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chotony, or making an aperture in the
vind-pipe, wos lanly performed with
the happiest success on. a valuable colt, .
the property of W. H. Pomeroy, esq.
•f Cienard's Cross, in thi^ county^ by
Mir. Deane, vctermary surgeon, oT
Windsor. It appears that the colt was •
iwariy stifiTocatea, in consequence ofihe
noknt pressure pf an abscess formed at
the lop of the throat, when this critical
uid dangerous operation appeared the
only means left ot saving his life. The
tube which was introduced, and through
which the animal breathed, not beine
able scarcely to breathe at all through
'his nostrils^ was kept in the trachea •
abont seven or eight aays, when the sb- ■
"ceas burst. ' The celt 'is now perfectly
Kcovered and well."

itarrudf\ The Rev. D. C. Lewis,
jcar of RusVep, to Mrs. Abbott, of
New Windsor. — At Wjiitchurch, in
©tfofdshhe; the Rev. Edw. Vansittart,
' »cond son of G. V. esq^. M. P. for this
wanty, to Miss Gardiner, of Goombe .
"rfge.-^L. Perci\»{d, esq. of London,
to Mbt L. l^ianiplow, ot Wokingham.

-G. A. Fenwick, esa. of theBhies, to
Miss Pulton, of Windsor.

DietiA At Reading, Mrs. Taylor,^
wife of Dr. T.— Aced 89, J, Wfl^lridae,
pf Oebounie St. George. — Sir Charles
Marshy banker, late cqI^I in the army.
—At Mt. Lamb's, aged 75, John Ri-
chardson, trulr respected as a feithiul
domestic servant, having, lived in that
capacity in Mr. L.'s family above 45
years. — Miss Benwell, sister of Mr. B.
auctioneer. — At Newbuiy, aged 82,
Mr. J. Bright, bailiff.— At Grierfersbertf,
in Silesia, Mr. GDttl^eb.Bcelun, formcily
of Re^dine. — At Wantage, Mrs. Butler^
relict of the late^Rev. J. B. — Miss Sar-
ney,' of Sounders House, nearNettlebad.
-^Mrs. Pearson, mother of W. P. esq.
of Streatley.


An aquatic bird, culled a sea-mew or
. seargull, of the genus described by Lin*
luens as iarus canui^ died a few days agp
in the garden belonffing to the celeorated
hospital, called Addenbrookes, in the
.town of Cambridge, having lived there
not less than sixteen years. It was ge-
nerally supposed, from the colour of tne
plumage, (hat he was about .two or three
years old >\'hen 6rst put into the garden*
Another remains still alive^ which has
been there near nine years. -

Married.'] At Uttle Gransden, in
tills county, the Rev. R. Riley, late fel-
low of St. John's CollegECf' Caoiibridge,
and rector of Marwood, m Devonshire,
to Miss Qower, late of Cobham, in
Surry .-^At Cambridge, Mr. Robt. Gee,
attorney, to Miss M. Gee, 2d daughter
of-Mr. G. — ^.Mr. S. Siorr, plumber and
glazier, of Wisbeach, to l^issSheplicrd*
eldest daughter of Mr. S. S. of the
golden lion tavern, Peterborough. .

Died.'} At V^'isbeacji, Mr.^J. Nixon,
ivheclwjiglu. — At Ramsey, m the cp.
of Huntingdon) iu his 4ist year, Mr*

H n:2

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Pr&vbtclat OccUrtmeA

briiige and batm to llitf' fbrt e6Uk
Peily Btek above menlioDea.
' vitd^ At Bddmvn, Lieot. l^Ui,
of the Royal oavy^^— Lafelr, nearTran,
Mis. Ificledon, relkt of the late Mr. I.
tuigeon, of St. Kercme, and faother of
Mr. I. the celebrated voeal y e iio f m er.— >
Lately, in the West Ilidiea, C^ipnain W.

Geo. Wilktmon, attomay.— Is Sloane
Square, Chelsea, Mr. Roben Wild, at-
torney, of Elv.-^Aged 4'i, the Rev. D.
Bavley, B. U. fellow and dean of St.
John's College, Cambridge, and vicar
of Madingley, in this county. This
gentleman was very suddcofy seized
with a succession of convulsive fits on
Monday morDins, and expired about Stevois, of St. Ires,
four o'clock on Wednesday afternoon. comberlaitd.

