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and immediately made all sail tor the highly honourable to their oflicers; but the
Stre^bts entntoce with the British squa- atuck on them was irresistible, and it pleats
dr^n, consisting of 17 ships, three of tnem scd the Almighty Disposer of all- Events to.
sixty-fours, where his Lordship was infoim- grant his Majesty's arms a complete and
ed by Captain Blackwood (whose vigilance glorious victory. About three P. M. many
^ui watching and giving notice of the ene- of the enemy's ships |iaving struck their co-'
my's movements has been highly meritori- lours, their line gave way ; Admiral Ora^
«us) that they had not yet passed the vina, With ten ships, joining their frigates to
freights. leeward, stood towards Cadiz. The five

On Monday the »tst inst. at day-light, headmost ships in their van tacked, and
«v&en Cape Trafalgar bore £. by S, about standing to the southward, to windward of
•even leagues, the enemy was discovered the British lin^, were engaged, and the
ttbout svi or seven miles to the eastward, sternmost of them taken ; the others went
die wind about weat and very light. The off* leaving to his Majesty's'squadron nine-
0>mmander in Chief immediately made the teen ships of the line, of which two are firsc
atgnal for the fleet to bear up in two co- rates, the Santissima Trinidad arid the Santa
Jamns, as they formed in the order of sailing Anna, with three flag officer?, viz. Admiral
— a mode of attack his Loidship had pre- Vilieneuve, the Commander in Chief; Don
irioasly directed, to avoid the inconvenience Don ^natro Maria D ' All va, Vice- Admiral j
•ad delay of forming a line of batfle in the and the Spanish Rear- Admiral, Don Baltal-
ustuU manner. The encmy*8 line consisted «r Hidalgo Cisneros.
cf 33 ^ps, (of whieh 18 were French, and After su^h a victory, it may appear nn-
15 foanish) commanded in chief by Admi-^ necessary to enter into cnt'oniiums ion* the
ral Villenenve : the Spaniards, under the particular parts taken by the several com-
direCtioA of Qravina, wore, ^-ith their heads manders ; the conclusion says more .on the^
to the northward, and formed their line of «ubjcct than I have language to exorcss ; the
Wttk with great closeness and correctness : spitit which Animated all was the 'same.
but as the*mode of attack was tinusual, so When all exert themselves zealouslv 'vh their
the atracture «f their line was new ; it country's service, all deserve that meir high*
formed a crescent convex ing to leeward, so merits should sund recorded; and never
^lat in leading down their center, I had '^^^ high merit more conspicuous than in'
both their van and rear abaft the beam, the battle I have described.
Before the fire opened, every alternate ship The Achille, a French 74, afteiv having^
was aboat a cable's length to wind\^'ard of surrendered, by some mismanagement of the
her second a-head and a-stcm, forming a Frenchmen, took . fire, and Hew up : two*
kind of double line, and appeared when on hundred of her nWu were saved by the ten*
their beam to leave a very little interval be-' ders.

tweea them, and this without crowding their A drcumstance occurred during the ae*
silips. Admiral Vilieneuve was in rfie Beu- tion wRIch so stri^ngly marks the invincible
•entltlve, in the centre, and the^ Prince of spiritofBritiih bcamen, when engaging fiio
Asttttias bore Oravina's, flag in the rear ; encmic* of their, country, that I cannot irej
bat die French and Spanish ships were mix- sist the pieasure 1 have in making it knovtop
dAwithoat any apparent TCgaira to- orda^ of to their Lordshlpv The Temeraire Mzh
Jtttifloil tgiMdroni boarded, by accidem o^ design, by a Frenci^

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462 ExtracH/rom the LondM.GazeUa Exirturdmary.

ship ea «ie. si& and a Spaniard on the 7%< order im vOch'tke Ships of Ar Bn&i

other ; the c<Mite<;t was vigoroot, but in the Sftutjrm packed the CmAimed FUgtt m tit

. end the CAmhined enii|[n*> ptt^ torn from 21/* tf OttoUr^ 1S05.

y^llepoep, and the J}riU'.}i hoiated* in thotr Kf»-*Viccory»Tcmeraire,KepdiaB»C&9-

places. ^oeror, Xieriathan, Ajaa, Orion. Agaxatt-

Such a battk piy\M Tk0t l;e fought without . npn, Minpt^nr, Spartiatc, Bdcannia , Afipca»

anstaiuipg a «;r^t I06S o{ m^n^ I have npt Eurjalus, Sirios, PhfcliNe, Na^ut, Kckk

<aAj to lament, in common with tiK British schooner,. Entnn>renante cotter.

