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1836 ; Stepney, London, 1846. Died at Hampstead, 6th Feb. 1 900.

{Old Highland Days^ by Howard Angus Kennedy, London, 1 901).


Kennedy, John, D.D. 1873.

[S. of Rev. John K., M.A. King's Coll. 1791 ; h. Killearnan, Ross-
shire, 15th Aug. 1819.]

M.A. King's Coll. 1840.

Minister, F.C., Dingwall, 1844. Opposed the proposed union of
the Free and United Presbyterian Churches. Died at Bridge of Allan,
Stirlingshire, 28th Apr. 1884. {Diet, of National Biography^ xxx. 429.)

Kennedy, John, M.A. 1884.

S. of Thomas K. ; b. Longside, 30th Sep. 1861.
Minister of Birnie, Morayshire, 1890.

Kennedy, John Robert, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of William K. [M.B. i860 ; M.D. 1870, q.v.] ; b. Canisbay,
2nd July 1871.

Unst, Shetland ; Dunbeath, Caithness-shire.

Kennedy, Neil, M.A. 1900.

S. of Donald K. ; b. Applecross, 22nd Nov. 1877.
M.B., Ch.B. 1904.

Kennedy, Neil John Downie, M.A. 1876.

S. of Rev. John Downie K. [M.A. King's Coll. 1826] ; b. Rosehall,
1st Apr. 1854.

LL.D. Edin. 1903.

Member of the Faculty of Advocates, admitted 1877 ; Lecturer
on Private International Law, Edin. Univ. 1 899-1 901 ; Professor of
Law in the University, 1 901.

Kennedy, William, M.B. i860; M.D. 1870.

S. of John K. ; b. Strathdon, 9th Feb. 1838.
Canisbay, Caithness ; Tain, Ross-shire.

Kennedy, William Dow, M.A. 1898.

S. of Robert K. ; b. Ellon, 2 1st Mar. 1875.

Second Master, Nicolson's Public School, Stornoway, Ross-shire,
1899 ; Head Master, Higher Grade Public School, Invergorden, Ross-
shire, 1 90 1.


Ker, William Pollock, M.A. 1885.

S. of Rev. William T. K. ; b. Deskford, 12th Dec. 1864.
Appointed a Student Interpreter in China, 26th July 1888, and
has held several consular appointments there. Barrister-at-Law of the
Middle Temple, called 1903.

Kerr, Cathel, M.A. 1890.

S. of Norman K. ; b. Wick, 8th June 1865.

Minister, F.C., Melness, Sutherlandshire, 1894. Died at Kim-
berley, S. Africa, nth Mar. 1899.

Kerr, David Arthur, M.B., CM. 1865.

S. of David K., M.D. [King's Coll. 1841] ; b. St. Nicholas, 19th
Nov. 1843.

Assistant Surgeon, Indian Medical Service (Madras), 1st Apr. 1867 ;
resigned 31st Mar. 1868. Accidentally drowned at Millport, Island of
Greater Cumbrae, Buteshire, 5th Aug. 1875.

Kerr, George William England, *M.B., CM. 1887.

S. of Robert K. ; b. KirkhiU, 7th Sep. 1866.
D.P.H. (with credit) 1887.

Kerr, James, M.A. 1873.

S. of John K. ; b. Tarland, 13th Nov. 1840.
Parish School Master, Glentanar, Aberdeenshire, 1864-66 ; Tar-
land, 1867-73; Head Master, Church of Scotland Normal School,
Aberdeen, 1873. Died, 4th June 1898.

Kerr, John Bamford, M.B., CM. 1883.

S. of James K. ; b. Higher Booths, Lanes, 25th Sep. 1859.
Bury, Lanes.

Kerr, Joshua Law, *M.B., CM. 1880 ; M.D. 1890.

S. of James K. ; b. Higher Booths, Lanes, 3rd Feb. 1858.
F.R.S. Edin. 1891.
Crawshaw-booth, Lanes ; Cranbrook, Kent.


Kerr, Robert England, *M.A. 1888 ; M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of Robert K. ; h. Kirkhill, 24th Aug. 1868.
Johannesburg, Transvaal.

