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S. of Thomas R. ; h. St. Nicholas, 13th Oct. 1859.
Helmsley, Yorks ; Birkdale, Lanes.

Reid, John, M.B., CM. 1863 5 ^^D. 1868.

S. of William R. ; h. Tullich, 25th Mar. 1837.
Upper Assam, India.

Reid, John, M.A. 1877 ; M.B., CM. 1882 ; M.D. i886.

S. of Walter R. ; h. Fordyce, 20th Aug. 1856.
Melbourne, Victoria ; Bristol ; London.

Reid, John, *M.A. 1893.

S. of John R. ; b. Deskford, 14th June 1872.
C.A. (Member of the Society of Accountants in Aberdeen), ad-
mitted 1897.

Reid, John Lindsay, M.A. 1865.

S. of Rev. William R. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1824]; b. Auchindoir,
13th April 1845.

Public Works Department, Cape Town.

Reid, Robert Henderson, M.A. 1885.

S. of Thomas R. ; h. St. Nicholas, 14th Sep. 1863.
Sometime Student of Medicine in the University. Died in Aber-
deen, 14th May 1900.


Reid, Robert William, *M.B., CM. 1872 ; M.D. 1875.

S. of Rev. William R. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1824] ; h. Auchindoir,
14th May 185 1.

F.R.C.S. Eng. 1881.

Joint Lecturer on, and Senior Demonstrator of, Anatomy, St.
Thomas's Hospital, London, 1872-89; Professor of Anatomy in the
University, 1889, Representative of the University on the General
Council of Medical Education and Registration of the United Kingdom,
1 896- 1 90 1.

Reid, William, M.D., CM. 1862.

S. of George R. ; h. Keith-hall, 7th Apr. 1835.
Aberdeen. Died, 2nd Feb. 1892.

Reid, William, M.A. 1875.

S. of Archibald R. ; h. Glenbucket, 22nd Dec. 1855.

Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1880.
In the Roll of that Society his name is entered as William Reid Reid,
he having assumed the second name after graduation.

Reid, William, M.B., CM. 1876; M.D. 1882.

S. of Rev. William R. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1824]; b. Auchindoir,
24th Oct. 1854.

Medical Superintendent, Royal Asylum, Aberdeen.

Reid, William, M.B., CM. 1879; M.D. 1883.

S. of George R. ; b. [Kildrummy] 20th July 1857.
Santa Barbara de Samana, Haiti, W.L Died, 24th Nov. 1888.

Reid, William, M.A. 1873.

S. of James R. ; b. Culsalmond, 28th June 1848.
Assistant Master, Mathematical Department, The Academy, Ayr,
1872 ; Second Master, Mathematical and Science Departments, The
High School of Glasgow, 1874.

Reid, William, M.A. 1884.

S. of Alexander R. ; b. Enzie, loth Dec. 1861.
Head Master, Public School, Errol, Perthshire ; Public School,
Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, 1904.

444 Roll of graduates.

Reid, William, M.A. 1885.

S. of John R. ; h. Drainie, 20th May 1862.
Manager of a brewery, Kansas, U.S.A.

Reid, William Alexander, *M.A. 1885.

S. of Walter R. ; h. Fordyce, 14th Feb. 1864.

Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Port Dalhousie, Canada ;
Missionary of the Church of Scotland, Poona, India, 1904; Minister
of West Maybole, Ayrshire, 1905.

Reid, William Laing, B.D. 1870.

[S. of Alexander R.] ; b. [Fetternear], Chapel of Garioch [ist Dec.

M.A. King's Coll. 1855.

Minister of Pulteneytown, Caithness-shire, 1874 ; Watten, Caith-
ness-shire, 1875. Died at Watten, 22nd Oct. 1891.

His name was erroneously entered in the General Council List
of the University as William Lyon Reid.

Reid, William Lyon.

See Reid, William Laing.

Reid, William Reid.

See Reid, William, M.A. 1875.

Reid, William Walker, *M.A. 1894.

