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spared the necessity of so dreadful an action;
-that the place was not tenable; that it
^mgjbt therefore to surrender.

'i'he Prince required that the officers and
eotdiers should have liberty to return to Aus-
tria. « I will grant it," replied the Emper-
or, " to the officers, but not the soldiers;
for who will be my security that they will
aot be made to serve again ?** I'hen, after
having hesitated a moment, he added, « Well
then, i will rely upon the word of Prince
Ferdinand. If he is in the town, I wish to
give him a proof of my esteem, and I will
^aat to him what you require of me, ho-
piag that the Court of Vienna wiU not break


the word of one of its Priaces.*' Upon M *

de Lichtenstein assuring him that Prince
Ferdinand was not in the town, *« Then,"
said the Emperor, ^ 1 do tiot see who is to
be my guarantee that the i-oldiers I send yon
back will not be employed again.** — Oa the
night of tlie i6th there was a terrible bur-
ricane; the Danube completely overflowed,
and carried away almo&t all the bridgo^
which straitens us very mnch in oar supplies
of provisions. — On the 15th, Marshal Ber-
nadotte having pushed his advaiKcd post* at
far as Wasserbourg and Haug, on the roads
of Branilau^ took Tour or five hundred pris*
oners, and x 7 pieces of cannon, having tbaa
taken, since his entry at Munich, nfteep
hundred prisoners, 19 pieces of cannon, two
hundred hories, and a quantity of baggagr,
xuithout ibe loss ef single /»<7ii.— The Emper-
or passed the Rhine on the ist of October;
\he Danube the i6th, at five o'clock in the
morning; the Lech the same day, at hatf-
past three; his troops entered Munich dSt
the X 2th; his advanced guard arrived on the
Inn on the 15th. On the same day he wv
tn^ktcr of Memmingen, and on the 1 7th of
Ulm. — He took from the enemy, at Wert-
ingen, Gunzburgh, Elchin^^cn, the days <X
Memuiingen and Uhn, and in the actio:|B
of Albeck, Langeneau, and Nereshdm,
forty thousand men, more than forty stand
of colours, a great number of cannon, bag-
gage waggons, &c. and to accomplidi 21
this only marches and manuocvrcs were em-
ployed. — In these partial actions the loss oC
the French army amounts to no more thaa
five hundred killed and a thousand wound*
ed. It is a common remark among the troops,
" the Emperor has found out a new method
of making war — he only makes us use onT
legs instead of our bayonets.** Frvc-sixths
of the army have never fired a shot, which
has nvortlfic^ them much. But they have
all marched a great deal, and they redouble
their activity, when they have hopes of over-
taking the eneniy. The eulogy of the army
may be made in two words— It U wortliy
of Its Chief. — ^The Austrian ^rmy majr btt
considered as annihilnted. The Anstrians
and Russians will be obliged to nuke many
.levies of recruits to resi-t the French army,
which has destroyed an army of one hundred
thousand men, without experiencing, we
may say, any loss.

[T« he continued. 1

0:f As this Department will be of great Importance to Authors and^ Book-
5BLLERS, as Well OS to. Literature in generalj it is requestt-d that Notices
of f Forks may he forwarded as early as possible, (free of'PobtogeJ, which
' will be regularly inserted,

AORicoLTURE, J. Malcolm, 3 vol. 8vo. xl. x68. Royal,

A Compendium of Modem MuAbandry, 3I. 3s.
principally written during a svrvey of The Farmer's Daily Jonmal, and Com-
Surrry, in which i^ cooipri<icd an Analysis plete Acconntant ; by a practical Farmer,
«n Mamutt, aiso m £Hay on Timber ; by /^to. 7s. tUvingttMi,

3 N 3 /^ T

^ Digitized by LjOOglC '

f6^ Listtf Ifiw Pn^lkaHom, in A%vmlrr» 1095.

BiooRAPBT. r^nfffintiom latefar mi^lufaed bf J^

The lik of Erasiuut, with an accbnnt pf Rowlev, mpectiiigUe Cow PotSk; if &%

hh writings, reduced from the larger work bat J<Mm Toomtoo, M. D. zs. Symoidv

ff Dr. J.Jonin; h^ A. Juacey, esq.Svo. misccllanies.

