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S. of James B. ; h. Cullen, 5th Mar. 1855.
Lecturer on Diseases of the Skin, University of Sydney, N.S.W.

Bennett, Alfred Henry, M.B., CM. 1891.

S. of Nicholas Dunstan B. ; h. Moonta, S. Australia, nth Oct.

Crystal-Brook, S. Australia ; Adelaide.

Bennett, Arthur, *M.B., CM. 1877; M.D. 1879.

S. of Edwin J. B. ; l>. Fitzroy, Victoria, 20th Oct. 1854.
Hamilton, Victoria.


Bennett, Charles, M.B., CM. 1868.

S. of Rev. J. B. B. ; h. Macclesfield, Cheshire, 27th Dec. 1845.
Burnley, Lanes. Died 22nd July 1872.

Bennett, Charles Gordon, M.B., CM. 1884; M.D. 1892.

S. of James B. ; b. Ballindalloch, 15th Sep. 1863.
Kalighat, India ; Buckie, Banffshire.

Bennett, John, M.B. 1861 ; M.D. 1862.

S. of Alexander B. ; h. Rathven, 7th Aug. 1839.
Joined the Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 31st Mar. 1865, ^^^
retired as a Brigade-Surgeon, 26th Sep. 1890. Died in Jersey, 28th
June 1899.

Bennett, Thomas Charles, M.B., CM. 1886.

S. of Nicholas Dunstan B. ; h. Redruth, Burra, S. Australia,
7th Dec. 1864.

Crystal-Brook, S. Australia.

Benson, Percy Hugh, *M.B., CM. 1873.

S. of Col. Robson B. ; h. Brixton, Middlesex, 1st Feb. 1852.
Surgeon-General, Indian Medical Service (Madras), iith Oct.
1904, which service he joined, 31st Mar. 1874.

Benton, William, M.A. 1863.

S. of John B. ; b. Boharm [17th July 1845].
Ranche owner, Texas, U.S.A.

Bernard, Francis Ralph, M.B., CM. 1869.

S. of Ralph M. B. ; b. Clifton, Gloucester, nth Apr. 1846.
Medical Superintendent, Stockwell Hospital, London ; medical
practitioner, Lincoln ; Worthing ; Stone, near Tenterden, Kent.

Berry, William Bisset, M.D. 1861.

S. of James B. ; b. St. Nicholas, 26th July 1839.
M.A. Mar. Coll. 1858.

Queenstown, Cape Colony. Speaker of House of Assembly ot
Cape of Good Hope since 1898. Knight Bachelor, created 1900.


Belt, James Wilson, M.B., CM. 1884 ; M.D. 1892.

S. of James B. ; b. St. Cuthbert's [Edinburgh], ist May 1861.
Melbourne, Victoria ; Richmond, Victoria ; Prahran, Victoria.

Beveridge, Alexander Thomas Gordon, *M.A. 1884 ; M.B., CM. 1887.

S. of Thomas G. B. ; b. Banchory-Ternan, 24th Jan. 1864.
Aberdeen. Assessor in the University Court, nominated by the
Town Council of Aberdeen, 1894- 1902,

Beveridge, Peter James, M.A. 1877.

S. of Thomas G. B. ; /;. Old Machar, 9th Jan. 1856.

B.Sc. Lond. 1886.

Science Master, Cowley Schools, St. Helen's, Lanes. In orders of
the Church of England, deacon, 1897, priest, 1898, by Bishop of
Liverpool. Curate, St. Mary's without the Walls, Chester, 1903.

Beveridge, William, M.A. 1884.

S. of William B. ; b. Tough, 4th Jan. 1864.

Minister F.C., afterwards West U.F.C., New Deer, Aberdeen-
shire, 1889.

Beverly, Alexander, LL.D. 1873.

S. of Alexander B. ; b. Aberdeen.
M.A. (Hon. dist.) Mar. Coll. 1844.

Licentiate F.C. For many years one of the Masters in the
Grammar School, Aberdeen. Died, 5th Feb. 1887, aged 64.

Bey, William, M.B., CM. 1876.

S. of William B. ; h. Tarland, 24th Aug. 1851.
Greytown North, Wairarapa, N.Z.

Binnie, John Fairbairn, M.A. 1882 ; M.B., CM. 1886.

