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Provindal Occufrencai


sl^p6 and 6liip«V crews. Aithe block-
a(Ong system has been found in a great
measuie inefifectual, and is, besides, at-
tended with much damage, loss, and
jiicon?enience to the navy, it will, it is
understood, be discontinued in future,
at least, to a certain extent. Falmouth,
as being situated at the very entrance
of the English channel, will form the
advanced guard, as it were, of our naval
positions. It is not equally certain,
whether our present rulers have really
intended to form a dock-yaid and per-
manent naval arsenal at P'almouth. —
There are, however, xiiany strong and
obvious reasons for ^upposin^ tliat this
great and beneficial measure may ulti-
mately take place. There is more than
one spot in this capacious and truly-
excellent harbour, where a dock-yard
may be formed of any extent ; the cross
cliannel and Carrick road afford suffi-
cient scope and'dqith of water, without
dredging up one barge-load of the bot-
tom, for more than twenty sail of our
heaviest ships, where they may swing
in safety, at their own cables, while,
their attendant frigates, &c. would find
ample accommodation in other parts of
the harbour, and this anchorage might
he enlarge to any extent, by scooping
out the banks that bound the channels.
—And, besides, the numerous winding
creeks of this great harbour, which,
tracing the circuit of its shores^ has
been estimated at not less than one
hundred miles in circumference, afford
loom and depth of waler for any num-
ber of ships to lie in ordinar\', with-
out being* straitened for room. —
Our naval establishment has increased
80 much of late years, that another port
and dock-vard in the channel is become
indispensably necessary, and no harbour
in the channel can be put in competition
with that of Falmouth. The present
dock-yards are, and indeed have long
been, uiiequalto their puq)Oses in time
of war : this is particularly the case at
Plymouth, where it has Wen found ne-
cessary to enlaige the Hamoaze, by
icoopmg out the mud near the town of
Soltash, &c. They are, also, too con-
tracted for even the ordinary of the
nav>', in time of peace. In the mean
time, no doubt is entertained that a
part of our fleets, especially if the war
continue, will rendezvous there next

Married,'] At Probus, Captain Oc-
toms Temple, of the 38th regiment.

to Miss Dorcas Carveth.— J. Braddon^
esq. of Ne\ycott, in this county, ti^
Miss Kingclon, eldest daughter of R. K*
esq. of Holdsvvorthy, Devon. — At Llan.
teeloss, Caj)tain Charles Thomas, ta
Miss Ann Couch."

Died."] At Launceston, Mr. W.
Hill, formerly an apprentice to Mr.
Radford, at the l>:von and Exeter hos^
pltal, and lately a candidate to succeed
nim ; a youne man of superior talents,
combined with great diligence, indus*
try, and self-improvement. — At Fal-
mouth, Mr. P. Brush, sail-maker. —
At Cdml)orne, in his U'Sth year, Mr.
Keigwm, who for forty years and up-
wards practised surgery very successfully
in the mines.


Exj)eriment8 have been lately madf
to ascertain the distimces at which it
may be deemed proper to place signal
posts, in order to form a telegraphic
communicaiion between the harbours
of Portsmouth and Plymouth. There
>VI11 be about twenty-two jx)int8 of
communication in toto, of which tea
now to be erected, wijl be in addition
to the twelve telegraphic posts tliat have
been already established. It is sup-
posed that the time requisite for con-
'\ eyhig maritime and naval intelligence,
from one port to the other, will not
exceed tlie space of half an hour.


