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Lines., gent., adm. at Gray's Inn, May 5, 1613. Barrister,
1618. Perhaps brother of William (1612).

CHOLMLEY, ROBERT. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 13) at Sidney,
Jan. 12, 1634-5. S.of Henry, Esq., of Easton, Lines. Schools,
Oakham and London. Matric. 1635. Died Jan. 31, 1639-40.
M.I. at Stoke Rochford. Brother of Montague (1632-3).

CHOLMELY, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's,
Oct. 7, 1723. S. of James, Esq. B. in London. School,
Marlborough. Matric. 1723. Probably adm. at Lincoln's
Inn, Dec. 24, 1723, as s. of James, of Easton, Lines., Esq.
Barrister, 1730. (Scott-Mayor, m. 364.)

CHOLMELY, SAMUEL. Adm. sizar at Pxterhousx, Easter,

1647. S. of Nathaniel, of London. B.A. 1 650-1; M.A. 1654.

Fellow, 1651. Incorp. at Oxford, 1654. One of these names

R. of Glatton, Hunts., c. 1658-^1. (T. A. Walker.)
CHOLMELEY, SAMUEL, Matric. sizar from Clark, Michs. 1650.

Perhaps the above.
CHOMLEY or CHAMLEY, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from

Christ's, Apr. 1584. Probably brother of Henry (1579).
CHOLMELAYE, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from St Catharine's,

Michs. 1585.
CHOLMONDELEY, THOMAS. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Jesus, Apr.

37, 1635. Probably natural a. of Robert, Earl of Leinster.

Matric 1635. Of Holford, Cheshire, Esq. Captain in the

Royal Army. Perhaps M.P. for Carlisle, 1640. Died Jan. 6,

1668 (Ormerod, 1. 496.)
CHOLMONDLY, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 19) at St John's,

Aug. 25, 1662. S. of Thomas, yeoman, of Barnston-in-Wood-

church, Cheshire. B. there. School, Chester. Matric. 1662,

aa 'Choreby'; B.A. 1667-8.
CHOLMLEY, THOMAS. Matric sizar from Trinity Hall, July,

1704. Adm. scholar, Jan. 23, 1704-5; B.A. 1707-8; M.A.

1712. Ord. deacon (London) Feb. 1707-8; priest (Llandaff)

Sept. 25, 1709. Incorp. at Oxford, 1712. R. of Putley,

Heref., 1711. V. of We»ton, iyif>. V. of Canon-Pyoo, 1728.

Perhaps V. of the Cathedral Church of Hereford. Died Aug.

4, I735- (G. Mag.)

Christian, Humphrey

CHOLMONDELY, THOMAS. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 17) at St
John's, June 20, 17.13. S. of Charles (1701), Esq., of Vale
Royal, Cheshire. B. at Chevening. School, Westminster.
Matnc 1745. M.P. for Co. Chester, 1756-68. Died June
2, 1779. (Scott-Mayor, m. 537.)

CHOLMELAYE, WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from St Catharine's,
Michs. 1585. One of these names M.P. for Michael, Cornwall,

CHOLMELEY, WILLIAM. Matric pens, from Magdalene,
Michs. 1 61 2. S. of Sir Henry, of Burton Coggles, Lines.,
Knt Adm. at Gray's Inn, Aug. 12, 1614. Ancient, 1638.
One of these names M.P. for Gt Bedwin, 1624; forThirsk,
Yorks., 1626. Perhaps brother of Robert (1610).

CHOLWICK, THOMAS. Adm. Fell. -Com. (age 19) at Christ's,
Apr. 4, 1750. S. of William. B. at Blackawton, Devon.
School, Tiverton. Matric 1750. Will (P.CC.) 1775.

CHOPPIN, CRANE. Matric. pens, from Emmanuel, Easter,
1620. Buried at St Andrew's, Cambridge, Dec. 7, 1620.

CHOPPYNE, ROBERT. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1654. Of
Coddenham, Suffolk. S. of Tollmash. B. 1638. Adm. at
Gray's Inn, Jan. 29, 1654-5.


