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of Steele, Salop, clerk (P.C.C.) 1640.


CHIDWICK, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, Feb. 27, 1629-30.
Of Kent. Matric 1629-30; B.A. 1634-5. V. of Sarratt,
Herts., till 1661. Died 1661.

CHIFFINCH, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Queens', Oct 16, 1683.
Of Middlesex. Probably s. and h. of Thomas, late of Graves-
end, Kent, Esq.; adm. at the Inner Temple, 1683. Of
Nurthfleet, Kent. Died 1727. Doubtless father of the next

Child, John

CHIFFINCH, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Pembroke,
July 10, 1713. S. of Thomas, of Northfleet, Kent, Esq.
Afterwards FelL-Com. Matric 1714; B.A. 1717-8. Adm. at
the Inner Temple, 1715. Barrister-at-law. Died 1775.

CHIFFINCH, WILLIAM. M.A. 1682 (Com. Reg).
1676. MP. for New Windsor, 1685.


CHIFLET, . Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1552.

CHILBORNE, CHRISTOPHER. Matric. pens, from Clare,

Easter, 1558. Probably s. of Alexander, of Orsett, Essex.

(Vis. of Essex, 1634.)
CHILCOT, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Sidney, June 4, 1674.

1st s. of Robert (1645), clerk. B. at Ashby, Northants.

Schools, Tiverton and Exeter. Matric 1674; B.A. 1677-8;

M.A. 1682. Incorp. at Oxford, 1682. Ord. deacon (Norwich)

June, 1679. V. of Colebrooke, Devon, 1687. Will (Exeter)

CHILCOTT, ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Sidney, Aug. 13,

1645. S. of William, shoemaker, deceased. B. at Tiverton.

School, Tiverton. Matric. 1645; B.A. 1649-50; M.A. 1653.

Fellow. V. of Mears Ashby, Northants., 1655-60. V. of Gt

Doddington, 1661-7. Father of the above. (H. 1. Longden.)

CHILCOTT, WILLIAM. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Jesus, May 23,
1622. Of Middlesex. Matric 1622; B.A. 1624-5. Adm. at
the Inner Temple, Nov. 1623, as s. of Robert, of London
('Comyn alias Chilcott'). (Vis. ofMidds., 1663.)

CHILCOTT, WILLIAM. Adm. Fell. -Com. (age 25) at St John's,
May 31, 1729. S. of Richard, gent, of Wilts. B. at DeveriU.
School, Crewkerne, Soms. Entered as a 'ten year man.*
Matric. 1734; B.D. 1739; D.D. 1745. P.C. of St Lawrence,
New Brentford, 1726-60. R. of Stow Maries, Essex, 1727-60.
Died Sept. 19, 1760. (Scott-Mayor, m. 421 )

CHILD, BENJAMIN. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, May 3, 1610
(perhaps from some other college); B.A. 1611-2; M.A. 1615.
Priest (Bristol) 1624. R. of Cottesbach, Leics., 1626-34.
Buried Nov. 5, 1634. Will (P.C.C.) 1635. (Nichols, iv. 150.)

CHILD, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Clare, Aug. 5, 1720. Matric.
1724; B.A. 1724-5; M.A. 1728. Probably s. of John (1671),
late of the Middle Temple; adm. at the Inner Temple, 1721.
Of Tangley Manor, Surrey. Died Dec. 12, 1754.

CHILDE or CHILDES, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel,
July 5, 1645. Of Hertfordshire. Matric 1648; B.A. 1648-9.
Probably s. of Thomas, of Langleybury. Brother of Thomas

CHILD, JOHN. B.Can.L. 1461-2 (studied at Cambridge and

CHILDE, JOHN. Chaplain: student at Cambridge. B.A.

(Oxford) 1544; M.A. (do.) 1545. Perhaps R. of Inworth,

Essex, 1557.
CHILDE, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Apr. 2, 1619.

Matric. 1619. Migrated to Magdalen Hall, Oxford, June 11,

1619, age 15. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 1621, as

s. of William, of Northwick, Worcs. Barrister, 1630. Seated

at Enstone, Oxford. (Vis. of London, 1634.)
CHILDE, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Clare, Apr. 1, 1637. Matric.