Married."] At Ecclesfield, Mr. J.
Norris, merchant, to Miss F .Dixon,
daughter of the Rev. J. D. vicar. — At
Derby, Mr* Whyuian, baker, to Miss
Cooner.— At Dronfield, Mr. Worrall,
of hroggat, to Miss Wolstenholme, se-
cond daughter of the Rev. J. W. of

Died.] At Derby, in his 18th year.
Mr. P. Webster, eldest son of P.' W.
esq. — Aged Ck), Mr. Parsons, grocer.—
At Winster, aged 2\^ Miss GritTiths,
recently fbom Ashboum. — At Weston-
upon-Trent, in his 72d year, Mr. J,

Married.] In London, H. Sansom,
Esq. of Finsbury-square, to Miss Mag-
iiiac, of Maryland Point, in this county.
— Also at Marvbone church, Liondon^
the Rev. Robert John Francis, to Mi- a
Bernard, of Chelmsford. W. Giblin,
Eso. of Old Hall Rayne, in this county,
to Miss Raison, only daughter of the
late Rich. R. Esq. foimerly of Speenam-
land^ in Berks.

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Prmndal Occurrences.

Died.} At rhelmsfbit!, Mr. J. Tay-
lor, niastcr of the Saracen's Hegn inn. —
At Colchester, aged 72, Mrs. A. Bacon,
late of Statton, in Suffolk. She was
greatly respected as being very charitable
among her poor neighboiirs.'*»At Mat-
don, in hta 8 1 St year, Mr. J. Moss, a
freeman of the borough.— In the prime
of life, Mr. H. Finch, fanner of East
Hannin^dd. Mr. F. went out into his
fields, in perfect healthy and, having
^hile there, un trussed his points, with
ftn intention to ease a call of nature, he
Suddenly received a sting on the thigh,
li-hich at first he thought had been pro-
duced by a nettle. The wound, how-
tver, was soon attended with all those
fatal symptoms, which proved it to be
tlie bite of an adder, and which soon
tin fortunately terminated in his death.

Lately, in the West Indies, of a fever, in
liis 20tn year, Mr. G. Tindal, midship-
man, in the ship of war Centaur, and
•on of R.T. Esq. of Chelmsford. — At
the lodge at Thomdon Hall, at the ad-
vanced ade of 104 years, Mrs. Manders.
—The Rev. J. Salt Lm^att, 27 years
rector of Lough ton. — ^At Bromtield,
Mr. Joseph Comhill, for nearly 30 years
a good and faithful servant to his em-
ployers,, constantly attentive to the du-
ties' of his situation, peculiarly civil to
the customers, and judiciously eyeing
the imerests of his roasters. As such,
he experienced every comfort and assist-
ance in his illness, that could possibly
be desired, by such as knew the real
ivorth and value of his character.


Married.'} At Painswick, Mr. T.
Beard, wholesale tea-dealer, of London,
and late of Hereford, to Miss Hogg. —
At Nailsworth, Mr. Dyer, builder, to
Mrs. Miller, relict of the late G. M.
esq. of Woorzle worth. — Mr. Harris,
rlolhier, to Miss S. Lock.^— AtWotton-
under-Kdge, Mr. S. Hamhlin, to Miss
Woolwright, of the White Lion Inn.
- T. H. Slieplierd, esq. of Stonehouse,
in this county, to Miss Sht-pherd, of
Frome.— At Bristol, the Hev. T. E.
Partridge, rector of Ulcy, to Miss Hay
thorne, of College green.— At Berkley,
Mr. Robert Pcarce, merchant, to Miss

Died.'] At Gloucester, Mr. T. Price,
attorney. — At his father*» house, in
this ci^^, aged 27, Lieutenant Atley,
of the South Gloucester militia. — Miss
A, Goipes, 5th dan^iitcr of the late
Ricliard G. esq. M. P. for the borough

of Leominster, in Herefordshire.— Ml*.
Rudge, wife of Mr. R. »ocer. — At
L^ton-upon-Sevem, Mrs. Beak, wife
otS. B. esq. — At Llan Romney, the
"Rey. J. Lewis, rector of Bryngwyn,
both in Monmouthshire. — ^At the Hill,
near Stroud, in the bloom of youth*.
Lieutenant F. Arundel, of the South
Gloucester militia. — ^ITie Re\*. Mr.
Mew, vicar of Yardley.