S. of James R. ; h. Kirkhill, 30th Apr. 1873.
B.D. Edin. 1898.
Licentiate of the Church of Scotland. Kirkhill, Inverness-shire.

Reith, David, M.A. 1862.

S. of Archibald R. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1835] ; b. Old Machar, 22nd
May 1842.

Vicar of Christ Church, Greenwich, 1874 ; Vicar of St. Andrew's,
Watford, Herts, and Honorary Canon of Rochester, 1891.

Reith, George, *M.A. 1861 ; D.D. 1892.

S. of George R. 5 b. Old Machar, [9th July] 1842.


Minister, Free College Church, afterwards U.F. College Church,
Glasgow, 1866.

Reith, George Murray, M.A. 1884.

S. of Archibald R., M.D. [Mar. Coll. 1859] ; b. Old Machar, 4th
Oct. 1863.

Minister, Presbyterian Church of England at Singapore, Straits
Settlements, 1889-95 ; Minister, St. Cuthbert's F.C., afterwards U.F.C.,
Edinburgh, 1898.

Reith, John, M.A. 1866.

S. of John R. ; b. Banchory-Ternan, 25th Nov. 1842.
B.D. Edin. 1869.

Minister of Rickarton, Kincardineshire, 1872-99 ; resident in

Reith, John, M.A. 1891.

S. of David R. ; b. Banchory-Ternan, 7th July 1866.
Mathematical and Science Master, The Academy, Bo'ness, Linlith-
gowshire, 1893.

Reith, Thomas Buchanan, *M.A. 1897.

S. of Rev. John R. [M.A. 1866, q.v.]; b. Rickarton, 24th Oct.

Classical Master, George Watson's Coll., Edinburgh.

Reith, Williamson Rust, M.A. 1886; M.B., CM. 1889; M.D. 1897.
S. of Alexander R., M.D. [Mar. Coll. 1859] ; i- Old Machar, 1st
Apr. 1865.

Aberdeen ; Erdington, Warwickshire.

Rennet, David, LL.D. 1885.

S. of David R. ; [b. Marykirk, Kincardineshire, 7th Dec. 1828].

Alumnus, Mar. Coll. 1850-51.

Teacher of Mathematics in Aberdeen since 1856. The David
Rennet Gold Medal (Mathematics) founded in the University in
recognition of his services to education, 1897. Portrait in possession
of the University, presented by pupils, 1896.


Rennet, David, M.B., CM. 1889; *M.D. 1893.

S. of David R. [LL.D. 1885, q.v.] ; b. Old Machar, 19th Jan.

D.P.H. 1889.

Aberdeen. University Assistant (Forensic Medicine), appointed

Rennet, Ernest, *M,A. 1893 ; *B.L. 1896.

S. of David R. [LL.D. 1885, q.v.] ; b. St. Nicholas, loth Dec.

C.A. (Member of the Society of Accountants in Aberdeen), admit-
ted 1899 ; Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted

Rennet, James Barclay, M.A. 1888.

S. of David R. [LL.D. 1885, g.v.]; b. Old Machar, 26th Feb.

C.A. (Member of the Society of Accountants in Aberdeen), admit-
ted 1892 ; Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted
1895. In 1896 he adopted Rennett as the spelling of his surname.

Rennett, James Barclay.

See Rennet, James Barclay.

Rennie, Alexander, M.A. 1880 ; *M.B., CM. 1883.

S. of James R. ; b. Inverurie, 6th Apr. 1859.
Tamsin, Formosa, China ; Lecturer on Materia Medica, Hono;-
Kong College of Medicine.

Rennie, John, *B.Sc. 1898.

S. of John R. ; b. Aberdeen, i8th Sep. 1865.
D.Sc. 1903.
University Assistant, Natural History (Zoologv), appointed 1899.

Rennie, Thomas, *M.B., CM. 1872 ; M.D. 1875.

S. of James R. ; b. Inverurie, 28th July 1850.
Formosa, China ; Foochow, China,


Renton, John Robert, M.A. 1896.

