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amongst Americans, in family history, especially as regards their forefathers in the
old country. But the results of their enquiries are often difficult to secure, being
scattered amongst many local antiquarian and genealogical journals, as well as in many
separately published family histories. We are therefore peculiarly fortunate in having
enjoyed the advice and assistance of Mr J. Gardner Bartlett, of Boston, Mass. He has
supplied us with biographical accounts of upwards of a hundred Cambridge students
who emigrated to New England prior to 1650. The information he has supplied
about many of these will be entirely new to most readers.

Foreign Chaplains and Ministers. Our information about these is mostly
derived from the following sources :

Digest of the Records of the S.P.G., 1893.
Hyde, H. B. Parochial Annals of Bengal, 1901.
Penny, Frank. The Church in Madras, 1904.

Monks and Friars. Members of the religious orders were probably never so fre-
quent at Cambridge as at Oxford. Still a good many of their names occur, as students
or graduates, and we have endeavoured wherever possible, to track them. The best
lists of those in actual residence at Cambridge are found in some of the early Caius
College account books already referred to. Their careers have been studied in Dugdale,
and in the lists of those who signed the surrenders in 1539.

Seminary priests and Jesuits. For a few years about the middle of Queen
Elizabeth's reign, during the so-called Counter- Reformation, many students who were
Roman Catholics, or who became so, were still to be found in Cambridge. The majority
of these were laymen, largely recruited from Yorkshire families. Their names have
been traced in various recusant rolls. Not a few became seminary priests and Jesuits,
and contributed a relatively large proportion of martyrs. The careers of these have
been compiled by aid of Mr H. Foley's Records of the English Province, and also from
the Douay Diary.

Foreign Universities. There was much exchange in early days between British
and foreign Universities. But so far we have only succeeded in finding three records to
serve our purpose , viz . the list of British students entered respectively 1 at Ley den , Geneva
and at Padua. Unfortunately the Dutch attempts at rendering English names make
identification frequently difficult, whilst the Italian attempts render it often impossible.
The Douay Diary, being presumably drawn up, or supervised, by Englishmen, leaves
nothing to be desired in this way.

Members of Parliament. We have attempted to assign every M.P. who belonged
to the University at any time, but the identification has sometimes been difficult and
can only be considered probable. Our authority is the official Blue Book in three
volumes, published in 1878.

On the whole — with one very serious exception — the Cambridge records have
been fairly well kept. The returns of the prelectors from the various Colleges, and the
accuracy and completeness with which the graces of the Senate are recorded seem
quite up to the customary standard of old corporations. Where the failure comes in
is with the transcription of the results into the official books by some bygone Registraries
and their clerks. They have managed to accumulate a mass of blunders which must be
almost without parallel in official documents. Considerable license in the spelling of

1 Index of English speaking students who have graduated at Leyden; by Edw. Peacock, F.S.A.,
1883. De Natione Anglica et Scota...Universitatis Patavinae (Padua, 1892). Geneva Students, 1559-
1859 (i860).


proper names is, of course, always to be looked for, but what we are speaking of goes
far beyond anything that can be called license. " In many hundreds of cases, probably
in some thousands, we have to reckon with downright blunders. In one short list
alone — that of the M.A. degrees for 1628 — there are some fifteen or more blunders
such as the following: Dickingson for Pilkington, Depys for Pepys, Wiske for Withe,
Ledrich for Redrich. We have to identify Saundersburie and Sandsome, Battiston
and Saltiston, Vewtibhat and Lewthwait, Queadman and Redman; and feel grateful
when the initial letter is the same. George Ring is called Bing in the grace, and King
in the ordo. Peter Dillander appears thus in the matriculation book; is reduced to
Dillan at his degree ; and sinks to Dill in the ordo. Hamart Laxson is really Hamond
Claxton. One, whose prelector rightly calls Prick, matriculates as Frick, takes his
B.A. as Parke and his M.A. as Prickes. A phantom student, entered as ' Pauper Schott,'
is resolvable into the Registrary's reading of Pauper Schol., the prelector's heading of
his list of sizars. And so on. We have done what we can to clear up the mess, but
certainty of identification is out of the question in many cases. What was the ' real
name ' of some of these students no man will ever know. They are dead, and their
secret has died with them." (Extract from Preface to Matriculations and Degrees.)

The pleasing duty remains of thanking some of the many friends — they are too
numerous for it to be possible to mention all — who have kindly helped us in our under-
taking. The following have worked through every proof sheet and made many notes
on them.

