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School, Manchester ; Queen's Coll., Georgetown, British Guiana.
Died, loth Sep. 1883.

Grant, William Gordon, *M.B., CM. 1895 ; M.D. 1898.

S. of Charles G. ; h. Inveravon, 15th May 1873.
Elgin. Johannesburg, Transvaal.

Grant, William Henderson, M.D., CM. 1862.

S. of Robert G. ; h. Echt, 5th July 1838.
Aberdeen. Died, 23rd Aug. i868.


Grant, William James, M.A. 1873.

S. of [Rev.] Alexander G. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1820] ; h. Lumphanan,
nth Oct. 1849.

Baptist Minister, Kilmarnock, 1877-80 ; since the latter date,
Itinerant Minister associated with those known as "Christian Breth-
ren," Kilmarnock.

Grant, William Milne, M.A. 1884.

S. of Murdoch G. ; h. Speymouth, 27th Sep. i860.
Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Drumoak, Aberdeenshire,

Grassick, George Henderson, M.A. 1876.

S. of William G. ; b. Meldrum, lOth Dec. 1852.
Minister of Leochel-Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, 1879.

Gray, Alexander, M.A. 1865.

S. of John G. ; h. Bellie, 1846.

Entered the Civil Service, 1865 ; Chief Clerk, Office of Comp-
troller of Stamps and Taxes, Dublin.

Gray, Alexander, D.D. 1889.

S. of Alexander G. ; b. Tarves, Aberdeenshire [in Aug. 1823].

M.A. (hon. dist.) Mar. Coll. 1851.

Minister of Holborn Church, Aberdeen, 1857; Strichen, Aber-
deenshire, 1858 ; Auchterless, Aberdeenshire, 1862. Died in Aber-
deen, 13th Dec. 1905.

Gray, Alexander Riddoch, M.A. 1862; M.B., CM. 1865 ; M.D. 1866.
S. of William G. ; b. St. Nicholas, 13th Aug. 1842.
Assistant Med. Officer, Criminal Lunatic Asylum, Broadmoor,
Berks. Died, 27th Feb. 1873.

Gray, Charles Hugh, M.A. 1900.

S. of WiUiam G. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1858]; b. Banchory-Devenick,
25th Dec. 1878.

Assistant Master, Royal Grammar School, Henley-on-Thames,
1900 ; Stubbington House School, Fareham, Hant<, 1903; Classical
Master, Grammar School, North Walsham, Norfolk, 1905.


Gray, Edward, M.B., CM. 1865.

S. of John G. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1810]; h. London, 9th Aug.

Assam ; London.

Gray, Francis William, *M.A. 1896.

S. of Francis W. G. ; b. Old Machar, 30th Mar. 1874.
B.Sc. 1901.

Mathematical Master, Airdrie, Perthshire, 1897-99; University
Assistant (Chemistry), appointed 1902, with status of Lecturer, 1904.

Gray, Henry John, *M.A. 1895; *B.L. 1897.

S. of James G. ; h. Old Machar, 17th June 1874.
Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1903.

Gray, Henry Mcllree Williamson, *M.B., CM. 1895.

S. of Alexander Reith G. ; b. Old Machar, 14th Mar. 1870.
F.R.C.S. Edin. 1902.

Surgeon and Lecturer on Clinical Surgery, Royal Infirmary,

Gray, Howard Alexander, *M.A. 1888.

S. of Henry G. ; b. Old Machar, 28th Jan. 1870.
Assistant Editor, Birmingha?n Daily Post ; Editor, Daily Argus
(afterwards entitled Evening Despatch)^ Birmingham ; Leader Writer,
Pall Mall Gazatf, London.

Gray, James, M.A. 187 1.

S. of William G. ; b. Rhynie, 1st Nov. 1845.

Minister, F.C, afterwards U.F.C., Bellie, Morayshire, 1876.

Gray, James Garden, M.A. 1892.

S. of James G. ; b. Old Machar, 27th Feb. 1870.

Admitted Licentiate of the Royal Coll. of Physician-, of Edinburgh,
of the Royal Coll. of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and of the Faculty of
Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, 1900. London.