S. of David R. ; b. Gamrie, 7th Nov. 1864.

One of the Masters of George Watson's Coll. for Boys, Edinburgh,
1888 ; Head Master, Public School, Clackmannan, 1897.
Renton, Maurice Waugh, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of David R. ; b. Gamrie, 29th Dec. 1868.
M.D. (com.) 1906.

Crowle, Lincolnshire ; served as a Civil Surgeon with the South
African Field Force, 1900-02 ; Dartford, Kent.
Rettie, James, ^A- 1875.

S. of George R. ; b. Old Deer, 15th Nov. 1854.
Principal of various schools in Cape Colony 1 883-1 901 ; Govern-
ment School, Viljoen's Drift, Orange River Colony, 1901-03. Clerk,
Cornelia Mine, Viljoen's Drift, 1903.
Rettie, Middleton, LL.D. 1894.

S. of William R. ; b. Aberdeen, [8th Aug. 1828].
M.A. Mar. Coll. 1847.

Member of the Faculty of Advocates, admitted 1855. Editor of
Casrs Decided in the Court of Session. King's Counsel 1 904.
Reynolds, Graham Hay, M.B., CM. 1886.

S. of WiUiam P. R. ; b. Lee, Kent, 14th Aug. 1864.
Hampstead, London ; served in the Boer Campaign as Medical
Officer, 1 6th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry, with the temporary rank
of Captain, 7th March 1900 ; Potchefstroom, Transvaal.

Reynolds, Sir John Russell, Bart., LL.D. 1895.

[S. of Rev. John R., Independent Minister ; b. Romsey, Hants,
22nd May, 1828.]

M.B. Lond. 1851 ; M.D. 1852. F.R.C.P. Lond. 1859. F.R.S.
1869. LL.D. Edin. 1896.

Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine, University
Coll., 1865 ; Physician, 1862 ; Consulting Physician, 1884, University
Coll., London. President of the Royal Coll. of Physicians, London,
1893-95. Baronet, created 28th Feb. 1895. Died, 29th May 1896,
[Diet, of National Biography^ xlviii., 53.)


Rezin, Edwin, M.A. 1900.

S. of George R. ; h. Old Machar, 31st May 1876.
B.L. 1903.
Solicitor, Aberdeen.

Rice, Charles Duncan, *M.A. 1894; *B.Sc. 1899.

S. of Duncan R. ; h. Old Machar, 24th Feb. 1872.
Mathematical Master, Airdrie Academy, Lanarkshire, 1895 ;
Science Master, Rothesay Academy, Bute, 1899 ; Mathematical and
Science Master, Mackie Academy, Stonehaven, 1900.

Richards, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1877 ; M.D. 1881.

S. of William R. ; h. Cardiff, 14th Apr. 1854.
Cardiff ; Llangadock, Carmarthenshire. After leaving College
he assumed the name of Thomas Wade Richards.

Richards, Thomas Wade.

See Richards, Thomas.

Richardson, Andrew, M.B., CM. 1896.

S. of William R. ; h. Aberlour, 9th Oct. 1848.
Aberlour, Banffshire.

Richardson, Charles Boards, M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.B. 1883.

S. of John Mott R. ; b. Great Hadham, Herts, 26th Nov. 1856.
Hove, Sussex.

Richardson, John, M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of Charles R. ; h. Dundee, 4th Oct. 1876.
Monifieth, Forfarshire.

Richardson, William Souter, M.A. 1893.

S. of John S. R. ; h. Huntly, i8th Nov. 1869.
Head Master, Public School, Lumsden, Aberdeenshire.

Richmond and Gordon, His Grace Sir Charles Henry Gordon = Lennox,
K.G., P.C, 6th Duke of, LL.D. {ad eund.) 1895.

[S. of Charles Lennox, 5th Duke ; b. London, 27th Feb. 18 18.]


B.A. Oxon. 1839 ; D.C.L. 1870. LL.D. Cantab. 1894.
Chancellor of the University, lOth Apr. 1861, until his death
which occurred 27th Sep, 1903.

