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mouth, 17th Feb. 1887, he was Governor-Elect of Hong-Kong, and
was about to be invested with the dignity of G. C.M.G.

Strang, John, *M.A. 1878.

S. of William S. ; h. Denny, 8th July 1850.

School Master of Wandell and Lamington, Lanarkshire, 1878-
85 ; Teacher, Public School, Waipahi, N.Z. 1885-93 ; Private Tutor,
Dunedin, N.Z.

Strange, William Heath, M.B., CM. 1865 ; M.D. 1866.

S. of Robert S. ; b. Devizes, Wilts, 15th June 1837.
Hampstead, London.

Strath, John, M.A. 1900.

S. of John S. ; b. Peterhead, i6th Jan. 1878.
B.Sc. Edin. 1905.
Teacher, Higher Grade School, Kirkwall.

Strath, William, M.A. 1888.

S. of William S. ; b. Old Machar, 2nd July 1865.
Head Master, Girnock School, Crathie, Aberdeenshire,


Strathcona and Mount Royal, The Rt. Hon. Sir Donald Alexander
Smith, G.C.M.Q., ist Baron, LL.D. 1899.

[S. of Alexander S. ; h. Forres, 1820.]

LL.D. Cantab. 1887 ; Yale 1892 ; Glasg. 1901. D.C.L. Oxon.
1902. LL.D. Victoria Univ. of Manchester, 1902 ; Queen's Univ.,
Kingston, Ontario, 1905. F.R.S. 1904.

High Commissioner for Canada in London ; Chancellor of McGill
Univ., Montreal ; Lord Rector of the University, 1899- 1902 ; Chan-
cellor, 1904. K.C.M.G. 29th May 1886. G.C.M.G. 15th July
1896 ; raised to the peerage 23rd Aug. 1897.

Strickland, Henry George Travers, M.B., CM. 1874.

S. of Henry S. ; h. Parkhurst, Isle of Wight, 26th Sep. 1852,
Staff Surgeon, R.N,, 31st Mar. 1887, having joined the medical
service of the Royal Navy, 31st Mar. 1875. Died, 8th Feb. 1891.

Strong, William Baillie, M.A. 1870.

S. of Thomas S. ; b. Lerwick, 5th May 1846.
B.D. Edin. 1874.
Minister of Glencorse, Midlothian, 1878.

Strong, William Edmund, M.D. 1861.

S. of Rev. Robert S. ; b. Painswick, Gloucestershire, 2nd Apr.

Barrie, Co. Simcoe, Canada ; Young, N.S.W. ; Liverpool, N.S.W.
Died at Mossman, Sydney, 3rd Dec. 1903.

Strover, Henry William Martyn, M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of Major-General Henry S. ; b. Thayet-myo, Burmah, i8th
Mar. 1876.

London ; West Hartlepool.

Struthers, Alexander James, M.B., CM. 1880.

S. of [Sir] John S. [Prof, of Anatomy, 1863-89] ; b. Edinburgh,
28th May 1858.

Surgeon, Army Medical Department, afterwards Army Medical
Staflf, 5th Feb. 1 88 1. Died at Aldcrshot, 27th Dec. 1889.


Struthers, James, M.B., CM. 1883 ; *M.D. 1888.

S. of [Sir] John S. [Prof, of Anatomy, 1863-89] ; h. Edinburgh,
17th Dec. 1859.

Hill End, N.S.W. Died there, 17th Feb. 1895.

Stuart, Alexander, M.A. 1885.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Rathven, 21st Aug. i860.

Head Master, Edinville Public School, Aberlour, Banffshire, 1888 ;
Badenscoth Public School, Auchterless, Aberdeenshire, 1897 ; Public
School, Alvah, Banffshire, 1901.

Stuart, Alexander, M.A. 1892.

S. of John S. ; b. Kirkmichael, 24th Sep. 1869.
Head Master, Ecclesmachan Public School, Linlithgowshire, 1894.

Stuart, Alexander, *M.A. 1896.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Aberdeen, 23rd Mar. 1876.
LL.B. (dist.) Edin. 1902.

