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. little wet at times

haiy . less cloudy at tiniet

hazy . less cloudy

hazy . wind nnw

. cloudless eve : clear . cloudy

. little wet at times : chiefly ndo

little rain . fine and more wind m

. clear night

* more cloudy and little wet at timei

* rain .chiefly fair night

* showers : thunder Urge hail and much laifl
rain at times . wind £ andJittle thunder • nir ef^r

: clear

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•» « « M S


« . 4


1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ■! i I II

I l-si I l-si I I l«l I I -srsrs I tr?;^ I

HHl I l^l'Sl l€l II 11255^1 II

I I 171 I I Itll I I l-JTI I 11 It I 1-7

isii 1 1 "&^i's.««i i-s.^&sjRs&aasi&i

St ■ f t fl I I I I »i .'H .zi .a ^ jh .t! .zi .a .mm ja Jts .» .s
J I 11 1 I I I II B'3!6!6'3'3'3-o'9noT3'OT3'3



W-, vT^^T^ I »o «0 »0 •O ir» y^'O >0 00 « 00 00 00 t^

rvr<«r«c>-i r* «*» c*» r> €>• r* «^ r^ r*. fr» r*. «*» «^ «>i


1 Kill c^Sl^S-^I^^S^Sl^gl^l

J^^Hl %?5s:555H3«J555^555'5

I I IftI .ll"! I I lil l-S-IU^.?! 1^5"

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By the Wincheftcr Quarter of 8 Bushds, and of OATMEAL per Boll, of I jOlhs.
Avoinlupoisc, From the Returns received in the Week ended July 15, 1805.


Middlesex . .
Surrey .....
Hertford ....


Hiuitingdon • .
Rutland . . .
Leicester . . .
Nottiogham .


Stafford ....


Hereford . . .
Worcester . .
Warwick . . ,



Oxford ....



Montgomery .'.
Radnor . •


s. .d.







Rye. Barley J OaU.

d' s .

4' 39
o, 40

65 6


94 10




90 9j
87 II

66 o



60 -9


48 IQ




43 10





40 ol

49 o\


1 ESFCX . . .
6 Kent • . .

2 Snsfex . . .
6 Suffolk . .
8 Cambridge
6 Norfolk . .
6 I<incoln .
I York . . .
4 Durham .
o .Nnrthumberland

30 ii^jCumbcriand . .

31 5^ Westmorland .

-Average of England and Wales.

ffhiaX 9QS. xd. ; Rye .575. id. ; Barley 44s. 9d. ;

' Oats 28s. 5d.

«9 2J;Lanca<cer . .

30 7|iche>ter . . .

28 10 Flint. . . .

30 4 Denbigh . .

30 II Aiiglesca . ,

28 1 1« Carnarvon

20 lit Merioneth

24 0)^^ ^■

Glouce ter

Devon ,
Hants .

22 10
24 9


IN -general the co n crops shew considerable bulk and promise, and the wheait has bloomo
*in all the southern districts at least, in more favourable \^xather than had been previous
experienced. But the wheats in many parts, particularly Hertfordshire, stand thin, and h*
a sickly appearance : farther, repeated blights have taken place from the prevalence of co
N. £. winds during the last two months; and burnt ears or brand are too plentiful 3 the co
sequence of which will inevitably be a considerable intermixture of smutty com. Ibis h
not been hitherto generally observed 5 but it is most true, since early blights in co^ n are by 1
means so visible as in fruit. Yet it often happens that a cro[/ may turn out smutty, at u
'same time considerable in product.

Harvest will be later than usual by three or four weeks ; a circumstance which may I
most unfortunate in the northern counties, should latter blight, or mildew, again prcvai'
last year ; in such case, we beg to remind formers of the use of cutting their com instanil;
although it may not be thoroughly ripe.

Fruit universally b,lighted, in some parts totally cut off. Pease have suffered a blight, batd
beans are most injured by it, being covered almost every where with its consequence, tJ
black fly. The late rains . have done infinite service in washing off this fly from cKe beans, a
clearing the corn of blights ; and cpmiiig with the winc^. in -a warm quarter, ihcyhave W
serviceable in all respects. Turnips and poutoes remarkably promising as a general croj
Hay, from bcin' late, cut very large in bulk, but in part dainaged by the lain. 1 he w
ceedinycropcf»eed very probable to be good. All the cattle cr ps for winter use prom*
abundance. . Hops promise a middling crop. .