1637; B.A. 1641-2; M.A. 1646. One of these names, M.A.,

ord. priest (Lincoln) Dec. 2, 1661. Perhaps schoolmaster at

Stow, Lines, (see next). V. of Penrith, Cumberland, 1670-95.

V. of Bromfield, 1681-92. Buried at Penrith, Jan. 10,

1694-5. (B. Nightingale.)
CHILD, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 15) at Magdalene, June 2,

1664. S. of John, clerk, schoolmaster, of Stow, Lines. School,

Stow. Matric. 1665; B.A. 1667-8; M.A. 1671; B.D. 1678.

Fellow, 1670. Incorp. at Oxford, 1671. Ord. priest (Peterb.)

Mar. 3, 1 671-2. P.C. of St Giles' and St Peter's, Cambridge,

CHILD, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 15) at St John's, May 27, 1671.

S. of John, attorney-at-law, of Guildford, Surrey. B. there.

School, Guildford. Matric 1671; B.A. 1674-5; M.A. 1678.

Adm. at the Middle Temple, May, 1680. Perhaps died June

i3> 1707. Brother of Leonard (1673). (Vis. of Surrey, 1662.)
CHILD, JOHN. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton, 1675.

B. at Kingston, Surrey. Matric 1676; B.A. 1679-80; M.A.

1683. Fellow, 1679. Chaplain in the West Indies. (Har-

CHILD, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 15) at Trinity, Apr. 21, 1693.

S. of Sir Francis, Knt, of St Dunstan-in-the-West B. in

Fleet Street, London. School, Fulnam, Middlesex. Matric.

1693. Adm. at the Middle Temple, May 10, 1694. M.P. for

Devizes, 1702. Committed suicide, Feb. 14, 1702-3.
CHILD, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Caius, Apr. 16, 1735,

and pens, shortly afterwards. S. of Richard (1703)1 M.D., of

Lavenham, Suffolk. B. there. Schools, Lavenham and Bury.

Matric. 1735; Scholar, 1735-43. Ord. deacon (Norwich!

Nov. 6, 1743, ^ C. °t Kettlestone. V. of Lakenheath, 1749-50.

Brother of Richard (1732). (Venn, 11. 41.)


Child, Leonard

CHILD, LEONARD. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's, Sept. 13,

1673. S. of John, attorney, of Guildford, Surrey. B. there.

School, Guildford. Matric. 1673. Attorney at Guildford.

Died 1730. Brother of John (1671).
CHILD or CHILDS, NICHOLAS. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Jesus,

Apr. 30, 1623. Matric. 1623; B.A. 1625-6.
CHILD, RICHARD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Feb. 18, 1633-4.

Of Middlesex. Matric 1634; B.A. 1637-8; M.A. 1641; M.D

1650. Father of the next.
CHILD, RICHARD. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Sidnev, May 6, 1664.

Only s. of Richard (1633-4), M.D. B. at Chattisham, Suffolk.

School, Bury. Matric. 1664; B.A. 1667-8; M.A. 1672. Ord.

priest (Norwich) Nov. 1679. R. of Groton, Suffolk, 1681-9.

Died 1689. Father of Richard (1703).
CHILD, RICHARD. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Magdalene, July 1,

1703. S. of Richard (1664), clerk. B. at Groton, Suffolk.

School, Lavenham. Matric. 1704; M.B. 1708; M.D. 1720.

Practised at Lavenham. Father of the next and John (1735).
CHILD, RICHARD. Adm. sizar (age 20) at Caius, June 23, 1732.

S. of Richard, M.D. (above), of Lavenham, Suffolk. B. there.

Schools, Lavenham and Bury. Matric. 1732-3; Scholar,

1732-7; B.A. 1735-6; M.A. 1739. Fellow, 1739-42. Brother

of John (1735)- (Venn, 11. 35.)
CHILD, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi, Easter,

1628, as 'Chiles.* S. of John, of Northfleet, Kent. B. c. 1612.