Riddel, Alexander, M.A. 1877.

S. of George R. ; h. Kintore, 8th Mar. 1856.
Head Master, Public School, Oyne, Aberdeenshire.

Riddel, Charles, *B.Sc. 1898.

S. of William R. ; h. Leochel-Cushnie, 22nd Nov. 1878.

Science Master, Gillingham Grammar School, Dorset, 1900 ;
Mathematical Master, Rainey School, Magherafelt, Co. Londonderry,
1902 ; Science Master, Fortrose Academy, Ross-shire, 1904.

Riddel, George, M.A. 1865.

S. of Peter R. ; h. Cluny [5th Mar. 1840].

Head Master, Public School, Leslie, Aberdeenshire, 1866 ; retired

Riddel, Patrick, *M.A. 1896 ; B.D. 1898.

S. of George R. [M.A. 1865, q.v.] ; h. Leslie, 9th Apr. 1872.
Minister of Knockando, Morayshire, 1901.

Riddel, William, M.A. 1874; M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. 1890.

S. of William R. ; h. Leochel-Cushnie, 5th Mar. 1853.
Medical Missionary in China of the Presbyterian Church of Eng-
land, 1 88 1.

Riddell, James Bowie, M.A. 1890.

S. of John S. R. ; h. Old Machar, nth Apr. 1868.
Senior English Master, Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen.

Riddell, John Scott, M.A. 1884 ; M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of John S. R. ; h. Old Machar, loth Apr. 1864.

Senior Surgeon and Lecturer on Clinical Surgery, Royal Infirmary,

Aberdeen. Major, Royal Army Medical Corps (Volunteer), Aberdeen

Companies, 9th July 1902 ; appointed to command, loth Sep. 1904.

M.V.O. (4th class) 1905.



Riddoch, Emily Caroline, *M.A. 1899.

D. of John Campbell R. ; h. Elie, 22nd Jan. 1878.
Married 4th Aug. 1903, Samuel Sawyer, B.A. Lond. 1895, Hali-
fax, afterwards Head Master, Secondary School, Pudsey, Yorks.

Riddoch, William, *M.A. 1884.

S. of John R. ; h. Rothiemay, 7th Dec. 1862.
English and Classical Master, Robert Gordon's Coll., Aberdeen ;
Rector, Mackie Academy, Stonehaven, 1893.

Rideal, Arthur Henry, M.B., CM. 1890 ; M.D. 1896.

S, of Samuel R. ; h. Birmingham, 14th Apr. i860.
Manchester ; Twickenham.

Rigby, Charles Samuel Alfred, M.B., CM. 1882.

S. of James R. ; h. Preston, 24th Mar. 1858.
Preston, Lanes.

Rigby=Hughes, John, *M.B., CM. 1872.

S. of John Rigby-H. ; h. Liverpool, 17th Apr. 1844.
Runcorn, Cheshire. Died, 29th Nov. 1874.

Ritchie, Alexander, M.A. 1872.

S. of William R. ; h. Birse, 3rd Dec. 1848.
Head Master, Public School, Urquhart, Morayshire, 1872.

Ritchie, Charles, M.B., CM. 1895.

S. of David R. ; h. Old Machar, 8th June 1874.
Nelson, Lanes.

Ritchie, Ebenezer, M.A. 1891 ; B.D. 1894.

S. of [Rev.] Ebenezer R. ; h. Derrykeighan, Antrim, 2nd Dec.

Minister, United Original Secession Church, Toberdoney, Co.
Antrim, 1895.

Ritchie, George Neish, M.A. 1891.

S. of George R. ; b. Turriff, 15th Nov. 1870.
Assistant Master, Grammar School, Aberdeen.


Ritchie, James, M.B., CM. 1893 ; M.D. 1897.

S. of James R. ; b. Newhills, 22nd Mar. 1 8 70.
D.P.H. (with credit) 1901.
Fintray, Aberdeenshire ; Old Deer, Aberdeenshire.

