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Medical Missionary, F.C., Livingstonia, Central Africa. Medical
practitioner, Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire,

Scott, William Bell, LL.D. 1889.

[S. of Robert S. ; h. St. Leonard's, Edinburgh, I2th Sep. 18 11.]
Poet and Painter. Died at Perkill Castle, Ayrshire, 22nd Nov.
1890. [Aiitohiographical Notes of the Life of^ 1 892, edited by W.
Minto, M.A. [1865, q.v.]. Diet, of National Biography^ li., 113.)

Scott, William Tocher, M.A. 1887 ; *M.B., CM. 1891.

S. of William S. ; h. Fyvie, 27th Sep. 1867.

Ashton-under-Lyne ; Staleybridge, Cheshire. Died, 23rd Aug.

Scougal, Edward Fowler, M.A. 1875.

S. of James S. ; b. Cheltenham, 25th Sep. 1855.
M.B., CM. Edin. 1879 ; M.D. 1889.
Newmill, Yorks ; Huddersfield. Died, 14th Jan. 1894.

Scroggie, John George, M.B., CM. 1883.

S. of John S. ; b. Nigg [Kincardineshire], 13th Dec. 1861.
Aberdeen. Died, 5th Dec. 1896.

Sealy, Arthur Leslie Marmaduke, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of Alfred F. S. ; b. Malabar, India, 5th Aug. 1867.
Sutterton, Lines ; Goudhurst, Kent.

Seccombe, Thomas, M.D. 1865.

S. of Roger S. ; b. Germansweek, Devon, 9th Nov. 1820.

F.R.C.S. Eng. 1864.

Joined the medical service of the Royal Navy, 6th Feb. 1845,
and retired with the honorary rank of Deputy Inspector-General of
Hospitals and Fleets, R.N., 14th Nov. 1880.



iS^^ De Seilan.

Selbie, Charles Robert, M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of Rev. George S., M.A. [Mar. Coll. 1849] ; ^- Chapel-of-
Garioch, 20th May 1867.

Kuching, Borneo. Died, 23rd Mar. 1897.

Selbie, George Alexander, M.A. 1880.

S. of Rev. George S. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1849] ; ^- Chapel-of-
Garioch, 25th Sep. 1858.

Minister of Clatt, Aberdeenshire, 1884.

Selbie, Horace Meyer, *M.A. 1881.

S. of Rev. William S. [Alumnus, King's Coll. 1843-45 ; Mar.
Coll. 1846-48] ; h. Maryculter, 1 0th Sep. 1861.

Lavi^ apprentice in Aberdeen. Died at F.C. Manse, Maryculter,
Kincardineshire, 6th Apr. 1882.

Selbie, John Alexander, *M.A. 1876.

S. of Rev. William S. [Alumnus, King's Coll. 1843-45 ; Mar.
Coll. 1846-48] ; h. Maryculter, 4th Feb. 1856.

D.D. 1902.

Minister, F.C, Birsay, Orkney, 1882 ; F.C, afterwards U.F.C,
Maryculter, 1896, until 1905, when he resigned. Assistant editor of
Dr. Hastings' Dictionary of the Bihle^ etc. Resident in Aberdeen.

Sellar, Alexander, M.A. 1886 ; M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of Robert S. ; h. Huntly, loth Feb. 1865.
Nhill, Victoria. Died at Collingwood, Melbourne, 14th Apr.

Sellar, Francis, M.A. 1869.

S. of Alexander S. ; h. Keith, 13th July 1848.

One of the Classical Masters, George Watson's Coll., Edinburgh,
1870 to about 1886, when he went to America, where for son-^e time
he was a teacher in New Jersev.


Sellar, Frederick, M.A, 1895.

S. of Robert S. ; h. Drumblade, 24th June 1875.
M.A. {ad cund.) Cape of Good Hope, 1898 ; LL.B. 1900.
Practised at the bar in Kimberley, South Africa. Died there, 4th
July 1 90 1.