B.A. 1631-2; M.A. 1635. Studied medicine at Leyden, and

at Padua, where he graduated M.D., Aug. 13, 1638. Went

to New England, 1644. His theological views got him into

trouble there, and he was convicted of sedition, fined and

imprisoned. On his leaving for England in 1647, the captain

was warned that there was a Jonah on board; on a storm

arising his papers were thrown overboard. Settled in Kent,

where he devoted himself to science and alchemy. Went to

Ulster in 1652, and died near Belfast, 1654. (J. G. Bartlett.)
CHILDE, SAMUEL Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's, Apr. 24,

1648. S. of Samuel, mercer, of Leeds, Yorks. B. there.

School, Leeds. Matric. 1648.
CHILD, SILVESTER. Matric. sizar from Emmanuel, Easter,

1629; B.A. 1631-2; M.A. 1635. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec

22, 1633; priest, June 1, 1634. R. of Chedgrave, Norfolk.

Will proved (Norwich C.C.) 1669.
CHILDE, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Caius, Mar. 26,

1604. S. of Alan, yeoman, of Swanton Morley, Norfolk.

School, East Dereham. Scholar, 1604-6; B.A. 1607-8; M.A.

1 62 1. Ord. deacon and priest (Norwich) 1608. R. of Spix-

worth, Norfolk, 1612-43; of Maidstone and Frettenham, 1620.

(Venn, 1. 184.)
CHILD, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Clare, Easter, 1627.

Perhaps adm. at the Inner Temple, 1620, as s. of William,

of North wick. If so, brother of John (1619).
CHILDE, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, July 5, 1645.

Of Hertfordshire. Buried at St Andrew's, Cambridge, Feb. 9,

CHILD, . B.A. 1507-8; M.A. 1511. Perhaps Robert,

principal of St Mary Hostel, 1513. (Cooper, 1. 15.)

CHILD, . Adm. Fell. -Com. at Emmanuel, 1618.

CHILDERLEY, JOHN. D.D. 1607 (Incorp. from Oxford). S. of

Ellis, of London, turner. Adm. at St John's, Oxford, 1579,

from Merchant Taylors' School. B.A. 1583; M.A. 1587; B.D.

IS93; D.D. 1603. Chaplain to Archbishops Bancroft and

Abbott. R. of St Mary Woolnoth, London, 1599-1609. R.

of St Dunstan-in-the-East, 1606-45. R. of Shenfield, Essex,

1609-43, sequestered. Died 1645. Will, P.C.C. (D.N.B.; Al


CHILDYRLEE, WILLIAM. Scholar at Kino's Hall, 1395-6.

CHILDBRS, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs. 1615.
Perhaps s. and h. of Hugh, of Doncaster, adm. at Gray's Inn,
Jan. 29, 1616-7. If so, probably died young. (Burke, L.G.)

CHILDERS, LEONARD. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Sidney, Apr. 4,
1601. Only s. of Thomas, Esq., of Carr House, Yorks., next.
School, York. Matric 1691. Adm. at Gray's Inn, May 9,
1692. Of Carr House, Esq. Died Nov. 29, 1748. (Burke,

CHILDERS. THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Apr. 10, 1665.

1st s. of Franc's, Esq., of Carr House, Yorks. B. Nov. 14.

1648. Matric. 1665. Adm. at Gray's Inn, Apr. 15. 1665. Of

Carr House, Esq. Died May 24, 1676. Father of Leonard,

above. (Burke, L.G.)
CHILDERSTON, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Caius,

Mar. 4, 1638-9. S. of Anthony, gent. B. at Lakenheath,

Suffolk. Schools, Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge. Matric.

1639; Scholar, 1640-6; B.A. 1642-3; M.A. 1646. Usher at

Uppingham School, 1646. (Venn, 1. 334.)
CHILLINGWORTH, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Kino's,

Easter, 1659.