Kesting, August John, M.A. 1894; B.D. 1897.

S. of Ernest K. ; h. Inverness, 27th Oct. 1874.
Missionary of Church of Scotland, Blantyre, British Central Africa,
1897 ; Assistant Minister, Kirkcaldy, and Minister of Mission Church

Resting, Ernest Charles, M.A. 1894.

S. of Ernest K. ; h. Inverness, 22nd Aug. 1876.
Assistant Master, Rutherford Coll., Nevv^castle-on-Tyne.

Key, James Miln, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of Andrew K. [M.D. Edin. 1856]; h. Arbroath, nth Nov.

Bethulie, Orange Free State ; Fauresmith, Orange River Colony ;
Ladybrand, Orange River Colony.

Keys, William Albert, M.A. 1892; B.Sc. 1894.

S. of William K. ; h. Inverurie, 25th Aug. 1870.
Science Master, Central Public School, Aberdeen.

Keyt, Frederick Theobald, M.D., CM. 1881.

S. of Henry K. ; h. Colombo, Ceylon, 20th Jan. 1842.
Licentiate of Medicine and Surgery, Calcutta, 1863 ; Ceylon Civil
Medical Service, 1863. Died, 19th Dec. 1903.

Keyt, Frederick Theobald, M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of Frederick T. K. [M.D., CM. 1881, q.v.] ; h. Jaffna, Ceylon,
25th Feb. 1866.

M.D. (hons.) 1902 ; D.P.H. 1902.

Colonial Medipal Service, British Honduras, 1892 ; Hong Kong,


Kibbler, William Ambrose, *M.B., CM. 1876.

S. of Richard Commander K. ; b. Hackney, London, 14th Feb.

London. Died, loth Sep. 1903.

Kidd, John, M.A. 1881.

S. of William K. ; b. King Edward, 3rd July 1858.

Head Master, Public School, Glenrinnes, Banffshire, 1882 ; Hilton
Public School, 1885 ; Alvah Public School, 1892 ; Assistant Master,
Banff Academy, 1901.

King, Alfred, M.D. 1875.

M.B., Mar. Coll. 1857.

Balham, London. Name removed from the Mi'dical Register in
1898 on account of his address being unknown.

King, George, *M.B., CM. 1865 ; LL.D. 1884.

S. of Robert K. ; b. Peterhead, 12th Apr. 1840.

F.R.S. 1887.

Joined the Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 2nd Oct. 1865, a"d
retired as a Brigade-Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel, 28th Feb. 1898.
Superintendent, Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta, 1871-98. CLE.
1st Jan. 1890 ; K.C.LE. 1st Jan. 1898.

King, Henry Kirwan, M.B., CM. 1868.

S. of Thomas K. K. [M.D. St. And. 1858] ; b. Camberwell, Sur-
rey, 2 1 St Oct. 1844.

Welwyn, Herts ; Moruya, N.S.W. ; Nowra, Shoalhaven, N.S.W.

King, John, M.A. 1878.

S. of John K. ; b. Strichen, 28th Aug. 1856.
Minister, English Presbyterian Church, Seaham, Co. Durham,
1882 ; U.P. Church, afterwards U.F.C., Alva, Stirhngshire, 1891 ;
Copland Road U.F.C., Govan, 1902.

King, Nathaniel Thomas, M.B., CM. 1876.

S. of Rev. Thomas K. ; b. Lagos, W. Africa, 17th July 1847.
Lagos, W. Africa, Died there, 12th June 188^,


King, Walter Qawen, M.B., CM. 1873.

S. of Henry K. ; b. Woolwich, 4th Dec. 1851.
D.P.H. (with credit) 1888.

Colonel, Indian Medical Service (Madras), 29th April 1906,
which service he joined, 31st Mar. 1874. CLE. 3rd Jan. 1899.

King, William Beattie, M.A. 1896.

S. of William K. ; b. Old Machar, 25th July 1868.

Assistant Teacher, Bank Street School, Brechin, 1889 ; Third
Master, Hanover Street and Ferryhill Schools, Aberdeen, 1891 ; Second
Master, Porthill Public School, Aberdeen, 1903.