Member of the Faculty of Advocates, admitted 1903, when he
assumed the name of Alexander Mackenzie Stuart. Edinburgh.

Stuart, Alexander James, M.B., CM. 1885.

S. of David S. ; h. Newhills, 25th Dec. 1862.
Strathdon, Aberdeenshire ; British Columbia.

Stuart, Alexander McDonald, M.A. 1898.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Edinburgh, 3rd Apr. 1876.
Sometime Law Student in the University.

Stuart, Alexander Mackenzie.

See Stuart, Alexander, M.A. 1896.

Stuart, Donald, M.A. 1861.

S. of Robert S. ; b. Cromdale, 1840.

Minister of Kilmuir-Easter, Ross-shire, 1866 ; retired 25th Jan.
1900, Resident in Glasgow.


Stuart, Donald, M.B., CM. 1878.

S. of William S. ; b. Meldrum, 25th July 1853.
f razerburg, Cape Colony. Died, 1st May 1885.

Stuart, Francis Wilson, M.A. 1870.

S. of George S. ; h. Logie-Coldstone, 13th Jan. 1850.
Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Gartly, Aberdeenshire, 1877.

Stuart, George Alexander, M.A. 1863.

S. of Rev. George S. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1824] ; h. Rhynie, 14th
Nov. 1842.

Licentiate of the Church of Scotland. Died in University College
Hospital, London, i8th July 1883.

Stuart, James, M.A. 1863.

S. of James S. ; h. Fyvie, 14th Oct. 1841.

Studied Divinity in the University, and subsequently at Edinburgh.
School Master, Manchester ; Brighton. Died at Old Meldrum, Aber-
deenshire, 1 2th May 1 87 1.

Stuart, James, M.A. 1879.

S. of William S. ; b. Rathen, 2nd Feb. 1852.
Teacher. Died at Dundee, 8th Mar. 1899.

Stuart, James, M.A. 1881.

S. of William S. ; b. Premnay, I2th Mar. 1859.
Licentiate of the F.C., afterwards U.F.C., 1885. Research Fellow
in Comparative Religion, Univ. of Edinburgh.

Stuart, James, *M.A. 1892.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Glen Urquhart, 29th Aug. 1872.

Mathematical Master, High School, Dunfermline, 1892 ; High
School, Falkirk, 1893 ; Head Master on board Cadet School Ship for
Mercantile Marine, Conway^ Liverpool, 1898.

Stuart, James Shand, M.D., CM. 1863.

8. of William S. ; b. Rothiemay, lOth ¥^h, 1836.

University of ABERUfefeN. 533

New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire ; Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Bucklyvie,
Stirlingshire. Died at Wick, Caithness, i8th June 1883.

Stuart, John, M.A. 1865.

S. of Alexander S. ; b. Forres, 1841.
Shipowner (of the firm of Stuart Brothers), Glasgow.

Stuart, John, LL.D. 1866.

S. of Robert S, ; b. Forgue [Aberdeenshire, Nov. 18 13].

Alumnus, King's Coll. 1828-30 ; Mar. Coll. 1830-31.

Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1836.
Keeper of the Register of Deeds, H.M. General Register House, Edin-
burgh. Secretary of the Spalding Club, Aberdeen, and of the Society
of Antiquaries of Scotland. Died at Ambleside, Westmorland, 19th
July 1877. (Diet, of National Biography, Iv., 102.)

Stuart, John, *M.A. 187 1 ; B.D. 1875.

S. of James S. ; b. Enzie, i8th Aug. 1848.

Minister of the Church of Scotland, Jamaica, 1875-99, and
Superintendent of Missions there, 1885-98. Retired and resident at
Fintray, Aberdeenshire.

Stuart, John, M.A. 1881.

S. of James S. ; b. Kirkmichael, 3rd May 1852.
Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Killean, Argyllshire, 1889.

Stuart, John, M.A. 1887.