Wool of both kinds, combing and carding, tnore plentiful than ever before known la «
country, yet higher in price, and still improving both in price and quality j facts or "
calculjibly advantageous consequence to this country, flourishing beyond all former prcccdcn
This vast demand ibr wool at once argues an increasing manufacture, and encourages tl
additional growth of mutton. The improvement of fine wool, also* by the Spanish crtjs
%st set on foot by his Majesty, and since sedulously pursued by Lord Sbmcrvillc, and otni

AlphdieAcol List of Sanhruptdes and Dividends.


pafn'ots, proceeds with ^the fairest prospects^ and no doubt *ik>w feinains but that in
process ot time, ve shall grow a full sumcicncy of that precious article, and be under
no faithci obligation to foreign nations. l*he wool fairs have' been all fully attended
this year, and new ones are meditated in every part of the country.

Live stock immensely plentiful in the country, and at good prices; with die
exception that lar^e store pigs are not numerous, nor* have. they been so of late yea s.
Hones as before good ones, of whatever kind, high in price ; indiiFercit ones pro^
portionately low. Beef at Smithfield,_46. 8d. to 5s. 4d. per stone of 8lb. Mutton,
do. Veal, 4s. 8d. to 6s. Lamb, 5s. to 6s. 4d. sink the offal. Poik, is. 4d. tO 4t.
Town and coantry bacon, 6s. Irf&h, 4s bd.

Middlesex, July 5?5.

MC —

BILL of MORTALITY, from J I 'NE 18, 1805, to JULY 23, 1805.


Mates 1019\|o^JMales




Peck Loaf 4s 8d, 4s 8d, 4s 8d, 48 10,, 5s Id
Salt 20s per Bushel : 4^ per lb.

4 and 5 -


5 and 10 -


10 and 20-


^0 and 30 -


30 and 40 -


40 and 50 -


50 and 60 -118
60 and 70- IO9
7Oand80- (^
80 and 90- 36
()0 and 100- 6'


June 25, 1 805, to July 20, 1 805, inclusive.

[Extraaed from the London Gazette. ]f


[The Solicitors* Names arc between

ALBERT de Micrre, J. D. and I.
Crosbie,- Broad-street, Chambers,
merchants (Berry, Walbrook) Ayerst
J; Withcrsham, Kent, cornrmcrciiani
(Waterman, Tenterden.)
Bennett T. and I. 'Huntingdon, drapers
(Cooper and Co. Chancery - lane)
Boaroman B. Ipswich, Suffolk, shop-
keeper (Nind, Great Prescot-strect,
Goodman Vfic lis) Bennett J. Trego-
ny, Cornwall, linen-draper (Sanford,
Exeter) Bond T. New vSarum, Wilis,
•lothicr (Godwin, New Sarum) Bag-
net G. Leeds, York.%hire, soap-boiler
(Wainewright, Leeds) Barton S.
Whitechurch, Hants, linen - draper
(Pullen, Fore-street) Broad J. Vine-r
street, Lambeth, timber - merchant
('rooks, Dean-street, Soho) Bait J.
Church-street, Bethnal-grccn, baker"
(Stratrdn, ' Shoreditch) Brooks M.
late She ppertan, Middlesex, corn-mer-
chant (Jenkins and Co. New Inn)
Season • W. Twickenham, maltster
(Blake and Co. Essex-street, Strartd)
Baxon W. Gosport, hawker (Fisher,
Junr. Furnix'al's Inn) Boyd J. Buck-
n^ham -street, Strand, wine-merchant,
(Dawson, Warwick - street, Golden-
square) Brett W. Rothcrithe, vSur-
rcy, pldmber (Dove and Co. Elm-
court, Temple.)
Coliard J. Junr. Canterbury, hop-dealer
.(Wright and Co. Temple) Chand-
ler R. P. Gloucester, tobacconist (Tar-

rant, and Co. Chancery-lane) Cox, B.
Stourbridge, Worcestershire, timber-
merchant (Feltows, Dudley) Ca?e-
less T. F. Counter-street, Borough,
corn-chandler ' (Barber, Lincolns-nia
gaie) Carrol H. and R. Ruddock,
Manchester, manufacturers (Edge,
Manchester) Carter J. OrimstaRc,
Norfolk, grocer (Goodwin, Kiqg^s
Lynn) Crane J. Whaplode, Lincoin-

