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to Miss Bennet.

Vied.'] At Canterbury, in his 7id year,
Mr. H. Dutholt, formerly a silk wcaver.-r
Mrs. Hammond, relict of the late Mr: Al-
derman H. formerly chamberlain of the cor-
poration of this city. — At- Maidstone, at an
advanced age, Mr. }. Dungr^, yeoman^—
At Ramsgaie, Miss Virion-^Captain CUj1|,
of the royal navy. — At Dover, aged 6j, Mr.
K. Collins, brewer.— At Bromptoo, aged.
Si, Mr. Ambrose Brya|it,fbmie:iy puner in
the nayy. — ^At C^anng, in his 33d yeai^
G. Q. Marshall, es(|. This gentleman was
unfortunately killed by the sudden ezploNiaa
of his owofowling-piece, while jon a shoot-
ing party with some of his friends in the
vicinity. — At Lenham« Mrs. Shaipe, wilp
of Mr. S. of the Dog and Bear Inn.— At
her house in York-Place, London, Mrs;
Sawbridge, relict of the late J- S. esq. of
Olantigh, in this county. — At Holltng-
boume, Mrs. Peckham. relict of the late
R. p. C5q. — In his 73d year, Ingrahan^
Rider, esq. of Bpaghton-PIace, near Maidr
ston& — At sea, on board the Trusty rhip of
war, Mr. W. Latimore, pilot of 'DOTtr»
His remains were brought ou shore in the
courj e of a few days afterward't.-<^Mrv
Martin, wife of J. M. esq. of ^Burridge:>
House, at Plumstnid.


MarrleJA At Liverpool, the Rtv. Robert
Mayow, of Bath, to Miss Harding.— At
Lancaster', John Macdonuki> esq. of Dum-
fries, to Miss £Uza Norris,of Prestoa It ii
stated of this young lady, that in a rash act
of sudden phrensy, in coose<|uence of some
reprimand which she had received frwn her
father, was about to drown herself in « con-
tiguous canal9 when the above gentlemsn
providentially passing that way, 'and in*
quiring the cauve of her conduct, and re-
ceiving an ingenuous answer, took her into
his carriage, made honourable ovcrcuirs to
her, and since married her.— At Blackburn^
Mr. Hayhurst, linen-draper, to MissEccles,
of lower DarweB«^~At Rochdale, T. Gore,'
esq^ to Mrs. Kenhaw. — ^At fioitoa, Mr*
Thomas Bcdfacd, sorgeoDf to Kfiis M
Fow)cr.^ • •»

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Provincial Occurrences.


• I.ANCASIllftB.

X>/«£] At Liverpool, aged 30, Mr. R.
l^bb, merchant. — Mi. Jomi Johnson, com-
tnon ' brewer, —Aged 17, Mr. Anthony
Bro^vD) ton -of Mr. J- B. merchant.>^At
X^ancaister, Mrs. Parkinson, wife of Mt.
Jo*. P. linen-draper. — ^At Omiskirk, aged
46, Nlr. Richard Jcfferies, liquor merchant.
At 'Warringtr.n, at the uncommon age of
X16 years, Jane Gregg, a pauper. — At
Preston, Mrs. Clayton, wife ot Mr. C. late
of the Golden Ball puhlic house.' — At
.Augliton, aged 48, Mr. J. Piatt, rope-
maJcer, late of Liverpool. — At HalcAvood,
Ocorge Waiiiwrighi, esq^— At Fulwood
B/Ioor, near prcston, Mr. James Trcbay»
Tnany years steward to John Heatky, e^q*
of fixrton Lodge.


A number of principal breeders from dif-
ferent narr« of the kingdom, attended at the
late sale of tke capital stock of breeding
ewes of the Leicester kind, the property of
George Penrice, esq. It was universally
admitted that one hundred sheep so truly
d^elknt and valuable, were never before
'ftfTouglit to the hammer ; an instance' and
proof which stronzly corroborates andesta-
BUpfaes.the prevailmg opinion of the late
Mr. BakewelL It was the regular practice
of Mr. Penrice to hire hi& rams of Messrs.
'Stones, without objecting to proquinquity
of blood, doubt is now entertained
that if this principle were more generally
attended to, the breed of sheep in general
'Would not fail to be brought to a state- of
grea^ter perfection.

