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Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Jan. 3; priest, Jan. 4, 1625-6. P.C.
of Putney, Surrey, 1632-44: ejected.

AVERY, ROBERT. Adm. Fell.-Com. at King's, 1697-8.

AVIS, ROBERT. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton, May 12,
1532, age 17. B. at Wokingham, Berks. B.A. 1535-6; M.A.
1539. Fellow, 1535-42. Fellow of Eton, 1553. Canon of
Worcester, 1559. Preb. of St Paul's, 1571-81. V. of Broms-
grove. V. of Cholsey, Berks. Perhaps Master of Saffron
Walden School in 1545. Died 1581. Will (P.C.C.).

AVIS, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at Sidney, Jan. 20, 1620-1.
S. of William, yeoman, deceased. B. at Higham, Suffolk.
School, Bury. Matric. 1621; B.A. 1624-5; M.A. 1628. Ord.
deacon (Peterb.) Sept. 19; priest, Sept. 20, 1629.

AWBERY, see also AUBREY.

AWBERY, ARTHUR. M.A. 1583 (Incorp. from Oxford). Of
London. Matric. (Oxford) 1575, age 18; B.A. 1578; M.A.
1582; B.D. 1595-6; D.D. 1596. FeUow of St John's College,
Oxford. R. of Kingston Bagpuze, Berks., 1586; and of
Alvescott, Oxon., 1592. (Al. Oxon.)

AWBERY, EDWARD. 'Of Cambridge.' Incorp. as B.C.L. at
Oxford, July II, 1598.

AWBERY or AUBERY, SAMUEL. Adm. sizar at Jesus, Apr.
13, 1680. Of Middlesex. Matric. 1680. Scholar (Dean and
Chapter of St Paul's) 1681; B.A. 1683-4; M.A. 1687.
Fellow, 1684-1718. Proctor, 1701-2. V. of Whittlesford,
Cambs., 1692; Comberton, 1694. R. of Graveley, 1702.
Hanged himself in his college study, Aug. 26, 1718. (A. Gray.)


AWMENER, WALTER. Scholar at King's Hall, 1422-8.

AWSON, RICHARD. Fellow of Gonville Hall, 1434-44.

Of Ipswich. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec. 20, 1438; priest,

Feb. 20, 1438-9.
AWSTRUP, WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from St John's, Michs.

AWSTWYCK, RICHARD. B.A. 1513-4. Perhaps s. of Hugh,

mercer, Mayor of Pontefract, who died 15 15.

AWTON, . B.A. 1477-8.

AXBYE, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs. 1555.

AXTELL, NATHANIEL. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity,
July 1, 1676. S. of Nathaniel, of London, bencher, Inner
Temple. B. in London. School, Merchant Taylors'. Adm.
at Lincoln's Inn, Dec. 1, 1677. Barrister, 1685. Adm. at the
Inner Temple, 1686. Bencher, 1720. Died in the Temple.
Buried at Twickenham, Mar. 25, 1725.

AXTELL, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Christ's, Apr. 6,
1643. S. of William. B. at Shenley, Herts. School, Shenley.
B.A. from Queens', 1646-7.

AXTON, HUGH. Matric. pens, from Queens', Michs. 1571;
B.A. 1575-6, as Acson.

AXTON, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Trinity, Jan. 25,
1717-8. S. of Thomas, of London. School, St Paul's. Ord.
deacon (Lincoln) May 20, 1722; priest, Dec. 22, 1723.

AXTON, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Pembroke, Sept. 18,
1750. S. of Thomas, of St Martin's-in-the-Fields, Middlesex,
clerk. School, Charterhouse. Matric. 1751; B.A. 1755; M.A.
1758. Fellow, 1756. V. of Frindsbury, Kent, 1762-4. Died

AXTON, WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs. 1566;
B.A. 1570-1; M.A. 1574; B.D. 1598, as Haxton. Fellow,
1573. R. of Moreton Corbet, Salop; deprived for noncon-
formity, and retired to Holland. (Cooper, 1. 326.)


AYCKRIGGE, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 18) at St John's, May 21,

1647. S. of James, of Mansergh, Westmorland. B. there!

School, Sedbergh. Matric. 1647; B.A. 1650-1; M.A. 1655.

