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Trial of Chutcr «gainst Bum, in an one Grain up to any number of Oafico;

Action of Indemnity taken in Short Hand also correct Tables of the Duties thereon,

by Gumcy. List of Commercial Sumps, &c. by J*

The Housekeeper's Guide and Lodger's £de, Goldsmhh, 5s.

Adviier ; being a Selectioa of such impor- " The Way to Werfth,** or, "Poor

taot Branches of the Law, of Landlord, Richard improved ;*• by Dr. ^5?^

-and Tenants, as are more immediately in- Franklin, a new Edition impio^ ^

tcrcsttng to Hoasekecpen and Lodgers ; by Copper Plate Guts, price Is.

J. J. Maxwell, l8mo. Is. A Practical Treatise on Brewing, D^

Reflections on the Causes of Unhappy tilling, and Rectification, with the Doc-

Marnages, and on various Subjects there- trine of Fermentation; by R. ShiiBi<»i

Mnrih connected; an Epitome of the Law M. D. 4io. 21. l2s. Gd.

m Marriage and Divoice, with judical Galero and Ncnssa, including Opg"^

Decisions touching Separation, Ahmony, '^ . - .. i.^- •

nal CorrespoodcKt^ i». bdi.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Tkpwi i>f Diseases in a Western District tf London.



Rashleigh Abbey, or the Ruin On the
Rock; by R. Sicklcmorc, 3 vols. 12s.

The Count dc Vaimont^r the Errors of
Reason; from the French, 3 vols. 13s. 6d.

Ferdinand Fitzormond, or the Fool of
Nature; by Mrs. Temple, 5 vols. 11. Is.

A Sailor's Friendship, and Soldier's
Love, 2 vols. 8s.

Tales by Madame de Momolicu, 3 vols.

The Impenetrable Secret — find it out i
by T. Lathom, 2 vols. 9s.

Th^ Young Husband; by W. F. Wil-
fiaras, 3 volfi. 12s.


Prospectus of a Work, entitled a Phi-
klophical and Experimental Enquiry into
tiie Laws of Resistance of Non«£Iastic
Fluids, and Cohesion of Fibrous Solids,
as Itf ar either is ^ronnected with the Theo-
yy or Practice of Naval Architecture ; by
Alexander Mackonochie, esq. 4to. Is. 6d,


Half an HourX Lounge, or poems ; by
R. Man^allj 3s.

Collegium Bengatense; Carmen, cui
Prsmium Buchananaeum, a Senatu Aca-
demiae Glasguensb, adjudicacum est. Alex-
aadrO Mac Arthur auctorc, 4co. Is. 6d.


An Inquiry into the Permanent Causes
«f the Decline and Fall of Powerful and
Wcald)y Nations ; by W. Playfair, 4to.
11. Us. 6d. ' . *


War In Disguise, or the Frauds of Ncu-
' tial Flaj^s, 8vo. 4s. 6d.

Coalition against France, the important
Declarations of Austria and Russia, ac-
companied with the various Papers which
have passed between those Powers and
Fi^ce, witli a Preliminary Discussion of
the conduct of the respective parties, and
the probable consequences of the present
contest, Syo. Is*


Sermons on the Existence of the Deity,
the Immortalitv of the Soul, the Authen-
ticity of the Bible, and other Important
Subjects; by the Rev. J. Adams, A. M.,
8vo. 7s. 6d.

A Charge delivered to the Cleigy of
the Diocese of Exeter, at the Primary Vi-
sitation of John, Lord Bishop of Exeter.
1804 and l805, ls.5d.

A brief Treatise on Deafh, Philosophi*
cally, Morally, and Practically considered j
by R, Fellows, A. M. 8vo. 3s. -

A Sermon on the Promises of God,

f|reached May 7, 1710, never before pub-
tshed ; by the Rev. Matthew Jienry, Is.