Kinloch, William Anderson, M.B., CM. 1897.

S. of William K. ; b. Urquhart, 3rd Sep. 1873.
Garmouth, Morayshire.

Kinmond, David Galloway, *M.A. 1862.

S. of John K. ; b. Alyth, 26th Nov. 1836.

Teacher in The Institution, Dollar ; School Master, Hamilton ;
Public School, Dunlceld ; afterwards in Ireland.

Kinnaird, James, M.A. 1875.

[S. of Alexander K. ; b. Marnoch, Banffshire, 30th July 1835.]
Alumnus, King's Coll. 1848-52. Ph.D. Freiburg, 1862.
F.C. School Master, Ellon ; Master, Roughtree School, Irongray,
Dumfries-shire, 1 875-1 901. Died at Maxwelltown, Dumfries, 8th
July 1902.

Kinnear, Forbes, M.B., Ch.B. 1898.

S. of David K. ; b. Lunan, 1st Feb. 1877.
Littleborough, Lanes.

Kinnear, James Crawford Myers, M.B., CM. 1889.

S. of David K. ; b. St. Cyrus, i6th June i868.
Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire ; Wickham, Hants,


Kintore, The Rt. Hon. Sir Algernon H. T. Keith = Falconer, Q.C.M.Q.,
9th Earl of, LL.D. 1889.

[S. of Francis Alexander, 8th Earl ; h. Edinburgh, I2th Aug.

B.A.Cantab. 1874; M.A. 1877; LL.D. (Hon.) 1894. M.A.
Adelaide 1889; LL.D. 1890. F.R.S.E. 1878.

Governor and Commander-in-Chief of South Australia, 1889-95.
Colonel and Lieutenant-Colonel, commanding 3rd Batt. Gordon High-
landers ; retired 19th May, 1906. A.D.C., 2nd Jan. 1903 ; G.C.M.G.
4th Feb. 1889.

Kirby, Oswald Farquhar, *M.A. 1896.

S. of John K. ; b. King's Sutton, Banbury, i6th Feb. 1875.
B.Sc, 1 90 1.
Head Science Master, Elgin Academy, 1901.

Kirton, Alexander Cowie, M.A. 1885.

S. of John K. ; h. Ordiquhill, 31st Mar. i860.
Head Master, Orphir Public School, Kirkwall ; Newmill Public
School, Keith ; Cairnorrie Public School, Methlick ; Public School,
Methlick, Aberdeenshire.

Kirton, James, *M.A. 1878.

S. of John K. ; h. Gamrie, nth Oct. 1856.

Head Master, Newmill Public School, Keith ; English Master,
Collegiate School, Aberdeen ; Master in Banff Academy ; Keith Com-
bined School. Died at Whitestones, Banff, 22nd June 1895.

Kirton, Joseph David, M.A. 1885.

S. of John K. ; h. Ordiquhill, ist May 1864.

Assistant Master, King Street Public School, Aberdeen ; Banff
Academy ; Head Master, Public School, Glenrinnes, Banffshire ; Rector,
Anderson Institute, Lerwick.

Kissach, James, M.A. 1863.

S. of James K. ; h. Fordyce, 1843.


Head Master, Public School, Lower Cabrach, Aberdeenshire, 1863-
65 ; Portsoy, Banffshire, 1865-88. Died in Jersey City, New York,
15th Apr. 1892.

Knaggs, Samuel Thomas, *M.B., CM. 1871 ; M.D. 1873.

S. of Robert C. K. ; h. Thurles, Tipperary, I2th Aug. 1842.

F.R.C.S.I. 1871. M.D. Sydney 1882.

Newcastle, N.S.W. ; Sydney, N.S.W. Lecturer in Clinical Sur-
gery, University of Sydney, and Honorary Surgeon, Prince Alfred's
Hospital, Sydney.

Knight, George David, *M.B., CM. 1882 ; *M.D. 1893.

S. of George K. ; b. Old Machar, 22nd Feb. 1861.

Knowles, Benjamin, *M.B., CM. 1864; M.D. 1865.

