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of Burgh, to Miss Catherine Smith, young- of Mr. T. H. of Cheadlez.~Mr. G. HoU
est daughter of the late Rev.T. S. — ^The land, of Bri tol, and formerly a dmggiitaf
Rev. J. Drew Barton, President Tutor of Chester.— At Bcresbmry, age^ 80, Mr^.
Caius College, Cambridge, to Miss Cart- Heron, relict of the late George H. eaq. and.
hew, of Woodbridge. , eldest' daughter of the bte Peter Brooke

Dud] At Cambridge, at his house, near e.<^q. ^ Mere. — In his 68ch year, Mr. T.
the Senate House, j oscpK Merril , esq ; dying Turner of Sandbeacb. — ^At Manchester, ia
possessed of considerable property, and a .his O^Sth year, Mr. B. Jones, eldest son of
oatchdor, he has bequeathed considerable le- Mr. T. J. draper of Ch^ster.*-Mrs. Gawky,
gades to the public charity of Cambridge, wile of Mr. C. sedlor. of Tarvio near Ches-
auchas to Story's Charity, the sum of / 1667, ter. — At . VVy^fair, the seat of John X.loyd,
in the 3 per cenu.— -Aged 45, Mr. J. Frost, esq. I|i Denbighshire, Alexander Au6crt,«»%
many years rider and stud groom . to Sir F. R. S. of Highbury Place, London. Th»
\3harles Bunbury, baronet, at Great Barton, gentkman was likewise .Vice Pre>idcDt of
—Lately in the East Indies, in his 32 year, the Society of Antiquaries, and Governor of
Captain Richard Martin, third son of Mr. the London Assurance Company.

Henry M. of Brampton Lodge, county 9!


*• Colonel Tviwhitt with his accustomed


It is is contemplation to erect by sub*
scription a new public bridge, ovier the river-
Waniph, at a certain place called, Howe

liberality lias taxen under his protection the Wath, near Whitreeg Lees, in the ^hhtd
son of a tar, who was born on board the Aikton. As the place alluded, to abooodi
Siinotaur, about 5 years ago, and to whom in quicksands, and i», in several rcs^fects,
Lord Nelson stood god-father.— This little very dangerous to £ord, it is muck to be de>
fSpllOw bears the honoured name of Horatio sired that the above plan may be carried
Nelson.** Xoytti Cornxuall GaxdUe, Nov, 23. speedily into effect ; and It is earnestly n-
Married,] At Lis^eard, W. Rawie, esq. commended to the magistrates, and to the
to Miss Hihgstone, daughter of Mr. Richard public at large, to exert their, best efoif
H. merchaot.-^At St. Gluvias, Captain Pel- to promote the improveinent here m^
lowe, of the Royal Navy, to Mrs. Spurge, gested.

of Penr)'n. — Mt. T. Sheriden, lat£ a candi* For several weeks^past eiQierienced woric*
date for thebc^ough of Liseean, in this coun- men have been assiduously occupied in bor-
ty. to Miss Callender, daughter of Sir John ing diiFerent parts of the bed of the river,
C. of North Britain. in order to ascertain the mo.H eligSUe situ-

. Died.] At Fabnouth, aged 79, Mr. S. tion wherein to erect the intended bridge
TregAllaA, merchant.-^ At Pad^tow, Mr. J. over the river Eden, adjacent to the city t£
Symonds, comptroller of the Custom<«. — ^At Curlisie i. and it appears that they have for-
Fowey, Captain I)omu*r. — At Lesturthid, tuuately di>:covered a stratum of lock, from
Mr.Lucaf, a member of. the Corporation, two to five feet in depth, on the noith side
Miss Clapp, eldest daughter of the Rev. Mr. of the chaand, both above and bdow the
C.*-^At St. Austell, Mr. TaUadc, many site of tiie present bridge. A plan has liko-
ycars derk to Charles Rashleigh^, esq. -wise been taken of a new n>ad which it is