Chipperfield, Henry

CHILLINGWORTH, WILLIAM. M.A. 1626 (Incorp. from
Oxford). Matric from Trinity College, Oxford, Oct 15,
1619, age 17. S. of William, ritfren of Oxford. B.A. 1620;
M.A. 1623-4; D.D. 1642. Fellow of Trinity, 1628. Dis-
cussion with a Jesuit led to his joining the Church of Rome,
and going to Douai. Reverted to the Anglican Church, 1634.
Preb. of Chester, 1635; and of Sarum, 1638. Chancellor of
Sarum, 1638. Master of Wigston Hospital, Leicester. Joined
the Royal army, and was taken prisoner at Arundel. Author
of The Religion of Protestants. Died Jan. 30, 1643-4. Buried
at Chichester. Will (P C.C.) 1645. (D.N.B.; Al. Oxon.)

CHILMEAD, GEOFFRY. Adm. sizar (age 22) at Sidney, July 4,
1653- S. of Henry. B. at Maugersbury, Gloucs. School,
Stow. V. of S. Bemfleet, Essex, 1662.

CHILTON, EDWARD. Adm. sizar (age 18) at St John's, Jan.
12, 1675-6. S. of Edward, deceased, of little Wilbraham,
Cambs. B. there. School, Dublin. Matric 1675-6. Adm.
at Trinity College, Dublin, Apr. 24, 1674.

CHILTON, JACOB. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1703. Of Suffolk.
Metric. 1704; B.A. 1707-8; M.A. 1711. Ord. deacon (Norwich)
Sept. 1710; priest, June, 1712. V. of Mendlesham, Suffolk,
1714-45. C. of Ufford, 1714; Rector, 1722. R. of Wethering-
sett, 1745-8. Cof Wantisden.Charsfield, Hoo.andLethering-
ham. Buried at Ufford, July 26, 1765, aged 78.

CHILTON, JACOB. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1728. S. of
Jacob (1703). Bapt. at Pettistree, Suffolk, Aug. 16, 1710.
School, Woodbridge. Matric. 1728; B.A. 1731-2. Died at
Pettistree, Suffolk, Feb. 26, 1731-2. Buried there, aged 22.
Brother of Richard, 1730.

CHILTON, JAMES. Adm. pens, at King's, Lent, 1656-7; B.A.
from Trinity Hall, 1660-1.

CHILTON, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Trinity, Feb. 5, 1708-9.
S. of Nathaniel, clerk (next), of Newcastle-on-Tyne. School,
Newcastle. Matric. 1709; Scholar, 1712; B.A. 1712-3; M.A.
1716; B.D. 1725. Fellow, 1715. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) July 5,
1713; priest (London) Sept. 19, 1714. V. of St Ann's, New-
castle, 1717-23; suspended, 1723.

CHILTON, NATHANIEL Adm. at Emmanuel, Jan. 17, 1680-1.
Of Durham. Matric 1681. Adm. scholar at Trinity Hall,
Sept. 29, 1684. B.A. 1684-5; M.A. 1696. P.C. of Chester-le-
Street, Durham, 1690. Lecturer at All Saints, Newcastle.
Buried there July 14, 1698. Father of John, above. (H. M.

CHILTON, RICHARD. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1730. S. of
Jacob (1703). Bapt. at Pettistree, Suffolk, Aug. 16, 1712-
School, Woodbridge. Matric. 1730; B.A. 1733-4. Ord.
deacon (Norwich) June, 1734. V. of Bawdsey, Suffolk, 1737.
V. of Mendlesham, 1745-71. Died tffX. Brother of Jacob
(1728) and Thomas (1740).

CHILTON, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Peterhouse,
July 3, 1723, afterwards Fell. -Com. Of Durham. School,
Kirkleatham. Matric 1724.

CHILTON, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Pembroke, May 14,
1740. S. of Jacob (i703)» R- of Ufford, Suffolk. Bapt. at
Pettistree, Oct. 7, 172 1. School, Woodbridge. Matric. 1740;
B.A. 1743-4. Ord. deacon (Bristol) Feb. 19, 1743-4, C. of
Mendlesham, Suffolk; priest (Norwich) Dec. 1745. R. of
Eyke, Suffolk. Buried there Apr. 19, 1754. Brother of
Richard (1730) and Jacob (1728).