S. of Rev. William B. [D.D. Glasg. 1866] ; b. StirHng, 22nd Apr.

Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.

Birnie, Charles, M.A. 1875.

S. of William B. ; b. Boharm, 23rd May 1853.
Minister of Aberdour, Aberdeenshire, 1884.


Birnie, Qeorsfe, M.A. 1882; B.D. 1889.

S. of William B. ; h. Boharm, 20th Mar. i860.
Head Master, Central School, Glass, Aberdeenshire, 1882-86 ;
Minister of Speymouth, Morayshire, 1890.

Birnie, William Sharp, M.B. 1865 ; CM. 1866.

S. of James B. ; h. New Pitsligo, 28th July 1834.
Whitefield and Pilkington, Lanes. Died, 4th Oct. 1870.

Bisset, Alexander, M.A. 1865.

S. of Alexander B. ; h. Chapel of Garioch, 1842.
Minister, P\C., Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, 1872 ; South F.C., Peter-
head, 1874. Baptist Minister, Kirkcaldy, 1883; Aberdeen, 1886;
Alexandria, Dumbartonshire, 1902.
Bisset, Alexander, M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of Rev. Alexander B. [M.A. 1865, q.v.]; b. Peterhead, 26th
Jan. 1878.

Heywood, Lanes.

Bisset, David, M.A. 1875.

S. of David B. ; h. Maryculter, 29th Dec. 1847.

Minister, F.C. Methven, Perthshire, 1883-92. Assistant Minister
F.C. Newluce, Wigtow^nshire ; U.F.C. Connel Ferry, Argyllshire ;
Coatdyke, Lanarkshire.

Bisset, Ernest, M.B., Ch.B. 1899.

S. of John P. B. ; h. Glasgow, 1st Dec. 1876.
Lieutenant, Indian Medical Service, 29th Jan. 1902 ; Captain,
29th Jan. 1905.

Bisset, James, *M.A. 1868.

S. of Joseph B. ; h. Old Machar, I2th Aug. 1848.

School Master, Towie, Aberdeenshire, 1871-1902. Resident at
Cults, Aberdeenshire.
Bisset, John Henry Jackson, M.A. 1896.

S. of George B. ; h. Aberdeen, 26th Oct. 1875.

B.D. 1903.

Licentiate, U.F.C.


Bisset, Peter Smith, M.A. 1891 ; B.D. 1894.

S. of John B. ; //. Aboyne, 20th July 1866.
Minister of Oyne, Aberdeenshire, 1897.

Bisset, William Fraser, M.B., Ch.B. 1900.

S. of George B. ; /;. Aberdeen, 30th Nov. 1869.
D.P.H. 1902.
Civil Surgeon, S. African Field Force, 1902-03. Perth,

Bissett, George Alexander, *M.A. 1873 ; B.D. 1876.

S. of John B. ; />. Inverness, 2lst Nov. 1852.
Minister of Houndwood, Berwickshire. Died, nth July 1898.

Black, Alexander, M.A. 1883.

S. of Alexander B. ; />. Cruden, 9th Mar. 1857.
Minister of the Church of Scotland, Lowick, Northumberland,

Black, Alexander Cumming, M.A. 1889.

S. of John B. ; h. Banff, 1 2th Nov. 1868.

Master, High School, Inverness. Died at Hopetou^n, Cape Colony,
6th June 1892.

Black, Alfred Alexander, M.A. 1895.

S. of John F. B. ; /;. Inverness, 31st Mar. 1872.
Secretary, The Victoria (cotton) Mills Co., Ltd., Cawnpore, India.

Black, Andrew, M.A. 1897.

S. of Andrew B. ; b. Aberdeen, 8th June 1874.
Teacher in Kittybrewster Public School, Aberdeen.

Black, Charles Alfred Stuart, M.A. 1888.

S. of Alex. S. B. ; h. Creich, Sutherlandshire, 4th Jan. 1866.
Died at Cradock, Cape Colony, 3rd Feb. 1896.

Black, George, M.B., CM. 1889.

S. of George B. ; />. Newliills, nth June 1867.

University of aijeRdken. 43

Black, George Gordon McLean, M.A. 1890 ; M.B., CM. 1H93.