MarriM The Rev. Gilbert Bereford,
rector of fiedworthin, Warwickshire and
Sa^sdby, in this county, to 'Miss Browne,
#iily daughter of the Rev. H. B. rector of
Hoby^^-^Mr. Palmer, surgeon, of Loughbo-
foa{^,to Miss. Grime, o( Swakstone Lows,
in I>erbythire.-^Mr. R. Migginson, hosier,
o^L*eice&ter,to Miss H. Chapman, of Upton.
Th^ Rev. J. Craigg, M. A. curate of Pick-
well, to Miss Molecey, of West Deeping,
connty of Lincoln. Ms. T. Ward, grazier, of
great Queenborough, to Miss M. Beadman
of great Glen.

Dud,] At Leicester, J.PlakesIey, e>q.
' one of the partners in the Hinckley bank.
Mr. Hands, glazier. — Miss Chaplin, niece
of Mr. D. Co<3fke, attpmey. — Atgteat Wig-
ttone; aged 74, Mr. W. Goodrich, fcfi-
moDser.— At JSyston, Miss Henstone. — At
Norm Kilworth, Mrs. Stontfy, wife of E.
Stoney, esq.— At Shoe|h>hcad," Mr. J. Gar-
tact, framer and grazier. — ^At his seat at
Cloverley-Hall, in Shropshnre, John Dodd,
Ci>q. formerly of Tooley-Park, in this county.


Married^ At Lincoln, the Rev. Williaifi'
Broadbent, of Billinghall, near Tatter: hall,
to Mrs. Fowler. aLo ifir. Coz, hheriffs
officer, to Mrs. Dickenson, of Burgh, in the
Manh.-»iU Gj^Dsbofovgh, Mr. J uha Ter-

ry, .ship owner, of Hull, to Miss Bellamy,
Also the Rev. C. Mas&ingherd, vicar of
Upton, and chaplain 40 Lord Byron, to
Miss Smith.

Died.} At lincoln, aged 6yt Mr. Paul
Parnell, surgeon and apothecary.^ — Mr. Coi-
linson, of the Rein-deer Inn. — Mr. William
Wright, joiner, late manager of the asseni-
bly-rooms. — At Louth^ aged 54, the Rev.
James BoUon, A. M. rector of KeUtern.r
Aged 46, Mr. Thomas .Mobson, maltster.
Ac Gainsborough, aged 44, Mr. Rogers,
publican.— -Aged 50, William Rayton, ma-
ny years town-cricr.— Aged 6a, Mr. Tho-
mas Duncan^ cooper. — At Market Raisin,
Mi s Coppin* — At Helpringham, Mr. J.
Presgravc, druggist.


The management of the workhouse la
Norwich, according to some contemporary
prints, has long been the opprobrium <J
that opulent city, and a copious source of
painful emotions to many nf the humane,
virtuous, and re:pectable citizens. In this
workhouse, the &eat olf pain and misery, in-
flicted by cruelty and depravity, it is plain
that health and life cannot be highly eatir
mated, when it is considered that a Mortality,
tbocking to ruery humane fcelinv is suffered tO.
prevail, in consequence of filth and of ne-
glect on the part of the governors, as well
as of the dreadful prevalence of the sipall
pox. It should be recorded, however, to
the honmir of Edward Rigby, e^q. the pre-
>ent mayor, seconded by tfic worthy chief
magistrate, professional gentlemen of the
city, and other benevolent and patriotic
character^, that a plan has been adopted
for the purpose of exterminating 'tJie small
poz, by the newly introduced mode of vac-
cination. It further appeac, t]i«it Mr.
Rigby, the mayor, has long been endea-
vouring to eifccc a thorough reform in the
abominable sy tern of the workhouse, to
introduce cle:inline:^s, vaccination, and a
medical conunittce. Mr. Rigby is himself
a surgeon of the first rank and abilities, ah .
a.s;£ertion which the present :ktate of the
Norwich ho-pital te tifies. In the month
of July la»t, twenty-nine per*ons, all cliil-
dren, were ill ^ the small pox at one time
in the Norwich workhou.e, and were inter-
mixed with the paupers throughout the
suite of rooms, seven in number. Twenty-
nine other children, who had not been uf«
ilicted with the sJiiall pox, were in the very
same rooms, and had been to long expo ed
to the contagion, that they could not be se-
cured from It either by removal or inocula-
tion — ^the deplorable con equencs of which
'wa<, that most of them catthed the di>ease
in the .>cqMel,ar.d eight 0/ thcxn died within
tlie course of the >aid month ! I'he poor
hou>es at Lynn and at .^yl^hani form a
most striking contrai^t in their nianagen.crit
ahd domestic economy to the one at Xoi>p
wich. At Aylham the j>iiUatioa is luxu^

