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a^cd 90, John Heron, esq.— At Bil-
4ingha!n, the Rev. Mr. As|)enwall, cu-
rate of Wooh iston — At Harton House,
near South Shields, Richard Scott, esq.


Marrud.'] At Rochfqrd, Mr. H. Mat-
tocks, coacli-master, to Mrs. Warner.

Died.] At Colchestfer, Mrs. Philips,
wife of W. Philips, cisq. justice of peace
for the borough. — At Harwich, aged
43, Mr. Bacon, landlord of the Queen's
Head Inn. Although he had been ill
for twcBty-three years, yet his death

was unexpected : for while in Ae ad of
dressing himself, he dropped dovii oo
the lied, iind expired abnost in an in*


Mam'cd,'] At Lidncy, the Rev. Fr
Homlrav, of ^Vvington, to Miss H. Hom-
frcy, eldest daughter of J. H. es<j. J
Broad Waters, ,in WorcesiCTihirt.— A*
Stroad, Mr. Sugars^ supervisor ofrxcisCf
to .Mi^s Jones. — At Care, near Dunlcy,
Mr. 1\ Lew ton, of Durslcy, to UList
Lucy Whittard, youngest daugnter of Mn«
C. W.— Also at Cam, J. Vianl, o^.
commander of die Durslcy VoloDieer
Infantry, to Mtss Weight, danghiCT of
the late D. W. es(\. of CUnjer, near
Durslcy. — Mr, Whitewood, ofPorueai,
Hants, to Miss BurcbcII, only daughter of
the Rev. Mr. B. of Teibury,ia tbi& countr. -

Dud.] Suddenly, James RoqLc, esq,
of liiyswcarcd House, in this couiuv, a ge-
neral in the army, colonel of the SStb ic^-
nient of foot, and M. P. for the county of
Xfonmouth. Thii venerable geadcmanva
sporting on the Treibck Hills, oji Fndav,
Oct. 4, and had just Bred at a bird, vhcDM
suddenly fell from his horse, and dropped
down dead in an apoplectic fit ! General R.,
had represented the county of Monmouth io
several successive parliaments; and diou^
advanced in years, possessed a very cona-
derablc portion of activity.


Mr. Harrison,of Silchcstcr,in this county,
has had, oat of one stock of bees, this year,
nine swarms; thep:oduce of thefirstsuirn
alone, weighs not less than sixt^ ptnadsef
kopty I

Mam'td.'] At Portsmouth, Mr. Wcbbc,
late master of the Blanche, ship of war, to
Miss Ranwell, of Portsca. — Mr. Wood,
to Miss S. Mathexk'S, daughter of the lae
Mr. M. clerk to the suncyor of the ord-
nance. At Newport, hie of Wight, Mr.
T. Pcmcn, grocer, to Miss A. Anicl.

Dud,] At Southampton, Mrs. WalHs,
relict of the late capt. W. of the Rose re-
venue cutter. — At Portsmouth, aged 21,
Miss Bailey, only daughter of Mr. B. of
the Royal Academy in the dock-^ud.— At
Havant, Mrs. Foster, wife of Mr. F. tin-
ner. — At Elson, near Gosporr, Capt. Sir
Frederick Thefigcr, of the Royal Navy,
and agent for piisoncrs of war at Ports-
mouth. — At Lumlcy cabin, Mrs. l>ircy,
vifeof G. Darty.— 'At Elmswortb, Mn.
Lotherington,wifc of Capt. L. of the Wc^
India tiads.

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frfmndal Occurrfnceg^



It is intcmicd to establish a charity school
in the parish of St. Margaret's, in the town
amd borough of Leicester. The sum of
9001. has been already subscribed for, to
effect this very benevolent purpose.

Married*'] At Northampton upon Soar,
neaur Lougbboro% Mr. J. Barrowcliffe,
farmer and grazier, to Mrs. Taccy, widow
of the late J. T. gent.— At Derby, Mr.
W.Salisbury, ofAshby de la Zouch, in
this county, to Miss Bryan, eldest daugh-
«er of the Utc Mr. J. 6. of Pistem Hill,
10 the county of Derby.

Died.'] At Leicester, Mrs. Price, wife
of Mr. Alderman P.— At Loughboro* in
1m 55thyear,Mr. H. Shutilewood.— Mrs.
Barry.— Mrs. King, wife of Mr. J. K. of
Bccby. — At Burton Ovcry, in his 46th
year, Mr. Ashby.— At Barrow upon Soar,
Mrs. Beaumont, widow.