M^and the Briti<;h Nation, in the f4ll of Jttar — Royal Sovereign, Ma^«, Bcll^^

. ^ Comm^er in Chiel^ (he loss of a Ff ono Tonoant, Bellerophon, Coloisns, AdliiQe»

' whose oame wUl be j^iiprtal, and hu me- Polyphemus, Revenge, Swiftsnre, D cfe ooe,

mory ever dear co his country ; but my heact Thunderer, Defiance^ Prince, Dpeadmnn^t.

Js rent »rith the most poignant grief for the S( a, Emryalus^ ofCaiix^ Oct. %^ , x Spf.

death of a friend, (o whom^ by many Year.4 In my letter of the aid I deuiled to job*

inthnacy, and a perfect knowled^ ot the for the information ofmy Lords Comnutsia^

virtues of hi» mir.d, which inspired ipieas .er> of the Admiralty, the proceedings ofhv

'superior to the common race of men, f wju Majesty's squadron on the daj of the actaoB,

hound by the stronsest tici of alfcctiop; a and that pppceding it; since which I baive

grief to which rven the glorious occasion in ha4 a continued series of miafiartunesy hi|t

which he fell doen not brinjc the con<iolation they are of a kind that horaan prudence

•which perhaps it ought. His IxiriLhip r^ could not possibly pmride ag;ainst, or raj

ceived a muilLetoball in his left brea$t, abou| skiil prevent.

. the middle of the a(;tion, and sent an ofiicer On the aadt in tl^e mornii^, a strong

^o me immedijitely with has lastfuewei, sourtherly wind blew, withs^nSjyweaAe^

jand se^on after expired. which however di^ not prevent the accivicy

1 have al»o to lament the lo^s of tho«e ex« of the o^cer» and s«ai|ien of sudL ships as

cellent ^i&cers. Captains Duff, of the Mars, w^e manageable of gttdng hold of many of

and Cooke, of the Bellefpphnn. 1 have yet the priaet, thirtten or fomtecn, and towiqg

|icard of none others. them off tp the wcstwaid, V^r^ 1 ordered

1 fear the numbers that have fallen wJU be (hem to rendiezvoiu round the Royal Sove-

found very great when the returns cpme Co reign, ^n tow by the Ncptniiei but on die

ine; but it haying blown a ga|( of wind 13d the gale increased, and thcscar^ so h^

ever since the action, I l^ave not had it in that many of thein broke the tOfv tope, and

my power tp ^ollsc^ any reports from the drif^d far to leeward,' before they were jjni

ahips. hold of again; a°<1 ^ome of them, takiBg

1'he Royal Sovereign haying Ipst her advautigc in the dark and bpist'eroos n^i^
|na<^ts, except the tottenn? foremast^ I called got hdorc the wipd, and have perhaps cM?
the Euryalus to me while the action fon-^ ed upon the »hoie an<) sunk,' pn tW after^
tinned, which ship Mng within haji, pnade noon of that day, theVemcant (if the Cobi*
Kiy ^gna]s,a service Capuin Blackwood per- bined Fleet, ten sail ^ ships, who had oo(
Ibrmed with g^eat attention. After the ac- ^e^ mpch engag^'c), stood up to kcwasdof
(ion, I shifted my flag fo her, tljat I inight a)yNhattercdaodstra|^edcbam,a;ifBiea»*
foore easily communicate fny orders to and itig to attack thei^, whidi obliged me t^
collect the ships, aiiid towed the Royal collect a force out of the least injured ship^,
^p^ereifQ out Ito seaward. The whpl^ fleet and for^i to leeward fiir then* defence, itll
were now in a very perilous situation; many this retarded the progress of the )iiilks,aa4
dismasted, all shattered* fn thirteen fathom t^^e bad weather continuing, determined ma
yat», off the Shoals of Trafalgar; and to destroy all the leewardmo>t that couU be
^heh I made the signal to prepare to anchor, clcare4 of the men,' considering that keep-
few *tf 'the ships ^ad an aAcf^o^ to let go, ijig pos:»eSiioa of the ships was a matter of
^eir cables f)einr shot ; but the same good liftlc con.ediience,compaicdwith the cbance

