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A COMPLETE Course of Lectures Memoirs of the Life and Theatrical

9n Botany, as delivered in the Bo- Career of the late Samuel Fooic, esq.

tame Garden at llambeth, by the late commonly called the English Aristo-

Willian Conis, F. L. S. Demonstrator phanes, by W. Cooke, esq. 3 Vols,

of Botany to the Company of Apotheca- price l5s,

no ; author of the botanical Magazine, of ao m M e R c b .

the Flora Londinemis, &c. &c. Ar- European Commerce,. or New and Se*

lan^dfrom the manuscripts in the pos- cure Channels of Trade with the Conti-

ibKion of his son-in-law, Samuel Curtis, nent of Europe, particularly -with Russia,

Boritt, Walworth. Second edition, to Prussia, Swcuen, Denmark, and Germany,

wliidi is added, a Life of Mr. Curtis, by including also the Trade of the Rivers

Dr. Thornton; in 3 Vols. Royal Octavo, Elbe, Wescr, and Ems, illustrated with

price 4I. in hds ; or in thirty num- a Map of the Canals and Rivers, shewing

ben, price 2t. 6d. each ; emhellish- their connectipn with each other, through-

cd with 120 new plates. Illustrative out the Northern part of Europe, by

rf the Process of Vegcution, the Sexual T. Oddy ; price 31. l2s. 6d.

System, &c. from original drawings, made Collections towards the History and

under his own immediate direction, by Antiquiticsof the County of Hereford, by

£dwards 1 engraved by Sansom, and coiv I. Duncumb, A. M. Vol. J. 410. price

icctlv coloured from nature. Symonds. 31. 3s.

The Botanist's Guide, through the A History of the County of Breck-

counties of Northumberland and Dur- nock, comaining the Chrerographys, Ge-

^. VoU L. price 3s. ncral History^ Religion, Laws^ Customs,

Digitized by VjOOQIC


List of New PulltcaHons in September, 1805.

Mvncwri, Lmgiiagc, and Syctrm of Agri-
ciihure, u«cd in that County, by T. Joncf,
Vol. I. 410. 21. 15i/


An Eany on the Elements, Accentf,
and Prosody of Engliih Language, intend-
ed to have nern printed as an Introduction
to Mr. Boucher's Supplement to Johnson's
DictionarVf by J. Odell, M. A. price
4s. 6d. Idroo. bds.

Etemenis of Useful Knowledge, in Geo-
graphy, History, and other Sciences.
Drawn up for the use of children, in
Quettions and Answers, in ten parts, price
4d. each.


A Practical Treatise on Farriery, in-
cluding Remarks on all Diseases incident
to Ho. ses, the Symptoms by which they
are severally known, and the most ap-
proved mode of Cure, from the MSS. of
the late £. Snape, 4 to. price 11. Is.

An Analysis of Horsemanship, with
the method of Breaking Horses fpr every
purpose to whioh these noble animals are
adapted, by John Adams, 3 Vols. 8vo.
price 21. 2s.


Memoi s of the Mcdital Society of
London, d Vols, price l'2s. bd».

Observations on the Nature and Cure
of Gout, on Nodes of the Joints, and on
the Influence of certain Articles of Diet,
in Gout, Rheumatism, and Gravel, by
James Parkinson, 8vo. price 5s.

Cases of Pulmonary Consuraptioru,
&c. Treated with Uva Ursi : to which
are added some Practical Observations, by
R. Bourne, M. D. bvo. price 7s. 6d.

An Epitome of Infantile Diseases, with
their Causes, Symptoms, and Method of
Cure, published a few months ago in
Latin, by W. Hcberden, M. D. tran-
slated into English, by J. Smith, M. B.
8vo price 3s.

Arguments in Favour of a Gradual In-
troduction of Cow Pox, inscribed to the
Right Hon Lord Hawkesbury, &c. by
R. GiUam, price 6d. ^


Observations on National Defence,
and on the Means of rendering more Ef-
fective the Volunteei' Force of Great
Britain, 8vo. price Is.