V. of Thornton, Yorks., 1663-1709. Died 1709.

AYDE, ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Christ's, May 17,
1687. S. of Thomas. B. at Ketteringham, Norfolk. School,
Norwich. Matric. 1687; Scholar, 1689; B.A. 1690-1; M.A.
1694. Ord. deacon (Norwich) June, 1693; priest (Chester)
May, 1695. V. of Sturton, Notts., 1710. V. of the E. med.
of Treswell, 1710. Preb. of Southwell, 1719. R. of Barn-
burgh, Yorks., 1731-60. Died at Barnburgh, Nov. 28, 1760.
(Peile, 11. 105.)

AYENSON, SAMUEL. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Easter, 1606.

Ayerst, William

AYERST, WILLIAM. Incorp. M.A. 1715; and B.D. 171?; from
University College, Oxford. S. of Thomas, of Shorne, Kent,
clerk. School, Maidstone. Ma trie, at Oxford, Mar. 20, 1699-
1700, age 15; B.A. (Oxford) 1703; M.A. 1707; B.D. 1717;
D.D. (Lambeth) 1728. Fellow of Queens', 1717-8. R. of
Gt Birch, Essex, 1716. R. of Little Birch, 1718. R. of
Gravesend, 1723-6. V. of North Fleet, 1723-6. Canon of
Canterbury, 1724. R. of Stourmouth, 1726-9. R. of St
George and St Mary, Canterbury, 1726-9. R. of St Swithin,
London, 1729-65. R. of North Cray and Rokesley, Kent,
1729-65. Chaplain on foreign embassies, etc. Died May 9,
1765. Buried in Canterbury Cathedral. (Al. Oxon. ; G. Mag.)

AYLAND or ELAND, HENRY. B.A. from St John's, 1541-2;
M.A. 1545; Grace for B.D. 1551- Fellow, 1533-51- Died
1551. Admon. (V.C.C.) 1551, to brothers John and William,
of London. (Is not the date of his fellowship 1543, not 1533?)

AYLAND, NICHOLAS. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton,
1559. B. in London, c. 1542. Matric. 1559; B.A. 1563-4.
Fellow, 1562-4. R. of Cotteshall, Norfolk, 1564. R. of
Horstead, Norfolk, 1571-1608. Died Jan. 14, 1607-8, aged
65. M.I. at Horstead.


AYLETT, see also ALLETT.

AYLET or ALLIOTT, GILES. B.A. from Jesus, 1585-6; M.A.
1589. R. of Gt Sutton, Essex, 1593-1629. Lie. to marry, at
Chelmsford, Nov. 4, 1606, Mary, dau. of Robert Thurgood,
of Laver Magdalen, Essex, yeoman. He was then aged 39.
Died 1629. (A. Gray.)

AYLET, GILES. Adm. pens, at Jesus, July 1, 1627.

AYLETT, JEREMIAH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, 'Oct. 1. 1638.
One of these names s. of Jeremy, of Rivenhall, Essex. (Vis.
of Essex, 1634.)

AYLITT, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Magdalene, Michs. 1635.

AYLETT, ROBERT. B.A. from Trinity Hall, 1605; M.A.
1608; LL.D. 1614. B. 1583. Incorp. at Oxford, 1608. Adm.
advocate, Nov. 1, 1617. Master of the Faculties, 1642.
Master in Chancery, 1638-55. Probably died c. 1655. Buried
at Great Braxted, Essex. Author, Divine and Moral Specu-
lations, 1654: a volume of religious poetry. Will proved
(P.C.C.) 1655- (D.N.B.)

AYLETT, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 14, 1664.

AYLETT, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Christ's, July, 1615;
B.A. 1618-9. Probably s. of Thomas, of Coggeshall, Essex;
adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 6, 1621. Married and had issue.
(Peile, 1. 302; Vis. of Essex, 1634.)

AYLETT, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's, Mar. 25,
1658. S. of John, maltster, of Essex. School, Colchester.

AYLETT, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Sidney, Apr. 25,
1 67 1. 1st s. of Richard, Esq. B. at Rivenhall, Essex. School,
Kelvedon. Matric. 1671.