Ritchie, Macdonald Frey, M.A. 1893 ; B.L. 1896.

S. of David R. ; b. Old Machar, loth May 1873.

Admitted Law Agent, 1896 ; Solicitor in Aberdeen ; served as a
Staff Serjeant in Thornycroft's Mounted Infantry during the South
African War, 1900-02 ; Journalist (The Catholic Press, Ltd.), London,

Ritchie, Theodore Francis, M.B., Ch.B. 1898.

S. of Rev. Robert R. ; b. Ayr, i6th June 1876.
Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps, 27th June 1901 ; Cap-
tain, 27th June 1904.

Ritchie, William, *M.A. 1873.

S. of John R. ; b. Peterhead, 1 2th Oct. 1854.
1st cl. Class. Mods. Oxon. 1875 ; 1st cl. Litt. Hum. 1877 ; B.A.

Professor of Classic^, South African College, Cape Town.

Ritchie, William Duncan, M.B., Ch.B. 1899.

S. of John R. ; b. Shap, Westmorland, 4th Apr. 1877.
Lieutenant, Indian Medical Service, 27th June 1901 ; Captain,
27th June 1904.

Robb, Alexander, D.D. 1869.

[Born at Fintray, Aberdeenshire, 17th Oct. 1824.]

M.A. King's Coll. 1848.

For twenty-five years missionary of U.P. Church at Old Calabar,
afterwards professor in the Theological Institution for the training of
native ministers, Kingston, Jamaica. Died at Philip Island, Victoria,
19th Jan. 1 90 1.


Robb, Alexander, M.A. 1889.

S. of Alexander R. ; b. New Deer, gth Sep. 1865.
In the service of the Union Pacific Railroad Co., Omaha, Ne-
braska, U.S.A.

Robb, Alexander, *M.A. 1891 ; *M.B., CM. 1895.

S. of Andrew R. ; h. Cruden, 22nd Jan. 1870.
D.P.H. (with credit) 1896 ; M.D. (com.) 1902.
Medical Officer of Health, Paisley.

Robb, Alexander Bannerman, M.A. 1896 ; B.L. 1900.

S. of George R. ; h. Aberdeen, 12th Jan. 1875.
Solicitor, Aberdeen.

Robb, Alexander Moir, M.A. 1897.

S. of Charles R. ; h. Aberdeen, 9th July 1874.
Teacher, Grey College, Bloemfontein, Orange River Colony.

Robb, Andrew Alexander, M.B., Ch.B. 1897.

S. of Andrew R. ; h. Old Machar, 13th June 1872.
Darwen, Lanes ; Accrington, Lanes.

Robb, Frank Moir, M.A. 1893.

S. of Charles R. ; b. Tyrie, 30th Mar. 1869.
Teacher in St. Clement Street Public School, Aberdeen.

Robb, George, M.A. 1881.

S. of James R. ; b. Spynie, 28th Nov. 1859.

Minister, West U.P. Church, afterwards West U.F.C., Kirriemuir,

Robb, George, M.A. 1886.

S. of James R. ; b. Monymusk, 1 0th Apr. 1862.
Teacher, Rosario de Santa PY-, Argentine Republic.

Robb, James Bernhardt Klingner, M.A. 1877 ; *M.B., CM. 1881 ;

M.D. 1884.
S. of Alexander R. ; b. Towie, 23rd June 1856.
Montrose ; Nelson, Lanes,


Robb, James Taylor, M.B., CM. 1883 ; M.D. 1886.

S. of James R. ; h. Keith, 28th Oct. 1859.

London ; Monte Carlo. Died at Keith, Banffshire, 27th Nov.

Robb, John, *M.B., CM. 1868 ; M.D. 1876.

S. of John R. ; h. Old Machar, 5th June 1843.
Joined the Indian Medical Service (Bombay), 1st Oct. 1868, and
retired as a Surgeon Major, 2nd Nov. 1889.