The Rev. A. B. Beaven, Leamington. His uncanny accuracy, even when the ordinary

authorities are against him, has saved us from many errors.
Mr T. P. Dorman, of Northampton, an expert in the history and genealogy of his county,

has supplied much local information.
Mr H. Guy Harrison, of Sevenoaks, has not only supervised our Kentish materials, but

added many facts drawn from the records of neighbouring counties.
Mr F. S. Hockaday, of Lydney, Gloucestershire, has placed at our service his collections

from the Bristol Diocesan Registry, and the institutions for Gloucestershire and

The Rev. H. I. Longden, rector of Hey ford, has collaborated with Mr Dorman in respect of

Northamptonshire. To him are due many additions to our list of ordinations at Peter-
borough, as well as dates of Institution.
Col. J. Parker, C.B., Browsholme Park, Clitheroe, has cleared up a quantity of questions

concerning the numerous entries of Carr and Parker, and solved several Lancashire

Mr M. H. Peacock, of Oxford, has been a mine of information for Yorkshire. His long

acquaintance with that county, as headmaster of Wakefield, has supplied a mass of local

information, as to place-names, schoolmasters, local families and so forth.
Mr V. B. Redstone, of Woodbridge. Well known as an authority on Suffolk. The absence of

any general history of that county has made his assistance especially valuable.
Mr G. B. Routledge, of Carlisle, has especially supervised the northern names, and supplied

us with Carlisle ordinations, etc.
Mr J. Challenor Smith, late of the Probate Registry, Somerset House — where every literary

searcher of former days will remember him with gratitude — has been untiring in his

labour. He has placed freely at our service his stores of information concerning the

London diocese, and supplied many extracts from, and references to, the innumerable

wills in London and elsewhere.
Mr H. M. Wood, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. To him we are especially obliged for family and

ecclesiastical information concerning the counties of Northumberland and Durham,

largely drawn from parish registers and other sources not easily accessible.



For the Inns of Court, we are indebted to the kind help of Mr C. A. Bedwell, librarian of
the Middle Temple, who has generously supplied what would otherwise have been a
serious omission; as the admissions of that Inn have not yet been published. The
Rev. T. C. Dale, of Clapham, has (in addition to the labour of transcribing hundreds
of ordinations at York) performed the same service for the Inner Temple, the records
of which had only been published down to 1660.

We have also received special assistance from the following residents:

Peterhouse. Dr T. A. Walker has been consulted for information as to early records of the
College previous to 1616; when the Admission Register commences.

Pembroke. The Master, and Mr Minns.

Clare. Mr Wardale has supplied lists of early scholars and fellows previous to the date of
introduction of matriculation.

Corpus Christi. Dr Stokes has been a constant adviser and critic. His wide knowledge of
the early history of the University, exemplified by his papers on the University Bedells
and Chaplains, and the Hostels, is familiar to every member of our Antiquarian Society.

Trinity Hall. 'Warren's Book': this collection, drawn up in the eighteenth century, by
Dr William Warren, fellow of the Hall, is our principal source of information as to the
scholars, fellows, benefactors, etc. It was edited by the late Sir A. W. W. Dale in 1911.

King's. Thomas Harwood's Alumni Etonenses gives lists of those elected from Eton between
1443 and 1797. We have also to thank Mr R. A. Austen-Leigh for much unprinted
information as to the parentage and birth-place of these scholars, taken from the records
at Eton. Mr F. L. Clarke, of the College office, has extracted lists of fellow-commoners,
pensioners and sizars.

St Catharine's. The late Mr Spratt, tutor of the College, took the trouble to extract for us
the admissions from the registers after 1659.

Magdalene. The late Master, Dr S. A. Donaldson, performed the same service at Magdalene.

Jesus. The Master, Mr A. Gray, has gone carefully through the entries which concern his
College. He has supplied much information about the careers of the students, and has
thereby saved us the labour of consulting the MS. historical notes of Joscelin and

Queens'. The Rev. W.G.Searle, late fellow,made extensive collections from the ancient records
of the College. Some of these were incorporated into his History, but the complete list
of admissions of students, from about 1 560, and the roll of known fellows from the founda-
tion of the College, exist only in MS. These we have been freely allowed to draw upon.
Questions have also been readily answered by the President, and Mr Plaistowe, the

Christ's. The Biographical Register, compiled by the late Dr Peile, Master of the College,
has been our principal authority. It is based upon a fairly exhaustive investigation of
all the available records in the College muniment room.