—Aged 6'i, Mr. R. Wallts Nash, of A collection of original baBadi^' a
Psampisford. — In his 23d year, Mr. C. the Cumberland dialect,' with eacpbna-
Harwood, only son of J. H. esq. of toiy notes and a dotsaiy, has been ic^
Exning Hall, near Newmarket. cend^ published by Mr. T. AndeifDO,

CRBSHiRB. of Carlisle. We shall with pieasae

There aie now in the county jail of extract the following ballad mm the
Chester^ three unfortunate persons con- aboveroentioned volume, Co aene as a
fined there for debt, whose united ages specimen of the Cumberland poeliy.
amount to .213 years, and the sum of
4>f their united debts to only 38/. 9s.-

Married,'] The Rev. Mr. Harding,
of Church dtretton, to Miss M. Shaw,
of Congleton.-— At Stockport^ Mr. Da-
vis, of the Buxton Hieatre, to Miss
Kershaw. — H. Potts, esq. of Chester,
to Miss A. Taylor, late of Moston, in

J^d.'] Mr. Robt. Jones, lieutenant
«Rd quafier«-masier in the Isdufas regi-
ment of voltinteer iiif^nury, and many
years paymaster-serjeant in the tegtment
of Camrvonshire militia.— At Maccles-
field, Mn. Sutton, wife of Mr. S. tin-


Young Mary was oanny and boo^f a

onie lass,

Jwohny was lusty and wed to be sea|

Young Maiy was aye the beat dancer at-


Jwohny nad won monie a bdt eo d»

olate worker. — At Nantwich, aaed 62,
Mr. T. Jackson, merchant.-* At Rathiny
Mrs. Jones, wife of the Rev. T. J. a
dissenting minister.— At Denbigh, Mrs.
Edwards, innkeeper.— At her seat, in
Ae county of l>enbigh, Mrs. Yorke,
widow of the late Phihp Y. esq. of Er-
thig, a tender-hearted woman, that ever
, dealt out her bread to the hungry, and
.was fiiU of good works and alms deeds.
-—Mrs. Ellis, widow, of Comist, near
Flint. — At his lodgings in West Smith-
field, .H. Evans, esq. of Machynteth,
'in Montgomeryshire.


- Application is intended to be made
lo Paniament* in thr course of the en-
auing session, for powers to improve the
haven of Botreaux Castle, within the
parishes of Minster and Forsbuiy, in
lhi$ county, and for making a navigable
canal and b&son from a certain place
•ftalled Pdly Beak, within the said pa-
fishes, -or 'one of them, to. a certain
•bHdffo called Valency, alias Boireaux
Casde brid^p, near to the said haven,
amd near to the bed of Valencv river,
and mmiiDgiiom and duough tne said

Lang, Jang they were aweethearts, nd
' nwolish'd by neybora,
Th' auld fwok diey talked and t»t\
bragg'd o' the twee :
For Jwohny thought ain f the wad lilf

And Mary thought Jwohny nr m
wished to see»


Awe swopc guid y^ is a |werM{f'f
But wo be to hhn that oti dtioki tS
blinfod ;
Young Jwohnv ae day off wi' l^gg
the market.
And drank with soine neybocs,
little thought how :
His auld faddder watcb*d till the Uid
hour o* midneet.
Without his dear Jwohi^ the
g^lop'd heame ;
They sought and th^ frn bim tbi>l
mwomin i* Eden,
Among the gieen busses that
owie the stieamJ

3. ^

Auld Gtbbvbo gowla tod ayetdhd
h» Jwhony,
And sits by his peave mAAofk
a sad meaner
Peer Maiy, the flower of «wflov*ii
thepaiiah, '

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Prmmuiat Occwrumm* ^?9

MW liojk up Imt liea^y now her mony, to the ytry gretl emotninent of
Jwohay is «ane : the old coupler, who is likely^ we are