S. of Alexander B. ; h. Cruden, 26th Feb. 1869.
Assistant Medical Officer, Monmouthshire Asylum, Abergavenny ;
Tomintoul, Banft'shire.

Black, James, M.A. 1883.

S. of Alexander B. ; h. Cruden, 7th Aujj;. 1859.
Minister of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, 1890.

Black, James, *M.A. 1891.

S. of James B. [LL.D. 1895, q.v.] ; h. Elgin, 8th Nov. 1870.
English Master, Madras Coll., St. Andrews, 1892-97. Minister
of Balfron, Stirlingshire, 1905.

Black, James, LL.D. 1895.

[S. of James B. ; h. Lochterlandich, Glenrinnes, Banflshire, 12th
July 1830.]

Of Sheriffston. Journalist. Provost of Elgin for nine years.
Died at Strathpeffer, 14th Oct. 1899.

Black, James Alexander, *M.A. 1890 ; *M.B., CM. 1894.

S. of Prof. John B. [M.A. King's Coll. 1855]; i^L.D. [Glasg.
1881] ; h. Old Machar, ist Mar. 187a

Captain, Indian Medical Service (Bengal), 29th Jan. 1899, which
service he joined, 29th Jan. 1896.

Black, James Oliphant, M.A. 1895.

S. of Thomas B. ; b. Fraserburgh, 26th Oct. 1873.

Master, Secondary Dept., Auchtercairn Public School, Gairloch,
Ross-shire, 1896. Served in the South African War as a Lieutenant,
1st Volunteer Batt. Seaforth Highlanders, with the temporary rank of
Lieutenant in the Army, 1 900-01. Assist. Master, Public School,
Stromness, 1901 ; Public School, Fraserburgh, 1902.

Black, John Frank, M.B., CM. 1890.

S. of John F. B. ; b. Inverness, 23rd Oct. 1865.
Shepherd's Bush, London. Died, 19th July 1897.


Black, John Urquhart, M.B., CM. 1888.

S. of Morrice A. B. ; h. Brixton, Middlesex, i6th Nov. 1863.
London and Bournemouth ; Taroom, Queensland ; Nggeleni,
Pondoland, South East Africa.

Black, Joseph, D.D. 1891.

Born in Aberdeen [1838].
M.A. King's Coll. 1858.

Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Tasmania. Died at Bel-
lerive, near Hobart, nth July 1903.

Black, Morrice Alexander, M.A. 1886.

S. of Morrice A. B. ; h. Brixton, Middlesex, 20th Mar. 1865.
Solicitor, admitted 1889, Sydney, N.S.W.

Black, Robert Sinclair, M.B., CM. 1889.

S. of George B. ; h. Inverness, 9th June 1 86 1.
M.A. Edin. 1884. D.P.H. Aberd. 1889 ; M.D. (com.) 1902.
Colonial Bacteriological Institute, Grahamstow^n, Cape Colony ;
Medical Officer, Robben Island Infirmary and Asylum, Cape Colony.

Black, William, M.A. 1886.

S. of Charles B. ; h. Gamrie, nth Dec. 1866.
Head Master, North Public School, Rayne, Aberdeenshire.

Black. William, M.A. 1893.

S. of William B. ; /;. Aberdare, Glamorgan, 25th Oct. 1868.
Head Master, Halkirk Public School, Caithness.

Black, William Rose, *M.A. 1889.

S. of James B. [LL.D. 1895, q.vJ] ; /'. Elgin, 30th Apr. 1868.
Solicitor and Bank Agent, Elgin.

Blackball, Adam, M.B., CM. 1875 ; M.D. 1878.

S. of Adam B. ; h. Fraserburgh, 2nd Dec. 1853.
Crimond, Aberdeenshire; retired from practice, 1903. Pul-
borough, Sussex.

Blacklaw, Alexander,

See Blacklaws, Alexander.



Blacklaws, Alexander, M.A. 1H78.

S. of William B. ; /;. Aboyne, I2th Feb. 1859.

Solicitor, Aberdeen. In 1888 he adopted the name of Blacklaw
in place of Blacklaws. Clark Lecturer on Procedure, Evidence and
Commercial Law in the University, 1904.