Sellar, James, M.A. 1894 ; *B.L. 1897.

S. of Robert S. ; h. Huntly, 31st Oct. 1873.
Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1900.

Sellar, John Annand, M.A. 1880.

S. of Rev. James A. S. [M.A. King's Coll. 1847] ; ^'' Perth, 6th
May 1857.

In orders of the Church of England, deacon, 1880, priest 188 1,
by Bp. of Carlisle. Senior Chaplain, Indian Ecclesiastical Establish-
ment (Bombay), 15th Apr. 1898, having been appointed a Junior
Chaplain, 15th Apr. 1888.

Sellar, Thomas Alexander, M.B., CM. 1880.

S. of Thomas S. ; h. Urquhart [Morayshire], 13th Apr. 1856.
Aberlour, Banffshire.

Seneviratne, Henry Christopher, M.B., CM. 1889.

S. of Isaac de S. S. ; h. Matara, Ceylon, 8th Feb. 1859.
Assistant Colonial Surgeon, Ceylon.

Seymour, Charles, M.B., CM. 1876.

S. of John Grove S. ; h. Odiham, Hampshire, I2th Apr. 1851.
Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps, 2ist June, 1905, having
joined the medical service of the Army, 4th Aug. 1878. Physician
and Surgeon, Royal Hospital Chelsea, 3rd June, 1904.
Shand, Alexander, M.A. 1889.

S. of Alexander S. ; h. Fraserburgh, 4th Jan. 1868.
Sub-editor, IFerkly News^ Dundee, 1892. Fiction editor for
publications issued from JVeekly News Office, 1897.

Shand, Alexander Mason, M.A. 1891.

S. of John S. ; b. Old Machar, 9th Apr. 1864.
Minister of Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, 1899.


Shand, Arthur, M.A. 1897.

S. of George S. ; b. Diclcoya, Ceylon, 22nd Feb. 1874.
Minister of Congregational Church, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, 1903.
Died at Rhynie, 30th June 1905.

Shand, George Jolly, M.B., CM. 1879 ; M.D. 1881.

S. of John S. ; b. Newhills, 25th Nov. 1853.
Surgeon, Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 1st Oct. 1881. Died,
1st Apr. 1887.

Shand, Henry Miller, M.B., CM. 1875 ; M.D. 1877.

S. of William S. ; b. Aberdeen, 13th Apr. 1853.
Port Elliot, S. Australia ; Middleton, S. Australia. Died 27th
October 1903.

Shand, James Hay Mackenzie, M.A. 1863.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Elgin, 1841.
Custom House Officer. Died in Glasgow, 19th Aug. 1873.

Shand, John, M.B., CM. 1863.

S. of Rev. Robert S. [M.A. (Hon.) King's Coll. 1840] ; b. Tul-
bagh, Cape of Good Hope, 29th Mar. 1842.
Practised in Cape Colony and died there.

Shand, John, LL.D. 1889.

Born in Morayshire.
M.A. King's Coll. 1854.
Professor of Natural Philosophy, Univ. of Otago, N.Z., 1870.

Shand, Jonathan, *M.B., CM. 1887.

S. of John S. ; b. Aberlour, 9th Dec. 1865.

Fleet Surgeon, R.N., 17th Aug. 1903, having joined the medical
service of the Royal Navy, 17th Aug. 1887.

Shand, William, M.A. 1897.

S. of John S. [M.A. King's Coll. i860] ; b. Mortlach, 21st Jan.

Teacher, Grove Academy, Broughty-Ferry.


Shapley, Harry Thomas, *M.B., CM. 1876.

S. of Thomas J. S. ; b. Torquay, Devon, 5th Feb. 1852.
Leamington. Died, 5th Jan. 1893.

Sharp, Andrew, M.A. 1891.

S. of Andrew S. ; h. Old Machar, 17th Jan. 1872.
Student of Medicine. Died at Udny Station, Foveran, Aberdeen-
shire, 31st May 1896.

Sharp, Charles, M.A. 1896.

