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B.A. 1662-3. Ord. deacon and priest (York) Sept. 20, 1663.
R. of Corney, Cumberland, 1666-77. V. of Kirkby Ireleth,
Lanes., in 1677. Minister at Drigg, in 1677. R. of Whicham,
1680-1720. Buried there Jan. 13, 1720-1. (B. Nightingale.)

CROMPTON, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Sidney, June 10,
i68r. Only s. of Robert (? 1651), gent., deceased. B. at
Kelk, Yorks. School, Kelham. Matric. 1681. Adm. at the
Middle Temple, Feb. 9, 1683-4.

CROMPTON, SAMUEL. Adm. sizar at Jesus, May 3, 1681. Of

CROMPTON, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter,

CROMPTON, THOMAS. Matric. Fell. -Com. from King's, c. 1595.

CROMPTON, THOMAS. Matric. Fell. -Com. from Trinity,
Michs. 1598.

Cromwell, James

CROMPTON, THOMAS. Matric. sizar from Sidney, c. 1601;
B.A. 1604-5. Perhaps R. of Nettlestead, Suffolk, 1616; and
R. of Little Blakenham, 1626-43. Father of James (1647).

CROMPTON, THOMAS. Matric. sizar from Christ's, July, 1617;
B.A. 1619. One of these names minister at St Lawrence
Dengie, Essex, during the Commonwealth. Died 1657.
{Peile, 1. 319.)

CROMPTON, THOMAS. Adm. FelL-Com. (age 18) at Sidney,
Apr. 16, 1660. 1st s. of Thomas, Esq., of Driffield, Yorks.
B. at Lund, Yorks. (his mother's home). Schools, Danton
andMicham. Matric. 1660. J. P., East Riding, in 1687. {Vis.
of Yorks., 1666.)

CROMPTON, WALTER. Adm. sizar at St John's, May 26,
1741. S. of John, clerk, of Warws. B. at Solihull. School,
Market Bosworth. Matric. 1741; B.A. 1744-5. Ord. deacon
(Norwich) May 25, 1746, C. of Marlingford, Norfolk; priest
(Lincoln) Feb. 19, 1748-9; C. of Countsthorpe, Lines.

CROMPTON, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St John's,
Nov. 13, 1640. S. of William, yeoman, of Over-hulton, near
Bolton, Lanes. B. there. School, Blackrod, Lanes. Matric.
1640; B.A. 1644-5; M.A. 1648; B.D. 1655. Fellow, 1647.
Will (V.C.C.) 1658.

CROMPTON, WILLIAM. Matric. sizar from Queens', Lent,
1647-8. Of Buckinghamshire.

CROMPTON, . Adm. Fell. -Com. at Emmanuel, 1636.

CROMWELL, EDWARD. Fell.-Com. at Jesus for a short time
in 1574. S. of Henry (1553), 2nd Lord Cromwell. B. c. 1559.
Created M.A., July, 1594, at a special congregation. Served
in the wars abroad and in Ireland. Succeeded as 3rd Baron,
1592. Knighted, 1599. Privy Councillor (Ireland), 1603.
Governor of Lecale, 1605. Died in Ireland, Apr. 27, 1607.
Buried in Down Cathedral. {Cooper, 11. 473; D.N.B.)

CROMWELL, GEORGE. Matric. Fell.-Com. from King's, Michs.

CROMWELL, GREGORY. Student at Christ's, c. 1525. S. of

Thomas (1535), Secretary of State. Baron Cromwell, 1540.

Knighted, 1547. Died July, 1551. Father of Henry (1553).

{Peile, 1. 10; D.N.B.; Staffs. Pedigrees.)

CROMWELL, HENRY. Educated at Queens', c. 1540. S. of
Sir Richard Williams, alias Cromwell. M.P. for Hunts.,
1562. Knighted, 1564. Sheriff of Cambs. and Hunts. Of
Hinchinbrooke, Hunts. Died Jan. 6, 1603-4. Father of
Oliver (1578-9) and Robert (1578-9). {Cooper, n. 67; Vis.
of Hunts., 1613.)