S. of John S. ; b. Tomintoul, 1st Oct. 1863.
Head Master, Public School, RafFord, Morayshire, 1890.

Stuart, John, M.A. 1887 ; B.D. 1890.

S. of John McP. S. ; b. Keith, 5th Oct. 1865.
Minister of Kirkton, Roxburghshire, 1892.

Stuart, John Charles, M.A. 1893.

S. of Lewis A[lexander] G[rant] S. ; b. Marnoch, 27th Dec. 1872.
Head Master, Public School, Panbride, P'orfarshire, 1899.


Stuart, John George, M.B., CM. 1897.

S. of George S. ; b. Tarland, 19th July 1866.
Haltwhistle, Northumberland ; Burnopfield, Co. Durham,

Stuart, John Robert, M.B., CM. 1876.

S. of John Patrick S. ; b. Inverness, i8th Mar. 1855.
Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps, 3rd Feb. 1903,
havinsj; joined the medical service of the Army, 3rd Feb. 1883.

Stuart, John Watson, M.A. 1868.

S. of William S. ; b. Old Machar, 14th Dec. 1846.
Writer ; of the firm of J. Watson, Stuart & Kerr, Glasgow.

Stuart, Peter, M.A. 1888.

S. of John S, ; b. Tomintoul, 24th May 1867.
Head Master, Central Public School, Cairney, Aberdeenshire,

Stuart, William, *M.A. 1865.

S. of William S. ; b. Meldrum [31st Aug.] 1842.
Solicitor, Aberdeen. Died at Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, 28th Apr.

Stuart, William, M.A. 1874.

S. of George S. ; b. Tarland, I2th Apr. 1854.
Missionary, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Burnshill, King William's
Town, S. Africa.

Stuart, William, M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. 1885.

S. of William S. ; b. Falkland, 8th June i860.
Brighton, Victoria, 1887-93 ; Johannesburg, Transvaal, 1894.

Sturrock, George, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of David S. [Alumnus, Mar. Coll, 1859-60 ; Aberd. 1860-61] ;
b. Tyrie, 8th Apr. 1867,


Sullivan, Peter Alfred, M.B., CM. 1885 ; M.D. 1886.

S. of John S. ; h. Kilcommiii, Galway, 8th Mar. 1840.
F.R.C.S. Edin. 1873.

Carlisle. Died at St. Cuthbert, Holme, Cumberland, 23rd Feb.

Sutcliff, Edward, *M.D., CM. 1865.

S. of William S. ; h. Lambeth, Surrey, 20th Feb. 1839.
Wandsworth, Surrey ; Great Torrington, Devon. Died, 29th
Jan. 1900.

Suther, James Benjamin Fraser, M.B., CM. 1862.

S. of Right Rev. Bishop Thomas George S. [D.C.L. King's
Coll., Windsor, Nova Scotia, 1837] ; h. Edinburgh, 25th Aug. 1 840.
Patea, N.Z. Died, loth Mar. 1870.

Sutherland, Alexander William Mcintosh, *M.B., Ch.B. 1899.

S. of Arthur S. [M.B., CM. Glasg. 1869] ; b. Invergordon, 20th
June 1877.

Particle, Lanarkshire.

Sutherland, Arthur Leslie, M.A. 1893 ; ^B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of William S. [M.B., 1863 ; CM. 1864, q.v.] ; b. Uitenhage,
Cape Colony, 8th Apr. 1873.
M.D. 1906.
Barrow^-in-Furness, Lanes ; Darw^en, Lanes.

Sutherland, David, M.A. 1882.

[S. of Benjamin S.] ; b. Latheron, 13th Oct. 1854.

Licentiate of the Church of Scotland, 1887 ; Mission Church,
Beauly, Inverness-shjre, 1887 ; Chaplain, H.M. Convict Prison, Peter-
head, 1 89 1.

Sutherland, George Alexander, M.A. 1882.