Married.'] T. J. Gay, esq. of Saxthorpc
Hall, in this county, to Miss Covert,of Chi-
chester, county cif Sussex. — At Ormesby,
C. Symoiids, les<^. son of J. S. esq. of
Yarmouth, to Mtss Price, daughter of the
Rev. Dr. P. vicar of Ruoham.

Died] At Lynn, Mrs. Dcarsley, wi-
dow of the late Mr. D. surgeon, formerly
of Thetfbrd. — At South Lynn, suddenly,
Mrs. Dixon, widow of the late Mr. R. D.
grazier. — At North Kepps, in his 27th
year, R. Plumlcy, gent. — In his 26ih
year, the Rev. T. H. D. Hoste, eldest
sonofthe Rev. D. H. of Goodwyke Hall.


Application is intended to be made to
parliament, in the ensuing session, for
powers to enable the baililF and free bur-
gesses of the town and coi poration of Da-
^'entry, to purchase, take down and re-build
the present Moot Hall, in the town, and
for pov^ers to improve the present market
place, and also for powers to pave, repair,
cleanse, light, and otherwise improve tlie
tneets,&c. all witliin the said town.

Intended inclosures in the county of
Buckingham, the parishes and hamlet of
Iringboeand Pightlesthorne.

Married.] At OundeV Mr. Oliver
Cox, of Rinestead, to Miss Cath. Webster.
At Wellingborough, Mr. James Sergeant,
to Miss M. Sutton. R. F. Stanton, M.
D. to Misa Wilson, daughter of the la»c
Andrew W. esa.— The Rev. T. H. H.
• NoAdham, of Hurpolc, to Miss Jcphcott,
eldest daughter ofthe Rev. J. J. late rec-
tor of Kislinbury. — At Ecton, II. Brett,
es^. of Wimpole-st cei, London, to Miss
W b^Ucy^ only daughter of the late Rev.

P. W. rector Of that parish. — At Bucking-
ham, Mr. T. J. Stockdale, son of Mr. }.
S. bookKeltdr, of London, to Miss S, Mil-

Died.] At Northampton, Mrs. ;f.
Broad, 1 1 years matron to the general infir*
mary in that town.— Aged 5b, the wor-
shipful F. Hayes, esq. mayor of this bo-
rough. 1 his gentleman, apparently in good
health and high spirits, was going down a
country dance at his own ball, when he^
suddenly dropped down and instantly ex-
pired, without moving a limb or uttering x
groan. — Aged 75, Mr. J. Limming, shoe-
maker, of Wakcrley. — At Castle Asoby^
Miss A. Seagrave, fourth daughter of the
Rev. E. S. rector. — Mr. Bryan Deane, of
Burleg, in Rutland. As he was returning
home from Oakham market, very much
intoxicated, he lost his equilibrium, fell
from his horse, and was found dead, with
one of his feet hanging in the stirrups.


A new scam of coal, which proves io
be ef excellent quality, has been lately
discovered, at the depth of about J 30 fa-
thoms below the suriace of the earth, at a
place, in this county^ called Killingworih'
New Winning.

Married.] At Berwick, Mr. W*
Logan, jun. to Miss Ford, sister of W.
F. esq. — At Bishop Middleham, H. Fea-
ron, esq. son of tne late W. F. esq. of
•Newcastle, to Miss M. Taylor. — At
Newcastle, Mr. H. Ranson, clerk in the
banking house of Messrs. Laml^ton and
Co. to Miss A. Ireland, daughter of the
Rev. J. I. — Mr. Recs, of the theatre, to
Miss A. Robson.

Died.] At Newcastle, aged 83, Mrs.
Reynoldson, wife of Mr. R. sh»p-builder#
—J. Walker, clock and watch-maker.
As a workman, his mechanical abilities
were of a very superior cast; and the
trade in general arc not a little indebted
to him for many ne\v and useful inven-
tions. — At North Shields, Mrs. Liddcli,
relict of the late J. L. esq. — Mrs. Th,
Cooke, relict of the late Mr. J. C. >hip-
■Owner. — Aged 32, Mrs. Fenwick, wife
of Mr. T. F. ship-owner.— At Newton
by the Sea, aged S(\ Dr. Forster, many
years an eminent physician at Alnwick.—^
At the Leazcs, near Newcastle, aged 58,
Mrs. Reid, wife of Mr. A. R. tobacco-
manufacturer.— At Winlatbn, Mr, G. ,
Bourne, 45 y.ears cashier to Messr:i. Crow-
ley, MillingtOQ, and Co.