CHORLEY, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 19) at Christ's, June 21,
1651. S. of William, of (Breckside, Liverpool), Lanes.
School, Walton. Matric. 1653. Adm. at Gray's Inn, 1651.
Of Onnskirk, Esq. Married Ellen, dau. of William Hale-
wood, of Little Woolton. (Peile, 1. 544; Vis. of Lanes., 1664.)

CHORLEY, JOSIAH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 26, 1669.
One of these names, 2nd s. of Henry, of Preston, Lanes.,
was a nonconformist minister at Norwich, from 1692. He
is called M.A., but there is no graduate of that name. Author
of a Metrical Index to the Bible. (F.M.G., 1. 171 ; D.N.B.)



CHOUTE, see also CHUTE.

CHOUTE, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Sept. 6, 1656.
Matric. 1656.

CHOWNE, see also CHUNE.

CHOWNE, GEORGE. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Emmanuel, Lent,
1623-4. Perhaps s. and h. of Thomas, of Alfriston, Sussex:
age 29 in 1634. Brother of William (1625-6). (Suss. Vis.)

CHOWNE, JOHN. Scholar of Queens', 1533-5.

CHOWNE, NEVILL. Matric. pens, from Clare, Easter, 1604.
S. of Sir George, of ' Oxenhoath,' Kent, Knt. Adm. at Gray's
Inn, Nov. 27, 1607. Will (P.CC.) 1618.

CHOUNE, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Pembroke, 1627; BA.
1 630-1; M.A. 1634. S. of Thomas, of Alfriston, Sussex.
Fellow of St John's, 1637. (Suss. Vis.)

CHOWNE or CHOONE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel,
Jan. 16, 1625-6. Of Sussex. Perhaps s. of Thomas, of
Alfriston. Matric. 1626; B.A. 1629-30; M.A. 1633. Fellow
of St John's, 1634-7. Buried at All Saints', Cambridge,
July 15, 1637. Brother of George (1623-4). (Suss. Vis.)

Christi, 1647. Of Kent. Perhaps matric. as Chune. B.A.
1650-1; M.A. 1654. P.C. of Leeds, Kent, 1659.

manuel, June 11, 1653. Of Lincolnshire. Matric 1653; B.A.
1656-7; M.A. 1660.


CHRIE, NICHOLAS. Matric pens, from Corpus Christi, Easter,

CHRIMES, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St John's, Feb. 4,
1636-7. S of Robert, yeoman, of Weaverham, Cheshire.
B. there. School, Northwich. Matric. 1637; B.A. 1640-1.

CHRIMES, WILLIAM. LL.B. from St John's, 1652. Probably
the above.

CHRISTIAN, EWAN. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Christ's, Oct 12,
1734. S. of John, lawyer, of Ewanrigg, Cumberland. B. there,
1718. School, Appleby. Matric. 1735; Scholar, 1735. Adm.
at Gray's Inn, May 26, 1736. Barrister, 174a- Buried at
Dearham, Cumberland, Aug. 16, 1752. Brother of the next.
(Peile, 11. 230.)

CHRISTIAN, HUMPHREY. Adm. at St John's, Oct. 29, 1737.
S. of John, lawyer, of Cumberland, and Milntown, Isle of Man.
B. at Ewanrigg, Cumberland. School, Appleby. Matric.
1737; B.A. 1741-2; M.A. 174.I. Fellow of Christ's, Apr. 10,
1745; resigned, Dec. 8, 1746. Ord. deacon (Carlisle) Oct 10,
1743; priest (Norwich) June 9, 1745- R- of Burnham Deep-
dale, Norfolk, 1749-66. R. of Palgrave, Suffolk, 1755-7.
R. of Knapton, Norfolk, 1759-73- V- o* Docking, 1766-73.
Died July 31, 1773. Brother of Ewan, above. (Scott-Mayor,
in. 489; Peile, 11 235.)