S. of Thomas K. ; b. St. Nicholas, 7th Dec. 1842.

Assistant Surgeon, Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 31st Mar.
1865. Died at Kohat, Punjab, 29th June 1866.
Knowles, Edward, M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. 1884.

S. of Robert K. ; b. Denbigh, 8th Jan. 1856.


Knowles, William Bisset, M.B., CM. 1872; M.D. 1877.

S. of William K. ; b. Drumblade, 25th Feb. 1848.
Murrurundi, N.S.W. Died at Inverell, N.S.W., 13th Apr. 1892.

Knox, Alexander Walker, M.B., CM. 1883 ; M.D. 1888.

S. of David K. ; b. St. Nicholas, 21st Sep. 1858.
Great Yarmouth ; Norwich ; Poole, Dorset ; Openshaw, Man-

Knox, James Cruden, *M.A. 1897.

S. of Joseph K. ; b. Aberdeen, I2th June 1875.
Assistant Classical and English Master, Aberdeen Grammar School.

Knox, John, M.B. 1864; M.D. 1866.

S. of James K. ; b. Castlederg, Co. Tyrone, Mar. 1843.
Bakewellj Derbyshire.


Knox, Joseph, *B.Sc. 1900.

S. of Joseph K. ; h. Aberdeen, 23id July 1877.
Exhibition ( 1 85 i ) Science Scholar, 1 904-06 ; University of Breslau.

Koch, Edwin Lawson, M.D., CM. 1874.

S. of John Godfrey K. ; h. Ceylon, 29th Nov. 1839.
Principal of and Lecturer on Surgery and Midwifery, Medical
School, Colombo, Ceylon. Died in Colombo, 20th Dec. 1877.

Kyd, Hannah, M.A. 1900.

D. of Thomas K. ; h. LifF and Benvie, 4th Nov. 1874.
Married at Aberdeen, iith June 1901, William Elmslie Hender-
son, M.A. 1893 ; M.B., Ch.B. 1898 {q.v.).

Kydd, David Alexander Forbes, M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of David K. ; h. Dyke, 5th May 1862.
Port Glasgow.

Kyngdon, Frederick Henry, M.B., CM. 1876; M.D. 1878.

S. of Boughton K. ; b. Exeter, nth Nov. 1851.
Sydney, N.S.W. ; London.

Kynoch, John, M.A. 1884.

S. of Ninian K. ; b. Old Machar, 22nd Mar. 1848.

Completed the course of study and obtained the Testatnur of the
Theological College of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. Died at 2
St. Peter's Gate, Spital, Aberdeen, 27th May 1905.

Laing, Adam Arbuthnott, M.A. 1869.

S. of John L. ; b. Cruden, i8th June 1837.

Minister, F.C. in Queensland, 1870-78 ; Farmer, Barlure, New
Luce, Wigtownshire ; Agent for Manufacturing Firms.

Laing, Alfred Martin, M.A. 1900.

S. of Robert L. ; b. Edinkillie, I2th June 1875.
LL.B. Edin. 1903.
Member of the Faculty of Advocates, admitted 1 904. Edinburgh.


Laing, Andrew Ross, M.B., CM. 1897.

S. of George L. ; b. St. Nicholas, 17th Oct. 187 1.
D.P.H. 1899; M.D. (com.) 1905.

Market Harborough, Leicestershire ; Civil Surgeon, South African
Field Force, 1899- 1900. University Assistant (Pathology), 1901.

Laing, Charles Alexander Barclay, M.A. 1887 ; M.B., CM. 1896.

S. of James L. ; h. Pitsligo, 13th Jan. 1865.
Died at Fraserburgh, nth Sep. 1897.

Laing, George Ross, M.A. 1888.

S. of George L. ; b. St. Nicholas, 7th Feb. 1867.
Butcher, Aberdeen.

Laing, James, M.B., CM. 1874.

S. of William L. ; b. Peterhead, 8th Mar. 1850.

Laing, James Selkirk, M.B., CM. 1894.

S. of Thomas L. ; b. Old Machar, 27th May 1873.
D.P.H. 1899; M.D. (hons.) 1901.

Resident Physician, City Hospital, Aberdeen. Died, 29th Dec.
1 90 1.