Blacklock, Arthur Woolsey, M.B., CM. 1870 ; M.D. 1872.

S. of Joseph D. B. ; b. Brighton, 14th Oct. 1840.
Gateshead, Durham.

Blaikie, William Garden, LL.D. 1871.

S. of James B. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1803] ; /;. Aberdeen [stii Feb.

M.A. Mar. Coll. 1837 ; D.D. Edin. 1864.

Minister of Drumblade, Aberdeenshire, 1842. Left the Church
of Scotland at the Disruption, 1843 ; Minister, Pilrig F.C., Edin-
burgh, 1844. Professor of Apologetics and Pastoral Theology, New
Coll., Edinburgh, 1868. Moderator of the F.C. General Assembly,
1892. Died at North Berwick, nth June 1899. {Diet, of National
Biography^ Supplement L, 2I2 : Autobiography., edited by A. S. Walker,
London, 1901.)

Blair, Patrick James, M.A. 1885.

S. of Patrick B. ; b. Edinburgh, 3rd June 1865.

LL.B. Edin. 1888.

Member of the Faculty of Advocates, admitted, 1888 ; Barrister-
at-Law of the Middle Temple, called, 1900 ; Sheriff-Substitute of
Stirling, Dumbarton and Clackmannan, at Dumbarton, 1902.

Blake, Edward Thomas, M.B. 1870; M.D. 1872.

S. of James D. B. ; b. Taunton, Somerset, 15th June 1842.
Wolverhampton; Reigate ; London. Died, 31st July 1905.

Blomfield, Arthur George, M.B. 1879; M.D. 1882.

S. of Rev. Arthur B. [M.A. Oxon. 1864] ; b. Lacock, Wilts,
loth Oct. 1855.

Exeter. Died, 8th Jan. 1898.


Blunt, Henry Brine, M.B., CM. 1882.

S. of Henry B. ; b. Agra, India, 7th Oct. 1858.
Dewsbury, Yorks ; Wakefield, Yorks.

Boddie, William, M.A. 1889 ; M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of William B. ; b. St. Nicholas, 19th Nov. 1866.
Assistant Medical Officer, Fisherton House Asylum, Salisbury.
Died, 1 8th Mar. 1899.

Bodman, Francis Henry, M.B. 1870 ; M.D. 1873.

S. of John W. B. ; h. Calne, Wilts, 29th Apr. 1844.
Devizes, Wilts ; Bristol.

Bohrsmann, Otto, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of Matthias C. B. ; b. S. Sydney, 8th Aug. 1869.
Sydney, N.S.W.

Bonner, Thomas Irvine, M.A. 1889 ; M.B., CM. 1894.

S. of Thomas B. ; b. Kintore, 27th Aug. 1867.
Shipley, Yorks.

Booth, Alexander, M.A. 1900.

S. of John B. ; /;. Old Machar, 14th Feb. 1879.
Teacher, Robert Gordon's Coll., Aberdeen.

Booth, Frederick, M.B., CM. 1887 ; M.D. 1896.

S. of Edw^in H. B. ; b. Preston, 15th Dec. i860.
St. Anne's-on-the-Sea, Lanes.

Booth, James McKenzie, M.A. 1875 ; M.B., CM. 1877 ; M.D. 1886.

S. of James B. [M.D. Mar. Coll. 1845]; b. St. Nicholas, 7th
Oct. 1855.

Consulting Surgeon, 1904, previously Senior Surgeon and Lecturer
on CHnical Surgery, Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen. Major, commanding
Aberdeen Company, Royal Army Medical Corps (Volunteers) ; re-
signed, 2nd July 1904.


Booth, Williamson, M.A. 1881.

S. of James B. [M.D. Mar. Coll. 1845] ; h. St. Nicholas, 8th
May 1857.

Law Agent and Notary Public, admitted, 1883. Aberdeen.

Boswell, Alexander, M.B. 1880 ; M.D. 1882.

S. of Major Alexander Carr B. ; h. Mussoorie, Bengal, 30th
Sep. 1853.

Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Botha, Theunis Johannes, M.B., CM. 1864.