Christian, John

CHRISTIAN, JOHN. Matric. sizar from St John's, Michs. 1569.
One of these names R. of Coveney, Cambs., 1564. Perhaps
the man ord. deacon (Ely) Mar. 1561-2, age 24; usher of Ely
school. One of these names R. of Stratford St Mary, Suffolk,

CHRISTIAN, JOHN. Matric sizar from Queens', Michs. 1582.
Of Cambridge. B.A. from St Catharine's, 1586-7. One of
these names R. of Winfarthing, Norfolk, 1 594-1 603.

CHRISTIAN, LAURENCE. Carmelite friar. B.D. 1491-2.

CHRISTIAN, ROBERT. Matric. sizar from Queens', Easter,
1583. Of Cambridgeshire. Ord. deacon (Dublin) Dec 14,
1585. Perhaps V. of Caxton, Cambs., 1596.

CHRISTIAN, THOMAS. M.A. from Pembroke, 1736. S. of
Ewan, of Dearham, Cumberland. B. there, Mar. 29, 1697.
B.A. of Trinity College, Dublin. V. of Crosthwaite, Cumber-
land. 1728-70. Died Oct. 13, 1770. (G. Mag.; Hutchinson,
Cumberland, 11. 146.)

CHRISTIAN, . Adm. sizar at Peterhouse, Apr. 28, 1621.

CHRISTMAS, HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's,
June 3,' 1667. S. of Henry, gent. B. at Binsted, near Alton,
Hants. School, Winchester. Matric. 1667. He (or Nicholas)
was buried at All Saints', Cambridge, in 1667. Brother of
Nicholas (1667).

CHRISTMAS, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Peterhouse, Michs.

CHRISTMAS, JOHN. Matric sizar from Corpus Christi, Easter,
1620; B.A. 1624-5. Of Norfolk. Ord. deacon (Peterb.)
Sept. 24; priest, Sept. 25, 1626. V. of Guestwick, Norfolk,

CHRISTMAS, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Christ's, 1680. S. of John.
B. at Sudbury, Suffolk. School, Sudbury. Matric. 1680;
B.A. 1683-4. Ord. priest (Norwich) May, 1686. V. of Great
Cornard, Suffolk, 1686-9. Joined the Church of Rome; adm.
at Douai, July 16, 1690. (Peile, 11. 77.)

CHRISTMAS, NICHOLAS. Adm. pens, (age 19) at St John's,
June 3, 1667. S. of Henry, gent. B. at Binsted, Hants.
School, Alton. Matric 1667. Brother of Henry (1667) whom

CHRISTENMAS, ROBERT. Matric ens. from Trinity, Easter,


CHRISTMAS, WILLIAM. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1603. B. at
Halstead, Essex. B.A. 1607-8; M.A. 1612. Ord. deacon
(London) Mar. 19, 1608-9, age 24. C. of Sible Hedingham.

CHRISTOPHER, FRANCIS. LL.B. 1654 (Incorp. from Oxford)
(not recorded in Al. Oxon.).

CHRISTOPHERS, GEORGE. Matric. pens, from St John's,
Michs. 1560; B.A. 1563-4.

CHRISTOPHER, THE BEDELL. University Bedell, c. 1300.
(Stokes, Bedells, 54.)

CHRISTOPHER, THE BEDELL. Probably University Bedell,
c. 1455. (Stokes, Bedells, 65.)

CHRISTOPHER, . M.A. 1475-6; B.D. 1483-4.

St John's, May 17, 1737. S. of John (1693), clerk, of
Cumberland. B. at Addingham. School, Appleby, Westmor-
land. Matric. 1737; B.A. 1740-1. Brother of Preston (1731).

CHRISTOPHERSON, JOHN. B.A. 1540-1; M.A. 1543; B.D.
1554. B. at Ulverstone, Lanes. Fellow of Pembroke, 1541;
of St John's, 1542; and of Trinity, 1546. During the reign
of Edward he retired to Louvain. Master of Trinity, 1553-8.
Confessor to Queen Mary. Dean of Norwich, 1554. R. of
Swanton Morley, Norfolk, 1556. Bishop of Chichester, 1557.
Died 1558. Buried at Christ Church, London, Jan. 22,
1558-9. Benefactor to Trinity College. (D.N.B.; Cooper,
1. 188.)