The Order for the Visiution of the Sick/
from the Book of Common Prayer, inter-
spe sed with Prayers^ Exhortations, ani
Interrogatories, taken from different Au-
thors, together with some Observations
and Directions which may be useful to-
wards a due performance oi'that important
duty, designed for the four first jt,'islts9 ^uk
an Appendix, containing a few Prayers
which may, ac<:ording to different circum-
stances, be profitably used by the sick
themselves; by R» Mant, D. £). ll^mo.
f rice 2s.

A Letter to a country Gentleman,on
the subject of Methodism, confined chiefly
to irs causes, progress, and conseqijcnccs,
in his own neighbourhood^ firom ihe Clergy
of his parish, 8vo. Is, 6d.

The Twin Sisters ; or the Advamaget
of Religion, 12mo, 3s. 6d.

A Funeral Oration to the memory of
bis Roya] Highness the laic Duke ©f
Gloucester and Edinburgh, delivered at
Grosvenor Chapel, on tpe 8th of Sept.
I8a5; by the Rev. T. Baseley, A. M. 2u

Sermons for the use of Colleges, Schools
and Families ; by Joha Napleton, D. D.
Vol. lL7s.6d.


The Nature and Properties of Wool
ijlustrated, with a Description of the Eng-
lish Fleece i by J. Luccock, l^mo. 5s. 6d-

Ftoni September 21 to Octoler 21, IQ05.


SjRlOCfallS .^. . . . ^ , . . . f

MilkFevw 1

Inflammation of the Lungs .... £

F of the Bowels .... 'l

Acute diseases of Infants 3


Dyspepsia jq

\\ ater-brash 2

Bilious vomiiing 3

Small Pox 2 Jaundice ?! [ ,[ 2

Mcatks 2

•Hooping Cough 1

Catarrh ,.. 17

Acute Rheumatism »«•.,....... 2

V©1 IV.

Enterodynia 3

Chronic . Hepatitis %

Diarrha?a 2

Dysentery , 3


Digitized by


370 Domestic Incidents, ^c. Vc,

Piles ••.... 2 duced any very obvious change on the

PiaiDtear's C6Iic , - . . 2 state of diseases. The rheun.atic ^nd

Worms 1 catarrhal complaints, have shewn them-

lixmateme^is 1 selvea in an almost equal proportion

Asthenia 8 during the Summer, as at present ; and

Melancholy 1 the few disorders, occasioned by excess

Hysteria . . ^ 1 of bilious secretion, which are peculiac

Anienorrhsea 3 to the warm season, have not altogether

Leucorrhaja 2 disappeared. On the whole, the present

Dysuria . 2 season, like the preceding portion of

Catarrhus Vesicae 1 the year, must be considered as general*'

Palsy . 2 ly healthy. Tlie small pox still pievaiis

Chronic Rheumatism 12 to a considerable extent; but, we be-

Chronic Cough and D}'spnoea .... 13 lieve, not so iatally as in the early pan

Consumption 1 of the Summer : few, however, appl^

Dropsy 4 to public charities, except to those par-

Head-ach 2 ticularly conversant with this, or the

Dysphagia 1 vaccine disease.

Cutaneous Eruptions 4 The list of complaints is such as the

■ common prevalent circumstances amoi^

Number of Cases .... 132 the lower classes of the people suffici-
ently account for 5 and tliere appeafs to

* The coldness of the weather, during )ye no disposition to any pamoidar cteii

the last fortnight, has not as yet pro- of diseases.


IN a recent Gazette, notice is given
that an application is shortly to b^
'hiade to parliament, for the enlargement
and better regulation of the ancient pub-
lic market, called SmitHfield market, in
'the city of London; as likewise for
powers .to open and make a new street,
. or road, to commence from the north
.-end of the market, called Fleet market,
in the said city, to Clerkenwell Green,
and from thence to proceed to the road
called the Great North Road, at or near
the south end of Islington, county of

It is intended to bring a bill into par-
liament, in the next session, for powers
to plant, ornament, and embellisp, the
centre or area of Bloomsbury-square,. in
the parish of St; George, Bloomsbnr)%
county of Middlesex, and fo; forming
the same into a pleasure ground ; and
also for removing the present hackney
coach stand from tl^e said square.