Gray, John, *M.D. 1861 ; CM. 1863.

S. of Alexander G. ; h. Cruden, 14th June 1838.

Surgeon-Major, Army Medical Department, 28th Apr. 1876,
having joined the medical service of the Army, 31st Mar. 1864. Died
at Kamptee, India, 26th Mar. 1878.

Gray, John, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of Alexander G. ; b. Inverurie, 20th Mar. 1869.
Stanhope, Co. Durham.

Gray, John Henry, M.B. 1868; M.D. 1890.

S. of John G. ; h. Louth, Lincoln, 2 1st Mar. 1844.
Tooting, London.

Gray, John Roubel, M.B., CM. 1873; M.D. 1876.

S. of David G. [Prof. Nat. Phil., Mar. Coll. 1845-56]; h. Old
Machar, 15th Oct. 1845.

Huntly, Aberdeenshire ; Knayton, Yorlcs ; Edinburgh ; Sydney,
N.S.W. ; Melbourne, Victoria.

Gray, Peter, M.A. 1896.

S. of Alexander G. ; h. Boyndie, 24th Nov. 1873.
Assistant Master, Grammar School, Campbeltown, Argyllshire.

Gray, Robert, M.A. 1861.

S. of Charles G. ; b. St. Nicholas, [i8th July] 1843.

Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1874.
Died in Edinburgh, 6tli Oct. 1900, buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard,

Gray, Robert Aikman, M.B., CM. 1874; M.D. 1879.

S. of Rev. Robert A. G. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1834] ; b. Old Machar,
17th Nov. 1849.

Montrose ; Blackburn, Lanes.

Gray, William Henry, M.B., CM. 1886.

S. of John G. ; b. S. Ronaldshay, 1 8th Sep. 1863.


Major, Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 31st Mar. 1900, which
service he joined, 31st Mar. 1888.

Greaves, Charles Gregory Heritage, M.A. 1887.

S. of Charles G. ; b. S. Chelsea, Middlesex, 9th May 1866.
Assistant Master, Milne's Institution, Fochabers ; Science and
Commercial Master, Inverness Royal Academy.

Green, Alexander, M.A. 1885.

S. of James G. ; b. Enzie, i6th Apr. 1846.

Head Master, Causewayend Public School, Aberdeen, 1888 ;
Skene Square Public School, Aberdeen, 1892.

Greenway, James Riley, M.B., CM. 1874; M.D. 1875.

S. of John G. ; b. Coventry, 19th Apr. 1836.
Tunbridge Wells. Died, 8th Aug. 1903.

Greer, Frederick Arthur, *M.A. 1883.

S. of Arthur G. ; b. Fairfield, Lancaster, ist Oct. 1863.
Barrister-at-Law of Gray's Inn, called 1886. Liverpool.

Gregor, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of Rev. Walter G., LL.D. [1885, r/.i;.] ; b. Pitsligo, 2nd Oct.

M.D. 1906.

Sutton-on-Trent, Notts ; Penryn, Cornwall.

Gregor, Walter, LL.D. 1885.

[S. of James G. ; b. Keith, Banffshire, 1827.]

M.A. King's CoU. 1849.

Parish School Master, Gamrie, Banffshire ; Minister of Macduff,
Banffshire, 1859; Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire, 1863. Archaeologist;
Secretary, Scottish Text Society. Died at Lasswade, Midlothian, 4th
Feb. 1897.

Gregory, Alexander, *M.A. 1878.

S. of John G. ; b. Dornoch, 26th Nov. 1856.

Student of Medicine in the University. Died at Bridge of Don,
Aberdeen, loth June 1882.

UNIVERSITY OF aiip:ri)EE;n. 219

Gregory, John, M.B., CM. 1883.

S. of John G. ; h. Dornoch, 25th Aug. 1 852.
Bridge of Don, Aberdeen ; Old Aberdeen.

Gregory, William, M.B. 1873; M.D. 1881.

S. of William G. ; h. Bangalore, East Indies, 28th Aug. 1842.
M.B., CM. Madras 1868^ F.R.C.S. Edin. 1881.
Rockhampton, Queensland ; Ballarat, Victoria ; Kerang, Victoria.
Died, 3rd May 1888.