Married."] At Southampton, Lieut.
Hibbs, of the Royal navy, to Miss A.
Smith, sister to Mr. S. attorney. — ^\Vw
Wellfitt, esq. of Manby, near Louth^
in Lincolnsh. to Miss Leech, of Bidden,
in this county. — ^At Selborn, in ihi*
county, J. C. lleeves, esa. of RusselU
square, London, to Miss Sophia Storks.
Died,] At Winchester, Mr, R-
Brookman, attorney. — Mr. Chubb, go-
vernor of the house of industry.— At
Southampton, aged 62, Mr. Lock, &*
thcr of Mr. L. baker,— At Fareham, in
his 3 2d year, P. Thresher, esq. a young
gentleman of great benevolence of cha«
racter, and deserve<lly regretted by his
friends and poor neighbours. — At W ooU
ley, near Rom sey, C. Wade, esq. — At
Church Oaklev, near Basingstoke, Misf
Chute, sister of W. C. esq. M. P. for
this county— At Upper Clatford, Mrs.
Dowlingi relict of the late Mr. T. I>.
farmer. — At Hill, in her 6 1st year, Lady
Ir\'ine, relict of the late R. H. General
Sir John L K. B.-«At his seat, at Ap-

Suldurcoml)e Park, Isle of Wight, Sir
kichard \\'orsley, bart. one of the privy
council, and colonel of the Soutti
Haiiq>shire milit<a. Sir R. possessed
talents and taste for the cultivation of
the polite arts, and was a liberal cn->
courager of science in general. As h^
died without issue, the title will descen4
to the Rev. Dr. Worsley Holmes, of
Pitford House, Isle of Wieht. Lady
W^•s fortune of 70,0001. will revert tq
her ladphip.


Tlie two outermost buo\*s for rendcFy
ing the navigation into Bury river more
commodious and secure, have been
lately laid down, under the direction of
John Wedge, eso : and we learn that
four others, with beacons to beerecteci
upon them, are immediately to be placed
tliere likewise, with a view to the com«
ptetion of this laudable underuking and
spirited in)provcment. The lespeetive
bearings will soon be made public, fo|
the general iaformoliou of dl the mer*

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Prwindal Oevmrencfs* -


«ni{3eand trading Mirt of the cornmu-
thv. that repair to the port of Llanelly,
h rdnnarthcDshire.

iUrried.'] At Eardisland, Mr. C.
Havwardy aa eminent farmer, to Mis9
I>ivis, of Reddiiiiore. — At Ludlow,
}Jr. Burlton^ stationer, of Leominstejr,
to Mis5 H. Anderson. — At Lucton, the
Rev. E. Parry, to Miss Eliz. Thomas,
ibter 9f the Rev. J. T. head master of
the free school.

pkd!] At Leominster, aged 55 ^
Miss M. Da vies, niece to the late Mrs.
Helme, xnbtress of the boarding school.


A new military road is intended to be
fonned, to commence from the barracks
in North-street, near the city of Can-
terbury, and to lead from thence into
Broad-street. It is further intended to
mil in a direct line, parallel witli the
^ of the cavalry, artillery, and infantry
banacks, and is to communicate witn
oihtr new roads, intended to run at
right ancles into each of the present
barracks, and to cioss Bnttington-lane,
through part of the land of St. Gregory's
pziish, into Broad-street, near Nortngate
baiial ground. The line for this work
has been already marked out ; and it is
foither in contemplation, to build an
additional range of barracks in Mead's
I Field, and when this shall be completed,
; the »e^-eral deuched bariBcks in difierent
I parts of the city are to be given up. So
I m ich for the immense expences but
trifiing conveniences or advantages tliat
I the country is likely to receive from this
I continued system of jobbing, bargaining,
I and barrack building.
I Married.'] At Canterbury, Mr. W.
! Marsh, chemist, to Miss H. Fane. —
Mr. G. Ru2g, druggiH, of I^ndon, to
Miss M. Sa^on, dau^ter of R. S. esq.
ol" HoHingbourn.— At Maidstone, Mr.
W. Pike, fell monger, to Mis^s Jones. —
At Marden, T. Hooker, esq. of Brench-
k^', to Miss S. Walter, second daughter
ofW. W. esq.— At Ramsgatc, P.
HIackbam, tsq. to Miss J. Bewicke. —
At Cambcrwell, Mr. W. Wilmott, of
Sandridge, to Miss Rogers, daughter of
iHe late J. R. esa. of White Hail-court,
Ifirabard-strect, London.