Srbvidence which aided us tj^rough sjuch a of their fapjng again-imo tl^e b^ of th^

3LJ preserved us in the night, by the wmd enemy; Sue eveii this waa-apardnovy task in

'^fej'^SP? * ^"^ F^*^^'*' add drifting the ships the high sea which was ^unninir/ Ihope

<aFthe land, exccnt four of the eaptiirfcdiiis- however it has been accjii^Iished to a quo*

Hiastcd ti^lfts, which are now at anchor off siderabje extent. 1 entrusted it to skiifo|

TrafaJiiB;^, and I hope will ^ide safe until officers,' who V^uld »parc no pains to ei-

t^egaies arc over. * ecute what was possible. The captains of thf

Having thui detailed the proccedinpjs of prince and j^cpipne ^ared tbe Ttiiaiaii

the fleet on this occahion, I bqg to conjpratu* andsnnl^her. *Captain^4 Hope, BafMoo,

Ute their lA>rdship3 pn >i victory, whick, | and Malcolm, w^o joined the ^ect ihispa^

hope, will add a py to the glory cf his Ma* meot from Gibraltar, faa<| the cfaaige oC d^

Jesty's crown, and be attended with public st^oying' four othersi. The RedoubtaU^

|>cnefit to our country.— I am, Ice. sunk a-btem oL Uie Swifcsure, while in Uft^

* . C. Coi,Li«cwo.OD. The Santa Anna, I have no doubt, is 0111^'

To Wm. Marsden^ cs^„ . as .her side was ahuo^ entirely beiai in; ai4

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Extracts from the London Oaxettes ExtraordinjaT}!, ^ 48|

(Qch is the chattered condition, of tnewb& ^ marines, killed ; 4 officers, 3S seamen^

pf t|icm, that unless the weath^ moderates, and 9 marines, wounded. Total 79,

\ doubt whether I fhall be able to carry a Co/ijwerQr, 1 ofiicess, x spaman, 'kUlcd ;

ship of them into port. I hope their Lord- 2 officers^ 7 seamen, wounded, 'fotal 1%,

^ps will^pprove of.whas I (having only in tcviatlam^ % sean^en and t marines^ kSied;

consideration th£ des f ruction pf the enemy's i petty cffitcr, 17 s^^uaei| jU]4 4 marines^

fleet) have .thought a measure of absolute wounded. Total a6.

nece^ty. . / > - ^ji** ^ s^am^ kiUed; 9 s|am^ wondd-

I have uken Admiral V^llen^ve Into this ed. Total xz.
shii^. Vice Admiral Don Aliva is dead; ^rioH^ x seaman killed; a petty officers*
\^^aenever the temper of the ttreather will X7seameBand4mani;e4,wounded.Tptal^^
permit, an^ I can spare a ffigate (for there ^^amrm^omt 3 sieadien, killed ; 7'8eamen»'
were only four in tne action ivi^h the fleet, wounded, 'fotil 9.
^uryaltts, Sir{n$, Pbopbe, and Naiad; the Spaniate^ 3 seamen kiUed; X officer, %
Melpomene jolhed the 22d, and the £ury- petty offi^er^;, 16 seamen, and'x maxdney
dice and Scont- the 23d) I shall collect the wounded. Total 23. ' ' .
other Flae-Ofi^cers, and send them to Eng* Africa^ 1% seamen and 6 marilies, killed \
bnd, with their flags [if they dq not all go 2 officers, 5 petty officers,^ 30 seamen and f
to the bottom J to m laid at his \rajesty*s marines,, wounded. -T.otal^z.
%dt. BtlUhU^ % officers, x petty officer, 22 6ea*f