' shire, draper (Cheales, Sleafordj Can-
non J. Birmingham, plater (Mandslcy,
Birmingham) Curzan C. Portsca,
Hants, shop-keeper (Nind, Great
Prcscot-strcet, Goodman's fie Ids r)

Davie T. Leicester, hosier (Bond, Cei-
cester) Dawson R. St. Paul's Church-
yard, potter (Atcheson and Co. Austin
Friars) Doyle M. Maiden-lane, Co-

* vent Garden, carpenter (Hughes, Cross-
court, Drury-lane.)

Eland W. and W. Phillips, Lambeth-
road, leather-dressers (Davies, Loath-
bury) • Elderton H. Bristol money-
scrivener (Robins, Bartlett's- buildings,
Holbom) Edwards T. Wribbenhall,
Worcestershire, shopkeeper (Clark and
Co. fcewdley.)

Garbett J. Liverpool, builder (Knight,
ley, Liverpool) Gardner W. L.
July 6, Bedfordshire, sack manufactu-
rer (Jackson, Fenchurch-street.)

Hole B. Painswick, Gloucestershire, clo-
' thicr (Tovey, Newnham) Humphries
H. J, and W. Fleet-street, druggist'*
(Smith and Co. St. Paul's Church-yard/
Hobdell R. Chandos-stfeet, li(juor-
mcrchant (Taybr, Beaufort buildmgO

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jilpkaUficai list of Bankruptcies and Dwuknds

Hayinrood H. Ramsgate, butcher
(Swinford, Mitre*court-buildings, Tem-
ple) Hampton, A. Manchester, ale-
Douse -keeper (Edge, Manchester) Har-
rison G. (rlobc-strcct, Wappiiu;, car-
penter (Wild, Castle-street, falcon-
Jennings T. and D. Spaldinff, Lincoln-
shire, bankers (Harvey and Co. Lin-
coln's Inn.)
Lincoln R. Yoxford, Suffolk, brandy-
merchant (Flashman, Ely place, Hol-
horn) Lowden W. Riding-house-
lane, Portland-street, farrier (Edmunds,
and Co. Hatton-garden.)
Midgley E. Leeds, milliner (Berry, Wall-,
brook) Middlehurst J. Boltan, Lan-
cashire, inn keeper (Hultan, Boltan)
Markham J. Junr. Naptan upon the
Hill, Warwickshire, shop - keeper,
(I'omes, Southam) Milburn, W. and
J. M. CopeiTian, Bow Church-yard,
Warehousemen (Cejrteen, Cannon-
Noel T. H. B ighthelmston, linen-dra«
per (Shepherd, Bartlett*s - buildings,
Orbcll W, Fclsham, Suffolk, shop-keep-
er (Pate, Bury St. Edmund*s.)
Read T. Whitcomb-strect, Charing- cross,
jeweller (PuUen, Fore^street) Rod-
well T. Piccadilly, boot-maker (Derby,
Great James-street, Bedford-row.)
Smith J. Subury Green, Harrow, sales-
man. Smith J. Thames Dittan, Sur-
rey, soap maker (Webb, St. Thomases-
street, iorough) Scarth W. Rich-
mond, Yorkshire, iron-founder (Rim-
iqgton and Co. SbcfEeld) Schmoll C.
F. Jcwin-strcet, merchant (Edmunds,
Lincolns Inn) Scott J. Junr. Wake-
field, Yorkshire, grocer (Frost, Hull)
Smcthunt J. and J. Magnall, Bol-
tan, Lancashire, dimity manufacturers,
JKniffbt, Manchester) Smith J. and
. Wyten, Kingston upon Hull, potters
(Picard, Hull.^
Thurston J. >forwich, merchant-tailor
(Barber, Norwich) Tilyard G. Wal-
ton upon Thames, plumber (Agland,
Gray's-Inn-lane, Tenacc) Townsend
E. Maiden-lane, Covcm-garden, wine-
merchant (Williams and Co. Austin-
fria-s) Thomas H. S. andj. Lascelles,
Mill -lane, Toolcy-strcet, coopers (Gat-
ty and Co. Angel -court, Throgmortou-
sircct) Taylor J. Junr. Framlingham,
Suffolk, miliar (Chubbe, Framling-
Urquhart W.RatcJiff-cross, cooper (Jones
and Co. Salisbury-square.)