CHILVERS, THOMAS. Adm. sizar at Sidney, Apr. 7, 1684.
Only s. of Samuel, currier. B. at Orsett, Essex. Matric. 1684 ;
B.A. 1687-8; M.A. 1691. Ord. deacon (London) May 26,

CHILVERS, THOMAS. Adm. sizar at Jesus, June 28, 1718.
Of Suffolk. S. of — , clerk, deceased (perhaps Thomas, above).
Matric. 1718-9; B.A. 1723-4. Ord. deacon (Norwich) May,
1724: pries*, Dec. 1725. V. of Haverhill, Suffolk, 1725-30.

CHIMNEY, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, Dec. 7, 1626.
S. of William, of Seaming, Norfolk. B. at Weedon Beck,
Northants. School, Elsing. Matric. 1626; B.A. 1630-1.
Ord. priest (Norwich) Sept. 22, 1633. C. of Hemblington,
Norfolk, in 1636. Perhaps V. of Haughley, Suffolk, 1675.
R. of Brettenham, Norfolk, 1675-86, and V. of Combes,
Suffolk, 1676. (Venn, 1. 279.)

CHYMNEY. WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Caius, Sept. 9.
1578. S. of Robert, of East Dereham, Norfolk. School,
East Dereham. Matric. 1578-9. Probably of Seaming, Nor-
folk. If so, buried at Seaming, Mar. 8, 1634-5. Will proved
(Norwich) 1635. (Venn, 1. 97.)

CHINAY or CHENEY, EDWARD. Matric pens, from Christ's,
Apr. x6io.


CHIPBOURNE, CHARLES. Matric pens, from Peterhouse,
Michs. 1381.

CHIPPERFIELD, HENRY. Matric. sizar from Trinity, c. 1506-


Chippingdale, Edmund

CHIPPINGDALE, EDMUND. Matric. pens, from St John's,

Michs. 1578.
CHIPPINGDALE, JOHN. Adm. at Christ's, Easter, 1714.

Matric. sizar, Lent, 1713-4; Scholar, 1715; B.A. 1717-8;

M.A. 1721. Ord. deacon (York) June, 1718; priest (Ely) Dec.

1719. Probably V. of Skipwith, Yorks., 1727-33. (Peile, 11.

CHIRK, DAVID. D.D. 1470-1.
CHISENHALE, DANIEL. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Sidney, June

3i, 1675. S. of Wilbam, hatter. B. at Bolton, Lanes. School,

CHISENHALL, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 28) at Caius, June 29,

1682. S. of John, gent., of Eccleston, Lanes. B. there.

School, Heskin. M.A. 1684 (Lit. Reg.). C. of Barking, Essex.

R. of Mistley, 1688. V. of Barking, 1696-1724. Buried

Apr. 5, 1724. Admon. (P.C C) 1724. (Venn, 1. 471.)
CHISENHALE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Jesus, May 29, 1691.

1st s. of Sir Edward, Knight, of Chisenhale, Lanes. B. in

London. Matric. 1691.
CHISHULL, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Christ's, Jan. 15,

1630-40. S. of Bartholomew. B. at Chelmsford. School,

Chelmsford. Matric. 1640; B.A. 1643-4. One of these names

V. of Steeple Bumpstead, Essex, 1666-73 (resigned). (Peile,

1. 467.)
CHISHULL, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 14) at Sidney, Aug. 22,

1657. S. of Paul (1624), deceased, R. of Dunton, Beds.

B. there. Schools, Perse, Cambridge, and Abbotsley, Hunts.

Matric. 1658; B.A. 1661-2; M.A. 1673. Ord. deacon (London)

Feb. 1664-5; priest, May, 1665. Chaplain to Lord Ashley of

Wimborne. Brother of Paul (1664-5).
CHYSELL, LAURENCE. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi,

Michs. 1552.
CHISHULL, PAUL Matric. sizar from Queens', Michs. 1624.