Greig, Alexander, M.A. 1862.

S. of James G. ; h. Durris, 1838.

Minister, Presbyterian Church, North East Harbour, Dunedin,
N.Z., 1868-94. Emeritus and resident at Portobello, Dunedin.

Greig, Charles Cormack, M.B., CM. 1873.

S. of Alexander F. G. [Alumnus, King's Coll. 1829-31] ; b. Fyvie,
1st July 1848.

Fyvie, Aberdeenshire.

Greig, Gavin, M.A. 1876.

S. of Gavin G. ; h. New Machar, loth Feb. 1856.
Head Master, Whitehill Public School, New Deer, 1879.

Greig, James, M.A. 1883.

S. of James G. ; h. Banchory-Devenick, loth Dec. 1863.
After serving an apprenticeship to a firm of Advocates in Aber-
deen, was appointed in 1886 an Officer of H.M. Customs.

Greig, John Sangster, M.B., CM. 1896.

S. of James G. ; b. St. Nicholas, i6th Dec. 1870.
Leytonstone, London.

Greig, William, M.A. 1870.

S. of George G. ; b. Durris, 6th Mar. 1847.
Minister of Rayne, Aberdeenshire, 1875.


Qreig, William, M.B,, CM. 1886.

S. of Alexander G. ; h. Fyvie, 14th July 1862.
Wakefield, Yorks.

Qrierson, Herbert John Clifford, *M.A. 1887.

S. of Andrew J. G. ; b. Lerwick, 1 6th Jan. 1866.
2nd cl. Class. Mods. Oxon. 1891 ; ist cl. Litt. Hum. 1893 5
B.A. 1894.

Professor of English Literature in the University, 1894.

Grieve, Alexander Nathaniel, M.A. 1884; M.B., CM. 1886.

S. of Alexander C. G. [Alumnus, Mar. Coll. 1832-35] ; h. Fraser-
burgh, 24th Mar. 1862.

Griffith, Alexander Hill, M.B., CM. 1880 ; M.D. 1883.

S. of Charles Fox G. ; b. Aberdeen, 29th Dec. 1858.
F.R.C.S. Edin. 1896.

Ophthalmic Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Manchester, and Surgeon,
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

Griffith, Thomas Wardrop, *M.B., CM. 1882 ; *M.D. 1888.

S. of Charles Fox G. ; b. St. Nicholas, 13th Jan, 1 861.
Professor of Anatomy, Yorkshire College, Leeds, since 1904
University of Leeds.

Griffiths, Edward Meredith, M.B., CM. 1892 ; M.D. 1897.

S. of Rev. E. M. G. ; b. Llandaff, Glamorganshire, 15th June

Newport, Mon.

Grimmer, William, *M.D., CM. 1861.

S. of John G. ; b. Norfolk, 1835.
Kimberley, South Africa. Died there, 30th Apr. 1900.

Gripper, Walter, M.A. 1873.

S. of Thomas G. ; b. Streatham, Surrey, 2nd June 1853.


B.A. (2nd cl. Nat. Sc. Tripos), Cantab. 1876; M.A. 1881 ;
M.B. 1881 ; D.P.H. 1883.
Wallington, Surrey.

Grub, George, LL.D. 1864.

[S, of George G. ; h. Old Aberdeen, 4th Apr. 1812.]
Alumnus, King's Coll. 1825-29. M.A. 1856.
Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1836.
Lecturer in Scots Law and Conveyancing, Mar. Coll. 1843. Substitute
Professor of Law in the University, i860, and succeeded to the Chair,
1881 ; retired 1891, Author oi Ecclesiastical Hist, of Scotland, Died in
Aberdeen, 23rd Sep. 1892. Portrait by Sir George Reid, LL.D. 1892
{q.v.), in possession of the University. {Diet, of National Biography^
Supplement ii. 373).

Grundy, George, M.A. 1874.

S. of Rev. William James G. ; b. Kilvington, Notts, 23rd Nov.

2nd cl. Math. Mods. Oxon. 1877; 3rd cl. Litt. Hum. 1879;
B.A. 1883.