Laing, John Gordon, *M.A. 1898.

S. of James L. ; b. Dyce, 28th Oct. 1873.

One of the Principals of the Tutorial and Educational Institute,
North Bridge, Edinburgh,

Laing, Thomas, M.A. 1887.

S. of James L. ; b. Keith, 17th Nov. 1863.
Head Master, Croftness Public School, Glenlivet, Banffshire.

Laing, William, *M.A. 1861.

S. of Peter L. ; b. Leslie, Aberdeenshire [26th May 1842].

Lieutenant-Colonel, Indian Army, nth Nov. 1887, having joined
the Bombay Infantry as an Ensign, iith Nov. 1861, and retired 2nd
Mar, 1890. Died at Lausanne, Switzerland, 9th June 1902.


Laing, William Stuart, M.A. 1891.

S. of James L. ; b. Southampton, 23rd June 1868.
Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, 1898.

Laird, James, M.B., CM. 1891.

S. of Alexander L. ; b. Crathie and Braemar, I2th Dec. 1865.
Huddersfield, Yorks.

Lamb, John, M.A. 1878; *B.D. 1889.

S, of William L. ; b. Monquhitter, 3rd Sep. 1856.
School Master, Forglen, Banffshire ; Missionary Professor, Church
of Scotland's General Assembly's Institution, Calcutta, 1902.

Lamb, John Marshall, M.A. 1880 ; *M.B., CM. 1885 ; M.D. 1889.

S. of Alexander L. ; b. St. Nicholas, 6th June 1859.
British North Borneo. Died, 20th Apr. 1891.

Lamond, Donald, M.A. 1884; M.B., CM. 1891.

S. of Donald L. ; b. Crathie, 9th Apr. i860.
Ullapool, Ross-shire ; Towie, Aberdeenshire.

Lamont, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of John L. ; b. Grange, 3rd Nov. 1863.
Chryston, Lanarkshire.

Lamont, Alexander, M.A. 1893.

S. of Charles L. ; b. Cullen, 23rd Mar. 1865.
Master, Rathven Public School ; Portnockie Public School ; Eng-
lish Master, Robert Gordon's Coll., Aberdeen. Died at Cromarty,
13th May 1898.

Lamont, Donald Mackay, *M.A. 1886.

S. of Malcolm L. ; b. Reay, 26th Nov. 1862.
2nd cl. Class. Mods. Oxon. 1889.

Classical and English Master, Public School, Keith ; Elgin Aca-
demy, 1904.


Lang, Gordon Abercromby, M.B., CM. i88g.

S. of Rev. Gavin L, ; h. Fyvie, 15th Apr. 1866.


Srf Van Langenberg.

Lapworth, Charles, LL.D. 1884.

F.R.S. 1888; M.Sc. Birmingham 1901.

Professor of Geology, Mason's Coll., Birmingham, afterwards
Univ. of Birmingham.

Laverock, William Shepherd, M.A. 1888 ; *B.Sc. 1896.

S. of William L. ; h. St. Nicholas, 13th July 1865.
Assistant in the Derby Museum ; Natural History Section of the
Free Public Museum, Liverpool.

Law, David Finlay, M.A. 1862.

S. of John L. ; h. New Machar, 1842.

Student of Medicine in the University. Died at Inscli, Aberdeen-
shire, 8th Oct. 1863.

Law, James, M.B., CM. 1872 ; M.D. 1874.

S. of John L. ; h. New Machar, Feb. 1849.

Medical Officer, Rio Tinto and Tharsis Mining Cos., and Huelva
and Seville Railway, Spain ; Sydenham, London.

Law, John, *M.A. 1884.

S. of James L. ; h. Cabrach, i8th Mar. 1862.
Head Master, Maud Combination School, Aberdeenshire.

Law, Nathaniel Anderson, M.A. 1873.

S. of John L. ; h. Insch, 24th May 1852.

Minister of Eassie and Nevay, Forfarshire, 1877. Died, 14th
Feb. 1888.

Law, Peter, M.A. 1878.