Sft. 6d. The<»7 and Description of a VtmtSb^

Biographia Seotia, or Scottish Biogra^ for airing ^psseU, Tau!ta» mines, ccai pits,

vhlcal Dictionary, containing Lives and Ac. with some Remarks on aiiiHf Tcaadi

V'^ritings of eminent and remarkable per- and ggods snapccced of infection ; bj IL

tons, naciTcs of Scotland } by J. Stark, 4i> Woltman^ director of the hydranljc pabSc

I Memoirs of the lafe and Achievements wozlu at CuzhaveOy '8vp. with three p'ate^

fiS the Right Hon. Horatio J-ord Viscount 4s. ' Boosey.

Nelson ; by a captain of the British Navy, The College of Fort WiJUam, 19 Bei^

S'^. 6d. Xjs. 4to.

Life of Lord Nelson, 6d, ' Essay on CivilisatioD ; 117. J. MitcheS,


Dodslcy*s original pdlar-Book, or the A Letter to the Sodetf Tor promodog

But!cr*s As^iitant in keeping a regular ac* Christian Knowledge, occasioned Ikj two

count of his liquors, for 1806, IS. 6d. Sy- recent publications respectipjj^ the ttriaiban4

suonds. Foreif^ Bible Society, is.

A New System ^of Domestic Cookeyy, The Domestic Guide in Caacs of In^asity,

foroied upon principles of Economy, and pointing' out die causes, mcaiM of preventii^

ad;wti;d to the use of priyau famijies ^ by a and proper treatment of that disorder ^ re-

Xaay, Vi* ceaupended to private families, and ^ no*

DRAMA. tice of the derigy, lamo. as.

Rflmtino, or the Bravo of Venice, ^ . The My«tcrjes of Neutralisation, or tfa<

Mekwrania ; by M . G. Lewis, as. enemy^ chca^ defence of ships, cplooie ao4

' A Prinr Claim, a Comedy; l^y H.J. Pyt, commerce, as,

«Qd S. J. Arnold, as. 6d. novels.

' The Delinquent, or Seeing Company, a The Mystcnons Prouctor, a Vol, 7&

Comedy; by F. Reynolds, as. 6d. HyppoGtus, or the Wild B07, 4 Voi 12s,

EoucAifXON. The Heirs of ViDeroy; bjH.RoaviBi^

A Summary of Parental and Filial Dnties, 3 Vol. 13s. 6d.

•r an interesung Description of what Pa? The Moriands* Tiil^ {^bstratxvt of tb

nets and Children owe to each other ; in- Simple and Surprising ; by R. C. Datt)^

culcating aUo the most valuable requisites 4 Vol. il. is.

f«r a liberal education, the whole extracted The Pilgrim of the Cross, or the Chro-

irom the works of the Sieur de Charron ; nicies of Christabelle de Mowbr^ ; by S.

|>y J. Taylor, is. . . Helmc, 4 Vol. i3«^.

Juvenile ^sajs, comprising tn the order poBrar.

«f merit, the first and second half yearly The Nature of Things, a di4actic poen^

fvize comppiitions of the pupils belonging translated from the Latin of Titus Locretisji

to the Milk-street Academy, Sheffield, to Cams; by J. M. Good, a VoL 410. 4L4V

wiMch is p;eixed a Brief History of Educa- Pleasuyes of Love, being amatory pocas^

tiaa, and a T^le of the System pursued in by G. W> Fitzwilham, 6s.

■At tkawt Academy; by J. H. Abraham, The Rustic, a poem; by £. Cbri^js.^

zaano. 5s. 6d. The Pleasures of Lcive, a pDei% bj^

A Brief History of Education ; by J..H. Stewart, 6s.