Tliere were 4000 troops embarked, under men apd 8 i^ioriA^^ ktUed ; 3 •fficens, 3 pet-
the command of ^General Contamin, who ty officers, 6%' s6amen, ^d 19 marines,
t^ taken with A^^-'i^inl Viileneuve in wounded. Toul 126. ' .
tlie BeUcentiurel-^1 aiti, Sir, &c. CUoumj, x officer, 3X stamen and S ma->

'C. CotLiNGWooD. ' rines, killed ; 5 officers, 9 petty officert?s 1 15
4* abstract of fbe killed amtf ivounded «i board seamen and 3X marines, wounded. Total
■ the respective shipi composing the Brttith-. aOO.

Smadron^ under the comatand nj the Right AchWe^ ^ petty officer, "6 Seamen and 6

Homourable Vke- Admiral .Lord Vi40ouiit marioc$, kiUcd ; 4. officers, 4' petty officer^

Nelson J in the action of the liH of Ocioher^ 27 scanicn and 14 nuiines, wounded. To-.

1805, of Cape Tral/aj^ar, wth the com" tal 7a,

hin^Jteeft oj Pmnce and Spain. Pelyphemut^ 2 seamen, kiUed; 4 seamen*

ViOoryi^ officers, 3 petty officers, 3a tea- wounded. Total 6.
»en and x8 marines, killed; 4 officers, 3 5«wy/Ji/rr»7 scaanenaftdainarmtfs^killcd;
petty officers, 59 seamen and 9 marines, ' petty officer, 6 seamen and x maripe,
wounded. Total ijlt. wounded. Total 17."

R^al Soverrign, 3 officers 2 petty officers, Defence, 4 seamen ?nd 3 marines, killed 5
2p seamen and J3 marir^cs, killed ; 3 officers, 23 seamen and 6 marines, wounded. Total36,,
5 petty officcr», 70 seamen and x6 marines, Thunderer, a seamen and 2 marines, kill*'
wounded. Total 141. . ed ; 2 petty officers, '9 >'eamen and x ma* -

Brita^nta, x' officer, 8 seamen and x ma- rinc, wounded^ Total i6.
line, killed ; i officer, x petty officer, ^^ Dejiance, 2 officers, x petty oJBcer,* 8 sea-
>puuen and 7 marines, wounded. Total 51. men and 6 marines, killed ; x officer, 4 petty

Temeraire, 3 officer^, I p«tty officer, '35 officer*, 39 seamen and 9 marines, wound*
seamen wid 8 marines, killtd ; 3 officers, % ed Total 70.

petty officers, 59 .eam';n and X2 niarincs. Total— ix officers, 15 petty officers, 1%^
wounded. Total 123. seamen, and X04 marmcs, killed; 4X

' Frinee, none. officers, 57 petty officers, 87O seamen,

^^/i/vi«,xo seamen; killed; I petty officer, and x 96 marinci, wpunded. Total

Jj ^amen and 3 marines, wounded. Total 15^7*

4^ ' (Sigued) c. colli.nowoop.

Dreadnouphi, 6 seameU and x marine. Return of the names of the offctrs and peVy ^f* .
^Hcd ;" X officer, 2 petty officers, X9 seamen Jtcers killed and ivounded on board the ships 1}
apd 4 marines, wounded. Total 33. the Brjti b Squadron, in the action with ti.a

' TonnM, Xiot received. Combined ffeets of FrJnce and Spaia^cff" Cape.

Mars, I officer, 3 petty officers, 17 seatilen' Tra/Jgor, on the %\sl Octohcf^ 1-805. . "^

3d 8 marines, killed; 4 officers, ^ petty killed.