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Provtnctat Oeeunenah

rant; tKe ^uAdingt are well constnieted;
the rooms spaciooi and loft]r> well Tentilatej*
ft&d remaHiably clean ; the diet is rtuWmtt.
■nd the ^tate and comforu of the poor in^
Dabttant) are well attended to in this re-
ipect In the workhouse at Norwieh, one
species of pvmshment has long been prac-
tiwd, whicn would reflect disgrace upon a
vbTchold: this is the. placing an iron col-
bur, called a yoke, round the neck for some
yetty offence ; thb yoke has four prcjccting
prongs, secured by a large clunosy iron pad-
lock; upon one leg a strong iron rinr is
fastened near the ancle, like a hand-cuC to
%h2ch is attached a ma>&y chain, about four
ftet five inches in length $ and at the end of
this chain is a log of Wood, two feet seven
inches in length, and two feet ten inches in
circumference, weighing altogether, horrid
to say, twenty-two pounds ! Wi:h this in-
Mimbrance, thus atuched, the sufferer is
obliged to sleep every night. Mr. Keild,
/who lately inspected this wdk-khousc, saw
o6e boy who had been in a state of punish*
ment with the yoke constantly round his
beclc for three weeks. Mr. Neild requested
the mayor to order these irons to be taken
off; and although it was alledged that the
Iboy had been frequently sent to the city
bridewell for petty thefts, and Was called
incorrigible by the governors of the work-
hottbc, vet it appeared from the bridewell
W>ks tor ten years past, which Mr. Ncild
examined, that the boy was 'ent to bridewell
for two dayii, not for thefc, but for running
awa^, and that he had never been in custody
there either before or ^ince. It »hould fur-
ther seem that the boy was not incorrigible ;
for, as Mr. Nctld observes, ** he had both
sen>e and gratitude to come running after
the mayor and myself, and thank us feeling-
ly for his deliverance." ,

The vame gentleman has, since the year
1771, three times vi>ifed the diffcrenUfaols,
prisons, and places of confinement of all de-
scriptions in this kingdom, at his own very
considerable expence ; and to hi; representa-
tions, ^ded by the humane 'exertions of Dr.
Letsom, are principally to be attributed
their present miprovin^ state. Mr. Neild
is treasurer to the Philanthropic Society,
instituted in the year X77a, for relieving
persons confined for small debts; from
Iftrhidi period to the year x8o2, 190^3 debt-
ors, who had XX399 "^ves and 31S7X chil-
dren, have been loosed, and let go to enjov
the sweets of society as.herrtofore. Although
Mr. Keild has outlived Mr. Howard, yet it
is well known that he was the precursor of
that venerable character, and stimulated
Howard by his owp example !

Married ] At Norwich, the Rev. Mr.
. Hunt, to Mrs. Butier, of Easton.— Abo Mr.
W. Browne, fiurmer, of I'asbur^ h, to Miss
Stacey, edett daughter of Mr. G. S. drug-
gist. -~A.t Seethftig, C. 'I hompsofl, esq. of
^er^ghAptOB, t» Miss Jktits«aKeet, young-

est daiifi;hter of Thomas lL esq.— Ms. J.
Buffham, draper, &c. of Mediirfold, to l/Sa
Kayner, daughter of the laU Rev. W. R.
^car of Calthorpe.