Winch W. Tothill-strcct, We«tmini»icr,
butchei; (Gilbard, Milbank- street,
Westminster) Whippcrman C. Low-
er East Smithfield, victualler (Harrison,
Burr-street) Wayne J Brassingtan,
Derbyshire, butcher, (Sweatenham,
Wirksworth-Inn) Wiha E. Lower-
road, St. Mary, Rothcrhithe, Surrey,
victualler (Wright, Shcrbone - lane)
Williams J. Llanlidan^ Denbighshire,
dealer in cattle (Stratton, ShOrcditch)
Wijd J. Royton, Lancashire, dealer
(Kay and Co. Manchester) Watson
J. Manchester, cottin-spinncr (Halstead
and Co. Manchester.)


Anderson, J. R. Throgmorton-«treet, mer-
chaht, August 13. Atkinson, H.
Howarth, Yorkshire, shopkeeper, Au-
gust 8. Amstcin, A. M, London-
street, Tottenham-couit-road, linen-
draper, October 10. ^nsell, G.
Wnitccross-allev, Snoreditch, watch-
spring-maker, Auoist 1 4. • Armistead,
R. H. Bradford, York, grocer, Au-
gust 5.

Boylston, T. Nicholas-lane, merchant,
JUly 20. Bicknell, S. and S. Maze-
Pond, soap-boilers, July 27- Bennett,
J. W. Exeter, dyer, July 2^. Ben-
nett, R. S. Houndsditch. hatter, Au-
gust 14. Bunny, W. Old Gravel-
lane, currier, August 13. Bristow, F.
Haymarket, shoemaker, August H.
Berkley, T. Comhill, merchant, Au-
gust 17. Balding, W. Holt, Norfolk,
grocer. August 9. Barker, W. Strand,
linen-draper, August 13. Bradley, H.
Birmingham, merchant, August 1^*
Bedfortl, T. Sutton, Berkshire, paper-
maker,- July 20. Burr, G. Maidstone,
money-scrivener, November 2. Bur-
lingham, J. Old Buckcnham, Norfolk,
miller, August 12. Benstead, W.
and J. Clark, Halesworth, Suffolk,
maltsters, August 9.

Collins, J. Jcwy-street, Aldgate, mcr^
chant, July 10. Cox, J. Lcigfctpn-
Buzzars, Bedfordshire, corn-merchant,
August 13. Chalklen, W. Deptford,
draper, July 20- Carter, T. jun. Wal-
tham-cross, corn-chandler, July S3.
Crank, W. C, Kensington, brewer,
November 2, Chadwick, J. Ellans,

. Yorkshire, innholder, July 29, »nd
August 9. Colls, R. Woodford,
corn-dealer, July 30. Cory, O.
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, upholder,
August 3. Collins, J. £lvington«
York, farrier, August lO. Clark, J«
Panciass-lane, tailor,' August 13.

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Alphabetical List of Bankruptcies and Dividends.

DtJ, B. Bishop Storford, Herts, draper,
July 23, iDd October 19. Day, W.
Chopside, mans'-mercer, July S7*
Ihvjct, D. Chester, cheesettioneer,
July 25- Dc Baume D. Great Win-
diestcr-street, insurance-broker, Au-
gust to. Davison, A. Chester, wine-
nerchant, August 5. Dwyer, J. late
of Bristol, hatter, August 13- Davies^ £.
Iry-lane, Newgate-street, furrier, Au-

Ktcr, J. Harwich, linen-draper, July
23. Easleton, £. Cheapside, grocer,
August 0.