CROMWELL, HENRY. Matric. Fell.-Com. from St John's,
Michs. 1553. S. and h. of Gregory (1525), Baron Cromwell.
B. before 1538. Succeeded as 2nd Baron, 1551. Perhaps
adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Mar. 7, 1556-7. Died Nov. 20, 1592.
Buried at North Elmham. Father of Edward (1574).

CROMWELL, HENRY. Matric. pens, from Jesus, Easter,

CROMWELL, HENRY. Adm. Fell.-Com. at King's, Michs. 1578.
Possibly the same as the next.

CROMWELL, HENRY. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Queens',
Michs. 1580. Of Huntingdonshire. S. of Francis, of Heming-
ford, Hunts, (s. of Sir Richard). B. 1565. Succeeded his
father in 1598.

CROMWELL, HENRY. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Queens', Aug. 30,
1600. Of Huntingdonshire. 1st s. of Sir Oliver (1578-9), of
Hinchinbrook. B. 1586. A royalist. Estates sequestered,
but restored by his cousin, the Protector. Died 1657. Brother
of John (1604), Thomas (1604), William (1604) and father of
James (1633-4) and doubtless of the next.

CROMWELL, HENRY. Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Easter,
1626. Doubtless s. of Henry (1600). Of Ramsey, Hunts.
M.P. for Hunts., 1654, 1656, 1659, 1660-73. Took the name
Williams, 1660. Died Aug. 3, 1673. (A. B. Beaven.)

CROMWELL, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Easter, 1644.
Youngest s. of the Protector. B. at Huntingdon, Jan. 20,
1628. Adm. at Gray's Inn, Feb. 22, 1653-4. M.P. for the
University, 1654. Created M.A. 1654. Major-general of
the forces in Ireland, 1654. Lord-deputy, 1657. Governor-
general, 1658. Lived in retirement after the Restoration, at
Chippenham, and at Spinney Abbey, Cambs. Died there
Mar. 23, 1673-4. Buried at Wicken. Brother of Oliver (1641),
Richard (1656) and father of Henry (1675). {]• Waylen,
44; D.N.B.)

CROMWELL, HENRY. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Emmanuel, May 26,
1675. Of Bedfordshire. Matric. 1675. S. of Henry (1644).
B. in Dublin, 1658. Major in the Army. Died at Lisbon,
171 1. (F.M.G.; Waylen.)

CROMWELL, JAMES. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs.


Cromwell, James

CROMWELL, JAMES. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Jesus, Jan. n,
l6 33~4- ist s. of Henry (1600), of Hinchinbrook. B. May
25, 1620. Matric 1633; MA. 1635-6 (on visit of the Chan-
cellor, and Elector Palatine). Colonel in the royalist army.
Died before 1657.

CROMWELL, JOHN. Matric Fell. -Com. from Queens', Easter,
1604. 3rds. of Sir Oliver (1578-9), of Hinchinbrook. Captain
in the Army. Afterwards Colonel of an English regiment
in the service of Holland. A strong royalist. Brother
of Henry (1600), Thomas (1604) and William (1604). (J.
Waylen, 15.)

CROMWELL, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Magdalene,
June 7, 1649. S. of Robert, late of Bamby Moor, Notts.,
gent. School, Repton. Matric. 1649; B.A. 1652; M.A. 1656.
Fellow, 1654-7. R. of Clayworth, Notts., 1657-62; ejected.
'Ordained there.' Imprisoned at Newark on suspicion of the
' Yorkshire Plot.' Minister at Norwich, 1675-85. Died Apr.
1685. (Caiamy, 11. 281.)

CROMWELL, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's, June 14,
1733. S. of Edward, gent., of Notts. B. at Heddingley.
School, Hallam, Derbs. Matric 1733.