Scew; 44 seamen and x6 marines wounded. Victory, The tU^ht Hon, Lord Vi count'
Total 98. Ndson, K. B. Vice Admiral of the White,

Bttlrrophon, 2 officers, x petty officer, 20 Commander in Chief, Ac. &c. &c.; John
^amert, atid 4 marines, killed ; a officers,^ Sc^jtt, esq. secretary ; Charles W. Pk^^^^kf
A petty officers, 97 seamen and ao marines; ' captain, Royal marines^ WiUiani Rum, licu-
wtwndcd. 'i\)tal 150. tenant; Robert Smith and Alcxaftdcr Pal- .

^Minotaur, 3 seamen, killsd; 1 officer, x mer, mid^^hipmcn ; Thomas Wjjipple, cap- .
pttty officer, X7' eamen, and 3 marine, tain's cleik. •

^*J5^- Total 1.5. - Jloy*'4 Sovereign, Brice Gil iland, Mieutc-

Menge, 2pettyoffi&rs, tSkamcAand QWit; W- Jifcj» ChAlm«r«, master; Rob At

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Extracts from the Londsn GcxeUa

tacMd lieMdiant of Royal msriaeft;
likenbea4 and Thotnu Braimd* mid-

mma^ F^ocis Ro«knigc, lientaiaot.
traire^ SimeoD Bu^igH/, Captain of
marinbd ; John Kxogston, IteoteiiaQt
al ft^riries; X^ewii Oades^ caippntcr;
n Pitts, toidtiupman.
r/,nodc ■' '

•m{f, nonr.

idm'.ugbt, none. ^

uu/, No Rettim.

V, Ocorge Duff, captain; Ale^Mder
naster's tnate ; Edmund Covlyo and
Morgan, midshipmen.
TcpLoHi John Coote, first captain ;
d Overton* maj^r ; Jo&n Simmens,
x/4tfr, none.

ttfri^ THomas Giicr and Edwaid F.
!, midshipmen.

utror^ Robert Lloyd and Wm. M,5t.
:, Ijchtcnanti.
iathnftf none.
<f notic
«, none.

^«.*r, noDe%

frj, ncrc

ru.V, Ebcnc7cr Gcill and John' Wood-

itcD.jits; George Kind, midshipman.

jtfj» Thomas Scriveo, matter/

iU, F^aiicis JohoMugg» nud&hipman.

''BtMhiif none. .

';j///''t none.

rfr,' none.

/rr«r, ^UMje.

V*, Tijoma* Simens, lieutetvatit ;
I For»ter, boatswain; James WiJ-
, midshipman.


y, John Pasco and G Miller B1i|th»

:ts; Lewis B. Reete^ and J. G.Pe:^»

\U of Royal marines; William Ri*

^htly), G. A. Westphall, and Ri-

ulkcley, inid«hipnien ; John Gco-

igent YictuaJlcr's clerk.

ScvereigMt John Clavell and James

, lieutenants ; James Le Vcsconte,

nitenant of Royal marines; WiU

ion, master's mate ; GL bert ken-

renvilie Thompson. John Camp*

fohn Famnt, mid^pmen ; I:>aac

r boatiwain.

hy Stephen Tronnee, master;
Tint, midshipman.
Y« James Mould, lieutenant; Sa-
me, lieutenant of Royal marines ;
IS, boatswain; T. S. Price. mz&*
John £astman, midshipman.

Plorrell, captain's clerk.

jC7, tames- L. Lloyd (slightly),

Abdiew M*Cullock and James


»lo Return.

\^ard Gatret and James Bbck,

UetttetiBts; Tbootaai Cook, iiyster; Tfae-
mas Notman, second captain oTRoyal sbo*
rines; John Tonge, George Giiiren» WHEaa
John Cook, Joho Jenkins^ and Alfred Imf^^
raft, midshipmen.

BtUer^pbom,, James Wemyss, c&ptaisK ^
Royal marines; Thomas Roltitiaoa, booft*
swain;- Edwitfd Hartley, master's mate;
William N. Jewell, James Stone, Thooai
Bant, and George Pear^oo, midshipmen^

Atinvtamr^ James Robinson, hoatswalB;
John Samuel Smith, midshipman.

.Revenge, Robert Mooraom (slightly}, caiH
tain; Luke Brokenshaw, master; Jo£a
Berry, lieatenant; Peter Lily (sightly}*
captain of Royal marines.