S. of William L. ; b. Newhills, 1st Jan. 1856.


Teacher, Buxburn School, Newhills, Aberdeenshire, which position
he resigned in 1899.

Law, Thomas Bryden, M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of Thomas B. L. ; h. Stonehaven, 12th Apr. 1870.
Macduff, Banffshire.

Law, William, *M.A. 1876.

S. of David L. ; b. Dundee, 31st Oct. 1853.

Second Master, Particle Academy, Glasgow, 1879 ; Senior English
Master, High School, Glasgow.

Lawrance, Patrick James, *M.B., CM. 1874.

S. of John L. ; h. Old Deer, 5 th Dec. 1851.
Ceylon ; Borneo ; Assam ; Pinetown Bridge, Natal.

Lawrence, Alexander, M.A. 1866 ; M.B., CM. 1869; M.D. 1872.

S. of James L. ; h. Rathven, 29th Oct. 1845.
Medical Superintendent, County Asylum, Chester.

Lawrence, Alfred Edward Aust, M.B., CM. 1872 ; M.D. 1874.

S. of William Scott L. ; h. Stapleton, Gloucester, 28th Mar. 1848.
Professor of Midwifery and Diseases of Women, University Coll.,
Bristol. Died, 29th Aug. 190 1.

Lawrence, Nathaniel, M.B., CM. 1871 ; M.D. 1873.

S. of Nathaniel L. ; h. Longside, 3rd Jan. 1849.
Longside, Aberdeenshire. Died, 17th Dec. 1900

Lawrence, William, M.A. 1880.

S. of William L. ; h. St. Vigeans, 1 8th May 1857.
Minister of Banchory-Devenick, Kincardineshire, 1882.

Laws, Robert, M.A. 1872 ; M.B., CM. 1875 ; M.D. 1877 ; D.D. 1891.
S. of Robert L. ; h. Old Machar, 28th May 1851.
Medical Missionary, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Livingstonia, Lake
Nyassa, 1875.


Lawson, Alexander, M.A. 1887.

S. of James L. ; b. Huntly, 12th Oct. 1864.

Minister of Presbyterian Church, Mount Barker, South Australia,
* ^93-95) when he returned home. Died at Hastings, loth May,

Lawson, George, M.A. 1882.

S. of Francis L. ; b. Kintore, 19th Aug. 1859.
Minister of Forglen, Banffshire, 1888 \ Selkirk, 1899.

Lawson, James, M.A. 1878 ; M.B., CM. 1881.

S. of John L. ; b. Skene, 6th May 1858.
Romford, Essex ; Echt, Aberdeenshire.

Lawson, John, M.A. 1876.

S. of James L. ; h. Skene, 17th June 1857.

Teacher, PubHc School, Glenlivet, Banff's., 1876 ; Public School,
Coull, Aberdeenshire, 1878 ; Head Master, Public School, Ballater,
Aberdeenshire, 1881.

Lawson, Robert, LL.D. 1885.

[S. of John L., capt. R.N. ; b. 28th Mar. 18 15.]
Licentiate of the Royal Coll. of Surgeons of Edinburgh, admitted
1834. Joined the medical service of the Army, 15th May 1835 ; pro-
moted Inspector-General of Hospitals, Army Medical Department, 9th
May 1867 ; retired 19th June 1872. Hon. Physician to the Queen,
6th May 1891. Died in Aberdeen, 8th Feb. 1894.

Lawson, Wilfred Ernest, M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of John L. ; b. Aberdeen, 27th Nov. 1874.
D.P.H. 1902.

Lawson, William, M.B., CM. 1873 ; M.D. 1888.

S. of James L. ; b. Tullynessle, 22nd June 1850.
D.P.H. Camb. 1890.

Tarland, Aberdeenshire ; Dooma, Upper Assam ; West Brom-
wich. Staff's.


Lawson, William, *M.A. 1900.

S. of Robert L. ; /). Kiltarlity, 231-d Miir. 1879.
Assistant Master, Higher Grade Department of Russell Street
Public School, Ayr.

Leach, Alfred, M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of Jabez L. ; b. Hants, 17th Oct. 1856.

