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Digitized by VjOOQ IC

fy the Winchester Quancr of 8 Bushels, and of OATMEAL pcrfeoll. of 140lSw
Avoirdupoise, from the Returns received in the Week ended Oct. 19, 1805.












Derby . '.


Salop . .




Tl^ilts .










s. d.








7% 4



6i 4


67 9

74 a



S% 6



86 a



8» 4



86 8




84 3



95 a


97 4


81 8
75 XI


81 10


75 9

91 a

79 7



86 I


Barley J Oats.


39 loj

36 10

42 o


36 10
48 9

43 ^






26 10
31 4
31 9
33 10
3» I
31 10
24 o


6! Essex

38 8

Average of England and Wales.
IfVheat 81s. 4d.; Rye 46s. 3d.; Barley
.4 IS. 4d. t Pats 28s. 4d.

Sussex . . .
Suffolk . .
Norfolk . .
Lincoln .
York . . .
Durham .
Westmorland . ,
Lancaster ,
Chester .
Flint . . .
Denbigh ,
Anglesca ,

22 16 Pembroke

Glamorgan .
Gloucester ,
Somerset . .
Monmouth .
Devon . . . ,
Cornwall •
Dprsct . . .
iHants . . . .

s. d.
68 o
75 4
§2 10
71 6







s. d
42 o
40 o




77 4

90 o

81 7

70 8

83 3

85 2
94 n
9% 9
98 2
89 I

86 8
88 5

84 10


s. d.

S3 9
38 6

34 I
33 "
33 I
39 2
39 7


o- 39 ID 28

50 4


8, d«
37 O
89 ^5
39 8
28 to

23 10

25 10

24 8

26 5
25. o

28< t

24. 9


28 IK

26 6

4' 18 %

4: 19 7

ij 20 ♦

1 28 II

2 28 3

9' 26' 8

7, 26 o

o' 34 I*

38 10 , 36 4


fT>H£ intelligehce respbrting the late crop of wheat continues still, in general^ high-
X ly satisfactor)r 3 the quantity per acre is found to be considerable, and the quali-i
ty 3(hd weight superior to many oftnc last years; there is nevertheless, as we apprc*
bended, from the coldness of thc^Summer, mucli black and smutty wheat, little ..of
which has yet found its way to market. The crops of seeds and turnips, were highly
benefitted by timely rains; and arc generally abundant^ as are the potatoes : nothing
particularly new on these heads has transpired.

Wheat sowing in thp strong lands, is backward, on account of their extreme hard-
ness and drought, previous to the rains, but the farmers are diligently fetching up Ipse
time, and should thie weather continue. as at present, favourable, the seed will soon be
all happily got into tlie earth ; one very important step towards a future good crop.
There is very little old corn, of any kind in the country.

Of live stock, the price of fat is Iqwer, that of stores qr lean, dearer,, on account of
the abundance of sheep, and the certainty of vast demand in the spring. Good liorscs,
fiptwithstandiiig the season of the year, contiiiue at high prices. New incloaures and
various improvements are going on wit^i energy in many parts of the country.

At Smithiield the markets very large, Beef and Mutton 4 to 5s. per stone> sink the
offal ; Veal 5s. upwards ; Pairy Pork 5s. 6d. to 6s. ; Bac9n 6s,

Middlesex, October 25.

BILL of MORTALITY, from; SEPT. 24, 1805, to OCT! 22, 1805.



Males 761

Females 685/ ^''-^''tFcmalesg^j

Whereof have died undertwo years old 469

Peck Loaf 4s 4d, 4s 6d, 4s2d, 4s.2d.
H 205 per Bushel ; 4 J per lb.

2and 5.

5 and 10 -

10 and 90-

20 and 30-
30 and 40 -
40 aad 50 -

192150 and 60.



60 and 70
70 and 80-
80 and 90 -
(^0 and 100




Digitized by




A«gvat27, 1895, toSeptcmheril, 180^ incliwixa.