CROMWELL, OLIVER. Matric. Fell. -Com. from Queens', Lent,
1578-9. Of Huntingdonshire. 1st s. of Sir Henry (1540), of
Hinchinbrook. B. 1562. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May 12,
1582. Uncle of the Protector. Of Hinchinbrook, Esq., where
he entertained King James, in 1603. Knighted, 1603. A
strong royalist. M.P. for Hunts, in seven Parliaments.
Died 1655. Buried at Ramsey, Aug. 28. Father of Henry
(1600), John (1604), Thomas (1604), William (1604) and
brother of Robert (1578-9).

CROMWELL, OLIVER. Adm. FeU.-Com. at Sidney, Apr. 23,
1616. 2nd s. of Robert (1578-9), of Huntingdon. B. there,
Apr. 25, 1599. School, Huntingdon. ('Hie fuit grandis Hie
impostor, carnifex perditissimus, qui pientissimo rege Carlo
1* nefaria coede sublato, ipsum usurpavit thronum et tria
regna per 5 ferme annorum spatium, sub protectoris nomine
indomita tyrannide vexavit': Royalist interpolation in the
register.) Left College, on his father's death, in 1617.
Married, at St Giles', Cripplegate, Aug. 22, 1620, Elizabeth,
dau. of Sir James Bourchier. Settled on the paternal estate
at Huntingdon. M.P. for Huntingdon, 1628-9; f° r Cam-
bridge, 1640, and 1640-53. D.C.L. (Oxford) 1649. Chancellor
of Oxford, 1650-7. Lord Protector, 1653-8. Died at White-
hall, Sept. 3, 1658. Father of the next, Henry (1644) and
Richard. (D.N.B.)

CROMWELL, OLIVER Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Lent,
1641-2. 2nd s. of the Protector, Bapt. at Huntingdon,
Feb. 6, 1622-3. School, Felsted. Captain in the Parliament-
ary Army, c. 1642. Died of small-pox at Newport Pagnell,
Mar. 1644. According to Cussans he was killed in an attack
on the Scottish army, July, 1648. (J. Waylen, 27; Cussans, 1.

CROMWELL, PHILIP. Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Easter,
1626. S. of Sir Philip, of Ramsey, Hunts., Knt. Bapt. 1608.
B.A. 1628; M.A. 1632. Adm. at Jesus, May 12, 1634. B.D.
from Jesus, 1639. R. of Wistow, Hunts., 1632-42. Died
1642. Buried at Wistow. (W. M Noble.)

CROMWELL, RALPH. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 18) at Sidney,
May 23, 1706. 1st s. of Samuel (1673). B. at Mansfield,
Notts. School, West Hallam, Derbs. Matric 1706; M.B.
1712. Brother of William (1708).

CROMWELL, RICHARD. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Oct. 2, 1619.
Of Huntingdonshire. Probably s. of Henry (? 1580), of
Upwood, Hunts. B. 1603. Ma trie 1620. Buried at Up wood,
June 7, 1626. {F.M.G., 435.)

CROMWELL, RICHARD. M.P. for the University, 1656. 3rd
s. of Oliver, the Protector. B. Oct. 4, 1626. Held a commis-
sion in the Parliamentary Army. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn,
May 27, 1647. M.P. for Hunts., 1654. Succeeded his father
as Chancellor of the University of Oxford, 1657-60. Member
of Cromwell's House of Lords. Succeeded as Protector, 1658.
Left England in 1660, and resided in Paris and Geneva.
Returned to England about 1680, and settled at Cheshunt,
Herts. Died there July 12, 1712. Buried at Hursley, Hants.
Brother of Henry (1644) and Oliver (1641). (D.N.B.)

CROMWELL, ROBERT. Matric FeU.-Com. from Queens',
Lent, 1578-9. Of Huntingdonshire. 2nd s. of Sir Henry
(i540)>of Hinchinbrook. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May 12,
1582. Lived in Huntingdon. M.P. for Huntingdon, 1592.
J. P. Buried at All Saints', Huntingdon, June 24, 1617.
Will, P.C.C. Father of the Protector and brother of Oliver

CROMWELL, SAMUEL Adm. pens, (age 17) at Sidney, May
15, 1673. S. of Thomas, gent., deceased. B. at Sutton.
Notts. School, Bale, Notts. Father of Ralph (1706) and
William (1708).