CHESHIRE. intended to lay down, and to lead feom the

MarrUd,"] At Wrexham, Captain T. Van new bridge, situated at Stanwii^bank, aad

Cortlandt,of t)ie corps of Loyu Welsh Ftt>t-
leers, and Major of Brigade to Major Gen-

to proceed nearly in a straight line thnmi^
Kingmoor and Rockcliff parish, to thavi^

eral Fisher, to Miss Apnah Warrington, li^e of GiMi^town, on the river Esfc. At

aecond daughter of the Rev. G. W* — Mr. this particular point, it b in conten^Jatioa

Daniel Owen, mercef of New Town, in to erect another new bridge, which wiUcn-

Montgomeryshire, to Miss Elizabeth Rigg, joy th^ v^ry Jinportant advantage of fiwa^

at Gregyn^.— At Plasnewydd, theEarlof ^ng a connection and OMammiicattoo with

Inniskilkn, to lady C. Paget, daughter of the. new r9adthait leads from Ghtf^w.
. the Earl of Uxbridge.^ — ^At Lanswrog, in <* In an orchard belo^Q^ to Mr. Eiifal

Deobyshwe, Mr. W. S, Clarke, bwidcr, J^|i>iDso&,of£aglesfiel4,aWCofilBeBBfut

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Ptmdnciai Ocdurrenc&»"


dim was tiA^en from m apple tree, this sea-
ton, the astoRifhkie number of 5050 well-
rrown apples, amd ^out xoo more were
left upon uie tree; which is not mere than
seven inches and a 'half in diameter, at the
thickest part of the boll» and u scarcely 13
Icct iti height ^^-^CumherUnJ Pa:ht^ Octo-
ker 29,

*< In the dreary and mountainou<; ^gtons
of Borrowdale, in this county, there is at
jireaeitt an object of curio ity to the natives
of that dx.;trict, whom it aiTe.-ts with almost
«qual sentiments of burpri^e, as the fir^t
sight of a ;?hip lormcrly did the unculti^
"vated Indian^. This phenomenon U notliing
inore or less than a cok!v stack ! The
oldc t inhabitant iivine doci not remember
to have seen a stack on grain in that part of
the country before!'— CflW/i/r j^umaly
Oetoher 19.

' On Fridjy, October 25, the fir^t meetlns:
of the A^icultural ^k>ciety lately established
at Workmgton, was held in that town,
when Mr. Curwcn wa^ unanimously ekct-
ed president. On dits occasion the meet-
ing agreed to extend the district €on«idered
as open to com'petitors, to the whole county,
aod to admit the donations and sub.^cnptions
.of individuals from any' other counties, as
weU as Cumberland. The meeting was
exceedingly numerous be^oiid all expecta*
uon« as several gentlemen came upwards of
40 miles to attend it; and much zeal and
enthusiasm were dt<played and exerted by
the president and members, to promote the
agricultural interests of the county of Cum-

On Saturday, October 19, Mr, Jolin
Mirehouse, a re pectable yeqman of Mtr-
sike, in the parish of Lowcswater, invited
between 30 and 40 of kLt friends and neigh-
bours, to celebrate the anniver ary of his
nativity, the venerable veteran having, on
that diy, completed his hundredth year.
The old gentleman enjoys the u c of ail his
ficulties, sight only excepted, and he has al-
ways possessed a robu<r, hale constitution.
He is, moreover, naturally of a very cheer-
ful dtspo-.itio4i,and is ju>tly con^dered as an
inuiligent man. This worthy centenufian
received the vi-its of his company seated in
ajtru; oak chair, and he bad previous.y, and
mtendedly, appareUed himseu in a nno >uit ;
in order, as he observed," that it mi^ht
hereafter ♦« be tuly said that John Mirc-
hoase was an hundred years old.'* - He fur-
ther remarked to hi) friend % amon^ other
of his occaional sallies of huniour, (the ge-
nuine off^prin^ of a mtn<l at xra>»c j that the
dress and the chair, with *<care taking,
mic^ht serve hi'* lifetime." The festivity
wMch prevailed at thii singular ente.tain-
ment, (and of more splendid ones we may
read, bet scarcely of one moresingrular) was
greatly heightened and embellished by the
Voitderful hilarity of th^ venerable host.
|a a word, it was ail that reason could wioh ;

and the sensations excited la ^ breasts of
<the respectable «L<itors, were such as may
be more easily imagined than fully or s^tis*
£iCtorily described It «bould not be for-
gotten, that both the parents of this wor-
ttkj character attained to pretty nearly the
same a.<e ; and h is well known that seve-
ral of the family have arriv^ at this ver^
remarkable period of longevity.