S. of Rev. James S. [D.D. 1895, q.v.] ; b. Old Machar, nth
Apr. 1 86 1.

M.B., CM. Edin. 1886 ; M.D. 1893. F.R.CP. Lond. 1903.
Assistant Physician, North- West London Hospital.


Sutherland, Hugh Leslie, *M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of William S. [M.B. 1863 ; CM. 1864, q.v.] ■ b. Humansdorp,
S. Africa, 12th June 1868.

Surgeon-Lieutenant, Indian Medical Service (Madras), 29th July
1893. Accidentally drowned while bathing in the Lay Chaung river,
Burma, 5th Apr. 1894.

Sutherland, James, M.B., CM. 1870 ; M.D. 1876.

S. of Donald S. ; b. Dornocli, 3rd Jan. 1848.

Sutherland, James, M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of William S. ; b. Bellingham, Northumberland, 31st Jan. 1869.
Melsetter, Rhodesia, S. Africa. Died there, in Apr. 1901.

Sutherland, James, D.D. 1895.

S. of John S. ; b. Aberdeen [Aug. 1823].
M.A. Mar. CoU. 1841.

Minister, F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Turriff, Aberdeenshire, 1845,
Died in Aberdeen, i6th Feb. 1904.

Sutherland, James Gordon, M.A. 1879 ; B.D. 1891.

S. of Rev. James S. [D.D. 1895, q.v.]; b. Old Machar, 19th
Feb. 1859.

Minister, F.C., afterwards Trinity U.F.C, Galston, Ayrshire,

Sutherland, John Andrew, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of [Rev.] John S. ; b. Ardchattan, 15th Apr. 1863.
Broadford, Isle of Skye. Died there, loth Aug. 1901.

Sutherland, Sir Thomas, K.C.M.Q., LL.D. 1892.

S. of Robert S. ; b. Aberdeen [i6th Aug. 1834].

Alumnus, Mar. Coll. 1848-49.

Chairman, Peninsular and Oriental Company and of the London
Board of the Suez Canal Company. M.P. for Greenock, 1884-1900.
K.C.M.G. 7th Jan. 1 89 1. G.C.M.G. 22nd June 1897.

University of Aberdeen. 537

Sutherland, William, M.B. 1863 ; CM. 1864.

S. of Hugh S. ; b. Aberdeen, lOtli Mar. 1837.
M.A. Mar. Coll. 1857.
Uitenhage, Cape Colony. Died, 9th Aug. 1875.

Sutherland, William, M.A. 1885.

S. of John S. ; h. Golspie, 1 0th Dec. 1863.
Head Master, King's Coll. School, Wimbledon, 1894.
After graduation assumed the name of William Colin Sutherland.

Sutherland, William, M.A. 1894; B.D. 1898.

S. of Sinclair S. ; h. Elgin, 14th Sep. 187 I.
Minister of Forglen, Banffshire, 1900.

Sutherland, William Colin.

See Sutherland, William, M.A. 1885.

Sutherland, William George, M.B., CM. 1889.

S. of William S. ; h. Falstone, Northumberland, i8th Oct. 1866.

Sutherland, William Leith Ireland, M.B., CM. 1884.

S. of James S. ; h. Old Machar, 2nd May i860.
Salford, Lanes.

Sutherland, William Summers, M.A. 1876.

S. of Nathaniel S. ; h. Fraserburgh, 4th Jan. 1856.

Missionary of the Church of Scotland in India, 1880-99. Or-
ganising Secretary of the Foreign Mission of the Church of Scotland,
Edinburgh, 1902,

Sutor, Allan John, M.A. 1898.

S. of John Allan S. [M.A. 1862, q.v.'\ ; b. Fraserburgh, 5th June

Second Lieutenant, Royal Artillery, 21st Apr. 1900 ; Lieutenant,
3rd Apr. 1 90 1.


Sutor, James, M.A. 1895.

S. of John Allan S. [M.A. 1862, q.v.] ; />. Fraserburgh, i8th Dec.


Senior Assistant Master, Public School, Nairn ; Classical Master,
Praetoria House School, Folkestone ; Assistant Master, Public School,
Blantyre, Lanarkshire ; Senior Assistant Master, The Academy, Forres,
Morayshire, 1901.