The dangerous yeTl-house kills monie toId» to reap a eolden harvest. Ainoog
brave feUo^rs, others, a geiUieinan turned of 00 le*

To get heame <)uite swober ean neer paired to the celebrated Gnutney, with a
be thought wiang ; Dlooming damsel of \6\ The business ^

Kas goid coiaes of drinking^— Ye lads was speedily compleled, and this happy
aw around me» couple were united, conformably to tno

At iair or at market, aye think o* my rites and customs of the place. As the
sang. gentleman was liberal in quaffing and

It is intended to apply to Parliament handing round his libations of biandy,
in the ensuing session, for powers to Joe*8 favourite liquor, this lively bride^
widen the old roads, and to divert part groom insisted upon having the cere* •
of them, which roads lead from the mony rejieated, as It was the fourtla>,
bridge called Calder bridtt^ throu^i the time he had visited the Oreeh on th#
market towns of Bavenglass and £k)0tle, same errand : he had paid, he said, four
all in Cumberland^ to Doddonbrid^, times, and he would be married a fifth
which unites the county of Cumberland; for nothing. Joe, who is naturally of
to that of Lancaster a pliant temper, consented, aeain rivetted

Several improvements are in contem- the hymeneal charn, and tne doubly-
platiany relating to the harbour of securoi couple reeled off* towards their .
Whitahaven, and the roads leading to habitaticm in the city of Carlisle, the
the same. Certain additional branches bridegroom declaring that if he shoold
am to be made and annexed to the said have occasion to be married twentj
itMds, and new toll houses are to be times yet to come, it should never be
erected on the same. Also it is intend- said of him that he had eone wkhout
cd to light and pave the said town of calling at the old shop! — AtEgiPemont,
Whitehaven. the Rev. Mr. Lindow, A. B. of Ciedtor,

Mr. Curwen has it in contemplation and rector of Connistone, to Miss Gray-
to establish a new Agricultural Societv, son, of Wood End, near Egremont.—*
at Workington, the first meeting to fje At Carlisle, Mr. P. Crane, to Miss JB.
held in October next. The subscribers Caldbeck. — Mr. J. 'Thomson, banker,
iieootto.exceed one guinea per annum of London, to Miss H. Parkins. — At
. each, nor to be less than five shillings. Skidbrook, after a tender courtship of
tlhe pieminma are to be confined to dy^ days duration, Mr. P^dinson^
"Candidatesresidinewithin the townships mzier, aged 6?, to Miss Elizabeth
or parishes of Vv orkineton, Harring- Ban;, likewise aged 6/ I — ^At KirlingtOQ»
ton, Dissington Dean, Seaton, Flimby Mr. Henry Dodd, aged d0 years^ to ,
ftoughton, Dearham, and Camerton. Miss Eleanor Irving* aged 1 7 years and
MarriedA At the temple of Hymen, upwards { The brid^oom is near^ $
hk Gretna Ureen, Mr. R. Bunyan, aged feet in height, and his channinj^ bride
18, to Miss M9i;gaiiet Nicholson, both of the pigmy race, being only 4 mt and
of Carlisle. TTie young lady is possess- 3 inches in height. Old January, it
ed of a handsome fortune, and being seems, had some \'efy potent difficulties
weaiy of tlie restraint of old aunts, to surmount, before he could prevail
duennas, and Relations, who, like the upon his lovely May to smile upon
dia^ainthedaysof yore, that defended him. In short, he had- two other
the garden of the Hesperides, watched hoaiy-headed iexagenarits to chace ftom
4e golden prize as closely as a cat theneld, whose masterly manpeuvres, as
watched a moose, heroine like, eloped the Cuml^erland papers assert, " shewed
by the assistance of her resolute para- a sreat deal of veteran skill in the tactics
mour, under the favourable auspices Of of love." ^ **

tikedei^-boyyclep'd Cupid, and acri^Td ^'^^ At Carlisk, aged 88, Mis*'
nfelvat the place of destmy, leaving be- Dor. Cariyle, relict of the late Dr# G.
hiwf a number of less favoured suitors, and mother to the late chancellor of
Ojijhe, the mcient son of Vulcan, offi- this diocese — Mrs. HetheringtoU) wife
eiaied as high priest on the occasion^ of Mr. H. clothier. On returning home
and completed the felicity of the young from a visit, wheri'she had a retorkable
pesple, by rendering^them to each others flow of spirits, this lady ooitaplained of
thoi. It seenn that the present season a sHght indisposition, wvnt to bed» and ^
^ Itti beat nnusually propitious to matri* very shortly afUsr expired.