S. of Rudolf P. B. ; h. GraftVeinet, Cape Colony, 17th Mar. 1839.

Bothwell, George Granville, M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of George G. B. ; b. Greenwich, 14th Feb. 1870.
Selulcwe, Rhodesia ; Palapye, Bechuanaland. Died, nth Feb. 1905.

Bovill, Edward, M.B., CM. 1871 ; M.D. 1890.

S, of WilHam John B. ; h. Clapham, Surrey, 19th Nov. 1846.
F.R.C.S. Eng. 1873.

Joined the Indian Medical Service (Bengal), ist Oct. 1872, and
retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel, 9th Nov, 1 901.

Boville, Robert George, *M.A. 1881.

S. of William B. ; /;. Grange, Antrim, 13th Mar. 1854.

Pastor Baptist Church, Hamilton, Ontario, 1887-96 ; Superin-
tendent, New York City Baptist Mission Society, 190 1-5 ; Superinten-
dent Vacation Schools of the Federation of Churches of New York.

Bower, Alexander, tM.A. 1882.

S. of James B. ; h. Inverkeillor, 20th Dec. 1859.
Electrical Engineer, London. Died in Melbourne, having gone
thither on account of his health, 23rd Oct. 1887.

Bower, David, *M.B., CM. 1876 ; M.D. 1878.

S. of James B. ; b. Inverkeillor, i6th Nov. 1853.
Physician-Superintendent, Springfield House Asylum, Bedford.

Bower, George Haddon, M.A. 1891.

S. of James H. B. ; h. Old Machar, 12th Oct. 1871.
Member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, admitted, 1899.


Bowie, Frederick Gatherer, M.A. 1891.

S. of Thomas R, B. ; h. Kirkwall, l6th Dec. 1869.
Missionary of the F.C., afterwards U.F.C., Tangoa and South
Santo, New Hebrides.

Bowie, James Cameron, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of Thomas R. B. ; b. Lerwick, 8th Nov, 1867.
Bixter, Shetland.

Boyd, Arnold, M.A. 1890.

S. of Rev. Dugald C. B. ; b. Bombay, 17th Sep. 1870.
Minister F.C., afterwards St. Andrew's U.F.C., Dairy, Ayrshire,
1897-1902 ; U.F.C., Mussoorie, N.W.P. India ; Lahore.

Boyd, Herbert Cameron, M.A. 1888.

S. of Rev. Dugald C. B. ; h. Bombay, 2nd June 1868.
LL.B. Glasg. 1892.
Writer, Glasgow ; Solicitor, Inverness.

Boyd, William, M.A. 1862.

S. of William B. ; h. Kincardine [Ross-shire], Nov, 1842,
Minister of Bridgegate, Glasgow, 1869 ; Kilmaronock, Dum-
bartonshire, 1879.

Boyd, William Falconer, *M.A. 1900.

S. of Rev. Robert Masson B. [M.A. Glasg. 1870] ; h. Glenbervie,
i2th Oct. 1878.

B.D. 1904. Ph.D. {magna cum laude) Tubingen, 1906.
Licentiate U.F.C., 1906.

Boyes, George, M.B,, CM. 1881.

S. of Rev, George B, ; b. Tyrie, 14th Apr. 1855.
Geraldton, W. Australia. Died there in Nov. 1895.

Boyes, James Alexander, M.A. 1893.

S. of Rev. George B. ; b. Marnoch, 29th Mar. 1871.
Curate, St. Salvador's Episcopal Church, Dundee, 1900,


Boyes, William Lawrence, M.A. 1878.

S. of Rev. George B. ; l>. Tyrie, 1st Mar, 1857.
Curate, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Stirling. Died, 5th Jan.

Brady, Henry Bowman, LL.D. 1888.

[S. of Henry B. ; h. Gateshead, Co. Durham, 23rd Feb. 1835.]
F.R.S. 1874.

Naturalist and Pharmacist, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Died at Bourne-
mouth, 3rd Jan. 1 89 1. (Diet, of National Biography^ Supplement I. 254.)

Brand, Adam, *M.A. 1886.

S. of Adam B. ; /;. Peterhead, 30th Apr. 1867.
B.A. (3rd Wrangler) Cantab. 1890 ; 2nd cl. (div. i.) Math.
Tripos, Pt. II. 1891 ; M.A. 1894.