Sutor, John Allan, M.A. 1862.

S. of James S. ; b. Rothes [23rd July] 1841.

School Master of Knockando, Morayshire, 1864 ; Fraserburgh,
1 8 70- 1 904, when he retired. Licentiate of the Church of Scotland (by
Presbytery of Deer), 1904. Died in Aberdeen, 7th Aug. 1906.

Sutter, Robert Ross, M.B., CM. 1892 ; M.D. 1895.

S. of James H. S. ; b. Woodside [Aberdeen] 6th Dec. 1870.
Senior Assistant Medical Officer, Poplar and Stepney Sick Asylum,
London ; Warboys, Hunts.

Suvoong, Cornelius Agnew, M.A. 1900.

S. of Van Pas S. ; b. Shanghai, China, I2th Dec. 1877.
M.B., Ch.B. 1903 ; D.P.H. 1904. Diplomate in Tropical Medi-
cine and Hygiene, Camb. 1904.

Kiang-Van Arsenal, Shanghai, China.

Swaine, Charles Lethbridge, M.B., CM. 1874 ; M.D. 1889.

S. of Charles S. ; b. Tirhoot, Bengal, 23rd July 1852.
D.P.H. 1896.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Indian Medical Service (Madras), 31st Mar.
1896, which service he joined 31st Mar. 1876.

Swaine, Frederick Robert, M.B., CM. 1872.

S. of Charles S. ; b. Tirhoot, Bengal, 20th Apr. 185 I.
Joined the Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 30th Sep. 1873, and
retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel, 1st Nov. 1904.


Swanson, William Sutherland, M.A. 1882.

S. of William S. S. ; h. Amoy, China, 30th Oct. 1861.
Minister, F.C., Lochmaben, Dumfries-shire, 1888 ; Melville F.C.,
Aberdeen, 1894 ; Paisley Road F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Glasgow,


Swanwick, Anna, LL.D. 1899.

[D. of John S. ; b. Liverpool, 22nd June 18 13.]
Authoress. Interested in the advancement of female education

and the promotion of education among the working classes ; assisted

in founding Girton Coll., Cambridge, and Somerville Hall, Oxford.

Died at Tunbridge Wells, 2nd Nov. 1 899. {Diet, of National Biography.,

Supplement iii., 374.)

Symmers, David McTaggart, M.A. 1892.

S. of William S. ; h. Old Machar, 14th Jan. 1870.

Harbour Engineer's Office, Aberdeen. Associate Member of the
Institution of Civil Engineers, admitted 2nd Apr. 1901. Died in
Aberdeen, 20th Aug. 1903.

Symmers, William St. Clair, *M.B., CM. 1887.

S. of George S. ; h. Richland, Columbia, U.S.A., 4th Jan. 1863.
Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology, School of Medicine,
Cairo ; Musgrave Professor of Pathology, Queen's College, Belfast,

Symon, Alexander, *M.A. 1889; B.Sc. 1893.

S. of Alexander S. ; h. Drainie, 20th Apr. 1867.
Mathematical Master, Public School, Wishaw, Lanarkshire.

Symon, James David, *M.A. 1892.

S. of David Cruden S. ; h. Old Machar, 8th Oct. 1867.

2nd cl. Class. Mods. Oxon. 1894.

Editor of the English lllmtratcd Magazine previous to its sale by
Messrs. Ingram in 1901 ; Chief Assistant Editor of The Illustrated
London Nnvs, 1898.


Taggart, James, *M.A. 1896.

S. of James T. ; h. Aberdeen, i6th May 1875.
B.Sc. (special dist.) 1901.
Mathematical and Science Master, High School, Brechin.

Tait, William, LL.D. 1895.

S. of Thomas T.

Paper manufacturer, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. Prominent mem-
ber of the County Council of Aberdeen, and specially identified with
the cause of technical education in the county. Died suddenly, 17th
May 1904, aged 70.