CHRISTOPHERSON, JOHN. Matric sizar from Trinity, Lent,

CHRISTOPHERSON, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 16) at St John's,
Mar. 27, 1693. S. of Alexander, deceased. B. at Lowick Hall,
near Ulverston, Lanes. School, Kendal. Matric. 1693;
B.A. 1696-7; M.A. 1700; B.D. 1708. Fellow, 1699-1713.
Ord. priest (Lincoln) Dec 22, 1700. V. of Addingham,
Cumberland, 1702-57. R. of Kirkland, 1717-20. V. of St
Laurence, Appleby, 1720-57. Died Oct. 5, 1757. Father of
Christopher (1737) and the next. (G. Mag.)

CHRISTOPHERSON, PRESTON. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St
John's, Oct. 22, 1731. S. of John (above), B.D. B. at
Addingham, near Penrith, Cumberland. School, Appleby,
Westmorland. Matric 1733; B.A. 1735-6; M.A. from
Pembroke, 1739. Fellow of Pembroke, 1737. Brother of
Christopher (1737).

CHRISTOPHERSON, . M.D. 1502-3. John Christopherson,

M.D. was buried at St Mildred Poultry, London, in 1524.

Church, Joseph

CHRITOFTE, ROGER. B.A. 1529-30; M.A. 1533. Fellow of
Jesus, 1536.


CHUBB, EDWARD. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St John's, Jan. 20,
1672-3. S. of John. B. at Warminster, Wilts. School,
Salisbury. Matric. 1672-3; B.A. 1676-7; M.A. 1682. Preb.
of Sarum, 1693. R. of Brixton-Deverill, Wilts. Will (Consist.
Sarum) 1716. (J. Ch. Smith.)

CHUBBES, WILLIAM. B.A. 1465-6. B. at Whitby, Yorks.
M.A. 1469; D.D. i486. Fellow of Pembroke, 1466. Ord.
sub-deacon (Ely) Mar. 14, 1466-7; priest, Sept. 19, 1467.
Licensed, by the Bishop of Ely, to hear confessions, 1493.
First master of Jesus, 1497. Died Nov. 1505. Benefactor to
Pembroke. Will, P.C.C. (Cooper, 1. 10; A. Gray.)

CHUDLEIGH, JOHN. M.A. 1629 (Incorp. from Oxford). S. of
Sir George, Knt., of Devon. Matric. from Wadham College,
June 1, 1621, age 15; B.A. 1623-4; created M.A. 1626.
Knighted, 1626. M.P. for East Looe, 1626; for Lostwithiel,
1627-8. Died 1634. (Al. Oxon.)

from Oxford). Matric. from Corpus Christi, Nov. 9, 1621,
age 17; B.A. from All Souls', 1625; M.A. from Queen's
College, 1628; B.D. 1636. R. of St Clement, Oxford, 1630.
R. of Cowley, Gloucs., 1652. R. of Hampstead Marshall,
Berks., 1661. (Al. Oxon.)

CHUNE, see also CHOWNE.

CHUNE, GEORGE. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Queens', Lent, 1 571-2.
Of London.

CHUN, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Easter, 1623; B.A.
1627-8; M.A. 1631. R. of Thorington, Suffolk, 1646. Usher
at Uppingham School.

CHUNN, ROBERT. Matric. sizar from Clare, c. 1593.

CHUN, SAMUEL. Adm. sizar at Queens', June 14, 1639. Of
Huntingdonshire. Matric. 1639, as 'Shun'; B.A. 1642-3.

CHUN, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from St John's, Michs. 1608.


CHURCH, BARTHOLOMEW. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Caius,
Apr. 6, 1601. Eldest s. of John, of Earls Colne, Essex.
B. at Colchester. School, Earls Colne. Scholar, 1601-5;
B.A. 1602-3; M.A. 1606. Died in the Low Countries, without
issue. (Vis. of Essex, 1612; Venn, 1. 174.)