S. of John S. ; h. Woodside, 1st Feb. 1873.

Sharpe, Richard Bowdler, LL.D. 1891.

[S. of Thomas Bowdler S. ; h. London, 22nd Nov. 1847.]
Assistant Keeper, Department of Zoology, British Museum.

Sharpies, Moses William, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of Noah S. ; h. Great Harwood, Lanes, 27th Apr. 1869.
Preston, Lanes ; London ; Plumstead, Kent ; Green hithe, Kent.

Shaw, Charles, M.D. 1861.

S. of James S. ; h. Lumphanan, 15th May 1837.
Dunstan, Otago, N.Z. ; Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. Died
at Port Stanley, in Jan. 1878.

Shaw, Ronald Wordsworth Fleming, *M.A. 1882.

S. of Rev. William G. S. ; h. Forfar, 22nd Oct. 1862.
Indian Provincial Educational Service. Superintendent, Ap-
prentice Dept, Civil Engineering College, Sibpur.

Sheard, William Corke, M.B., CM. 1889.

S. of Rev. Samuel S. ; h. Littleborough, Lanes, 7th Aug. 1863,
London ; New Brompton, Kent. Died at Sheerness, 29th May

Shearer, George, M.A. 1887.

S. of George S. ; h. Rhynie, 28th Jan. 1864.


Teacher, Papa Westray Public School, Orkney ; Kirbister Public
School, Orphir, Orkney ; Head Master, CairncouUie Combination
School, Leochel-Cushnie, Aberdeenshire.

Shearer, James, M.A. 1864.

S. of James S. ; b. Clatt, 1845.
Assistant Master, Wesley Coll., Sheffield.

Shearer, Johnston, *M.A. 1873 ; *M.B., CM. 1877.

S. of Johnston S. ; h. St. Nicholas, 22nd Oct. 1852.
D.P.H. 1897.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 2nd Oct.
1900, which service he joined 2nd Oct. 1880. D.S.O. 20th May

Shepherd, Alexander Fowler, *M.A. 1863.

S. of William S. ; h. Cluny, 24th June 1843.
Sub-editor of the Thnes of India. Died at Malabar Hill, Bombay,
4th May 1872.

Shepherd, Andrew, M.A. 1877.

S. of John S. ; b. Echt, 7th Jan. 1856.
Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Chryston, Lanarkshire, 1881.

Shepherd, Charles Carter, *M.B., CM. 1879 ; M.D. 1890.

S. of Richard Downes S. ; b. St. Philip's, Barbadoes, 19th July

Resident Medical Officer, Barbadoes General Hospital ; Cardiff,
South Wales.

Shepherd, James, M.A. 1868 ; M.B., CM. 1871 ; M.D. 1873 ;

D.D. 1898.
S. of James S. ; b. Old Machar, 2nd Feb. 1847.
Medical Missionary, U.P. Church, afterwards U.F.C., Udaipur,
Rajpootana, India. Received the Kaisar-i-Hind Medal for Public Ser-
vice in India, of the second class, ist Jan. 1901.


Shepherd, James Hay, M.A. 1900.

S. of George S. ; b. Craigie, lOth June 1877.
M.B., Ch.B. 1903.

Assistant Physician, District Asylum, Dundee ; House Surgeon,
Infirmary for Children, Liverpool.

Shepherd, John Hampton, M.A. 1885.

S. of Andrew S. ; b. Forfar, nth Oct. 1863.
Rector, Episcopal Church, Strichen, Aberdeenshire, 1894 ; Mut-
hill, Perthshire, 1898.

Shepherd, Peter, M.B., CM. 1864.

S. of Peter S. ; b. Leochel-Cushnie, 25th Aug. 1841.

Surgeon Major, Army Medical Department, 30th Sep. 1876,
having joined the medical service of the Army, 30th Sep. 1864. Killed
at the battle of Isandhlwane, Zululand, 22nd Jan. 1879. The Shepherd
Memorial Gold Medal was founded in 1879 as a prize in Surgery in the
University to perpetuate his memory. Author of the well-known work.
First Aid to the Injured^ which has gone through many editions. Me-
morial brass in the Chapel of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley.