AYLETT, . Adm. Fell.-Com. at Trinity, June 17, 1666.

AYLING, JOHN. Incorp. M.A. 1668, from Magdalen Hall,
Oxford. Matric. there, July 25, 1655; B.A. (Oxford) 1658-9;
M.A. 1661. V. of Monkton, Kent, 1663-1710. Died Dec. 4,
1 710, aged 74. Buried at Monkton. (Al. Oxon; H. G.

AYLMER or AYLEMORE, ANTHONY. Adm. pens, at Queens',
Mar. 15, 1624-5. Of Essex. 3rd s. of Samuel, of Akenham
Hall, Suffolk. B.A. 1627-8. Barrister, Middle Temple.
Adm. Oct. 22, 1627. (Lines. Pedigrees.)

AYLMER, BRABAZON. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Jesus, July 10,
1655. Of Suffolk. B. 1636. S. and h. of John, of Ulting,
Essex, deceased. Matric. 1655. Adm. at Grav's Inn, Feb. 12,
1655-6. Of Mugdon Hall, Ulting. J. P. Clerk of the Peace
for Essex. Died Aug. 26, 1754. (Lines. Pedigrees; G. Mag.)

AYLMER, EDWARD. Adm. at Queens', Lent, 1624-5. 2nd s.
of Samuel, of Akenham Half, Essex, Esq.; grandson of
John, Bishop of London. Matric. at St Alban's Hall, Oxford,
Mar. 3, 1624-5, ag e 18; B.A. 1627-8; M.A. 1631. Created
D.D. (Oxford) 1645. Of Claydon Hall, Suffolk. R. of W.
Hanningfield, Essex, 1631. Sequestered. Royalist. Died
1655, at Oxford. (Al. Oxon.; Vis. of Suff. 1664.)

AILMER or ALMER, EDWARD. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 17) at
St John's, Dec. 12, 1656. S. of Edward, D.D., deceased, of
Claydon Hall, Suffolk (1624-5). B. at Fulboum, Cambs. (his
mother'sbome). School, Cambridge. B.A. 1658-9, as Aylmer.
Of Claydon, Suffolk. Adm. at Gray's Inn, May IX. 1657.
(Vis. of Suff. 1664.)

AYLMER, FRANCIS. Adm. at Clare. May 7, 1718. B. in
Norwich, 1700. Matric. 1717. Migr. to Corpus Christi, 1719.
B.A. 1721-2; M.A. 1725; B.D. 1733. Fellow, 1722-44. Ord.
deacon (Norwich) Nov. 1722; priest (Ely), Dec. 20, 1724. C.of
Chiddingstone, Kent, 1729. Lady Margaret preacher, 1734-
44. R. of Fulmodeston and Thuraing, Norfolk, 1740. Died
Oct. 14, 1758.

Aylmer, Theophilus

ALLMER, HENRY. Matric. pens, from St John's, Michs. 1545.

AYLMER, JOHN. B.Can.L. 1513-4.

AYLMER, JOHN. B.A. 1540-1; M.A. 1545; D.D. 1572. Probably
of Queens'. B. 1521. Of Aylmer Hall, Tivetshall, Norfolk.
Incorp. at Oxford, 1573. Tutor to Lady Jane Grey. R. of
Rodney Stoke and Stoke Gifford, 1541. V. of Wellington,
Somerset, 1543. Preb.of Wells, 1543. R. of Market Bosworth,
1553. Archdeacon of Stow, Lines., 1553. Retired to Strass-
burg and Zurich, under Queen Mary. Returned in 1558.
R. of Cassington, Leics., 1561. Archdeacon of Lincoln,
1562-77. Bishop of London, 1577-94- Married Judith
Bures of Suffolk, by whom he had a large family. Died
June 3, 1594. Buried in St Paul's. (Cooper, 11. 168; D.N.B.)

AILMER, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Jesus, Easter, 1607.
S. of Theophilus (1582-3), R. of Much Hadham, Herts.
B. there. Bapt. Aug. 16, 1590. B.A. 1610-1; M.A. 1614.
Fellow of Jesus, 1611-23. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) May 15;
priest, May 16, 1617. V. of Comberton, Cambs., 1620-25.
Married Mary, dau. of William Newce, of Hadham. Died 1625.
Buried at Hadham. Probably brother of Theophilus (1607).
(A. Gray.)