^d^ractcd from the L>oD<ion Gaacttc,}

(Howes, Koitbampton .)- Maf:k])QA A-

Cbnip4on-«trcct, Soho, Uncn-dnpor

Xl ELL AMY, J. S; E. Brigstock,' Kqj;- rBousficld, Bouycric-stfect, Floct-stre^)

JD tliamptOQ^HJrey butchers (Markham, Mo^iisop, "W. ]^ill-marsh, G}OUc<ctflF-

J&ortittiQptpn,) Baanbfidse,' T. Wal- ^if9» coal oicr/chajit (DowUi^ Qhai-


[T4ie Solicitors' Nam<;s a^c between

parentheses. 1
BELLAMY, J. 8^ E. Brigstock,' NV
\ tliam^tOQ^Hire, butchers (^Markham,
Jorilwn^ptpn,) Bainbficiffci J. \V^
slogh^m, Du^h^pa, dn^ ^Viilis,l>tijcr
l»pi.) Bkk/estQT^ Kiugsiop upop >fej>l,
fficoqqr (Conyers, DfifftckL X<visbijc.)
^sudcock, J. Paternpster Rjow, book-
cellcr (Bugby, Temple.) Boon, R.
Cikedeoy, Sbmerictshiic, jobber of cat-
.ifc (Boys, Bridgcwaicr.) Burton, Bct-
touiijdsdltch, sIogscHer (Adams, 0\d

X^iiD5, W. Islington Grpen, cdrnd«Icc
(Wright Si Bfiviji, Ghanccry Lane,)

Poylc, J. St. Caul's, Covcnt Garden,
chins^ and gU&snsui (Nayler,. Qc69£^
Newport^trset.) Davis, R. Aldcrmanr
bur)% wvciK>use-in9n (Milna & C^
Old Jewry.)

Evans, D. Southaxnptpn-coact, linen-dra-
pff (Shcppard, Ba tlett's-baildines.)

Favcll, M. Hioh'-strcct Ilorongh, lincn-
d4-.ipcjr (Naylc'r, T. & J|, Great Nev-
j>prt- street)

Clililis, J. Etxrborou^, Northamptoo-

ipasaa, Stonaers^sKicc.y
Pri^gl^ M. WaWorik, cof^Mm,

(Mai:tin, Uppci^ Thames- soeol.
KoJl^inson, hUi,,% Il»het«pn, Ony^bBc,

grocc^ fHur<^ Temple,)
Scott, X. Bethaall^roeB, braver (AM,

Castile-comt, BudoB-rAW.;)
Travera, W. & J. Bm, Warrio

Lancashire^ grocer (Fitcbet^

Watrcd, J, N. Biriiung^vao, woqUc^*

i-apci ( Whatelv, Binniagh;^>Wk^

}^&fW. EemitQugh* Mai^ch^iq^ ^

l^po ^iQ|;er% (Johnm & Ca ]tf«Kkl%-

Abhotti T. Wisbeach, Cambndgeshife,
liquor merchant. ApUn, O. Ba&hiny,
Oxfordshire, scrivener, Oct. 18. Ar-
thujL G. ShmkY'iaiH, Moi:thiuBberiaBd,
miiJai:, Oa,, 2B. Aada^h G. iMy-
bourne, Hainpshktt) Uaoeri N#v. 4«

sjjirc,^ dr^cr. (AtXin^oQ, Castle-stf^ct, Bfcll, J. Old City Chambers, vine

Falcon-squapc.) Guhagan, J. Broad*
street-chambers, i^icfchaAC (^3y> ^^f-
iirfs-lane, Cap non- street.) Goldcij, J.
Bury St. Edmund's, draper (Dickinson,
and Go. Bury St. Edraun4-*f..3 Grif-"
fiihst F- Thitadnccdlc-strect, a{M>theca-
ry (Grcgson&Co. Angcl-court, Throg*