Sheppard, Herbert Playford, M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of Richard E. S. ; b. Wallington, Surrey, 20th May 1873.
Bedford ; London.

Sheppard, William Thomas, M.B., CM. 1874; M.D. 1878.

S. of Thomas S. ; b. Bitton, Gloucester, 31st May 1848.

Shewan, Alexander, *M.A. 1870.

S. of Andrew S. ; b. Peterhead, 28th Oct. 1851.
Indian Civil Service (Bombay), appointed after examination of
187 1 ; retired 1897. Seehof, St. Andrews.

Shewan, James, M.A. 1882.

S. of William S. J b. Monymusk, 8th May 1858.


Head Master, Public School, Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire, 1885 ;
Uirkie Public School, Dunrossness, Shetland, 1892 ; Boddam Public
School, Shetland, 1899 ; Knockbain Public School, Ross-shire, 1903.

Shewan, James Smith, M.A. 1882.

S. of John S. ; h. Keith-hall, 8th Apr. 1862.
Solicitor, Aberdeen.

Shiach, James Mackissach, M.A. 1864.

S. of James S. ; h. Elgin, 1845.
Minister, Abbey F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Dunfermline, 18 70.

Shiels, Robert, M.D. 1890.

S. of Matthew S. ; h. Edinburgh, 2nd Aug. 1843.
Cape Hill, Birmingham.

Shier, John Longmore, *M.A. 1898.

S. of David S. ; h. Banff, 25th Mar. 1876.

Assistant Teacher, Rathven, Banffshire, 1898- 1900 ; Teacher,
Coatbridge Higher Grade School, Lanarkshire.

Shinnie, Margaret, M.A. 1900.

D. of James Foote S. ; h. Aberdeen, 5th Nov. 1878.

Shirreffs, William, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of Charles S. ; b. Old Machar, loth July 1870.

Shirren, John, M.A. 1883.

S. of James S. ; /;. Peterhead, nth Dec. 1861.
In orders of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. Rector of St.
Breock, diocese of Truro, Cornwall, 1900.

Shirres, David Alexander, M.B., CM. 1886.

S. of James S. ; b. Old Machar, 3rd Feb. 1864.


Lecturer in Neuropathology, McGill Univ., Montreal, Canada,
and Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System, State Univ. of
Vermont, U.S.A.

Shirres, George, M.B., CM. 188 1 ; M.D. 1890.

S. of William S. ; b. Old Machar, 28th Mar. 1858.
D.P.H. 1890.

Medical Officer of Health, Victoria, Australia. Died in London,
1 8th Dec. 1 90 1.

Shirres, William, M.A. 1875.

S. of David Logan S. ; b. Nigg [Kinairdineshire], 15th June 1855.
Member of the Faculty of Advocates, admitted 1878.

Shives, John, M.B., CM. 1869 ; M.D. 1876.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Ellon, 20th July 1844.
Liversedge, Yorlcs ; London ; Shipley, Yorks. Barrister-at-Law
of the Middle Temple, called 27th Jan. 1902.

Siddall, Joseph Bower, *M.D., CM. 1865.

S. of George S. ; b. Matlock, Derby, 4th Mar. 1840.
D.P.H. Camb. 1876.

Physician, H.B.M. Legation, Japan ; Physician, Bristol General
Hospital ; Clifton ; Ross, Herefordshire ; Northam, North Devon.


See De Silva.

Silver, Alexander, *M.A. 1862 ; *M.D., CM. 1863.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Marykirk, 15th July 1840.
Senior Physician and Lecturer on Clinical Medicine, Charing
Cross Hospital, London. Died, i6th July 1882.

Silver, David, M.A. 1890.

S. of David S. ; b. Banchory-Devenick, 7th Apr. 1864.
Minister, Church of Scotland, Grenada, West Indies, 1 897-1 902 ;
Minister of Westruther, Berv/ickshire, 1904.