D««/.] At Norwich, aged 47* Mr. T.
Buttiftmt, hairdresser.— Mr. R. Hrighim,
Cnendraper. — Aged 39, Mr. T. Iforyt
stone-mason. — At Thetford, Mrs. Cradi-
nel(, widow of the late Mr. R. C. an en^
ncnt butcher-— At Diss, Mrs. White of the
white Horse inn.— At Ludham, aged 30^
Mr. John Rust, malteter. He was soddeo-
ly seized with an apoplectic fit, ilnd fell
down in a ploughed field adjoining his ho«e»
and expired, before any one could render
him any assisunce. When discoveredt his
no.;e and mouth were found to be filled with
mould. He w^s just upon the eve of nur^
riage. At Waterden, Mrs. HiU« mother cf
W. M. H. esq.— At Fakeoham, Mx3. Uku
widow of the late Mr. James M. po^
master^— Mrs. Sherran, relict of the late
Rev. Rowland S. and last surviving dan^
tcr of the late J. Howes, esq. of ^^unihig-
thorpe.— At Wereham, near Stohe Ferry,
Mrs. M. Hacvey, widow of the late &&
£. H. grocer and draper.


Mcrritd,] The Rev. T. Pettat, <sf So«h-
rop-I«a;ey in GloucesteiUiire, ttt Mi«Ai
F. Ciarke, eldest dau^ter of the late J. C
esq. of Welton-place, m this conbty.

Died,] At Nort^unpton, Mrs. 'Cox, gfr
nerally esteemed for her proper and pitH
dent conduct through life.— At Peterbero^
Mr. Bcver, oon£ectioner.«— Suddenly, i&ed
$0, the Rt. Hon. Susannah Lodsa, Lady
Sl John, of Bletsoe, in Bedfordshire, a bdy
of exemplary piety, chaiity, aod rrssgnatiw
under d6mei>tic aflliction. »-~ At Cfaapd
Brompton, aged ij, h{r« Nathanaci Peuoe,
eldest &on of N. P. esq.


Married.'] Valentine Kitchi^gmaA, M).
of Carlton Hnsthwaite, in the Noith Ridiig
of Yorkshire, to Miss Smelt, eldest daaglf
ter of the Rev. W. S. reoor of GedltOf , in
this county, and niece to the Eatl of Ches-

Died.] At Nottingham, aeed ^ Mn.
Mason. — Mrs. Shipley.— Sn&enly, F. 8-
Fynney, esq. surgeon. This gcntlnuB w»
a lineal descendant of John, Baron FcnySi
hereditaiy constable of DoVtr Castk,sai
lord warden of the Ginqoe Ports, io tk
year Z083. He was posiessed of oootidcr*
able talents, literary aa^ profesnooal, tf
his communications to the PhiliM^hictl
Transactions, the Medical a|id Philosevkir
cal commemaries, the Gcntleman*s aU;
^ine, &c &c evince.—- Mr. Miiler, sa
ingenious miU-wright.— -Mr. S. RaokCi
fcmor. -In consequence of the bunting of*
blcfod-vessel, in a violent fit of coogaio^
Mr. Thomas Hancock, ei^ineer to mt
town, a gentleman of consiwxable taksii,
and a good chemlit, t!cctt]«sn,'4u^-l4^

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Provincial Occurrences*.*


JX Bcdraor usisUnt at Mr. BUtnchard's
aaukmy. — At Southwell, aged 9c, Mc G.
Whk|, map7 years a draper and mercer, of
Bineham.-^Mr. John Ald^id^e — At M}uu*
li«14 Mr. I . Roylc.— Mr. Gunn, larmA:, of
Cplnon Bassect. He had regularly attend-
d Nottin^Iiam market, vnthbuttor, foif the
lajt 30 year8.-i-At Newark, aged 35, John
Cgoke, esq. — ^At Bfcaconfield, C. Colelough,
e«q. comet in the Newark troop of Not-
tio^ham^hire Volunteer Cavalry. ~ Mr,
Wa<s, grocer and shopkeeper, of North
Mttskham, near Newark. Abouf ^6 years
m^o, he made a vow neter again to step
ouf of his house ; and, though often impor-
tiuKd to the contrary by his friends, rigadiy
kept this vow till his death.