Ifomer, R. Savillc-row, >-inc. mcrchagt,
(4tkinson, Ca^t 1^-sticct, Falcon-square.)
j^offinan, D. Be lioq -street, Long-a^t^,
rhccse-moRgcr (Hodgson, Charles-street
. St. famcs's-strcet.) Hasselwood, jun.
Scarborough, ship owner (Robson, Scai>

Jones, J.' vamarvon, di;apQr (Williams,
CarnarvQn.) Johnson, J'. Holbom-hHl,
Kncn-draper (Freaqch & Go* Cattle-
soviet, Hblborn.) Jenkins, T. & J. F.
Wollon, High-street, Bprough, and

chanty Nov. 4.' Burton, J. and J. Hiuc,
IVtpmcbesKK, timbor ^rchants, OcL i9.
Bellamy, T. fe J. Birmicghwp, jaw-
nen, Oct. ». Bcrridfic E. 0)dfi^
Ch^mh^rs, merchant, Kbv, ^. ^iilmt,
G. Ke^dilH >Vestniorcten4> ^i«4
merchant, Nov. 1-^. Bkd, W". W,
Coventry^ slHs mjanti&cti}rer. Bar. 17^
Bryon, W-.. St. Mary-at-hiH; biafl^
merchant, Ott. 26* Bk>wman, }. W*-
ter-lai;ie, b»andy merchant, Dec. 7.
Birch, E. & W. ancj W. Majsh, Hccr-
street, papex-itaincrs, Kov.- td. Batspn
W. <)x(ord, gla^man, Nt»'. ^ Bhte-
well, Br. Brydgp'S'Street, Covent-nSibi,
coflfec-hou^c keeper, Nov. 2* £|shap,
J. and }. Terry, Ma;ds\one, upjiplste?.
CDS, Nov'. 5*. Barnes, R. Durbaln, mer-
cer. Now. }?• Ban]£s« J. ^feetsVcev
stationer, Nov. 12.

Chichesicr, Sussex, linen-Jkapeft fPew, CHarke; F. Rotbcrbithe-strecti Qianneri

New North-street, Rcd-lion-square.)
Jenkins, W. B/iatol, broker (MelUn,

IbOOrGrAngelKroiiit, Thromoitonn^treq^
incrchaut (Montcfione, Einchrlanc,)
1/wdi E. Sl«iiincr's-sts9ct, SMncrstoj^n|

. faliow^cJhandJcr (MiiU &. Co, Pa^iar

Nov. 16. Cok, J-. Northtawton, De,
von, shqp-kcqxjr, (Xi, Tii, Cb^ftck^
y and ft. ftc«y, Wigwi, Lancaskie
ppOcnH, Oct. 28. .C<i|ip, > tid. R«
Wsiikas, StcjttfiBid, Ekc3<, calica^pniw
ten, Oct* !#. CampbcU B. Bbo«^

broker, Ocw 15. Cook, J. Waaw.

Digitized by VjQOQ IC

jtiphaletkal int^Shnkrupici^ tttliDkidendt.'


tti^l^, Twtcrin3tn-V00Tt-rdad, iiYrcn-
fcipcr, ^Jov. \h. CreJt, L. ^,hmes*s>-
4PfTtfci, ttnftc-ho'dte fccc]fct, Nov. 5,
Cofcfiftfe. J. Fett€t-tae> p:&tnifct, Ndv.
W. Co™afrt» J,X!!h)ft'lasA6^ poul-

Dodd, W. Oxforcl.$tr€ct,cafVfeV andgild-
tcr, Oct. ii^. Divert, J. ind, W. t*.
t^rtfar, ^drtftajflte, Way. 7. Deftnett,
E. Gray's-inn-lane^coW-ktfcpcT, Ndv. 5»

0a!lrft, M. 8b N. 5t«ffoi*d-uptg-Av5c>n,
Wart^dtsftiiPt, !if*n-ift«|)crs, Oct. 1^2.
OartirtfeS. B6<C'!hig^Vtr^et, l>ean^s-

• Wfd> Wc^miw^,, |w5ccr, t>a. 26.
turns', H. Porisfea, Sdutlwatiplon, iher-
thtrtt, Kbv, 2. D&<<?*)n, J. Myic-
ic^bcty blomnsboYy, steel ttianufacmi'er,
Nbv.-.Jd Discern, J. DukcVplace,
KmKtt). caipcnter, Nov. 5.