^braliam, is. The Tears of Britain, an Elegy on thi

Children * true Guide, to Knowledge and death of Lord Ncl»a ; by D. Lawler, ' u, »

Virtue, or a collection of early le:u»oni, pe- Monody on Admiral Lord Nelson, wh^

cttli^rly calculated to promote a gradual imp after a series of transceodant and hcrcSc sot

^fovcmcDt in reading as well as to lay a vices, fell gloriously, October aist, i8p;,ia

iouiidation in moral and reli^cious principle^ the kittle of Trafalgar^at the niomeat of ob»

the plan and subject matter b^n^ attentive- tainiog the most brilliant and decisive vic^

]y uciipted to the use of schools in general ; tory recorded in the anoala of Great Brir

by J. Taylor, is. 3d. tain; by G. Richards, A. M.F. A. S. 4to.ii


Reply to Dr. J. C. Smyth, contaimngRe- The State of the Nation, in a series of
irarics on Mineral Acids in a state oC gas to letters to his Gimcc die Duke of Mfbid^
^cbtroy contagion ; by J. Johnson* ML D. by J. C«t«9vi^, es^. 40>

<kvo. 5s. • AEUSIOM.

' Observation^; on the Utility/and Adrni* l^ctoret on some ^'^sagos of th« AcSi oC

nittration of Purgative Medidnes in several the Apostles : by J. t>ick,'3vo. 7s.
lii&eases ; by J. Hamilton, M. D. 8vo. 6s. Manoos of the £zped':ency of an B<^

A Letter to Dr. Moseley, cootaining ani- siastical Eaublishmeat Hoc Bsitifh >ff4t

«i«dver^iuos on Dr. WoodviUe, and Dr. laidsa : by Rev. C. BuchMMW» 4^0. M*.
jpcaisoo, on a rcfViKacroiQ ftf thegross tgis- AFQfiEiJQf fiajcc |)|4 liirtifliiiif H

Digitized by LjOOQ IC

Jtepbrl of ■]^caaiii& PTestem Disltict tftbndon.


%^'^(^ in iH 'dutches and Cfijpdft» oa
t>ec 5tk, 4d.

Dise^vaes eo various tonics relatinj^ to
t>oc£rifie and l>r»ct]ce; by the late Her^ T.
Itoirick, It VoL 8to. x^s.

Tlie Frutta of die Spirit, the dnmmttt
M Cfaristiao^. a Scrmt)D preached dt w
Baptist Montnly Association;:, at Mr. Coz-
head's place of worship, Little Wild-Street*
Ltncoln*ft Inn Fields, Oct. 31, 1805; by R.
Burnside, A. M. S'to. is.
- RcKfidn Esstfttial to the Temporal Hap-
less S a Nation, a SenQon preached Au|^.
1 1, 1805, at Grantham, before thfe Boston
ix>yal Volontccrsjon permanent dutv there :
ly S. Partridec, M.^. F. S. A. 8vo. is.

lEHvcooTies aiiefly.on Devotional Subjects;
%y tfi^ late Rev. Newcombe Cappe, td
which are prefixed Memoirs of his Life, by
C. CappC]) with an Appendix, containing a
Sennon preached at the interment of the
Author, by the Rev. W. Wood; also a Set^
teon on occasion of the death of Robert
Cappe, M. D. with Memoirs of his Life,
6y the Rev. C. WcIIbeloved, Sve. ros. 6d.

A Sermon preached on occasion of the
late Naval Victory, in the Parish Church of
Wellington, Salop, Nov. loth, 1S05 : by
the Rev. John Eyton, 1$.

A Memorial for Children, heing an an*
ihentic account of the Conversion, Experi-
ence and happy Deaths of eighteen Children ;
designed as a continuance of Janeway's
Token ; by Gcorge.HendIcy, 8d.
• A General Account of the Book of Psalms,
With their use and place in the wor^p of
God, under the Old Testament dispensation;
Aso a brief Description of the Temple, its
fomiture, <cc.. and a Spiritual and Typical
exhibition of Chn^t in tho^e Sacred Memo-
nals of his Person and Salvation, interspera*
ed with quoutions from Dr. Lightfoot,

Dean Pride«ui, and others ;hy S; 11. Pierce,

itmo. IS. 6d.

fpreipt Booh imported from Germany^ By Tf •

Baosey, 4. Brcatf-street, Ci^*
Ebers's German and.£nelish Dictionary,

com^l^te, s thick Vols. Ivo. sewed, 4I. 4**
— ^ Abridged, 3 Vols. 8vo. al. as.
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itchhom*s Einleitung ins Ake Testament,

% Vol<. 8vo. il. 16s.
Klopstock's Mcssias,. 4 Vols. ?vo. il. is.
Moritz*s Algcmciner D^utscher BriefsteUef

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Griininfr*9 Hambtar^hiicher Brie&teller fiir

Kattfleutc, lamo 6s.
Schircr's Gediche, i Vols, vellum paper, 9&
■ Don Karlost i»mo. 7s.
■ " ■ Raiiber, 8vo. as. 6d.