CHURCH, BERNARD. Adm. sizar at Corpus Christi, 1696.
Of Norwich. Matric. 1696; B.A. 1699-1700. Ord. deacon
(Norwich) Sept. 1703. Schoolmaster in St Peter Mancroft
parish, Norwich. V. of Leighton Bromswold, Hunts., 1712-6.
Died 1716.

CHURCH, JAMES. Adm. sizar at Christ's, Sept. 14, 1669.
Matric. from Trinity Hall, 1669; B.A. from Christ's, 1672-3;
M.A. 1676.

CHURCH, JOHN. M.A. and B.D. of Cambridge. Grant by the
Pope, of a benefice in the gift of Westminster Abbey, Apr. 28,
1406. (Cal. Pat. Rolls.)

CHURCH or CHIRCH, JOHN. Scholar of Queens', 1493; M.A.
1498-9. Fellow, 1497-1509. University Preacher, 1505-6.
Will of one of these names, connected with St Paul's Cathedral
(P.C.C.) 1510.

CHURCH, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age x6) at Caius, Apr. 6, 1659.
S. of Hamlin, gent., of Hemingstone, Suffolk. B. there.
School, Stowmarket. Matric 1660. Adm. at the Inner
Temple, 1661. (Venn, 1. 405.)

CHURCH, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Christ's, Feb. 2,
1671-2. S. of John. B. at Hertford. School, Islington.
Matric. 1672; B.A. 1675-6. Ord. deacon (London) May 21,
1676; priest, Sept. 23, 1677. V. of Nasing, Essex, 1688-9.
R. of Middleton St Nicholas, Sussex, 1689. V. of Pagham,
1701. Died Feb. 23, 1710-1. Buried at Pagham. (Peile, n.

CHURCH, JOHN. Incorp. M.A. 1732, from Christ Church,
Oxford. Matric. there, June 18, 1723, age 18. S. of John, of
St Margaret's, Westminster. (Master of the choristers at the
Abbey.) B.A. 1727; M.A. 1730. R. of Boxford, Suffolk,
1735-85. R. of Groton, 1743-85. Died at Norwich, Oct.
27, 1785. (Al. Oxon.; Westm. Abbey Reg.)

CHURCH, JOSEPH. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, June 3, 1645.
Of Middlesex. Matric. 1647; B.A. 1648-9; M.A. 1652. V. of
All Saints', Hertford, 1654-60. R. of St Catharine Coleman,
London, 1660-62, ejected. Author, Christian's Daily Monitor,

1669. (Calamy, 1. 115; Urwick, Herts., 529.)

CHURCH, JOSEPH. Adm. sizar at St Catharine's, May 11,

1670. Matric. 1673; B.A. 1673-4; M.A. 1677. Ord. deacon
(Norwich) Dec. 1675; priest (London) Sept. 23, 1677.


Church, Joseph

CHURCH, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Peterhousk,
July 3, 1678. School, Norwich. Scholar, 1678; Matric. 1679;
B.A. 1681-2; M.A. 1686. Ord. priest (Norwich) Dec 21, 1688.
R. of Erpingham, Norfolk, 1696-1724. R. of Suffield,! 714-24.
Buried at Erpingham, 1724. M.I.

CHURCH, JOSEPH. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Pembroke, June 11,
i7og. S. of Thomas, of Hethersett, Norfolk, clerk. B. in
Norfolk. Matric. from Pembroke College, Oxford, May 5,
1710, age 17; B.A. (Oxford) 1712-3. (Al. Oxon.)

CHURCH, JOSIAS. Matric. sizar from Pembroke, Easter, 1587.
Ord. deacon and priest (London) June 24 and 29, 1599. R. of
South Shoebury, Essex, 1610.

CHURCH, JOSIAS. Matric. pens, from Christ's, Dec. 1622;

B.A. 1625-6; M.A. 1636. R. of Ashingdon, Essex, 1641.

Minister of Southchurch, 1644. R. of Hackwell, 1655-62.

(Peile, 1. 345)
CHURCH, NATHANIEL. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. 8,

1642. Of Middlesex. Matric. 1643; Scholar; B.A. 1646-7;

M.A. 1653. Subscribed for priest's orders (Bristol) Dec. 19,

CHURCH, RANDALL Matric. pens, from Christ's, Dec. 1580.