Married.] G. H. Barrow, esq. attor-
ney, to Mrs. E- Lowe, both ot South-

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Prmnndal Occurrenc^^

veH.— At Colwick, J. Masters, jun. esq.
to Miss M. A* Chaworth, of Anneslcy,
in this county.*— At Nottingham, Mr. R.
Carter, grazier, of Walkingdcn, in York-
shire, to Miss Shipslone, of Beverley, in
the same couilty. — Mr. Wilson, of Not-
tingham, to Miss Chatcr, of London

Mr. J. Fowkes, currier, to Miss Sarah
Wesley. ^

Died.'] At Nottingham, aged 90,
Mrs. Sarah Chcslyn, the last of six
maiden ladies, sisters, and daughters of
the. late Robert C. esq. of Langley Hall,
^county of Leicester, on whose decease the
above ladies all came to reside in this
town. — At Nt^wark, Mrs. Owen, wife of
Mr. J.O. master of the Cos^h and Horses
Dublic house.— At Carlton, aged 85,
Mrs. Parr, a widow lady.


Married. "] At Bloxham, T. Gabbitt,
esq. to Miss Hyde.— At Oxford, Mr. R.
Spiers, perfumer and hair-dresser, to Miss
Sirman.—Mr. T. Golby, herald-painfer,
to Miss A. Goswell. — At Banbury, JMr
M- Wheeler, coal-merchant, to Mi*s E.
Roberts, sister of Mr. R. wine-merchant.
— At Pennyworled, county of Brecknock,
South Wales, the Rev. Mr. Grime, of
Bnzen Nose CoUege, Oxford, to Miss
Hall, eldest daughter of Mr. H. an emi-
nent farmer, and laic of Headingtoo
Wick, in this county.

Dird.] At Oxford, aged 30, Mrs. S.
A. Talmash, wife of ]\Ir. C. T. woollen-
draper.— At his house, in this city, W.
Brickncll, esq. of JLvenload, county of
Worcester^-ARcd 5p, ii^Ir. Rd. Budd,
master of the Waggon and Horses pnbli?
house.— Mr. W. Hancock, bookseller. —
At Amhrosden, in his 75ih year,.J.King,
gcni.— Near Bruce Oxton, Joseph Vines,
esq. He unfortunately fell from his korse,
and was killed on the spot.T-On the 8th
of May last, on his return from China, in
his 30tli.\Tar, Mr. George Ireland, purser
of L* Antheneau, ship of war, and only son
ofMr.L of Oxford.


Died.] At Shrewsbury, aged 6S^ Mr.
Tr. Hand, locksmith and bell-hanger. —
At Ludlow, t. Coi^e, esq.— Mr. Rir
(hards, brazicr.-r-At Owestry, Miss Ed-
wards, dress-maker. — At Marlow, aged
?6, Rowland Littlebales, esq. formerly
of Shrewsburv.—At Kingsland, Mrs.
James, wife ot J. J. esq.


It is intended io alter and impro\'e the
navigation of the river Avon, in that part
•f it which is commonly called tb? Bith

river navigation, and which leads fiontAe
qi^y, at the city of^Bacb, to Huitam
mills, in the county of Gloucester.

Married.'] At Over Stowcy, Mr. W.
Horse)% ofStaplegro\'e, near Taunton, to
his third wife. Miss Hill, with a genteel
fortune. — At Hcnbury, near BHstot), Mr.
J. B. Cary^ tanner, of Shepton Malict, to
Miss S. Atkins, youngest daughter of die
late W. A. esq. of Passage, in the county
of Cork.

Died.] At Bath, aged ^3, Mn. Met*
rick, a lady very nearly related to the learn-
ed and celebrated author of the .Annocati-
ons on the Psalms.— Mrs. Marder, relict
of the late J. M. tsq. of marines.— At
Minehead, Mr. Fr. Baston, sen. for many
years aa eminent practitioner of th^ lav,
and clerk and treasurer to the ccmmussioQ-
crs of the Minehead turnpikes.— -At Bridg-
water, in his 84th year, Mr. J. Read,—
Mrs. Scott, ofCberiton Hill. — ^At Yard
House, near Taunton, Mis& Eleanor Hatli«
day, a lady of amiable manners, and a traly
consistent character.— At tbcHotWellsi
the Rev. Mr. Edwards.