We leam from an ii^genious work lately
published, 'entitled Ctmitatut Anghrum^ that
this county, is divided, intp fourteen hun-
dreds; that It contains 89OPOO acres; payi
seven parts out of 513 as a contribution to*
wards the land ux, which said seven parts
amount in tiie aggregate to A70X7/. 8/. %J.\
that its papulation contains a.Ust of 167,639
individi^ils ; that its bread corn consumed
annually forms a total of 417,031 bushels;
that the number of its men capable of bear-
ing arms as a posse conytatus, from 15 to
60 years of aee, are 41,909; and that the
pctpulatiou of Shrewsbury, when tl^e lat«
census was taken, amounted to 14*739.; the
number of inhabited hou^s to 2773; the
number of families that occupied d>em m
^yoo ; and the empty untenanted houses at
the same epoch to 88. ,

A large meteor, resembling a ball of fire,
was observed lately to fall apparently as if
towards the North Weist part of the town
of Shrewsbury, on* Monday evening, Octolx-r
14^ about nine o*clock; ihe light which it
emitted was so considerable, that very small
objects could be plainly recognised and a^
certained by it on the road.

An advertisement has lately appeared in

• the Shreyi'sbury papers, announcing that it
is intended shortly to take down and rebuild
the church of Whittington, in this county.
MarrUA] At Shrewsbury, Mr. W.

; Hudson, mercer,'* to Mik« M. Pui^h^— At
Aberyswyth, Mr. J. Roderick, of the Cu>-
tocns, to Mi is £leanor Pa vies.— At Ludlow,
^Mr. E. Pi^ot' mercer, to MLs< M. Jay,
now of the Geotge inn,-— At Caerniarthcn^
J. jMorgan^ e^q. of Furnaie, to Miss M.
Lloyd, youAgest dau^^hter of tHe Hon. Mrs.

jDi&i] At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Penelope
5^don, relict of the late Mj. S. S. .attorney,
of .X«iv«rpool, and youpi^est daughter of tlie
Rev. GnmtK £van<, formerly vicar of Llan-
saidsfraicl* in the coun/y of MoutJ^omery.-^
Mr. Prfre, laudiord of the \Miite Hor^e
iniL-^Mrs. Bowdler, wife of Mr. B. taylor.
— Mr.^R. CartWiight, keeper of the county

' gaoi. — Mr.. Harper, many years iu the scr-
V«d, IV

vice of Richard Mothall, c->q.— At Stoke
upon Tcriie, ajrcd 23* C. C. Cotton, es^.
third son of the Dean of Chester. — At Lis*
vajiff, in Glimqrgfinshire, a^ed ico, Mrs,
Blanche Thomas^ rciict of the late John T.
es^. She retained the, use and enjoyment
of her fadulties to the last.— At CloVerley,
near Whitchwch, John Dodd,'esq. — ^At the
Old Park, Mr. M. l,aue, grocer.— M*. F.
.Clive, dealer in lime, of Much Wenlock,
much regretted* and getierally re9pecte4 as
a truly worthy character. — T. Dickea, esq.
of Wcm This gentleolau served the office
of. high sheriff for this county in the year
*7^9»— At Marlow, near Ludlow, in hts
59th year, J. Littlchales, esq. formerly of


Married.] At Bristol, T. Roberts, esq.
to Misj Lee, daughter of the late Benjamlit
L. esq. of Merrioi^ county of Diihlin. — ^The
Rev. T. Watrcn, of Christ Chur.b, Oxford,
to Miss J. Powell,— At Bath, J: Haley,* esq.
of. Lansdowne Place, to Miss Richarda^
yaunge.s;t daughter fit the late J. R. esq.
M. P. for Derby.. . . ^