Pan I, of the Names and Descriptions
of the Proprietors of Unclaimed Divi-
dends in Ban^v Stock, and on the Public
Funds ; tra^iferable at the Bank of Eu^^
land, price 2s, 6d. to be completed m
four Paru.

The Cfitical Bee, Or Beauties of Kev
Publications; selected by A. MoHcsooi.
12mo. price Is.

IVeattse on the Construction and Co-
pying all kinds of Geographical Maps»
by 1 . Dix, 8vo. price 3s.

Observations on a Passage in Mr. Play-
fair's Letter to the Lord Provost of Edin^
but^^h, relative to the Maihematical Pre-
tensions of the Scottish Clergy^ 8vou
price Is. 6d.

1 he Loyal Britons* Pocket Compannon,
consisting of National Songs, Loyal
Toasts, Sentiments, and Sonnets, by R.
Coleman, 12mo. price 6d.


The Novice of St. Dominick, by Mui
Owen, 4to. prke 11.

Memoira of Bryan Pcruc, by T. Hol-
croft, 3 Vols, price ISs.

The Woodman's Talc, after the inan- '
ner of Spencer, to which are added other
Poems, chiefly Narrative and Lyric, and
the Royal Message, a Drama, by Rev.
H. Boyd, A. M. 8vo. price lOs. (yd.

Original Poems for In^t Minds, by
several young Persons, 2 Vols, price
Is. 6d.

Poetry for Children, selected by W.
Burden, A. M. price Is.

Some ofOssian's Ijcsser Poems, ren-
dered into verse, with a Preliminay Dis-
course, in ansvk-er to Mr. Laing's Critical
and Historical Dissertation on the Anti-
quity of Ossians Poems, by A. McDo-
nald, price 7s.


Outlines of a Plan for Reducing the
Poor's Rates, af>d Amending the Condi-
tion of the Aged and Unfortunate ; hiclud-
ingthoscof the Naval and Military De-
partments : in a Letter to the Right Hon.
G. Rose, occasioned by his'Obscrvationi
on the Poor Laws, &c. by J. Booe, 8va
price 2s. Aspeme.


Invasion ; or, the Doty of every Briton,
CO be Prepared with the most effecuial
Means of Resisting the Threat of our in-
veterate £nem^, 8vo. price Is.

Notes relative to the Peace concluded
between the British Government, and die
Mahrati a Chieftains, and to the Various
Questions arising out of the Terms of the
Pacification, by his Excellency the Most
Noble the Marquis of Wcilcsley, 4to.
price 7s. 6d.


A Few Thoughts on the Creation, (k»

Digitized by VjQOQ IC

lAsi of New Publicatumi in September, 1805-


nention, Growth, and Evolution of the
Human Body and Soul, sewed, price,
««. 6d, .

Twelve Sermons on Important Sub-
KCts, addressed chiefly to the Middle and
Lower Classes of Society, 8vo. price 6s,

A Discourse on the CJiaracief of God,
as Love, by T. Sheraton, 8vo price Is,

The Victory of Truth, or, Goliah
ilain with his own Sword, by T. Parish,
l2mo. price Is.

, On the Duty of keeping holy the
'Sabbath-day, and on the Sacraments, by
W. Singleton, Minister of Hanslope,
Bucb, 8vo. price 6d.

The Plain Man's Epistle to cvety
Child of Adam ; or, the Voice of Earth to
his Brother, Dust, price 8d.

Pious Meditations, designed to excite
Mankind to ti^ike such an Improvement
of Time, as will tend to prepare them for
a Blessed immortality ; partly Original^
and partly Selected, by the Rev. W.
Kirkpatrick, J 2mo. price 4s.