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PrmfmcuU Occnrrami*


It IS in contemptlation to make im-
provements in the harbour of Bude^
,QQn£ormihfy to a report of a plan lately
delivered ta the 8ub6cribers» by Mr.
Rogera ; the work to be completed by
Air. John Heard. En^neer, in a proper
cfikctual and substantial manner^ as the
sd'vertisement siates»

Manied,'] At Dawtish, J. Herman,
tsij). of LmcolnV Inn, to Miss Drarv,
daughter of the Kev. 1>. D. of Cock-
.wQod^ 4n tbis County. — At Totness,
JMLr. J. Harrison jun. brewer, to Miss

SaFnaman.— At Teicnmou^h. — Mr. G.
uns6>rd, jtin. mercnant, of Tiverton,
to Mias Pany. — ^At Ex«ter, Macbride,
esq. son of tne late Admiral M. to Mrs.
Starkey.— At Tiverton, J. Coles, esq ;
Captain in the l«t Regiment of the
.Somersetshire Militia, to Miss Marcella
Cartll Carew, third daughter of the late

fir Thomas Carew, bart. — At Tavitonk,
Ir. Harley, merchant, of Bristol to Mi^s
G. Lang. At Exeter, Cap. W. Fiu-
jgeraldy of the 4th Regiment of Dragoon
Guaids* to Miss E. C. Veale, of Tre-
veala House, in Camvvall— Mr, Par-
tridge, woolLen-manufacturer, to Miss
Jt\ T. Trueraan, fourth daughter of the
ktc Mr. R. T. Printer.— Mr. G.Westr
lake,, son of^Ir. Alderman W. to Miss
(Cummins, late of Totness. — ^Mr. W.'
Croote, land-surveyor, of Chuuileigh,
to Miss ^veet, of Burston, in tli^epaf isk
of Zeal. — At Tiverton, M. J. Gams-
worthy, thatcber, aged 7 V to Miss S.
Willamott, aged 21 !— Mr. T. Hake,
. crgani-st, to Miss A. ?.I. Gordun, dider
daugJiter of Captain W. A. G. botb of

Dudl At Ejceter, 'Sir, R. Coffin, foiw
aaerly an engraver, but \^ho for some
.years past had retired from all business.
I — At Plymouth, John Baron,| esq; fon-
xicrly an eminent accout^rement maker tbe amy, but who had retired on a
lbrhu)e acquired by honest, persevering
industr)-.— At Plymouth Dopk, Mr. S%
Holman, jun.' — Mr. R. Banks, silvei*
amith and jeweller. — AtExmouth, Miw
A. Wynne, eldest son of G. W. esq,
of Liss Plaoe, in Hainpshire.


• Married.'] TJie Kev. Rd. Bentley,
Ticar.of LeeJi, in Staffordshire, to Miss
I-^mas, of Glutton, near Buxton, in
.this county.^ At Derby, Edward Moor
Koble,. esq. of Birmrnjjham, to Mib«
AUsop.— AtWirksworth, P.Arkwii^t,

es(j; third sott'of 1ti«hai^A. iM, ef
WiUersley, to. Miss Mary Anoe Hazt,
second daughter of C. H. esq.^— Mr. E.
Maffey, fanner an4 grazier, ofSwarke-
stone, near -Derby, to Mrs. Hentfley,
ofThraropton, county of J4ottinghanu
J)ted\ At Matlock, on bis way to Bris-
tol, aged 17, Master J. Neabiu White,
only son of J. W. csq^ of Doncaster«— ^
At Wirksworth, aged 50', Mxs Ellen
Higton.— ^At Totley, in the paiisk of
Dronfield, agied 23^ Mr. Thomas Brom^
head. Beina a member ot the Oider of
Odd Felims^ his remains weie attended
to the grave, by a funereal processTon
C9nsisting of about 80 brothers, wh»
conducted themselves in such Older and
behaved with such jpr^riety as boie
ample testimony to- tiie superior excci*
lenoe of that institution. — Ag|ed22,Mrs,
Gawtborn, wife of the Rev. James G.
minister of the Independent Meeting
House, at Brookside, and daughtcf 01
Mr. Pritchavd, bookseller, of Derby.