Tasker= Evans, John Tasker.

Ser Evans, John Tasker.

Tawse, George Watson Hackney, *M.B., CM. 1891.

S. of Samuel T. ; b. Old Machar, 25th June 1867.
Whitehaven, Cumberland.

Tawse, Herbert Bell, *M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of Samuel T. ; h. Aberdeen, 14th July 1878.
F.R.C.S. Eng. 1904.

Employed as a Civil Surgeon with H.M. Troops at Aldershot,
Woolwich and London, 1900-03. Clinical Assistant, Central London
Throat Hospital, and at the ear and throat departments, London Hospital.

Tawse, William, M.B., CM. 1879.

S. of William T. ; h. Strachan, 23rd Apr. 1855.
Hanover, Cape Colony ; Petrusville, S. Africa.
Date of his degrees was erroneously given as 1880 in Medical
Register J from which his name was erased in 1900 on account of
his address being unknown.

Taylor, Alexander, *M.B., CM. 1861.

S. of Alexander T. ; h. Alness, Ross-shire, 3rd June 1838.
Invergordon, Ross-shire. Name erased from Medical Register in
1882 on account of his address being unknown.

Taylor, Alexander, M.A. 1892.

S. of Alexander T. ; b. Ord, 7th May 1870.


Farmer, Blackloanhead, Old, Baiift'shire, until 1901. Member of
the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, admitted 1905. Cluny,

Taylor, Alexander, *M.A. 1897.

S. of John T. ; b. Aberdeen, 6th Nov. 1875.
Second Classical Master, High School, Dundee.

Taylor, Alfred Claude, *M.B., CM. 1867 ; M.D. 1878.

S. of Henry T. ; h. Nottingham, 23rd Oct. 1844.
Colston Basset, Notts ; Nottingham. Died, 25th Sep. 1888.

Taylor, Andrew Ross, M.A. 1875.

S. of James S. T. ; b. Old Machar, 9th July 1852.
Minister of Grahamston, Stirlingshire, i88i.

Taylor, David, M.B., CM. 1885.

S. of James T. ; b. Nigg [Kincardineshire] 5th Feb. 1864.
Omeo, Victoria ; Cue, Murchison, W. Australia.

Taylor, George, M.B., CM. 1879 ; M.D. 1898.

S. of Joseph T. ; b. New Aberdour, 4th Nov. 1857.
B.Sc. (Public Health) Edin. 1896.
Durham ; Winchester ; Ealing, London.

Taylor, Henry Pearson, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of Robert T. ; b. Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, 28th Aug. 1862.
Mid Yell, Shetland.

Taylor, Henry Shinglewood, M.B., CM. 1867 ; M.D. 1869.

S. of Henry T. ; b. Epping, Essex, 7th Sep. 1 844.
Leribe, Basutoland ; Ficksburg, Orange River Colony,

Taylor, James, M.D. 1865.

[S. of James T. ; b. New Keith, Banffshire, 9th Sep. 1798.]

Alumnus, King's Coll. 1811-13.

At the date of his graduation was Deputy Inspector-General of
Hospitals and Fleets, R.N., retired, having joined the medical service
of the Royal Navy, I2th Mar. 1824, and retired 17th Mar. 1863.
Founded the Greenskares Bursaries in Arts, 1875. Died at Porto-
bello, Midlothian, 9th July 1882.


Taylor, James, *M.A. 1874.

S. of Robert T. ; b. Keith, 19th June 185 I.

Mathematical Master, Crieff Academy, 1875 ; Dollar Institution,

Taylor, James, M.A. 1880 ; M.B., CM. 1883 ; M.D. 1887.

S. of Alexander T. ; b. New Deer, nth June i860.
Keith, Banffshire.

Taylor, James, M.A. 1891.

S. of James T. ; b. Huntly, lOth Feb. 1868.

Head Master, Public School, Drumblade, Aberdeenshire ; Kintore,
Aberdeenshire, 1906.