The White Devil ; or, the Hypocrite
exposed, together with a Warning to
Professors, by J. White, M.G. price 4d.

Theology in Miniature; or, a Sketch of
the Evidences and Doctrines of Cliristi-
anitjr; chiefly designed for Young Per-
iOQs,l2mo. price Is.

Four Letters to the Editor of the Chris-
tian Observer ; beiftg a Reply to tliat Au-
thor*s Occasional Stricturts on the True
Churchman ascertained ; in his Candid
Examination of Mr. Daubcny*s Vindiciac
Ecclesis Anglicaoae : with Incidental
Remarks on Dr. Kipling, Mr. Daubeny,
the Reviewers, &g. by J. Overton. A. M.
Rector of St. Margaret, and St. Crux,
York, 8vo. price 3s.

Milner's Ecclesiastical History re-
viewed, and the Origin of Calvinism con-
sidered; a Discoarse preached at the
Visitation of the Archdeacon of North-
ampton ; on Thursday, May 30, 1 805,
by die Rev. T. Wilkinson, M. A. Rcc-
' tor of Great Houghton, 8vo. price Is.

Mediodism Inspected. Part II. By
W. Hales, D. D. Jlkector pf Killcsandta,
including Remarks on a Pamphlet, enti-
tled, the Inspector of Mcthodisin inspcct-
^» and the Christian Observer observed,
by J. Benson, 8vo. price 2s.
, A Charge delivered at the Primary Vi-
tiation of the Rev. the Archdeacon of
^nim, on the pih, iOth, 1 Uh, &nd l2th
o* July, 1805, by the Rev. C. Daubeny,
Aichdeacooof Sarum, 8vo. price is.

A Vindication of Defensive War, ttid
of the Military Profession ; a Sesnioa
preached before the North Worcester
Volunteers, in the Parish jChurch of
Tewkesbury, on Sunday, May IS?, 1805,
by the Rev. J. Smith, M. A. 8vo.
price Is-

The Traveller, or Meditations on Va-
rious Subjects, written on Board a Maa
of War ; 10 which • is added Converse
with the World unseen j by J. Meikic,
late Surgeon at Carnwath, to which it
prefixed a Life of the Author. 8vo.
price 4s.

'I'he Progress of Christianity, Histori-
cal and Chronological ; iFrom its first Pro-
mulgation at Jerusalem, to its legal Esta-
blishment under Constaniine : also, a
Skftch of the Primitive Christian Church.
Wiih Notes, Geographical and Critical,
by T. Wood, price 5s. or fine paper 7s.

The Old Testament illustrated ;
being Explications of remaikable F^cts
and Passages in the Jewish Scriptures,
which have been objected to by Unbe-*
lie vers, in a Scries of Lectures to Young
Persons. *

A Sermon delivered at Portsmouth,
Sept. 12, J 804, before* the Society of
Unitarian Christians, established in 'the
South of England, for promoting the ge-
nuine Knowledge of the Scriptures, and
the Practice of virtue, by the distributiaa
of Books, by J. Marsom.


Travels in Italy, during the close of
the Year Idfiif and the beginning of
1 805. Containing a View of the present
State of that Country, by A. Kotzebue,
4 Vols. l2mo. price ll.

An Kxcursion from SidmoutH to Ches-
ter, in the Suminer of l803 : In a Series
of Lcttei-s to a Lady. Including Sketches
of the Principal Towns and Villages in
the Counties of Devon, Somerset, Glou-
cester, Monmouth, Hereford, Salop, Der-
by, SufTord, Warwick, and Worcester.
Interspersed with Biographical Anecdotes
and Incidental Remarks^ Particularly
intended, for the Information and Amuse-
ment of the Rising Generation, by the .
Rev. E. Butcher. Two pocket Vols,
with an elegant View of Sidmouth, De-
von, price 8s. bds. Symonds.