St John's. The late Professor J. E. B. Mayor accumulated, for many years, materials for
a complete history of the College and all its members. The main outcome of this is
(1) his edition of the History of St John's, by Thomas Baker, the antiquary; (2) The
Admission Register, commencing in 1631, continued by Mr R. F. Scott, the present
Master — both these being enriched with many notes; and (3) a series of interleaved
copies of the Cambridge Graduati, in which Professor Mayor had crowded a vast
number of personal references.

Trinity. As stated (on p. ix) our materials are drawn, by permission, from the Admission
Register, as supplementing the matriculation lists. Whenever the early account books
in the muniment room are scrutinized there is little doubt that many new names will be
discovered. The late Mr Aldis Wright made a commencement in this direction and
supplied some valuable information.

Emmanuel. When the Matriculations and Degrees was being compiled, reliance was placed


on the list of admissions drawn up by Dr Richardson, a former Master of the College.
Owing to his peculiar handwriting, a certain number of misreadings was the result.
Readers will therefore be particularly grateful to Mr J. B. Peace, fellow of the College
and printer to the University, for the time and care he has devoted to verifying every
entry from the original, and adding a number of personal notes.

Sidney. The Master, Mr Weekes, has kindly answered a number of questions which re-
quired fresh appeal to the records.

For Trinity College, Dublin, in particular, and for Irish families in general, we have had the
kind and ready help of the late Mr G. D. Burtchaell, Athlone Pursuivant and Mr T. U.
Sadleir, also of the Irish Office of Arms, joint editors of the Alumni Dublinenses. The
Rev. H. B. Swanzy, rector of Newry, Co. Down, has also furnished us with information
concerning former Irish students.

The following have given miscellaneous information — always valuable and often
abundant — in many cases concerning family connexions :

Mr S. D. Addy, Mr A. D. Adrian, Mr C. P. Allix, Mr C. J. B. Angier, Mr E. P. Archer,
Mr H. R. P. Baker, Mr H. C. Barnard, Mr J. D. Betham, Mr G. O. Bellewes, Mr R. J. Beevor,
Mr T. M. Blagg, Mr J. A. Bradney, Mr D. S. Boutflower, the Rev. Canon Burton, Mr J.
Charrington, Mr A. C. Chibnall, Mr H. G. Chick, Col. W. H. Chippindall, Sir A. T. Craig,
the Rev. W. G. Cruft, the Rev. H. L. L. Denny, Miss Edleston, Miss E. H. Elmes, Mr R. T.
Fynmore, the Rev. E. I. Fripp, the Hon. V. Gibbs, Mr V. Gregory, Mr W. P. Greenlaw,
Mr L. Griffith, Mr A. B. Grimaldi, Mr R. T. Gunther, Mr Ch. Gwyn, Mr W. M. Harris,
Mr W. C. Harrison, Mr R. Heffer, the Rev. E. E. Hill, the Rev. H. B. Hyde, Capt. W. Jaggard,
Mr Fred. Johnson, Mr E. A. Jones, Mr W. Landor, Mr P. Mariette, Mr R. B. Morris,
Mr A. A. Mumford, the Rev. W. M. Noble, Dr W. Palmer, Mr G. C.Peachy, the Rev. F.Penny,
Mr C. Pettiward, Col. H. R. Phipps, Mr J. Ravenshaw, Mr W. C. Renshaw, Mr A. L. Reade,
Miss M. A. Rudd, Mr F. W. Sanderson, Mr B. P. Scattergood, Major R. H. R. Smythies,
Mr W. G. Stanard, the Rev. A. W. Stote, Col. W. H. Turton, Mr J. R. Twisden, Mr J. B.
Wainewright, Miss M. Walduck, Mr W. Wasteneys, Mr J. C. Whitebrook, Mr F. A. Wods-

It may be of interest to future generations to know how this work fared during the
period covered by the great war. All of those of military age engaged on its preparation
in or soon after 1914, served in some capacity, as the following list will show. Two were

*bP. J. Egan, Private, Sherwood Foresters.
C. J. Harbridge, Y.M.C.A., Egypt and Palestine.
The Rev. F. Ranner, Chaplain to the Forces.
R. South, Interpreter, Royal Engineers.
J. A. Venn, Lieut., Northants. Regiment.
>i*J. C. White, 2nd Lieut., Beds. Regiment.

In addition, our lady assistant, Miss Bloxham, was awarded the order of ' La Reine
Elizabeth ' for services rendered to Belgian refugees.

The four volumes of this Part contain in all some 76,000 names. The materials
exist in manuscript for Part II which is planned to extend from 1752 to 1900, with
a further 60,000 names. Whether it will be possible to proceed with its completion
and publication in the immediate future depends upon the support given to Part I.



September, 1921.



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