London ; author of The ^uulrangle by Moon light ^ etc. Died, 14th
Sep. 1892.

Leach, John, M.A. 1888 ; M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of William L. ; h. Ardersier, 22nd Jan. 1867.
Beauly, Inverness-shire,

Leask, Alexander Rhind Dyer, M.A. 1873.

S, of Alexander L. ; b. St. Nicholas, 15th Nov. 1847.
Member of tlie Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1876.
Died, 8th Apr. 1898.

Leask, George Alfred, *M.A. 1900.

S. of George L. ; b. London, 29th May 1878,
Journalist and litterateur. On staff of Exominer^ 1901 ; on staff

of Amalgamated Press Co., Ltd. (Messrs. Harmsworth), and attached

to Sunday Circle^ 1904.

Leask, James, *M.A. 1869.

S. of George L. ; h. Gamrie, 13th Apr. 1848.
D.D. 1903.

Minister of Lonmay, Aberdeenshire, 1874 ; Rosemount, Aberdeen,
1878 ; St. Stephen's, Broughty Ferry, 1881.

Leask, James, M.A. 1888.

S. of Henry L. ; b. Glasgow, i8th Jan. 1869.
Licentiate, U.P. Church, afterwards U.F.C. Minister, Presby-
terian Church, Bingara-Warialda, N.S.W., 1902-03 ; Portarlington,


Leask, William Keith, *M.A. 1877.

S. of James L. [Alumnus, King's Coll. 1844-46] ; b. Old Machar,
i6th Apr. 1857.

1st cl. Class. Mods. Oxon. 1879 ; 2nd cl. Litt. Hum. 1 88 1.
Litterateur, Aberdeen.

Leckler, Henry Martin, M.B., CM. 1873.

S. of Rev, J. M. L. ; b. Rotherhithe, Surrey, 19th Sep. 1849.
Surgeon, Indian Medical Service (Madras), 31st Mar. 1874. Died
at Pachmarhi, India, 30th Oct. 1881.

Ledingham, Alexander, M.A. 1893; M.B., Ch.B. 1897.

S. of Rev. James L. [M.A. King's Coll. 1848] ; b. Boyndie, 15th
Sep. 1872,

D.P.H. 1901 ; M.D. 1905.

Assistant Medical Officer of Health, County of Lanark, Hamilton.

Ledingham, George, *M.A. 1867.

S. of James L. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1823]; b. St. Nicholas, 15th
Sep. 1847.

Died in Aberdeen, 30th Mar. 1869.

Ledingham, James, M.D., CM. 1864.

S. of James L. [M.A. Mar. Coil. 1823] ; 6. Aberdeen, 7th Mar.

M.A. Mar. Coll. i860.

Died in Aberdeen, 28th July 1865.

Ledingham, James Gardiner, M.A. 1888.

S. of Rev. James L. [M.A. King's Coll. 1848] ; b. Boyndie, loth
Aug. 1866.

Minister of Boyndie, Banffshire, 1896.

Ledingham, John Charles Grant, *M.A. 1895 ; *B.Sc. 1900.

S. of Rev. James L. [M.A. King's Coll. 1848] ; b. Boyndie, 19th
May 1875.

M.B., Ch.B. (2nd cl. hons.) 1902.

Assistant bacteriologist, Lister Institute, Elstree, Herts.

UnivIlrsitv of Aberdeen. 2S3

Ledingham, Margaret Jane, M.A. 1900.

D. of Robert L. ; ^1. Rayne, 4th May 1879.
Teacher, King Street Public School, Aberdeen.

Ledingham, William, M.A. 1866.

S. of James L. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1823] ; b. St. Nicholas, loth Feb.


For a short time was engaged in teaching in Aberdeen ; but ill-
health soon compelled his giving up employment.

Ledingham, William, *M.A. 1884.

S. of Andrew L. ; h. St. Nicholas, 20th July 1864.
Teacher, Stronsay, Orkney ; Whitehills, Banffshire ; Boyndie,

Le Fanu, Cecil Vivian Moore Etienne, M.B., Ch.B. 1899.