AYLMER, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Clare, Lent, 1618-9. S. of
Tobell, of London, and grandson of the Bishop of London.
B.A. 1621-2; M.A. 1625. Ord. deacon and priest (London)
June 4, 1626, age 24. R. of Melchbourn, Bedford, 1629. R.
of Bletsoe, 1630. Brother of Tobell (1628). (Lines. Pedigrees ;
Vis. of London, 1634.)

AYLMER or AYLEMORE, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens',
Mar. 15, 1624-5. Of Essex. 1st s. of Samuel, of Akenham
Hall, Suffolk (1582-3). Adm. at the Middle Temple. Of
Mugdon Hall, Essex. Brother of Anthony and Edward
(1624-5). (Lines. Pedigrees.)

AYLMER or AILMER, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Clare, June 21,
1662. B.A. 1665-6; M.A. 1669. Ord. deacon (Ely) Dec. 22,
1667; priest (Gloucester, at Holborn) Feb. 27, 1669-70.
Perhaps V. of Brent Pelham, Herts., 1671-89. Died 1689.

AILMER, JUSTINIAN. Matric. sizar from Corpus Christi,
Easter, 1654. Of Herts. Probably migrated toOxford, 1656;
and matric. at Trinity College; B.A. (Oxford) 1657. R. of
S. Clement's, Ipswich, 1699. V. of St Helen's, Ipswich, 1706.
(A I. Oxon).

AILMER, JUSTINIAN. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's,
July 4, 1684. S. of Theophilus, druggist. B. at Chelmsford,
Essex. School, Chelmsford. Matric. 1685; B.A. 1688-9;
M.A. 1692; B.D. 1700. Fellow, 1694-1707. Ord. deacon
(London) Dec. 23, 1694; priest, Dec. 20, 1696.

AILMER, RICHARD. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Caius, May
29, 1634. S. of Gregory, of Wilton, Norfolk, glover. School,
Wisbech. Matric. 1634; Scholar, 1637-9; B.A. 1637-8; M.A.
1641. Ord. priest (Norwich) Dec. 20, 1640. V. of Wiggen-
hall St Germans, Norfolk, 1662. (Venn, 1. 315.)

AYLMER, ROBERT. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1717. Of Essex.
School, Charterhouse. Matric. 1717; B.A. 1721-2; M.A.
1725. 2nd s. of Anthony, of Ulting, Essex. Ord. deacon
(Lincoln) Sept. 22, 1723; priest, Dec. 20,1724. V. of Camber-
well, Surrey, 1727. Died Aug. 14, 1769.

AILMER, SAMUEL. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Queens', Lent,
1582-3. S. of John (1540-1), Bishop of London. B.A. as
Elmer, 1582-3, 1st in the ordo. Of Akenham Hall, Suffolk,
and of Ulting, Essex. High Sheriff of Suffolk, 1626. Died
Jan. 12, 1635-6. Brother of Theophilus (1582-3). (Lines.
Pedigrees; Vis. of London, 1634.)

AILMER, SAMUEL. Matric. pens, from Christ's as Elmer,
Michs. 1616; M.B. from Jesus, 1626; M.D. 1631. Probably
grandson of John, Bishop of London (1540-1). Practised at
Bury, Suffolk. (Nichols, Leics. m. 908; Peile, 1. 313.)

AILMER or ELMER, THEOPHILUS. Matric. Fell.-Com from
Queens', Lent, 1582-3. S. of John (1540-1), Bishop of
London. B. in Lincoln. B.A. 1582-3; M.A. 1586, as Aelmer;
D.D. 1598. Ord. deacon (London) Oct. 12, 1583, aged 18
(tie.). Preb. of St Paul's, 1583; of York, 1591. R. of Much
Hadham, Herts., 1589. Archdeacon of London, 1591. R. of
St Magnus, London, 1592. R. of St Leonard, Shoreditch.
Died Jan. 1625-6. Buried at Much Hadham. Father of
John, 1607; brother of Samuel (1582-3). (Lines. Pedigrees.)