S. of Bartholomew, of Newton Bury, Beds. B.A. 1628-9;

M.A. from Pembroke College, Oxford, 1634. Ord. deacon

(Peterb.) Feb. 20; priest, Feb. 21, 1629-30. V. of Eyeworth,

Beds., in 1634. V. of Dunton, 1636. Buried at Dunton,

Mar. 21, 1652-3. Father of John (1657) and the next (Vis.

of Beds., 1634.)
CHISHULL, PAUL Adm. sizar at Sidney, Feb. 13, 1664-5.

From New College, Oxford; matric. there, Apr. 1, 1664, age

15. S. of Paul, above, deceased, V. of Dunton, Beds. B.

there. Bapt. Nov. 6, 1646. Schools, Wickham and Win-
chester. B.A. 1667-8; M.A. 1671. Ord. deacon (Lincoln)

Feb. 17, 1667-8; priest, July 22, 1668. V. of Eyeworth,

Beds., 1668-1712. Buried at Dunton, Aug. 17, 1712.

Brother of John (1657).
CHISHULL, W. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs. 1578.
CHISNALL, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 20) at St John's, May 11,

1744. S. of John, husbandman, of Lanes. B. at Welsh

Whittle. School, Rivington. Matric. 1744; B.A. 1747-8;

M.A. 1751. P.C. of West Houghton, Lanes., 1755.
CHISSOLL, GILES. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi, Easter,

CHISWELL, JOHN. B.A. from St Catharine's, 1645-6, see

CHITTAM JOHN. Matric pens, from King's, Michs. 1578.
CHITTENDEN, EDWARD. Matric. sizar from Corpus Christi,

Michs. 1619; B.A. 1623-4. Of Kent. Ord. deacon (Peterb.)

Dec. 19, 1624.
CHITTY, ABRAHAM. Adm. pens, at Trinity Hall, Aug. 5,

1696. Matric. 1696; afterwards Fell.-Com.

CHOATE, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Jesus, Apr. 14, 1624. Matric.

1624; B.A. 1627-8; M.A. 1631. C. of Cavendish, Suffolk,

1637. V. of Gt Finborough, 1661. Went to America:

ancestor of the Ambassador. (A. Gray.)
CHOTE, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Christ's, Nov. 1624. S. of

Thomas, of Essex. School, Wethersfield. Matric. 1625; B.A.

CHOCKE, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Peterhouse,

June 23, 1715. Of Middlesex. School, Westminster. Scholar,

CHOICE, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Christ's, June 17,

1675. S. of Richard, of Derbs. School, Repton. Matric.

1675; B.A. 1678-9. Usher at Repton School, 1680-1708.

V. of Repton. Buried Jan. 20, 1720-1.
CHOICE, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St John's, July 7,

1697. S. of John, husbandman. B. at ' Kirp,' Leics. School,
Louth. Matric. 1697; B.A. 1700-1. Ord. priest (Lincoln)
Sept. 20, 1702. R. of Manby, Lines., 1704-20. Died Feb. 23,

Cholmely, John

CHOICE, SAMPSON. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Christ's, Apr. 14,
1668. S. of John. B. at Uppingham. School, Uppingham.
Matric. 1668; B.A. 1671-3; M.A. 1675. Ord. deacon (Peterb.)
Sept. 19, 1675; priest, May 29, 1681.

CHOLLERTON, EDMUND. B.A. 1481-2; M.A. 1485; B.D. 1497-
8. Perhaps B.Can.L. 1498-9. Of King's Hall, 1512-26.
R. of Milton-by-Gravesend, Kent, 1505-7. R. of Saltwood,
1514-26. Will (P.C.C.) 1526: 'of King's Hall; Devizes,
Wilts.; and Chollerton.' (H. G. Harrison.)