FiiMCT, T- Nicholas-lane, merchant, Ju-
ly 2Q, Farquhar, C. Maddox-street,
Hanover-Muare, builder, July 27*
Fioggatt, T. Matlock, Bath, Derby-
shire, innkeeper, July 20- Field, W.
Stieathaxn, victualler, August 13.
Fozaid, J. sen. L. and J. jun. Park-
lane, stable-keepen, September 28-
Forbes J. and D. Gregory, Alderman-
bory, merchants, November 8. Fry-
er, G. Rcd-lion-street, Clerkenwell,
merchant, August 13- Fassin, T.
Bi&hopsgatepstreet, pewterer, Augusts.
Foibes, G. CopthaU-court, Throgmor-
tDD-street, mercoant, August 28. Fen-
wick, £- Kingston-upon-Hull, inn-
keeper, August 9. Fisher, J. Briest-
ficla, Yorkshire, white-clothier, Au-
^tts^ 10. Fulcher, H. Shoe-lane, vic-
tualler, August 1 0.

Carlande, M- Deptford, Kent, victualler,
August 10. Goodyear, W. Shep-
hetd-street, Oxford-street, bricklayec,
July 27. Goots, G. late of C»wston^
Noiiblk, merchant, August 9.

Hewlett, W- V. High-street Borough,
druggist, July 20. Hart, M. fiowen,
Lincolnshire, money-scrivener, July 1 9.
Hunter P. Durham, money-scrivener,
July 19. Harris, T. Paul's-court,
Wood-street, hosier, July 23. Har-
ris, J. Keynsham, Somersetshi e, tan-
ner, July 25. Hardman, J. Manches-
ter, merchant, Jul v 25. Hobson, T.
Spilsbnry, Lincolnshire, shopkeeper,
August J 6- Hill, S. Bisnopgate-
strrot, oil and colourman, July 27.
Haycock, R. Wells, Norfolk, mer-
chant, August 13. Hale, H. Birchin-
lane, oilman, November 4.
James, B. Northampton, shoemaker, Ju-
If26. Johnston, R. J. andW. St.
owid^nVhme, merchants, Au^st 6.
Inoci, A. Duke-street, York-building,
ttnnd, merchant, August 13. Irviu,^
T. and J. Holden, Halifax, York, dy-
ers, August 13.
Xcir^ L. Thro^orton-stieet merchant,



2a. Keen, J. Cross-street, Stl
laryat-hill, factor, August 13. Kfr^
shaw, J. and W, Halifax, York, mer^ '
chant, August 7* Kctnp, R. Haslc
'mere, Surrey, victualler, August 7^
Kindel, J. late of Liverpop!, cabinet-
maker, August JO.

Lawrence, R. New Windsor, bricklayer,
luly 17. Lloyd, H. Middle Temple,
lane, money-scrivener, November 2.
Levi, H. Ramsgate, Kent, dealer, No-
vember, 29. Lee, P. South Shields,'
druggist, August 3. Lacy, J- Whitby,
Yorkshire, ship-builder, August 9.

Monteith, J. "and J. Scqueira, Grace-
church-street, druggists, July 30. Mct-
calfb, C. Kichlcy, Yorkshire, money-
scrivener, July 22. Maihews,'G. and
T. Tumbull, Budge-row, merchants,
July 27. Mills, J. Brook-green, 4i-
nen-draper, August 14. Mello , J. an^
G. Pratt, Leek, Staffordshire, silkrma-
nufacturen, July 80. Mayor, W.
Preston, Lancashire, woollen-draper,
August 5. Masters, W. and W-
Greenwich, distillers, August 6. Mit*
chell, T- Hatton-court, 1 hreadncedle-
strcet, merchant, August 17. MosfS,
S. Brighthelmstone, Sussexj linen-drai- ,
per, August 0. Moffatt, D. 'Fleet-
market, grocer, August 13. Mundell.
E. Scarborough, corn-dealer, AugustJ?.
Matross, J. Durham, innkeeper, Au»
gust l5. Morris, W. lateof Ceveo-
try, merce , Aueust I7.