Marrifd,'\ At Carlisle. Mr. J. Peat,
print-cutter, to Mi>s M. King. — M^. Da*
niel Dover, manufacturer, of Milbeck, to
Miss Bowe, of Lorton. — At Cockermouth^
Mr. J. Wilson, tanner, to Miss Sancton.F-^
At Harrington, Mr. R. Scrueh^^ni, paper-
manufacturer, of Caldbeck, to Miss A. Met-
calf, daughter of the late Mr. M pier-
master.— At Workington, Mr. J. Roper,
tanner, of Penrith, to Miss Hodgson, of the
Lodce,— At Egremont, Joseph Beaue, e^cj.
of Biackhow, to Miss Banks, of L4mghorn.
— Mr, J. Dale, of the Parsonage, iii Lampr
high, to Mi>9 N. Robinson, of Gaithwaite^
in the parish of Brigham.

DieU.'\ At Whitdhaven, or on the pass-
a|e to thi^ port, in the prime of lifci Capt*
Hewitt, of the fhip SaUy.—fAt Maryport,
very uhcxpectedly, the Rev Mr. Taylor, of
•Cioss Canninby, who was found dead in hia
bed.— At Longthwaite, suddenly, Mr. W.
Bell, farmer -^Lately, on his pas-tage froi9
the West indies, aged 24, of the'ydlow f^
ver, Capt. Robert Gibson, of the first regt,
of foot, and second son of R. 6. esq. of Bar»
field, in this county. He is charavterized
as an excellent offi;er, and an elegant, man-
]y, aod amiable character.-— -At i^ang haw,
Mr. B. G. Smith, son of £. S. e>q.-r^i
Scarbank, near I^ongtewn, after a long iU«
ness, Lady Bruce.


Marrled.\ At Derby, Mr. T. Davenport,
draper, to Miss Grime, of Swarkstone Lows.
— Mr. W. Cooper, plumber, &c. to Miis
M. Radford— A Crich, Mr. Maudson, of-
ficer of excise^ to Miss £. Walker, of South
Wingfield-park^At Matlock, Mr. J. M.
Skidmore, hosier, to Miss E. Boden,— At
Risley, in this county, Mr. Oldham, sur-
geon, to Miss Allsop, latcof Nottiiigbam.

!>//(/. J At Derby, in her 78th year, Mri*
Harrison, relict of the late Dr. H. — Mrs,
Vickers, daughter of Mr. M. of the Rose
and Crown public house.— t-At her house iii>
the Wardwick, aged 76, Mrs Wilson, relict
of the late T. W. c>q.— Aged 21, Mr. A,
Cook; eldest son of Mr. C. cujrier. - A led
46, Mrs." Archd;Ue, wife of R. A. esq. Vf^
P. for the fcounty of Dundalk, in Ireland -l-
At Buxton, in her^6th year, Mrs. Rylan^,
wife of Mr. .W. R. of Birmingham -^At
Matlock, Miss M Jstansad, eldest daughter
of T. S. esq mayor of Newark. — At Dron-
ficld, ]. Green way, esq.— Miss A. M. Grif-
fith, of Baniboro Hall, youngest daughter
of the late Rev. J Q. rector of Eck .>>:,toa,
in this county . - cipddeniy at hit house on

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firevkusM OteufYnue^'

\ .