AILMER, THEOPHILUS. Matric. pens, from Jesus, Easter,
1607; B.A. 1610-1; M.A. from Clare, 1614. Perhaps fellow
of Clare. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) May 15; priest, May 16,
1617. R. of Wicken Bonant, Essex, 1627-68. Doubtless
s. of Theophilus above, and brother of John (1607). Died
1668. (Lines. Pedigrees.)

AILMER, THEOPHILUS. Adm. sizar at Jesus, Aug. 20, 1623.
Matric. 1625. Buried in the College Chapel, Nov. 27, 1628.

AILMER, THEOPHILUS. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Trinity,
May 14, 1680. S. of Theophilus. B. at Chelmsford, Essex.
School, Chelmsford. Matric. 1680; M.B. 1685.


Aylmer, Thomas

AYLMER, THOMAS. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1714. Of
Norfolk. Matric. 1715; B.A. 1717-8; M.A. 1721; B.D.

1729. Fellow, 1718-32. Ord. priest (Norwich) June, 1721.
V. of St Benet's, Cambridge, 1722-4. V. of Lavington,
Wilts., 1730. Died there.

AILMER, TOBELL. Adm. pens, at Jesus, May 14, 1628. Of
Hertford. Matric. 1628. Doubtless s. of Tobell, citizen of
London, and grandson of the Bishop of London. Of London,
gent. Brother of John (1618). (Lines. Pedigrees; Vis. of
London, 1634; A. Gray.)

AYLEMER or ELMAYR, . A monk. Graduated (perhaps

in Law) 1529-30.

AYLEMER, . Matric. pens, from Trinity Hall, Michs.


house, 1586-7; M.A. 1590; B.D. (Oxford) 1597. R. of
S. Tidworth, Hants., 1593 ; and of Fisherton Anger, Wilts.,
1613-8. Perhaps Incorp. at Oxford, Nov. 21, 1595; see
Ashley, Thos. (1595). (Al. Oxon.)

AYLOFFE, BENJAMIN. Student at Christ's, c. 1614. S. of
Sir William (1583). Succeeded as baronet, 1627. Sherifi of
Essex, 1644. Imprisoned and fined as a royalist. M.P. for
Essex, 1 66 1. Died 1662. Brother of James below. (G.E.C.;
Peile, 1. 294; Catnbs. Vis., 1619.)

AYLOFFE, JAMES. Student at Christ's, c. 1614. Lived at
Meldreth, Cambs. Buried there, June 10, 1654. Younger
brother of Benjamin, above; father of William (1632).
(Peile, 1. 294.)

AYLOFF, JAMES. Adm. scholar at Trinity Hall, Jan. 7,
1686-7. Of Kent. Matric. 1686; LL.B. 1692; LL.D. 1701.
Fellow, 1692-1702. Adm. advocate, 1701. Died 1702.

AYLOFF or AYLOPH, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Christ's,
July, 1617; B.A. 1620-1; M.A. 1624. Doubtless s. of Sir
William (1583), and half-brother of Benjamin and James.
If so, Colonel in the W. Indies. (Peile, 1. 317; Burke, Ext.
Bart.; Vis. of Essex, 1634.)

AYLOFFE, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 15) at Peterhouse,
March 14, 1687-8. S. of Henry, Captain of Horse. School,
Hertford. Matric. 1688; Scholar, 1688; B.A. 1691-2; M.A.
1695. Fellow, 1695. Ord. priest (London) Mar. 20, 1697-8.
R. of Dengie, Essex, 1700-8. R. of Stanford Rivers, 1707-

1730. Succeeded as baronet, March 5, 1722. Of Braxted
Magna, Essex. Died Dec. 10, 1730. (T. A. Walker, 132;
G.E.C. 1. 94.)

AYLOFFE, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, at Trinity, May 18, 1640.
School, Westminster. Matric. 1640; Scholar, 1641; B.A.
1643-4; MA. 1647. Of Brittayns, Essex, gent.; adm. at
Gray's Inn, Oct. 31, 1646. S. of Sir William, Bart.
Barrister, 1653. Ancient, 1667. His grandson Joseph suc-
ceeded as 6th Bart. (G.E.C.)