Crooke, James

CROMWELL, THOMAS, Earl of Essex. Chancellor of the
University, 1535, and Visitor of the Universities. S. of
Walter Cromwell, alias Smyth, of Putney. B. there, c. 1485.
Served as a soldier in Italy. Adm. at Gray's Inn, 1524.
M.P. for Taunton, 1529. Chancellor of the Exchequer,
1533- King's secretary, 1334. Master of the Rolls, 1534.
High Steward of the University, 1534. Vicar-general, 1535
Lord Privy Seal, 1536. Knighted, 1536. K.G. 1537. Dean of
Wells, 1537. Earl of Essex, 1540. The notorious tool of
Henry VIII in the suppression of the monasteries. The Uni-
versity granted him a pension of 401. in 1534, for his favours.
Executed July 28, 1540. Father of Gregory (1525). (D.N.B.;
Or. Bk.,A, 227.)

CROMWELL, THOMAS. Matric. Fell -Com. from St John's,
Michs. 1553.

CROMWELL, THOMAS. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Queens', Apr. 2,
1604. 2nd s. of Sir Oliver (1578^-9), of Hinchinbrook. A
royalist. Probably served in the King's army. Of Gt
Stoughton, Hunts. ; fined for his delinquency, £240. Brother
of John (1604), Henry (1600), and the next.

CROMWELL, WILLIAM Adm. FeU.-Com. at Queens', Apr. 2,
1604. 4th s. of Sir Oliver (1578-9), of Hinchinbrook. Colonel
in the service of the Elector-Palatine. Died of the plague
at Ramsey, 1665. Brother of the above and John (1604).
(J- Waylen, 15; F.M.G., 436.)

CROMWELL, WILLIAM Matric sizar from Magdalene,
Easter, 1608.

CROMWELL, WILLIAM Adm. pens, (age 17) at Sidney,
May 27, 1708. 2nd s. of Samuel (1673). B. at Mansfield,
Notts. School, London (Mr Car). Brother of Ralph (1706).

Huntingdonshire. B.D. 1508-9; D.D. 1531-2. Fellow of
Pembroke, 1501. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Apr. 6; priest,
June 1, 1504. University preacher, 1506-7. R. of Offord
Darcy, Hunts., 1542-58. Died 1558. WiU, Archd. C. Hunts.
For an account of his supposed 'revelations,' see Cooper,
1. 532. (Cooper, 1. 72.)

CRONSHAW, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi,
Michs. 1637. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec 20, 1640 ('B.A.').
R. of North Wootton, Norfolk, 1662, 'M.A.* R. of Wick-
hampton, 1669-70.

CRONSHAY or CRANSHAW, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at
Caius, Jan. 30, 1604-5. S. of Thomas, R. of Hartest, Suffolk.
School, Depden. Matric 1605; Scholar, 1605-12; B.A. 1608-
9; M.A. 1612. Ord. priest (Norwich) June 7, 1612. C. of
Ixworth, Suffolk, 1617. R. of Fakenham and Euston, 1619.
Perhaps R. of Thurlton, Norfolk, 1663-9. (Venn, 1. 188.)

CRONSHEY, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's,
Mar. 23, 1682-3. S. of John, husbandman. B. at Shimpling,
Suffolk. School, Bury St Edmunds. Matric 1683; B.A.

CRONSHAYE, THOMAS. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Easter,
1605; B.A. from Jesus, 1608-9; M.A. 1612. R. of Chilton,
Suffolk, 1615-33. R- °f Fritton, Norfolk, 1616. R. of
Hardwick, 1620-44, sequestered.

CROOKE, see also CROKE.

CROOKE, BANKES. Adm. sizar (age 16) at St John's, May 13,
1674. S. of John, stationer, of St Gregory, London. B. there.
School, Eton. Matric. 1674; B.A. 1677-8. R. of St Mary,
Stayning. R. of St Michael, Wood St, London, 1691-1703.
Admon. (P.C.C.) 1703.