Ficslco, 8vo. 3s. 6d.

— — Kabale & Liebe, 8vo. 3s. 6d.

■ 3oiahr, Kricg, a Vols, plates, i2sL
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Danish Granmiar for Englishmen, 8vo. 78,
Danish and English Dicu^nary, a Vols

bound,, 1 1,5s.
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— — Dictionaire Russe, Allemand and

Francois, and«/t(^ versu^ 4 Vols. 8vo. iX.tfL
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Soemmerring de Corporiii Human! Fabrica*

6 Vols. al. as. .
.....^ L_ kones OcbIi tiumani, folia»

4I. 4*.
Linnei Species Plantarum, T. 3 PI. 3I. 14s.
; .. — Complete as far as pub-

lished, 7 parts, 4I. 4s.
Memnich's Comtoir Lexicon, inq Spracheny

8vo. il. ^.

Frwn October 2i to November 2l, laOo.

AcuTB niasAtcs.

Syaochns ^ .■ , • ; 4

Inflammatory Sore Throat .... 5
infiattunatioA of the LttDp ... 7

peripneumonia Notha 3

Catarrhal Affections ...... 19

Dysentry * • 5

Hooping Oougb 3

Saaall Pox .5

Brfsipclas . ;..,..,• .1

cHaomc DiSBASxt.
Hemicrania . • * • * • .a

ilead-acbe . j . • . . ... 3

I>yspcpsiA . , • 13

Chronic Hepatitis I

Eaterodyaia • a

Worms ••••••. ••'• .4

P.las . . .-. * . . . . • • %

MsscDtecto Consomption . . . • »
Pulmonary Conenmptiaii .... 4

<ifar«oie.Catavrii.alidDy9piaeA .« . a;

Pleudrodyne . -. t

Asthma . • 7

Chronic Rheamatism 9

lA'mbago .,...' X

Asthenia 13

Tyanpanites t-

Dropsy 5*

Physconia , x-

Dysuria ' . . . Z

Menorrhagia .... . ... .1

Leucorrhas ........ .a

ChlorosH I

Hy^tc^ia . , • t

Heniiphle^ia I*

Schirrous Pylorus ... • . . x

Prolapsus Uteri • £

Scrofula . . ; a»

S)(^ilis I

Cuoiheous Emptionf • . . ^ . . xz

_, ^_^ _ Nuno^r of Cases .4«a.

The prevalence of very cold amd damp wnther during the Ust three weeks, ha^

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


bamf$iic InMMti &c, &€»

«oos-i(}erBbly tocmaH the dvmber of com*

^failnr5» e<-pcciall7 of the difTercnt Tarieties
9I C^tunh. OM asthmatics* and all those
'with-wiiim cojph aiid dyspnxa arc habi-
toal in viitt'i, huvc ruffcrcd scfcrcly. The
V*^!^ cornel-/" ".[•;, w*n!ch have occurred,
inostly of the dysfnttiic lypc, have put on
ID acute form I and tJ.c fcunk symptoms to
one or 'two iusitances have been consider-
aUe. The small pox is still increasing in
^rcvmTence, and indeed ezltsin almost evcrv
tparter. It is chiefly the severe cases which
' ly to; public charities ; those in the pre*
ng iLtwere mostly £&tali the eruption

beinr of a small tottcxtd lort, oevsr mi*
plctely maturating ; and the smnrth of tfi^
j^atxent speedily sinking, with cola estremi-
ticf» and in one case with haemorrh^ict
from yarious parts, hlo other contai^ioin
dl eases soem to exist, ^th the ezceptioD o(
a f<w instances of hooping coui^h * among
children. Typhus fercr is very rarely seen;
and strict fever at present is equally on«
kaown In this district. A very large ma-
jority oT tne preValept diseases, as may be
collected firom the foregoing U!»t« arc the
cou&e(^ucnce of cold.