Held several appointments in England as an Assistant School
Master. Died at sea, 14th Jan. 1884.

Guild, Robert Keith, M.B., CM. 1876; M.D. 1879.

S. of George G. ; b. St. Nicholas, 29th Sep. 1855.
Kokstad, Griqualand East, Cape Colony. Died in Aug. 1896.

Gunn, Adam Bruce Mackay, M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of John G. ; b. Latheron, 24th Oct. 1859.
Shapinshay, Orkney ; Westray, Orkney.

Gunn, Angus Murray, M.A. 1883.

S. of Donald G. ; b. Dornoch, 1st Aug. 1857.
Teacher, East Brora, Sutherlandshire, 1885.

Gunn, George Alexander, M.A. 1891.

S. of Peter D. G. ; b. Wick, 26th Aug. 1867.


Teacher, Buckie, Banffshire; Montrose Academy; afterwards
some time at Taplow, Bucks.

Qunn, George Taylor, M.A. 1894; M.B., Ch.B. 1899.

S. of John G. ; h. Latheron, 23rd Feb. 1869.
Blackburn, Lanes ; Buxton, Derbyshire.

Qunn, James William Mackenzie, M.A. 1882 ; M.B., CM. 1885.

S. of John G. ; b. Olrig, 9th Oct. 1858.
Buxburn, Aberdeenshire ; Flotta, Orkney. Died, I ith Oct. 1892.

Qunn, John Sutherland, M.B., CM. 1868.

S. of Alexander G. ; b. Dornoch, 19th Feb. 1846.

Assistant Surgeon, afterwards Surgeon, Indian Medical Service
(Bengal), ist Oct. 1869. Died at Clarens, Switzerland, nth May

Guthrie, William Galletly, M.A. 1887; B.D. 1899.

S. of Alexander G. ; b. Peterhead, i8th Nov. 1865.
Minister of Logie-Buchan, Aberdeenshire, 1900.

Guy, John Rapsey, M.B., CM. 1877.

S. of Henry G. ; b. Bristol, 9th Apr. 1854.
Bristol ; Warwick ; South Croydon, Surrey. Died about 1 901.

liadfield, Joseph, M.B., CM. 1900.

S. of Rev. Joseph H. ; b. Staleybridge, Cheshire, 29th Sep. 1870.
Sometime mercantile marine medical service. Hadfield Vicar-
age, Sheffield.

Haig, Arthur Norman, M.A. 1895 ; M.B., Ch.B. 1899.

S. of James S. H. ; b. Ahmednagar, Bombay, 6th Feb. 1875.
Addingham, Yorks ; Yeovil, Somerset.

Haig, Douglas Vercoe, M.B., CM. 1895.

S. of James S. H. ; b. Ahmednagar, Bombay, iith Nov. 1873.
M.D. (com.) 1 90 1.


Assistant Medical Officer, Cotswold Sanatorium for TubercLdosis,
Stroud, Gloucestersliire ; Darlington.

Haig=Brown, Clarence William, M.B., CM. 1882 ; M.D. 1885.

S. of Rev. W. Haig-B. [LL.D. Cantab. 1864] ; ^- Kensington,
20th June 1858.

Medical Officer, Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey.

Hales, Robert Turner, *M.B., CM. 1876; M.D. 1878.

S. of John H. ; h. Holt, Norfolk, 1st Sep. 1853.
Holt, Norfolk.

Hall, George, M.A. 1900.

S. of Jolin H. ; h. Gamrie, 22nd Mar. 1879.
M.B., Ch.B. 1905.

Hall, John Falconer, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of William H. ; h. Ettrick, 22nd Feb. 1872.
Fleet Surgeon, R.N., 9Lh Nov. 1904, having joined the medical
service of the Royal Navy, 15th May 1895.

Hall, John George, M.B., CM. 1873 5 ^D- 1882.

S. of John H. ; b. Old Machar, 12th Oct. 1851.
Junior Surgeon, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Died, nth July

Hall, William Scott, M.B., Ch.B. 1897.