CROOKE, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's, June 23,
1648. S. of William, of Askwith-in-Weston, near Otley, Yorks.
B. there. School, Bingley. V. of Topcllfle, Yorks., 1660.

CROOKE, HILKIAH. Matric. sizar from St John's, c. 1591,
asEUas 3rd s. of Thomas (1560). B. in Suffolk. Scholar;
B.A. T595-6; M.B. 1599; M.D. (Leyden) 1597; M.D. (Cam-
bridge) 1604. Physician to James I. F.R.C.P. 1620.
Governor of Bethlehem Hospital. Author, medical. Buried
at ClerkenweU, Mar. 18, 1647-8. (D.N.B.; Munk, 1. 177;
J. Ch. Smith.)

CROOKE, HENRY. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi, Michs.
1570. S. of Henry, gent., of Alderford, Norfolk. Schools,
Norwich, Weston and Reepham. Migrated to Caius, Nov. 18,
1573. »8« ao - B - A - '573-4! M.A. 1577. Ord. priest (Norwich)
Oct. 11, 1579. V. of Necton, Norfolk, 1380; and R. 1587-
1630. Probably R. of West Walton, 1606-13. Will proved,
1630. Doubtless father of the next. (Venn, 1. 76.)

CROOKE, HENRY. Matric pens, from Trinity, Easter, 1397:
Scholar, 1599; B.A. 1 601-2; M.A 1603. Ord. deacon and
priest (Norwich) Sept. 22, 1605, age 23. C. of Necton.

CROOKES, JAMES. Adm. sizar (age 16) at St John's, Feb. 19,
1655-6. S. of James, weaver, of Braintree, E ssex. B. then.
School, Braintree. Matric 1636; B.A. 1639-60; M.A. 1663.
Signs for priest's orders (London) Sept. 18, 1663. R. of
Chipping Ongar, 1664-70. R. of RodingEy thorp, 1670. R.of
Stondon Massey, 1693. Died Max. 10, 1706. Stondon.


Crooke, John

CROOKE, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, May I, 1598.

Doubtless 4th s. of Thomas (1560).
CROOKE or CROKE, JOHN. Incorp. from Orleans, 1602.

Incorp. at Oxford, as B.C.L. 1602.
CROKE, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, May 23, 1611.

Ma trie. 161 1.
CROOKE, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Magdalene, Easter, 1626.

S. of a hardware man, of Sheffield. B.A. 1629-30. Perhaps

V. of Pennington, Lanes., 1645.

CROOKE, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 19) at St John's, June 29,

1648. S. of John, cutler, of Sheffield. B. there. School,

Sheffield. Matric. 1648, as Jonathan.
CROOKE, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Magdalene, Apr. 14,

1652. S. of John, of Sheffield, Yorks. Bapt. Jan. 16, 1633-4.

School, Sheffield. Matric. as 'Frooh,' 1652; B.A. 1655-6.

V. of Ecclesall, Yorks., 1656-9. V. of Denby, 1659-62;

ejected. Died at Wakefield, Jan. 9, 1687. (Caiamy, n. 562;

F.M.G., 821.)

CROOK, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, June 22, 1674- Of
Yorkshire. Matric. 1674.

CROOK, JOSEPH. Adm. sizar (age 16) at St John's, Dec. 23,
1672. S. of James, of Braintree, Essex. B. there. School,
Braintree. Matric. 1672-3; B.A. 1676-7; M.A. 1680. Ord.
deacon (London) June 10, 1677; priest, May 26, 1678. R. of
Abbots Roothing, Essex, 1680-2. Died 1682. Admon. (P.C.C.)

CROOKE, RICHARD, Matric. sizar from Emmanuel, Michs.
1601. 5th s. of Thomas (1560). B. in St Laurence, Old
Jewry. B.A. 1605-6: M.A. 1609. Ord. deacon (London)
Mar. 4, 1609-10, age 24; priest, Dec. 23, 1610. R. of St Mary
Woolchurch, London, 1618-41. Died June 20, 1641. Will
(Consist. C. London) 1641.