CHOLMONDELEY, CHARLES. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 15) at
St John's, Oct. 13, 1701. S. of Thomas, Esq. B. at Vale
Royal, Cheshire. Matric. 1702. Adm. at the Middle Temple,
Aug. 1709. M.P. for Co. Chester, 1710-5, 1722-56. Of Vale
Royal, Esq. Died Mar. 30, 1756. Father of Thomas

CHOLMELY, EDWARD. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1612. Of
Middlesex. S. and h. of William, of Highgate, Middlesex,
Esq. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Aug. 2, 1615. Of Highgate,
Esq. Died Oct. 30, 1636. Buried at Shoreditch. Brother of
Jasper (1620) and John (1620). (Middlesex Pedigrees.)

CHOLMELEY, HENRY. Jesus, c.Feb. 1572-3. S. of Sir
Richard, Knt., of Bolton.Yorks. Migrated Fell.-Com. to Caius,
Aug. 18, 1573, age 17. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May 19, 1577.
Of Whitby and Roxby, Knt. Knighted, Apr. 17, 1603.
Succeeded his elder brother. M.P. for Westmorland, 1597.
Died in York, Jan. 12, 1615-6. (Venn, 1. 74; M. H. Pea-

CHOMLEY, HENRY. Matric. pens, from Christ's, Apr. 1579.
One of these names s. of John, of Old Windsor, Berks.
Succeeded his uncle Robert. Knighted (? July 23, 1603).
Will proved, 1620. Probably brother of Thomas (1584).
(Peile, 1. 152.)

CHOLMELY, HENRY. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Trinity, c.
1595. Doubtless s. of Sir Henry (1572-3), of Whitby, Yorks.
Brother of Richard (1595). (Vis. of Yorks., 1584.)

CHOLMELEY, HENRY. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Peterhouse,
Lent, 1607-8, as 'Sholmely.' One of these names M.P. for
New Malton, Yorks., 1641-8. Died Aug. 1666.

CHOLMELY, HUGH. Matric. pens, from Emmanuel, Easter,
1589. S. of John, of Ashby-de-la-Zouch. School, Ashby.
B.A. 1592-3; M.A. 1596; B.D. 1603. Fellow, c. 1595.
Incorp. at Oxford, 1598. Master of Bhindell's School,
Tiverton, 1601. R. of Clare portion,..Tiverton, 1604-41.
Preb. of Exeter, 1628. Sub-dean, 16^ Life-long friend of
Bishop Joseph Hall. Died Sept. 15, 1641. Buried in Exeter
Cathedral. Will, P.CG. (D.N.B.; Vis. of Devon, 1620; Vis.
of London, 1634.)

CHOLMELY, HUGH. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1598. Of

CHOLMELY, HUGH. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Jesus, Easter,
1614. S. of Sir Richard (1595). B. at Roxby, Yorks. School,
Beverley. Adm. at Gray's Inn, Feb. 6, 1617-8. M.P. for
Scarborough, 1623-6, 1640-5. Knighted, 1626. Created Bart.
1 64 1. At first a Parliamentarian, but afterwards joined the
King's forces. Governor of Scarborough Castle, 1641-5.
Surrendered in 1645, and retired to Rouen. Returned to
England, 1649, and compounded for his estates. Died Nov. 20,
1657. Buried at East Peckham, Kent. (D.N.B.;G.E.C.)

CHOLMLEY, HUGH. Matric. Fell.-Com. from St John's, Lent,
1618-9. Perhaps s. of Nicholas, Bencher of the Inner Temple,
adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 1617. Barrister, 1623.

CHOLMELY, HUGH. Adm. FelL-Com. (age 16) at Peterhouse,
May 6, 1659. S. of Sir Henry, of West Newton Grange,
Yorks. (Nephew of Sir Hugh (1614), 1st Bart., of Whitby.)
B. 1642. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 1656. M.P. for
Northampton, 1679; for Thirsk, 1685. Died Jan. 1698-9.
(Vis. of Yorks., 1665; T. A. Walker, 115.)

CHOLMLY, HUGH. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 16) at Magdalene,
June 1, 1700. S. of Nathaniel, Esq., deceased. B. at Whitby,
Yorks. School, Enfield, Herts, (sic.). Of Whitby Abbey.
M.P. for Hedon, 1708-21. Surveyor-general of the Crown
Lands, 1714. High Sheriff of Yorks, 1724. Died May 25,
1755- Buried in Whitby Church. Brother of John (1701).
(Misc. Gen. et Her., 11. 218.)