It is intended that the docks newly made
at Wappiug, in this metropolis, called
the London Docks, shall be enlarged j
and for that purpose, to purchase aj>1ot
of ground lying on the west side of Grif-
fin-strcct; and also a plot of ground on
.the ^outh side of Wapping-wall ; and
also a plot of. ground on the north side
of VVappingTwall ; and also two plots of

ground on the west side of Old Gravel-
lane ; and also a plot of ground on the
south sideof Wapping-streetj and like-
wise a plot of ground situated on the
east side of Nightingale-lane ; — all
which said plots of ground, respectively,
lie and are situated in tiie several pi;
rishes, hamlets, liberties, &g. following,
viz: St. Paul's," Shadwell, alias Chads-
well ; St. George, Middlesex, common-
ly Cidled St. George in tlie East ; and
St. John ofVVapping; — all lyin^-iih-
in the district or ili vision of the T'owef
Hamlets, in the county of Middlesex.

Application is intencled to be made to
parliament, in the ensuing session, for
powers to niake and maintain a bridge
. across the river Thames, from or near
Vauxhall turnpike, in the parish of St.
Mary, I^-tmbeth, county of Surry, to
the opposite river bank,* in the parish of
St. John's, Westminster; Also for
powers to make and maintain a new in-
tended road, to proceed in a line passing
across the west of TothiH-fields, and on
certain other vacant grounds to be haw-
after specified, and opening a communi-
cation with the district of Pimlico, with
Eaton-street, and with Grosvenor-place,
with certain other collateral branch roads
adjoining, or intended to adjoin the
toiue; Also for powers to o|)cn a otw

Digitized by VjQOQIC

Domestic Incidents, &c'-&c.


908(1 from the said Vaaxhall turnpike, to
proceed in a line crossing the Ciapham
md Streatham - roads, on the west of
Kennington Common, then extending
to the Camberwell road ; then to pass
Walworth Common on the east of
Suny-square, and lead into the Kent
road; with another intended collateral
adjoining road, &c. &c.
' In an intended application to parlia-
taient, for powers to improve the naviga-
tion of the river 'ITiames, it is further m-
tended to provide for the making of di-
tcn cuts^l&om certain parts of the river
Thames to certain other jKirts thereof,
for the purpose of avoiding the places
tthere the navigation is most ohstructed,
tnd least capable of being otherwise im-
proved ; which said cuts are* proposed
to be made in the several parishes of
Latcham, I/ittleton, Shepperton, and
Sunbury, all in the county of Middle-
sex ; and also in the jjarishes of Cliert-
sey and Thorpe, botli in the county of

Intended Inclosures. — In the county
of Middlesex, the parishes of Ruislip,
of HilUngdon, and of Harmondsworth ;
and also the parish of Pyrford, in the
county of Surr}\

His' Lordship, tlie bishop of I^ndon,
has laiely vested in the hands of his five
archdeacons, as trustees, the sum of
6,7001. in the three per cents fund, or na-
tional stock, and yielding an annual in-
come of 2(X)l. towards esuiblisliing a se-
parate charity, for the relief of |K>or cler-
g}meu, for e\'er, in the London dio-

A plan is in agitation, and, according
to some of our journals, is alreiidy con-
cluded upon, tlie chief object of which
is to erect a new naval arsenal, d<.»pot,
and dock-yard, at the village of North-
fleet, or at or near a place called the Creek,
a little above Northfleet, which has a
chalky bottom, and is in other resi)cct8
tvell adapted to such a purj)ose. Tliis is
with a view to promote facility and ex-
pedition, in such ships of war as have
wen nreviouslv refitted at Woolwich and
Deptibrd, and where they are often de-
fined, for sc\ oral weeks, after the rei>airs
have been completed, by contrary winds.
By the present plan, it is intended that,
«ter coming out of dock, they shall
avail diemselvcs of the first fair wind,,
and drop down to or near Gravesend,
wliere ocry tiling unfinished may be