AYLOFFE, THEOPHILUS. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter,
1640; Scholar, 1641.

AYLOFFE or HEYLOFFE, THOMAS. Adm. at King's, a scholar
from Eton, 1484.

AYLIFF, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Clare, Easter, 1581;

B.A. 1583-4-
AYLOFF, THOMAS. Adm. scholar at Trinity Hall, Aug. 10,

1681. Of Essex. Matric. 1681; LL.B. 1686; LL.D. 1696.

Fellow, 1684-98. Adm. advocate, 1696. Incorp. at Oxford,

1700. Regius Professor of Civil Law, 1703-14. Chancellor of

diocese of Oxford. Died Mar. 1714.

AYLOFFE, WILLIAM. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Christ's,
Michs. 1583, as вЦ† Aleph.' S. of William, of Brittayns, Horn-
church, Essex (Justice, Q.B.). Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov.
20, 1585. Knighted, 1603; created Baronet, 1611. Sheriff
of Essex, 1594-5. M.P. for Stockbridge, 1620-2. Died Aug.
5,1627. Father of Benjamin (1614) and John (1617). (Peile,
1. 176; G.E.C. 1. 94.)

AYLOFFE, WILLIAM. Adm, pens, (age 16) at Christ's, July 3,
1632. S. of James (1614), of Meldreth, Cambs. B. at Mar-
garetting, Essex. School, Newport. Migrated to Pembroke,
Mays, 1633. Matric. 1633. Probably scholar of Trinity Hall,
Apr. 30, 1636. (Peile, 1. 423.)

AYLOFFE, WILLIAM. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Clare, Easter,
1652; B.A. 1652-3. Probably s. of Sir William, of Brittayns,
Essex. Died s.p. (Cambs. Vis., 1619.)

AYLOFFE, WILLIAM Adm. pens.(age 18) at Trinity, June 19,
1680. S. of Thomas. B. at Bassingbourne, Cambs. School,
Westminster. Matric. 1680; Scholar, 1681; B.A. 1683-4;
M.A. 1687; LL.D. (Com. Reg.) 1705. Fellow, 1687. Public
Orator, 1696-1726. Died 1728.

AYLOFFE, . B.A. 1480-1; M.A. 1484. Probably fellow of

Clare, i486

Ayre, Gervase

AYLOFFE, . Adm. Fell.-Com. at Trinity, June 17, 1666.

Presumably John the satirist. Of the Inner Temple. Exe-
cuted, Oct. 30, 1685, for complicity in the Rye House Plot.
Author, Marvell's Ghost. (D.N.B.)

AYLOTT or AYLETT, ROBERT. Matric. sizar from St John's,
Easter, 1626; B.A. 1629-30.


Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Easter, 1646.

AYLSHAM, JOHN. Fellow of Corpus Christi, 1399. Perhaps
V. of Redenhali, Norfolk, 1410, and of Little Melton. Buried
there, 1447.

AYLSHAM, JOHN. A monk from St Benet Hulme, Norfolk.
Pens, at Gonville Hall, 1500-2.

AYLWARD, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Christ's, Mar.
16, 1653-4. S. of Richard. B. at W. Dereham, Norfolk.
School, W. Dereham. Matric. 1653-4. One of these names
V. of Chidham, Sussex, 1664; and one R. of Bleatham
(? Birdham) 1662. V. of Boxgrove, 1663. (Peile, 1. 559.)

AYLWARD, SIMON. Adm. at King's, scholar, 1449. B.A.
(? 1453); M.A. 1456-7. Will (P.C.C.) 1503; 'of St Pancras,
Winchester," ' to be buried in Winchester Cathedral.'

AYLWARD, THOMAS. Prob. pens, at Gonville Hall, about

1405. V. of Havant, Hants. Benefactor to Gonville Hall.

He established a 'chest' for loans to poor students. (Venn,

AYLWARD, THOMAS. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton,

Aug. 12, 1558, age 19. Of Hedgerley, Bucks. Matric. 1558.

Left college, 1561. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Nov. 10; priest,

Dec 20, 1560.