Comptenr, Thomas Wearing, Ueuteiiaixc
df RoyaT marines ; Philip Mctidely Ueste-
nan( of hii Imperial Ida)esty*s navy (btnh

Lruiatbam, J. W. WatsoD (slightly), Bud-

yf/dx, none.

Orwfl, Sanse, C. P. Cable (bodk.

slightly), midshipmen.

AgamewMMy none.

SfariJate, John Clarke, boatswain,—

Belf^irs, a|^ ■ . ■ ■ Knanoaan, ^"*d !d*ifp-

^fruAy Minthew Hay, acting lieutenant ;
James Tynmore, captain of R<^^ mArines ;
Henry West aihd Abraham Turner, naaster*^
OMtes; Frederick White (slightly }» Philip J.
£!mhur&t, and John P. Bailey, mid»k^iaiai«

^eiXrvilr, William Terrle, fieotenanc; Tohji
Owen, first licotenant of Royal mviMs;
Andrew Gibson, boatswain; Wiffiam Henry
Pearson and Wm. Cnlfield, master's mates;
Samuel Jago, midshipman; J* T. Hodge,
Tbtunteer, first da vs.

CpUsfHJ, James N.. Morris, captain ; Geo.
Bully, lieutenant; William Forster, actiiK
lieiitcnant; John Benson, lieutenant of R^al
marines; Henry Milbanke, master's mate;
William Herrxngbam, Frederick Thistk-
wa)tc (slightly), lliomas G Reexc, Henry
Stacl'gTOve, Rawden McLean, George War-
ric, Tina. Rcnou, and George DeotOD, mid-
fihipmcn; William Adamsoa, boztswain.

Achitle^ Parkins Pry on (slightly) and Jo-
aias Bi>ay, lieutenant*: ; Prahns Wcstioppc.
captain of Royal marines; William Leddcn, '
lieutenant of Royal tharines; Georpe Peggc,
master^s tnate; William H. Staines iad
William J. Snow, midshipman; W. Smidi
Warren, volunteer, first class.

Polypbemut^ none

Sivijitwre, Alctandet- Beil HMidcock,iBid*

Vefence, none.

Thumderer^ John Snell, master*s Kite;
Alexander Galloway, midshipman^

Defi.zrce^ P. C.Dixiham fslightlySAptaic;
Ji^mcs Spratt and Robert Browne, majter'i
mate^; John Hodge and SdwWdAadnv.
Chapman, midihSpma. '

(Signed) tX Couukowoob^

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Digitized by VjOOQIC




^ ^' *'


, V q



.-■• -jTJ,

i ' • • ■


» ^r,>

^.^ ,v ..-s;;^

• ^ ^ \^'- ->v'^^^

S# •; : .

^' -^i,^ ■•'■^

^ d

' ^^^■.■•-•'■,.''





l3 '^



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No. XXV.— Vol. IV,] For DECEMBER, 1805. [New Series.

A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OF THE LIFE port of Naples, could hc obtiin infor-
OF THE RT. HONOURABLE VISCOUNT nution, Qs to th&objcct of their destina-

I* "Whensoever hefoyght^

* He put so much of his heart into th* id,
*• That his exam fie had a magnetos forte f
^ Jnd all vfere stuifi tofollotv tvhom ail lovd.
" Yhat sun is set / Oh / rise some other such !
«• Or tU that toe haw left is empty talk
•* Of old aehievemeutf and despair cfnetv /*'


tion ; it was however surmivsed they
would proceed to Malta. Hither the
admiral steered, passing through tho
straits of Messina, Intelligence wa«
then received, that the French, after
having captured Malta, had sailed from
thence on the 18th of June. On this.
Sir Horatio steered for Alexandria, but to
his chagrin, found not a French vessel