Married:] Mr. S. Taylor, of Cosekv,
to Mihs Anne Farmer, of Willenhall.
The united ages of this bold and anitaaied
couple amount to 140 years ! — At New-
castle-undcr-Line, Mr. J. Behby, xoetw
chant, of Liverpool, to Miss Mellard.—
At Colwich, James Macdonald, esq.
M. P. only son of the Lord Chief fiinia
of the Exchequer, to Miss Elizabeth
Sp» row, second daughter of J. S. S. esq.
of Bishton.— ^At West -Bxooiwicfa, Mr.
W. Whitehouse, nailzilanger. and mer*
chant, to Miss Hately, dauffbter of Mr«
J. H. iron-master, of EttingsnaU.

Died,] At Litchfield, aged 83, Mis.
Davis, relict of the late Aldnman W. D.
of Northampton.-— Mr. S. Roherts, dealer
in horses, of Derby. Being at LitchScM
during the- races, and upon the coone,
Jie H'as, by some casualty, unfortunately
thrown fiom his horse, in consequeace of
which, his skuU was so much iractufed by
the fall, that he expired in the course ck
a few hours.-*~At Stafford, J. Collins,
esq.-«.At Wolverhampton, of an apoplec-
tic fit, Mr. F. Andrews, ironmoogcr.


■ Died.] At Ipswich, Mw. Harwood»
wife of Mr. H. attorney.— -At Bury, aged
76, Mrs. .Daven^ a maideu hdy, sister of
Sir Charles D. bart. — At Lowestoft, in
consequence, as it is s^ted, of having catca
too many gooseberries which he had ^wa>-
lowed w'holct aged 13^ Maiter WUtckccw

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Provincial Occurrences.

At B^dci, ijcd 59, Mr. J. Algaj, fiirmcr,
late master of the White Lion inn. — At
Brandon^ Mrs. Willctt, wife of Mr, .W.
banker. — At Saxmundham, C. Baker,
cent. — ^At \yalpole, a^cl 86, the Rev,
Afr. Walker, dissenting minister. — At
Meilor, the Rev. J. Freeland^ rector of


DiedS] At Stratford-upbn>Avon, Mr.
h. Stubbs^ thicd son of Walter S. esq.;—
At Studlcy CastlC) aged yj, Philip Lyt-
tletoa, esq. — At Wotion WawcU, aged
74, the Key. Dan. Gachcs, Justice of the
peace for iHis county. He was formerly
fellow and tutor of Kine*s College, Cam-
bridge, and was geneTaliy allowed to pos-
Kss considerable learning and uncommon


s^ds the pump, which supplies all. the
huinerous tenants of the prison, witli
excellent spring water^ The day-ropm»
as it is called, for men^ is twen^-four
feet in Ibngth, hy fifteen in breadth, and
it. is provided with a tire-place. From
this room, there proceed two passages,
which dontain nineteen sleeping cells,
each of therh about twerity-foi|r yards
square, with boarded oak floors and
arched roofs. Out of the court theio
is another passage leading ,to the cha[)el9
in which are eight sleeping cells, iiine
feet in length, by six in>^l)readth. It
should not be omitted, that all the
above cells are well ventilated and dry*
The room for condemned piispners,
called ' Pompey*s Parlour,* is about six

Vigour of intellect. He was rector of yards square 5 and it is sufficiently light
Long Compton, in this county, for many to enable its unhappy occupiers to read.

years; but afterwards having obtained the
Consent of the patrons, viz. the provost
ttnd fellows of Eton College, he resigned
the living in favour of his nephew.


Married.'] At Keswick, J. Brec, esq.
nephew of Sir Martin Stapleton, of Mv-
toQs, in Yorkshire, to Miss Eliza Barcron,
d^cond daughter of Joseph B. esq.

ZHtd,-] At Kendal, Mr. B. Herd,
tbearman. — At Grange, near Kendal, aged

On the west side of the pnson appears
a court-yard of a semicircular shape,
for the reception of young offenders.
As an adjunct to this, there is a day*
room, and accommodations " for about
fifteen prisoners. To eacK cell the
county supplies rugs for bedding, vary-,
ing in number, according to the seasoa
of the yeaf. Crjininals intended for
trial are re;^larly allowed a sixteen
ounce loaf ol gboci wheaien bread, with

53, tht Rev. James Freeman, late of two ounces of good cheese, every mdrn

Wakefield.-^ At Underbarrow, near Ken-
^I, aged 62, Mrs
Ac Rev. Mn H.