AILEWARD, W. Matric. sizar from Clare, Easter, 1576.

AYLEWORTH, CONSTANTINE. Matric. pens, from Christ's,
Nov. 1559. 'Constantius Aylward' was preb. of Emly, 1562.
(Cotton, Fast. Hibern.)

AYL WORTH or AL WORTH, GILES. Incorp. LL.B., 1684, from
Pembroke College, Oxford. S. of Henry, of Westcott, Wilts.,
D.C.L. Matric. at Christ Church, Oxford, Mar. 6, 1674-5,
age 14. B.C.L. ( (Pembroke) 1683.

AYLWORTH, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs. 1602.
One of these names, of Charterhouse, Somerset, adm. at the
Inner Temple, Nov. 1607.

AILWORTH, RICHARD. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 28,
1673. School, Westminster. Scholar, 1674.

AYLWORTH, WILLIAM. B.A. from Trinity, 1571-2.

AYN, HENRY. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, Apr. 24, 1690.
S. of John, of Mitcham, Surrey. School, Mitcham. Matric.

AYNSCOMBE, PHILIP. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Trinity, Dec. 24,
1724. Matric. 1725; M.A. 1728 (Com. Reg.). Perhaps s. of
Thomas, of North Hill, Bucks., Esq.; adm. at Lincoln's Inn,
Feb. 4, 1725-6.

AYNSCOMBYE, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Magdalene,
Easter, 1585. Probably of Buxted, Sussex; adm. at the
Inner Temple, Nov. 1588. Barrister, 1598.

S. of Thomas, (?) R. of Bowdon, Cheshire. Matric. (Brase-
nose College, Oxford) Mar. 8, 1699-1700, age 18; B.A.
(Oxford) 1703. V. of Farnworth, Lanes., 1709-18. Chaplain
of the College Church, Manchester: fellow, 1727. Died soon
after. Father of Thomas (1734). (Al. Oxon.; Mumford,
Manch. Gr. Sch.)

AINSCOUGH, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 21) at St John's,
Mar. 28, 1670. S. of John, of Chorley, Lanes. B. there.
School, Manchester. Matric. 1670; B.A. 1673-4; M.A. 1678.
Married Mary Radley, of Salford.

AYNSCOUGH, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 16) at St John's,
Oct. 31, 1734. S. of Radley, clerk, of Lanes. (1710).
B. in Manchester. School, Manchester. Matric. 1735; B.A.
I 738-9; M.A. 1742. Incorp. at Oxford, 1742. Ord. deacon
(Lichfield) May 24, 1752; priest (Chester) Oct. 15, 1752.
P.C. of Birch, Lanes., 1752-62. Fellow of the College Church
of Manchester, 1761. Died Nov. 8, 1793. (Scott-Mayor, 111.

AYRE, see also EYRE.

AYRE, DANIEL. Matric. pens, from St Catharine's, Easter,

AYRE, EDMUND. Matric. pens, from St John's, Michs. 1544;
B.A. 1547-8; M.A. from Trinity, 1551. Fellow, 1546. Prob-
ably s. of William, of Reyton, Notts. Of Reyton, and Cubnell,
Derbs., Esq. Adm. at Gray's Inn, 1553.

AYER, GERVASE. Matric. Fell.-Com. from St John's, Easter,


Ayre, Giles

AYRE or EYRE, GILES. Adm. at King's, a scholar from
Eton, Aug. II, 1523, age 17. B. at Burnham, Bucks. B.A.
1527-8; M.A. 1531; B.D. 1537; D.D. 1547. Fellow, 1526-
38. Vice-provost, 1534-8. R. of Kingston, Cambs., 1538. V.
of Fulbourn All Saints', 1540. R. of Elm and Emneth, 1540.
Chaplain to Henry VIII. Canon of Ely, 1541-0. Dean of
Chichester, 1549. Canon of Westminster and of Winchester.
Preb. of York, 1550. Died 1551. (Cooper, 1. 106.)

AYRE, HUGH. A priest. B.A. 1515-6. as 'Here*.

AYREorAYRES.JAMES. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton,
1638. Matric. 1638. Fellow till 1645. Slain at Berkeley Castle,
in the royal army. (Harwood.)