completed, and from which ships of th^
largest size can put to sea, with any

' Married,'] At St. George's, Ilanover-
square, Sir J. Buchanan Kiddels, bart«
to the Rt. Hon. Lady Frances Mark-*
ham, eldest daughter of the Earl of
Romney. — Mr. Summers, jun. of New
Bond-street, to Miss Maltravers, eldest
daughter of the late J. M. esq. of Great
Russell-street, Bl6om6bury- square. —Mi,
Ginger, bookseller, of College-street, to
Miss Godfrey, of Milbank-stcct, West-
minster. — At Hamnstead, Col Uouglas,
esq. to Miss Boydetl, -eldest daughter of
Alderman B. — At Mar}bonne church,
G. Evans, esq. of Portrane,in the coun-
ty of Dublin, Ireland, to Miss Parnell,
only daughter of the late Sir John P.— .
John Danford, esq. of Aldgate, to Miss
Warren, of Newport-street.— At Hack-
ney, J, Nicklin, esq. to Miss Willing-
toii, late of Tamworth. — At Farnham,
in Surry, J. Lovers Couchct, esq. to
Lady Fleming, widow of the late Rt.
Hon. Sir R. Worsley, bart. I^dy Flem-
ing had re-assumed ner father's name. —
R. James, esq. of Lanib^s Conduit-
street, to Miss Sjicnce of ILmover-
square. — J. Byerley, esq. of Albion
Place, Hammersmith, to Miss H. Cook-
sey, late of Braces Leigh, Worcester-
shire.-^— H. Boyd, esq. of Ballycahtlc,
Ireland, to Miss Lowri^, of Titchfield-
streel.— G. Roots, esq. of Lincoln s-inn,
to Miss S. Price, youngest daughter of
the lateCapt. J. P. of the Hon. East In-
dia Company's service. — C. Arnott, esq.
of Rlishington, Hants, to Miss Bayard,
of Green-street, Grosvenor-square. — Mr,
Lay, of Hackney, late commander of the
Admiral Rainier East Indiaman, to Miss
Pvtt, of Chelmsford. — At Croydon, A.
Markett, esq. lieut. of the R. >f. to Miss
Man ley. — R. Van Heythuson, esq. of
Guild ford-street, to Miss Price, of St.
James' s-street. — Mr. W. Williams,
master of the Swan with Two Necks
Inn, Lad-biie, to Miss A.' Heather, scf
cond dauebter of J. H.csq. of IsHng«
ton. — T. Bush, ^. of Wandsworth,
to Miss H. Brown, of Peckham Lodge*
— At Hendon, 'Lieut. -col. Nichojl, to
Miss S. Geevcs, late of Page-street. — Ai
Tottenham, Air. G. E, Shuttleworth,
of Austin Friars, to Miss A. M. Thomp-
son. — J. Agar, esQ, barrister, of the In-
ner Temple, to Mrs. Fletcher, of Wel-
beck-strect. — S. C. Brandram, es<]^. of

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Provincial OccurrenccBs

Size-lane, in Miss Stytn, of Clapham.
•—At Curzon-street chapel, Col. Jones j
aon of T. J. esq. of Conduit-street, to
Miss Ironiongcr.— -Mr. Clarke, senior,
hosier, in Barbican, to Mrs. M. Harvis,
Ij^te of Ckdmsford, — At All-hallows the
Great, E. R. Comyn, esq. of Bush-lane,
to Miss Vanderconi.— ft. Wood, esq.
of Finsbury-square, to Miss Wood, of