i)*f^.] At Canterbury, aged 48,
Mrs. Backley, wife' of Mr. B. silver-
tmith. — ^At Tunbridge, after eating a
hearty dinner, Mrs. Harvey, a lady wno
Bobly seconded, by her chariuble dis-
! trihutions, the rich gifts and ample
>^ dut provideactt had furnished

her with, in sucefonirtns theunfortunat*
and distressed. — At Chathjup, Major
H. Bavley, of tlie corps of marines.
— At Lewisham, lately, greatly re*
apecte^, Mrs. Saunders, ' ot Rushey-
sreen— a lady whose bodily suilering;ik
for some time past have beei) very in^
tense. About five months «go, she^
was afflicted with a cancer in her bceasty
which, however, was judged to be in a^
(air way of recovery y but Mrs. S. hai(^
ing had the misfortune to fall dowi\
and break her tbiffh, she never recovered^
aftenvards.— 'At Sandwich, in her 87th
year, Mrs. C. Solly, relict of th« lati(
W. H. S. esq. - At PWrsham, Joh?3^
Hogben, esq. — In hit 74th year, that
venerable Christian, Mr. J. Alexander,
of Strood.— At North bourne, near Deal,
aged 99 yteirs, Mr. W Scarlet, who
has left a progeny consisting of two sons
and five daugnters, whose united ages
amount to 470 years I— At Chipstcad-
place, in his 8 1st year, C. PolhiU, esq«.
— <i very worthy gentleman, possessed
of a good understanding, and who lived
to the best of purposes. During ^i»
last painful sickness, his only lant^ua^
was, " I must be patient I" Hi* Jeath,.^
however, was easy, and he expiesi^d a
strong but humble hope of enjoying,
hereaiter those blessings whicli are eter*
nal ! His nurse wa«» ever open to the
poor, and be was kind and benevolent
to all ordersof societ)\— At Chislehurst,
at the Rev. F. Woollaston's, Mr*. H.
Woollaston.— ^In his 90th year, after a
short illness, H. Goodwyn, e^q. of
Park -house, near Maidstone.-— At Up-
street, aged 62, Mr. P. Saunders, saa-
lej and harness -maker. — At Plaxtol^
R. Packham, esq.


Married. 1l AtTurlangton, l^r. Coal-
man, of Witherley, to Miss Tailby.— .
AtBreedon, Mr. G. Bourne, oi'Br^m- .
cote, Nottinghamshire, to Miss Clark-*
son. — At Nun Eatod, ia Warwick-
shire, J. Towle, esq. of Castle Don-
nineton, in this county, to Miss Crad- '
dock. — At Leicester, Mr. Burbage, .
master of the Nag's Head public-house,
to Mrs. Fames, relict of the late Mr.

DiidJ] At Leicester, Mr. Newby,
frame maker.


It is intended to apply to parliament .
in the ensiling session,^ for powers to
make a navigable canal to proceed from -
the village of Alford, by Burgh, iu ihib ,

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Provincial Occurrences.

^unly, to the «ea at Warpfleet Haven ;
the outfaO is represented as being ex-
tfemely favourable, and the harbour is

Considerable improvements have been
lately made» aqd are now making in the
tovirii of Homcastle, which will not a
little contribute to amend the general
appearance of the town. The pound
k now clearing for the erection oi a new
butchery; the old standing is to be
taken down and a corn-market will Uke-
iVise be built.

Among other improvements which
*re projecting or forming now, at the
port and harbour of Grimsby, on the
Humber, it is intended to erect a jetty,
to reach from the lock, down, to low-
water mark, with a design to prevent the
kigher fluxion of the tide.