Fellow and Mathematical Lecturer of Pembroke Coll., Cambrido;e,
1 892- 1 90 1. Barrister-at-law, of Gray's Inn, called 1905.

Brand, Alexander Theodore, *M.B., CM. 1881 ; M.D. 1884.

S. of Alexander B. [M.A. Mar. Coll. 1830]; /;. Chicago, 14th
Sep. 1852.

Great Driffield, Yorlcs.

Brander, Hugh Stewart, M.A. 1899.

S. of John B. ; /;. Dufftown, 29th Feb. 1880.
M.B., Ch.B. 1903 ; M.D. (com.) 1906.
Keighley, Yorlcs.

Brander, James, B.D. 1868.

S. of Alexander B. ; h. Glass, 1835,
M.A. King's Coll. 1857.

School Master, Deskford, Banffshire ; Minister of Calderbank,
Lanarkshire, 1869 ; Clarkston, Lanarkshire, 1872. Resident at
Knowle, Somerset.

Brander, James, M.B., CM. 1876.

S. of Alexander B. ; h. Urquhart, I2th Aug. 1846.


Brander, Robert Lewis, M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of James B. ; h. Barrackpore, Bengal, 22nd Sep. 1871.
Aspley Guise, Beds.

Brander, Thomas, M.B., CM. 1892.

S. of James B. ; /;. Garmouth, 5 th Nov. 1868.
Branderburgh ; Lossiemouth, Morayshire.

Brander, William.

See Brander, William Gordon.

Brander, William Gordon, M.A. 1866.

S. of James B. ; b. Huntly, 28th Nov. 1843.

Minister, F.C., Alford, Aberdeenshire, 1871-96. Died, 25th
Dec. 1903, in Edinburgh, where he had resided after resigning his charge
at Alford. His name appears in the University records as William

Bray, Gildart Harvey, M.A. 1890.

S. of Rev. Thomas William B. [B.A. Cantab. 1864 ; M.A. 1879] ;
/;. Bedford, 3rd Aug. 1870.

Barrister and Solicitor, S. and W. Australia ; Notary Public and
Commissioner for Affidavits in W. Australia. Malcolm, W. Australia.

Brebner, Alexander, *M.B., CM. 1862; M.D. 1873.

S. of John B. ; b. Aboyne, 17th Oct. 1840.
M.A. Mar. Coll. 1857.

Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel, retired. Army Medical Staff, having
joined the medical service of the Army, 14th Apr. 1863, and retired,
5th May 1888.

Brebner, Alexander George, M.A. 1889.

S. of Alexander B. ; b. Methlick, 27th Jan. 1869.
Farmer, Balquhindochy, Methlick, Aberdeenshire.

Brebner, Frank, M.A. 1894.

S. of Francis B. ; /;. St. Cyrus, 13th Nov. 1872.
Sometime Student, F.C. Coll., Aberdeen. Resident at Portlethen,


Brebner, John, LL.D. 1893.

S. of James B. ; h. Fordoun, Kincardineshire [3rd Mar, 1833],

M.A. (hon. dist.) Mar. Coll. 1852.

Master, Grammar School, Aberdeen, 1853-61 ; Rector, Albert
Academy, Cape Colony, 1861 ; Classical Professor, Gill Coll., Somerset
East, 1869 ; Superintendent of Education, Orange Free State, 1874,
until June 1899, when he retired. Died at Cape Town, 23rd Nov.

Brebner, William, M.A. 1868.

S. of Charles B. ; h. Tarland, 4th Mar. 1848.
Minister of Gilcomston, Aberdeen, 1876.

Brechin, John, M.A. 1862.

S. of Henry B. ; /;. St. Nicholas, 1838.

Minister, F.C, Shandon, Dumbartonshire, 1875-81. Died in
Aberdeen, 25th Nov. 1882.

Breese, Thomas Thwaites, M.B., CM. 1880.

S. of Benjamin S. B. ; /;. Tuddenham, Norfolk, loth Aug. 1855.
Norwich; Dorchester; Norwich. Died, 2nd Feb. 1891.

Bremner, George, M.A. 1895.