S. of Alexander H. ; b. Kincardine O'Neil, 27th June 1875.
Bradford, Yorks.

Hallett, Henry Arthur, M.B., CM. 1873 ; M.D. 1876.

S. of Col. John D. H. ; b. Poonah, India, 28th Mar. 1852.
Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire.

Halley, John, M.B., CM. 1899.

S. of Daniel R. H. ; b. Culsalmond, 28th Apr. 1873.
D.P.H. 1903.


Civil Surgeon with troops in West Africa, 1900 ; South Africa,
1902 ; Colonial Medical Service, Fiji, 1903.

Hamerton, Philip Gilbert, LL.D. 1894.

[S. of John H. ; b Shaw, Lanes, loth Sep. 1834.]
Artist and Essayist. Died at Boulogne-sur-Seine, 4th Nov. 1894.
(Diet, of National Biography^ Supplement ii., 380.)

Hamilton, Sir Robert George Crookshank, K.C.B., LL.D. 1884.

[S. of Rev. Zachary Macaulay H., D.D. Ediii. 1864 ; b. Bressay,
Shetland, 1836.]

M.A. King's Coll. 1854.

Permanent Under Secretary for Ireland, 1883-86. Governor of
Tasmania, 1886-93. K.C.B. 12th Jan. 1884. Died in London, 22nd
Apr. 1895. {Diet, of National Biography^ Supplement ii., 382.)

Hampshire, Frederick Knowlton, M.B. 1868.

S. of William H. ; b. Kensington, Nov. 1842.
Penang, Straits Settlements. Died in Jersey, 1 6th May 1894.

Hannah, Edmund Walter, M.B., Ch.B. 1899.

S. of R. St. Clair H. ; b. Lucknow, 22nd Mar. 187 1.
Birmingham. Since graduation he has adopted the name of Ed-
mund Walter St. Clair Hannah.

Hannah, Edmund Walter St. Clair,

See Hannah, Edmund Walter.

Hardie, David, M.B., CM. 1878 ; M.D. 1887.

S. of John H. ; b. Elgin, 4th June 1856.
Forres, Morayshire ; Brisbane, Queensland.

Hardie, William James, M.A. 1877.

S. of James H. ; b. Elgin, 1st May 1854.

Minister, F.C., Strachan, Kincardinesliire, 1882 ; Addington,
Natal, 1884 ; Berea, Natal, 1886. Died at Harrismith, Orange Free
State, 19th July 1892.



Hardwick, Frederic Septimus, M.B., CM. 1875 ; M.D. 1880.

S. of Henry H. ; b. SuUington, Sussex, 27th Jan. 1853.
Needham-Market, Suffolk ; Ashford, Kent.

Hare, Alfred William, M.B., Ch.B. 1897.

S. of Humphrey Joseph H. ; b. Chatham, 28th June 1875.
South port, Lanes.

Hargrave, Herbert John, M.B., CM. 1885.

S. of William C. H. ; b. Salhouse, Norfolk, 25th May 1863.
Haverhill, Essex ; London.

Hargreaves, James Arthur, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of James H. ; b. Rothwell, Yorks, 17th Oct. 1868.
Wetherby, Yorks,

Harper, Alexander, *M.A. 1862.

S, of George H. ; b. Grange, 4th Aug. 1832.
Minister of Wishaw, Lanarkshire, 1870.

Harper, Finlay Munro, M.A. 1862.

S. of Andrew H. ; b. Wick.

Minister, F.C., Portknockie, Banffshire, 1875 ; Martyrs' F.C.,
afterwards U.F.C., Wick, 1877.

Harper, Gerald Samuel, M.B. 1879.

S. of Rt. Rev. Bishop Henry John Chitty H. [D.D. Oxon. 1856] ;
b. Mortimer, Berks, 29th Apr. 1849.

Harper, James,

Str Harper, James Fraser.

Harper, James,

See Harper, James Walker.

Harper, James Fraser, M.A. 1886.

S. of James H. ; b. Keith, 22nd Apr. 1864.


Teacher, The Public College, Torquay, S. Devon.
In the University records his name appears as James Harper as,
when at College, he did not use his full baptismal name.