Died.] At Bath, Mrs. Edward:*, wife of
Mr* K. surgeon, of Walcot.— Mrs. ftjwcr,

wife of Colonel P. of the. jid. rcdmcnt

Alexander Ehis, esq.— Mrs. Strange, grocer.
—Mrs. Msfftha Jane, wife of Mr. I. J. salr-
rcfiner.— At Bristol Hoi Wells, aged 87,
the Rev S. D'EJbasuf Edwards, of Pentrc,
in Montgomeryshire, and rector of Main-
stone, in the county of Salop. He was
highly respected a< the liberal bnt unosten-
tatious friend and <;upportcr of the pobr, and
of ail such institutions as tend to promote

their comfo'tn and .lofccn their distress.

Ms. Shireff, wife of Alexander S. esq. of
Feiichorch-.street, London.


It is intended to make a railway or, road,
with other accessory work^, such as may be
thought requisite for the conveyance of coal,
Ilmc, ^c. from the mines now ih the pos-
session of Henry Vernon, esq. in the parish
of Bu«hbury,in this county, to communicate
with the (faiial known by the name of the
Stafiordthire and Worcestershire, at or near
a ecrtain place called LiithcrfonI, in the pa-
.rish of Shareshill, Ukevvi c in this county.

Married-.] At Hanky ^n the Potterie%
Mr. J. Meijjh, jun. manufactured of earthen-
ware, to Mi«8 Mcllor.— At I'amworch, the
Rev. J Ho-yne-. 'lownshend, to Miss S.
. \V'ri.iht — At LitcJifitld, Mr. Jagcr, one of
the vicars choral of the eathedr«I» to Mis^
Smith,— At Al lonficld, Mr. William Bil-
l»njn;»» aged 8.5, to MffS Hatinah Wcldon^
5gcd 15, On the moniiog of their au=:pidous
u^iion, the h?.ppy c^iple wa ked 15 miles in
the space of three hgnrs and a half.— The
Rev. C Bottertil Hawkins, L.L.B. and vi,af
of Lcwknor, iu Oxfordshire, to Mits M.
Bratt, of Snpw. H«uie.

Dud.] At Litd^cld, Mr. T.W. Weight,

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4fA Prcvincial Occurrences.

assistant iurgeon to'tKe Litilifield Voluii* and toh subttituU m Ved of it z tndgt dT

tecrs; and in the course, of a few days after* frreater capacity and coDvenicDt safety. It

vrards« Mrs. A\'rigkt, mother of the above has been calculated that the expence yf a

Mr. W. and rfelict of the Ute Wil)|toi W. 11^ iron bridge, of a span nearly doDbk to

gent, and alderoian of the city. t&t of the present stone bridge, 'wotdd aas

SUFFOLK. exceed the sum that siapeace in the ^onnd

Married,] At Bury, i/lr, S. Oldmaa, of woold raise on the inKabirants of the ra^

the Fox inO) to Mrs. Manning, late of thie 6f I'eveosey and I..ewe«, and who are pna-

Toltgate inn.— -R. Wariag,' esq. of Edward-, tipally interested in the proposed improve-

stpn Grd'^e, to Miss A. Warrttt*, third ment.

daughter of John W. esq. of £dward:>ton Application will shortlv be nude to pas-
Mouse.^— At Beccles, Mr". J.Crisp, merchant, Uament for pbwers to make a navigable cue
to Miss Prentice, of Bungay. — At Sudbury, or canal with a sea lock from that part of
1V&-. T. W. Border, of Man ell-street, Lon- the channel in the haven of Chiehes(err
don, to Miss Strutt, eldest daughter of Wtl- which is called the Deep W^ter, opposite
liam S. esq. JLopgmore Point, to a field called the Upper

Vicif.] At Ipswich, Mr. J. Crawley, late Soutngate Field, situated in the parish of St.

n the service ot the Hon. East India Com- Peter the Great, all in thi;! county; which

papy. — Benjamin Russcil, gent. — AtBeccIcs, said' cut or navi^ble canal is intended to

agipd 89, Mr«, J. Carpenter, a maiden Iddy. pais through the several parishes of Bird-