A Sermon Preached for the Devon and
Exeter Hospital, in the Parish Church of
St. , Thomas the Apostle, on Sunday,
Aug. ll, I8O5, and published for the
benefit of that Institution, by the Rev.
£. Copleston, M. A. 4to. price ;i?s.

Digitized by VjQOQ IC

• ( 37^ )

From August 21 to Sebtemher 2i, 1805.

ACUTE DI8EA8BS. Cutaneous EruptioDs . 1^

Qnotidian Intermittent 2 — .

^nochus, or Summer Fever . . . / 3 Number of Cases .... l/O-

Inflainmation of the Eves 2 '

— . Throat , . : . 3 Since the commencement of tbe pie-

-. f ' Lungs 1 sent months the weather has-been oco-

Small Pox 1 sionally hot, with the theimotteter tf

Chicken Pox .' 2 high as 76^, and m general of a tote-

Scarlet Fever 2 tably steady vtempetrntare ; and accord*

Measles 1 itigly the bowel coipplaints pecoUar ta

Erysipelas 1 hot weather have prevailed, thou^ in

Hooping Cough 1 a moderate degree. The dysente^.

Catarrh 20 which appears at this season, puts on

Acute Rheumatism 5 commonly more of the acute form^ than

Cholera 5 that which is observed sporadicaHyjt

Dysentery . . : ^ . . . 4 the colder seaaons of the year -, it is

CHRONIC DIABASES. • milder, and, if properiy treated in die

Stomach Complaints % . . . 20 commencement, usually yields mors

Diarrhaea . 6 readily to remedies.

Colic 1 The small pox apfiws to be some-

Enterodynia . . . . < 4 what on the decline in this district.^

Worms . .- 3 It is only the severe cases that apply to

Tape Worm la public institution ; but several iil-

IServous Weakness 12 stances during the last month hareoc-

Hystcria . 2 eurred to the reporter's observation.

Amenorrhxa 2 The case ot uterine hsHnorrhage,

Leucorrhaea 4 which is separated in the list Wa

Menorrhagia menorrhagia, occurred in « woman be*

Haemorrhage from the Uterus .... 1 tvreen 60 and 70 years of age, nearly

Gonorrhsea 1 20 years after the cessation of tbe

. Dysuria 3 menses. It may be observed, tliAt the

Dropsy 4 cases of true menonhagia, whidihart

Chronic Rheumatism . ....... 11 been rather numerous, har^ also been

Consumption . ; , 8 extremely severe, so much so in two

Chronic Cough and Dyspnoea .... 2 instances as to endanger the life of the

Head-ach 4 patients. Dr. Heberden't dbaervatioo,

Lumbago 4 that astringents are of lit^ use in diis

Pialsy 2 disorder, and that moderate dbscs of

Epilepsy . .- 1 opium are more efficacioas, has been

Syphilis '2 fully evinced in these cases.


THE two intended archwavs, the one one of which is worked undemeatli, and

for carriages, and the otner for the carried ouite across^ the bed of the rivei

use of foot-passengers, to be carried Tyne. lioweve^ the best jud^ aver,

under the river Thames, from Rnther- that from the borings actually made,

hithe to near the London Docks, are and from a complete disclosure of ths

shortly, we learn, to be proceeded upon substrata of the^ soil which the dm*

with great vigour. Mr. Robert Vazie struction of the London Docks lias

is the principal engineer, to whom the lately effectuated, there is not the

management of this very vast and sin- slightest eround to doubt of success for

gular undertaking is' committed, and for tbe final issue. This work. When t^Mn-

the accomplishment of which an Act ]^eted, will be a proper companion of

of Parliaiuent has been lately obtained, the West India and London Docks ;

This ingenious artist is, we understand, and will, to say the least of it, and wiih-

no stranger to the cdUieries of the North, out iudulgihg the charlata^e of giving