CROOKE, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 1588-9. S. of
Thomas (1560), D.D., of Gray's Inn. B. at Gt Waldingfield,
Suffolk, Jan. 17, 1574-5- B.A. from Pembroke, 1592-3;
M.A. from Emmanuel, 1596. Fellow of Emmanuel, c. 1596.
R. of Wrington, Somerset, 1602-49. Chaplain to the East
India Company, 1619; went to Batavia. Parliamentarian.
Died Dec 25, 1649. Brother of Sir Thomas, of Baltimore,
Cork, Bart. M.I. at Wrington. Will (P.C.C.) 1650. (G.E.C.,
1. 257; D.N.B.)

CROOKE, SAMUEL. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, Oct. 1630.

Of Middlesex. Previously at Pembroke, Matric. 1631; B.A.

1633-4; M.A. 1637.
CROOKE, SAMUEL Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Easter,

1632; B.A. 1634-5; M.A. 1638. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Mar.

10, 1638-9. One of these names V. of Bonby, Lines., 1648.

Perhaps R. of Whitby, 1659-69. {Shaw, 1. 363.)

CROOKE, SAMUEL Adm. sizar (age 18) at St John's, Mar. 18,
1698-9. S. of Samuel, gent. B. at Hemsworth, Yorks.
School, Hemsworth. Matric. 1699; B.A. 1702-3 ; M.A. 1722-3.
Ord. deacon (London) Feb. 21, 1702-3. Perhaps V. ('M.A.')
of Kinolton, Notts., c. 1715-29. (Godfrey, Churches of Notts.)

CROOKE, TJiOMAS. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Easter, 1560.
B. at Cransley, Northants. School, Stamford. Scholar, 1562;
B.A. 1562-3; M.A. 1566; B.D. 1573; D.D. from Pembroke
1577-8. Fellow of Trinity, 1563. Ord. priest (Norwich) June
ii, 1568. R. of Gt Waldingfield, Suffolk, 1571-82. Preacher
at Gray's Inn. Buried at St Mary Woolchurch, London,
Oct. 5, 1598. Will (Consist C. London) 1598; mentions
brother-in-law, Laurence Chaderton. His son, Thomas, was
created Bart. 1624. Father of Samuel (1588), Hilkiah (1591),
John (1598) and Richard (1601). (Cooper, 11. 434; G.E.C.)

CROOKE, WALTER. Adm. pens, (age 22) at Caius, Mar. 26,
1639. S. of Roger, gent., deceased, of Hammersmith.
Matric. from Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 1633; B.A. (Oxford)
1636. Incorp. at Cambridge, 1639. Of St Giles, Middlesex.
Will proved (Commis. C. London), Apr. 18, 1642. (Venn, 1.

CROOKE, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, June 24, 1592.
Matric. c. 1592.

CROOK, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Sidney, July 4, 1724. S. of
Thomas, of Southwark, London, gent. Matric. from Brase-
nose College, Oxford, Nov. 7, 1716, age 19; B.A. (Oxford);
M.A. (Cambridge) 1724. C. of Croston, Lanes. V. of Eccles,
Lanes., 1725-6. Perhaps preb. of Chichester, 1728. (A I.

CROOKE, . Scholar at King's Hall, 1487-9.

CROOKE, . Adm. sizar at Sidney, Dec. 1602.

CROOK, . Adm. pens, (age 18) at Pembroke, May 29, 1651

CROOKHORN, . B.A. 1519-20.

CROOKS, RICHARD. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1669. Of Kent.

Crosby, John

CROONE or CROWNE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel,

May 13, 1647. B. in London, Sept. 15, 1633. School,

Merchant Taylors'. Matric. 1647; B.A. 1650-1; M.A. 1654;

M.D. 1663 (Lit. Reg.). Fellow, 1651. Incorp. at Oxford, 1654.

Professor of Rhetoric at Gresham College, 1659-70. Adm. at

Gray's Inn, Aug. 5, 1670. Registrar to the Royal Society,

and one of the original members. Lecturer on anatomy at

Surgeons' Hall, 1670. F.R.C.P. 1675. Died Oct. 12, 1684.