Died.'] At Chelmsfoid, in her IJth
year. Miss Priscilla Wood, only dauj^
ter of Mr. E. W. ironmonger.— AiC«-
chester, Mrs. Blyihe, wife of Mr. D: B.
merchant. — Aged 80, Humphrey Carf^
ton, esq. — Mr. R. Dixon, carrier aad
leather-cutter, of Spring6eld-lme, ne«
Chelmsfoid,— The Rev. W.Steveasook
rector of Borley and LageBkoe.^Capi>
tain Lawe, store-keeper at Land^unl
Eort. In his earlier years this meri^
torious oiticer had been engaged in t^
teen pitched battles and fortv«&Te skio*
mishcs, without, however, naving m>
ceived any wound or personal iniuij.—
He had served under Generala WoUe^
Monckton, and Towa^nd \ also at
assistant engineer at the sxem of BeW
leisle and Aiartinico, «nd under Geneiai
Carlton at the assault of Quebec by G^
neral Montgomery.— Dr. Miller, of
W^akering, near Soutbi^d. Being on
his teium from vtsitimj'ope of bis pa-
tients in the island of foulness, he was
suddenly surprised fnd Overtaken by the
rushing in of the tide, and theieby un-
fortunately drowned.— »At Gieat Co^
gershall, Mr. W^Di3Eon» maay yeantt
eminent surgeon there.


An application is intended to be aiade
to Parhament in the ensuing sessioB,
for power to take down the preseDt
brid^, known by the name yf Ahe
West^te-brid^, and situated in (km

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"Pfmmdal Ocatrrences*


pansho tJf "St. tJtcholas and St. Mary
de Lode, both within the city of Glcm*
ccstcr 5 and also for powers to build a
new bridge across the river Severn, in
the said parishes at or near the place
where the aforesaid Westgaie-bridge
Aovrstsnds. - ^

SkfriedA At Cirencester, at the
Quaker's Meeting-house, Benjamin
uavis, esq. of Sheepscombe, to Miss
Wonne. — At Siftton, in this county,
P.T. Wykeham, esq. of Thame-parfc,
(kfofdshlre, to Mis* H, L. Trotman,
of Sbton-court.-^At Evesbam, Mr. Tv
CstdSck, druggist and grocer, of Tewks-
boiy, to Miss M. Pearoe, daughter of
if r. P. jCTOcer.

iW.T At Gloucester, Mrs. Driver,
wife 01 Mr. D. hair-dresser.— iMrs.-
RoKt wife of Mr. S. R. clover.— At
Tewkesbury, Mw.- Hope, tallovr-chand-
kr and soap-boiler. — ^At Brecon, South
Wales, Urs. Powell, wife of Mr. P.
earner. — ^Mrs. Wells, of Court Robert,
near Abergavenny.


Nalice haa lately beea ^iven by pub^
lie advertisement, that it is intended to
erect a neW turnpike-gate, called a
chei!^,OF«ide-gHte, at the end of Uol-*
mer-kine, near to the end of Shelwick-
iaoe, in this county } and likewise a
sew tnmpike-gBte at the top of Larpet-
lane; but with an intitnatiOn that the
nodttctng of a ticket from any of the
Heicfoid city gates, or from btretton,
Logbridge or Mordiford«gates, shall se-
cure Ml exemption from additional pay*
Beat, and moreover, that snch wagons
and cans as shall not have previously
pisied the spaee of 100 yards, on the
teTBfMke road, shall Ukewise be ex-