CHOLMELY, JASPER. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi,
Michs. 1620. Of Middlesex. S. of William, of Highgate.
B.A. 1623-4; M.A. 1627. Fellow of Pembroke. Brother of
Edward (1612) and John (1620).

CHOMELEY or CHAMLEY, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Trinity,
Easter, 1574; Scholar, 1574; B.A. 1575-6; M.A. 1579.

CHOMELEY, JOHN. Matric pens, from St Catharine's, Lent,

1577-8; B.A. 1581-2.
CHOLMELY, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Peterhouse, c. 1601.

CHOLMELY, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi, Easter,


Cholmely, John

CHOLMELY. JOHN. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi, Michs.,
1620. Of Middlesex. S. of William, of Highgate. Probably
adm. at Gray's Inn, Mar. 12, 1624-5. Died s.p. Brother of
Jasper (1620) and Edward (1612). (Middlesex Pedigrees.)

CHOLMONDELY or CHOMLEY, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 20) at
Pembroke, May 4, 1663. S. of John, gent. B. at Mansfield,
Notts. Perhaps adm. at the Middle Temple, Oct. 1662, as
s. of John, Esq., of Credenhill, Heref. Died Oct. 25, 1711.
One of these names M.P. for Southwark, Surrey, 1698-1711.
(M. H. Peacock).

CHOLMLEY, JOHN. Adm. Fell. -Com. (age 15) at Magdalene,
Oct. 4, 1701. S. of Nathaniel, Esq., deceased. B. at Whitby,
Yorks. School, Harrow. A colonel in the army, under
Marlborough. Died at Whitby, Mar. 28, 1724. Buried there.
M.I. Brother of Hugh (1700). (Misc. Gen. et Her., 11.

CHOLMELEY, LEWIS. Adm. pens, at Clare, Mar. 20, 1677-8.
Of Islington, Middlesex. Matric. 1678. Died Mar. 29, 1731.
(G. Mag.)

CHOLMELEY, MARMADUKE. Adm. pens, (age 15) at Caius,
Apr. 1575. Of Brandsby, Yorks. S. of Roger, gent. School,
Brandsby. Matric. 1575. Of Brandsby, Esq. Probably
adm at Lincoln's Inn, Feb. 2, 1577-8, from Thavies Inn.
Died 1602. Admon. (York) 1602-3. (Venn, I. 82.)

CHOLMLEY, MONTAGU. Adm. Fell. -Com. (age 16) at Sidney,
Jan. 10, 1632-3. S. of Henry, Esq. B. at Burton Coggles,
Lines. School, Oakham. Matric. 1633. Adm. at Gray's Inn,
May 8, 1635. Received a warrant for dignity of Baronet,
1642. Died Feb. 3, 1652. M.I. at Stoke Rochford, Lines.
Brother of Robert (1634-5). (J. Foster, Gray's Inn.)

CHOLMELY, RICHARD. Matric. pens, from Trinity,

c. 1591-
CHOLMELY, RICHARD. Matric. Fell. -Com. from Trinity, c.

1595. S. of Sir Henry, of Whitby, Yorks. Age 4 in 1584.

Knighted, 1603. M.P. for Scarborough, 1620-1. Died Sept.

23, 1631. Buried at Whitby. Father of the next, and

Hugh (1614), and brother of Henry (1595). (Vis. of Yorks.,

1584, 1665.)

CHOLMLEY, RICHARD. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 15) at Sidney,
May ai, 1635. S. of Sir Richard (above). B. at Whitby, Yorks.
Schools, Middleton and London. Matric. 1635. Adm. at the
Middle Temple, May, 1638. Of Grosmont, Yorks. The
Royalist Colonel killed at Lyme Regis. Governor of Ax-
minster. Buried at Brixton, Devon. (Burke, Ext. Bart. ; Vis.
of Yorks., 1665.)

CHOLMNEY, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Easter,
1 610. One of these names, s. of Henry, of Burton Coggles,

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