Taylor, James, M.A. 1896 ; M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of James T. ; b. Old Deer, 2nd Aug. 1874.
Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire.

Taylor, James, M.A. 1900.

S. of William T. ; b. Skene, 17th Oct. 1873.
Lecturer, Church of Scotland Training Coll., Aberdeen.

Taylor, James Longmore, M.A. 1880 ; M.B., CM. 1883.

S. of William L. T. ; b. Cullen, I2th Jan. 1857.
Delting, Shetland ; Ilford, Essex. Died at Cullen, 14th Sep.

Taylor, John, *M.B., CM. 1882 ; M.D. 1886.

S. of John T. ; b. Fetteresso, 5th May 1858.
D.P.H. Camb. 1889.
Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham.

Taylor, John, M.B., CM. 1886 ; M.D. 1891.

S. of John T. ; b. Elgin, 8th Dec. 1864.

Taylor, John, M.A. 1900.

S. of Charles T. ; b. Rathven, 13th June 1876.
Assistant Teacher, Higher Grade School, Buckie, Banffshire.


Taylor, John Emslie, M.A. 1893.

S. of Alexander T. ; h. Kennethmont, 9th Dec. 1872.
Head Master, Kirlcton School, Inverkeithney, Banffshire.

Taylor, John Maxwell, *M.A. 1899.

S. of John T. ; h. Stonehaven, 5th Feb. 1877.
M.B., Ch.B. 1905.

Taylor, John Stopford, CM. 1876.

[S. of John Stopford T. ; b. Shetfield, 30th Aug. 1822.]
M.D. King's Coll. 1853.

Medical Officer of Health for the city and port of Liverpool.
Died, nth Nov. 1901.

Taylor, Seymour, M.B., CM. 1877 ; M.D. 1881.

S. of Thomas D. T. ; h. Derby, 26th May 185 I.
F.R.C.P. Lond. 1900.
Physician, West London Hospital.

Taylor, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of Thomas T. ; h. Keith, 29th Jan. 1865,

Taylor, Walter Ross, D.D. 1879.

[S. of James T. ; b. Cromarty, nth Nov. 1806.]

M.A. King's Coll. 1823.

Minister of the Scots Church, Chadwell Street, London, 1829 ;
Minister of Thurso, Caithness, 1831. Left the Church of Scotland
at the Disruption in 1843 '■> Minister, F.C., Thurso, 1843 '■> Moderator
of F.C. General Assembly, 1884. Died at Thurso, 5th Oct. 1896.

Taylor, William Charles, M.B., CM. 1889.

S. of John T. ; b. New Byth, loth Apr. 1850.

Taylor, William Edward, M.B., Ch.B. 1899.

S. of Alexander Hector T. ; b. Old Machar, 9th Nov. 1874.
D.P.H. 1903.
Stonehaven, Kincardineshire.


Taylor, William Gordon, *M.A. 1898.

S. of John S. T. ; h. Streatham Hill, London, 1878.
M.B. Lond. 1903 ; B.Sc. (hons.) 1904 : B.S. 1905.
House Surgeon, Middlesex Hospital, London.

Temple, Maurice George Fenwick, M.A. 1896.

S. of William T. [D.D. 1895, fj.v.'] ; h. Forgue, i6th Aug. 1874.
Electrical Engineer, London.

Temple, William, D.D. 1895.

[S. of Robert T. ; b. Udny, Aberdeenshire, 2nd Mar. 1827.]

M.A. King's Coll. 1848.

Incumbent, Episcopal Church, Cuminestown, Aberdeenshire, 1850 ;
Incumbent, afterwards Rector, Episcopal Church, Forgue, 1866 to
1900, when he retired. Author. Died in Aberdeen, 3rd Aug. 1906,

Teunon, Francis Souter, M.A. 1893 ; *B.L. 1896.

S. of William T. ; h. TurrifF, 7th Feb. 1873.
Solicitor, Aberdeen.

Thain, Alexander John Ramsay, M.A. 1884.