Died.'} Mr. R. Arbuthnot, late se-
cretaty to the Hon. F. North, governor
of Ceylon. He returned to Britain in
the lately arrived East India fleet, and
died iu fiic Ddwus t\vo or three weeks
ago. — ^Aged 75» W. Styles, esq. a com-
missioner of the customs. — ^In Gough-
square, at an advanced aze, Mrs. Cham-
berlayne, sister of the late W. C. esq.
one of the commissioners for auditing
the public accounts. — At Southraie,
aged 18,^ Miss M. H. Smith, of Fins-
bur}'- terrace. — Miss Miller, late of
Dniry-Iahe Theatre. — At bis house at
Blackheath, of an apopledtic fit, G. Ar-
nold, esc^.-~-At Twickenham, in the 43d
yc2u-*of his age, Thomas Armvard; esq*
bnt of the directors of the Bank. — At
Kentish Town, T. Briy, esq. late of
Percy-street. — At his lodgings, in Great
Portland-street, E. Fitzgerald, esq. of
New Pkrk, lathe county of Wexford.—
At Finchley, R. Jennings, esq. chief
tlerk to Lord Grenville, auditor of the
exchequer. -^ In South-street, South
Audley-street, H. Frazcr, esq.— H. T.
Jones, esq. of Gower-street, Bedford-
aquare. — Mrs. Farmer, wife of S. F. esq.
of Nonsuch Park, Surry. — At Burforcf-
bridp^, Surr}', aged J 8, Miss Margaret
Fairfax, daughter of Rear-admiral F.-^
Mrs. Moore, wife of Mr, F. M. of apo-
thecaries' ' hall. — At Richmond, af»ed
43, .J. niomton, esq.* formerly of the
navy; At the time of his <le«tth, he is
represented as labouring under tlie pining

grief of a broken heart, fr»m thecsH^
pic-crust promises of a pretended iriend.
— A^ Flaqong's hotel, in Oxiord-stieet,
the Hon. Col. Eardky, second son of
Lord Eardley.— At hfs house in Glou-
cester-place, New Road, P. R. Bear-
croft, esq. late commissary-seDCial ot
accounts to the Leeward Isnods, and
one of the commissioners for investi-
gating the accounts of the anny expen-
diture in the West Indies. — ^At Streaii^
am, H. Cole, esq. of Beswell-hail, Dut
wich. — At Woolwich, Mrs. Phi[^
relict of the late Major-grnexal P. — ^la
Tvlncy-street, May Fair, aged gO, Mrs.
Munster, relict of^the late Colonel Her-
bert Munster.— At Twickenham, Mi».
A. Doig, of Lower Berkeley-street,
Manchester-square. — At Edmonton, in
his 84th year, W. Knowlys, Esq.—At
Tunbridgp-wells, the Lady of Sir Geo.
Busgen, of Great Cumberland-place.—
In Fitzroy-square, the Hon- Smith Bar-
ry, uncle to the present Earl of Ban}-
more— At Ilford, in Essex, Mrs. Winter,
eldest daughter of Mr. T. Miller, of the
same place. — At Brompton, in her JTd
year. Lady Temple, rehct of the late Sir
K. Temjpfe, bart. of Kempsey, in Wor-
cestershire. — At his apartments, Ken-
sington palace, in his 7^ year* thcRcv.
S. Thompson. — At Anstye, Herts, the
Rev. E. ISIapletoft, rector.'-— At Rye«l«,
in Surry, in her 26ih year, Mrs. Paul
Talloct.— At Pimlico, Mr. Mason,
king's messenger. — In Clifford's Ino,
age3 5g, T. Dogberty, esq. ipecial
pleader. — At Soutli Lambeth, Mrs.
Hook, wife of Mr. H. the celebrated
musical composer. — Mrs. Second, a
sing(:r of scientific and professional emi-
hcnde. — Aged gO, Captain W. Fergu-
son, of Gray-street, Blackfriars-roa<t,
many yeiirs au elder brother of the Tii<»


BERKSHIRE. esq. — At Spccnhill, near Ncwbiirr, Mr,

• Married.'] At Reading, J. P. Reeve, Ma*5on, formerly a clothier, in Gfouces-
•sq. to Miss Vaughan of Farnboro*. tershire. — Mr. R. Keep, of Fcrrcs Farm,

• I^ied.] At Reading, suddenly, Mr. Aldermaston. In respect to his memo-
Knight, during twenty years keeper of rv, there was a numerous attendance of
the county jail. — J. Lovegrove, Ksq. — the Aldermaston Cavalr\*, of which Mr.
At Newbury, Mr. Horner, wife of R.H. K. was a member, at his funeral.— R.
esq. adjutant of the Newbun% Shaw, Allen, esq. of Farnham^ in Sun)-.— In
and Speen Volunteers.— At Sophinar, his 21st vear, Mr, S. Sewell, surgeon,
V4 wn^^""^ illness of 18 monilis, youngest' son of Mr. S. ofWargrave; a
Mr;*. Leliasis, wife of J. Brj-dgci, H. youilg mjin not a little respecte<i, from