Buried at St Mildred Poultry. M.I. there. His widow

Mary, dau. of Alderman John Lorymer, married Sir Edwin

Sadleir, Bart. She founded the Croonian lecture at the

College of Physicians, and the Sadlerian lectures at Cam-
bridge. Will, P.C.C. (D.N.B.; Munk, 1. 369; Ward's

CROOTE or CROUT, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Queens', Sept. 27,

1624. Of Bedfordshire. B.A. 1628; M.A. 1632. R. of Uphill,

Somerset, 1633-9. Died 1639.
CROPLEY, EDWARD. Matric. pens, from Clare, Michs. 1624;

B.A. 1624-5; M.A. 1628. Perhaps V. of Hawley, Suffolk,

CROPLEY, HARBORD. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, May 9,

1694. S. of William, gent., of Thetford, Norfolk. B. at

Kilverstone. Schools, Drinks tone and Bury. Scholar, 1694-

9; Matric. 1699; LL.B. 1699; M.A. (Lit. Reg.) 1705. Fellow,

1700-10. Taxor, 1705. M.P. for Norfolk, 1728. Took the

name Harbord on his marriage Died Jan. 28, 1741-2.

Buried at Gunton, Norfolk. (Venn, 1. 494.)
CROPLEY, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi, Michs.

CROPLEY, JOHN. Scholar of Trinity, 1596. S. of Daniel, M.D.,

of Ely. B.A. 1596-7; M.A. 1600; B.D. 1608; D.D. 1613.

Fellow, 1599. Incorp. at Oxford, 1605. R. of Girton, Cambs.,

1611-29. R. of Newton, Isle of Ely, 1621. Preb. of Ely,

1624-9. Buried at Girton, Dec. 16, 1629.
CROPLY, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, July 1, 1626.

S. of Samuel, gent., deceased, of Colchester. School,

Colchester. Matric. 1626.
CROPLEY, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter, 1626.

Perhaps s. of Edward, of Soham, Cambs., mercer of London.

Adm. at Gray's Inn, Oct. 30, 1629. Created Bart., 1661.

Buried at St James', Clerkenwell, Nov. 5, 1676. Grandfather

of John (1678). (G.E.C.)
CROPLEY, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Easter, 1626.
CROPLEY, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Pembroke, Lent, 1637-8.
CROPLEY, JOHN. Matric. FelL-Com. from Clare, Easter, 1678.

S. of Sir Edward, Knt. Bapt. at St James, Clerkenwell,

July 23, 1663. Succeeded his grandfather as Baronet, 1676.

M.P. for Shaftesbury, Dorset, 1701-10. Died Oct. 22, 1713.

(Burke's Ext. Bart.)
CROPLEY, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Clare, Michs. 1562;

B.A. 1567-8.
CROPLEY, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Clare, Mar. 29, 1636.

Matric. 1636; B.A. 1639-40; M.A. 1644.
CROPLEY, ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Caius, June 21,

1639. S. of Daniel, M.B., gent., of Ely. B. there. School, Ely.

Matric. 1639; Scholar, 1639-43; B.A. 1642-3. One of these

names licensed schoolmaster by Archbishop of Canterbury,

1662. (Venn, 11. 335.)
CROPLEY, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 15) at Pembroke, July

10, 1674. S. of William, of Kilverstone, Norfolk, Esq. Matric.

1675. One of these names, 2nd s. of William, of Shelland,

Suffolk; adm. at the Middle Temple, Dec. 12, 1676. (Vis.

o/Suff., 1664.)
CROPLEY, THOMAS. Matric. sizar from Clare, Easter, 1577.

S. of William, of Ely. B.A. 1580-1; M.A. 1584. Benefactor

to Clare. Will proved (V.C.C.) 1609.
CROPPE, THOMAS. M.A. 1473-4. Probably of Aylsham,

Norfolk. B.Can.L 1482-3. Fellow of Gonville Hall, 1475.