Digitized by CjOOQIC

Domestic Incidena, &c. Vc . 079

^ tldet to tbngB thatraally tie- tober, the 7tb» at a qutrtenbefoie Tin

^ f it ptoCy vie with tome of tbe great- the eveoingy Phystok^v, or Laws of the

Cttmihlie works of aiitiqaicy I ' Animal £ooiu^y,by Dr.Haighton. Oo«

The iotendfid i^piovemeiits ia Old tobertheSth, at half past 6 in the after*,

Maee Yaid, Westminster, have hem aooa, Experimeatal Philosophy, by Mr,

httciy begoA. On the #east side> one Allen. Clinical Lectures on Select Me-'

«id of the eoff«c-houae, on the left dical Cases, from November until May»

«f the principel entance to the house of by D.fiabington, Dr. Curry, and DV.

Msy aod which had been neatly fitted Marcet. Besides these, a course of lec«

up some little tiuw ago, is now- eom- tures will be given on Veterinary Medi*

pmely taken down; and the workmen cme, by Mr. Coleman, professor at the

aie piooeeding to demolish those very Veterinary College. And one on the

aoeieDt aod unsaohtly buildings, . of Structure and Diseases of the Teeth, by

ivhich bciildiap the old noted cho|>- Mr. Fox, surgeon-dentist. These sevexat

horn, Ihe Ship, forms a part. It is lectures are so arranged, that no two of

fivtber ia contemplation* to erect a them interfere in the hours of atteod*

nt&cm faii§e of buildings parallel with ance ; and the whole is calculated to

ikeeonitof neauests, (the present house form a complete course of Medical and

af l0idi) vrhicK axe to contain suitable ChirurcicalinstrucUon. Terms^and other

aammeiits for the Lord Chancellor, an particulars, may be learned, by apply-

once for the Chairman of the Com- mg to Mr. Stocker, apothecary, to (^uy'a

ttitteea, and other aceommodatipns that Hospital ;, who is also empowered to en-

haie been thought needfid. ter gentlemen as pupils to such of tho

^ We here announca for the inlbrma- lectures as are deUvered at Guy's.

Mof our readers, the following Medi- St. Georges Hospital.— On the first

fAl» SaS9oal» and Scientific Lectures, Mpnday in October next, will com-

diliveied diuing the winter season, in mence a course of lectures oq Physic and

^ Memipolis, ** the first school of Chemistry, at the Laboratory, ia Whiw

poctieil aaediciiie m ^ vrorld." bmb-street, at the usual hours in the

St Bartholomew.—- The following momnig^ namely, on the 'Fheraiieutics

conne of Lectures, (some of which are at a (quarter before 8 ; on the Practice of

ilfeady given in p» 264 of this number) Physic at half after 8 ; and on Cliemi*

win be delivered at the Medical Theatre stry at a quarter after Q o'clock; by

ef this Hosmtal, during the ensuing George Pearson, M.D. F.R.S. 'Fheso'

l>aioii.-OnChemistty,byDr. Edwards, lectures are delivered every morning, ex-

On the Materia Aiedica» by Dr. Powell, oept Saturdays, when a Clinical lecture

On Midwifery, the Diseases of Women Is given. On the Cases of Patients in St.

andcbildreb, byDr.Thynne. The Ana- George*s Hospital. Proposals may be

m&ical Demonatration, and Practical had at the Hospital^ «nd at No. l^^

Anatoniy^ by Mr. Laiwcence. The Ana* Leicester sanare,

ttmicalLBeiiires will begin on Tuesday, London Hospital.— -On the 1 st of Oc*

1st October, wb^ .|be other Lectures tober at 2 o'clock, Mesrss. Headington

oa the sttcpeading days of the said and Mr. Frampton will commence their ^

wk. course of lectures at the Theatre of this

Sl/nMrikis's.— 4Dn Anaifmy and the Hospital, on Anatomy, Physioiogy, and

Q yiaitt as of Sucgeiy, by Mr. Cline the Principles and Operations of Surgery.