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Provwcial Occurreneer,


bis Jtrong Qftttnal abilities* and diligent
•fjpUcation to the study of polite litera-
ture, in the steady prosecution of which
lie had resided some time in London^
^rfaeie he was attacked with apulmona-
r\' complaint, which soon baffled all the
skill and powers of medicine and physi-
cians, and unfortunately put a peiioa to
a valuable Hfe.

Erratum. — In Berkshire news for
iast month, instead of—** operation of
^ratckotmty,^ itad ** operation of ifroncho-


We learn that the Lord Chancellor
lias lately made an order in the Down-
ing Colle&c cause, purporting to the fol-
Imving effect, viz. that ceruin buildings
snQuld be forthwith erected, for the ac- ,
commodatioQ of twenty independent
members, in addition to the members
already specified in the Downing Col-
\e«t c&arter and statutes ; that the sum
of 28001. should be set apart annually
as a fund to defray the charges of the
isaid buildings, out of the reiits and pro-
fits of the Downing estates ; that the sa-
laries of the present members should be
paid out of the income arising from the
surplus revenue, and that the collegiate
body should be empowered to borrow
the sum of 12,0001. for the acceleration
cfthe different proposed buildings, &c.

Intended inelosures in thi3 county.
The fens and commons known by the
names of Sedge iFen; Sedge Fen Plains,
Sedge Fen Pools, tlie Middle Fen Parts,
and the Washes.


Married.l At Chester, Mr. New-
combc, organist, of Ruabon, to Miss
Spcnce, daughter of ^Ir. Spence, one of
the choristers of tlie cathedral. — At
Congleton, Dr. Steine, to Mrs. Clubbe,
relict of the late Dr. Clubbe. — At Great
Biidworth, T.Widders, esq. of Browne's
lane, to Miss M. Peacock, late of Seven

DiedA At Chester, Mr. Adams, late
.landlord of the Canal Boat-house, at
iillesmcre Port.


Married.] At East Stonehouse. Capt.
Hairland.toMissAUport. — AtHoniton,
Mr. Gould, attorney, to Miss Domett,
nitce of Admiral Dornet. — At Thorn-
.combe, Mr. W. Hawkins, clerk of the
parish, aged 78, to Miss F. Baker, aged
34.-.Mr. J. Wills, druggist, of Ply-
mouth, to Miss £. Nornngton, eldest
Aiughter of M. ^^orrinJton, drai)cr, of

Exeter. — Jos. Pike, esq. of Bridport,
a^cd7'2, to Miss M. Manning, late of
Exeter, aged 42.— Mr. J. Risdon, book-
seller, to Miss M. Morton, both (^£x-
ter. — AtMaker, near Plymouth, Mr. H.
Williams, mathematical instrument-
maker, to Miss E. Ford. — At.Topsham,
Mr. \y. Thomas, of Exeter, to Miss FL
Carter, srand-daughter, of the late
Richard Copplcstone, esq.,— At Exeter,
Mr. J. Boucher, spirit-merolmnt, to*
Mi&s E. Townsliend, of Stenton Bar-
ton, Upton Pyne. — R. Bromley, eso.
of the royal navy to Miss Slieppard,
daughter of Dr. Sneppard, of the Dock
Yarn, Plymouth.— S. H. Hayne, escj.
of Slade, to Miss M. Manning, second
daughter of the late Mr. Mannmg, sur-
geon, of Kinffsbridge.