Married.'] At Gainsborough, Lieut.
Waller, of the Roval Navy, to Miss
Cuthbert. — Mr. Barber, to Miss Mo:ss.
—At Lincoln, Mr. Waltz, one of the
lay vicars in the cathedral, to MisS
Franklyn. — Mr. Morris, drdner of Wln-
terton,^ to Miss Wright, only daughter
of J. W. Esq. of Brigg. — At Epworth,
Mr. Coates, of Bel ton, to Mrs. Kelsey,
widow. — At Louth; the Rev. G. Clay-
ton Jcnnison, son of G. T. esq. of Tiei-
by Grove, to Miss E. Fvtch. — Also the
Hev. Marcus Aurelius Parker, curate of
Louth, to Miss Early — ^^^t Skidbrooke,
Mr. Paddison, grazier, aged 0'7 years to
Mrs. Elizabeth Barr, aged 7O. This
happy wedding was brought about after
an auspicious courtship of just five days!
. Died.'] At Gainsborough, in her bc^th
year. Airs. Bromby, a maiden lady. —
Aged b% Mr. Richard Bassett — At an ad-
vanced age, Mrs. Vi'^ells, a widow lady
of Brompton. — At Morton, near Gains-
borough, Mr. J. Pickin, midshipman
of the Hero ship of war. — At Grimsby,
in his 55th year, G. Babb, Esq. attorney,
and town-clerk to the corporation.


Married.'] M\ Hynde, Esq. of Ellell
Hall, 10 Miss A. Buckley, ot Beaumont
Boll, both near Manchester.— At Liver-
pool, Mr, E. Buddicome, to Miss A.
Smith, daughter of the late Mr. C. S.
wine-merchant. — Mr. B, Mawdcsley,
merchant, to Miss Perry. — ^Oapt. Leieli
Lyon, to Miss Spencer. — At bpoffortn,
11. Swire, Esq. of Liverpool, to MijiS

Dud] At Liverpool, Mrs. H\'nde,
wife of Mr. P. H. timber-merchant.—
yVged i/, Ivlr^r BUndstoBc, wife of Mr,

G.B. surgeon, and daughter of Mr. t^.
Parr. — At Manchester, m aa advanced
age, Air. Sam.Grimshaw, check-manu^
facturer. — In Sal ford, aged S3, Mr. W.
Whitehead, attorney. — At Wigan, Mr.
M. Holt, a ven' ingenious watch and
clock maker.~At Ulverstone, Major
Perryn, nephew of the late Baron Per-
ryn. This gentleman had unfortunately
been thrown from a gig, a few days be-
fore, by which his leg was shockingly
fractured and which brought on a mor-
tification, in despite of the most able
chirurgical assistance. — At Burv,,MrSk
Hodgson, wife of the Rev. F. H.— At
Ormskirk, aged 18, Miss Orrell, only,
daughter of Mrs. Lea,, of the King's
Arms inn.


ITie committee of the Northampton-
shire PreseiA'iitivc Society have lately an-
nounced, bv public advertisement in the
Northampton Merciuy, that " out of fifty
cases rewarded in the last five years,
forty-four have been presentations.'*
** Some," it is stated, ** after long perse.-
verance, come under circumstances that
have enhanced the blessing of longer life
secured, and some that have rescued froni
the horrid act not to be repented of, when
fully eftccted. As the number of sub-
scribers is, at present, reduced by death,
and otlier causes ; and, as the committee
express it, *' it is to be, wished most
anxiously that the benefits of intorma-
tion, assistance, and reward, should be
pennanent," the committee earnestly in-
vite new subscribers, ** that the institu-
tion may have all tne advantages of which '
it is capable, from the combined aids of
a small annual contribution, and of a
short, personal, quarterly attendance, to
give it the happier effect."