Some account of the public gate in
the castle of York. In its spacious area
df abou^ four acres, stands Die noble
cbtinly-nall, in which are two courts.

ing. Transports who have been con-
A. Hcrvey, wife of victed at the castle, have what is called
the king's allowance of 2s. 6d. a week^
Is: b'd. paid in money, and Is. in
bread. Transports convicted at the
Quarter Sessions have an allowance of
2s. per week, viz. one shilling paid ia
money, by that particular riding fronn
which they are sent, and Is. in bread.

one for the trial of criminals, and the* ,

other for civil suits. The prison for Women felons are kept entirely sepa<
diebtors appears exactly in the centre of rate from the men, in the new buildmg
the area, to which tliere is an ascent, which has been erected on the east

by a fine flight of stone steps, to _
flfoor, on which are eight rooms, sixteen
feet square, and twelve feet in heiglu.
Above these are eleven rooms. for com-
inon-side debtors: these are all free
wards, laid out in such a judicious
manner, as to be airy and healthy, and
the lobbies or passages leading to them
are spacious and lofty. On the ground
floor are apartments appropriated to tlie
use of the gaoler and his family. The
felon's court is entered by a descent of
fjpc steps ; it is, however, confessedly
too small to answer its proper purpose,
being only eighteen vards m length by
fifteen in br^th. before this court.
On the outside of the iron palUsadoes,
Vol. IVi

side of the castle-yard, where there arc
two large sleeping rooms and a work-
room set apart for them ; there is also a
court-yard, a wash-house, and other
conveniences. On the second story art
two large and convenient rooiiis tba't are
commonly used for an infirmarj'. Very
particular care is taken that such persons
as come to the jail, in ara^edand dirty
condition, be clean washed, and that
they put on the county clothing. ' Th^
corporati<m of the city of Vork is nc^^
very pro|jcrJy building a new prison, suf-
ficicntiy large to sujjcrscde tlie necessity
of any other : may we not hope and rea-
sonably expect that the citv will imitate
thecountv, ia liberality of conduct, and


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^7^ fTWWWro xA^Ufy^'fA!^*

frtttfeihbicittte tbirt ^cti hoi^fl phitcs 'df fiftWro, trfid flu TtUV^tMKAsitifc &!)[imv^»

A. few tt^ieks ag6, -SL -^ttltnpmy bt thfc jjrovidrt -at \li* lectetrtfe ^fl**- ttft Dock

Mbil% llhat is ven» ct^mffiKjA th tfrfe tompatty; aho Mih^ ^i^gdftte

wnAatinceJiTi, by chance tlrof)}^^ \r\tb piles, and framing of ihc flMlhforM

^flhl Aiftir, x)Ti Ifce ro&st oiT Holdttrt^^, laun'datiort 6t* TO- SaW lJW6k .Pit, and

l#tiith^\tTg'ob^errt?d ty'sotofe hi«tt '^•lld rf^ift ftft'e'^e^c'tifeig ih* stDtA- and tofck*

Aife tiprioiftttd to ^-^trfi the bWco^ <m t^* of the fe^ic^btl ^M3h df ttffe ^ari

JlWlror6tifr!i Tc»J(r, hfe ^'As %h(n at, mhTi (?\rihhtrtaAd Dottcv airil 9^6 fefr^tttnAj-

ftthfet\*ttfe -ill tt^'fi&a, bMit oil the ^^^t^V »» th* l>o'ck CortriaHy 'Mth atjbttifl*

rising }ft titVeJite^, artd ha^s h6\ AeXvIk oT goo?i MtnS^l tSiftbtt-, ^br ^ putpoii

Mfhsdt tht« SitttSfe. f rtrtn iMs simpfe <5Ttah\iVife Qn tfid fc^pV<?tJftJttIft wioAi

flt^, a fn^nt^tebs V^lWioh of a tn6si «fttie>aM Humliet D6bk. ,
^Mrh^fertal c^tcvtAvsiah<re ha^ trcfch in>,TB- Ma^^z^.l |^i Ack^lrtft, Mf. Sitin

Ait)ii^y friaViufactutfed, art^ circulated Pr>*6r, prtJbr?£l6r oF iht bti^ feutidi7 in

ATt>\i2^'6\il ^ the j^rrt'fiAcial papers, L*e4i, to Mi>$ i. CfcjMrV.-^At D6tt«».