Silver, George James, M.B., CM. 1889.

S. of David S. ; b. Portlethen, i6th Dec. 1865.
Aldridge, Staffs. Died there, 22nd Sep. 1904.

Sim, George Gall, *M.A. 1898.

S. of Alexander S. ; h. Strichen, 12th Jan. 1878.
1st d. Class. Mods. Oxon. 1900 ; B.A. 1901.
Indian Civil Service (Bengal), appointed after examination of 1900.

Sim, George Innes, M.A. 1862.

S. of William S. ; h. Deskford, 2ist June 1839.

B.D. Edin. 1868.

School Master, Rothiemay, 1862. Minister of Glenlivet, Banff-
shire, 1872 ; Drumoak, Aberdeenshire, 1877 ; Presbyterian Church,
Casterton, Victoria, 1883 > Rector, High School, Rangiora, N.Z., 1894 ;
Principal, Queen's College, Auckland, N.Z., 1900 to 1903, when he
retired. Resident at Weymouth, Manurevv^a, Auckland.

Sim, Lewis, M.A. 1861.

S. of John S. ; h. Knockando, 1840.

Teacher. Died at Elchies, Knockando, Morayshire, 14th June

Sim, William Collie, M.A. 1893.

S. of Peter S. ; h. Banff, 13th Feb. 1870.
Head Master, Udny Green Public School, Aberdeenshire, 1898.

Sime, Donald, *M.A. 1873.

S. of Alexander S. ; h. Auchtergaven, 21st Aug. 1848.

1st cl. Class. Mods. Oxon. 1874 ; B.A. 1884 ; M.A. 1884.

Placed in degree honours list in 1872, but did not graduate until
nth October 1873, so as to conform w^ith what were then the con-
ditions required for competition for a Ferguson Scholarship which he
gained that year.

One of H.M. Inspectors of Schools for Scotland. Died at Gair-
loch, 31st July 1889.

Sime, William Lamb, M.A. 1876.

S. of James S. ; h. Elgin, 1 2th Feb. 1855.
Minister of Smailholm, Roxburghshire, 1887.


Simmers, Charles, M.A. 1900.

S. of John S. ; b. Lossiemouth, i8th Nov. 1878.
B.D. 1904.
Minister, North U.F.C. Ellon, Aberdeenshire, 1906.

Simons, Charles Edward QIascodine, M.B., CM. 1891.

S. of William V. S. ; h. Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorgan, ist Apr.

Merthyr Tydvil. Died, i6th Feb. 1902.

Simpson, Alexander, M.A. 1882 ; M.B., CM. 1886 ; M.D. 1892.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Old Machar, 25th Nov. 1861.
Medical Superintendent, County Asylum, Winwick, Lanes.

Simpson, Alexander Bruce, M.B., Ch.B. 1899.

S. of James S. [M.B., CM. 1871] ; M.D. [1874, q.v.] ; b. Tul-
lynessle and Forbes, 29th Jan. 1876.
Singapore, Straits Settlements.

Simpson, Alexander Wilson, M.A. 1880.

S. of John S. ; b. New Machar, 6th Dec. 1857.
Head Master, Public School, Monymuslc, Aberdeenshire, 1889.

Simpson, Charles, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of Robert S. ; b. Sunderland, 28th Mar. 1857.
Towcester, Northamptonshire.

Simpson, David, M.A. 1880 ; M.B., CM. 1885 ; M.D. 1900.

S. of George S. ; b. Alvah, 4th Sep. 1859.

Major, Indian Medical Service (Madras), 31st Mar. 1899, which
service he joined 31st Mar. 1887. Died in Madras, 19th March, 1906.

Simpson, David, M.A. 1884.

S. of Rev. David S. ; b. Laurencekirk, 19th Oct. 1863.
Law Agent, Edinburgh, admitted 1890. Secretary of the Rosario
Electric Company, Limited, London.