S. of Rev. Alexander T. [Alumnus, Edin.] ; h. Fintray, 26th Dec.

Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1890.

Thiele', Charles William, M.B., CM. 1880.

S. of Charles F. A. T. ; h. Hamilton, Bermuda, 30th Sep. 1854.
Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps, 30th July 190 1,
having joined the medical service of the Army, 30th July 1881.

Thiele, Herman, M.B., CM. 1884.

S. of Charles F. A. T. ; h. Ireland Island, Bermuda, 24th July

Surgeon, Army Medical Staff, 30th Jan. 1886. Died, 7th July


Third, Alexander Sinclair, *M.A. 1897.

S. of John T. ; b. Aberdeen, 25th June 1873.
B.Sc. (special dist.) 1901.
Science Master, High School, Stirling.

Third, John Alexander, *M.A. 1885 ; D.Sc. 1899.

S. of John T. ; b. St. Nicholas, 6th May 1865.
Rector, Grammar School, Campbeltown, Argyllshire ; Head Master,
Spiers' School, Beith, Ayrshire.

Thorn, Alexander, M.A. 1862.

S. of James T. ; b. Nigg [Kincardineshire], 1842.
Student of Medicine in the University. Died in Aberdeen, ot
typhus fever, 14th Dec. 1863.

Thorn, Alexander Philip, M.B., CM. 1883.

S. of James C. T. ; b. Durris, 14th Nov. 1861.
D.P.H. Vict. 1890.
Thargomindsh, Queensland ; Geraldton, W. Australia.

Thom, Donaldson Rose, M.A. 188 1.

S. of William S. T. [Alumnus, Mar. Coll. 1829-32] ; b. Old
Machar, 6th Mar. i860.

Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted 1889 ;
Secretary of Medical Faculty of the University, 1892 ; Secretary of
Senatus and Faculties, 1894.

Thom, George, M.A. 1863.

S. of William T. ; b. Forgue, 2nd July 1842.
LL.D. St. And. 1887.

Principal of Doveton Coll., Madras, 1867-76 ; Principal of The
Institution, Dollar, 1878 until 1902, when he retired.

Thom, Robert, *M.A. 1868.

S. of William T. ; b. Forgue, i6th Dec. 1846.
Minister, Presbyterian Church, Mansfield, Victoria, ordained 1878.


Thomas, John Lewis, M.B., CM. 1868 ; M.D. 1870.

S. of Evan T. ; h. Seacombe, Cheshire, 23rd Dec. 1845.
F.R.C.S. Edin. 1872.

Thomason, William James, M.D., CM. 1875.

S. of WiUiam T. ; h. Manchester, 13th Apr. 1838.
Staff Surgeon, R.N., i6th Mar. 1874, having joined the medical
service of the Royal Navy, 15th Apr. 1861. Died, 9th Aug. 1879.

Thompson, Lavington Grey, M.B., CM. 1879 ; M.D. 1882.

S. of John T. ; h. Launceston, Tasmania, 17th Feb. 1855.
Launceston, Tasmania.

Thomson, Alexander, M.D., CM. 1861.

S. of John T. ; h. Huntly, 14th Aug. 1840.

Surgeon Major, Army Medical Department, 28th Apr. 1876,
having joined the medical service of the Army, 30th Sep. 1863. Died
at Aldershot, 28th Mar. 1886, and buried in the cemetery there,

Thomson, Alexander, D.D. 1877.

S. of William T. ; h. Aberdeen [1815].
M.A. (hon. dist.) Mar. Coll. 1833.

Congregational Minister, Glasgow, 1842 ; Rusholme Road Church,
Manchester, 1855. Died in Manchester, 6th May 1895.

Thomson, Alexander, *M.A. 1881.

S. of Alexander T. ; h. Chapel of Garioch, 31st Mar. 1862.
Missionary Lay Professor of F.C., aftervi^ards U.F.C., in DufF
College, Calcutta.

Thomson, Alexander, M.B., CM. 1895.

S. of John W. T. ; h. Bellie, 3rd July 1872.

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