Robbie, James, M.A. 1889; B.D. 1892.

S. of William R. ; h. St. Nicholas, 24th June 1868.
Minister, James's U.P. Church, afterv^^ards U.F.C., Dundee, there-
after Clepington U.F.C., Dundee, 1894.

Robbins, Henry John, M.B., CM. 1873; ^D. 1875.

S. of J. B. R. ; h. Wellingborough, Northampton, 27th Sep. 1845.

Colonel, retired, Army Medical Staff, having joined the medical
service of the Army, 4th Feb. 1877 ; retired 24th Feb. 1897 ; re-
employed, 19th Oct. 1899 to 26th July 1902 ; promoted Colonel,
1 8th Oct. 1902.

Roberts, Alfred Ernest, *M.B., CM. 1884.

S. of Andrevi? T. R. ; h. London, 3rd Dec. 1859.
Major, Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 1st Oct. 1899, which
service he joined 1st Oct. 1887.

Roberts, Edward, M.A. 1892.

S. of William R. ; h. Knockando, 6th Jan. 1870.
Head Master, Kingussie Public School, Inverness-shire.

Roberts, John, M.B., CM. 1867 ; M.D. 1868.

S. of John R. ; Festiniog, Merionethshire, loth Aug. 1841.

Roberts, William, M.B., CM. 1873.

S. of William R. ; h. Dorset, Dec. 1840.

Surgeon, Chilian Navy ; Medical practitioner, Valparaiso, Chili ;
Torquay (retired from practice).


Robertson, Alexander, M.A. 1886.

S. of John R. ; h. Urquhart, i6th Feb. 1864.
Modern Language Master, Secondary Day School (Technical
College), West Hartlepool.

Robertson, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of Peter R. ; b. Fetteresso, 6th Oct. 1838.
Stonehaven, Kincardineshire.

Robertson, Alexander, *M.A. 1898.

S. of William R. ; h. Dingwall, 28th Mar. 1877.
Missionary, U.F.C., Poona, India, 1902.

Robertson, Alexander Cameron, M.A. 1870.

S. of Alexander R. ; h. Kirlcmichael, 31st July 1850,
Minister of Lochgilphead, Argyllshire, 1876.

Robertson, Alexander Morgan Smith, M.A. 1887.

S. of Alexander R. ; h. Old Machar, 23rd Aug. 1866.
Solicitor, Aberdeen.

Robertson, Alexander Smart, M.A. 1884.

S. of James R. ; h. Fordyce, 22nd July 1 86 1.
Student of Divinity. Died at Barefolds, Glass, Aberdeenshire,
14th Apr. 1888.

Robertson, Alexander Webster, *M.A. 1866.

S. of Charles R. ; h. St. Nicholas, 1st July 1847.
Librarian of Aberdeen Public Library, 1884- 1899. Resident at
Banchory, Kincardineshire.

Robertson, Alister Stuart, CM. 1864.

S. of John R. ; h. Rannoch, Perthshire [1835].

M.D. Mar. Coll. 1856.

Kingussie, Inverness-shire ; North and South America ; Horwich,
Lanes, 1864 until 1875, when he retired from practice on account of
ill-health ; resident in Glasgow, 1905.


Robertson, Allan, M.A. 1883.

S. of James R. ; h. Ordiquhill, 25th Sep. 1859.
Head Master, Public School, Strichen, Aberdeenshire. California,

Robertson, Archibald George, M.B., CM. 1864.

S. of John R. ; h. Edinburgh, 8th June 1843.
Assistant Surgeon, R.N., 26th Nov. 1864, until 4th Jan. 1871.

Robertson, Cecil, M.B., CM. 1886 ; M.D. 1898.

S. of William P. R. ; h. St. Nicholas, loth July 1865.
London. Died at sea when returning from a voyage to River
Plate, 22nd Sep. 1902.

Robertson, David, *M.A. 1862.

[S. of David R.] h. Fordoun, 1833.

LL.B. Lond. 1865 ; B.Sc. 1883.