Simpson, Frank Douglas, *M.A. 1890.

S. of Alexander S. [Alumnus, Mar. Coll. 1837-41] ; b. St. Nicho-
las, 13th Oct. 1870.

Indian Civil Service (Bengal), appointed after examination of 1893.

Simpson, George Alexander, *M.B., CM. 1868 ; M.D. 1871.

S. of Alexander S. [M.D. Mar. Coll. 1841] ; h. Mynpoorie
[Bengal], 27th Sep. 1845.

Highgate, London. Died at Banchory-Ternan, Kincardineshire,
13th Oct. 1 88 1.

Simpson, George Anderson, M.A. 1892.

S. of William S. ; b. Fordyce, lOth Nov. 1868.

Head Master, Public School, Premnay, Aberdeenshire, 1893 '■>
Public School, Rothes, Morayshire, 1902 ; Public School, Strichen,
Aberdeenshire, 1902.

Simpson, George Archibald, M.A. 1884.

S. of Alexander S. [Alumnus, Mar. Coll. 1837-41] ; b. St.
Nicholas, 27th Apr. 1864.

Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1890.

Simpson, James, M.B., CM. 1871 ; M.D. 1874.

S. of Andrew S. ; b. Old Machar, 9th Jan. 1842.
Alford, Aberdeenshire. Died, 1st Oct. 1903.

Simpson, James, M.A. 1875.

S. of James S. ; b. Barony [Glasgow], nth Apr. 1844.
Minister, F.C., Port-William, Wigtownshire, 1889. Died, 31st
Jan. 1900.

Simpson, James, *M.B., CM. 1876 ; M.D. 1878.

S, of George S. ; b. St. Nicholas, ist Jan. 1853.
Surgeon, Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 31st Mar. 1880. Died
in Aberdeen, 1 0th Sep. 1880.


Simpson, James Andrew, M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of James S. [M.B., CM. 1871] ; M.D. [1874, q.v.] ■ h. Tul-
lyncsslc, lytli Mar. 1877.
D.P.H. 1903.
Forbes, Alford, Aberdeenshire.

Simpson, James Herbert, M.B., CM. 1876 ; M.D. 1878.

S. of James H. S. [M.B. Cantab. 1841] ; b. Pontefract, Yorlcs,
1 8th Feb. 1850.

Simpson, James Stephen, M.A. i88i.

S. of James S. ; h. Inverlceithny, 12th July 1859.
Teacher, Coull, Aberdeenshire. Died at Lady's Bridge, Banffshire,
20th Sep. 1893.

Simpson, John, M.B., CM. 1865.

S. of Rev. Robert S. [M.A. King's Coll. 1815 ; D.D. 1856] ; h.
Kintore, 7th Jan. 1842.

Surgeon Major, Indian Medical Service (Bombay), 28th Aug.
1879, which service he joined 1st Oct. 1866. Died at Sibi, Af-
ghanistan, nth Aug. 1880.

Simpson, John, M.A. 1888.

S. of Robert S. ; h. New Machar, 1st Oct. 1865.

Head Master, Public School, Leochel-Cushnie, Aberdeenshire,
1888 ; TuUynessle and Forbes Public School, Aberdeenshire, 1903.
Farmer, Slioch, Parish of Drumblade, Aberdeenshire, 1904.

Simpson, Patrick George, M.B., CM. 1884.

S. of Alexander S, [Alumnus, Mar. Coll. 1841-44] ; b. Old
Machar, 9th July i860.

Simpson, William, *M.A. 1865.

S. of William S. ; b. St. Nicholas, 1844.
Teacher, Portsmouth. Died in Melbourne, Victoria, 28th May



Simpson, William, M.B., CM. 1870 ; M.D. 1885.

S. of James S. ; h. Fochabers, 4th Feb. 1843.
Buckie, Banffshire.

Simpson, William, M.A. 1878.

S. of John S. ; h. Speymouth, 27th July 1859.
Farmer, Burnside of Dipple, Fochabers.

Simpson, William, M.A. 1880.