Of Cheshire. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Mar. 19, 1581-2.

(Peile, 1. 160.)
CHIRCH, RICHARD. Scholar at King's Hall, 1444-52.
CHURCH, RICHARD. Matric. sizar from Corpus Christi,

Michs. 1545.
CHURCHE, RICHARD. Matric. pens, from Christ's, Lent,

1564-5. Probably ord. deacon (Ely); priest (Ely) Dec. 1574,

'aged 25; understands Latin; Curate of Witchford, Camps.'

V. of Witchford, 1574-1615. R. of Garveston, Norfolk, 1587;

of Whinburgh, 1587. Father of Thomas (1617). (Peile, 1. 89.)

CHURCH, RICHARD. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi,
Easter, 1577.

CHURCH, RICHARD. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Jesus, July 11,
1674. Of Norfolk. Matric. 1674-5; Scholar, 1676; B.A. 1678-
9; M.A. 1682. Ord. deacon (Norwich) May, 1684; priest
(Peterb.) Sept. 26, 1698. Minor canon of Peterborough, 1698.
V. of Maxey, Northants., 1701-16. R. of Etton, 1705. Buried
at Maxey, Dec. 21, 1716. (H. I. Longden.)

CHURCHE, ROBERT. Matric. sizar from St John's, June 30,
1565. S. of Bartholomew, of Earl's Colne, Essex. School,
Colchester. Migrated as pens, to Caius, Oct. 23, 1566, age 17;
B.A. 1567-8; M.A. 1571; B.D. 1578; D.D. 1594. Fellow of
Caius, 1569-1606. Ord. deacon and priest (Lincoln) May 13,
1573. University preacher, 1578. Scrutator, 1588. Lady
Margaret preacher, 1595. V. of Mutford, Suffolk, 1583. Will
(P.C.C.) 1616; as of Earl's Colne. (Venn, 1. 59; Vis. of
Essex, 1612.)

CHURCH, STEPHEN. Matric. sizar from Corpus Christi,
Easter, 1584.

CHURCHE, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Christ's, Nov. 1559.

CHURCH, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Clare, Lent, 1563-4.
S. of John, of Runwell, Essex. B.A. 1566-7; M.A. 1570.
Incorp. at Oxford, 1572. Adm. at the Middle Temple, May
12, 1563. One of these names R. of Twyford, Norfolk,

CHURCH, THOMAS. Resident at Queens', 1601-2. Tutor to
the Earl of Huntingdon. Died 1606.

CHURCH, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 15) at Caius, Apr. 9,
1617. S. of Richard (1564), R. of Whinburgh, Norfolk.
School, Reymcrstone. Matric. 1617. Died in College. Buried
in St Michael's, June 13, 1620. (Venn, 1. 235.)

CHURCH, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Peterhouse, Apr.
14, 1645. School, St Paul's, London. Matric. 1645; Scholar,
1648; B.A. 1648-9; M.A. 1652; B.D. 1659; D.D. 1664.
Fellow, 1650-9. V. of Cherry H in ton, Cambs., 1652. R. of
Hethersett, Norfolk, 1670-3. Died 1673. (T. A. Walker.)

CHURCH, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Peterhouse,

Mar. 10, 1674-5. Of Cambridgeshire. School, Melton,

Norfolk (private). Matric. 1675 j Scholar, 1675; B.A. 1678-9;

M.A. 1682. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Mav, 1681; priest, June,

CHURCH, WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from Trinity Hall, Michs.

1628; LL.B. 1635.
CHURCH, . Adm. Fell. Com. at Trinity Hall, July 1,

1732 (resident till 1735).
CHURCHEY, GEORGE. Adm. sizar at Jesus, Apr. 23, 1712.

S. of William, K. of Poole, Dorset. Rustat scholar. Matric.

1712; B.A. 1716-7; M.A. 1720. Incorp. at Oxford, 1722.