Harper, James Walker, *M.A. 1882.

S. of William H. ; h. Daviot, 22nd Aug. 1859.
Rector, Episcopal Church, Kirkcaldy, 1890 ; Leven, 1900.
In the University records his name appears as James Harper, as
he did not until 1884 use his full baptismal name.

Harper, John, M.A. 1886.

S. of William H. [M.A. King's Coll. i860] ; h. Cluny, 24th Sep.

Student of Medicine in the University. Died, 26th Feb. 1890.

Harper, Peter, M.A. 1890 ; M.B., CM. 1895.

S. of Hugh H. ; h. St. Nicholas, 6th July 1870.
M.D. 1904.

Harper, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1896.

S. of William H. ; b. Foveran, 12th Apr. 1873.
D.P.H. 1897.
Stranraer, Wigtownshire.

Harper, William, M.A. 1870 ; B.D. 1873.

S. of John H. ; b. Monquhitter, 28th Mar. 1845.
Missionary of the Church of Scotland, Sealkote, 1874-85 ; Mad-
ras, 1886-92 ; retired, 1893. Edinburgh.

Harris, John, *M.B., CM. 1875 ; M.D. 1882.

S. of Matthew Hughs H. ; b. Wexford, Ireland, 20th Apr. 1849.
Newcastle, N.S.W.

Harris, Robert, *M.A. 1886.

S. of James H. ; b. Little Dunkeld, 19th Nov. 1865.
Classical Master, Aske's Boys' School, Hatcham, London. Since
1903 engaged as a commercial traveller.


Harrison, Jane Ellen, LL.D. 1895.

[D. of Charles H. ; b. in Yorkshire, 9th Sep. 1850.]

D.Litt. (Hon.) Durham, 1897.

Lecturer in Classical Archaeology, Newnham Coll., Cambridge ;
writer on Greek Art. Miss Harrison was the first woman to receive
a degree from the University.

Harrisson, John William, M.B., CM. 1884.

S. of Richard H, ; b. Sandwich, Kent, 27th Mar. 1853.
Sandwich, Kent,

narrower, John, *M.A. 1876.

S. of John H. ; b. Logierait, 4th Jan. 1857.

1st cl. Class. Mods. Oxon. 1880 ; 2nd cl. Litt. Hum. 1883 ;
B.A. 1886 ; M.A. 1886.

Professor of Greek in the University, 1886.

Harrowes, William Henderson, M.A. 1896.

S. of William K. H. ; b. Aberdeen, 13th July 1872.
Minister, F.C., afterwards U.f'.C, Gallatown, Kirkcaldy, Fife-
shire, 1899; St. Enoch's U.F.C., Glasgow, 1902.

Hart, Alfred Paul, M.B., CM. 1879.

S. of [Rev.] Richard H. [B.A., Dublin 1827]; b. Catton, Nor-
folk, 25th Nov. 1856.

Lieutenant-Colonel, retired pay, latt- Royal Army Medical Corps,
having joined the medical service of the Army, 5th Feb. 1881, and
retired 6th Dec. 1902.

Hart, Philip Neville, M.B., CM. 1874.

S. of Rev. Richard H. [B.A., Dublin 1827] 5 b. Catton, Norfolk,
24th Apr. 1 85 1.

Erith, Kent. Died, 3rd May 1879.

Harvey, Alexander, M.A. 1888.

S. of Alexander H. ; b. Lisch, 12th Oct. 1866.
Head Master, Public School, Culsalmond, Aberdeenshire.


Harvey, D'Arcy, M.B., CM. 1887.

S. of James D'Arcy H. ; h. London, 20th Apr. 1866.
Fleet Surgeon, R.N., 22nd Feb. 1904, having joined the medical
service of the Royal Navy, 22nd Feb. 1888.

Harvey, George, *M.A. 1874.

S. of John H. ; h. Inverallan, 27th Dec. 1854.

Assistant Master, Ayr Academy, 1875 ; Classical Master, Aber-
deen Grammar School, 1881-87 ; retired, resident at Grantown-on-

Harvey, George Henry, M.B., CM. 1880.