£whiect, K. Witlptelt, ana P. feildwin,
t lo ofeEioo, MAcashife^ cotton Yhanufikc*
tnrers, Oct. ffO, £yne, B. Tokenhouic-
yard, metcham^ Nov. 2. Eccks, T.
and B. T. Holbrook. Watling-strcet^
varehousemcn, Nov. oO.

flu; T« Suf^tose^ fcabcmktehcn Nov. 8D.
FcAwicky T. J. Peiacincr, Ownwall,
inictt-draper, Oct. 1 9. Fallwood, J.
Barbkan, p •vni4m)kcr> Nov. S. Fo-

• ^ESid, J. len. and L. and J. f^trk-tancy
^wBAicAxeff^n, Oct. £9, FJTt<m, £.
A>lm on the Mbors, Lattcashrrei mil-

Garland M. Grovc-strect, Deptford, vtc-
tnaiier, Nov. 1». fiiindred J. ahd M.
Gtmgt^ Marfbhttter, cotton wetckants^
Oa. 28. Gcdde*, A. Mark-lane, mer-
ctent, Nov. 2t>; Ganteer, J. Xe^as-
dc-undcr-Linc, ironmonger, Oct. 29.
Groom> J. ChiswelUstreet, staWekeep-

. er/HIoV. 5.' •

ftawktRs, J. sen. Rotherfai the- wall, boat
fcuilder, No<r. 4. Howifd, S. the

• yOttntCT, HalesvDtth, Suffoik, grocc'r,
©et.M. -Hai^jh, J. " Ktm-stfrct Bo-
itnfgb, siajc-fcasft*, Nov. ^. Htirtlcy,
S, Gt JMU iK i <*n, YbrksJiJffe, mercer,
Nov. 5. Hanftan, J. Grtrat »RBttel!-

-«ieet, Bloomsbttf-y, IrtbciAslfcr, Nofr.
5. Humphries, W. jun. Old Fisll-
«ree^ grocer, Nov. -5. Hudson, R.
WartoD, Yorkihtre, hor»c robber, NoV.
7. Hawkeswonh, Strand, linen-dra-
aei) Ndv. T6. Hofllftian, A. B. Char-
lc»4tmt, Govent-^ardf^n, tailor^ Dec.
7. Holden, G. the younger, Kingston
upon Hull, ftarcfifim-, NoV. 16.
Janfei, J. Tnire^ Gornw»il, money scri-
veaer^ Oct. 25. Jackson, J. Oxferd-
^i«ot, ika^H^^nfCTj Oct. it^^ Ingnifii,

J. StiWd, hatrer,.Oct. ^. hifjei, k.

* St. Miry Axe, Tncrdhant,- Oct. 'fife,
Jarratt, J. the youngfcr", Waftfr-Janc,
TViwer-strefct, brtJker.T'Jov. 16, J^'cfe,
W. Bristol, m'erdfert, -Nqvchiber Sq,

Knight, t^. tantcrblirv, sHopkee^r, KJct.
' 29. iKine, j. NclvCastle-upOW-Tyne^

pcfrtcr dealer, 3Vbv. .14. K'eiV. 1.