V. of East Harptree, Somerset, 1722. V. of Stogumber, 1753.

CHURCHEY, WILLIAM. Adm. scholar at Trinity Hall, Jan.
7. 1678-9. Matric. 1678; B.A. 1682-3; M.A. 1692. V. of
E*st Brent, Somerset, 1689-1702. R. of Poole, Dorset, 1692-
1702. Died 1702.

Churchward, James
churchgate, john. b.a. 1506-7.

CHURCHILL, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Mar. 2, 1725-6.
Matric. 1726. Probably s. of John, of Westminster, adm. at
the Inner Temple, 1723.

CHURCHILL, CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's,
July 8, 1748 (according to D.N.B. he was adm. at Trinity,
as Westminster scholar in 1749; but this seems an error).
S. of Charles, clerk (R. of Rainham, Essex, and lecturer at
St John's, Westminster). He did not come into residence,
having contracted a Fleet marriage, when 17. Ord. deacon
(Wells); priest (London) 1756; C. at Rainham, 1756. Suc-
ceeded his father at St John's, Westminster, 1758, for a
year or two. Abandoned the clerical career, and led a busy
literary life, as poet and satirist. Author, The Rosciad, and
many other poetical and literary works. Died at Boulogne,
Nov. 4, 1764. Buried at St Martin's, Dover. (D.N.B.; A I.

CHURCHILL, FLEETWOOD. Adm. pens, at Clare, Mar. 17,
1749-50 (adm. at St John's, Mar. 16, 1748-9). S. of Joseph,
gei.t. B. at Northampton. School, Northampton. Matric.
1750; B.A. 1754; M.A. 1757; D.D. 1773. Fellow of Clare,
1757-72- Ord. deacon (Ely) Aug. 24, 1758. R. of Patrington,
Yorks., 1772-80. Died 1780. (Scott-Mayor, m. 588.)

CHURCHILL, HENRY. Adm. (age 18) at Trinity, Mar. 24,
1 70 1-2. S. of Henry, of Dorchester. School, Dorchester.
Matric. 1702; Scholar, 1704; B.A. 1705-6; M.A. 1709. Ord.
priest (London) Mar. 20, 1708-9. R. of Hammoon, Dorset,
1711-9. Father of the next.

CHURCHILL, HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at St John's,
Apr. 7, 1731. S. of Henry, clerk, of Dorset (above). B. at
Hammoon. School, Sherborne. Matric. 1731. Died in
College. Buried at All Saints', July 26, 1732. Brother of
William (1732-3).

CHURCHILL, JOHN. Matric. Fell.-Com. from St John's, Easter,
1609. Probably of London, gent., adm. at Gray's Inn, Jan. 5,
1608-9. Of Minterne, Dorset; barrister-at-law. S. of Win-
ston. Dep. registrar of Court of Chancery, 1635. (J.Foster,
Gray's Inn.)

CHURCHILL, JOHN, Marquis of Blandford. Adm. Fell.-Com.
at King's, c. 1700. S. of Duke of Marlborough. Died of
small-pox at Cambridge, Feb. 20, 1702-3. M.I. in the Chapel.
(Hist. King's, 163; Le Neve, Mon., 11. 35.)

CHURCHILL, JOSHUA. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, Jan. 29,
1647-8. Of Dorset. Matric. 1647-8; already entered at
Queens', Aug. 18, 1644. V. of Over Compton, Dorset, in
1650. R. of Winterbourne Came and Farringdon, 1655. V. of
Fordington, 1656; ejected, 1662. Afterwards a preacher
at Dorchester. (Calamy, 1. 451.)

CHURCHILL, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's,
Oct. 21, 1703. S. of Henry, gent. B. at Dorchester. School,
Dorchester. (Matric. from Balliol College, Oxford, Mar. 20,
1702-3.) Matric. 1706; B.A. 1706-7. Not the M.P. for
Ipswich. Brother of Henry (1702). (A I. Oxon.)

CHURCHILL, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's,
Feb. 21, 1732-3. S. of Henry (1702), of Dorset (R. of Ham-
moon). School, Sherborne. Matric. 1733; B.A. 1736-7; M.A.
1740. Probably R. of Cattistock, Dorset, 1758-70. Brother
of Henry (1731). Died 1780.