ebcUiitt JCn, nearDcrJiy/ Mr. J. Bcud

«— At Etwallp in this county, Miss Froctor»
ddctt daughter of the late Mr. P. snmoo,
of Litchfield.—- At Osba^on Hall, Mist
Whitby, late of Derby.— Aged 37, Mrs.
Pearson^ wife of Thomas P. of South Wing>
£cld.-r^At Fyham, J. F. Wright, esq.*—
lately at Bareges, in the 3outh of France,
the Rer. J. Crawford, rector of EUastoOy
acar Derby« His complaint was a dysen-
tery, attended with great suffering, and ago*
Jiief, for three and twenty days, which he
bore litcrallv without a murmur, or shew-
ing the slightest symptoms ^of impatience.


" A nomberof gentlemen standing on the
Hoe, at Plymouth, last week, talking of the
lamoited death of Lord Nelson, a little boy
about 6 years old, having oreiheard them,
^ffan to cry, saying he had lost his god-
nther,. and on being asked who his god-
^Kher was, the boy said Lord Nelson.
The gentlemen immediately made enquiry
of the boy's father, (William White, a ]»>
'ftoore^) and mother, as to the truth of the
sissertion, wbtn she stated, that hqrhas-
Mnd had sailed with I..ord Nplson ia the
JMinoc»ur, but is now dibchaiged. Harinff
cooe on board to take leave m her husband
ihe yessel was ordered to sea immediately,
ttod she was therefore obliged to remain on
board. When arrived at Naples, she was
delivered of this boy, ipd on its bein^ mad^
Jtnown to Lord Nejsoo, his Lordship and
Lady Hamilton ofoed to stand god-father
juid god-mother to him. The gentlemen
then asked if she bad any voucher to provt
t|ds relation i when she produced a certificate
signed M/fjM andJ^ramtt andLa^ Ham'dtoa^
i»fi°i:> " *^kt boy is diruUtted ^elson Ha-
milton Bronte White. " He will, no doubt,
be provide<i for, as tlK Prince of Wales's
steward has taken the certificate and sent it
.to hi^ Royal Highness, toh^veitlaid be-
ktt the Admiralty " — Woolmer's SxeUromd
' iiis Royal Highness the Prince, of Wales,,
who is Lord His^ £tevv<l of the Town
.and Corporation of Plymouth, and tvho is,
likewise, Lctsor and I|nproj|riate Receiver
,of all the does coUocted within a certain
vart of the harbour of PlpiOutH, called
Sutton Pool Harbour, kds given directions
to Mr. Tyrrwhytt, private secretary to his
^oyal Highness, to begin forthwith a
aew arrangement lor the better and more
effectual improvemtnt of the said pvt of
^e harbofir, which is intended to be deep-
.(i^iedandniifered y^idjer,^d if roisib^c even
toovea it into a grand floating harbour,
>s it is believed to poa^ess c^tt^oMinary ca-
Ipabilitiesfor this purpose. In the vear 1 7 7 8,
two strong picit were erected, br parlia*
.mentary grants, in consequence ci applica*
tion from the Commissioner Framshawc, of
the Bocfc-y^dy and ^tom the late Adminl

Afacbridc, at the vmt ottaott of
Pool, which with the additional aid of
Aoodgates, might, it is presumed, remler
the inner harbour of Plynaouth, a perpctoal
wet dock, of very comiderable width, a^
pable of containing, at all times of tide, se-
veral hundred sail of merchant sfaifNi, liner
firom every reasooable apprehensiao of
storms or tonpests. Such a measure, if it
could be carried into cfictt, would, m-
qucsttonablyprovea copious so^rceaf wcakh .
to the trading and mercantile interests of the

Some ' considerable improvesaehts ait;-
likewise, makittg upon the forest of Dar^
moor, by order ot his Royal Hig:faoe«;
several thousand of acres have been g;nibbed
up for planting, and a number of neat, h^
bitable dwelhngs are intended to be erectadt

It is intended to erect a prison on a very
extensive scale,* near Torr Royal, 00 Dart-
moor, at the distance of about six intks
from Tavistock. The prison and its coari-
laggcsi within the boundaries, will conxpre*
hend a ctiaunforeoce of not less than fiften
acres of ground, and will be built upon a
plan so spacious as to contain five thowwad
prisoners of war. This is designed to 1k«
in future, the grand depot of prisoners, to
be coUeasd from the >^erem poets sf
Cornwall and Devon. ^.