Died 1488. Will, P.C.C. ; ' to be buried in St Paul's Cathedral;

as nigh Mr Edmund Albon as may be.' (Venn, 1. 11.)
CROPPER, JONAH. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Magdalene, June

13, 1678. S. of Richard. B. at Warrington, Lanes. School,

CROPWELL, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Jesus, Easter, 1554.
CROSBY, ARTHUR. B.A. from Clare, 1604-5. Ord. deacon

(Lincoln) June 11, 1609. C. of Halton, Lines., in 1614.
CROSBIE, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 15) at Peterhouse, June 29,

1689. S. of John. Of Durham. Bapt. at St Oswald's, Feb.

25, 1672-3. School, Durham. Matric. 1689; Scholar, 1689.

(T. A. Walker, 186.)
CROSBIE, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's, Jan. 31,

1740-1. S. of Sir Maurice, Knt., of Ireland (M.P. for Co.

Kerry; afterwards Baron Branden). B. at Ardfert, Co. Kerry.

School, Bannagh. Matric. 1740-1. Adm. at the Middle

Temple, May 24, 1745. Died 1755.


Crosby, Samuel

CROSBY, SAMUEL. Matric. sizar from St Catharine's, Lent,
1645-6; B.A. 1647-8; M.A. 1655. Intruded at Felton,
Northumberland, 1654. R. of Chignal Smealy, Essex, 1666-7.

CROSBY, THOMAS. B.A. 1484-5- Perhaps R. of Gt Gransden,

Hunts., 1503-7. Died 1507.
CROSBIE, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Christ's, June, 1566.
CROSBY, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from St John's, Easter, 1570.

B. at Worcester. B.A. 1572-3; M.A. 1578. Ord. deacon

(London) Sept. 28, 1579, age 26. V. of Thaxted, Essex,

1583-1612. R. of Cranham, 1590-1612. Died 1612. Will

(Cons. C. London) 1612. Father of the next.
CROSBY, THOMAS. Matric. sizar from Christ's, July, 1613;

B.A. i6i7-«; M.A. 1621. Probably ord. priest (Norwich)

Dec. 1617; licensed to preach at Huntingfield, Suffolk, 1618.

V. of Laxfield, Suffolk, 1645. Died Oct. 17, 1658. (PeiU,

1. 293; E. Anglian, 11. 256-7.)
CROSBY, THOMAS. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, Sept. 30, 1648.

Of Suffolk. Matric 1648-9; B.A. 1652-3; M.A. 1656.

Perhaps ord. deacon (Lincoln) Jan. 31; priest, Feb. 8, 1660-1.

CROSBY, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 14) at Pembroke, Apr. 17,
1678. S. of Zacharias, baker. B. at Laxneld, Suffolk. Matric.

CROSBY, THOMAS. M.A. from King's, 1705. S. of Zachary,
of Laxneld, Suffolk. Matric. from Wadham College, Oxford,
Nov. 22, 1695, age 15; B.A. (Oxford) 1699. Ord. priest
(Norwich) Sept. 24, 1705. V. of Yoxford, Suffolk, 1710-1.
V. of Kenton All Saints, 1711. V. of Winston, 1711. (Al.

CROSBY, WATSON. Adm. sizar (age 18) at St John's, May 18,
1709. S. of Thomas, deceased. B. at Durham. Bapt. at
St Mary-le-Bow, Feb. 2, 1689-90. School, Durham. Matric.
1709; B.A. 1712-3. (H. M. Wood.)

CROSBY, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Trinity, Feb. 1,
1683-4. S. of Francis, of Durham. Bapt. at St Oswald's,
Sept. 13, 1664. School, Durham. Matric. 1683-4; Scholar,
1684; B.A. 1687-8; M.A. 1691. Fellow, 1690. V. of Kendal,
Westmorland, 1699-1733. R. of Windermere, 1719- Died
Dec. 7, 1733- M.I.

CROSEDALE, HEBER Adm. sizar (age 17) at Christ's, Apr.
4, 1667. S. of Henry. B. at Macclesfield, Cheshire. School,
Hope, Derbs. Matric. 1667; B.A. 1670-1.

CROSEDAILE or CROSENDALE, HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 14)

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