Throgm'ortbn-stroet, "A^erchirtl, ~TCb-

vember l!^.
Loft, J. C. <c L. tr^cfey-sfTe'cV, ware-

• hbuscrtin, Oct. 2p. LirtcJoln J. Sr,
Gcorgc^S'fields, bak(?'r, NdV. f. Li-
chlgaiA', S. and M. DUrtsforff. Basing-

■ hall -street, merchants, !Nov.if5. Lees,
J. 8c S. Halifax, Yorkshire, merchants,
Oc^. 25. Li^c». W. N. St. Aiban's,
$Ufgcon. Nov. 2. Lcemint, T. and
W. Chapihah, PfcStOn, Lancashfrc,
worsted manufacturers, I>?'c. 1)5. Lane>
J. T. f raieV, and T. 6oyli«on^ jVi-
cholas-l'an'e, ihc: chants, bee. 5. Lewis,
J. Lamb's-bui.lding^, ButthiU-r6w, Car-
ver and gilder, Jan. 21. Lewis, T.
W. Falmouth, merchant, Nov. l9.
Mortty, J. C. Martthesren tmt^n n^a-
nufecturtf, Oct. 1-5. Mine^ J. pam*

mchmith, t^heeiwrigbt, Oct. 26. Mac-
kcllar, D. Savage OardcTifs, Lorfddn^
trine merchant, Oa. 26. Masfcey, C.
St. Cdiherfrte**, 'i'oivtr, ^-harhnger,
Nov. 12. Moyle, '!'. Nexvttjstte-iih-
det-Lifie> draper, Oct. 2i(>. Mt)rg&n,
P. and A, Strotror, Crescent, Aliro-
rie», merchant*, Dtc. 7. MtJckcnxic,
M. Flect-«tre»t, vintner, Nov. 2. WnV-
ley, W. Shoe-lane, baker, Jlrc. 19.
M*Kiti^ay-, D. and A. M. BelcsaHo,
Size-lane, merchanl«^i Nov. 12.

OxeiYhflon, W. Exeter, tallow chandl.r,
Oct. 23 an<^ 3O. Olix^r de Pcritfi, V-
F. Duke-street, MatichcSttr^ijUatt, tnc-
tualler, Oct. 2g.

Pane, J. OlcfOt'd, bbndy mttchftttt, Nov.
2. Petric, J. Kcmptthiv aid J. Wird,
Han worth, Middlfseit, dealers, Noir.
29. Poole, R. P^0$t)i!ct placfr, xSt.
Gcorgc's-ficlds, ttHifh-dVapcr, N<5v. 2.

Roberts, f. AsMbid, Ktiit, »1lvorim?^h,
Nov. 2. Read, A. Ald(?rm*inbiny,
M'archouscm^ih, Nov. 2<). Rose, 1 .
St. Aim's, VVV^tmmstir, chcesc*ftii>i jf.-r,
Oct. 29. R'ObiWs(Jtt> t. Charlotte-
Xlrtfct, Portlahd PlaC^, VictnMler, Ort.
29. Rouse, J. Sfadt.rtr/, SaB'olk,
linen-draper, Dec, 2i Rkh irtison, R.
Page's Walk, BeftttOhdscy, ^iucrcaker,
Nov. 2. Riley, £'. Strand, dcjler in
music, No<'. 16. Riskman, J. C.
Bridge-street^ Wcstiaimtcri nijrrccr^

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384 ^nsiuers to Correspondenisi • • .

Kov. Ufi. Read, John Peter, and Ro- . Methwold, Norfolk, grpcer; Oci/jl3»

bert, For^ingbridge, Hants, callico Ifunmings, J. B. Port^ca, grocer, P^or, •

printers, Nov. J -6. . : ^' Townsend^ Job; Barosby, Vork* i

Schenidcr, J. H. Bow-lane, . merchant, * shire, grocer, Oct. 29. Taylor, J. '\

' Nov. 29, Stephens, W. Exeter, sadlcr; Worcestc , drapfer, Nov. 26. Thomat j

Oct. l8. Skegg, F. Davi -street; Berk- T. and H. Cameron, Krmingham, fee- j

ley-souare, oilman, Oct. 19. Stephen- tors, Nov. 6.