Marrfid,] At Exeter, Mr« T. Noswetdia
architect, to Miss Skinner, daiB(ghter of Mt.
S. silver»mithr-At CoUumptoa, Bdr. 1^
sepk Pannell, hairdresfier, to. Miss S. Ma*

Died.] At Exeter, Mrs. Deane, widow
of the late Mr. D. nulstar.— Mr. T. Peien
nuealman^-^Mrs. Qrant, widow of the his
Mr. B. G. mercer.-i-Miss M. Whiting.—
At Plymouth, R. tioud, esq. laulieatcnam
of the Ganges, a seventy-four gun ship.'^
Near Plymouth, Mrs. Lloyd, vrife of Mr.
L. late surgeon to Rear Admiral Sir. J. BL
Warren, K. B. — At Stone>house, agod 6x,
Mrs. Coutts, vri<kiw of the late captain C
•of the navy.— At Struttou, Mr. Tooke,
surgeon and apothecary,— At Chaddlewood,
near Plymton, Mrs. Bird, rdict of the
late H. B. ca^ formerly of Ridseway.*— At
Crediton, Miss Risdoo.


There is now in the rookery of Mr. WiU
liam Hsrdy, of Middle-marsh, near Sher-
borne, one nest of rooks, about bal^ '
iSedffoid, feathered for flijj^ and odie^
gilding.— «-^A«/i«ni# mmJ Tmv^ Mervy,

Married*'] At ShroCon, Mr. G. Sknitb, of
Blandford, to Miss Andrewsg eldest daugh-
ter of John A. esqr— J. Perkyas, eif . of
Henley, Somerset, to Miss Samson, of
<:betnoIe.-^Mr. J. Gte, tick-anniActncsr
of Bouttoo, to Mif • DasiD, of Sitoon.'^Mf^
H, Sherris, of Beer Pamh iiear Laogport,
ia Somqrsfitilttre^ and cs^tm ^ the bv^

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frwuuisl Cccumm^


/of-PoUeol^l ToluDtecrir to .Miss .aged 65^ Jotepli -Severe, etq. ajAxihecarfi
M. Demoy of Kiogstone, near Winborsc> m At LUngatlock Vibooa'vel, near Monmouth^
this coimtf. aeed $2, the Rev. J. Powell, minmiT of

SVRBAM. tEat parish for 58 years.

The toUt of the iron-bridge atSunderland, kent.

were lately let at the annual sum of two The following verv curious experisneot^
thonnnd and eighty pound*, which makes which was lately performed in the Downs,
aa advance of about four hundred pounds o£f Walmer Ca<t1e, the residence of Mr.
«o the^ preceding year. Titt» U thus decril>ed by a gentleman who.-

BSSKZ. was present at the spectacle, to one of his '

It is ij^tended to hnild a commodious inn friends :
«r hoteii m the town of Chehn ford, on an . Dral, Oct, 16, 1805. ^

elegant and extensive scale, principally for « On Monday morning, Mr. Francis^
the better accommodation ox the nobility, who la«t year contrived and* conducted thi^.
gentry, and others, who attend at the time memorable expedition of the Catamaran
of the assizes or on other public occasions business, and who con^tl^laed, of course^
to transact the business of the county, and the machines, which under the direction of
likewise with -a view to serve the public Sir H. Popham, ran in among the enemy's *
at large. In order to obtain a fundsuncieot flotilla at Boulogne, arrived here from Do-
for t^is useful purpose, a touting subscrip- ver, and a^ rumour was quickly circulated
tion has been set on foot, to raise the sum that he was going to mak<: an ezperiment'to
«f five thousand pounds, in shares of B£tf asceruin whether he coutd blow up a brig
poimds each. of 300 tons then lying in the Downs* with