Died.'] At Exeter, in the Friery, a^^
03, the Rev. Mr. Hatch, dissenting
minister. — Mr. Bis^ood, one of the
proorietctrs of the Clarence coach. Miss
A. Ware, sister of Mr. Gid W,are, ar-
chitect. — AtTop»ham, aged 70, Mr.
Mason, chemist.-— At Plymouth, Mrs.
Hubbard, wife of Mr. Hubbard, mcr*
cier and draner. — At Barnstaple, the
Hon. Henry Tumour, a lieutenant in the
royal navy, and fifth son of tiie late ear(
ofWinterton. — At Teignmouth, Major
Gomonde, of Bath. — At Upton Hcl-
lyons, J. Parncll, esq. of Crediton. — The
Viseountess ofLisburne, relict of the
late I^rd Viscount Libbume, of Mam-
head, in this county. — At Moor Town,
near Tavistock, Mrs. Ridout, wife of
J. Hidout, esq.^


Married.] At Weymouth, lieutenant
GeorK Falconer, of the roj'al navy, t*
Mrs. Jones, widow of the late Rev. Mr.
Jones, rector of Latchington, in Essex.
— At Dorchester, J. Macmahon, esq.
of Thornhill House, to Miss A. Strick-
land. — At Yeovil, Mr. Hilbourne, of
Sydling, in this county, to Miss K.
Watts, daughter of Mr". Watts, attor-
ney.— At Alton, R. A. Cox, esq. of
Piddle Trenthide, to Miss Newman.—"
At Sherborne, Mr. T. Coster of Wood-
street, London, to Miss M. Watts, se-
cond daughter of Mr^ R. W.

Died.] At Dorchester, in an advanced
ase, Mrs. Phelps— Mrs. Baker, wife of
Mr. Baker, auctioneer.— At Dorchester,
Mrs. Carter, of the Antelope Inn.— At
Poole, at an advanced age, T. Street,
esq. merchant. He was suddenly seized
with a very violent fit of coughing, and
expired almost ijnmcdiatcly.— At Lyiue

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Protnncial Occurrence f>

Begins Mn. Anil Sto\v.<rt, a nattve of
"NiJrth America, and wile of the Rev. J.
Stewart, lornierly rector of George
Town ami Ail Saints parishes, in South
Carolina. — At Mn9tbuiT,T. WedgMOod,
esq. third son of the late Josiah \\'edg-
wood, esq. of Ktniria, in Sttifford shire.
—At Winicrton, Whitchurch, in his
18th year, Mr. J. W.Clancott.


Applications are intended to be made
to prlianient, in the course of the en-
suing session, for ))owers to improve the
navi^iion of such part of the rr\crTees
as proceeds from the town of Stockton
Vipon Tees to the Gorman Ocejin, by
inakina; a navigable cut or' canal to pass
tlirou^ the neck of land lying on the
south side of Holme House', in the said
|>arish of StocUon, which part of tlie
•iiid river pa.''9cs through the several jxi-
rslies and townships following, tiz.
Stockton, Hillin^ham, Cowpon Bew-
ley, Greaihnm, Seaton, Carew, and
Ktraniim, alt in this count)^ ; and like-
wise through the scrcml parishes and
townships of 'lliomaby, StaiU'ibv, Stain-
tori, Acklam, Linthorj), Middfesboro',
Ormesby, Nonnanbv, Kston, VVitton,
Lazenby, I^ickenby, Kirk leal ham, Kast
i'oathain, and West C'oatham, all in
the county of York.

Marrui.'] Mr. T. Clarke, of Hylton,
Innd-steward to S. Temple, esq. to Miss
1). Sto<ldiirt, of Jarrow Redhousc. — U.
Dixon, esq. son of Captain 1). of Ingoc
Hall, to Miss Dixon, of filenwhclt. —
At Chcsien I,e Street, >Ir. Jackson-;
surgeon, to Miss Watson, niece of J.
Bird, CM|.

Died.^ At Durham, aged 75> Mrs
M. Bees, relict ;[>f the late Mr. M. B.
innkeeper. — At South Shields, aged 62,
Mhs Thomson, daughter of the late
J. T. esu. — At Sunderland, ajj^d 81.
Mr. J. \\ ood, ship-owner. — At .Monk-
weamouth. Miss Kowes, Auiiditer of
Mr. T. L. Coalluter.— At Hexham,

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