At a special assembly of the proprie-
tors of the Grand .Junction Canal, held at
Stonv Stratford, in Buckinghamshire, on
the I4th of the month of July last, the
appointment picviously made by the
committee, of Charles Harvey, ' Elsq.
to be the general superintendant of the
company's affairs, was confirmed by a
largu majority of J08C); the numbers
being, 2475 for the appointment, and
1382 against it. Majonty in favour of
Mr. H. 109^.

Intended inclosure in this county-
parish of King Si!tt( n.

Died.] At Peterl)Orough, aged 32,
Mr. E. Sharman, suuuary and mason.
—At Yeltertoft, in his liOth year, Mr. ^
R. Mathev%, grazier and^^aanu&cturer'

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' fitmmad Occuarrmctii . t85

if tammies. — At-NetKer'Heyford, in hb gendoiian, Uearater for die Ipswi«h
^th j-ear, Mr. W. Jones, thirty-four division of this county. — 'In his fiofh.
5taT5 master of the free-school in tbat year» T. Shave, Esq. of Holbiook, Jor-
Jte». merly of Ipswich .—At Badwell Ash, \a

iroTTivoHAMSHiRB. her 71 St year,, Mrs. Burroughes, ieU«t

Intended inclosure in this county— of the late T. B. Esq. of Wymondham,
parish of Gotham. in the county of I<)onolk.

- MartiedS^ At Nottingham, Mr. R. sbropshirb.

James, hosier, to Miss serridge, daugh- A lead mine has been lately disc^
to of Mr. B. partner in the same firm.-^ yered n^ar the surfiice of the grounds
ICr. Redfear, hosier, to Miss M. Taylor, on the estate of SirEdwi^ Fhrice Lk>y«l,
of Stokesby, • Yorkshire.-^At Newark, bart. about two miles ^m XJaaidJio^,
Mr.J.%dge, bookseller, to Miss Hilton, on the LMmdinam road.

2>itdf\ At Nottingham, Mr. Spencer, Married.'j At Bristol, IJueuteiiaDU

eom-cfaandler.—Mr. W. Johnsoti, of colonel Leighton, of the aecqnd batta-

ttie Hare and Hounds fublio-house. — lion of the Shropshire nuUtia» to the

Urs. Green, wife of Mr. G. cooper — Hon. Miss Louisa Anne Sc Legqr*

A^6ft, Mr. R. Singlehurst, of West sister of Lord Viscount Doperaiie.— At

Bndgfocd.— Mrs. Barber, wife of Mr. B. Madeley, Mr; Wilkinson, tea-cteal^,

y o mi ^ A t Nev«fark, aged 27, Mr. M. of Shrewsbuiy, to Miss Hickson, of

Sheppttd. — ^Mrs. Romiey, widow of the the Iron-bridge.— At Shrewsbury, 'Mr.

late Mr. R. ironmonger.— -At Mansfield, T. Donaldson, carrer and giMer, to

Mr. W. Watson, mercer and draper. — Miss Evans, daughter of Mr. R. {!.

At East Retford, Miss Moody. carver and gikler.— rAt Oswestry^ .Mr.

woRotK. W. Jones, boot and shoe-roftter^ to

Mtmriarf.] H. S. Partridge, Esq. capt. Mrs.M.Davies.— TheRev.S.Step^tt,

4a the Hast Norfolk muitta, to Miss of Dublin, to Miss Holbiv]4k«'*T4^t

He&slop, only daughter of the 'Rev. Luke Doncaster, in Yorkshij», J. Lucsfs, '

H. archdeacon of Buckinghamshire, esq. of Contsborough, to MtM H.

— On the 28th of Maylavt, at Burdon*s Hodges, youngest daughter oi that l^te

Island, near Charlestdwn, * South Caro- Rev. George H. of LitUeRuytmii o^ar

Una, Mr. J. Ki^, suigeon and youngest Shrewsbuiy.

•ton of Mr. S. R. of Norwich, to- Miss J)ied.'] At Shiewsbury, Mr* W.