S. of George B. ; /;. Forres, 19th Mar. 1875.
B.D. 1902.

English Master, Maclcie Academy, Stonehaven. Minister of
Inverarity, Forfarshire, 1906.

Bremner, James, *M.B., CM. 1882.

S. of George B. ; /;. Grange, 3rd Feb. 1858.

Bremner, James, *M.A. 1885.

S. of James B. ; b. Duffus, 31st Oct. 1863.

Professor of Mathematics, Hislop (F.C.) Coll. Nagpore, India,
1885-92. Head Master, Burghead School, Morayshire.

Bremner, James Morrison Gardiner, M.B., CM. 1894.

S. of Alexander B. ; /;. Buckie, 23rd Au^. 1866,


Bremner, John, M.A. 1866.

S. of George B. ; /;. Huntly, 22nd Sep. 1846,
B.D. Edin. 1870.
Minister of Kirkmichael, Dumfriesshire, 1876.

Brenchley, Algernon Dutton, M.B., CM. 1877 ; M.D. 1880.

S. of Horatio C. B. ; h. Brighton, 4th Apr. 1854.

Brennand, Frederick James, M.B., CM. 1874.

S. of William B. ; h. Chinsurah, Bengal, 7th July 1852.
E. and W. Lydford, Somerset ; Baltonsborough, Somerset ; West
Bradley, Somerset.

Brito, Philip Sebastian, *M.B., CM. 1882.

S, of Philip B. ; /;. Chilaw District, Ceylon, 6th Apr. 1855.
Lecturer on Physiology, Ceylon Medical Coll. Died in Colombo,
in April 1905.

Brockie, Robert Taylor, M.A. 1884.

S. of John B. ; h. Tyrie, 4th May i860.

Head Master, MeiklefoUa School, parish of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire,

Brodie, Walter John, M.A. 1865.

S. of Walter B. ; /;. Brechin [19th Nov.] 1845.
Landowner, Coleman's Falls, Virginia, U.S.A.

Brodie, William, M.A. 187 1-

S. of William B. ; /;. Glenbucket, i8th Jan. 1848.

B.D. Edin. 1875.

Minister of Kirkpatrick-Juxta, Dumfriesshire, 1877.

Brodie, William Hampden, M.B., CM. 1880 ; M.D. 1882.

S. of William B. ; h. St. Nicholas, i8th Aug. 1855.
Johannesburg, Transvaal.

Bromilow, William, M.B., CM. 1894.

S. of William B. ; h. Great Bolton, Lanes, 4th Sep. 1861.
Pulborough, Sussex ; Islington, London ; Plymouth,


Brooks, John Harley, M.B., CM. 1887 ; M.D. 1892.

S. of Robert Hanson B. ; /'. Alloa, 9th Apr. 1862.
Medical Superintendent, Mile End Infirmary, London.

Broomhead, Charles, M.B., CM. 1876 ; M.D. 1881.

S. of John B. ; h. Old Machar, 20th July 1855.
Oldham, Lanes.

Broomhead, James, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of John B. ; /;. Ellon, 25th July 1867.
Haslingden, Lanes.

Brotchie, James Rainy, M.A. 1863.

S. of John B. ; b. Kintore, 27th Mar. 1843.

Colonial Chaplain (Church of Scotland), Colombo, Ceylon, 1869-
76. Drowned in the Don, near Aberdeen, loth Feb. 1878.

Brotchie, John Alexander Rainy, M.A. 1870.

S. of John B. ; b. Kintore, 22nd Oct. 1849.

Minister of the Church of Scotland, Hexham, Northumberland,
1881 ; Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Carcoar, N.S.W.

Brotchie, Theodore Rainy, M.B., CM. 1871 ; M.D. 1877.

S. of John B. ; b. Kintore, 22nd Mar. 1847.

Liverpool ; Manitoba, Canada ; Belfast. Died at Richmond,
Surrey, 22nd Apr. 1900.

Brown, Albert, M.B., CM. 1893.

S. of William B. ; /;. Crathie, 25th Oct. 1869.
Died at Clapham, London, 5th Oct. 1895.

Brown, Alexander, M.A. 1886 ; B.Sc. 1890 ; *M.B., CM. 1893 ;

D.Sc. 1898.