S. of Henry le F. ; h. Madras, 5th Apr. 1877.
Salaga, Upper Guinea, West Africa.

Leftwich, Ralph Winnington, *M.B., CM. 1873 ; M.D. 1875.

S. of George L. ; h. London, 20th Feb. 1849.

Legg, Alexander Ross, *M.A. 1881.

S. of Alexander R. L. ; h. St. Nicholas, 24th May 1859.
Sub-Editor of the Bir?ningha?u Gazette ; Editor and Manager of
the Glasgow morning paper, Record.

Legge, George Alexander, M.A. 1873 ; M.B., CM. 1879 ; M.D. 1881.
S. of William L. ; b. Huntly, ist Aug. 1851.
Somerset East, Cape Colony.

Legge, James, M.A. 1863.

S. of John L. ; b. Huntly, 1839.

Congregational Minister, Hanley, 1865 ; Caterham, 1878 ; Head-
ingley, Leeds, 1883-99. Retired.


Legge, James, LL.D. 1870.

[S. of Ebene/.er L. ; b. Huntly, Aberdeenshire, 1815.]
M.A. King's Coll. 1835. D.D. New York, 1842. M.A. (by
decree of convocation) Oxon. 1876. LL.D. Edin. 1884.

Missionary of the London Missionary Society in China, 1839-73 ;
first Professor of Chinese in Univ. of Oxford, 1876. Died at Oxford,
29th Nov. 1897. (Diet, of National Biography^ Supplement, iii., 87.)

Legge, John, *M.A. 1862.

S. of John L. ; b. Huntly [29th July 1837].

Of very delicate health from childhood, by medical advice he
emigrated to Australia in 1865, where he was minister of the Congre-
gational Church, Brighton, near Melbourne, until his death, which
occurred 30th Nov. 1878. {Manoriah of., Lond. 1880, by James
L., M.A. 1863, q.v.)

Legge, John Robert, M.A. 1875.

S. of William L. ; h. Huntly, 28th May 1855.
Congregational Minister, Marple, Cheshire, 1883 ; Buckhurst Hill,
Essex, 1 89 1.

Leith, William, M.B., CM. 1887.

S. of James L, ; h. Monquhitter, 1st Apr. i860.
Letham, Forfarshire ; Norwich.

Le Mottle, George Herbert, M.B., CM. 1882 ; M.D. 1884.

S. of John le M. ; b. Guernsey, 22nd Sep. 1850.

Lieutenant-Colonel, retired pay, latr Royal Army Medical Corps,
having joined the medical service of the Army, 31st Mar. 1875, and
retired, i6th Apr. 1902.

Lendrum, John, *M.A. i888.

S. of John L. ; b. Glenmuick, 31st July 1867.
Missionary, F.C., Nagpoor, Central India, 1892-99 ; Minister,
South U.F.C., Elgin, 1900.

Lendrum, John Black, M.B., CM. 1890 ; *M.D. 1894.

S. of George L. ; b. Huddersfield, Yorks, i6th Feb. 1869.
Huddersfield ; Oldham, Lanes.


Lendrum, Robert Alexander, *M.A. 1882.

S. of John L. ; h. Old Machar, 27th Aug. 1863.
Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Kirkliston, Midlothian, 1890.

Lerew, Frederick William, *M.B., CM. i88i.

S. of William Kirby L. ; b. Marylebone, London, 8th Mar. 1858.
London. Died at Sandhurst, Victoria, 15th Oct. 1885.

Le Rossignol, Augustin, M.B,, CM. 1867 ; M.D. 1868.

S. of Philip le R. ; b. Jersey, i8th Mar. 1842.
Bachelier es Sciences, Univ. of France, 1862.
St. Helier's, Jersey ; Medical Inspector-General, Royal Jersey
Militia, 7th Feb. 1883.

Leslie, Alexander Davidson, M.A. 1886.

S. of Rev. Alexander L. [M.A. King's Coll., 1847] ; b. Fyvie,
9th Sep. 1865.

Merchant, Toronto.

Leslie, David Arthur, M.B., CM. 1862 ; M.D. 1863.

S. of John L. ; b. Old Machar, 27th July 1841.

M.A. Mar. Coll. i860.

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