S. of George S. ; h. Alvah, 4th June 1857.
Minister of St. Modan's Church, Falkirk, 1905.

Simpson, William, M.A. 1883.

S. of Charles S. ; h. Alves, 17th Mar. 1863.

B.D. St. And. 1 891.

After having been engaged in teaching for five years, studied
divinity at St. Mary's Coll., Univ. of St. Andrews. Minister of
Clarendon Street Presbyterian Church, Melbourne, Victoria ; Syden-
ham Presbyterian Church, Christchurch, N.Z., 1900 until 1904,
when he resigned that charge and returned to Scotland. Coatbridge,

Simpson, William Bulmer, M.B., CM. 1885.

S. of Richard S. ; h. Londonderry, lOth Nov. 1859.
D.P.H. 1890.

Simpson, William John Ritchie, *M.B., CM. 1876 ; M.D. 1880.

S. of John S. ; h. Glasgow, 27th Apr. 1855.
D.P.H. Camb. 1880. F.R.C.P. Lond. 1899.
Medical Officer of Health, Calcutta, 1886-97 ; Professor of
Hygiene, King's College, London, 1898.

Simpson, William Slessor, M.A. 1900.

S. of Alexander Slessor S. ; b. Newburgh, 25th Feb. 1879.
B.Sc. (special dist.) 1904.

Assistant Master, Newport Public School, Fifeshire, 1900-02 ;
Chemist, Chemical Research Laboratory, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich,


Sims, Aaron, M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. 1899.

S. of Michael S. ; h. Hinckley, Leicestershire, 7th July 1857.
D.P.H. Birm. 1901.
Congo Free State, S.W. Africa.

Sinclair, Andrew Macgregor, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of John H. S. ; h. Latheron, i6th May 1864.

Sinclair, Andrew Mackenzie Ross, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of John S. ; b, Inverness, 7th Apr. 1866.
Parson's Green, London.

Sinclair, Charles Augustus, *M.A. 1885.

S. of James Augustus S. [i6th Earl of Caithness, 1899] ; b. St.
Nicholas, nth May 1865.

3rd cl. Class. Mods. Oxon. 1887 ; B.A. (3rd cl. Litt. Hum.) 1889 ;
M.A. 1892.

Rector of Hempsted, Gloucestershire, 1898.

Sinclair, David, M.B., CM. 1869.

S. of William S. ; b. Nigg [Kincardineshire], 26th Jan. 1847.
Joined the Indian Medical Service (Madras), ist Oct. 1869, and
retired as a Surgeon-General, 15th Nov. 1904. C.S.I. 31st Dec. 1898.

Sinclair, Edmond, M.A. 1891.

S. of William S. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1850] ; b. Old Machar, 2ist
Sep. 187 1.

Solicitor, Aberdeen.

Sinclair, Henry, M.B., CM. 1896.

S. of Arthur S. ; b. Colombo, Ceylon, 27th Jan. 1874.
D.P.H. 1901.
Abergwynfi, Glamorganshire.

Sinclair, John, M.A. 1874; B.D. 1877.

S. of John S. ; b. Knockbain, 23rd Mar. 1845.
Minister of Kinloch-Rannoch, Perthshire, 1878.


Sinclair, Norman James, M.B., Ch.B. 1897.

S. of George S. ; b. Old Machar, 17 th Jan. 1874.
D.P.H. 1900.

Sinclair, Robert Hamilton, *M.A. 1874.

S. of Rev. Allan S. [M.A. King's Coll. 1842] ; b. Kenmore, 19th
Feb. 1853.

Ceylon Civil Service, 1874. Drowned w^hile bathing in the Lake
of Kandy, Ceylon, 27th Apr. 1886.

Sinclair, Walter William, M.B., CM. 1891.

S. of Thomas Spark S., afterwards Thomas Spark Sinclair Spark
[M.A. Mar. Coll. 1856] ; b. Old Machar, 19th Apr. 1868.

Sinclair, William, M.B., CM. 1882.