' son, C. Parliamcnt-screct, Westminster, Virtue, T. Haihmeniiith, caxpcmer, Oct- i

ttaiioner, Nov. 2. Stratton, G. and 29, Valeryy J. Artiliefy-placc, mtr^ .J

H. Blackfriars-road, ironmongers, Nov. chant, Dec. l9. ■

2. . Stork, J. Great Driffield, York- Wilkinson, G. Fenchurch-strcct, mercer; j

shire, mer^Jmnt, Dec. 2. ShaUcroSs, Nov.?. Wheatley, J. Mark-lane, com

S. and R. Barnes, Manchester, cottqn- , fcctor, Nov.,5. Whittle, J. Whccton,

spinners, Oct. 31. Style, £. South Lancaxhire, muslin manufacturer, Oct. '

Molun, Devon, woollen-draper, Oct. * 30. Wade, T. Great St. Helen's, dru^

• 2g. Stephens, J. Liverpool,merchant,- * merchant, Nov. 19. Walfon^^tR.

• Nov. 8. Smith, T. White Hart, Dept- ' Chestc*, brewer, Oct. 28. M'alli*, J.
ford, victualler, Nov. 2. Smee, J. * E. Colchester, Essex, mercbaijt, 0«-
Newington-placc, Surrey, pottcf, No- 29.- Williams, J. Llanlidan, Dkrnhigh-^,.^
vember 1 6. shire, dealer in cattle, Nov. 23. M'l-^ "-

Tracy, W. Porlsca, Hants, slopsellcr, thelmi, H. Martin's-Ianc, Cannoc* ^
Nov. 2. Towselajad, J. Paradise-row, suect, merchant, Nov. W. ^ -\

Chelsea, rectifier, Nov. 30. I'opk, J. * • ■ ' . • ^


Our Correspondent, J. R. from St. AIb?n*s, is informed, that M?jor Caitwright'i
Admirable and well-written Letters to the Duke o£ Bedford, on. t^ St^te of die I
Nation, mentioned in our laet Number amongst oar Literacy Notices, is now hefose ' i
tjie public, and our Correspondent of course, will be enablea to rtad and judge for
himself; but we shall, however, in our critical department, take an early oppkpm-> _ ^
nity of passing our judgment upon it. We perfectly agree with our Correspondetty
thatr the subject in queJ»tion is, at this vtry critical juncture, of the highest importance
to every Bnton, from the highest to the lowest ; and we are happy to , see such at- ' j
splendid subject in such able and masterlv hands.' - • > 1

The truly excellent abridgment of Aristotle's Poetics, communita(T«d by oqr'ttery- *
valuable Correspondent, Gaunt Notegore, shall appear in the fisst Nunib^oC<Air
next Volume. ' ^, . . . .j

W. B.*s favour,and several other very rateieiting Correspondents, arc duly iccc^itd ^ . ,
and will apipear in our next, , . ^ . '

The Numbers of the Universal Magazine already published, are cmbcITisbe^^
with highly finished portrait.<s, containing abo biographical inemoirs,. of DKIlichard*
W^atson, Lord Bishop of Landn if; Dr. Lettsom; Right Hon.-HenryAdiKt^^,' Ge^
neral Moreau ; Dr. Joseph Pric&ilcy ; General Pjch^ni ; Dr. James Sims Prcs.
Med. Society, London ; Wm. Coxe ; A. M. F. R. s! F. A.S. ^hn Pinkeito6,
Esq. the Young Roscius, in the character oj Frederick; Colonel Sir R. T. Wil^DO,
K. M. T. Right Hon. William Pitt; Hon. Charles James Fox ;. Benjamin West,
Esq* F. R. S. William Paley, D. D. Archdeacon of Carlisle. With an accurate
Map of St. DcMningo, and the Windward Islands of the West Indies ; as al^o^ a
Plate of a Machine for raising Watci by the Wind. ' •