W Mir. Asdey Cooper, on the 1st of The Anatomical demonstrauons and

y^bcr, at one o*clock. Principles and .dissection, by Mr. Armiger. Dr. Den-

rtactieeofSargery,hyMr.Cooper,oa tJ^ nison will lecture at the same place, on

?th ofQciaber» at eight in the morning, the Theory and Practice of Midwifery.

. Guy's IfM^tal.— On the 2d of Oc^ ' WesminsterHospital.— The establish-

■tober, at 10 m the morning, Practioe of ed plan of instruction for the benefit of

^^edicine, by Dr. Babington and Dr. pupils attending this Hospital, will ba

Cony; also at 40 in the morning of pursued tl^oughout the ensuing season,

tbtddofOctober* Pnnciples and rac- under the direction of Mr. JLynn and

tieeof Chemistry, by- Dr.&bington and Mr. Carlisle. Further, particuiars ma/

^.AUen. Midwiiery, and Diseases of be had at the Hospiul^ St. James-atreeC.

Wo«MaandChildie&, by Dr. Haighton,. Dr. Clark will begin his course of leo-

Ottober 4th» at |t in the morning. Also tures on the Theory and Practice of Mid-

^wneday, at8 in^eerening;. Pa-' wifenr, and Diseases of Women and

w<>lw,Theianeui^4.aQd Materia Me- Children, al his lecture rooo^ Upper

^.lypr.Ciiny. Oa Monday; Oe- John-stwet, Goldeo s^uwe.

Vol. IV. . Ma ' Digitized by Google

'^J4 DomtstU htaients, &c^ 9t.

Mr. Bifttr will recommence his kc« his fiiendB, «n<l hf ihe Soeietv of &i
ttircs on the Nalxiral History of Man, gravers, f(of which he mu a Gotcnioi)
2dUiof JantiaTy,4ttheBloom9hufyDi«- and who atlbooiiod ium to thegraW.**
pensary, great Russell-street; to be con- lately, a^ 28 yeats, Mr. Foote,
-tinued evi-r^ succeeding Tuesday and banker, o( the lUm of Meters. Mamt
Friday evemng, at 8 o*clodc, until the and Co. Lombard Street. This gende*
termination ot the course, which will man> who was considered as die best
consist of about twenty lectures. ^ amateur rower on the river, had iateiy
Dr. Bradley will commence his procured to be made a, new and teiy
Autumnal course of lectures, on the el^nt pleasuse-boat, wherein, aaeom-
llieory and Preetive of Medicine, in panicd by his sister and two senniots, he
the second week of October. went down to Gtaves^d, to indulge in