S. of George H. ; h. Wivenhoe, Essex, 20th Sep. 1855.
Gravesend ; Colchester ; London.

Harvey, James, M.A. 1879.

S. of George T. H. ; h. Old Machar, loth Mar. 1859.
Minister, F.C., Duntocher, Dumbartonshire, 1885 ; Lady Glen-
orchy's F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Edinburgh, 1890.

Harvey, Robert, *M.B., CM. 1863 ; M.D. 1883 ; LL.D. 1895.

S. of Alexander H., M.D. [Professor of Materia Medica, 1860-
78] ; h. Aberdeen, loth Mar. 1842.

F.R.C.P. Lond. 1894.

Surgeon-General, Indian Medical Service (Bengal), which service
he joined 31st Mar. 1865. Director-General, Indian Medical Service,
1898. D.S.O. 19th Nov. 1891. C.B. 2ist May 1898. Died at
Simla, 1st Dec. 1901. Bequeathed ^5,000 to the University.

Haslewood, Clarence, M.B., CM. 1896.

S. of Rev. William Maude H., B.A. [Cantab. 185 1] ; h. Gt.
Harwood, Lanes, 8th Mar. 1866.

Aston Manor, Warwickshire ; Slaidburn, Yorks.

Hassell, Gray, M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. 1890.

S. of James Lloyd H. ; h. Otago, New Zealand, loth Oct. i860.
Medical Superintendent, Government Lunatic Asylum, Porirua,

Wellington, N.Z,

University of aijerdekn.


Hastings, James, *M.A. 1876 ; D.D. 1897.

S. of James H. ; h. Huntly, 26th Mar. 1852.

Minister, F.C., Kinneff, Kincardineshire, 1884 ; Willison F.C.,

afterwards U.F.C., Dundee, 1898 ; U.F.C., St. Cyrus, Kincardineshire,

1 90 1. Editor of The Expository Times since 1889, and the Dictionary

of the Bible.

Hatch, William Keith, M.B., CM. 1876.

S. of Col. W. S. H. ; b. Ahmednuggur, India, 6th Dec. [1854].
F.R.C.S. Eng. 1887.

Joined the Indian Medical Service (Bombay) 31st Mar. 1 877,
and retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel, 15th Nov. 1903. Norwich.

Hatt, Alexander, *M.A. 1861.

S. of Alexander H. ; h. Banchory-Devenick, 1842.
Teacher of boys, John Davidson's School, Footdee, Aberdeen.
Died in Aberdeen, 9th May 1864.

Hawkins, Frederic Mortimer, M.B., CM. 1876 ; M.D. 1883.

S. of Thomas H. ; h. Brixton, Surrey, 19th Dec. 1850.

Hay, Alexander James, M.A. 1894.

S. of Alexander H. ; b. Old Machar, 7th Mar. 1874.
Rector, St. John's Episcopal Church, Glasgow, 1905.

Hay, Edward Hutton, *M.A. 1883.

S. of George H. ; b. Old Machar, 29th Nov. 1861.
Teacher of Modern Languages, Robert Gordon's Coll., Aberdeen.

Hay, Francis, M.A. 1871 ; *M.B., CM. 1874.

S. of Francis Macdowall H. ; b. Peterhead, 4th Aug. 1849.
St. Helen's, Lanes ; Peterhead. Died at Peterhead, 4th Oct.

Hay, Frederick, M.B., CM. 1871 ; M.D. 1874.

S. of William Banks H. [M.D. King's Coll. 1859] ; h. Hull,
1 2th Apr. 1848.


Hull, Resident in York and unable on account of ill health to
practice his profession.

Hay, George Petrie, *M.D., CM. 1861.

S. of George Petrie H. ; b. Banff, ist July 1838.
Afterwards George Petrie-Hay of Edintore, Banffs.
Inveravon and Ballindalloch, Banffshire ; Forres, Morayshire.

Hay, James, M.B., CM. 1868.