Tins work, which is esteemed an excellent companion on a long voyage, as wdl
. as a veiv profitable article ot commerce, forms' a volume every six months, prios
10s. (Sd, neatly half bound and lettered, . . : •

Errata— In th^Mod<m Discoveries, page 364 oft)ur last, for '<.thatgneM
maiheroatigian and universal genius**-— rtad, *» that gi«al mathematknn ftl>d-iiinv«3al
genius, Leibnitz, &.c. &c." , . ' ,, .'

. The Reformer, page 323, for " Cc/Lin lives''— read, " Cb/rii/s lives."

Life of Scanderbeg, page 32vS, 'id colu:>jn, instead of, " would appea; altpgetber *.
asfoniihmg, &c.''— -T^^a*!, ** iIk i".Lt woti id appear, 8:c,*

, iMotto to the Reformer, p,^c ^.^2, •• tor quicgLo dagunt^'* . read " qMictuid
"Tunr, &c.** " ' • -

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•pigitized by V^OOQ IC

^ti^m9 «i j*ip

^4^/cMv/,^4*/yA h'///vi {

RMuKd No^'^xo.tSos hIU>..fymondt

Digitized by VjOOQ IC




g . I I ssaaaatea

For NOVEMBER, itos. [Nbw Series.


FaUmus rmnc ad yortissinnm virum, mapci-
. liuque amsUi i Ea que proiperey ep

custnmi mm magn^udinc oopiarum ie4
amulio quo turn omnet auptrabat, aui^
derunt. . ' ^ .

A T a time wbea the best blood' in
XjL the.countrv is shsd for its defence,
It is impossible* for tlv most fcKsensible
of our countrymen to & wholly fpdifler
ttuxi to the causes or the measures* wliich
have committed his ^to such . Y^disnA,
,Thas erei^ man ,^ in soipo' degr^, .i^
/breed, with whaicjw reluculace,. to
fwinect the fate of t^i^e :in^iyiaafttwitR
iIk condition of his coui^txy*. ' Xhe.her^
whose name our , feeble *^,a$p ..gladly
contributes U> ipam^rtalize^ is!np mote^
He planned, he in ' gppat pah coosttq}*
mated another 8pJ[e\i^Id vict9r)( l* But,
alas ! the cvpress is so iai<giely^ enlwiqed
with the uuvel, thnt t^le^eye vweep6
while the heart would fain c>(u|t.. Hh^
laiogled sensation is painfull' io,.|he' exr
treme. Thevaliant warrior should l\aye
^uirivedihe moment which is to unscs^
the fortune or the doom of his country <
He has more than once, as by a coun-
tersiine, blown up the hostile and the
insidious operations of those enemies,
declared or other\vise, who ' had taken
mcasuKs for sapping ihe very founda*
dons of our greatness : he should have
lived to see the perfection of ht^ pai-
triotism, the reward of his devotion, in
the end of the troubles which involved
im beloved, his grateful country. His
ardor and his sacrifice are the more ho-
fiootabie to him a^ a warrior,, because
)ie has never been considered a courtier.
.Though he even, disapproved of the
«euures of an administration, he felt
It bis duty to stru^e to his utmost
power for the salvation of his country's
^ori. In his expiring eyes might be
Rao the a^phthegm oi Horace :

/ ''Dolce et decor am est pro pattia-

While the geoerons eoabaiaat thuft
>ou|« xnit htf U6o4 in bttUle« witfeptft.