Including' . the prinrrpal Marriages and Deatfis in and near London; end
Bintrraphical Notices of eminent Persons deceased,

AT a late half-yearly meeting of the pro- gard^ carts 1 aUo of the stench of shngb-

prietoni of that great commercial con- ter-hottses, dung carts, &c. Sec aho of the

rem. the Grand Tunc tion Canal, held at the channel in the middle of Warwick4ane»

Crown and Anchor tavern, in the Strand, into which all manner of fiUh, blood, and

W. Praed, e q. in the chair, Mr. l^ichard excrement, ^c. fee. are thrown. — ^Thc pe*

CoUingshaw was nominated and unani- tition further urges, that the petitioner^ ate

BBOwly elected clerk and solicitor to the not hostile to the interests of tho<>e who o^

conpauy. A statement of the company*s casion these nuisances, and that they have

yjemaiary aiTairs was likewise read, tege- no wish 61* desire, in the least, to intcrrfcrc

fiber with the monthly amounts of the j;rc s wuh, or impede' the business of, Newgate

ittcipcs for tolls taken on the line cf the Market ; — on the contrary, the petitioDen

• canal and its respective branches since the state, as the sole prayer of the petition, that

last half-yearly meeting, when the receipts the Honourable Court will take into cons!-'

were found to be as follows, viz. in- the deration the propriety of enlarging the said

tnoQth of June the sum of 6188/. ; in July, market, and further, to improve it with

S^jZ ; in August, 6981 ; ' '"n S<"ptcmber, proper avenues and drains, and ro adopt such

6071/.; «rd in October, 6981/. Total of other regulatictos for the government of the

'w^pi'* .'%5^^^c'- market, a? may seem bcit in the judgment

• The nc w ly- ere .tc(] bridge ovtr the river of the court to direct.
Ravensbourne, at^ Deptfbrd, commonly il/arnW.] W. Stockens esq. of Wakham

known by the name of Deptford Creek, has. Green, near London, to Miss M. A. Bct-

iKen Litely opened for the use of foot pas- ttsworth, only daughter of J. B. e^q. ©f the

fcrpers and of the public. Tb}« bridge is rectory-hon-e, Parson's Green, near Ful-

sitnated on the road that leads from Dcpt- ham. — J. 'Vhomas, of Su. James's Palace, to

irrd to Greenwich, ?.nd crosses the little Mi>s Martha Clarke, ojf Upper Betgravc

xwcr above-mentioned at or near its efflux Place. — At Sl Andrew's, Holbom, J. Sy-

«r outlet ioto.the 'i'hame-. . . moris, esq. of the Madfas Military £sta-

' Itii in contemplatiod to throw down bi- Uihliment, ^o Mr 4. Read, of Blackfaestik—

acediately the. houses- situated at the end of W. Walker, esq.- of Bninftwick>sqiiare, to

Rnperttstrect, Mtuybonc, .and to open Miss Sleigh, late of WhiteluiU. — At Pan*

tfamgh the avenue a new cueet leading to eras, H. D.. Es^ine, esq. to Miss M. A.

Ckiffard-road ; a meaiuce calculated- to pro- Cooksey — At Su James's Church* J. &.

d^cc a very cunsiderable and much wanted G. Hop%vood,.esq. of Hopwcod-halT, JLao-

improvement to that part of the town. . cash.ire,. to.Mis& Byngt one of the Maids o

.NEWGATK MAtKKT^ Hon9ur.-*-r. Lortcr, -c^q. of Little Mad'
. A petition has been presented' from the. dox-street, Jiaoover-equare, to Miss Bpsh*
tthahitoots, residing in Newgate*ureet, ley, of Orchard-street, portnum-square.—
Warwick-iane, Warwick-quatc, iTy-lanc, Mr. .D. .W. Garrow, only son of W. Oar-
Ave. Maria-lane, and. Paternostcr*row, to row,, esq. .to Miss Charlotte C. Prohy, oof
die Lord . Mayor and Corporation of the of -the daughters of the Ute Rev. Mr. Pro-
City o£ London, detailing a series of nui- bf, jectos of Stratford, in Essex. — Mr.
snce$, arising from the great number of Cope, of Lombardrstseet to Miss M. A.^
Arts^ wpggons- >^d .other, carriages fre- Knight,, daughter of R. of Kent'
qnenting Newgate-*market, some of which read.1 — Mr. B,obkon, of Castle-street, Lei-
ax% drawn . into .Ncwgate^ttreet at two,, oe&ter-fieids, to Mrs. Frosatty relict of ib/e
ihree, and four o'clock in the morning ; late W. F. e^q. of £ppujg ForesL-^Mr.
*^o eofis^laiaihg of the retwuing martet Chorcbill, atcomr ^Tt ot Chcrtsci, to MU