S. of David S. ; b. Nigg [Kincardineshire], nth June i860.
Assistant Surgeon, 1892, Medical Superintendent, 1903, Royal
Infirmary, Aberdeen.

Sinclair, William, M.A. 1889; M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of William S. ; b. Tyrie, i6th Dec. 1868.
Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Sinclair, William Japp, *M.A. 1869 ; *M.B., CM. 1873 ; M.D. 1875.
S. of Alexander S. ; b. Forfar, 6th Mar. 1846.
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Owen's Coll., afterwards
Victoria Univ. of Manchester. Knight-Bachelor, created 19th Dec.

Sinclair, William John Henderson, M.B., CM. 1883.

S. of John H. S. ; b. Westminster, I2th July 1855.
Medical Officer, H.M. Convict Prison, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire ;
H.M. General Prison, Barlinnie, near Glasgow.

Sivewright, Alexander.

See Sivewright, Alexander George Bruce.


Sivewright, Alexander, M.A. 1892.

S. of James S. ; b. Bellie, 25th Feb. 1871.

Assistant Master, Banff Academy ; Ardrishaig ; Abbey hill School,
Edinburgh, 1895.

Sivewright, Alexander George Bruce, M.A. 1892.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Huntly, 2ist Aug. 1870.

Congregational Minister, St. Andrews, 1896 ; Oban, Argyllshire,
1903 ; Particle 1906. His name appears in the University records as
Alexander Sivewright, he, during his College course, having seldom
used his full name as registered at baptism.

Sivewright, David, M.A. 1892 ; M.B., Ch.B. 1898.

S. of David S. ; b. Strichen, 12th June 1871.
D.P.H. 1900.
Catford, London.

Sivewright, James, M.A. 1866 ; LL.D. 1893.

S. of William S. ; b. Bellie, lOth Dec. 1848.

Entered Postal Telegraph Service, 1870 ; General Manager,
South African Telegraphs, 1877-85 ; Commissioner of Crown Lands
and Public Works, Cape Colony, 1890-92 and 1896-98. C.M.G.,
6th April 1880. K.C.M.G., 2nd Sept. 1892. TuUiallan, Kincardine-

Skae, Harold Traill, M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of Frederick W. A. S., M.D. [St. And. 1862] ; b. Karori,
Wellington, N.Z., 25th Apr. 1877.
M.D. 1906.
Westray, Orkney ; London.

Skeen, Andrew, M.A. 1861 ; *M.B., CM. 1864.

S. of John S. ; b. Tarland, 27th Feb. 1842.

Surgeon Major, Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 31st Mar. 1877,
which service he joined 31st Mar. 1865. Died at Kasauli, India, lOth
June 1885.

Skeen, George, M.B., CM. 1891.

S. of William S. [M.D. King's Coll. 1859] ; b. Srinagar, Cash-
mere, 1st June, 1870.
Colne, Lanes.


Skeen, James Humphry, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of William S. [M.D. King's Coll. 1859]; ^- Mean Meer,
Punjaub, 19th July 1868.

Medical Superintendent, Kirklands Asylum, Bothwell, Lanarkshire.

Skeen, William St. John, M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of William S. [M.D. King's Coll. 1859]; ^^- Jamaica, 22nd
Nov. 1864.

Medical Superintendent, Durham County Asylum, Winterton.

Skene, Alexander Johnston Chalmers, LL.D. 1897.

[Born at Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, 17th June 1838.]
M.D. Long Island College Hospital Medical College 1863.
Professor of Gynaecology, Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn,
State of New York, U.S.A. Died, 4th July 1900.

Skene, Alexander Leslie, M.A. 1885.

S. of Rev. John S. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1836] ; h. Dundee, loth
Apr. 1864.

Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Bower, Caithness, 1892.

Skene, Thomas Alexander, M.B., CM. 1875 ; M.D. 1877.

S. of Thomas S. ; b. Old Machar, 6th Oct. 1849.

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