M. Burden. Tomkins, hatter.— fLate o£ the. jfSia^s-

Dud.^ AtNoHvich, aged^S, Mr.T. head, Wyle Copton, Mr. Pug, .n^r-

Moore, formerly a coal-merchant. — seryman,. of Bicion Heath.— At L4d-

Aged 75, Mr. R. Allen, tailor. — AtYar- low, Mr. Papfe, glover.— At Barlolv,

Btouth, suddenly, aged 4g years, Mr. near Ludlow, m his 77th year, Jiowlatid

W. Smith, corn-merchant. — ^1^ her Qdd Littlehales, esq. formedy of Shrewsbuiy,

year, Mrs. M. Baker,^ widow, and a a gentleman, ofmild, snoral, social vir*

•chool-mistress.— At EKss, aged 33, Mr. tues, which highly endeared him to bis

W. Tyrrell, botcher. — ^At Creak Abb^, friends, and to society at large. — At

b her t»8th year, Mrs. Blythe, eharac- Frankwdl, aged 87, Mr. GKbert, mfs*

tetaod by one of her numerous iVtends, ter of the Prince of Wales public-houfe.

^ as a woman who did justice, loved — At Mardol, suddenly, Mr. Axojciy

mercy, and walked humbly with her glazier.— At Meole, Mrs. Haywoflid,

God.*' relict of the late Thomas H. esq. [of

SUFFOLK. PbnkhuU, in Sta£bnlshire.

Married.} At Keddington, th^Rev. H. torkshirb.

S. Trimmer, vicar of Heston, in Mid- It is in contempLotioB to erect; a

diesex, to Miss Syer, eldest daughter of light on the noted promontory^ calfed

neRev. B. S. rector of the parish. — At Fuimborough Head, m this county, (or

ttakenham, the Rev. G. Capper, to prevention of fatal accidents, ajod the

Miss Rad, daughter of G.' R. Esq. of danger to which vessels are sometii^es

Wtdington Hall, in Norfolk. — At Ips- exposed, in passing .by the rocks that

inch, Mr. J. Stutter, attorney of Stow* abound at its extremity. Ajs some in-

Burket, to Miss Long, daughter of Mr. dividuals may possibly object tliat ^e

L also an attorney. proximity of' the Spurn hghts mij^t

IHed,] At Wattisfield, aged q6, Mrs. occasion s6me serious mistakes to shiips,

Filby, mother of Mr. T; If. of ifie White at a considerable distance off at sfa,

Swia Inn.<— Ag«l 6Q, Robert Clarke^ it h^s been-aaiwered that.tbis.liabiUty

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< Flamborough Head lights to revolve, Knavesroire. It appears, that it vraa
which would be a sufficient distinction . in«ch ag^nst Mrs. T.*6 inclination to
to prevent the occurrence of any errors ride over the course for the match, had

• of that kind. As numerous shipwrecks she not been obliged to do so, agreeably
. have happ^ed on the rocks contiguous to the conditions of the articles befora

to Flamborough Head, it b matter of entered into with Mr. Bromford. Oa
surprize that a measure, the necessity the same afternoon, a terrible /racMs, ot

' and utility of which are clearly eiident, row, as it was then called, took plaoBr

. has not been before resorted to. It was at tlie stand, in consequence of a dispula
Dot till after a long series of years, that between Mr. Flintj who rod^ against

. similar lights were erected in those dan- , Mrs. Thornton last year, and CoL T.
gerous channels, known by the name respecting the sum of JOOOi. Mr. P.
of Hazeborough Gat, the King's Chan« posted the Colonel on ThoTsday, and
nel, and the (£>odwyn Sands. A united the Colonel recriminated on i&t sa^
netttton from the ship-owners, &c« will ceeding day* On the day of the above
oe shortly presented to the Elder Bre- race, Mr. F. came to the stand with «
ihren of the« Trinity House, London, new honewhip^ which he had bouriit for
to promote the rnucli wished-for sue- . the purpose, and which he ap|£ed to

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