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

rroviMiQi OccuTT^kii^*


Steele, (ttily dauj^liter of R. S. esq. bte of
the OitlBaoce Office — Mr. Kime, of Strat-
ftsrdy to Miss Slobem, of Pretton Bxssett,
Bvcks.— At Mftckney, Mr. M. X*. Mertc,
to Mb« E. Mannitog, daoehter of Richard
Mannxiie» esq.— At Mkr^f^ne, Major Dai-
niel, of the rrgth regiment, to Mtts M. East,
'bte of Jamaica.— Tho. Symoads, eaq. of
the Temp!e> to Miis Frances Barlow, of
Frederick's Place, Old Jewry — At St.
Gcorge't, HtoOYer-«quare, Capt. T. Har-
■ ris, cS" the royal fiavr, to M»< WiUiams,
eldest dawrhter of the late Nich. W. esq. of
Berwick Castle, Wilta^— J. Knight, esq. of
I..ea Castle, Worcestershire, to the Hon.
MiM Wynne, eldest daughter of lady Head*
ley. - Rots Mahon, esq. of Castlegar, eoanty
«f Galway, Irebod, to Miss Diana Baber,
daughter of £dw. Baber, e^. Park-street,
Ozoavenor-square.— B. W. Ottley, esq. to
B^KS Zachary, of Anneley-house, in wor-
oestershire.— TheRev. John Jeffery, of Bil-
Kng&hurst, Sossez, to Miss Taylor, daughter
^W. T. e^. of Tottcnham-court-road, and
gtaad-daoghter to the late Rer. Hennr T.
.well known as an Arian |>oleDiical wnter.
He published « The Apology of Benjamin
Ben Mordecai, for embracing Christianity/'
and other theological pieces.

J>iid] In YorC«street, Brigadier General
Ferdinand Beckwith, third son of the late
Mi^ Gen. B^— At Lsidy Molesworth's,in
Upper Brook-street» Mrs. Oiirry, relict of
the late Panl H. O. esq.-*-At her house in
Westminster, Mrs. Huli» relict of the late
•T. H. esq. of Covent Garden Theatre—At
lus house in Manchester-itre^ Ueut. CoL
James Powell, in the service of the Bast
India Company.— At Islington, aged 75,
T. Shirlef, esq.— Abo, aged 57, W. Flower,
esq. fimnerly a wholesale stationer in Can-

noti-sti«e&— ^At Wal^torth, T. Smith, e»q.
of Soothwold, fonrth son or Mr. Aldoi-
man S. of York.— -At Cgham, aged 7J»
the Rev. J. Liptrott, ficar of that parfsh.^^
At Ripley, Surrey, while sittingat dinner,
Mrs-Tringham, wife of — TVingham,
esq.-— At Pancras, in hii 64tb year, R.H61-.
brook, esq. justice of peace for Middlesex^
In Davies-street, the Hon. Mrs. Maitland,
lady of Colonel Maithmd.—- T. Coles, es^.
of A^iogton Park, in Surrey ^— At BDck-
ingham-honse, Pimlico, in her 84th year,
Mrs. Briggs, deputy honse-keeper, whidi
situation she had filled for 44 jpurs^— — *—
Shave, esq. many years a magistrate and re-
ceiver-general for the county of Surrey . - -
The death of this g^antlemao was very sud-
den, as he was apparently in perfea neakb
on the preceding day, and haid transacted
business in his magisterial capacity.— At
Chelsea, aged 78, Mrs. Fordyce, relict of
the late Dr. O. F.— At Slough, in her S^tla
year, Mrs. Browne', mother of Mr. B. nu^
sery-num.— At Pimltco, aged 48, John F*
B. Oottsched, late lieute&ant-colonel of the
60th regiment of foot, and inspector of
-Dutch troopSr-At Stoke Newington, Miss
Hoare, daughter of Jonathan Hoare, esq."^
In South Charlotte-street, Capt. R. Mait-
land, of the Stirlingshire militia.— At her
apartments is Greenwich hospital, Mrs.
Smith, relict of the hte Capt. S. of the royal
navy^— The Rev« Alexander Cleves, lecturer
atKnightsbridge chipel.— At Chester Place^
lambeth, H. R. Larpent, esq.-^In Bemen-
street, Mrs. Harriot Collins, wife of J. C-
cq. — ^At the house of his 'uncle, Piul Op* *
chard, esq. — ^In Chesterfield-ttreet, aged «1#
G. Pauley Buck, eiq. of Daddon, in DevMK
shire.— At Hoddesdoa, HertSi aged 85, Jat.
Eisdale, esq.