Ncsbitt, J. sen. Aldermanbury, merchant,

nzO Nctbitt, J. E. Stewart, and
esbitt the younger, Aldermanbury, '
' merchants, July 20. Naish, J. Wal-
cott, Somersetshire, coal-merchant, Ju*
ly 20. Newman, P. Melksham, Wilts,
clothier, August 6.

Ogden, J. Ashton-under-Lvne, cott6n->
spinner, July 20- Oddy, J. J. Su
Mary-axe, merchant, July 27- Oakes,
J. Union-street, New Bond-street, coal-
merchant, Julv 30.

Phipps, J. Coptnall-court, Throgmorton-
strect, broker, Jqly 10. Packer, W.
Chambers-street, Goodman's-fields, tai-
lor, July 27. Phillips, J. Ross, Here-,
fordsliire, innholder, Au^t 1 . Paioe,
W. Ipswich, coach-maker, July 13.
Parrott, W. J. Leighton Buzzard, Bed- '
fordshire, wmc-merchant, August 14.
Page, J. Thavics-inn, Holborn, warew
houseman, August J 4. Precdy, J.
Chipping Norton, Oxford, currier, Au-^
gust 10. Payne, T. late of Ashford,
Kent, grocer, August 14 . Plowes, J,
Leeds, York, merchant, August 13.

Rodd, T. Gcrrard-strcet, jeweller, July

96 jilpJmbttkal LUt of Bjmkruptcles and Dividends.

9y, Roberts, E. Great Tower-street, August \y. Turner, J. Manchester,

victuahcr, July 27. Kanson, L, Char- dealer, August 5. Tabrum, R. Shop-

ing-cross, tavern-kpcpcr, August 3. land. Essex, dealer, August 28. Thur- ■

Richaidion, J. PocVlington, York- good,. T. Wclwyn, Herts, shopkeeper,

shire, sheep-jobber, August 5. Row- August 28. laylor, J. Maiden-laiic,

land, N. and F. Great Coggeshall, ts- Wood-street, weaver, August 13.

sc\, blanket -makers, August 5. Ro- Vo we II, J. jun. Watling-strcet, stationer,

bcrts, T. Helston, Cornwall, grocer, July 27.

August lO, Wilkinson, J. Kingston-upon-Hull, dta-

Scott, A.. Workington, mercer, August 2. per, Augusts. W'heatley, J. Mark-
Sawyer, J. Tentcrden, Kent, g azicr, lane, cornfactor, July 20. Wellcr,
July 20. Speacer, W. Saffron-hill, W. W. Deptford, miller, July 20.
victualler, July 27- Staney, W, and Williams, T. and M. Field, Aldersgatc-
J. Smith, Leeds, Yo.kshirc, grocers, street, packers, July 20. Wallas, R.
July 22. Smith, T. Deptford, vie- King street, linen-draper, July 23.
tnallcr, July 27. Stork, J. T. Whit- Wild, J. J. Watts, and J. Boddy, Up-
ky, and M, Bottcrill, Great Dritfield, per .Thames-street, grocers, July 27.
Yorkshire, cornfactors, August 14. Wright, D. Sealingham, Norfolk, mil-
Simms, J. late of Sbeepv Parva, Lei- ler, August 12. Wray, H. Birchin-
cestcr, miller, August 22. Sandback,« lane, druggist, July 27. Winter, J.

- W. No thwich, Chester, shopkeeper. Combe St. Nicholas, Somersetshire,

August 7- Sturney, J. Blackman- leather-dresser, July 27. Wain, J.

' street, coachmaker, August l3. Sha - andT. Agg, Basinghall-itreet, clothiers,

pies, R. Anderton, Lancashire, shop- July 30. Whittakerj^ W. Manchester,

keeper, August 13. Smith, J. and merchant, July 31. W^caver, W.