allowing himself to enquire into its nej-
cessity or expediency, let the governors
of the country not forget how great id
the responsibility 'on those who wan^
\orily open the temple of Janus, or un-
neces&avily delay one hour to shut its
•gates, 'fhe virtue of a senator, and the
'courage of a soldier, are yalnly exerted
underan incompetent ora corrupt govern-
ment. A minister may exultmgly dis-
play the riches of the country ; he un-
(dertakes to govern, he may boast of tlie
dominion oyer those seas, throu^
whidi thjjt wealth is wafted into his
tceaiurics: for uiiless his wisdoin con-
'triKuee ^ much &^ the sailor or s6ldier*ji
sword, to; protect w,h;it he so highly
prizes, .h^'willbut awaken envy, create
^eriemy after enemy, and iinmolatc with-
out end suen inagmxtiihaiis persons as
the Qiie tvhOse loss we have too mucK
reason' to dc[>lore. We have a powerful
{ihd an inv^tdtatfe encpiy to cope with.-
^e Is tf futiOQS, ■ ahcl,"ln many respects,
^iicotunate emulator of Alexander. He '
^as.the am.bitiQti of that Grecian, with
th^ dfepositPd&.of a Nadir Shaw, and aa
Ahilallah;, «p*' obta'm its gratification ;
and b&pg a soidier of fortune, like these
two latter chiefs, he may be supposed
to s6ek his safety in nearly the same
measures, though in diflferent quarters
of the globe. It wilfr be the interest o.
a civilized plunderer to spare as little as
a barbarian plunderer. Agra and Delhi
were sacked of more immense treasures
that! any modern cities' contain, tis true^
but it was not so much to the advanta^
of the Eastern conquerors to destroy
those thrones, as it would be in "a
"WesCem, to subvert that of the cJapil^l
of Britain. It is a folly to estimate tho*
• strength of an empire by its ^ches, ra-
ther than by the maxims which are csal-.
culated to uphold them.

This illustrious Briton was bom oa
the 29th of September, i;?58, in t^
parsonage-house of Burnham Thorpe,
in the county of Norfolk. His grand-
father was rector of Hilborough, in the
same county, where the family had
been long 'resident, and of which livi'ng
they are, tt>d for many yeirs have been,
the mtrdus. His L«rd8hi|»'8 iatha:.

366 Sketch of the L/fe ofthe^Rt. Hon. riscount Nehon,

the Reir. E.-Ndson/mjHTifcl Catherine, under th^eare of Mr. John Ba^beoir
dafightiir of the Ucv. l>r. Maurice Suck- who had formerly heed in the kin^
liiig, rector of Barshani, in Suffolk, aiid service with Camaln SucCTin'g, in tDe
W'oodtOQ, in Norfolk, and one of the Dreadnought, llaving returned from
prebendaries of WeitBiinster*. Bylliis this vpyagc, in July, 17/2, Horaii*
ladv Mr. Nelson had issue eight sous was receixTd by his uncle \DTf bo^ the
and three daughters, of whom only one Triumph, then lying at Chatham. By
son and two daughters are now living; this.vovagp to the West Indies, though
the subject ofourmemoirwas the fourth Mr. Nelson had gained a practical
son. knowledge of seamanship, he had k-

The high school at Norwich possesses quired a thorou«;h dislike lo tie Roy I
the honour of having \nsti)lcd the 6r5t navy, whether from the horror ai'tfte
"rudiments of education into the noble contempiationofthosc scenes of ^everiif
mind of this distinguished character, at one time, and of excesses and jicfil
from which School he afterwards re- another, or whatever might b« the cause,
'mo\'cd to liial of North Walshain. certain it is, that it was not without the
'Captain^ Suckling, his Lordship's ma- -utmost difficulty Captain Suckling cwW
ternal uiicic, was his early and very va- remove his' aversion.- This, howefn^
luable friend. He was an officer in the whs at length effected, by the finnness
'gea ser\'ice, and commanded, first the and address of his uncle. Among other
Raisonnahle, of 64 guns, and afterwards methods adopted for accomplifdiing this
•the T^riiwnph f . In 1770, he took desirable end, it was" held out to fcisue*
young Nelson, then only twelve years phew> that if he att;;nded ivell to bi

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