S. of George B. ; b. Ordiquhill, Banffshire, 6th Feb. 1865.

Lecturer on Zoology in the University, 1895-98. Margate. He

was the first to graduate as Bachelor and Doctor of Science in the

University. In 1899, changed his name to Alexander Warwick



Brown, Alexander Crum, LL.D. 1893.

[S. of Rev. John B., D.D. Jefferson Coll. Pennsylvania, 1830 ; h.
Edinburgh, 26th Mar. 1838.]

M.A. Edin. 1858; M.D. 1861. D.Sc. Lond. 1862. F.R.S.E.
1863. F.R.C.P. Edin. 1865. F.R.S. 1879. LL.D., Glasg. 1905.
Professor of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, 1869.

Brown, Alexander Warwick,

See Brown, Alexander.

Brown, Alfred, M.A. 1880 ; M.B., CM. 1883 ; M.D. 1892.

S. of William B. ; b. Stockport, Cheshire, 3rd June 1854,

Brown, Alfred Tennyson, M.B., CM. 1887.

S. of Robert B. ; /;. Banchory-Ternan, i8th July 1863.
Horbury, Yorks.

Brown, Arthur Richardson, M.A. 1896.

S. of William Alexander B. [LL.D. 1895, q.v.] ; /'. St. Stephen's
[Edinburgh], i6th May 1875.

Member of the Faculty of Advocates, admitted, 1903. Edinburgh.

Brown, Charles Robert, M.B., CM. 1868 ; M.D. 1871.

S. of Robert B. ; b. Kingston, Surrey, 28th Aug. 1846.
Beckenham, Kent ; Eastbourne. Died, loth Nov. 1883.

Brown, Clarence William Haig=>,

See Haig-Brown.

Brown, David, D.D. 1872; LL.D. 1895.

S. of Alexander B. ; /;. Aberdeen [17th Aug. 1803].

M.A. Mar. Coll. 1821 ; D.D. Princeton, 1852.

Minister of Ord, Banffshire, 1836. Left the Church of Scotland
at the Disruption, 1843 5 Minister, St. James' F.C., Glasgow^, 1843.
Professor of Apologetics and New Testament Exegesis, F.C. Coll.,


Aberdeen, 1857 ; Principal, 1876. Moderator of the F.C. General
Assembly, 1885. Died, 3rd July 1897. {Memoir^ London, 1898,
by W. G. Blaikie, LL.D. 187 1, q.v.)

Brown, David Dyce, M.D., CM. 1863.

S. of Rev. David B. [D.D. 1872; LL.D. 1895, q.v.]-, h. Ord,
Banffshire, 30th Aug. 1840.
M.A. Mar. Coll. 1859.
Aberdeen ; Consulting Physician, London Homoeopathic Hospital.

Brown, David Macdonald, M.B., CM. 1885.

S. of Robert B. ; b. Banchory-Ternan, 28th Jan. 1862.
Goole, Yorks.

Brown, George, M.A. 1877.

S. of James B. ; h. Echt, i6th Apr. 1855.
Student, F.C. Coll., Aberdeen. Died, i8th Aug. 1878.

Brown, George, M.B., CM. 1896.

S. of James B. ; /;. St. Nicholas, 30th Apr. 1873.
Died at Stirling while on a journey from Belfast to Aberdeen, 30th
May 1903.

Brown, George Ferguson, M.A. 1864.

S. of James B. ; h. Keith, 1842.

Licentiate, F.C. Died at F.C. Manse, Stoneykirk, Wigtow^nshire,
ist Jan. 1869.

Brown, George Wilson, M.A. 1890 ; M.B., CM. 1894.

S. of Archibald G. B. ; b. Chapel of Garioch, 27th Jan. i860.
Oakengates, Salop.

Brown, Harry Herbert, M.B., CM. 1883.

S. of Henry B. ; b. Knaresborough, Yorks. 25th Feb. 1862.
Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps, 30th Jan. 1906,
having joined the medical service of the Army, 30th Jan. 1886.


Brown, Henry Havelock, M.B., CM. 1886.

S. of John B, ; b. Peterhead, 1 0th Dec. 1857.

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