Apian is in agitation for conMruct-
mg a new harbour at Dover, on a very
eateosive scale : it is proposed to carry
it ap a iralley on the east side of the
town to the very end of it, which is
eompated to be upwards of a mile in
fenpth. Both wet and dry Hocks are
included in the above plan, which is
Mated* to be ca^ulatedTor theaccommo-
<lsUOQ and repair of both ^hips employed
in the merchants* service, and ot ships
of war/ A minor improvement is like-
^*ise in agitation at the same place, and
Aigineers have been lately measuring
the ground ^t the back of the rope
'^alk. This is all marshy sround, and
assy t» bo exaavated ; ana- naa Ukeifist

a good back water. If tliis were made
navigable up to the victualling-ofiiee,
■which stands at the extremity of tho
town of Dover, it would save to the
nation the sum of between three slid
•four thousand pounds a year, which* ta
now expended m land^caitiage, to aehS
rthc stores of the men of war down 'lib
the victuaHing-office to be shipped. '

Marrifd,'\ At Rochester, the R(!v.
J. Griffiths, masterof the King's 9ch6dl
in that city, tO'Miss S. Jones, eldest
daughter ol the Rev. J. J. one of the mi-
nor canons of the cathedral.

Difd.'\ At Canterbur}-, Mr. Marshy
baker. — ^Of an apoplectic fit, aged ftf,
Mrs. Wilkes, who nad for several years
past acted as a nurse in different famiKei
of respectability, in this county, and
who had ever cOnducteil herself with
propriety and creditability of character
in the duties of her proieasign. — Aged
6 1 , Mrs. Body.— Mrs. Parren, wife^of .
Mr. P. tailor.— At Rochester, Mr. W;
Cooper, surgeon.— Mr. T. Baldoek^
hoynun. — At Maidstone, in an advanc^
ed age, Mrs. FaKvcett, «a maiden lad v. •^^
Of a cancer in hJl mouih, Mr.U. Por-
dige, coal-meter.— At Folkstooe, sud-
denly, aged 42, Mrs. Stredurck. — Miss
Charlotte Gill, daughter of Mr. G. snr-
geon. — AtTenterden, in his 40th veir,
Mr. Ab. Merralls, grazier.— At Ram»*
gate, aged (50, Mr. &. Sayer, buildcr.r-p ,
At Deane, Mrs. M'Lean, wife of JVtr.
L. M*Lean, accountant of the chest at
Greenwich. — At Wye, aged 56, Mrs.
Warner, of the Flying Horse inn.


Intended new tumi)ike-road — ^From
or near the new n^arket-place near
John's church, in Manchester, acro3S
the river Irwell, through or near a cer-
tain road called the Back-lane, in SaU
fbtd, to the village of Eccfles, all iu this
county ; also a new turnpike-road from
Rochdale to HuddersHeid, is in agi-

MarriedJ AtWarton, near Lancas-
ter, the Rev. R. A. Singleton',, curata
of Blackley chapel, to Miss Ellen Far-
rener, — At Bury, after a courtship ot
just two days, Mr. James Whittle, to
Miss Alice Horrocks^— the united ages
of this happy brace of amorous chitUens
amount to 143 years.— Mr. Kdward
Mason, land-sur\'cyor, to Miss S. Royle,
both of Chor!ton.i-Mr. W. Grimshaw,
of Manchester, to 'Mrss M. ' Mellor,
daughter of Mr. M. printer, of'Birch-
ac»9 near Chofley;«*-»Mr. Joiui Scdtt;

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380 ' FrmAuudO emitw K m^

cordMiner, of Bolton, aged 64, to mode to tmf Ifltn dfeettheol^cfi^r
llitft Mary Hacken, of Skerton, aged the meeting. A gentlemaii of die tovm^
19. — ^Mr. 'J. Stanley, ntfraen^man, of Dc. Alexander, ha», at his owa fgprncr,
Bfoughton, to Miss M. VVibberley, of generously provided a compkfte- ioih^
KadodKster.— At Ktrkbridge, in the Isle ctUting apparaius, with its neoessvy «^
af Man, J. Bennett, esq. of Broughton, pendages, intended for one of the receive
in thls^countv, to Mrs. Shimnon, relict ing rooms ;— so that, as a correspoodca^
of the late K. S esq.-^At Ulverstono, of the Leicester Herald e&preaaea it,
Mr. T. Park, tobacconist, to Mrs. «< old father So4r will shorthr hate
Foulkes, relict of the laU Captain J. F. likewise tojboast of a valuable inatittttioD*
of Liverpool— ^ At Putney-park, J. P. which has long been one of the giealcA
lisdo, esQ. to Miss ^. Frager. — Mr. ornaments to the banks of the rivo*
W. Laaonby, ironmonger, to Miss Hut« Wreake and Eyt, and to the town of
chkison, both of Manchester. Melton Mowbray, &c. Sec**

