving the former.
Mr. B. Cullerne, confectioner, of The sum of nearly 900I. in bene-
Liverpool, to Miss Reynolds,— At factions, and nearly 4001. in annual

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PnMndal Occurrences:


inbscripdoiis, has been lately raised
or subscribed for> in the city of Nor-
wicJi^ towards establishing " A. Cha-
rity, for the Relief of the Indigent
Bliod, in Norfolk and Norwich.'

Married.'] Mr. Corby, land sur-
"xpr, to Miss A. Johnson, both of
Kirstead.— T. Vipen, esa. of Thet-

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