A Master in the Grammar School, Cheltenham ; International
Coll., Spring Grove, Islew^orth ; University Coll. School, London ;
Private Teacher in London, 1882-90 ; in Edinburgh, 1890 until his
death which occurred there, 28th Mar. 1900. Joint author with
John Gall, M.A. (King's Coll.) 1859, o'i Popular Rcad'mgs in Science.

Robertson, David Coutts, M.A. 1897.

S. of William Shewan R. ; h. Echt, 4th Feb. 1874.
Assistant Mathematical Master, Montrose Academy, 1897 5
Mackie Academy, Stonehaven, 1900.

Robertson, Donald, *M.A. 1862.

S. of Niel R. ; h. Rothes, 1841.

Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Inveravon, Banffshire, 187 1.
Died in Aberdeen, 17th May 1903.

Robertson, Edward Wagstaff, M.B., CM.,i88i.

S. of Alexander R. ; h. Mortlach, 22nd Feb. 1855.
Medical Superintendent, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, 1882. Died
at Chester, 6th July 1883.

4^6 Roll of graduates.

Robertson, Frederick Freer Leslie, M.B., CM. 1877.

S. of Frederick F. R. ; h. Portsmouth, 6th Dec. 1846.
Cosham, Hants. Died, 5th Mar. 1891.

Robertson, Frederick Marrant, M.B., CM. 1874; M.D. 1898.

S. of James R. ; h. Cape Town, [lOth Jan. 1843].
Chief Medical Officer, Cape Copper Mining Company ; District
Surgeon, Namaqualand ; London.

Robertson, George, M.B., CM. 1870.

S. of John R. ; h. Newtyle, 19th Jan, 1844.

Nantymoel, Glamorganshire ; Carbost, Isle of Skye ; Stourbridge,
Worcestershire; Glasgow. Died before 1902. In the Mediccil Regis-
ter the date of his degrees was erroneously given as 1880.

Robertson, George, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of John R. ; b. Turriff, 17th Dec. 1868.
Died in Aberdeen, 9th July 1894.

Robertson, George Croom, *M.A. 1861.

S. of Charles R. ; h. St. Nicholas, [lOth Mar.] 1842.

Professor of Mind and Logic, University Coll., London, 1866.
Died in London, 20th Sep. 1892. The Croom Robertson Fellowship
in the University founded in his honour, 1897. [Diet, of National
Biography^ xlviii., 408.)

Robertson, George James, *M.B., CM. 1872.

S. of John R. ; h. Methhck, 6th Aug. 1 848.
Oldham, Lanes.

Robertson, George Officer, M.A. 1898.

S. of Alexander R. ; h. Slains, 27th Apr. 1875.
M.B., Ch.B. 1902.
Levenshulme, Lanes ; Hopetown, Cape Colony.

University of* Aberdeen. 4^;;

Robertson, Qeorge Philip, *M.A. 1873.

S. of George R. ; h. Fetteresso, 4th July 1851.

Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire,


Robertson, James, D.D. 1880.

[S. of William R. ; b. Myth, 2nd Mar. 1840.]
M.A. (ist cl. Sc. Intell. et Mor.) King's Coll. 1859.
Missionary of the Church of Scotland, Constantinople, 1862 ;
Beyrout, Syria, 1864. Minister of Mayfield Church, Edinburgh,
1875. Professor ot Hebrew and Semitic Languages, Univ. of Glasgow,

Robertson, James, M.A. 1866 ; D.D. 1892.

S. of William R. ; h. Banff, 31st May 1846.

Missionary and Member of Staff of F.C. Institution, Calcutta,
187 1 ; Principal of Doveton Coll., Calcutta, 1877 ; Principal of F.C.
Institution, Calcutta, 1881 ; Professor of Church History, F.C, after-
wards U.F.C., Coll., Aberdeen, 1887. Died at Ballater, 24th Aug.
1 90 1.

Robertson, James, M.A. 1887.