JifarrigtiJ] lopLoQdon, the Rey. W.Ward, one of hi> newly-invented Catamarans. X
rector of Myland, near .Colchester to Misj peed scarcelj add that curiosity was soon
^ Hammersky, daughter of T. of Pall- alive, and about 4 o'clock in the afternoon^
' snaU — J. 'Wyatt Lee,. esq. of Maldoo, to ah imniea^c croyd of people had assembled
Miss l^onkin, of Woodham. — Mortimer on the beach, all along the way from Deal
"W. Hayward, e?q. late captain of the South to Walmer Castle, opposite which last the
Essex militia, to Miss Louisa Kersteman, brig lay. I oould plainly distinguish a nnrn*.
third daughter of Jerem. K. esq. of Lofft* ber of nands working about her, as Ukewisa
man's, Paglesham. a very considerable movement of boats;

JDMA Of a lingering illness, the Rev. but until the hour of dsrkne\s, the brig re*
Mr. Bulworth, rect^ of HigVLaver. — lo mained unhurt, and in consequence the
a very advanced aee, Mrs. Acton, relict of people went away much dissatisfied, on a'
the lau Nathaniel A. Esq. of Bramford- sappoHtion thit the ezpsritdent had failed*
f^alk — ^At Inworth, Mr«. Pazton, relict of bestowing very liberally blessings, but not
the late Dr. P. of Maldon. — At lngatc;>tQne* of an apostolical natu/e, on Mr. Francis and
Hall, the Rev. Thomas B<rringtoii.^«-At his Catamarans. On Tuesday however^
Povecourt, Mrs. Clements, relict of the about 3 o'clock, p. m. Mr. Francis asain '
late Janoes C. esq. agent for the po$t-office appeared on the besch, where I and only, a
^^atdkets at Harwich. few others, whose curiosity had not yet sub*

oLoucESTCRSBias. sided, had assembled. We immediately

Ditd.'] At Gloucester, the Rev. Edwird followed the saent and proceeded directly
Kvansou. — ^At Cheltenham, David Scott, to the water's edge, exactly opposite Wal«
esq. M. P. "for Uic borough of Perth- — At mcr Castle, where Mr. F. was met by lady
Mailsworth, Mrs. -Mary Devcrcll, author Esther Stanhope, niece to Mr. Pitt »\hct
nf a volume of sermons, miscellan^, &c. walking about some time on the beach, he
pa prose and verse. tied a white pocket handkerchief to the end

BSKxresnsazRt. . of his cane, which it seems served a*- a signal

JIttarried.] At Ross, Mn Mathews, cur- to the brig, which lay about half a mile
rier» to Mjss Parker, eldest daughter of from the shore — ^w hen lo! and behold, a long
Mr. P. paper manufaaurer^-The Rev. J. ten-qaredgallej instantly darted by the bow
D, Wainwright, vicar of Abrewaseo, Star* of the brig^ and threw something into the
Ibrdsbirt, to Mrs. Holland, late of Heath witer, which I presume was no other than
House, Fradleyw— At Ledbury, Mr. J. Tay- this same infernal or diabolical maci inn
lor, of the Dqtgand Duck Ion, in Worces* called the Catamaran. Being pretty n r\r
IH-, to Ml- s A. HalU to Mr. F. I saw him draw out his watth»

iJlfi^] At Herefi>rdt Mr. WifilamUn* and 1 observed that he turned to ihr lady»'
derwood, son of the Rev. Richard U.-^— when 1 heard him say these wordsi " fiiteen
Ag d 6^» Mrs. ]^. Gainsboroughv-*rAged minutes i»'hertime." I and the rest of the
i,, Mr. Rav^nhiU, jme oi the senior mem- spectators were now allm a state ofanxi^ua
hers ef ti^^.torporatioii^ — Mrs* Mayo, wife suspfnce for the important result, and Iheid
of Mb M of thjc Paick'horse, pubUc hoosi^ piy watch in m^h^nds, impatiently count*
M^k .Wfbbi^ wife ..of Mr* W. fiax-dciesKr< ing the tardy mmutes. After the lapse of
At Eiee^atch «ourc, W^.itBrevee,, geot. precisely sixteen minutes, the expected ex«
JU MuoderfieM-houso, near Bromyard* n^ion took place^ with a rumbliug oqU«