JMomr^] Mr. W. Sharp, of Waltham
6t JLanrcnce, to Miss Smith, of Maideo-
head ThickeL— In London, Mr. C. Hayter,
Jnn. of Staines, to Miss Otfbett, ^f the (Md
Bell bm and Tkvem, Holborn.

IHml,] At Reading, Mrs. WesAfDok»
ftrifeof RichaidW. esq. banker.- After a
•very short illness, Mr/Fanton, of Oistle-
atreet, of the religious society cf Onokers^—
AtFarringdon, aged 67^ Mrs: vmcentr-
JX Shaw, in hb xoth vear^ Mr. Lamb—-
Aboot three years a^ tms gemle i gan, by a
•very curiow operatior of singery, had^ »-
:very large cancer taken frook fit under Up.
f— At an advanced age, Mrs. St. Leger, of
Tmnkwell — At Hampstead, in Nfiddlesez,
Mrs. £li2. Simmnns, relict ti the late H.
J5. esq. of the same plaee, and modfer of
the Rev. John Symonds BeedoBi B. B* of
Bere Oouit, ip^is coosty.


Meteorological Journal, from October d,
to Qetober 15, boca inclusive, eonformab%
to obsenratioos duly registered in the public
fibrary 4^ the Univerrity of Cambri49e, ae
two o'ckKrk, P. M.

Ifajif MuHk ^0grm, Wt^Att*

Wednesday 9 58 Clwdy.

Thursday 10 5% Fine.

Friday 11 JO ClMy.

Saturday t% 50 ^u^^*

mifiday 13 ^ Rain.-

Monday 14 53 ^fi«^

Tuesday xj $$ . Fine.

Af«rrW.1 At Hfmmgford Abbot, cnntf

Hunthigdon» G. MargettSyCtq.of Kea^

ingwovth, to Miss Cbr£— At Cambridge*

Mr, R. Baker, to Mist. FoTtin, mittreia of
the Bdl pubtic-hoase^-The Rev. W. Broad-
hcBtv orBeUeoghay, and formerly of flu

Digitized by LjOOQ IC


Provincial Occurrences..

lohnVCollcge, Cambridge, to Mn. Fow- of N<irthwtch, In tkk county, taMis^lAoy^r
Icr, a widow lady of Newark upon Trent, daughter of the late J L. esq. — ^At CbebMr*
— W. Coxhead Marsh, esq. of Park Halt T. Richards, esq. to Miss A. Stringer* daughr
Essex, and fcUow of Peter House, Cam- ter of the late "Mr, S. upholsterer.
bridge, to Miss Sophia Swayne, of Casfle XfieJ,] At Chester, Mrs. Myrton, relict
Hcdingham, and daughter jaf the late Rev. of the late Richard M. esq. barrister. — In hk
Mr. S. rector of Stretliam,in this county. — 85th year, Mr, S. Hewitt, late a merchant
At Ely, W/ Bacon, e :q. of Newton Cap, in of Shrewsbury .—At the Royal Hotd in thk
thebishoprickofDurham, toMissMoseley. city, after a short illne88.-r>0. Molyncux
«— Sir James Uuberlcy , of Gain's l-iall, coun- Wynne, esq. of Overton Hall, in the countjr
ty of Huntingdon, to Miss St. Barbe, eldc*t of Flint.— The Rev. John Capper, late of
^ugbter of Charles St. B. e.^tj. of Lypung- Godhorpe, near this city^ — ^At the early age
ton — At Bedford^ Mr. Benjamin Greene, of nearly 15 years, Miss S. Hopedaughto*

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