S. of James R. ; h. Oyne, 17th Feb. i860.
Minister, F.C, afterwards U.F.C, Fordyce, Banffshire, 1894.

Robertson, Maurice George, M.A. 1892 ; *M.B., CM. 1897.

S. of Alexander R. ; h. Huntly, 21st Jan. 1872,

Robertson, Michael Francis Gordon, M.A. 1891.

S. of John R. ; h. Old Machar, 3rd Jan. 1870.
Solicitor, Aberdeen.

Robertson, Peter, M.A. 1864.

S. of Peter R. ; h. Abernethy, 31st Jan. 1843.
Minister of Ullapool, Cromarty, 1869; Inverness, 1871 ; Kil-
morack, Inverness-shire, 1874 ; Kilbride, Arran, 1883.


Robertson, Robert, *M.A. 1886; *B.D. 1889.

S. of William R. ; h. Ellon, nth Jan. 1865.
Minister of Skene, Aberdeenshire, 1893.

Robertson, Robert Dawson, M.A. 1872.

S. of James R. ; h. Ordiquhill, 2lst May 1853.
Head Master, RafFord Public School, Forres, 1877 ; Clochcan
Public School, parish of Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, 1890.

Robertson, Thomas, M.A. 1862.

S. of Thomas R. ; h. Cabrach, 1 840.
Head Master, Lower School, Cabrach, Banffshire.

Robertson, Thomas, *M.A. 1897.

S. of Thomas McCrie R. ; h. Peterhead, 27th Nov. 1876.
Assistant Classical and English Master, Bell-Baxter School, Cupar-

Robertson, William, *M.B., CM. 1864.

S. of William R. ; h. Logie-Buchan, 5th May 1835.

M.A. King's Coll. 1856.^

Joined the medical service of the Army, 31st Mar. 1865, and
retired as a Surgeon Major, with the honorary rank of Brigade Surgeon,
Army Medical Staff, 27th Mar. 1886. Died at Darley, Derbyshire,
3rd Apr. 1894.

Robertson, William, M.A. 1881 ; M.B., CM. 1884.

S. of William R. ; h. Rathen, 8th Feb. 1859.
Grays, Essex ; Eye, Suffolk ; Bury St. Edmunds ; Bunbury,

Robertson, William, M.A. 1889.

S. of Alexander R. ; h. Old Machar, 3rd Sep. 1869.
Solicitor, Aberdeen.

Robertson, William George, fM.A. 1894; *B.D. 1898.

S. of [Rev.] James R. [M.A. 1866; D.D. 1892,^.1;.]; Z^. Calcutta,
13th Apr. 1872.


Missionary, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Wilson College, Bom-
Robertson, William Guthrie, M.A. 1885.

S. of James R. ; h. Glass, 7th July 1863.
Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Watten, Caithness, 1892.

Robertson, William Smith, M.B., CM. 1877 ; M.D. 1892.

S. of Alexander R. ; h. Peterhead, 13th Dec. 1855.
Senior Medical Officer, Egyptian Government Hospital, Port Said.
Died, 24th Oct. 1892.

Robertson=Milne, Charles John.

See Milne, Charles John.
Robinson, Frederick William, M.B., CM. 1882 ; M.D. 1892.

S. of William R. ; h. Huddersfield, 17th Jan. 1859.

F.R.C.S. Eng. 1899.

Robson, John, M.D. 1864.

S. of Alexander R. ; h. Glenalmond, 23rd Jan. 1843.

F.R.C.S. Edin. 1884.

Kirlcbean, Dumfries-shire ; Rock Ferry, Cheshire.

Roden, Percy Austin, M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of Sergeant Samuel R. [M.D. Edin. 1851] ; h. Droitwich,
Worcester, 2nd Dec. 1859.
M.D. 1902.
Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Rodger, James, M.A. 1863 ; *M.B., CM. 1865 ; M.D. 1878.

S. of James R. ; h. Old Machar, I2th Apr. 1841.
Pathologist, 1869, Assistant Physician, 1886, Honorary Physician,

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