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Provincial Occurtences.

which I think was Bdt much louder than what
« four pounder piece of ordnance would
bavc madjr — ^whcn wc immediately perceiv-
ed an immense column of water and smoke
asccndine many hundreds of feet high in(o.the
fcgion of the atmosphere ; in short, it was so
dense that it ntarly obscured the ve sel,
which, a^ well my optici) couid ken, appear-
ed to be fairly lifted up out of the water,
and heeiinic. as it seemed to me, to larboard.
But then (horren-ium dktu / > — such a sight I
tome how or other recoileji at; however
«o it was, and ^o black fate had ordained it
that the vessel absolutely separated in the
middle, the two immediate end* going to the
liottom ; in fact, in the space of one minute
not a vestige was to be seen of the c't-deiant
^rig, excepting some morsels of floating
wreck; in a word, it ^'as, UB^uestioaably,
the most awfully impreasivt, destructive and
•hocking sights which I cyer witnessed.
This gJlant ship which was quietly riding
at anchor but a few minutes befoj-c, with
tier sails bent and newly painted,' and to all
appearcace, prepared for a distant ▼•yagje,
was, as if by some sudden crash iff nat^i^e,
corae convulsive ttme matulr at rather aquis^
mnfWf made to disappear, and down she
went to the bottom. It will readily b« be«
iicved that the wreck was quicH^ surroin-
«d by a number of boats belongmg to the
curious, and amongst others I went to view
and to speculate upon the remains ; iWum
Jyit / Is'c. ts'c. When wc had reached the
spot, we found the forecastle and deck of
the brig still floating; she was however
completely dissevered or broken in two j the
planks which composed her deck and side^
were split and shivered into thousands of

1>?ecc8. I saw the fosemast, which was
ikcwise spKt in two ; the main mast and
t)umD were also visible, although they
dad been fairly blown eut of her, and the
main-top-sail yard was blown up to the
rross-trces ; her knees, to borrow the terms
rf oiir seatncn, were torn from the ship's
sides, and the beams of the deck broken up
in >everal places; in short, I find it impcs^
Me to describe a more complete decompo-
sition of a vesel, cr a more dreadful crush
of a little nautical world ! The experiment
however was certaiuly most curious, and
probably results from the wme invention
which was communicated to Louis XIV. but
which lv6wc;ver as that blood-thirsty mo-
narch uniformly professed his adherence to
the system, of homicidisin, man-kiHing po-
litics being the mnd rule of his conduct,
he never thought proper to continue, or
even so much as once put in practice! Who
would not have concluded that the powder
would have spent its force on the water
which is moveable, and not have passed
through the strongly-framed bott#m of a
vessel. And again, why wa^ the report
arising from the explosion, so comparatively
incousidcmble, when the cficct wm to gre»r,

and the scene of tgror which it oceasioMA
was so undescribable ? — Mr: Ftanc'n i% a
tall genteel man, seems about ' the agt of
thirty, speaks our lanj^uage very, well, al-
though wi(h rather a German accent* i
should take him to be an Hanoverian.

MarrUd.'l Francis JLott, esq. of Boxley,
to Miss £. Green,, of Stockbury.— W.
Bridger, esq. of Lympnc-Castle, to Kfx4
Tounay Bargrave, of Estry Court-^Mr.
J Nash, bookseller, of Tunbridge Wells, to
Miss Booker, of Ram*s-hilly Pctersfield.-^
At Wingham, John Brigges, gent, to ML4
S Muish. — At Beckenhant, lieutenant co-
lonel J. Willoughby Gordon, of the 924
i^iment, secretary to the Doke of York,

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