S. of William H. ; b. Insch, 12th Mar. 1845.
Insch, Aberdeenshire. Died, 29th Jan. 1883.

Hay, James, D.D. 1881.

S. of James H. ; b. Montrose.

M.A. Mar. Coll. 1839.

Minister of St. Bernard's, Edinburgh, 1845 ; Lunan, Forfarshire,
1850 ; Inverkeillor, Forfarshire, 1866. Died at Montrose, 25th Aug.
1889, aged 68.

Hay, James, M.A. 1891 ; B.L. 1896.

S. of James H. ; 6. Tarves, 20th Oct. 1871.
Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1896.

Hay, John, M.A. 1872.

S. of William H. ; b. Drainie, 30th July 1843.
Ph.D. Munich, 1874.

English Master, Oberrealschule, Basle, Switzerland, 18 74- 1904,
when he retired. Died at Basle, 29th June 1906.

Hay, Sir John, K.CM.Q., LL.D. 1887.

[S. of John H. ; b. Tarves, Aberdeenshire, 23rd June 1816.]

M.A. King's Coll. 1834.

Emigrated to New South Wales, 1838. Member of Legislative
Assembly of N.S.W., 1856-67 ; Speaker, 1862-65. Member of
Legislative Council, 1867 ; President, 1873-92. K.C.M.G. 25th
May 1878. Died, 20th Jan. 1892. (Diet, of Nation,// Biog)Yip/jy,
Supplement ii., 406.)



Hay, Joseph Frank Strong, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of David H. ; h. Luclcnow, 1st Sep. 1867.

Assistant Medical Officer, James Murray's Royal Asylum, Perth ;
Physician Superintendent, Ashburn Hall Asylum, Dunedin, N.Z.
Assistant Inspector of Hospitals and Asylums, Wellington, N.Z., 1904,

Hay, Peter Grant, M.B., CM., 1870.

S. of Thomas H. ; h. Kirkmichael, 2nd Mar. 1847.
Aberchirder, Banffshire ; Forgue, Aberdeenshire.

Hay, William, *M.A. 1886 ; *B.D. 1891.

S. of William H. ; h. Insch, i6th Dec. 1863.
Minister, St. Andrew's F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Ayr, 1892;
English Presbyterian Church, Barrow-in-Furness, 1904.

Haydon, Leonard Quscotte, M.B., CM. 1896.

S. of George H. ; b. Cheriton Bishop, Devonshire, 3rd Sep. 1872.
D.P.H. 1897.

Civil Surgeon with Field Force in South Africa, 1900-02.
Macarthur, Victoria, Australia ; Durban, Natal.

Haywood, Lewis,

See Truefitt, Lewis Haywood.

Heathcote, Bernard Allen, M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of Joseph A. H. ; b. Ilfracombe, Devon, 20th June 1865.
Wakefield, Yorks ; Harrismith, Orange Free State. Died at
Harrismith, 30th Nov. 1899.

Hector, James, M.B., CM. 1864.

S. of Thomas H. ; b. Paterson River, Australia, 12th Dec. 1841.

Lieutenant-Colonel and Honorary Brigade Surgeon, retired, Army

Medical Staff, having joined the medical service of the Army, 30th

Sep. 1864, ^"d retired 26th Feb. 1887.

Hector, John, M.A. 1866; D.D. 1894.

S. of John H. ; b. Old Machar, 21st Dec. 1845.


Missionary in the F.C., afterwards U.F.C. Institution, Calcutta,
1872. Principal of this Institution (which since 1889 has been known
as the Duff College) 1 886-1 902, when he retired. Aberdeen.

Hector, Robert Bruce, M.A. 1889.

S. of William H. ; h. Old Machar, 26th July i860.
Teacher, Ferryhill Public School, Aberdeen. Died in Aberdeen,
25th Nov. 1893.

Hector, William, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of Andrew E. H. ; h. Bourtie, 17th June 1869.
Tarland, Aberdeenshire,

Heelas, James, M.B., CM. 1876; M.D. 1879.

S. of John H. ; h. Wokingham, Berkshire, 13th Dec. 1837.
London ; Plymouth.

Helmrich, Louis James, M.B., CM. 1895.

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