«— At Bexibrd, Mrs. Wynne, wife of Mr. W. ham, Appledrara, Donningtbn, St. Pancns,

surgepo. -AtChIlle:>fbrd,theRev;Mr.Mnr- and St. Peter the Great, ft is further io-

tirper. — At Harleston, aged 70, Mr.RoUn- tended to make a dock cr bason, with a

son, of the Crown inn. — ^At Norton, -Mrs. qUav and the necessary and acco^ory wharfs

Clayton, wi(c of Mr. C. surgcrtn. and dau^h- in toe aforesaid fields at the tcnninatiM of

tei: of Peter Chambers, esq. of Rmy. the said intended canal; and also fer making

SUSSEX. ' two separate roads to lead from the quay

At the' Agricultural Society held at aforesaidr^the first to communicate with
Lewes on the jist of July la t, a new por- the Kingsham.Farm and Chichester Bastgate
td\f\e hand thrashing machine was exhibited, Road, and the latter with the' Del Quay aod
which Wa<> stated to'beof such superior ex- Southgate Chichester Road. ^
cclknce, that one man by the use of it wiH An experiment was lately made at Bri^
perform as mu^h work a« a hor<;c by the iou of a curious kind of swimming macbioc
ordinary methods. Accordinffly an expert* invented by M. the Baron Euttgendorf —
m^it was made on it before tne members of his Royal Highness the Prince and several
the Sussex Agricultural Society, which ve- persons of distinction being prcsait. As
rified the statement in a trial against time, the experimcpt wa^ to he tried by a gen-
It then appeared that one man working the tleman who could not swim, the Prince ^e-
machine was enabled to thrash five sheaves' lected Adjutant Baron Ebcn, who, though
of wheat iu as many minutes; the straw pro- he was plunged a number of times in Our
ducsd from the operation weighed exactly 'water in the course of half an hour, dc-
.'^ I pounds, and the result yielded one guUon live red notwithstanding to the Prince a
and three quarts of wheat. This machine written paper, which had been concealed
[^ considered as a unique, or the first and in a recess of the machine, and whirh was
only one that has. been made 6f the kind, found to be pcr^ctly ' dr)'. The roachsne
and will perform a <[uantuni of work double taken collectively weigh>i nine pounds, and
to that abovemcnu^ncd when drawn by a. occupies a very small fpace in the wsvr,
horse. It will contain two days provi>i6a<:. And it

A» the bridge which connect* the borough possesses at all times the power ofrecGniog /

of di^ewes with the Clifle has long been too or of standin;; erect in the wAter. /

narrow, inconvenient, and even dangerous; MarrUJ,] At Chiddingfcy, Mr. 6. RaV^

from its sharp acclivity, (vei7 lately all the gcr, of i.aughton, aged 7*, to Sf rs. Ma^

persons upou it having been squeezed by Page, widow, aged 63. This venerable

the i^i^g wheels of a cart in contact with couple were observed to trip it o'er the

a waggon^ aod one of tliem ^o violentif^ green, on their way to the altar of Hymen-,

as to .occasion the blood to gush from his with all the glee and airy humour of spri^-

movpi and"ncse).3idasthe abovementioned ly youth; and afterwards they catertaiced

brid^^; V^^-^ery great' thcrsiighfare for car- a select party of their fiiend<,from the.ham-

riAgt* &nd fpot-pasJengers, which last may lets of Lau&hton and Chiddingley, at their

he s^idtb be in peril as' often as* they pass house at Whitesmith, where the evening pf

it '^ and as moreover the area of. thb' arch is their nuptials was Celebrated with much li'

toully iitsufiicient to csu-r^oif the great cur- btraiity, harmony, and' convivial festivity,
Vmt of water at -heavy flood 'tintes, it has Died.V At Brighton, after a lin^eiisa;

been- recommended to the magistrates and illness, m her 4j\h year, Mrs. Crouch, leiig

to the publican (aige of this district speedily highly distinguished as a Tocal pedionncr if

ttftdmider of mcaltt to remove thi9aul$aficc, the Loadoii theatres. ,

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