R. Smithies, Pool, Yorkshire, paper- Bow-lane, warehouseman, August 28.

makers, August 1 9. Spraggon, J. & W. Wanklin, J. late of Knighton, Radnor-

Gravcscnd, Kent, slopsellers, Au- shire,, merchant, July 29, and August

gust 17. 12. Whittle, R. late of Tarletqn,

Tanswell^ G. Shaftsbury, Dorsetshire, I^ncashire, shopkeeper, August 8.

batcher, July 16. Thornton, E. Stro*id, Wilmott, W. Borouglj, sutionpr,

Gloucestershire, apothecary, July 29. August 6.
Taylor> J. Chatham, wine-merchant.


Gflunt Notegore is entitled to our warmest thanks, for his valuable commu"
locations , a part of which he will readily perceive that we have availed our'
selves oj] in t fie present number.

The communications oj W, Br' will he very favourably received.

A. B. Cs, plan is incuirnissible, as it would necessarily, from the very nature
<lfhis scheme, take up much more room than ivtiat it now aocs, and what can
conveniently, be allottedto that department, in our Magnrdne* . . .

The ** Epitaph in a Traveller,'' shall appear in our next. It came too
latefor the present number.

i\ B' wilt very highly oblige us by drawing the diagrams f whenever they
occur) on the smallest scale possible.

In answer to a gentleman who subscribes himself a ^* Constant reader of our
Magazine ;** and who wishes to be informed, wkether the '* Remarks on the
Pursuits of Literature,'* which, as it appeqrsjrom the ai^wers noticed to our
Correspondents, in the month ofFebtyiary last, weie offered by our learned and^
ingenious Correspondent, at Oxford, are entirely laid aside,' or whether they*
arc still lo he expected ; we lufve to reply that, at present, we are not enabled to
give a satisfactory anstver to this Enquirer, as we have not yet, betU fuvawed
with the Ms. in question.

1 fie very valuable communications ofJ[. C. shall appear in our next.

The papers which we have beenjavoured uilJi by Mentor, on the commer*
cialrelatiofis of this country, our intercourses with foreign nations, the advan^
iage, and disadvantage of trading coffipanies, &c. are under consideration^

Several of our obliging correspondent's productions, in Jrrose, and^ verse, are
received, to all qfwfiich due attention will be paid to their respective merits^

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Ik^kHkd S^ri i*>J. K JLOJSingttit

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Ko. XXL— Vol. IV.] For AUGUST, 1805.

[New Series.


TUE fall of grea^ characters, or those
supposed to be great, has gene-
rally excited much curiosity, and with
it no small degree of calumny on the
fallen character. A remarkable in-
stance to the contrary, in tliesedays,
has been seen in the lutter respect, and
the subject of this sketch has iound nu-
meroiis advocates, not only to palliate
his Climes, but to endeavour, byvcvery
mcana in their power, to cover his pro-
secutors with disgrace . llie public
papers, with an exceptiop of one or
twro, have been devoted to his cause ;
and the language used by them has
been such, as to imply a total disregard
of national honour, and that it was in
their power to direct to any purpose the
feelings of the public. In every respect
their attempts were baffled, and the
benefit they have done to their noble
client is very problematical. "To
press a falling man too far," argues a
o3se and a depraved mind ; but to en-^
dcavour to prevent his Faults from lying
open to the law:^ — to aim at screening
hirn from justice — ^to overvvlielm with
calumnies those who are earnest for
the public cause — these are depravities
in the British press which we have been
compelled to notice, and which argue
a corruption of principles of the utmost
ilfilriraenf to the state.

This subject has not met with the
attention it deserves. That any man,
or set of men, should have such influ-
ence over the newspapers, is in the
highest degree imprgper ; and if it
Aould anse from means atfordcd by ad-
zoinistiation, there is sufHcient ground
fijr cnquirx', in What manner these
weans are'afTorded, and whether they
OJJ be coniisteotly conlinufKl with a
due regard to the welfare of the coun-
^'« It is a common remark, that cer-
tain papers are in favour of, and others
^ »n opposition to, administration ;
and this uilfetcnce in opinion, as far as
the conductors of each paper act from
*heir own principles, is far from being
prejudicial ; but If the writing ia favour
Vol. IV. ^

of administration is to be attended with
benelits resulting from that administra-
tion, and to write in opposition to it,
is to be tlie sure means of withdrawing

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