in the harbour He instantly returned

XXTE now resume our account of to Sicily, entered the port ot S}Tacuse,
VV this giillant chief. On the 1st with which not a person in the
of April, 1798, Sir Horatio hoisted his fleet was acquainted. Every ship, how-
flag on board the Vanguard, and sailed ever, cot safely in, through the* sVill
wiih a convoy from Sjutheadj but at and jua«;mcnt of its officers. Sir Horatio
tlie back of tfie Isle of Wight,the wind supplied his fleet with fresh water, and
coming to the westward, he was forced on tne 25th, sailed for the Morea. From
to return to St. Helen's. On the Qth, information which hc gathered he was
he again sailed, with a convo}^ to Lis- induced to trace back his former route*
bon ; and on the 29th of April, joined and on the Ist of August, Sir Horatio
Earl St* Vincent, ofl" Cadiz. On the had the happiness to descry the French
ensuing day. Sir Horatio Nelson was fleet, at ancnorin the bay of Aboukir.*
detached into the Mediterranean, to Every l>osoni swelled with joy at the
watch the motions of the enemy, who sight of the enemy, and none received
was at this time fitting out a most for- from it more heart felt satisfaction th;^n *
midable armament at Toulon, the des- the admiral himself. On tlie valor and
tination oi which was kept a profound conduct ofevery captain in the squadron,
secret. * He was joined on the 8th of Sir Horatio justly placed the firmest re-
June, by Capt. Trowbridge ; his force liance. Duringthe whole of his cruize,
after this union amounted to twelve it had been his practice, whenever cir-
8hipsof745uns,and the Leander of fifty, cumstanccs would permit, to assemble
With this iorce. Admiral Nelson went the captains on board the Vanguard,
in pursuit of the French fleet, which had and there fnllv to ex]>1nip to them hit
miitted Toulon, on the 22d. of May. ownideasofitie different and best modes
Knowing the enemy had sailed with a of attack, together with such plans as lie
N. W. wind, he had no doubt of their proposed to execute, in falling in with
steering up the Mediterranean. But the enemy, whatever might be their
neither on the coast of Italy, nor in the situation Gy night or day. There was

_ ■ no possible position in wuich they could

" be found, that hc had uot taken into his

♦ On th^ (hh &1 .iiinc, when the calculation and for the most advantage-
squadron .v^s spread, anxiously looking ous attack, of which hchad not dige'st*
out for the reinforcement, under Cap- _

- tain Trowbridge, he was informed by a ,

vessel hc spoke with, that several bail • Although the wind blew fresh, and
then in signt, were Spanish ships richly the day was far spent, yet the admiral
laden, but he refused to deviate from made the signal for battle, and signified
his course. Prize money was not his al the same time, that it was his inten-
object ;.all selfish considerations were tion to attack the enemy's van and centro
absorbed in his great raind, by his soli- as it lay at anchor, in the manner, anii
citude for the honour and inicrestof his according to a plan already poiotcij out
conntry. to his respective cuptaias.

V«1-IV. 3U o,L., Google

486 Sketch ofthi JJfe 6f theRt. Hon. Fisctmnt Kelson.

cd and amnstd, the.besl possible dispo* enetiw; Sir Horatio as rear-admiral 61

sitiyn of his force. Each of the captains the£aue, carried the blue flag atrtbe

of his sqaadroD, was therefore thorough- mizen ; but from astaoding order of Stf

Ivacquaintcd with the masterly ideas of John Jcrvis, the commander in chief,

their admiral, on the subject' of naral the squadron wore the white, or Si.

tactics J and upon sun-eying the situ- George's eosign, in the action ; apd h

ation of the enemy, these officers could is remarkable that this occasioned die

ascertain with- precision, what Were, the display of the cross upon the renowned

ideas and intentions of thejr command- ana ancient coast or Eg;ypt. A nio»f

«rs, without the aid of any farther in- animated fire was opened from the Va»>

structions^ a circumstance' of almost in- guard, which ship covered the ap^mth

calculable advantage to the general sei- of those in the rear ; in a few minutes

vice. Nevex was more heroism display- e^'Cty man stationed at the first six guns

ed, than in the prompt decision ot tnc
British admiral. When his squadron
was well collected round him, he deter-
mined without lt)ss of time, to attack
the foe, formidable as was their appear-
ance: superior in number, weight of
metal ana size i ni^ht romine on, and
in an unknown navigation ! His honour,
his character, and his life were staked on

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