Dial} At Manchester, Mrs. Thack^ Marndf.:^ Mj. Simmons, chesnistand
nray, wife ^f Joseph T. esq^ — Mrs. dnigxist, of Leicester, to Miaa Maiy
Thomlinson, of the none and Anchor Ford, of Coventry. — ^At Wolvorten, ijf

Sablic-house. — ^Mr. J. Ta\lor, dealerin BudLinghamshire, Charles Bosworth,
ottr.— nAgod 42, Mrs. Sattofieid, of esq. of Hrampton, near Market Haibo-
Longstg^t. — At Liverpool, Mr. M. jough, to Miss Ratcliffe.^— Mr. Bake-
Grahani, merchant.— Mr. T. Thoihaa, well, pf Deihvt to Misa Ashlbnlis «f
printer.-^At Bolton, agpd Q3, Mh. M. Castle Oonington.
Lowe.— At Blackburn, Mr. T. Moul- Dkd.l At Lncester, Mc ITioralM,
den, manufacturer. - -Aged^l, Mr. G. thoemaKer.— Mr. Bamier, fbame-sniith.
Atns worth, formerly a serjeant in the —Mr. Toone, eollar and whip-Biakec*
first batulion of Lancashire militia.-^* — Mrs. Walker, wife of Mr. Wm. W«
AtWestwood, near Wigan, aged up- merchant — a woman of an amiable d^
wards^ of 80, Miss Genifd, a maiden meter, excmplaiy for her' ntioaid pie(f»
lady.- On the 2 1st of June last, at and active in nercharitaUedtsttibutkiM*
Montego bay, in the island of Jamaica, —.In her 80th year, Mrs. Ayscoii^gH^
retain W. Kilpairick, of the ship voRTHAMrroNSHiRS.

Watt, of Liverpool. — Also, at the same All the works of that extensive agnd
place, on the 30th of June last, aged complicated underuking, the Gtud
20^ Mr. W. Jameson, son of the late Junction Canal, are now compleiod.
M#. W. J. wine-merchant, of Liver- The stupendous embafikment 4hat ii^
pool. — ^At Kirby Lonsdale, the Rev. T. been raised between the villagea ^
Hqldcn, of Ilaisall, near Liverpool. W^oodverton and Cosgrove, near to die

tBicBSTiRSHiRE. markct-towu of Stoney Stratfov^L hm

On Wednesday, September 4, at a been lately opened for' the uat irf' tnute
aeneral meeting of the inhabitants of and internal navigation. The tDcoo«
Leiq^ier, held at the ExchanjKe, and venienceofpassiogiuac locks by the nde
oo^vened by the worshipful Edmond of this work, four dovim and nve^up» i»
Winien, Esq. mayor, pursuant to a now completely av/nded, and one iev4
public advertisement or requisition for sheet of water is formed aiul obt«ne^*
that purpose, sianed by Drs. Ar- extending from the village^ of Stoka
nold, and by Dr. Vaughan, physicians, Brucme to a certain place a few milea
as likewise uV the other physicians, and south of Fenn;f . StFmqrd. Aootfaer
bv the Rlev. Thomas Rofnnson, and all level of water ts likewise obtnoed, a
tfie other cleigy of the town ; it was' considerable way on tRe Buckin^balB-
trsol^'cd and unanimously declared to be collateral branch, reaching to withia
the sense of the meeting, that in consir the distance of about one mUe from that
deration of the many lives which have town. The arches erected under this
been annually lost inland near the town embankment, to create a passage for Am
of Leicester, of late years, by drowning river Ouse, which arches were believri
and other causes of suspended anima- and. reported to be in a sitUsing stale

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