AYRE, JOHN. Matric. pens, from St John's, Michs. 1556;
B.A. 1560-1 ; M.A. 1564, as Ayer.

AYER, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Christ's, May 1568. Scholar,

AYRE, ROBERT. B.A. from St John's, 1549-50, as Eyre.
Of Yorks. M.A. 1553. Fellow, Dec. 16, 1551, by the royal
visitors. Probably s. of William, of Reyton, Notts. Brother
of Edmund. One of these names, a priest, buried at St
Oswald's, Durham, Jan. 17, 1553-4.

AYER, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs. 1560.

AYER, ROWLAND. Matric. pens, from St John's, Lent,

AYRE, ROWLAND. Matric. sizar from St John's, Easter,

1614; B.A. r6i7-8, as Eyres; M.A. 1621.
AYER, SAMUEL. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Michs. 1570.
AYER, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Christ's, May, 1559.

AYER, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 4, 1590,

as Eyer. Matric. c. 1591.
AYAR, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Pembroke, May 26,

1671. S. of John, of Scorton, Yorks., gent.
AER or AYRE, . B.A. 1524-5; M.A. 1528. Fellow of

Christ's, 1527-32.
AYRAY, HUGH. Matric. pens, from St John's, Easter, 1578;

B.A. 1581-2; M.A. 1585. R. of Hareby, Lines., 1591-1603.

AYRIE, JAMES or JACOB. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) May 26;
priest, Sept. 15, 1616, 'of St John's, literate.' V. of Thorn -
haugh, Northants., 1616-21.

AYRAY or AREY, RICHARD. Matric. sizar from Trinity,
Lent, 1588-9; B.A. 1592-3; M.A. 1596. R. of North Sheepy,
Leics., 1612. Schoolmaster at S. Muskham, Notts., c. 1593.
Father of the next.

AYRAY, RICHARD. Adm. scholar (age 22) at Sidney, May 28,
1642. S. of Richard, clerk, above. B. at Sheepy, Leics.
School, Market Bosworth. From Queen's, Oxford; matric.
there, Oct. 20, 1637, age 17; B.A. (Oxford) 1641. Incorp. at
Cambridge, 1642. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Sept. 24, 1643;
priest, Aug. 3, 1644. R. of N. Sheepy, Leics., 1652.

AYRES, ANTHONY. Adm. pens, (age 15) at Christ's, Sept. 25,
1650. S. of Sir Gervase, Knight. B. at Rampton, Notts.
School, Sleaford. Matric. as Eyre, 1651; afterwards Fell.-
Com. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Jan. II, 1655. Created
M.A. (Oxford) Nov. 4, 1663. M.P. for Notts., 1661 (Eyre).
Buried at Rampton, Nov. 11, 1671. (PeiU, 1. 539.)

AYRES or AYERS, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 20) at St John's,
Apr. 6, 1675. S. of John, gent., of Boarstall, Bucks. B. there.
School, Thurlow. Matric. 1675, as 'Aires'; B.A. 1678-9.
Ord. deacon (Norwich) Mar. 7, 1679-80; priest (London)
Mar. 4, 1682-3.

AYRES, SIMON. B.A. from St John's, 1607-8.

AYRETON, EDWARD. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Sidney, June 20,
1684. 1st s. of Edward, clerk. B. at Thorner, Yorks. Schools,
Knaresborough and Thornton. Matric. 1684; B.A. 1687-8.
V. of Ripon, Yorks., 1691-6.

AYERTON, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter, 1567.

AYRTON, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 19) at Christ's, June 30,
1739. S. of William. B. at Gargrave, Yorks School,
Skipton. Matric. 1739; B.A. 1742-3. Scholar. Ord. deacon
(York) May, 1746; priest, June, 1748.


AYSCOGH, CECIL. Adm. pens, at Jesus, May 14, 1639. Of
Lines. 2nd s. of Sir Edward, of S. Kelsey, Lines., Knt. Bapt.
there, Feb. 1619-20. Matric. 1639. Adm. at Gray's Inn,
May 14, 1639. Brother of Edward (1635).

AYSCOUGH, CLINTON. Matric. pens, from Jesus, c. 1590.

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