CHURCHMAN, BENJAMIN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Peterhouse,
May 8,1661. Of Lanes. School, Lancaster. Matric. 1661-2;
B.A. 1665-6. Ord. priest (Lincoln) Sept. 20, 1668. V. of
Sproxton, Leics., 1671-95. Died 1695. (Nichols' Leics., 11.

CHURCHMAN, BENJAMIN. Adm. sizar (age 18) at St John's,
June 25, 1674. S. of Richard, husbandman, of Earl Shilton,
Leics. B. there. School, Bosworth. Matric. 1674; B.A.
1677-8; M.A. 1681. Fellow, 1684-9.

CHURCHMAN, JOHN. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1641. Of
London. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 1646, as s. and h.
of Ozias, of London. Barrister, 1654.

CHURCHMAN, RICHARD. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Easter,

CHURCHMAN, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Queens', June 2,

1713. Of Norfolk. S. of William, of Illington, Esq. B. there,

July 25, 1697. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 1716. Buried at

Illington, Jan. 5, i77°-
CHURCHWARD, JAMES. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Caius, Oct. 5,

1731. S. of William, R. of Goodleigh, Devon. B. there.

School, Barnstaple. Matric. 1731; Scholar, 1731-9; B.A.

I733-0- Incorp. at Oxford, 1733, asChurchwood. M.A. 1739.

Ord. priest (Wells), June 1, 1740. Of Stoke Gabriel, Devon.

R. of Laverton, Somerset, 1742. Brother of the next. (Venn,

"• 35)



Churchward, William

CHURCHWARD, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Caius,
June 28, 1734. S. of William, R. of Goodleigh, Devon.
B. there. School, Barnstaple. Matric. 1734; Scholar, 1734-8;
B.A. 1737-8; M.A. 1741. Ord. deacon (Exeter) May 28,
1738; priest, Dec. 23, 1739. R. of Goodleigh, Devon, 1741-
80. R. of Stoke Rivers, 1742. Died at Bath, May 22, 1780.
Buried at St James. Brother of James, above. (Venn, 11. 39.)

CHURTON, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, June 20,
1616; B.A. 1619-20; M.A. 1625.

CHUTE, CHALONER. Matric. pens, from Pembroke, Michs.

1613. S. and h. of Charles, Esq., of Kelvedon, Essex, and
Ursula, dau. of John Chaloner, of Midds., barrister, Middle
Temple. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. n, 1613. Em-
ployed as royalist counsel, 1641. M.P. for Midds., 1656
(excluded) and 1659. Speaker of the House of Commons,
Jan. to March, 1658-9. Died Apr. 14, 1659. (D.N.B. wrong
as to parentage.) (Vis. of London, 1634.)

CHUTE, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 9, 1629.

Of Kent. S. of Edward, of Bethersden, Kent. Matric. 1629,

as 'Hute.' Adm. at Gray's Inn, Apr. 14, 1632. Brother of

George (1627), Nicholas (1637) and Philip (1629). (Kent

Vis., 1619, 1663.)
CHUTE, EDWARD. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 17) at St John's,

Apr. 18, 1651. S. of George, Esq., of Gt Chart, Kent. B.

there. School, Wye, Kent. Matric. 1651. (Kent Vis., 1619,

CHUTE, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, June 26, 1627.

Of Kent. S. and h. of Edward, of Bethersden, Kent. Matric.

1627. Adm. at Gray's Inn, Feb. 3, 1630- 1. Of Bethersden,

Esq. Brother of Edward (1629). (Kent Vis., 1619, 1663.)
CHUTE, NICHOLAS. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Apr. 17, 1637.

Of Kent. S. of Edward, of Bethersden, Kent. Matric. 1637.

Adm. at Gray's Inn, Feb. 4, 1638-9.
CHUTE, PHILIP. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 9, 1629. Of

Kent. 3rd s. of Edward, of Bethersden. Matric. 1629. (Kent

Vis., 1619.)
CHUTE, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 14) at Trinity, Oct. 6,

1677. S. of John, of Winchester. B. in Hants.

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