Died.'} /^t Brompton, after a life of his favourite aniusement. On the 24tk
45 years of indigence and misfortune, of May they embariied as usual, and
Mr. Charies Fairiield, a painter, of ex- sailed up and down under the most
traordinary merit and knowledge in his flattering auspices of wind and weather;
profession, but of so modest and diffident when, on a sudden, a breeze from tbt
a disposition, that, notwithstanding his land upset the boat, which histand/
acknowledged talents, he rarely ventured sunk. Miss FoQte was Inioyed op wf
to paint, unless nrged thereto by the her eloaths, and floated on^thewatar»
importunity of friends : nevertlieless, until she was takto up in a state of in*
he has- left behind him some original sensibility. The- servants were alio
pictures) the m^^rit of which will hand saved. Mr. ¥. unfortunately sunk and
nis name ^ down to posterity, as an emi« wag drowned. He was a handsom^
nent ahist of his day. llie many ex^ agreeable, and veiy athletic young man;
Cellent copica of the finest picluies hi and Was bYother to Captaiti F. of tlif
the Flemish, French, and Endish Royal navy. On the eveaing of tba.
schools, wllich have been produced by 31st, two waterm^A of Cmvesend
his pencil, will exteAd the fame of the picked up his dro^vned body. Q^
aevcral masters whose works he hath so Sunday ) June 2, about one o'clock io
counterfeited, whilst his own worth, the afternoon, hia boat was found by a
with reference to these, will be lost in gentleman who was sailing id his plea*
the adniirable aixl inimitable success of sure boat, and with the maat still standi,
his imitcUions, which scarcely any evt roj:. — At his house in Palace Yard, ai
can even now discriminate Ymm the this 80tK year, John Pitt, esq. M. P.
originals. Many of these copies will' for the city of Gloucester, a |^tleooi|B
be found in the first collections, both of honest and independent principles in
at home and abroud , and the proprietors^ public, and of undeviating probity ift
of them * have no other idea, than that every transaction of private life. Ha
they possess the original pictures, having was a kind and indulgent, disintercstad
|)aid value as if they were such, 51I though and forbearing landlo^ towarda his te-
(le, poor man, sold them at a very l6w* nants, and it waa^ rule with hini'on po
rate, and ne^-er represented them other- occasion to caise their rents. Cheerful-
wise than as copies hy himself. Not- ness to a late period he seemed jto cut*
withstanding Mr. Fairfield's grtat merit, tfvate as a duty, and duiing hu long
he was never easy in his circumstances, confinement not & murmur or even a ,*
and, for a great part of his lalx^ous complaint was ever heaid to escape him*
life, was under the clutches of the — Vicountess Sydney, daughter of die
griping and unconscientious picture- la^e Earl of Xeitrim. Her Ladyship
dealer, who gathered the fruits of his was mamed to Lord Sydney, in thai
labours, by practisitig deceiu upon the moeth of May, 'l802, m di^ in
worid. He'pMossessed a mind honourable child-bed. She twks «n engfdng in*
and generous, lived in retirement and tcresting woman, distioguishea in the


lents have been successfully employed for Bambridge, a director of the lS»k of
a numl>er of years past, m ornamenting England, and prindlpal publie agent fcr
the best editions of the English Classics, money trensaetfOn^ betweeft this coun-
and oiher works of taste. Tht \na%'o£ try and Irdimd. On the preceding dijf
UUi geutkma;^ is sincerely deptored by Mr. P. waa UUilllff fta airing on hone**

. . . \ igitized by Google' .

Pn^vmdat Occurrences:


kek la tht Ftrkf and as he returned attended by Dr. Reynqlds and othei
home about three- o'clock in the after- medical gqntlemen, bdt without effect,
DOODy'he cafled at the Sc. James's Cof- ^r he ky speccliFess (Till nine o'clock
fee-hooae, 'ia St. Jajne&Vstreety where ^c next morning, ana then expired,
ht took some le&eslimcnt. Whjle \n He was a gentleman of great respect-
ifaewtof lemouating his horse at the ability of character, both m public and
door, he fell in an apoplectic fit on the private life. He lias ,Ieft' a widow and
shoulder of the pOFter who held tho seyeml children. A ereat number of
stimip. He was then takeh up stair» getitlemens' coaches foUowed the funeral
to a chamber at the cofiee-Hoyse, and" prodession to tlie grave,
iouuediiftely put to bed« where he was



Notice has been lately 0ven, by

Slie advertisement, that subscription
ks axe mn^..o<pened at the fbUowif^
l^aces, vTz. Newbury, Devizes, Bath,
brittol, and London, (in London, at
the honse of Messrs. Whitehead,
Howml, and Haddock) for the purpose
of raising the sum of 200,000if. to com*
p|ete the Keiuiet aiul Avon Oinal Ka-
n^OD^ with a preference, however,
to be given to the present proprietors bf
dkaves or half shares in ttie said canal

• The ia&nts' Friend Society of Reading
afforded last ymt relief to eighty poor
•VDiQcn, and the same nUmber of poor

> Avery iudiciffuB operatibn of bton-

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