T«%. l^i'A^ & hrgt ^TiatX hav'mg be4h seen tftr, N. B. tfod^dh, ^sq. rf SttsicifeA

<mt^i^ Yc^AshiVr cAa^l^ a t)oAi ViAs sehl H^fll, to Miss J. fe. ^Sb^k^erby, JinWgbk

Otti ftbni AWbt)TO\i^h, x\-rtli fi\*e A'r six chti^hfet of A&jof ^i^HI S.— T.Bdk,

ihtti bh b6at^, lo exert ihtir otfhOst eh- e^q. <if Pbiuetri'ct, to Miss Cohtc, oC

AfeifbiiVsto fcRtrbVVuch a ^i^st l^roci- South HMmtey, %e4'r W'StiBcM:— W.

onsaftinial. iThat ihrs aquatic mbhs- Elwcll, cs^. 6f ^<felf ifoh Vc *- —

^»r,ob^erTAgtiiep^opte6hboaf8,*ma^6 Brt3for4, -^ - .••*^ .

, up id Aem ^titb th« fcrealtet A-tlocity, laae, '

ahd c6iiihitn6in*g his anafck, fec^ived a soh u ,,„..„,^»....— .,^» , .«.>«^

d^I> ^tab frbm 4 hayfork, Ih'e cohse- Crawibartd, ,oF2)ieifey lia!l, -flifcar^Biaa-'

cpiitnce of which <vas, that lh$ shark ford.^Al Oilcy, thtt *fev. Mr. f j*. »

rtWeattd, but that ald&r a few iiilnii\cs Kti« TostSr.— At RT>thclrlTarii, Mr. M.

he rtbirned to the a\iack \virtl reSou- Phillips, dlsschVirtg Oiuhtsifc'r, .t6,MH»

Utd fuW, itrikittg dl'thfe boar^ so as hi Esther Diiikin, of AttewMiife.— At Lait»

jiace it Ihimminent da'rtgerof upsetting, MV. j. Sket'toh, oPChiajisidtf, lo^j36n, n^

and that al ifengtli. aflfcr receiving several Miss Dunslcy.— -T. Wood,, d^^'df l^ortl

T<-Onnds, it Wai observed t6 r<*ll "about Cave,, to Miss Maihtws, of f fSfns^ioaib,

, in nil £l1e ggohv dfpaiu, an3 then sud- Ifents, and sistqr tb Capt-.taiAciVi^ jjf,

dthly ai.t&p{)eaf^, fee. t!te royal ahilItry.~At i^\y Mf.W.

A"p]>!icatioii is irtt6n(ted to Ik irtadc diffieid, itotomonger, to Mi^M. Dot*

tA Payiiam^ht, ih Ihfe ensuing wisaioa, ram. daUgJltc'r (^ Mr. Bchj. OU.trJiA,. .
ftr j:>o^Vfer tb iiiak^ ihd maintain a licw Viti.'\ Al York, JolJ. Watkct, ei^

navjg^ki cut or c.lhal IVorii the town late ol" Leeds. —Mrs. BaAe^, Wife iff Mr.

of HcadOn to thfe loVvh of Poul in Hoi- J. B. toymati.— Aged 24, Mils. Lohgst^

dertifcsS. M'ife of c^apt . G * L. of KMdhfeaA, iitar nc-

Mr. <5ibson, shipbuilder of the town ktrin^.^^Aged 5"/ , Mr. M. WeadlcV, -rf

of Kingston U|X)h H ail, h^s lately open- ^ the Gldl)^ public feouife, iri tfte If^fiaftibfes.

€6 his new dry dock lit thi^ opulent At HuH, ag^d 55, iJh-. rV««!. Wiikia«»^"t

add c6iTihi6rciaf exnjiorium.** ITiis tlbck wHl khov^fl f (^rfertnctdtt Ae !tWk:-wirc,a]Ba

is situated on the eastern side of the brother ttJ the lafc Mh. jAt>atilUn, aqroi,

- river Hull, or the old harbour, and is a 'of JDtUrV-lanc Iheatrt.-i-Aged 3f, licjll.T.

very tiui oiie, beiug sufliciently capa- Laiie, late of ^hfc Chatrtct dftn>*d iJiip.—

cious to receive two vessels, one of the A^cd64, C. Shijpman, e><J. mcrcfiaol, aad

capacity of l/t) tons, and Mother of eldest brother bl tht Trinity fiousc, of

!^9'2 tons. The diiuehsions of the which corporatiort hfc had Ifiie^i Wict vu»

dock are as follows: length l50 feet j dcn.-^G. Roberts, esq. feriiliTly of Be-

Vidth 50 ditto j and widtn of the gatfcs vcrly. And bit)t11fcr to A. Ro1)tns, 09

"• 40 ditto. M. P.— At Leeds, a^d :?5, Mr. A. Bw-

The r3ock Company of Hull have totnlCy, liquor nterchant, abd fonhcil)' t

lattlv printed dlll^erent aclxenisciuente in bookseller .-^Mr. J;}odg5iOh, tniiny jtiB

the Hull pajicrs, desiring to make pro- xnastsr of an Acade&y ill Park-lai.c.

1^48 to contract with mdividuals, for

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iq Wia

' Weather, JccT

. 30.M.5A $a.

65 I58

7 »9-73 6x 65.5
» »9.63'69.5 ^^7-5

58 63 V.

'S\ 7 !"3p.i45x-

. % !ibt3p]67.5 66
t^ 7 I30.18 .56


*» 7


a doaS 67 64.5 58
l««; 7 '3P.aa .62.5 ^y 1^4

% 30i9 '6I5 66.5
!»' 7 :3o.X9 61. 5 65 [64

«3 7 30.04:54 61.4 61

a 130.09 7a 67 56
7 ;JP io 154-5 6f -5 4a

a {3o,o8 69 5 66.5

**t 7^30^131 69- ^4'5K 71 69 61 o

1^,7 30.13 53-5 56 5?
■730.X7I58 .5? 4^.4



fo-5 61


6« '6k

3iai.:i 6a

30.06.51-515 5^-5

»4, 7J3o.aS 47
* fsaaS 57

•^* 7 i^^ 53

» ;3o.30 6*
•t^7 3p.3«;5i

a 30.

%>^3j^7ii-5* .5ft ^:^
3«»'7 3p.»W6 5^-5 *i*


59 ji^


58 60 13

59 54 !a
5i3 ^^x

57-5 62-4

60 cB 5
57-5 ?oii







Raio, f ,^

^N^ ^ ' ^.ve GMr,4a<lligJA.r««i at eve

ir » ^ Uiiftclondjat times

wiw 2 • more cloudy and rain ^t ^hics

sw I pazj, cbieflj cloudy and little raii^ 2^ taues
.1 lha,?y,. mqre.wjnd ap^fi^c
.3 ; Q4ja» wmI clear eve: much rain . thunder *
^ rain and violent cIaD.Qi[tbttoto. t more wiiid aod fine
- . Icsi wind ••

(:hic%r cloudy Vid ^t^e raip at tinges. |
; little rain at time» . ^dg eve : iiit^ x^jm,
cloudy . fine
cloudfess ere

luzy ni|;ht



















hazy . thick upward and drizzly at tloBes

dbi^l^. Ies9^ obudjr a^ uo^es

1 efti -ctoudy at times t' thick upwv4
drizzly . gentle rain « fine

^^y ....

1«>S4 cloudy. . thick np^iaiid .. clear ^^
I Jiazy . bright nig:ht ' .


not cloudy ; foggy \ fine
clear night : cloudy

fine. ; . , , .

, calm and clear night : cloudy
o^ cktidy . finer

•.cload^. r^.tfinj^
ttghtning in w. at eve . thunder and. «iucE ain
[and wind : chiejtjr £yr-.

fine: little rain

J I cloudy . tain at tin\e^ "

i^ . little rain, fine eve: cloudy

t little wet . cloudy

I ^^. UtdAO«4- ^f^

I ifoggy . fine

I , clc-;tr night

i l>aj5y^ . GlQpd^>ght.i Uljlft'^**

I . rine ; cloudy ' ^

I . little wet at night : fine ;

I hazy

X hazy .. thiijk upward at tinMS

InioiTC ihii:kiuf\var4.,fiic

1 . thick upward at times in the mgl^t
1 : filjc-

I .clfarefre, , , . , .
X .• more alottd^ . . . • .

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^HM ^ - -.M.

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••§4 44 - l4 - s4-4-4-4'|:g

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